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tv   RT News  PBS  November 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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them by phone i did. so on this is our teacher the like deadlines for elimination of serious chemical weapons it said. but finding a comfy to take and destroy the top sixth of august with the sub more challenging than expected. warning for whistleblower us not to get ten years time but tough to break into a private company supplying database that revealed the white russians keep an eye on human rights activists nationwide. well but that on a promise to return all evacuees to
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the homes if the issue despite the loving radiation levels while outside the exclusion zone. this is close to the average level of the goals down with that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. due to investment capital in european he's sporting a most to our top story this morning most of serious talk to god still must be taken out of the country by the end of the year according to the adopted by the chemical weapons watched all but the most pressing question when will the thousand tonnes of highly poisonous materials is set to go then storming the times this morning. so far it looks unlikely that the country's actually going to volunteer to take it the middle east correspondent reports
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the organization for the preservation of chemical weapons as they got to vote map for the removal and the destruction of sin is chemical weapons in the top and that is ethical banking on albania to take these with the cnn debate has since indicated that it will not be talking to this. how justice is that in this announcement by albania came the shock to the united states the european union of eighteen is seen as a very strong partner with a so called unshakable and the audience to waste it is also a frequent country. but they will wide scale protests in albania which people saying that they refuse to allow the government to be costly to taking in the way pens from syria. not the problem is that in norway for syndicate is that it would not allow these weapons to the four tickets to walk away hypothermia will send a shout. that will help with prawns for dinner with its three day that they'll take and that this is the problem it's not a kid where the impact they will be taken and then take a swig from
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the united states is that it has other options on the table but no indication as to what these options are this is a very ambitious time frame that has been saved by the organization for the purpose of chemical weapons that says that by the end of march mixed yet most of serious chemical weapons will be destroyed and at the end of june for the band will have the display but again it seems that it's facing a battle not least double that with the decision as to where and how to destroy these weapons. from belgium and other intelligence is possible to choose to take serious chemical weapons for affairs journalist in all the robot on a six play to make when cars would probably have to agree it up the reason why france is a discounted is the props has a considerable program running all the time disposing of chemical weapons that the second world war which keep the gun covet so they have the technical capacity to deal with the problem there are a political reasons why the model of a
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controlled to sort of recognition of the batch out of bad government which prompted the last government to want to do so that they banked on wriggle out of it but they may also be on depression. the americans to be helpful. my guess is that props will say yes because they'll want to deposit if the trap of the french pop and the fact that they appear to be recognizing batch of us had spent months in years to crying on it be possible ground is that so the may well say that if routes mondays and tuesdays in the fast guys that would be the sort. she's about to be helpful if the chemical weapons. but even if it doesn't host serious chemical weapons would carry the can increase the time of open conflict european spy chiefs awarded the rapid growth of the number of citizens going to fight alongside these initial position. one reason official site for the surge of support the muslim europeans promoting gt of social networks across the continent. mr said that the bus on the story. he hosted the mind french born to french parents my parents
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are atheists in the house has gone to any religion. great beads on a guided me to do no calls themself a more down time i'm having found his thumb on the internet in two thousand i end this video he's urging muslims to join the fight in syria. his younger brother john daniel was slated to join them. he was later killed in aleppo school and both fronts well known people that is the time you'll save your soul from fire hard news this is just one and then a second videos online of young europeans call it appears to us western intelligence services have intensified their warnings that europeans heading to syria to fight nowadays they'd notice not only shocking rise in the number of individuals heading over there but also in that kind of people who want to winning the fight they say that more and more they are more committed to the struggle and upon the return to europe there's still no clear cut away to
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deem the article i sent these individuals. estimates have been a hippie and financier and ten five hundred and seven hundred. most of the uk and france. the morning's paper quoted intelligence sources saying that he's liable to pass even though seemed to afghanistan i mean you didn't. aunt mimi joining them in groups. we didn't feed it into a kid up. in groups which no he wants to improve or sad. it has the goulburn she had to rake in shape we are the products affected a menu then we get back in europe much more radical for the french and then leave it to overtime. my french milan and the rod that killed seven people is still flat. heightening fears of an ep one radicalized and matt returned to france. most of those people on the eighth day of french people and all
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travel to again stand and paste and all we knew we are able not to arrest him. on the grounds that he had been fighting and the indians and aunties trying to use some of germany's interior minister suggested a temporary ban on fighters returning home belgium on the other hand i've been working with turkish authorities to bring in the nationals back. soon the outcome already been made but there still isn't a one size fits all solution. andy hughes and intelligence as more could there be no difficulty remains. as a potential threat and who is at the sarasota rt areas thousands of people who are the curator of the homes of the fifty she was awesomely never be able to return much of a group of japanese officials a wall to tell them to give up the promise that it will make those homes site anytime soon to live in again instead the government was that a change the definition of what now like daily
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the radiation levels to be one of many see the value of the two pounds government now hopes to set them except one exposure level twenty times that to be able to that evacuees for tim but to the homestead fifty she met eighties some of the worst affected areas the radiation to take tissue measurements of around fifty times the recommended amount of to say that's roughly to cancer causing levels. next year just to travel to the need to exclusion zone four it's hard to say what gives you a creepy or feeling the trail of destruction left by the twenty eleven for money or the houses and costly natural disaster but the band and off to the new year accident. walking through the deserted streets of the foot pushing exclusion zone. we can see plenty of gold. technically we're now well within the push of a no go zone with just ten km from the new ipod station the south is ravaged by the tsunami in twenty eleven still standing in the lineage of being restored. surprised to learn that radiation levels here in blackpool where that in some of the european cities. this
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prompted the decision by the japanese government to allow the people to return to their homes. but scientists say that suicidal because radiation my grades because it exists in hot spots scattered all across the area the colts pulled through the accused along with the redemptive work to do is concentrated. store. it is almost impossible to find out all the hopeful to come though before we moved all of their product and company must inform their houses. we actually stumbled upon this process review the material from personal belongings to contaminate the soil is stored in plastic bags and dairy. the radiation even when berserk even from a considerable distance imagine our surprise when we found similar levels in an area which had never been included in the no go zone i've traveled to the chernobyl exclusion zone more than a dozen times and this was probably the scariest at this old one which would have radiation mean on the ground on
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the layer of moss and it produced more than eight times in my car on the us dollar that is forty times more than a normal human radiation level here. sixty km on the cushion when you play a far flung the readings of the us and that this is close to the average level of a ghost town all week that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. mrs mores ono is one of them she would irradiation meter and no patrols the area looking for hot spots. we had after school classes for children that our house but had to close it because of higher radiation. in her short life this girl has already got used to seeing a lot of radiation meters just like mrs moore is on all her mother joined in and geo group of ordinary women united by fear for the future all their children and distrust of the government's actions. the seminar did to government officials everyday i would get no
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reply don't see any action from this is the time to play down the scale of things meanwhile our children are already suffering from clarity she is iii the voice of dissent is now intensifying despite assurances from deco spent nuclear fuel roads are removed from reactive for pushing with itt. the walking all we have the under control it's a challenging race as we have the equipment to perform it. anti nuclear protesters in tokyo saying no one should be allowed back into the push in the area until it's complete the site which in truth may not happen for centuries their peak it has just surpassed eight hundred dates and they will stay in longer they say to force their government into rethinking its nuclear policies. lexi rush of ski on scene reporting from japan was a lecturer for the two petitioners all prices are the prices of ramadan as of this suspend me to feel for what they crippled up the dreadful but every so in my eyes is some of those roles of being damaged decades before the twenty eleven tsunami and if they
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wanted a speedo mom also given to the development of japan injected headed out to go home. next i'll talk you expose the us government sp knowledge of human rights group is consensus that decade the unpolished gem in common was found guilty of breaking into the computer systems of the private intelligence company straps but that was going full term in government service. to see a chunk of the report's them for cool test on how it's being seen as a warning shot to with suppliers. after two hours during a packed courtroom in the federal courthouse in lower manhattan twenty year old activist and happy journey. hammond was sentenced two hundred and twenty months behind bars he's going to spend the next decade in jail and watched twenty twelve hammett was arrested for breaking into two hundred gigabytes. a five million emails of information of private security firms trapper and leaking this information to transparency urbanization which he leaks in the scene as it was revealed that the private security firm was spying and human rights activists upon
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the request corporation and the us government's earlier hammock and plead guilty to one count of the computer abuse and fraud act. this was a classic case of whistle blowing. beware of malfeasance in criminal activity by a private corporation on the staff of both corporations and the government has exposed the government and the judge felt that the idea of causing the hammer causing destruction was incompatible with that. jeremy's stated political costs and time and then we disagree with that some of them and supporters have dubbed him the robin hood of our times the defense team inside the courtroom argued that he fought for the better good trying to bring about real change to the system and shed more light on what the us government was doing the prosecution however said that he stole the numbers of sixty thousand credit cards causing the damage of one to two point five million dollars ts and individuals people who have influence and people whom he
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or do not stand up and defend people like germany the judge said that he is not the almighty yellow adopt a kid i was the sole rights activist jeremy's every much as a progressive human does the spirit of those leaders as as we said in the defense if we don't have jeremy amman simply don't have edward snowdon says we don't have chelsea manning's fairgrounds. we don't have a free press this and this comes on the heels of the nsa scandal continued debate on what should and should not be kept secret in the last of the law the unprecedented war on whistleblowers will continue as well as the war on freedom of information. is this picture kinda artsy feel and other supporters have everything was stage managed by the fbi which manipulate it and carry out attacks on several foreign government website but it seems the us to admit he's been keeping close tabs on the high tech snooping story. he believes the jailed activist was that every step of the way. he was approached by an fbi
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informant. this came out an article in wired magazine has fbi informant is apparently the one who quote on quote cheer led by jeremy intact in the disorganization of this fbi informant also allegedly gave them a list of other targets. the chairman should go after and which i did not go out there. and once he once you receive the information he apparently downloaded it to an fbi controlled server. at the request of this fbi informant. so this was basically an fbi operation they should probably send him a paycheck considered sending him to prison for the next ten years. caught up in the us by the europeans the sigma how following the defeat like these things in a couple of minutes austrian film at washington's well what's the biggest diminishing trust them fathers and eating away at the teams that the eye exactly what happened that day. i don't know but along
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with get killed. years later is harder for us to pour. for current and ideals. we have been numerous cases where the sun was just lying down polygraph results. it's people. this is the result of the people anymore it just happened really. in the course of interrogation why because it is like men no because the psychological techniques are more in obtaining confessions and physical abuse. they were asked if they can do what they wanted an insight of what they want. and there was no evidence of what they did for one night stand. ay. i am
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along with other militants in the shootout but it's not admit to organizing last month's deadly attack in full combat in southern russia during the race. he tells them not to come and stay. i confess that i did my duty to stop all of that happened during one of our past and of the treaty of nice and think god meant for them barricaded himself in the house in and the rest of us we can all but dye gets done during the negotiation us up about some other was called in to try to come in and help out with in the day she should speak to his son into the tag giving yourself to the police i bet that when he then confessed she acts in the maths mit the equipments
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that helped propel what happened on the table to the first to happen at that bombing that happened in of all bought on the fifth of october that killed six people died and the seed of a woman as low as a child who was also nice to at the end of that house a week that those done many i've got in fights continued often that's to be all but the gunmen are with heels and dad two of them are believed to have been killed inside of that house they had been on the front aisle fronted by the police and the fonts on the bend in that house they accused of orchestrating terror attacks iran to rush us at this meeting was at the end for them at this point in time. the remotes a woman can have the culture in pakistan could be taking it with a disturbed young age to think of these pictures of kids in the taking notes and ideas and sending the threats to love the looks of them will take some this is typically demanding good school grades others are far more sinister. on monday report on the fees for these impeccably and also online
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too interjected it gets you the most evil of the speaker was heckled off by angry muslim brotherhood activists into the wind to go home. i'm making good news make more sense than with and follow us on that info coverage to be occupied bbc protest among them accused the corporation of ignoring the big stuff right from the sea. the interesting picture. the importers twitter. the animal. well it was small the growing
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discontent among americans the country's amanda strikes protests discover that saw the one passed with the collapse of the bridge as savannah feelings of many faces to look on a group of yemeni soon lost family members of one attacking the us joined the anti drug he testified before congress recently and it gets cold by the un mandated their tax policies as well. this makes us mad. these drunks training does plan on meeting with mommy dearest over the coming days. their message to them it is clear to an end to the drunk and eighty two and jan and their assets are also asking for them than not i just find a drama program to hear at least for those documents of any can already be the dumbest things you get the conversation when heard from a cannon them and us as his brother in law and nephew were killed by us drone strikes a deal to me so i loved ones who are enjoying
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the waiting list getting cut to pieces by these new songs he says and his brother in law was a very outspoken critic of lk down and die if he were to beat lsu would actually be bought by a from that i am a member of peta but as we hear it turned out very differently. here the white house was all over guarantee it. who knew touches in the suburbs of the libyan capital between militias tisdale from protest to try to keep them out of tripoli. it's not just of the least forty eight people died during a rally on friday the company has a short sound as they approached be on group's headquarters. i got a new flag situation is more of them got mistake is the improved weapons themselves. that is long but i hope that abundance of this is the cost might be their mom a good athlete but friday's incident is the most liked him the captaincy the month. militias than elsewhere in the br entrenched despite discontent and government the moms that they just that but the defense consultant
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with ruthie believe to get too tough to handle. the only close them cope with the boss kept the nation unite two of the revolutionary ma blog about the oven so yes the day of the build of the west and the forces of nato nations of men the state's oldest coming and they knew there would be on a careless in the country because of so many different factions and that the cons seem to succeed so that they the result of letting the child. they disbanded the military and the city so that it is in effect no law offence of military rule to be played by anyone and no security applied to eat it iraq's two point two so that they are also so malicious coming from different towns and trying to take control of tripoli books that's all this may lead to crashes and mother off on civilians and in aaa. the train carried oils exploded western catholics tanaka clad in a fuel truck real mess there's still the lorry was crossing a level crossing is the train approached causing the crash one of the drivers of the train was killed another
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was injured police say the driver the truck tried to escape eleven arrested one hundred and forty five fights his way to bring back fond of control. will these headlines as suicide bombers rammed his car and permitted to take in afghanistan has killed at least ten and haven't posted with next week's tool to record for the fifth to take us to take christ out of just alleys of the afghan president declared that the final topics he was ready if adopted the treaty will allow american troops to stay in afghanistan even up to next year's withdrawal of international forces reporting i've seen when you see here's the tally and students said on the eastern and tears started to run two hundred protest display flags in the days before clashing with police. not too crowded nationwide demonstrations again for being the good news with the cuts with a cake and he is the college friend tessa with costs the european union this week in fact include increased lead in bulgaria the cuts would cost
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too much to the lean against a ban on the kurdistan workers' party pkk. he also demanded that freedom for the headache hit the lead of the pollution of the seven month sentence he said he could take a spike and to cling to that extent been taken to consider the hundreds who isn't going to make and bake sale and the eu. the atlantic feels like it's going to be white to lately since america was cool prying ration debate against europeans are considered washington a bomb threat. the girl has been talking to a pullman alston publication about how to follow the ball was a big stretch the day. relationship between the european union and the united states seems to escape something of a rocky patch of late. and that's why i couldn't get to the identity with a former european leader to gauge his opinion on the current situation. just how damaging as the nsa spying scandal being full eu us relations
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if a speaker at the pub because he can be more in the pacific is among twenty years. but the queen superficial point even know was that the four companies are looking around for information people making the thought that the conceit the forty d c area. rina but this could be considered the most complete the different because it up because he is patient and germany is a miracle he's offering confucian neighbor i am going to frame the collector. looks to me given that these hit the dusty forgotten the headpiece that candle cake and chocolate cake. is it possible even healthy for a ninety year of american exceptionalism to exist in the mall kmh. i don't think it turned into that someone has to be taken that coco some pti taken the gamble. i don't even with these exceptional. or are we alone he cooked me a province and sistas. and the uk being macho or candy mold powerful woman can do mean kitty. but
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it be in that we are the little ninety db could go home and on the notion we are on the same sheet. can we as her to steer the same sheep we have to find the common ones. to find the key of course the future the booking and exceptionalism these days about the dangers think is in the balcony but only because of the nineteenth century and in the twenty first century i think we are equals nineteen thirty four minutes from the kevin alan kelly wealth the break though caught on camera with us please go to follow during interrogations of my car into the school didn't see the deal. meantime for all british peers into this well we have one new show called killing the grass. this takes on tin can. eye. room. isn't obama despite being too
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liberal loves to fly to the troops he loves the courage selflessness and teamwork as he said the state of the union address. for he doesn't love their extensive injuries which the troops are going have to pay three times more for a a pretty gal who knows the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tricare their current planned eighty two obamacare the plan calls for them to raise premiums from up to ninety three for forty five percent within five years one example provided by the freebie kit estimates and retired army colonel with the family currently pay for sixty dollars year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars make you pay even more fear war injuries apparently that's what obama is actually planning while he is reading those lovely speeches off a teleprompter. people were against the post nine eleven war against knows what are often told that they don't support the troops over the people who say bring the troops home ever advocate open the health care premiums nope they don't all live chickens to send the troops off to die in question will wars are the ones want to make the pain even more for their injuries but that's
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just my opinion eye the band it's nice to be counted for a new way of teaching to which he did. it took an age hrh like stepping onto a shoe in check. it's called marion barry. too many films and tv series. the art of architecture comes with a gentle spirited rehabilitate we had incredible views of the way today ninety three to
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find what mary and became customary kind of chance it he was still working on that in each wing has ninety eight cell. to find the itch to go the way to the beach became its th a tourist attraction we tasted the building being used as clubs can see it's choking to increase its ok still snow. even cooler was one of the brick buildings grand experience in chinese it's just didn't want to remain unnamed. when it's ninety s religions teach him how it is a model for these cupcake. needless to say to his creation. sadly it seems the street and design star incomplete. the kitchen tap she's coming down to the words. for many and today is a top tourist attraction in north wales. i peered
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years and three new longest ongoing series on the seventeen ninety and are watching them. i am. i knew the journal for tw and for what is on target market. our top stories this hour. in the philippines aid is arriving bought nelson's are we that devastated. in italy another setback for ballast don't eat as his party threatens to split. bad news for german soccer fans something can be restored and he couldn't rule it out of next year's world


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