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tv   RT News  PBS  November 16, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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know what will. the world watchdog said to deadlines for the elimination of serious chemical arsenal but what country will host the destruction of the toxic stockpile remains unknown they should probably send him a paycheck as the descending into prison for the next ten years. doing time for truth. actor jeremy hammond gets a decade behind bars for leaking a private security documents but there are claims he was led to do so by the fbi. there may be no homecoming for focusing my
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evacuees as the authorities come under pressure to admit that the areas around the crippled nuclear plants may never become saints. this is close to the average level of the goals down with that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. report on how the radiation scare parts people in the nearby counties declared by the authorities as a livable. a new. wa director for studios in moscow this design the interim thomas going to do it. now according to the chemical weapons watchdogs newly adopted framework the most toxic arms in syria's arsenal are to be taken out of the country by
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the end of the year but the debate continues over what nation should host of the destruction of the more than a thousand tonnes of highly poisonous materials so far looks unlikely that they are going to be any volunteers as our middle east correspondent reports the organization for the preservation of chemical weapons as they got to vote map for the removal and the destruction of serious chemical weapons the problem is that it is ethical banking on albania to take these with the cnn debate has since indicated that it will not be talking to this. how justice is that in this announcement by albania came the shock to the united states the european union octavian is seen as a very strong partner with a so called unshakable and the audience to waste it is also a frequent country. but they will wide scale protests in albania which people saying that they refuse to allow the government to be costly to taking in the way pens from soviet not the problem is that in norway for syndicate is that it would
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not allow the slip is to be for tickets to walk away hypothermia will send a ship that will help with prawns for dinner with its three day that they'll taken but this is the problem it's not a kid where in fact they will be taken and then take a swig from the united states is that it has other options on the table but no indication as to what these options off this is a very ambitious time frame that has been saved by the organization for the purpose of chemical weapons that says that by the end of march next year most of serious chemical weapons will be destroyed and at the end of june for the ban will have the display but again it seems the tickets before the battle of the stubble with the decision as to where and how to destroy these weapons hezbollah's clear reporting for us there now. france and belgium are among the possible destinations for serious chemical stockpile foreign affairs journalist robert hornets explains why parents would probably have to agree in fact. the reason
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why france is a disc and it is the props has a considerable program running all the time disposing of chemical weapons that the second world war which keep the gun covet so they have the technical capacity to deal with the problem there are a political reasons why the model of a controlled to sort of recognition of the batch out of bad government which prompted the last government to want to do so that they may try and wriggle out of it but they may also be on the pressure the americans to be helpful. my guess is the props will say yes cuz they'll want to deposit if the trap for the french pop and the fact that they appeared to be recognizing the shot outside his native spent months in years to crying on it be possible ground is that so the may well say that if routes mondays and tuesdays in the fast guys that would be the sole quickly about it to be helpful if the chemical weapons. even if it doesn't host of the elimination of serious chemical weapons the eu is still getting involved in the ocean a rapid surge in the number of its citizens going to the country to join the ranks of the islamist opposition is
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sending alarm bells ringing across the continent. more and more muslims europeans are promoting the duty on social networks has the keys to some silly reports. he hosted the mind french born to french parents my parents are atheists in the house ascribe to any religion great pizza on a guided me no calls themself a more down time i'm having found his thumb on the internet in two thousand i end this video he's urging muslims to join the fight in syria. brother jon daniels said that until i met phil. he was later killed in aleppo. who on both fronts well known people that is the time you'll save your soul from fire hard news this is just one and then the second videos on my own young europeans calling their
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peers to harvest. western intelligence services have intensified their warnings that europeans heading to syria to fight. nowadays they'd notice not only is copyrighted to the number of individuals heading over there but also in decline and if people want to winning the fight. they say that more and more they are more committed to this trouble upon the return to europe there's still no clear cut way to de michael eisner these individuals. estimates put the number of gop infighting in sentiment and five hundred and seven hundred. most of whom are from the uk and france. this is the morning's paper cut defense intelligence sources saying that he's liable to pass even though seemed to afghanistan i mean you didn't aunt mimi joining two groups read the ft two in canada in groups which no he wants to its rule. sad that it has the global frederick and shea if we are the products affected a menu then we get back in europe with more
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radical for the frenchman believe that every time i've spent a lot in the law that killed seven people is still flat. heightening fears of an ep one radicalized and matt returned to france. most of those people on the eighth day of french people and all travel to again stand in pakistan and all we knew we are able not to arrest him on the grounds that he had been fighting and the indians and aunties training this summer in germany's interior minister suggested a temporary ban on fighters returning home. belgium on the other hand i've been working with turkish authorities to bring in the nationals back the senior outcome already been made. but there still isn't a one size fits all solution. in the news and intelligence as more could there be no difficulty remains. nintendo has the potential threat and who is at the sarasota rt areas
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japan now where it is likely that the thousands of people who were evacuated from folk to shimon neighborhoods will not be able to return to their homes. a group of officials are now pressing the government to admit that the costly cleanup that is about to be launched at the nuclear plant will make the areas around it any safer now so far the authorities have been playing down the health risks while raising the acceptable radiation levels. ideally they should be about one miller's seaford curry year the tokyo now has exposed the level set at twenty times more than that in order to return the evacuees back to their homes near focus team up in some of the worst affected areas though radiation detectors show measurements of about fifty times the recommended amount and that doctors say is halfway to levels causing cancer. he selects his chest he traveled into the nuclear his own it's hard to say what gives you a creepy or feeling the trail of destruction left by the twenty eleven for money or the houses and
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costly natural disaster but the band and off to the new year accident. walking through the deserted streets of the pushy an exclusion zone weekend seaplane to go technically we're now well within that pushed him a no go zone with just ten km from the new ipod station the south is ravaged by the tsunami in twenty eleven still standing here in norway needed to be restored surprised to learn that radiation levels here in blackpool where that in some of the european cities. this prompted the decision by the japanese government to allow the people to return to their homes. but scientists say that suicidal because radiation my grades and because it exists in hot spots scattered all across the area. the hopeful that the accused along with the redemptive work today and concentrated store. it is almost impossible to find out all the hopeful to come though before we moved all of their product and company must inform their houses. we actually stumbled upon this process review the material
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from personal belongings to contaminate the soil is stored in plastic bags and dairy. the radiation even when berserk even from a considerable distance imagine our surprise when we found similar levels in an area which had never been included in the no go zone i've traveled to the chernobyl exclusion zone more than a dozen times and this was probably the scariest at this old one which would have radiation me on the ground on the layer of moss and it produced more than eight times that my car on the us dollar that is forty times more than a normal human radiation level here. sixty km on the cushion when you play a far flung the remains of the us and that this is close to the average level of the ghost town all week that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. mrs mores ono is one of them. she wore her aviation meter and no patrols the area looking for hot spots. we had after
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school classes for children that our house but had to close its because of how you need to know about the one in her short life. this girl has already got used to seeing a lot of radiation meters just like mrs moore is on all her mother joined in and geo group of ordinary women united by fear for the future all their children and distrust of the government's actions. the seminar due to government officials everyday i will get no reply don't see any action from this is the time to play down the scale of things meanwhile our children are already suffering from clarity she is iii the voice of dissent is now intensifying despite assurances from deco spent nuclear fuel roads are removed from reactive for pushing with itt. the walking all we have the under control it's a challenging race as we have the equipment to perform it. anti nuclear protesters in tokyo saying no one should be allowed back into the for pushing the area until it's complete the site which in truth may not happen
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for centuries their peak it has just surpassed eight hundred dates and they will stay in longer they say to force their government into rethinking its nuclear policies. lexi rush of ski on scene reporting from japan the man who revealed that a private security firm was spying on human rights groups on behalf of the us government will spend the next decade in prison jeremy hammond has received the maximum possible sentence under a plea deal after hacking into intelligence company start for and sending its internal e mails to wiki links. now he was a red jelly looking after thirty years in prison because his links included customer information and their credit card numbers and never benefited financially from the street to his main goal was to let the know what exactly the government and intelligence companies are doing behind closed doors his lawyer says the parents' case highlights the fact that more and more people are concerned about state surveillance. i think is not a baby via please political
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believes his desire for transparency in its desire to highlight what's wrong with the private security industry and with government surveillance. i you know i might think that this is deeply held beliefs were in a moment in history were a lot of people are standing up and taking the risks that arabic text. this is the drying area of concern and debate and our world is changing and has to have that generates come back to his name. hammond says that a hacker known as the sabo who turned out to be an fbi informant ask him to target store for. david seaman is an independent journalist who has been following the case he told rte that there's no way meant to be in prison right now. if he was a victim of entrapment he was approached by an fbi informant. this came out an article in wired magazine has fbi informant is apparently the one who quote on quote cheer led by jeremy interacting in the disorganization of this fbi informant also allegedly gave them a list of other
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targets. the chairman should go after and which i did not go out there and one seat once you receive the information he apparently downloaded it to an fbi controlled server. at the request of this fbi informant so this was basically an fbi operation audacious probably send him a paycheck considered sending him to prison for the next ten years. caught up in the us the spine and europeans are seeing america in a different line. a few minutes we hear from the former austrian chancellor on how washington's worldwide snooping is diminishing trust among the dollops. russian security forces kill a part of the folder brought suicide bomber in the of that god has done in a shootout after he refused to surrender the stories and much more effort or break your county the eye exactly what happened that day. i don't know but
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along with get killed. years later is harder for us to pour. for current and ideals we have been numerous cases where the sun was just lying down polygraph results. its people and you can see the results are still the people anymore but it just happened really. in the course of interrogation why because it is like men no because the psychological techniques are more in obtaining confessions and physical abuse. they were asked if they can do what they wanted to say what they want. there was no evidence of what they did for one night stand. i suspect your country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even our hands in each once again finds itself under the aunt manda out with a love for
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reading from behind in a muddled path is the us and out of touch or its history in the region. clearly we know the eye. you're watching now a killed along with other militants in a police shootout and august on admitted that during the reagan to organize in last month's deadly attack and bubble brought in southern russia. the details now from our keys to the month. i confess that i did my duty to stop all of that happened during one of our past and of the treaty of peace and think god meant for them barricaded himself in the house in and the rest of us we can all but dye gets done during the negotiation us up an awesome mother was called in to try to come in and help out with in the day she should speak to his son is good at giving yourself to the police had this one he then confessed seen acts of the masa might be the equipments that helped
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propel what happened on the table to the first to happen at that bombing that happened in of all bought on the fifth of october that killed six people. i've got in fights continued often backs to me all but the gunmen are with shields and dad two of them not that he too had been killed inside the house the pontiff by the police and the fonts on the band in that house they accused of orchestrating terror attacks around russia the politician in india the largest party has been accused of scaring people. he forced people to vote for candidates of his congress party telling them that electronic voting machines with the electro shock them if they chose other politicians are good outcome for the full story. awesome retro trolley buses crawl along the russian capital's main streets to mark the eightieth anniversary of the service on the emotions that come our website. we have got footage of the vintage transport
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vehicle. simmering tensions over america is a controversial drug program have reached the boiling point. activists have staged an anti drone rally sending a clear message to lawmakers to stop unmanned aerial strikes protesters gathered outside the white house and then marched to the headquarters of one of the most notorious weapons manufacturers in the world. the outcry has been triggered by the drug programs collateral damage as a civilian casualties are called which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lines. activists have also pointed to a lack of transparency and accountability for the strikes. a group of devotees who lost family members and one attack came two men arrested during anti drug campaign following in the footsteps of a pakistani family who testified before congress on the innocent deaths caused by the arm and strikes. these drums training does plan on meeting with lawmakers over the coming days. their message to them it is clear to caden and stupid drunk and eighty two
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and jan and their assets are also asking for them than not i just find the drama programs here at least for those documents in any finance for the dumbest things you get the conversation when heard from eight am and then says his brother in law and nephew were killed by us drone strikes a deal to me so i loved ones who are enjoying the waging of snow and getting cut to pieces by the sea itself. he says and his brother in law was a very outspoken critic of lk down and got if he were to be tell that it would actually be bought by a from that i am a member of peta. but as we hear it turned out very differently. here the lighthouse was all over guarantee it the four people have been killed in fresh clashes between militias in the libyan capital tripoli after violence a day earlier left at least forty three people that the violence erupted on friday when militia men opened fire on peaceful protesters i'm going
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to their people marched to the armed group based in it demands that they leave the city where they were then fired upon to stand up fighting between rival militias has been on and off on the outskirts of tripoli authorities have failed to disband the armed groups that control and plunged the country. defense consultant molina boeing says the current government is too weak to succeed in putting an end to the cat. the only close them cope with the boss kept the nation unite two of the revolutionary mom of the toffee almond so yes the date of the word of the west and the forces of nato nations of men the state's oldest coming and they knew there would be on a careless in the country because of so many different factions and that the cons seem to succeed so that they the result of living in utah they disbanded the military and the city so that it is in effect no law no outs and the military ruled to be played by anyone that has no security inside to eat it. he
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dropped two point two so that they are also so malicious coming from different towns and trying to take control of tripoli books that's all this may lead to crashes and mother off on civilians and in aaa. the train carrying oil has exploded in western kazakhstan after colliding with a fuel truck. it happened because the lorry past the railway crossing as the train approached one of the drivers one of the train was killed while another was injured. please say a truck driver tried to escape it has been arrested and one hundred and forty firefighters worked to bring the blaze under control. more news from around the world for you this hour. a suicide bomber rammed his car. the military vehicle in afghanistan killing at least ten people there who happen to close to where to next week's talks on a controversial security agreement with the us will take place. the tac also came just hours after the afghan president declared that the final draft of the treaty was ready. if adopted to allow american troops to stay in afghanistan even after
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next year's withdrawal of international forces. in turkey a demonstration against police brutality has turned violent when you stumble officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the rally grounds at least one woman has been injured according to local media reports people rallied to protest an alleged case of police brutality during the past. in june. a teenage boy who was put in a coma after being stopped by a gas grenade. thousands of kurds from across germany have marched in berlin against the ban on the kurdistan workers' party pkk. they also demanded freedom for kurdish political leader of the law of stalin who is serving a life sentence in turkey the pkk is fighting to create a finished eighth with in turkey but is considered a organization by the united nations nato and eu. in
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the bulgarian city of hope is that the country's largest opposition party has staged a mass rally urging the government to step down thousands of people have taken part in the demonstration using lawmakers have crept in and criminal types. the nation among the twenty oh eight has seen a number of political crises over the last few with frequent protests calling for political change. atlantic ocean feels like it's got another little bit wider since america was caught crying where it shouldn't have against europeans who considered washington a close friend. oliver has been talking to a prominent austrian politician about how far the bonds are being stretched to the sticks. relationship between the european union and the united states seems to escape something of a rocky patch of late. and that's why i couldn't get to the identity with a former european leader to gauge his opinion on the current situation. she is still with the child's tour of austria between two thousand and two
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thousand and seven. he remains very unfold in both international and he repeated the offense. it is the thank you very much for talking to us. just how damaging as the nsa spying scandal being full eu us relations. if they keep the to see him more in the pacific is among twenty seconds to put the squeeze has officially quit even know was that the four companies are looking around for information people need to be thought that the currency's be putting the key area arena. this could be considered local bbb for the president because he is stationed in germany is the entities the frame and you should never try it on the frame to make a and again at the state to the steep dive me that the senate can milk a potential tool tip is it possible even healthy for a ninety year of american exceptionalism to exist in
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the modern age. i don't think that any pics of one use a can of coke or something p i take the gamble either even with these exceptional. four wheel when he cooked me a province and sistas. and the weekend being macho are or can be bhopal a fool he moment to me you can really let it be in that we are normal ninety db could both go on the notion we are the same sheep. and we head for tuesday is the same sheet we have to find. to find the key of course the future the bookkeeping and exceptionalism these that is about the dangers think is the balcony but only because of the nineteenth century and in the twenty first century i think we're equals sped up and coming away after the break and caught on camera when us please go too far during interrogations what's next for our international audience but meanwhile far british viewers in our new shows with it nor can he stay with us. room
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isn't obama despite being too liberal loves to fly to the troops he loves the courage selflessness and teamwork as he said the state of the union address. for he doesn't love their extensive injuries which the troops are going have to pay three times more for a pretty gal who knows the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tricare their current plan stated to obamacare. the plan calls for them to raise premiums from up to ninety three her forty five percent within five years. one example provided by the freebie kit estimates that a retired army colonel with the family currently pay for sixty dollars year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars make you pay even more fear war injuries apparently that's what obama is actually planning while he is reading those lovely speeches off a
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teleprompter. people were against the post nine eleven war against knows what are often told that they don't support the troops over the people who say bring the troops home ever advocate open the health care premiums nope they don't all live chicken to send the troops off to die in question will wars are the ones want to make the pain even more for their injuries but that's just my opinion. i them. in them. users. this and i have been maintained. for her to tears. since nineteen eighty four. i consider myself lucky
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would do would be my last victim died. i do the plan in an e and. some of them standinghere with sensible adults. as you both come to fetch the way. she has lived and fun for him. and there but slowing. i hated my favorite is t one of the sentee and she said it's gng to die once a member life is trying to blame for this. i sure hope it and leave their legality and amen to that traditionally male dominated society. we went to four. i
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don't mind that it gets the facilities for staff i've got to the shore it she made it on. i like it their breasts. new we will who will the eye. a needed aid in the philippines victims of type and i are still existing in a state of mind. then again water remains as one. time is running as part of felt and what about the market or is it about your security priority. entrepreneurs from around


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