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on and also that the americans and says well so i try to narrate the east to west. i know it. so that's really what i try. by tonight i do. a stella. many of the studios here. thanks for joining us coming. that speaks of the nsa spying scandal. she says with a chance with the new ads have been put to the tax. well didn't read it in the philippines tens of thousands of people are still desperate for help. it is for struggling champions about his tussle with a record breaking eight race in a row
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the staff here at and where the lake areas have been holding a special debate on the nsa surveillance stand up opposition leader to ipc has called for the mind at the center of the nation's average snowdon to be given the nobel peace prize. part of ibm apple was much less outspoken stressing the importance of the wisdom of relationship that she may see that it was being put to the test and said that the allegations against the nsa still have to be cleared up under new coach new alliances are as important as the one between the us and germany. berlin at first played down the allegations of widespread intelligence gathering by us agencies. but that's changed since the nsa was accused of tapping the chancellor cell phone. the extent of the surveillance is still unclear. and speaking at
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the start of the bonus cut debate. amcor said the us still has some explaining to me. i hate it. and the transatlantic relationship is being put to protest at the moment. as of the negotiations on a free trade agreement because of the allegations that the us collected huge amounts of downtown. those allegations are serious and they need clearing up. he added medical made no mention of the adverts noting the former us intelligence contractor whose revelations of spying by american and british agencies sparked a scandal in the first place. but the opposition praised him and they described as the whistleblower who is changing the world and deserves credit too. given the changes we have experienced what i suggested edwards knew who should be given the nobel peace prize concert. veteran green party politician who stands for
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that and it snowed in in moscow and kiev this message for the chancellor. the lead in the mini wouldn't it be a human gesture to say to mr snowdon. thank you very much as i'm done. it's troubling that the chancellor of lacking courage and urged the government opponents noting to testifying in the investigation. the social democrats who are currently negotiating a coalition deal with america's conservatives are listed for the bouts noted that the spd wants to see rules and spawning topping. a cool with it. what are we talking about. we turn our moral guidelines into action last night. there is cross party agreement on one thing at least the nsa scandal has some for transatlantic relations. i did states to start rebuilding trust i'm enjoying the fire pit at correspondent terry martin. pam and treats ceos and carry on both sides again and think they're
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wondering. h and the nsa spying scandal is actually going to damage this proposed trans atlantic and dia. was reading said today that might suggest that it might be in policy address such asgn the numerical did indeed touched on the transatlantic trade negotiations. then she raised them in connection with the nsa spying scandal she said that the transatlantic relationship and by extension the trade negotiations were being put to the test by the nsa spying scandal. but she didn't go beyond that it should be mentioned that there are some prominent political voices in germany that are calling for this trade talks to be suspended because of the nsa spying scandal but the voices for me it is in parliament today the debate in the bone this time focus primarily on fact finding in the need to strengthen transatlantic relations. we say this is all about pointing fingers at
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the uso or is it the case that lawmakers are actually going to take their dog dare and hazards to task. what's impossible in this debate no point finger at the umass but germany's intelligence services are also under scrutiny the opposition green and left parties in the bone this time are demanding answers from church the michaels a caretaker government stock. now that the social democrats who are in the middle of the coalition against haitians trying to form a government with council eccles conservatives are now considerably less strident in their criticism of touch them what a bed of a campaign in here in germany terry. what's interesting. earlier this month a poll came out showing that three quarters of germans do not feel that they have any personal disadvantage through the nsa spying scandal that it's not going to have any penny neocon sock went ahead naked consequencefor the. ton and only out a quarter are seriously concerned about the scandal as the holder of
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the analyst said look at that and trying to figure out why not and there's the suggestion that others is simply a fatalistic attitude among internet urs that they asse tha tir da i bei soped up anyway and that they don't expect a great measure of dust protection when they're surfing all. terry martin after parliament receive gifts the gifts. but human health and america also had a message for neighbors to the east in the parliamentary debates. she said ukraine let's get serious about the rules of law and justice the only ones to clinch a trade agreement with the eu will foreign ministers from the eu a meeting in brussels today and then but it's ukraine hasn't done enough yet the question facing eu foreign ministers seem simple hasn't rained on and not to meet the conditions for a free trade deal. the former soviet country has failed to fulfil one of the eu scheme demands the release of yulia
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tymoshenko germany sees the issue as an indicator of the strain of the rule of law there. does this guy. that the out sen dodd and the situation we have this really seriously sky and the urgency is plain to see this beacon. what is up that's why we appeal to ukraine to use the coming hours to resolve a situation so i now. the rule of law is a key pillar supporting the bridge which leads to europe is untried and is on the people of good clean up a wall of fruit. former prime minister delia tymoshenko is serving a seven year sentence for abuse of power. lawmakers and he never said to me on tuesday to resume debate about releasing her so she can travel to germany for medical treatment. but that's not the only stumbling block moscow wants ukraine to join its rational a customs union has threatened sanctions in ukraine chooses the eu
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the ball is now when he escorts and the clock is ticking. the trade deal between the eu and ukraine is due to be signed in alaska in two weeks. we will return to jen on politics and a bookworm board composed of the women. it was agreed at the ongoing coalition talks at least one in the first to go to philippines. and president aquino says he'll estate costs in the worst hit city of talk about it onto he's satisfied with the relief operation in the wake of typhoon high and it follows criticism of the government's initial response was to sell. buy high and has left the four thousand people dead and told me and honest. sixteen hundred people remain missing filipinos are still clamoring to leave the worst hit areas hundreds have been hoping to get on one of the flights out of talk of town la jolla
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eighth on the bbc the air because of the air. the bad bad. eight shipments have been rising in neighboring thailand officials are loading up crates of achieving the feat was defeated in drugs bound for the storm ravaged areas the operation isn't going to cost according to the un high commissioner to repeat ease but not with him years before that point. over the territory of utah i'm going to be. the government's come under fire for bungling its initial response saying it was called off scott but the scan of the disaster the president is seen in the area since sunday to mislead or deceive relief efforts the dominant modes anyhow while all of the storm surge came to visit us this is the back of
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the bubble to the context of the course of the people what he had a proper review bust of god's word. she says scrambling to provide some shelter for that i think i could survive this. some full meeting people just nice officials feared that an already dire situation could soon turn into a humanitarian crisis. others also been extreme weather in the us with dozens of tornadoes have hit the mid west eighty seven people killed and many more were injured most of the storms hit the state of ohio indiana and illinois downing power lines and i think oops. such powerful storms are where this place in the twentieth season is more the series of tornadoes come to the midwest flattening the city of washington illinois. police there have been turning residents away from the city because the remaining structures are dangerously unstable. the mayor said as many as five hundred homes had been destroyed the national weather service confirmed it had recorded winds of more than three hundred kilometers an hour it is locked inside as on
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the phone in aus watch minnesota great coming towards us. when scientists at the door and seconds later my friends that don't get down and i had them in the grip just caved in. heavy rains soon began to fall everyone in boone county escaped without serious injuries but the powerful twister wiped out many buildings there too. right now we have twenty six houses that are damaged. seven of those have been deemed not level. also the folks to get out tonight. we have about by people that the displaced. we believe that this time that they're going to be children of friends family scores of tornadoes also hit neighboring states like ohio rebuilding is likely to take months. russ is tessa somewhere is mourning the deaths of the forty four passengers and six crew members who are killed in a plane crash on sunday. their flight from moscow and scratched while making a second attend school and ask of an airport officials are investigating what caused the accident. the shares have
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been named tanner is an integral way to express their condolences. a business these now he says around the world has reached new highs in response to china's plans for economic reforms aimed at boosting consumption growth in china is at its lowest level in two decades and counting its new leader said he will unveil a series of economic and social reforms chinese shares closed monday hitting three percent higher most other asian markets also rose. and the dax hearing jimmy olsen fall into two dollars he holds a small conference. a strong start in the new trading week the german dax rose for the first time in its history about nine thousand two hundred points today the good news from china and the eurozone. china's plan to open the economy and to strengthen domestic in mind is good news for the word like economy to germany to see the benefits from this prostate and on the other side the situation in the eurozone is improving also opening new chances
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the airplane industry lawsuit to his billing and add that santa had to make goods orders at the dubai airshow writing chance of ever said penner in the eighty s on the top of the list the hawks and tactile is conducted in august twenty ten in the twenty ten allah and the dax place in the day nine pass into the treetops and well above the ninth as concerned about this and fifty ad in all my swamp sentiment eight and two thousand and twenty one. and to proceed and see the dow jones is still trading up about five percent of the mountain view of current trading for one dollar testify. a manhunt is underway in front of her and come and open find the news paper office in paris one person was seriously wounded the suspect and plans and has been linked to a series of other attacks around the city. it's not known what his motives might be you live in paris came to a standstill as the manhunt gathered pace with roadblocks and a
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helicopter hovering and additional city st. police are on high in it. at a press conference. detectives showed photos which they settle in a row. the sa state. the men entered the offices of the left wing daily given its own and opened fire without saying a word. he hit a photographer's assistant who is now fighting for his life some sauce. this is france in twenty thirteen and with fewer there is a high level of violence which is compromising the freedom of some media organizations this can have dramatic consequences as we've seen this morning. on that instead of going to the cement. we can't underestimate the severity of such a crime which was aimed at attacking and destroying the spirit of freedom. the sea. a copy of it. and then teaching the same description also five shots outside the bank there was also freed hostage taking as a suspect
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samantha's to take into the shells really saying last week someone threatens stop the bnp and tv station piracy is on age and only for the corporate to the court. i well after the break a very critical report by amnesty international the conditions of migrant workers. atkinson two. a a. i mean. i learned
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at her the eye. most of the wellcome twenty twenty two. it's not safe that they will move quickly to improve the rights of workers who built the new stock of the news as downing the pool honesty is nonsense as migrant construction workers think attack are being subjected to an alarming levels of expectation as they help the gulf emirates prepared for the tournament will feature says he is in contact with antonio sardines and then said to make a lot of work is that the best the steamy can see what is now fourteen. his team gets
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up and is seeking one drubbing against outside gates used by an astute in action in the low income type of coffee a welcome distraction. mormon the minute i get the impression that whenever something happens on a building site. it's immediately thinks of the world cup. oh and you will begin with and live off his tummies and those in the construction site. and the next he needs an estimated one hundred billion euros on to be spent on transport infrastructure and tennis and football stadiums the gt facades of the hottest new skyscrapers owning stock contrast to the conditions endured by the nineteen twenties you peel them. the story is mostly from asia are employed on content sites. amnesty international says that they compete in an often have to wait months for the away teams. he too was incensed that because when confronting the country with how the employees commission they can't even walk off the job when a kind enough to see there being many cases
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where people could be extended if the conditions in some cases where forensic and should be at the core is supposed to provide the most food they have not done so and especially the keys for people to have love and peace is to promote condoms has a very difficult conditions maybe even to buy for themselves. twenty scheduled to begin on one of scott's house woke up status by december. they will be a crit twinkies and conditioning systems. tonight's the night jason's be a mistake and the art stadiums to keep its climb up into the slaying. so when i cut out the was coupled in nineteen ninety says cup tie away and the province is currently drawing up new legislation to prevent future abuses. or is it to shoot is going to seventy one has grown at a breakneck speed. suspicion the last ten years that the speed of the development of the country has been tremendous. so it's a fast growing country in terms of population if not the fastest
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pilsner was still one of the costs of two economies in the world. saw this did not everything will go the same speed. allegations by amnesty international in a festive day coming soon rights watch issued a report on the working conditions on the cart as you can sign to you guys. atari government cronies in preview it's a big hit in the express that they were eager to cooperate with human rights watch and eager to make some of the recommendations set forth in the report. this time we get to speak on the legal changes in this situation. my co workers the criticism of the conditions does not sit well with county officials. a successful one copies in the great crises both my tenth of july leaving him there is no question about it on structural capacity to hold we will come. because the coolest thing of the financial clout to build top of the range facilities the truth of this the form of
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a spoon to her that i got at his expense the town's reputation for human rights i can even told what to think these in the eye the team's confidence. head back there to cheer and politics and time is running ads for germany's two biggest political parties to form a new coalition government fundamentals consensus in the social democrats are aiming for a deal by the end this month. but all two weeks of talks a lot of the biggest issue still on the cell today was the last minute to meet a new type of team edt on monday morning. that's despite the fact become a nation to its weakest since the democrats on to bound to get any easier. negotiations at the final straight the matchmaking is getting tougher. assuming for the cdu isn't a delivery service the spd has to start putting in all it is that the peanut gemini have to pay for part of the harness. yes condi disciples senate on monday awesome promising aha than
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ninety danny gets a two weekend conti conference preston to get into a deal it's from its kind in the negotiations would tease me with any of the pockets in the past say you'll write to feel suggesting it would be easy with the conservatives try to make it with you and the length of time. they're a big difference is still on how to finance health care despite an old section of negotiations on sunday night mom then told steven good deal on a winning team leadership roles. by twenty sixteen quotation can chill a bit offended supervisory board members that i baked these two companies are winning. they needed to think and seventy s and social democrats on the team and cheesecake tea time treats announced the difference is that aside they do still have a long way to go the two parties have managed to agree on one thing is peaches head back west of the women on people it's going up thirty percent would only apply to domestic companies and refers only to supervise reports not
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the executive force ten hundred day to day business still it would be a big change that accompanies the sexiest most of which have very few women in senior positions. marianne is that it is one of the best month in the poker tour and is in gemini four years ago the company of quiet time lincoln continental. and she took a seat on the bullet the initiative women in the boardroom has been calling for a quote at the hughes saying that's the only way to get access to women to the top executive level most of jenny's blue chip companies have a long way to go. the is doing well with almost forty percent of its board made up of women and beyond they account for a quarter and by the fifteen percent from the city pools comfy for zinnias doesn't have a single woman on the board. consideration of gemini industry isn't too worried about the lack of female representation and opposes the quote is going to name a bishop by his entrepreneurial freedom is very important. i think
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the past few years have shown the companies are moving in this direction on their own so i believe illegal quota would be more detrimental than beneficial. many of the women who do currently have a place in a boardroom were appointed by trade unions to represent employees like it before so i could supply the tent. well i think the country in the land is working hard enough to prevent dangerous climate change estimates that any reports from the pressure group the journal of the group's annual climate change performance index he's the ranking of countries efforts to fight climate change. we left the top three positions nt saying no one is that accolade. kerry also came into pieces and the chance to call it that is currently hosting the basis of your untimely talks. greenpeace activists displayed this huge banner from the reef the economics ministry in walsall to protest against the coal industry. it only
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depends on coal to ninety five percent of its energy needs said for many it's not the ideal place to host a climate summit. jimmy is known to spearheading the drive to cut harmful greenhouse gases in the climate change performance index which dropped from nine to nineteen nonetheless he and the main reason for germany's ball wasn't up for evaluations from the national experts berlin has blocked progress at eu level including energy efficiency regulations as well as guidelines for fuel efficient cars and emissions trading with one arm is sore thumb. none of the world seeks to end largest greenhouse gas emissions was given a satisfactory grade denmark is leading the way in climate protection ranking participants at the un climate talks to pave the way for a binding agreement that sunspot is in his little progress has been made the loud chants of protesters in the polish capital accompanied by disappointing
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news for environmentalist just last week japan slashed its emissions reduction targets in the wake of the focus she made the sauce down. but in a moment we can to get to school is this massive temple has broken yet another record in pullman wa anti depressants customers in the oven is foreign to us the is a prime minister at any minute any of you has invited palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas to address the knesset the israeli parliament's in a mysterious links with the times of israel. he made his appeal during a visit to the middle east and hasn't caught on. what isn't big on recovering ups fuel rods from the rectification a new kit from an extremely dangerous operation that could take more than a year. some fifteen hundred lots will be eventually moved to nearby facility the russian corps has freed a greenpeace activist on bail of forty six
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cousins euros. terry as i spotted the russian doctor who was detained along with thirty other activists protesting when trimming the arctic in october the court extended the detention on just reactive as carlos the bike three months. moving on to sports now and recycling star lance armstrong says his sport's governing body was complicit in covering up a positive doping tests on strong says that the full may you see i was in hindsight but then agreed to the back facing him a prescription locals to test for steroids in nineteen ninety nine. in a statement the uci christians armstrong's credibility but said it was planning to investigate the matter well placed to form one and there is no end in sight to sebastian high school's winning streak side it means breaking records has just become another how best to cripple driver it's the comedy team thanks decides to sebastian's baffled police to trace the agrees that
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the cylindrical i'll close the dependence of the u s poultry in austin texas to take a record eighth consecutive jacket black this phenomenal. theres in from the crown macau was fantastic. it was the big title is not romantic it's not in the cia i didn't know what that would be enough it's soft touch when nothing new. and then i just tried to poke myself with nothing to do it meets again in the time the two attempts. when he came third behind ramon crucial to the technicals double podium finish the rain stopped but the connection between force india's up the answer to williams hostile mountain of the great stride as a state owned homes. if apple wins the final race of the season in brazil he will eat one gets another rep would help my kids can catch it. romo told michael schumacher the team witnessed in the single season. today's database state the air
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what's more it's a good story each day. excludes any team that works. to top story wednesday. intriguing topic as told but it makes the premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you at a party happening here so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting and that i can take that stealing is
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just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks i and we are. it is evident men are created all it had been there. boy don't generate enough about billion on monday he not the pd. rich is the most powerful country moon. a i i in. the we would
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