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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 19, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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will. do. the us. let him go or maybe a red indian embassy of the lebanese capital beirut. ten people are dead and there are conflicting reports about the souls of the box. my spring international. the government decides to designate like
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the building stones by country. commissioning the fishy about what the tactic that has crippled our cards continue the delicate dangerous work of removing be a few laughs the constitution for the full budget to the polls to elect a template to wipe the country's first chopper in nearly seven years. very warm welcome i would not abate in with this thirty minute updates on cctv news now we have a breaking story about two explosions targeting apparently targeting the iranian embassy in the lebanese capital and divers have killed ten people security sources say the explosions had an assembly six buildings in the embassy compound. one source says the boss will call was fine to drop its another source says that it was kabul. the plot since
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the pirates john on a bill would force the coolest extensive damage to the nearby buildings and the arabian mission. the area is the stronghold of the militant hezbollah group the main ally of syrian president rushed outside in the conflict next door. it's not clear if the boss of related to syria's the civil war. now agree utilized signal from the size of the explosions in beirut. and as we mentioned the death toll has now reached and five it's expected to rise considerably as more details become clear the embassy compound has received a major hit with the many buildings their suffering damage. at this age is not immediately clear whether the ambassador for any diplomatic south were among the victims. we have been trying and so have other
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correspondence to give to somebody to speak from the embassy but nobody has the unreachable by phone over these last couple of hours. the lies that video from local news channels has showed charred bodies you can see there. the blood stains on their hand or witty as we speak this to death toll has risen to fifteen. so the tickets going out. very very quickly and played with cousin residents have being carried away some of the victims on blankets. it's not immediately clear as we mentioned earlier one actually has forced this mosque. one security source said the boston school was fine to buffett's find on the area in the southern part of the city. but the second security source said there was to come home explosion now that having several explosions and stashes in beirut. as well as
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the northern city of tripoli links to this two nine year old conflict in neighboring syria. there's been no word on who was behind the blast but silly and rebels have been threatening for some time now to target the president of the callous as allies in the neighboring eleven all. shiite iran has seen then rolling assess fines against the mainly sunni rebels and has given them a free support and it also supports the shiite muslim guerrilla group. so we will bring you more the tiles as soon as we get them but that the mind that that death toll in the embassy attack there be in on the bay ridge has risen already three fifteen the philippine government says that it will divide up the typhoon ravaged central the science region into relief science by country for international aid groups to maximize their
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relief efforts. eleven guys off to the stall his country's president menino aquino one guy that plays for improving a distribution as helicopters read some of the most remote places on devastated areas are still struggling for iag to the extent of the destruction president aquino is personally overseeing relief operations in the western city of auckland and in one of asia's biggest humanitarian efforts which could last months if not you it's more than two hundred and seventy million us dollars. the beans and i said to the relief operations and the authorities estimate more than three thousand nine hundred people were killed by a typhoon high and four million people having displaced. yet we start to our correspondent andy surprised i didn't act live in the city was hit by the typhoon. he said the cleanup operation his own
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guy. that stuff so they are really long road to recovery to right now the focus of must be. still on surviving for this on all the survivors around here and i'm rather all around me and couple buy them all in on the city's for that scene as well. we've seen the massive clean up operation is underway here and this is one of the main reasons that the defeat has been getting up to the hands of those who need it because they flee an awful the brain froze the feel of the airports they reopened the time this has helped and some extent but to talk about rebuilding that it's still quite far away that i hear especially. and we spoke to the philippines finance agencies here whose estimated that almost sixty seven thousand actors of all farm land. this isn't affected area and do that means that these people will have no jobs when what whatever they can get back on their feet again so does the filly a major cost their fall for the philippines government
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the philippine presidential palace has expressed gratitude for china's assistant saying the philippine side is evaluating the need for chinese medical teams and this was in response to china's offer to send medical groups there. he was in court and a pat on the dating sites you that they will set off for the affected areas immediately once the philippines permeates the philippine side hasn't confirmed whether the chinese rescuers can go to the affected areas were maintaining communication with the philippines on the beach. the two batches of chinese aid for survivors of time for heidi and arrived in the philippines on monday and tuesday. with the state including tents and blankets has been handed over to the philippians. now we're going to follow up ellie's story with kara is as if you have just joined this week and read to write the two explosions targeting the iranian embassy that the lebanese capital beirut a short time ago were done to the postponement
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the judge only through its environs and that we can get the latest information. don't we just set up that is what you can tell a stillness abbas how long ago did it in fact take place. what sarah can you tell us about the death toll can you add anymore to the latest ago we had. that was fifteen day. i know i'll probably run the government to put it up this book which i did it the prophet. sure it will each pick. trump building to building on top the thought
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of it. other people laugh but that could be. i feel i need to queue. if we we might have to leave it there because that would try and re established the lion as to potomac was an offer weekly a five to. she was just pointing out that there is still a lot of confusion on the ground there and the major attack which is cool assistant already at fifteen and then on the number of people injured i will keep you up with ice and the week to get back to dodge only we will. now let's i go to bali in into the show with six people have been killed. they include for chinese tourists because they were in the van which plunged it into a ravine. the vehicle was carrying thirteen tourists from central china's demand province. and according to the consulate general of china did so by a local driver and tour guide world so that killed one of the chinese died this morning in hospital from severe
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injuries. another three terrorists are still in intensive care. the band was the most weight to the well known resort although with a walk to fifth from assume about beach. the chair hundreds of thousands of chinese tourists visiting indonesia. tamworth is that the damage through fishy meds i eat cheaply of top lines continues for a myriad nuclear fuel rods from a spent fuel pool inside the reactor building. and it's the beginning of the commissioning the pot the damaged building houses the number for nuclear reactor units that are geometry power company which runs the pond. some of the work on monday morning until pork is over three hours to remove just for the wrongs. if you're on the assembly is awful nieces along their tombs containing pellets of uranium fuel tesco says it would take almost two days for a mere twenty three rollins and that's the maximum number
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that contain a ten pounds more than fifteen hundred roadside in the number four units. the process should be completed by the end of twenty fourteen by japanese media says the full de commissioning of the pond is expected to tighten for decades. so i go over just how intense curry is attempting to remove the nuclear fuel rods the company first of the massive steel structure outside the number for nuclear reactor units that didn't stall to crying is equipped with remote controlled grappling devices smaller crying will remove the nuclear fuel rods from the spent fuel pool. the draw has been deposited into a heavy cost in a secure storage pool with a cooling system. when the cost is filled with drawings the other crying pulls it out of the water unless it onto a truck. they have been delivered to a if you would call a hundred nieces away
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from the number for you to be a reactor units. now lets us in singapore where buses in the himalayan nation of lining up outside polling booths to elect a constituent assembly. the danes to write a constitution that could bring stability to the country. candidates for more than one hundred political parties and several independent groups are competing in the election the poll as twelve million registered but has the government called for a four day holiday so the kids could return to their villages in the mountainous country. the last constituent assembly was elected in two thousand the night. it followed the end of a ten year maoist insurgency and the overthrow of the centuries old mauna kea but the assembly was told by infighting and have a finished its work. how vacuum is that the country without a proper constitution the nearly seven years meanwhile explosions rocked
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the capital kathmandu and other cities on monday night and tuesday morning. five people were injured including three children. the mets from the united states into a teesside been moving closer to a deal to end the bloody civil war in syria. us secretary of state john kerry has been hosting his turkish counterpart ahmed up with all due in washington where they're dealing with a myriad of complex problems related to syria and sectarian tension in the region from washington. the cost of the daniel righteous reports as he is a ride in washington of the death of an impulse and syrian brett the lead to absolute candy and sunday from injuries sustained during an air strike that was condemnation from turkey in the united states of cripples the syrian government forces are using
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siege tactics. and by preventing by the way from reaching those in need. yes that regime is now using the policy of starvation. as a weapon of war. that is against the laws of war. it is against human conscience the recent syrian government mitre and fun says have created but that uncertainty of the web at geneva based international peace efforts can walk the strip and unites states to do everything possible. these blushes the head the social disgrace since he had the tomb of may a gift or is it possible that his foreign minister says he's lacking intensity but countries like iraq to encourage efforts to suppress sectarian tensions that and regionally and showed that can be a direct message to go to want to pull its sectarian tension and moreno region do
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not put its tech easel sensible thing left of the typos mom international group to negotiate a deal on the wrong sneaky program the foreign minister also met with u s defense secretary chao paykel the plates to continue supplying patriot missile batteries to take each of us don't make em ally for enough lately. the announcement that iran is considering a great morning will be in us the last bits of defence deal with china precision machinery import and export corporation a list of what she's been up since and it's not my own web admin as the global toll do discuss this with top obama administration officials during his visits. the un says cctv in washington. we cannot let you not like the song the two explosions which it apparently targeted the iranian embassy in the lebanese capital by a route that death toll has now reached a zenith so are going up rapidly as we mentioned
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the idea. when we headlined that story at the beginning of this update. now earlier we also mentioned that buzzes in the himalayan nation of nepal have been lining up outside polling booths to elect a constituent assembly we can get some more on this because our correspondence with him a job is in the kathmandu and she joins us on the fun. o welcome to enter just the briefest of the latest the about the selection and the question of course is when will we know any results from the election. take a photo of avoiding it for the forty fourth had another post. in fact the forty fourth but the book the detection of a shadow of the dead said that that he's been keeping to the surprise is that over a piece with escobar was different about
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the pope the fact that the coach and current auction at pocono be put to the body i've had for a part of the fourth. ditto the doctor tried to talk to. they'd be out at the ortho to watch the traffic in the provided to the tree was told to us that the upbeat about the bush for taking the stairs. but due to the five top and a five bed to go to the arts. i think i want the photos that is that the dough is too cute not to board it is that the county could afford to go need to upgrade but the number of people but the pinafore think of was forced to fit with the thought that they decided it would have to be part of what has been for the trust to keep that in two thousand it was picked to death. to what to do it. it is the graphic above to be done but didn't know what the fed cut them. good on a friday tip you off into the future of the budget but the thing
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that is the pivot likely to feature of the arrest of them were still opt for pick it up a bit. she did eat. i kicked a thirty piece of beef which are efficient but to be cooking for our door to door the top of the word of god he is without conviction. if you intend to buy the ticket to think of to a fault that they have. but then i followed at ten thirty people attended the wedding the kitchen to eat with your wee wee sore earlier one who told an issue with these secures the people of the asli having things under control. what what is the general security situation like now off to those incidents that have that you referred to. went to the dept of it but it can dish it to fit the bill with the door on our part but if i want to do it the team to pitch the seventh of august a bit of work it started out to be tied up. despite that of course that there was formed at the beach but the tv to the vehicle before completion
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he was an ache that the intent to keep the garden to two of them. he can get up i did that to have four full within both the busch event that happened to target cost if i've got to it nothing short of a forklift at this point is that the book was to give any thought of transportation here and if you'd like to think people want to get it to the stores put up there. for the kiddos top of the pitch has its origins but if you cut the lead but there have been deployed across the country i'm going to the things that happen to be the character of the country. watch what he's about to try to do for the cross the defeat. but at the bench at the thought that it does to discover she had to take apart the peak torque of the city but for what it does show to show up. or to go and it would be getting to the fact that he could afford to start a topic of thieves who were lied to and appreciate you. report there from kathmandu and will keep following the election and the results is where
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the mansion will be out in about three weeks time the gemini has held a special parliamentary session on the nsa spying scandal and its effects on gemini. chas longer the merkel stressed that the imposition on the need to investigate the allegations. we got down to the transatlantic relationship and thereby also the ego she sings for free trade agreement are currently being tested because of the time the allegations against the united states of collecting and now the command of the day the allegations are great and they must be investigated more importantly new trust has to be released on police for the future. corso says the alliance with washington remains a fundamental guarantor for germany's freedom and security for testers gathered outside the parliament building ahead of the session. lawyers and activists from the action group camp act. fill the post
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is waiting. welcome to gemini this is not in referring to former nsa analyst edward sudden. last month reports emerge that medical spa and had been tapped by ines i a operatives to the waist a firestorm of criticism in gemini. one of the us is closest european allies since the end of world war two. i'm a gemini is quickly dashed the goal is sizing the former intelligence contractor in with sudden as saying that britain's electronic eavesdropping said this keeps tabs on foreign diplomats by monitoring their hotel bookings. the weekly reports that for more than three years the british government communications headquarters this is the dci hq has had a system to watch reservations at least three hundred and fifty upscale hotels around the dollar the aim is to inform a dci hq at the time of the booking of the city
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and hotel. this would allow the technical operations community to swing into action before the envoys to rival the british government spokesman has refused to comment on the report. the uk is domestic intelligence bodies have denied that britain's top of that mess the violence. indonesia's president cecile obama on duty on us said the aunties night that he deployed there as remorse let's be a strike in prime minister's statement about alleged wiretapping on his father. the in camera australian prime minister tony abbott endorsed intelligence gathering in principle without confirming or denying the reported spying under a previous government in two thousand and nine. in a series of tweets confirmed by his office. residents the city of bam buy a new duty on other reacted strongly. tv on other tweeted back into the show wanted an official australian response that could be on
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the stuart and that financial cooperation agreements would be reviewed as a consequence of this purposeful action in the show already has three quarter time best about following the reports that the strike and supplies that tended to listen to the present cell phone in two thousand and nine. he'll quality as a source of income doesn't have the negative connotations it used to the american medical association found that a donation has skyrocketed and apostate made in the united states. as a kind of a gay reports some experts believe there is a link between increased aid donations and economic uncertainty. when the us economy turned sour with jobs vanished for cloture skyrocketed and net worth doing. experts say when things got tough. people god created some considering
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cashing in on their individual assets using their god. as a teacher. from a human hair and sperm sales to breastmilk sharing and female they don't it. private parts have become big business to selling eggs and sperm is an activity. you could consider some of its us kind of setting the body popular mainly renting their body parts which is due to some of the time for someone else so it is in many ways look upon the state. i don't look at it that way i think it's a beautiful thing or i would only made one recent twenty four year old rose gas is considering donating her ex to an infertile couple. but she admits there are other reasons just because they know they're a lot of people out there that are unable to have kids and i could only use and some money as well so female eggs can fetch by ten upwards of twenty
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thousand dollars say experts a recent study published in the journal of the american medical association found seventy percent increase in the number of anti u s fertility clinics use for in vitro fertilization between two thousand and two thousand ten and a healthy head of hair can demand a thousand dollars or two online as the sale of human locks has become a humble tight end in dollar industry. silly or hair that this is illegal in the united states settling in for good is not according to the us department of health a hundred twenty thousand people in the last meter for kicks let's say i do one a monetary incentive. after all on. my body. my organs. i need to kidneys but feel like doing me no way to get myself through college. for some laws and moral second as the government have any rights to stop me from doing this. no easy answer according to this college ethics professor who says
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there's a thin line between legality and more. then again he cctv. los angeles. now before we got it up take you t tf tattory that w bsed two explosions apparently arge the abianas in the laneseital beirut have killed eighteen people. security sources say the explosions of them is only six buildings in the embassy cpoun. one source says the boss will call was fine to drop its not the sole said it was a combo more more than one. the main black guys to the embassy was beyond awesome there was damage to the three storey facility. it's not known if anyone inside with the baby was scattered on the streets and cars were on fire as people ran away. the boss of south beirut java enabled little circle was extensive damage to the nearby buildings. the area is the stronghold of the militant hezbollah group the main ally of syrian
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president bashar alssad in a complex next door to that seoul korea. if the boss of related to serious civilar we'll course i keep following that story for you here at cc tv news site was now travel on this coming up and then at the top of the next hour will be taking you to know i've read before today's edition of july. by the law abiding parents the company of times. sigh again the eye. i do. i knew
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eye. if you d. i did. ah. i do. it is. good thing i do
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you do it is. and with it. do the game i mean. i did. did you
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of y hernandez of the group's likes dislikes and kisses me on all dvd the study is suppose to be the foundation of how governments. will overthrow the assad regime and establish an islamic nation on this land. ok so the united states insidious doses of the trustee up on trying to help and called it it all over the still wet and she still walks by the end of the year. cf people mason is their home ground has allowed the fifth hero comes the idf and got the house of government through today the opposition forces are staging mortar attacks near damascus. oh just to draw media attention


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