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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 20, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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knew long ruling will rule the well what. i can sit down with a bomb hit a new round of him yet. god has rescued the pot. after that
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it's hard to carry all that sorenstam who read this part of the big deal. my old one the bill can be achieved through. all adorable welcome to the subtitle cctv new site and it would not by jane. the world is buying the latest round of talks between six world powers and iran in geneva today that olds come two weeks off of the two sides came close to an agreement to curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions bill elites but to our correspondent which of the state from geneva following the toll says he's told is that many world leaders have said messages of support the medici katie and geneva and is this bed around two lbs is said to me pointing in the right
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direction. the diplomatic activity as being in tents the chinese president eugene kane has the stones of the day rainy and president said. missed a house on the honey and death spread to him it at length about china's desire for some kind of development some kind of action that to action that came so close last time and then fell at the mosque has all been teaching him the head expressed his desire full at him and to make the very best of these tools the british at prime minister david cameron has also to being in touch by telephone. two dogs omaha ne of the night expressing britain is that desire that some kind of achievement is made a in geneva. now that sarah cole from cameron is significant to. it can save
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not just the first time the british media has spoken directly to any rainy and he did in mole than a decade the intent is that. that is resold ten days ago that intent. optimism. a handful t the hospital and that nothing be achieved. us president barack obama said on tuesday that it is on nuclei with a major world powers and iran will soon close a deal on restricting iran's nuclear program. being of rather cautious obama said an agreement with iran. now would find some time for the world to see if iran is now building a nuclear weapon and the proposed deal would allow a modest lifting of economic sanctions on teheran the essence of the deal would be that they would hold advances on their nuclear program. they would roll back some elements that get them closer to what we call breakout capacity where they can run for a weapon before
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the international community has a chance to react. that they would subject themselves to more vigorous inspections even than the ones that are quarreling. they're in some cases daily inspections. in return what we would do would be to open up the spigot a little bit for a very modest amount of relief that is entirely. subject to reinstatement. if in fact they violated any part of this early agreement and would purchase a period of time. and it's a meeting between the well house in the run continues in geneva today. the israeli prime minister is publicly decry any deal liking. he says an agreement squid and danger this country. stephanie for each file this report. you lead up to this week's t five plus one meetings with the rhine in geneva. israel's
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prime minister is doing his utmost to counter when his government says it is a grave threat. it's going to venture over to a good agreement he's wanted to bars him from producing nuclear materials to build an atomic bomb. that includes centrifuges used for the specific enough for the philippine you can energy for peaceful purposes. he smuggled plutonium reactors and use of heavy water also being applied to creating an atomic bomb in an effort to garner support the prime minister is holding high level consultations with counterparts. the geneva negotiations get under way people travel to moscow to meet president class in your cooking. i can't stand it any al continues with his very lobby against an agreement with iran is the reassurance is from ally the united states. mere days before the geneva talks were set to reconvene. us secretary of
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state john kerry told press there is nothing the united states is doing that will put israel at additional risk what's worrying israel's government is an interim agreement reached with the rind will include easing sanctions and result in what they say is continued nuclear weapons development. prime minister netanyahu told a german newspaper this week to deron has enough low grade uranium for five pounds israel has a good case i mean is less proof that the reason tensions are no treaty. it's easy and it's beyond me. you could add many countries as a youth deer season energy without having all those guns which by the way the essence of the adults coming of the parents was secret then we discovered the morning the news out there. reports say he runs government is not willing to dismantle centrifuges or its plutonium reactor. further proof for israel's government. anyone is on the way to nuclear weapons. a deal is reportedly close at hand. fuelling speculation that israel may be cutting it a secret deal
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with saudi arabia to take action against the nuclear you crying in the future if need be. stephanie fried cctv kennedy. light from the sub types we have to be up to take you to tell ron to get the reaction from there while the stool to convening in geneva. pam will be speaking to our porch along kenya. now the us and afghanistan have agreed on a final version of a crucial security pact outlining where and how many us troops can remain in afghanistan up to most foreign forces leave the country next year thousands of afghan tribal and political leaders sunday together in kabul with sweet to decide whether to allow us troops to stay after the twenty fourteen tore down all foreign forces. the last minute deal was reached just two days before they get into the bike the pact. it'll contain provisions to give us troops immunity from afghan
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war and allow them to anti afghan homes in exceptional circumstances. afghan president ahmed karzai has long rejected to both bought the us has said the provisions are crucial in order for its forces to remain in the country beyond twenty four c. they are stuck without cause funded by the bam bach in the afghan capital then she started the snow about the last point of contention in the agreement and the afghan president's them on for a statement of apology from the white house. the men saying that this was a very contentious issue the people of afghanistan the tv said the fact that that american soldiers and civil suit against the culture. karzai has agreed to let them do so on me. in case any circumstances involving us troops in other words if the vessel is missing and his fellow i sold it to the sea however cuz i expect
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something yesterday returned from washington. i dare acknowledging the mistakes of the past and i think the insurance is that they will not be found at the gates now. the spokesman them of the ballets and the defense did last night and see the social to calling it an apology but the wording because they expect to this letter is a very specific nice to be up to present christ and yet the people in this technology is acknowledge the suffering of the afghan people in the war on terror. now this morning at the white house said it will not rights and equality in the present that didn't have to apologize to get good people. in fact i did get naked people had set the price. i'm not for the wellbeing of the afghans i don't like this is quite important to make sure that he died to about three thousand people at t he didn't have a lot this week to decide whether or not to be used to keep us she seems that our kids choose to stay in afghanistan the people very
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angry with some of the mistakes done in the past oh we can do that if he gives several examples of places that the insulation up a copy of the koran or the case of this man means urinating on by the use of the insurgents that has angered at the afghan people and to convince them that the americans were not to make those mistakes again and the dirt from the white house would go and no way investigations are continuing and eleven on into tuesday's double suicide bombing that broke the iranian embassy in beirut a day before today's nuclear talks in geneva. at least twenty three people were killed including a roscoe cole attack i had more than one hundred and forty others were wounded the international community was quick to condemn the bombings. the attack appears to be a message to iran to stall backing the us out forces in syria is a bloody civil war. on
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the switch to a message from the al qaeda linked extremist group had the live sound brigades. so credit to the attacks that promise more on this the iran backed hezbollah with dorset spices from syria. the tickets have lost in the country have sparked fears that let alone will not be able to avoid falling victim to serious civil and sectarian war. in a phone call between chinese and iranian president says she's in pain has extended his condolences and today china's foreign ministry has also condemned the attacks eleven all. the missions though she was shown a strong he contends such attacks and is against all forms of terrorism. well very concerned with the skill which is the duration of forty and his unit and an express our deep condolences to the big teams including diplomats and no more sickness. obama has killed at
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least ten egyptians so it is in the country's turbulent region of northern sinai injuring another thirty five security officials speaking on condition of anonymity said two bosses were tearing off duty soldiers when a suicide bomb up that ignited the cob all the buses were traveling from the border town of rough up to the coastal city of hilla reach the death toll may rise as many of the injured eye in a critical condition security in the sinai peninsula deteriorated up to the ousting of the islamist president but haven't more sci fi the army in july. a wave of attacks in commercial areas in baghdad on wednesday killing at least twenty one people and wounding seventy two in mostly shiite areas police officials said the deadliest attack was in the central sundry of maplewood world bowman of kakak exploited as an outdoor
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market killing five people and wounding fifteen others other attacks to place an inch on top she has me on and on their own neighborhoods and iraq has seen a surge in violence since april following a deadly security ryan on a sunday protest camp in the country's north. now let's go back to our headline story as we mentioned the toliet world attention is on the latest round of talks between the six twelve pounds and iran in geneva today that old scum and two weeks up to but signs ten plays to an agreement to curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions. so for more on the response from iran. we can speak to our report along with jamie and his entire arm. i welcome jamie and what not to ron's expectations for this round of talks it seems that things are looking quite positive i have been in recent weeks what's the feeling they had
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to die. just now it is a dance if indeed it has to stop having gained confidence beads and a nice beach theme he mentioned he repeated use of pot add to the negotiation team but he also emphasized that you're not adding fifty eight and the details of the constitution said the need to set some guidelines being the sneaky negotiation including anti said that we emphasize again that you don't and not preachy. he said. the rise and these beads before and the son of the talks is very content and also now we can feel it that these negotiations he said and to varying clean coal and this is the moment and at one site we had the sun that u dun have to take care of their input and matters of it before the son of the talks including that utah has just signed that the signed agreement. these daddy and also not the inspectors to go
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inside it's to act and had me what to the fact sheet and also to a vaccine or uranium mine and the season then he can put an end a scene from the human psyche for the son of the talks and also the most frightening he said as andy and i said as he was optimistic after the sun that up that ups the ante and the sides of weeds everywhere not about to head east you and then sunday at the end he also tried to eat from cds. none of that constantly tried to head a insane safety was a neat deal. the feline ppl i pressed myself nice and it seems a very critical moments and we can feel inside iraq and compared to an end last run of the town sustains the expectations are not so high and the rise of islam. i keep it that than some comments on that you guys media might get an a
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line of figures but said a top knot winds and use that site today and have a comment that although the sum of all seats taken knows that and the sound of todd's but it seems that it's due to the mall it's good to see that there will be a deal to get and the sound of the content. he also might also conclude the dead that these talks continue on and that's a steal of a very high and also land that we are not there and comment from an eight minute booking the newspaper also come and get the same set and the best this instance too bad. jess you bounce and the chickens things specially thanks to pete amy and he thought the sentence email very concerned as so add it seems here's the media and also the things people are not so often means the above piece on the talks. what you know many thanks indeed does center at every critical time there is his size. as
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the spooks the unfolding in geneva. thanks very much so i won't condemn these reporting to us there from geneva from tehran of iggy pop. and we will keep you updated about the talks in geneva as well from our cause. one of which invested. now china is sending an emergency medical team from the government and its os to willie's team from the china red cross to the typhoon and devastation philippines. the red cross rescue team at the ageing today. the medical team is scheduled to leave on saturday. ten million yuan worth of humanitarian relief goods have already arrived the idea to include seven two thousand tents and ten thousand blankets the chinese navy is to send one of the largest and best equipped twenty hospitals in the world known as the piece oke the vessel has three hundred and twenty intensive care units and ice operating
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theaters well the death toll from typhoon high and has now cost four thousand the statement from the philippine national disaster risk reduction and management council puts the number officially at four thousand and eleven. those figures so people reported injured as well have risen to about eighteen thousand and more than sixteen hundred are still missing. property damage is estimated at more than two hundred and seventy million us dollars. some two million families for nearly ten million people have been affected in the ten thousand villages in forty four provinces. four point four million people have been displaced as a being said inside and outside evacuation centers. there has been some good news that the electricity screen restored in some parts of cars attacked london's city but all signals and gasoline supplies of also being restored to most areas
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muppets and reopened in some places and international rescue teams have also arrived to provide psychological counseling heart disease who can do this to do something to buy now and we still have money to mine. we don't have money that's not a problem. as in the month. who would have anime and that's because we don't even have jobs now the american embassy has confirmed that the american ambassador to china a gallery talk will be leaving his post early next year. the embassy said in the less of that govern all conform president barack obama of his decision to resign to rejoin his family in seattle when i met earlier this month. well took up the post and will miss twenty eleven am was the first chinese american to hold it. he says it is the head as he was proud of what the us embassy and consulates in china have accomplished. the highlight of increasing u s exports to china promoting chinese
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investment in the us and reduced waiting times for a visa. the chinese businesses to three to five diaries from highs of over three months the row was heating up between indonesia and is finally out of the spying allegations into the gym presents a pseudo than buying new the ana says he's suspending some cooperation of the reported eavesdropping on seeing an invitation read is fun. the bottom of the time we have one week low according to ministry operations according to a toll on the seat to overcome the key to smuggling as be a problem cleaning easier now austria for a long time. is as temporary been suspended and was again among the four explanation explanations are in an easy not to austria vs general . and what steps will be taken by austria which it to the smart ap takes aim to destroy him prime minister tony abbott told parliament to do everything he
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reasonably can to repair relations with indonesia the city would not apologize or explain its radiance espionage activities. you see i have criticized the for not expressing remorse over the alleged wiretapping of his father. he said cooperation agreements would be reviewed. the indonesian ambassador of leftist idea early on tuesday pitching camber up to come clean. now back home and every parent has the same wish to have a healthy child. how about for a variety of reasons some couples are unable to do and instead turned to adoption but many prospective parents by oh two and off through orphanage is being forced instead to turn to the underground world of private adoptions which are largely takes place online huawei explains about the risks involved and why these private adoption channels have grown in
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popularity. on easter he sees a child. the scene subsidies nice in his life. after selling the worst times of trying to adopt a soup of the alternate east candidates widespread choosing snacks. i posted some requests on the latter two months ago and we haven't followed the bike onto the bed to find the right types feel certain he is acceptable. there are many private adoption forums and websites. some of the members present to request a free image. i'm not describing channels to protect its own recollections by civil. so what an ongoing brutal blood during the cross is a private adoption. if there is any money being paid he could come under suspicion as being a child trafficking crime under china's criminal law photo credit for that. an estimated two hundred thousand beats happening in china each year. most in a
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copy of the mideast where he embraced by some western groups. china's adoption or stains and anyone who wants to adopt a child must stop meets the applications to the civil affairs bureau and children's reference skills the strict standards and is super seniors leave many frustration and at first to adopt. see our children that's a stupid more than seven hundred children now preston won the toss and many parents come to life adoption at me. many don't need to stand. this gave up due to the complicated application costs. he sets most of the time the child just doesn't bring prospective parents hearts. i knew i wanted to go. it is a pt that there are few people go to the former east youtube it is because over ninety percent of the truth here some people would feel the seats we don't have so many houses to get to meet their breeches. the reason
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why his parents contest ends at a private adoption as a last resort. all regulated activities vulnerable to criminal elements which were largely affect children's wellbeing. he believes that are legally enforcement play a role solving the problem the only idea that he wanted to start it was concerned we need to legislate that i can testify that these elections and strengthen regulation of these private adoption of channels and new leaves emerge adoption websites have confronted increased demand from the pot. you know how to protect children. bald eagle pass that unreleased desperately. cctv to see profits. interesting story there for moonlighting. south koreans hold more credit cards from people in other countries and the nation has one of the highest ratio of household debt to disposable
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income in the world. why spending is in fashion and how it's putting asia's fourth biggest economy at risk. our correspondent eugene john has more from saul i don't know what is so busy shopping district is spend spend and spend and the government is worried makeup artist and sometimes for up to his credit card spending but out of control we are told. my card is always mixed in with alec actions. so i kept on buying clothes. i'm sure has also been down the same path. next up my card before and i've also spent twice as much as i've earned it. unimaginable the average south korean carries up to fight credit cards the highest number in the world. when your stay as high personal spending reflects the country's super competitive culture. but to be head of the pack but why they'd idea of not being the least in the middle of the peer group. so there's a
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conscientious need to show that one has been successful at keeping up with the kids i'm a stuck up there remembers the days when sleeping was the first jew to win. when you compare the global level. south korea's household debt has reached a seriously dangerous level. anyway on to say if you think south korean credit card company if they did pretty well. well he said according to fitch ratings their profitability has fallen by the end. that meant something to be concerned about rising health alert that was deflected over six inches. the thinking of getting access to easy credit the government is still concerned about the problem is taking action trying to persuade consumers just like their debit cards and credit card companies are now under pressure to make twenty more difficult to tell sold it may not be in immediate threat to south korea's economy analysts say any of rising interest rates combined with the highest household debt in
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the world and all the shop until the economy drops teaching job for cctv film it was a paul rosen of the old credit unmolested for the suprise if a ctv news that the company and live like that. as you the day
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the light landed me an american talk about an hour how women are powerful. if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who will either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind
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and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call out sick. the hindus and one main iraq as the place stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the failed miserably at so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. bikes. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to
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the atrocities againstt are women human power of thinking. the owners. i don't i what a finish. the world islam and you know tommy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am the people in charge of division and ninety g of climbing to the division two reactors at the nuclear plant negotiators from six world powers in her mind. hoping they can put aside their differences to reach a deal


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