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their online for the globally minded audience. i peered years three new longest ongoing series on the seventeen ninety and are watching them. i don't i just glow is welcome to the jury going to live feed of the year of life. since simple concise be joining us coming up. ukraine tends to be sticky and dumped plans for partnership with the european union afghanistan's lawyers or go meets to discuss the security pact with the us. karzai says he doesn't trust the americans and growing alarm for the central african republic strong joins global
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warnings of genocide the ukrainian government has abandoned for a landmark free trade agreement with the european union was a dramatic statement comes off the column and stinky and thirty down this list that was a blast. the jailed opposition leader yulia tymoshenko to receive medical treatment in the gemini and that was seen as the conditions and eat it with your and our ukraine says it will be reviving talks on a closer partnership with neighboring russia observers say could be a turning point in a country torn between east watts opposition lawmakers in ukraine. shouted the word kitty. after parliament rejected a series of bills that would allow former prime minister yulia tymoshenko to leave the country for medical treatment. her supporters wore t shirts with slogans demanding her release. this
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was the first of its use as an extra eu ukraine relations on thursday. brussels had made two machine guns release a key demand for a long negotiated trade pact. now in ukraine is what the plan are nice. according to the government's website ukraine wants to speak with both brussels and moscow before signing any deal. some observers to ukrainian president viktor dunno call doesn't want to mention companies. her continued popularity threatens his bid for reelection in twenty fifteen on a visit to austria again called extent to which ankle has had problems with the law many times it's not only under the current government in addition to put into production. one solution is only possible in accordance with current ukrainian long chat with you i have stressed repeatedly with it back in twenty eleven tymoshenko was found guilty of abuse of power and sentenced to seven years in prison the eu has described the conviction as politically
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motivated. brussels had hoped to sign a landmark association treaty with key at an eu summit in lithuania next week. but it said the deal was conditional and tymoshenko been released. so what is the view from brussels now as it lost in a tug of war with russia. but the christian thought you correspondent mean ons. at the moment the government in kiev has made its point it's then tending east to inspect that is a decision that brussels for the officials here in brussels and have been hearing of course it's a big disappointment the youth of the people into signing this to treat a specially the countries that have a border with ukraine and they were very interested in signing this association agreement. because ukraine and everybody here in brussels as the weather that has been under alot of craps to come in from russia the president led the mitre ten has repeatedly warned ukraine of signing the association agreement with ukraine and ukraine
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knows that too. i think nbc in his hands in the pas to flex his muscles and cut off gas supplies tricks on polk city is not made. they know why the ukraine government compensation it did. nina hoss speaking to us from brussels now should they stay or should they be sent out plans to question our school and afghan elders is considering right now. kumble and they're set to vote on an agreement that would keep thousands of american soldiers in the country and give them brawls search and arrest i'll still pressing on me cause i made the case for keeping us troops in afghanistan even though she says. he doesn't trust washington the u s combat troops are scheduled from the strong next year but the new pact would keep the number of them in the country for at least a decade the grand assembly of tribal elders and political leaders is representing the afghan people at this gathering in kabul. it's debating president karzai's proposal to allow us troops
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to stay on after that drawdown of foreign forces next year. or are afghan soldiers are ready to fight the taliban insurgency on their own karzai told the lawyer that he supports an ongoing security pact with washington. even though he has grave doubts. i can trust and faith and trust me the past ten years of on cute with them about people's security and then searching out people's homes can expect negative propaganda about me many here are critical of the deal that would allow up to fifteen thousand us troops to remain in the country after more than a decade of war. many afghans view foreign troops as occupiers others say they need it to help keep the country safe among them a long term presence of the us and then ate an ice in afghanistan will be a big support to
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the success of the afghan security forces will but as of the day when i think is packed is good for the stability and prosperity of our country. one of them too easy. the draft agreement includes preserving us troops' immunity to afghan long. that was a major hurdle in negotiations and remains something many afghans resents taliban militants are calling the assembly the us ploy. they threaten to kill any delegates to vote in favor of the deal the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country will never allow around continue to work. he made a comment as world powers resume talks on lands due to lack a meeting in geneva and bronze deputy foreign minister of iraq he said his country would not sign up to the deal unless it's the right to a great evening and is expected. tehran's chief negotiator was that criticize the lack of trust the children did using some of that of western sanctions against iran in return but it
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holds up all the stupid program here in berlin is round seven of coalition negotiations and looks like gollum ankles conservatives in the social democrats are crafting compromises that could make a final deal talks with the spd has been wooed of attacking him at kohl's commitment to rein in taxes and spending and the conservatives are showing a readiness to speed up processing of asylum claims is small. they're getting closer to governing together the social democrats and chancellor merkel's conservatives agreed on two principles on thursday. no new national debt from twenty fifteen and no new taxes to finance campaign promises that means both sides will have to temper their demands and lowered expectations besides the top of the villains it's already the knights need to make sure we all stay standing isn't doing its thing is that the store and bought one for
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now any situation. lyrically or not everything can be achieved. this is the artist as if the sun the temperature is rising. it's nice to see it too is the gospel to be we're well on our way to wrapping up these difficult times come to us and everybody senses that will keep moving forward to produce a good final result of the tv and get to chat with the idea is to steal one the two sides came closer on integration and asylum policy but the thorny issue of whether to extend dual citizenship was postponed and chancellor medical signaled a concession on a key issue for the spd. she said she was ready to discuss the nationwide minimum wage vocals sounding very positive at those talks for more. let's bring in our political correspondent john beck. to honor after discussions down at the seaview headquarters today. you know the day is christmas for a deal to be done and dusted. how likely is. well it looks very like andy bryan. we were hearing this evening it's time to be
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in the distance expect dropped to a coalition agreement to be in place by perhaps even early as early as tuesday evening next week the framework has already agreed the difficulty now is agreeing on those priorities that you mentioned in the recall. because i'm from america was made a number of important concessions to the future potential coalition partner the social democrats including things like the introduction of minimum wage in germany. but today she remained very hard to talk to him and hide in the new taxes no new borrowing and that means of course had to be said for democrats was to strike on a number of politics from the shopping mall will they john porter. or are there any items that could hold up a final. what i don't think brian that individual ideological points again to hold up the deal that it was very clear at the press conference this evening. that said the leadership of bonuses says democrats and
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the conservatives of ball into the sky. it's not that committed to it and it will likely be agreed is very little doubt about it all the difficulty is that the social democrats have promised the rank and file of their own posse to put any dropped coalition agreement to vote by posse members about how smidgen of them and of course if they were to reject its then of course it would force the senate democratic leadership into a crisis they probably would have to resign. until america would then have to start the tour difficult and or leverage and we had the green party for example but that isn't very unlikely sun aria mom. joan barracuda wages thanks much. when they to him abt disarray at the un climate talks. it was still today eight hundred delegates from environmental groups like greenpeace and wwf will capture the conference he discusses the lack of progress in the walkout comes to the day before the talks
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come to him. there are a further blow to a process that looks like it's running out of steam environmental groups of the un climate change talks in walsall have had enough. that frustrated by the lack of progress towards agreeing a deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions activists say candidates have failed to take responsibility. it's a set of eyes open for one on packing my things and driving home and will not be taking part in this conference again because this is being more about playing the blame game and about serious negotiations the domestic situation can be seen or heard the well with climate events can see more serious than many people and no one has taken responsibility for them. the talks had been aimed at laying the groundwork for a new deal on greenhouse gas emissions to be signed in twenty fifteen. this has been signed among the stumbling phelps is the question of where the rich nations to pay developing countries the losses suffered due to
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the effects of climate change little things like that is the day a big decisions that are being made and being a bad start to tie the ten things that aren't strong enough that i think the uk just river to start the week that the stronger teams need to happen. next year's climate change conference will take place in peru. top with morale among environmentalists and it's unclear how many of them when attacked. britain now police say three women believed to be held captive in london for thirty years of the free and that looks like this is a case of slavery and domestic servitude. will an investigation has been known to often one of the women contacted a taxi. the couple in their late sixties has been received the rate was sixty nine year old malaysian woman fifty seven year old irish woman and if that's your own precious woman who used to spend a whole new life in captivity. police say
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are the victims are currently being cared for by the capital. but our season from sabine revealing details about the suspects arrested last month of a series of shootings in paris. bill liking the car was detained after a massive police manhunt. police say they have dna evidence linking him to the copts. the hunt team to an end after a tip off led police to an underground parking lots in a paris suburb. they are they from the sun sank nearly unconscious after apparently taking an overdose of medication. france's interior minister confirmed the man's arrest and his involvement in a series of shooting incidents. so little to everything seems to indicate that he tried to commit suicide but he did not kill in self which is very important so that we can find out all the facts the truth about his motivation to sit with us or what. officials named the suspect as some that are keen to connor who is in his late forties. he also said he read and what they termed as confused letter is declining media
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manipulation. on monday he opened fire in the offices of the lead toronto newspaper and critically wounded a photographer. last week he threatened staff at the twenty four hour pf and television station. he also took a drive for hostage on the shah's rule is annie the car was already known to police. in the nineteen nineties he served four years for buying a gun that was used in an attack on police station. three policemen and a taxi driver dine in a car chase ensued. gore is said to extend time in britain and israel. we knew why he might return to france. it's not clear. the european parliament has voiced its concern over the rights of migrant workers and guitar and the two thousand twenty two soccer world cup the classes that i find mission to the south faces mounting pressure from all sides but the conditions in what is at the world cup construction site. he's in
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prison said. plus it has now also spoken out he called on his current economic and political leaders to take concrete steps to improve the situation. for the mistake until break but when we come back and stopped warning about africa nation has had to be on the side the chance to know is that with the latest business news is while these two the brilliant musical in nature. influential dramatics controversial. two hundred years two thousand thirteen he's the famous german composers twice and tender lautner two hundred w's multimedia projects. we had company this major cultural events throughout the year. w taught me english faulkner two hundred. i know. it is
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hall. france is warning that the central african republic is on the verge of jazz the french foreign minister has described a situation in the striped one country has totaled is. there was a true in the form of french colony and in the cia forcing the president to flee. since then the transitional government has lost its grip on the kids' schooling the united nations is considering sending in a peacekeeping force of up to nine thousand troops with this report. they fled here
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and now live in crowded together. thirty five thousand people are sheltering in the county commission and of course and a lot. rebels attacked and looted their homes and forcibly recruiting young men the mission inn for marine now houses remaining children many of them traumatized the un launched her father died when a bomb on the top of the government commandos came to mind this is my father's candles in the end of my shopping routine. then a shot. the team to the hospital that he was already dead. in march. some are comparable in lions stormed the capital clumsy expelling the president and government. suspending the constitution. since then the alliance has fragmented and armed gangs killing on the content. the new strongman disney shelter prodi a former government official in dublin and then rebel leader and now self proclaimed president. utopia has been promised elections
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in eighteen months since the central african republic gained independence in nineteen sixty four to six presidents had seized power in coups and confirmed their positions but the popular vote. it fit. the country's economy in shattered infrastructure and shops lie in ruins. looting raping killing a commonplace. when an official of the deposed government was shot to death last week. people involved he took to the streets in rates by the rebel militias violence and our own insecurity . law. in a game of the few people are fed up with this on a comparable it's not just in my neighborhood we like wild game for them. the shield to execute just as if we work animal the police force hardly exists anymore. and the one thousand troops in
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neighboring countries can't accomplish much. the former colonial power france has dispatched four hundred soldiers. but there needed to secure the airport. that's why president rents will rely on a visit to south africa has appealed to the united nations. you go folks. trent is prepared to support and train peacekeepers on behalf of the un but the soldiers must come from the african union. your thinking the displaced people in the books inclination will likely have to wait months before when troops the ride this despite a warning that the country could become another failed state of somalia deep in the rain forest. now dozens including countries in bangladesh on sunday to fire and safety checks of the agreement between wests and retain this the bangladeshi government and labor unions the country's four million tax allah is also to get minimum wage of sixty eight
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dollars a month as follows in the one hundred dollars that many being demanding the agreement comes in the wake of the country does not set a new this year which killed more than eleven hundred text on black is in spots mass protests against that's what conditions greece's prime minister adds a nice summer as his duty and barley in tomorrow for talks on the euro price with the medical and this time. it seems there will be a decent little bit of optimism in the breeze is those still suffering from this deep recession and record unemployment. just today that was thrashed out between athens and the troika in charge of its top box and the outlook is better than as seen in years and today america was effusive in her practice ahead of the prime minister's visit towns clinical prevent a warm welcome to the business congress in bed and she nor did the greek government's efforts to return to france
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the greens would post a primary budget surplus this year. meaning its revenue exceeded its spending. if you leave out interest payments many in detroit and the greens could do it all it's been proven wrong. so why not a lot of respect for bins full costs of primary surplus of eight hundred and twelve million viewers this year. thanks to higher than expected tax revenues in the revised budget for next year the government full costs point six percent growth and in a sixty recession. trixie has proven his budget proves that the fiscal efforts made by the greek and borne fruit smokers can pitch in the box international creditors have yet to prove the budgets that owing to sense the fiscal gap in twenty fourteen could be around three times the five hundred million euros. athens is full costume and it's demanding further spending cuts. the government says the greek people one take any
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more austerity. when oreos to use a belt tightening. then refusing to make more sacrifices the german tax office's has seen a sharp rocks and a number of people turning themselves in for tax evasion. last year was about a thousand so far this year but newspapers reporting some twenty thousand people reported on text links. one key reason is new rules introduced by swiss banks sunday next year they will require german custom is to show that their deposits to be declared the officials customers who fail to do that will have their accounts place. sometimes he can tell that the mosque is now dusty old has been in french the floor is so weak today she says that the mood to go into town for the last there's nothing less from christ paid to the beginning of the trading week after reaching an all time highs investors are reluctant don't dare to buy more says because of a lack of policy
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teeth news. the economy into my nineteen years and toss them into the new batman wayne boyd and some positive he gets from the us economy but she hasn't wanted to get some of the main focus in on the buying these stand out to dinner managed to sell debates are part of its intended parents. scott twenty four two in the us in vista for one point five billion euro is a deal by longtime awaits. sometimes an analyst who couldn't understand them all into town stopping off in front of the attacks ended today. this attachment ninety one ninety six. use of fifty pretty much the same picture that across the landscape for the dow in new york is still trading posts and the noble cause to just sixteen pounds right now. and the euro is tiny tidings alonso thirty four fifty three. serious civil war is not only do we truly political lines in the region is forcing businesses to find new trading record with the country's overland routes
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not stay. exporters are now shipping goods to the israeli port of haifa to get their products more correspondence and sisters who both come in its main pool it is becoming a hub for coolness witty and well the agm girl delivers its prey to the port of haifa seems there's more and syria it makes the journey from a scandal in turkey once a week this time it's carrying fifty trucks loaded with goods for arab countries before the war they could take the overland route to syria. now israel is at the center of this new trade routes. it's the definitive collection project. therefore it's good it's a very important opened the scoring or imported to clear the two assisted jordanians as well as the turks so i think it's a a win win situation for everyone. as soon as the line on israeli territory. it rocks the security controls
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before the fruit that's because raw materials and other goods can continue their journeys. on paper they are all destined for jordan but everyone here knows that much of the freak will wind up in arab countries that have no diplomatic relations with israel the port of haifa once built as a center of trade with iraq under british mandate. now once again become the gate to the arab world. is it ok a little bit of that but you can say that bringing total from torquay the events of the mediterranean and fro mills fuel to a high five to iraq to jordan and they don't maybe two we are on. it's really making sense economic allies. because you don't have to go through this list have not been used on the list of goals to egypt and the laptop up. burnley to me about one hundred trucks a week traveling across israel and into jordanian guarded
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convoy each. porter is one turnovers tried to play the shakers seen border crossing. there's already another currently waiting to be checked by israeli security. dr her hot sunny days have become used to constant checks he said anything is better than driving through a war zone sob i don't know we've never had trouble here with me. i was one of the first to drive a truck through here a year ago. our people only said a nice turkey for ages in israel but they don't take pride. so we open up everything and tell them please a look inside everywhere. the only condition for two of them then the drivers may resume their journey through these turbulent region. is released hope that these new trade routes will remain even when the war in syria comes to an end. after almost in its centers can be returned to you within twenty four hours if the political situation allows it. finally volcanic
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eruption in the pacific ocean has created a new alignment in japan's far south but thousand km away from the capital tokyo. tv footage shows steam billowing into the sky as fashion roth explodes from the crater japanese coastguard said that the aisle it is about two hundred meters in diameter or kill experts say it was possible that the new violence could erode away which is something that happens quite often. but it can also remain common. still the most hospitable place really. this is not the kind that many chores to do a bit dramatic media both feel that it is and as always are but thanks much for joining us this year and dw twenties
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and the air. i peered years
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and three new longest ongoing series of seventeen ninety and are watching and a fps knew. the room. tree. ace dead. he stops. nice day thousands of civilians and forced a careful to do just as you walk. we get to watch in a sea world you were ever you go to image the apps for your own tablet to access program schedules on demand video. hello my name is pete
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