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tv   RT News  PBS  November 25, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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teach the young. the symbol is just too stupid to want to grow healthy and leave them home. a knee. is it. it's the close the door historic mistake presence obama struggles to find the right words the face by face trial on capitol hill who wanted to see iran's right to peace but any case. places like texas by the gases each other in the training capital during the second day of honor outside the government putting back from an easy deal. i hate the clean oil industry propaganda and barman honey it's hard to get a grip on tracking site to
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site yourself like that what we did from formally the second season and that is forced to abandon at times because of the controversial fuel extraction. twenty four seven life far more scary walking on it. rashi says that reaching a compromise and around cp upright and should eliminate any reason for the us to construct an anti self defense system in eastern europe the american led khan has been on longstanding bag of contention between washington and moscow which leaves the shield as a threat to its national security. while the us has maintained that the bees needed to protect europe from a site called frank states like iran can plant the accounts that this dispute to be finally resolved that the deal to bring surrounds atomic write them under control. playboy
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catch reports. deal hudson you did to my friend holly the crucial make or break every kid talks continued into the dirty details of how they were caring for a meeting janice campbell town in geneva great strides. leek said. leek said. while diplomats from six months now is going on in this family consented to an historic breakthrough. then off to sixteen dollars two weeks he's talked to them the deal had been done. it's the perfect negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy including its might to enrichment of the conditions of this program is placed under strict control by the iata the cars we received was that between the two got details to. iran had agreed to cease its uranium enrichment and
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twenty term. if i ascend to the steel in centrifuges while halting construction of a new reactor near the town of the ground. mr long list of concessions in round five minutes to still have a smile on his face in it and he wanted for his country offshore easing of sanctions nine ten months to regain control of billions of dollars class of much needed funds and foreign banks. we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately the more significant negotiation to follow for comprehensive agreement on the success that it was a time several keys to the masses. i see that one day all about the knights in the case at the school the fact that that the iranians have shown time after time that there's no evidence that he wanted to poke them with anything but peaceful. it's something that has been ignored by the west
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indian western governments but that is despite all that he runs resilience has forced these countries to step up. enrichment and again the russians and chinese have played a very constructive role. the genius recorded was the result of the goodwill shown by the six nations iran and the european union and the hard work of the negotiation teams the president's house on the money is also seen as having played a crucial role in making the deal possible he came to an island and spent the most authentic hygiene to prevent the ons for instance but the last. i don't think that sanctions play. much of her role as the recognition by the united states and britain and other countries that we need to engage iran because iran is becoming increasingly influential. i am and seven
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time won't balance and even an asset to its hands in the states and spain. this deal signed yet. spain's them beat that. looks like the deal has made life more difficult to present a bomb while defending the demonstrations yesterday the concessions he now past the com danny's rallies but it's all a shrill my keys he didn't miss that chance to criticize the nation. izzo washington correspondent yen each. today that diplomacy open up a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama geneva it's over. so the store instead you will. it's an environment where israel as well as many u s lawmakers don't think that iraq should develop nuclear technology at
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all. the obama administration heckling fiji diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge he runs right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time. we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding. iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations. iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear programs that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon. the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement. despite the officials attempts to appease the hawks with punches are flying security it looks like we tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so that they can get a say on capitol hill again about
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partisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the falling rain. and of the set of marco rubio call that deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and that quote. i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and abroad are already working on two wickets to buy the six month trial. the obama administration is walking on egg shells before congress is rio and its allies in the call that sits right in and day. a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington and then a shake up. when one around is expected to reach out to seven billion dollars from the easing of economic sanctions is that addiction has helped local school chum too bad that threatens his teeth eyes and a signed
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poster on getting more than his sacrifices as a result of the geneva accord take the pill glean from aunties venture capital. dice the numbers. the country can now get holiday at around seven p m gonna slap of commodities and financial assets rain and the sanctions have crippled at the country since they emptied out since his break down some of the steak is if you add ons proportion of these numbers are going to be coming from sigh the country could see me try a method called petrochemical is the concourse hair expo son of colds. they spoke late at around one am at home for the payment of as other countries adding so still be greatly improve its toons and aims was to be emptied the name thomas nast in the fall in the baseline reaching the ancient east causing the financial facts not just by the forbidding got a slap of offshore funds will be on fridays and sundays is still a tiny fraction of one hundred and
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eighty dollars that will still be inaccessible to youtube or on the eight thousand in the country can find the weekend to at the local banking system wants to get a lump sum of the head is in the country contacted south africa section seventy five million people giovanni ends at stopping on a daily basis the case. since our extended family now inflation is up fourteen cents lower to around twenty thirty is a filly by jackson and investments the country has been pretty much non existant when in anticipation of the still bristling to the compensation scandal that the label anti companies the european us want one eats get back into the country but they can out of that around ninety is now. i'm greedy and make use of days. well access well it still would america's relations with iran has installed cheeky magazine from pushing the us presence in the midst of the wills twenty five the least influential people the latest edition of costco
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discusses back upon this shaky popularity. this program we ask is obama serving his fourth term future is not the judge that residency abroad obama and george dubya bush in that same light whatsoever. i think obama is way worse than bush and i am not a big fan of gore to be watched but there is no compare and contrast between the president whatsoever besides having a spending problem. politico does create a poll showing forty six percent approval for president bush. well you have thirty seven percent for president obama it's at quite an irony that this point next is into the second day trying with occasional scuffle was breaking out between protesters and police line is this bright can't own son died but the link yet have been many moments though since this town ain't big deal in suspending the deal which would be the place the times picayune twenty hour shifts. he is in ukrainian capital of ten
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goodes has given me a set of downs and the europeans. it makes it less of what time it is not always happen is another busy right now we see police are opting to sign with both sides of the police and protesters using it to my kids get shot up the system of government. signed a trade agreement with europe at the moment. this was the latest was the write up about that. well the doctor says it'll look at what types of damages was softening. i disagree. drivers will be
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nice to me. a lot more than a hundred billion dollars something good to get up for a moment the walls. it's not to restore electricity to get something the government not to do because it might be out with your kids. the great big problem for great at the moment not signal that consideration. europe but not for the god of financial compensation but the actual damages the government decided not to sign his blessing to the imf said it would not provide great with another's that was a slow which upheld the brightness of the country finds out that dot the country doesn't need help like that when he's gone and he is in danger of completely collapsed. all of the protests continue its hard to say how long that will continue. another interesting twist to it to blackmail accusations in the week. some politicians in europe are upset that russia blackmailed great products i need this deal. the bread to hit back saying that god is in fact europe which blackmailed great in the course of negotiations stand up gigs he is ready just to see with goals that we didn't get to follow all the details at all the developments. molly is of the european commission and european can still have released a joint statement saying the proposal to you crying still stands. i began
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the keys. most of pressuring kiev act of signing but as an international cooperation experts dante many you believe russia's position needso be had for your opinion is the last ray of sorrow voices in the european union saying that we don't want to go with practical for voices in germany for example just saying that while the european union troops from the very beginning. still i think that sees the rental agreement between russia. the european union ukraine on all kinds of coal stove stopping from the tree. two more of them he was sent to a pool and she will be a key for the couple for the next couple of weeks and months. i discover along like he and chase to freeze the deal to get it to auntie don't come that we got sat in a similar financial political standing in the one at
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the agreements had you in the program encouraging figures from the u k race types of an economic turnaround that diet society falling living standards and lightning inequality me is more trouble than the ready i'm a full afghan and takes place on t the mafia throwing keeping present cause i strongly through these final months in office. they still easy coming up. opt for the eye tune in. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand years. you hold him here. twenty some years ago to re establish him as to why on this island. and people feel the love of christ to all working. people say you can catch a lot of time. something happens on
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this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the beloved saints them. join me. james brown when ginny for the soul. leo loves it. right from the sea the interesting picture the importers twitter the animal. the move on thus. un has been for the new rank of city and the school will take place in late january. yet he's come
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around. i don't really see peace deal between rebels and government source of something that will be discussed in the plastic and to die with the pipe is preparing to heist russia's present that emit the same people pc off isn't right russian leaders have visited the vatican before bought the heads of the vatican have never visited moscow since frankly relations have been frosty and perhaps one of the reasons behind all this commotion here now. there's lots of speculation that the vatican wants to change that and not meeting up for the pope to go sightseeing to the russian capital. watch the two currencies to move closer to one another recently paul francis wrote a letter personally thanking the president putin for his efforts to try to restore peace in syria russia in the vatican have been calling to protect the rights of christians in the middle east and northern africa following the arab spring softball practice and president putin are on the same page all are sufficiently are set to meet the leader on monday. of course i'll be keeping you
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updated. what type of presentation or such an unusual poland had displaced the shale gas frankie and his holiness that recently placed an environmental activist reportedly expecting strong concern about us oil giant chevron exploiting shale gas in south america at least i can do a formal oilfield executive ten santa tracking campaign and he blames an industry bent on profits for pushing home for technology this is a technology that said basically has been proven not to work as the oil resulted in contamination irrefutable evidence of contamination of ports s soil andy and analysts say that significant negative health impacts on the populations that live above the gas fields. what a reflex is the fact that we are dealing with a cowboy industry that is driven by greed and little else in fact i would sit me in the pool that people do a bit of research for themselves and they took at
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the damage. any contamination that has been re around the world and basically we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure that this does not happen in the uk. when the fields despite another anti christ and to face the us was forced to abandon a time when the resulting goal haul. i paid me in line she told us what it's like leaving me and reading some. i learned that this industry the hard way. i worked for industry first and and made out of the country and i own place and then i experience that the environmental impacts on around me. there's the possibility of water contamination and water depletion and the mini mini horrible air in packs and the traffic in just a huge disturbance knowing that clients. it's been a fitting and very few people day in history and a few large landowners and is coming at
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great expense to the people who lived on land westminster is turning the screws on the scottish independence maintenance is dying for new brake lights go on msn then shut the skulls night to say goodbye to the three hundred euro would unite the kingdom the story is coming. while the second because the countries tend to call when i'm just getting out of the one of its list of the financial trauma this is too late to stop open the champagne and some cool tuesday with critics say and then he declined to say see them leave some struggling the generations nor smith expects the bank of england's full cost economic growth in the filming of unemployment down. it sounds great. it's beyond his immediate fake is it that topped cupcakes at the prissy much all the matches but with sweet rapid economic progress are in decline people's real incomes falling more and more of it spent on basic
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essentials. uniquely this generation of young people is was educated and that parents and niece it's the female life expectancy honest tiled more time to see among the west in euro. if anything economics clemente says jeremy warn that says gray is guides but warns it is unsustainable. not enough exports is not enough business investment in this economy. now that it provided the economy continues to grow the hope is that these things will eventually come true but that the mind has left a little song. can you say that these key indicates it's a good thing sounds its education health the olam that applying talked about us ever since the crisis began living standards of being on the amount of pressure. real wages have been declining we've probably seen it. a ten to fifteen second to roost in an open standard since the prices are down five or six years ago on that speak
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it's never happened before palm is in walking history grieving for the first time the candy mold in history. we are seeing a situation where people leaving the web for some that aren't all that sure it takes it from the people joining the workforce in the scrub is a very wide moment in the future because many multiple among the defendants all know continue reading think of new skills ethical standards of education and politics collide in the new relative something common future of credit to the rest the world is going to decline with it so it's a very wearing the moment. what does it go and add up to get these underlying economics into cases of e where we get it one thing de. i'm extremely calm cool really. i mean for those of other things going for. um it's still reckon to be one of the most open economies in the world has the biggest global financial center in the world from southern lot of things during
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the uk time but these underlying trends off a wiring and something needs to be done about them very very urgent. what this says the government's doing some of the right things but to change the date and ultimately less radical action is taken and they ski areas but since economy is nipping on tolerates time. in other news the planned security pact between united states in afghanistan. except if iowa present on me cause i saying. he refuses to sign into law the elections next year and this despite afghan tribal elders recommending us to find the agreement is seen as possible well. the deal with and i love to fifteen thousand us soldiers to stay in the country for ten more days they would be authorized to carry an anti operations and have the right to ride at dan hynes under exceptional circumstances. plus american forces would be mean to afghan rulers. critics say that despite the chinese
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don't or signs on the cause i was then fed into his nice day in all face off twenty three next june. contrary to popular belief that that prevails in the west but that they called up residence in his last year or last few months as a lame duck president. both principals gone up by a nap or country like afghanistan where everything is in the hands of the government the people of this country are completely hostage in the hands of our corrupt government that has had the warm hearts that god is the mafia that that dr has caught joe and the corruption still i think ed governments and foreign countries would try to look old daughter never think that it expands the same winning the last days that are normally the west. some international news in brief mac and cheese between the ethiopian troops minutes. easton priceless if you think now's a half left fourteen people dead and dozens more wounded
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witnesses say explains that the head and thinks might be right out from where the fighting took place the ami is to try to straighten the agency in the city. last week another on the green light the fire i cried in the capital tripoli killing four to protest is a lot of love. or tell people just between uconn and china are off to take the agonized regime's recent expansion of its maritime defence same crime stats and say ow but says it was an infant unenforceable and violates international will assassinate a genius he cannot attack on kerry fried the chicken citizen science including a second line in the east china sea the keypad. government has for the first time angered and she will become independent. if if this is likely to be right next to a beach chairs than the twenty fourth of march twenty sixteen team played in perspective state's official but the idea based on the ice by london which is warning it might make a decent fiscal
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plan to break away. as for syria as well the scot won the independent country to six or question that requires a simple yes or no waking at three hundred euro looking at could hardly be said for the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will vote for independence. a figure those of the gas cap hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated white paper would just watch national party says has the answers to all the questions about the dependence of my minister david caplan and those who wanted to go cap in since the minute that this is laden with risks and problems with morning sun just about everything. back to sudan. no count suggests the worst air and higher taxes. eu membership month it's as scotland can forget about it by the nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of the book to a nuclear attack. my teeth and the roaming charges the immobile fellas if the split happens at the list
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is on its top the project the year by the yes camp they accuse the government of scaremongering scots into voting no and this is the white paper with a group of independence was read about a jobs bill and a thriving economy concerns that resonate with voters. i would argue that an independent scotland will have to negotiate in the future for the things that it has right now along with the signaling that it won't make me easy but the crux of the matter goes back to economics and recent poll found out that independence made of five hundred pounds richer more than half the scotsman according to one of the contests are still yet police remained an optimist i'm up next to a spate of cupcakes to school. tune in you see you. it's korean
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armed forces day the special forces demonstrate the flight capabilities. well korea continues to play an active role in court but uncertainty his recent pledge to extend the trip deployment in afghanistan. it is the commitment to improving health care and education. he was keenly felt by the local population of poland province and beyond. links up with the rev warren recent history the charisma or it takes to be divided nation. as captain cousin laura explains her how little there was no work to do you add in something in the last few months they'll be perfect and then a student in a compact and medical products and upload some video of the scene in the sudan and today knew it she went out with miss m is that we too might add. i stayed up into a medium soft like a nice likeable up for
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some photo op at ten am and that of assistance the korean hospital program at race was a fishy attended a court two thousand and ten it reeks like all young people almost exclusively by sting of dental unit said the patient x ray rooms all to see more medicines and physiotherapy practitioners to preserve its history to eighteen thousand patients to type and some patients such as mine and connie came to the hospital stuff from on top of the injury has not been a full treatment is received but a very big difference in taste. behind them if i am about to be deducted on a cookie. today was the fifth of the group and it got to be good and blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to guilt isn't that says come all this this is what is going to like the registration stuff the korea strait the beaded no cost to meet a couple times. it is just healthcare with a head to the lost legacy. nobody does make it through the woods. we left
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the theater just next door to the hospice and a sticker invitational quarter inch pipe and in two thousand and ten. jointly funded by which the koreans americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle the comics construction will be coming the next thing i like to think of future past and it doesn't. it is known to be an actress and millie total recall was that our children and teens the salmon. you just know it all on your total order. she just added to the end. chairman. chief guest. the priest. the chili us a light t study life expectancy for a contest increase from forty to sixty two. and he is there till three point two million adults in schools compared to just fifty thousand on the top of the palestine the entry and you want one of the spurs top of their institutions the focus on improving education and
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healthcare. stochastic or a boss but some textbook which i hope the country. what price the future. this is jake tuchman reporting from the grime afghanistan the next. windmill and moving moving. news on him us presidents brock obama has preached is really quite an instant and intensity of the one that deal made between geronimo is that the islamic republic's new to the program obama racial mixing it that america remains committed to israel's safety and will not allow iran to acquire new to the west in the conversation between tb does tend to miss any of you describe the new deal as a historic mistake


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