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am. ccs is a journal to see your dw. brian thomas to all of our viewers around the world welcomes these tests. protesters stormed the finance and foreign ministries in bangkok thailand. as the final question what got me here in germany negotiator said wednesday. the egyptian born german writer of deals on this project is launched goes missing. in. capital bangkok is tense at this hour after
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the country's embattled prime minister he looks a lot though the special security wall to contain mass texts of the opposition accuses her of running a puppet government that may want her out of office nearly a month of protests escalated on monday when demonstrators stormed the keating government minister its turmoil has raised fears of more street violence in the country this week and bowls by unrest since royalists two generals on the two in two thousand and six the demonstrators celebrated actors alec straight on monday. they forced their way into two major government compound ministries of finance and foreign affairs the protesters called on civil servants to walk on the job showing the anti government rallies. here was peaceful the earlier today it was a different story on the streets. while in clashes between police and some of the tens of thousands of
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demonstrators protest leaders to ted thompson and is determined not to give up the fight. when protesters to stay here overnight at the finance ministry. i urge others to do the same sees other government offices around the country. in response the thai government has invoked a special security law which gives police to mike's mom around to impose a curfew and gatherings and carrying out searches prime minister he looks too much is also keen to show restraint the security services in return the protests were trying to do with demonstrators with our minds we went to see any violence the appellant. the protests are directed against both the prime minister and her brother attacks seem to want him living in since being convicted of corruption in two thousand eight protesters say he still pulling the political strings in thailand. they vowed to keep fighting and take no for more government building
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the earlier we spoke of the correspondent in bangkok nicholas lawson asked her for the latest on the situation only a bit of pride thinking that she let go of a thai people the total security act will pick up an offer from the riding crop and intended to be broken up into bed. government had no choice but to hit the i a doctor that i get a head the proof is right in thinking that a government agency is trying yesterday to the front gates added that the protest told to come up with each recipient water supply for that. but the question of may upi if they will have any impact on behavior for content that we know from home demonstration of that city i pray to the lofty goal all along. all
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content that the government was not good for them. after that right. one of the security measures imposed to keep along with our worthy there to prevent the government from being top made from the government from the top of that. but then i think the situation very very curious and it has escalated over the last couple of college in iraq said repeatedly that she would step down. she is practically connected to internet like victory in july two thousand than that. it remains to be seen what he's going to happen at the next couple of bait them to treat older i get back to the archdiocese watching the protest very closely and it will be very interesting to wait for a reaction the government the rich quick get the ring at the coffee here in bangkok we all hope that it won't be any confrontation in the next couple of days. since the locks. the united states has harshly criticized time after the country and toes and air defense though no firm grip on healing which both countries claim as their home. washington calls the most inflammatory urging them to speak to bring his aunt diplomatically. japan
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currently controls season on two islands in the east china sea. it can also click on the seabed around the island is thought to be rich in oil gas costs. china's new rules would not affect international flights but didn't warn you would take measures against aircraft failed to dent the fire themselves. ukraine now would be jailed opposition leader yulia tymoshenko is going on a hunger strike to assure those lawyer and her party's of the former prime ministers protest last until the country signed a free trade. you need a capital kiev has been seeing days of street demonstrations after the government suspended plans for the historic deal it was supposed to be signs in an eu summit in lithuania later this week. us officials now here in berlin have admitted that quote mistakes were made by nestle operatives who spied on millions of german citizens and cast on them but they did not go so far has issued an official apology something
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opposition parties and rights groups have been pushing for. after talks with ranking us politicians the german foreign minister said it is time to bring transparency to the extent of past us on. us senator chris murphy and congressman gregory meeks were in berlin for damage control. their visit was part of an ongoing effort to restore trust between transatlantic partners. meeks told german policy makers to us takes german privacy concerns seriously. we don't take the actions of what has taken place within the state likely we are working diligently it is of concern in it matters to the people of the united states of america sharon has reacted angrily to revelations that the us has been spying on german e mails and phone calls. it's believed us intelligence listened in on tap american cell phone conversations for years. foreign minister to go best non stressed the need for clear walls in the future
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the euro. we want to find the right balance between security and privacy. that is the spirit of today's meeting he's a good question senator murphy said many americans were also concerned about overreach by intelligence services and there was momentum in congress toward new curbs. to be about setting new ground rules by which we jointly engage in only enough surveillance necessary to protect both countries. u s delegation is due in brussels on tuesday. us secretary of state john kerry is also expected to address german privacy concerns. we need to test my medical in coming weeks. i'm now staying in germany could this finally be in the week in germany sees a new government after more than two months of going back and forth on forming a coalition much hangs in the balance right now as party leaders from the knuckles conservatives of the spd seek to bury their differences and make a deal
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to govern together and now things seem to be getting serious negotiators have imposed deadline as you intend to use less than forty eight hours before the self imposed deadline. american conservatives and social democrats have many camps to clients. before presenting a finished coalition deal knitting kits will open them to go to a reasonable people are sitting together and hammering out good government but for once we follow our heads in the coming days will get the job done. these two days is agreeing on issues is more important than asking what the spd has to say to its members the social democrats have to put any deal to avert by their four hundred and seventy thousand rank and file members to very high hurdle. this couple and std testing varying responses i've seen people can be persuaded and renegotiate well and get good results that we can get a majority would think it was on
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the stove and add the ground the two signs up for use in the long nights to come. for the very latest was penalized two this negotiations on a correspondent john barrett is calling for us john. we have a self imposed deadline forty eight hours the clock is ticking. how are things moving along. will demonstrate hideous to me tense. the negotiations have definitely entered the final say as an inside the building here behind me the atmosphere is to be rather tense i think that if we understand the door there is already here and the framework of an agreement to the moon almost two hundred pages of quite smaller prints and a great deal of agreement. but i think that they're really the crunch point anyone says to and that was when i'd done the math tools this center right alliance he insisted that this is the democrats accept two important points in terms of finance policy thrust of old no new taxes and secondly in the new borrowing. that means that
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the arabs in the things that they've agreed in principle with a one spend money on the poetics of that agreed in principle the various committees and going up this soft coalition agreement that helped to build ten began on a number of them have to go decent people financial considerations and that's what's going on now behind me they will all be green all the talks in seoul will infringe on the fact is is social democrats rankings files giving a vote on this when it's done. it was the chances that can actually get turned down. that's a very very interesting point brian and it's something that the media kara speculating about the atmosphere in that the posse cross fruits the center for democratic grassroots is apparently most people think the scent of this very little enthusiasm for this coalition and that's something that definitely going to wa read this as a democrat leadership. they are very clearly in favor of a coalition. they've gone a long way to a two agreement and they are putting their
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reputations at stake when they offer that costco disagreement to the cross fruits of their posse. if the grassroots of them vote against it reject it. it'll probably mean that the social democrat leadership would then have to resign the court also mean new elections could dominate on most political analysts think that that means the social democrats would do it even was in there for that new elections than they did two months ago. john byrne at the coalition decisions timberland. john thanks for. and now one of the main issues that stand up for the bay on monday has been infrastructure both sides agree on the need to invest heavily in bridges roads sewers power lines. you name it the lp for all of this bavarian conservative party's csu wants to introduce an old for car drivers but the social democrats. what is clear is that something must be done before germany's infrastructure goes from being a selling point to a handicap. billy leading in
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some german towns nd ukrainian front of the running here and on many roads and were in town the situation in the former west german capital is indicative of infrastructure problems across the nation someone who knows all about these problems is not the oakland said. he's in charge of coordinating infrastructure construction in the region in the sense that many roads and bridges need urgent attention. this is that the drinking but on a bun braid across the rhine no maintenance has been performed on this joint for forty years. get in on the twelveth since demolished down though it looks even worse from the inside. there are crude steel parts the thing you can see urgent action is needed to ensure this road section copes with the growth in traffic. that's the boxes. he chose the image is taken to assist the reconstruction of safety to prevent further to keep emergency repairs were made this past summer. this is from the bridge looked a few weeks ago rusting away like
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many others. some six million heroes are needed to fix germany's pretense. mind the field of all that gear on one hand a lot of the structures are agents of the double its attack on the other beckett they're subjected to much heavier loads. then they were designed to carry all the action. it certainly seems like you could run into road construction in every corner and gone mike here most construction sites just have some problems rather than fix them. this not enough money to do more. but none deal qantas as the large federal cash injection currently being discussed is not the answer. being too modest to see them we'd be kidding ourselves if we spend massive amounts on infrastructure for one or two years unless stated that this is an area that needs continuous attention in cooperation with the construction industry on this. quite often infrastructure is on the replacement news
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the total breakdown. such is the city's district heating system. our lines and a long list of other infrastructure components also need to be renewed. the pink ladybug range don't know is coming from berlin. federal government funding is set to ensure that here at least drivers will be in for a smoother ride in the near future. right around now where president vladimir and coat and has been holding talks with pope transcripts it's the first one to me is that they were expected to discuss topics including. of the middle east specialist area of france is also strange. a future meeting with the russian orthodox patriarch. here is our churches accuse catholics are trying to convert its members inside russia. when you short break only come back every year millions of women around the world of victims of domestic. i'm definitely taking a closer look at
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the situation of women in the arab world. they went. do for. the do you. i knew she was infected. i foresee the land to the teacher only it aims to prevent mother to child transmission of aids
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each nation. fourteen innocent i make it a nation while that tradition this year thousands of women tend to the street in egypt and india to call for police to do more to crack down on the growing epidemic of and sexual violence. this is just one front identified by the united nations as it calls for action today the first day ever designated by the international day for elimination of violence against women. now another front mentioned by the ui and domestic violence reasons for my survey by the rules whole story. indicates that thirty five percent of women worldwide have experienced domestic violence is somewhat many cases mean report military focusing on the arab world has released another study that shows when in egypt iraq and saddam are most likely to suffer domestic violence. morocco is in fifth place followed by tunisia algeria looks to be the safest place for women in
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the region. and our next report to go to morocco where some six million women regularly suffer violence in most cases the hands of their own husbands. dd and i smiled but suffered domestic finance before they came to this woman's county for help contagious as she was abused by her husband for sixteen years. the mother of three tells us that he would often return home drunk and then pee break. eventually women's rights activists hold tight to get into a women's refuge center. i don't like a slave i often thought about killing myself when someone touches you against your will it feels as if you're selling your body. it's a terrible feeling tense coming. granted he knew he would put me onto the bed and forced me to pay heed. my children to see. and on. the demonstration from
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the common eye protection to victims of crime and the activists according to sexual violence within marriage to be criminalized the sadness that we are no great urgently needs to be made into a crawling furthermore equality between men and women to get things going in our constitution the constitution guarantees the physical protection of women and forbids discrimination and violence women are neither object nor the property of men. they're people who should be respected as such. to me not many and sad i made. women like he did come here to talk with others who have had similar experiences. it helps overcome the feelings of hopelessness. raising awareness of suffering taking place behind closed doors we're not enough to change today when least nine people killed and dozens wounded in fighting between islamist militia and government troops well it's unclear what trigger the gun battles in
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the port city of gaza reports say the injured include civilians. it's not known how many malaysian and thai schools were closed and many residents stayed away from work because of the fighting. a long awaited peace conference aimed at ending serious civil war is to be held in january twenty second u n secretary general ban ki moon is called the tops of mission at home diplomats from the u s and russia. when he was a special envoy for a lot to the need to prepare for the conference will bring together representatives of government charles sought and members of the opposition for the first half her face to face talks. no word yet on what other participants will be included on the invitation we're getting the reports from egypt and the key to the german rider has been kidnapped in cairo the egyptian born a month until some lawn. reportedly received death threats in recent months after publicly criticizing the theology of political islam in calling for a modern interpretation
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of that religion is also a journalist and is actually of regular gas on our programming here auntie debbie you. reports say he's been missing since sunday afternoon amid all this a month had completed to vote for days. according to the egyptian news portal that reported disappearance in a cairo park on sunday morning berlin germany's foreign ministry has yet to confirm the abduction. but a crisis team. there is already on the case. let me tool for working all out to clarify the circumstances does that mean the whereabouts of common although some odd and resulting the case he was wearing contact with the egyptian authorities within the two pitched in to all who made this a monday is an outspoken critic of egypt's muslim brotherhood and the ideology of political islam one media elements including tw is often called on muslims to modernize their face. in june he began receiving death threats after being condemned by islamist preachers in egypt. as i have
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some business news and ripples from the nuclear deal with iran are being felt on the commodities markets brent crude oil has fallen more than two per cent to one hundred and eight dollars a barrel. traders speculated the deal could mean lifting the ban on iranian oil exports in the future significantly adding supplied to the global markets the deal on iran is also giving stocks of the believer's have to wrap up of all the action and thank her for the first time the backs climbed over the level of nine thousand three hundred points the new record high. god didn't stay at that record high for the close of trading but still had a very high level and some people are getting decidedly uncomfortable the docs not really suffering a great rebound after reaching one record high after another the high was your reaction to the agreement with a round the oil price went down even though there hasn't really
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been an effect on iranian oil to the agreement at the people do expect that there could be more oil flowing into the markets benefiting companies and consumers. by far the best care of the day for seniors medical care. dialysis specialists from germany it's profiting from the fact that medicare is not going to reduce reimbursements for dialysis care at least in the next year. like the benchmark in numbers for you now actually just mentioned and dax coal mining on monday. it closed it just slightly shy of that nine thousand three hundred mark there. the year's top fifty was also higher on the day over an eeyore were treating cylinder way for the dow jones industrial average and is very nicely above that sixteen thousand level higher just fractionally at the moment. as for the euro dollar is currently trending lower paying for one dollars thirty five thirty. each and every year eu member states are losing billions in tax revenues because major
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corporations make use of loopholes for an interview in taxes than the fever certain terms as well. it's not a typical case of tax dodging mind you. an eu directive aimed at preventing double taxation is used by some corporations to legally avoid paying tax rates among women global giants like starbucks which are failing to physically support the communities with a profit for ikea. basf and other multinationals like amazon it symbolize business choice declaring dividends and european nations with the lowest tax rates. it's only illegal but causes big revenue losses for countries with higher taxes. the tax commissioner pounds at the cemetery has introduced a proposal to regulate the bookkeeping tricks used by karen companies and their subsidiaries. the reform would make it harder to shift earnings from one subsidiary to another and different eu countries. currently some countries paid little or no taxes on earnings businesses
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to offer. organisers of the single market. we start to the jewish and obstacles to their cross border activities these businesses can use to make america great addition to barter trade baskets. the commissioner mike eu members to implement the new rules by the end of twenty fourteen countries such as the netherlands have used low tax rates to lure major companies there starbucks is a prime example from its base in the netherlands the coffee giant cranes leases for its intellectual property selling its name and reading massive profits for chili without tax but that is in the wood on a pivot european competition can only be labeled as such when it's done on this airplane. that and its practices are used to push the concept of fairness to the limit or beyond. then it's only fitting that we take neighbors friends and even members of the eu tax it's a name. the eu is likely to take up the issue at next month's summit. in
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time for some chance mastery to twenty two year old magnus carlsen has been officially crowned as champions of the world. the ceremony in times of india. on his victory over the bonnet on on on on friday lovely young norwegian prodigy was awarded a gold medal. a laurel wreath and a cup. he also received one point sixteen million euro in prizemoney in point out that justin cameron said carlson has attracted widespread media attention both at home and rot on each of his many talents and over claims that led to the new testament cannot stop i deciphered now and on sunday hamburg coach in hanover with both teams hoping to shake off airport starts this season. the home side came out on top that thanks to a fine second half performance
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some slapstick defending the american firms to one of the omaha for the sum of fifteen punishing them to make it blend into the desert three minutes later when punched clearance fell to midfield in mankato. money and a sensational he said content on strike intended to keep the run but seemed hopeless. within seconds of time the staff the remembrance day with his fifth goal of the season sometimes when you're going to have known. we don't know the eighty fourth minute links in the stands up in the last minute to two stinkers tackle. i'm miserable great american smoke inside. the next two months. the indonesian island of st montana erupting volcano has forced thousands of residents to flee with
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action rocks raining down on surrounding villages. low clouds above mt syndrome it's always smart to go more than two thousand meters most kayla has been rumbling since september but recent eruptions from the tories to raise the alert. residents of seventeen has come into emergency shelters outside to find new uses. now slice it in two thousand and ten. ore miner of the main story was always a special emergency measures in place in thailand is in bangkok sees some very severe. it will continue on that story in a handy dandy and the airk
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