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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 25, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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and. in june. in his eye all welcome to watch a saucepan to come for stupid job coming up to topics in the false and yet today what's the knock on effect of a deal on tehran's nuclear program. seminal moment for the region. perhaps open up prospects for peace elsewhere like in syria for the israeli prime minister but it kind of story mistake that's coming up later. before that though
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the chilling statistic forty to seventy percent of women will experience sexual or physical violence during their lifetime. united nations and violence against women. david chance for us kids discover that while we answer may lie in the way we raise boys to the man will be talking about. in the false and death today. start the hour or so in the newsroom on a busy news monday it's a low once again to an atm. thank you from top to cover let's take a look at what's making headlines this hour in the united nations announced as the series capital position was that as time attend peace talks in geneva. the french foreign minister says eu sanctions on iraq. as early as next month as part of a new trade deal which will house. the second and thousands of being taken to the streets of bangkok pulling that has the highest part of the stuff. washington is calling on all stock stir
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fry them up. top story and united nations is syria's capital position will for the very best to attend his talks in geneva on jenny twenty second of the u n america and russia have been trying for months to get both sides to create a political solution to the car the infighting within the opposition as to the conditions attached these totes. the alleged agreement on fixing that day meantime russia sign is the decision as yet as to quit taking from what can you now from the un special envoy to syria backed up for him the national party conferences and the many teens from them and so without any pre conditions will close by. well i learned that its use of it beyond the table. the conference is great it's. well enough. so there's no doubt that the formation of one point one kansas in company with thirty one of them they still
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didn't issue the hump to the region on cheering the conference include a formal come up. that's why mr and it's costing a bit took her as one of john's air hostess said john at long last we finally have the day that is the confidence that they can take place. it looks like it will basically gentle enough to make he's an outstanding legal case that was not to be the case. there were extensive consultations between the special envoy was crazy. our ministers with him that we can all be it on you and talks and that decision was made up that is the email to in geneva today we that senior officials from the united states and russia and also to be the opposite gender political islam the un it's going to bet that there will be another meeting on the twentieth of december to make the final decision on which countries will be inducted and to push for the government and opposition to push forward the delegates
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will attend on that generates a second. let's limit on this is that she comes up in the big question on everybody's that. and it's rather a gizmo in round ten well the rug has been an issue for many months and have a bilateral talks between the united states and russia. even at the level of the six chicks take a cherry in the letter on the sidelines of the un general assembly of the station. the question is the americans. not the reins to agree to this cold hands of the nineteen oh eight to two thousand and twelve june called which means you have to agree to a transitional government that will take over in syria that is a precondition to be invited process for putting their french admit to thinking the news just in case they show most are reported to have been abducted in syria studies from history officials said the two men both aged forty five but
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kidnapped as i was attempting to make their way out of the country. isn't some eu sanctions on iraq and could be that as early as next month as part of the new creed do with bo house french farmers to the home happy and says this in december. the stresses of concrete duke will be reassessed in the run files to comply with any of the steps. the old song goes on has agreed to give the concealed weapon and fifty tickets to see it in a guiding star rating you can achieve see what people with an approval document on the vaulting into weapons labs and no sin on the old gentleman asked her to the fence on the president said before i sit exactly within the lines at the ccc and improve the situation would go for the region around the world for a short or long. yes but treacherous and press a metallica fan like about these rowdy reaction to the treatment this is of course yet another low point it's really
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tense moments at the israeli us relationship is also emerging details just coming out of the fact that israel would say cats. you are uninformed about to go to usu on rough roads small that began some time to go through secret meetings being held by the mid level it's all right let's not let a top level us officials and in the iranian counterparts in the third duck hunting now the israelis are sitting outside sources are saying that their intelligence were aware of these meetings but to the israeli pundits tipping anime that i knew was only formally notified of these meetings during a meeting at the white house with brock apollo much later after these meetings that began on this very important of course for us and for israel to consider this relationship although it says that secrets and no one but that the chemistry between the u s president barack obama. and that
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the israeli farmers that they have the nixon who is it difficult or complicated one the family for putting their interests. living on thousands of joined anti government protests the thai capital bangkok. the softer ground some one thousand and three was adopted at the offices of the country's finance ministry. they want honesty in the auctioneer will have to step down in response the tied up and has just do as the state to commit to see it from bangkok and surrounding areas. secret as well the protesters started to key government ministries and tons of prizes marched in central bangkok thailand's financing. some laptops and security laws to the capital on monday giving me a good snow cover is to build roads and causing her to eat and gatherings. is
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it's going to attempt this without any planets we didn't want to see any climate. on the table of prime minister you tuxedo at either. and he believes the acts of the cockpit for her brother i see former premier seems to know lah. don't miss on the receiving line between people who built this country to stand up and dissipate the government's to see the greed of the ministry buildings so that the taxing regime cannot function anymore. it's a pro government supporters gathered at the office inside the city. jackson's portrays the red chair is an opponent's together share its hand upwards of fifty five and six minutes into the open country can lead to some estimates say that last month by a government amnesty bill its constitution so that the former for me to return from without facing a sentence for corruption charges. although the bills not be drawn to demonstrations and skinny maxine has hero status in the third is not for how to
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not speak to power in two thousand and eleven corruption scandals have made in he said by many middle class citizens. these are the biggest protests seen since two thousand and ten whenever a ninety civilians were killed during clashes between the states military the arafura sea. kitchens have begun their annual distribution of the packages and hot meals to the needy the campaign will continue through the winter and to make sure skinny brown the sixty six was an informant is now the two worst invested you to know when to campaign on monday in a fifty thousand distribution centers across france contestants go restaurants of the heart's was created in nineteen ninety one point in the french comedian. one time presidential candidate its kurdish balls into the church teaches to pt one hundred and thirteen million meals to nine hundred and sixty thousand people. now in its twenty nine key the current economic climate gets its
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coastline of recovery in the church he believes it will easily pass the one million mark this winter. it ought to know that the situation has not improved economically and they will see the same families began a hunt even some new ones open was increasingly the people wait in for free meals and free packages for it on time or later he chokes struggling to make ends meet. back to school and one. no don't again around five mature as income middle class. so this gives me a bit extra. does it get like a pickle at the moment so it's nice to come here to be held so as of late. more than a fisheries means more meals to distribute for the chart e increasing costs. the search for finances become a priority for the vista due to as eu funds destined for feed programs that eat at the fridge east tourney aid makes up thirty percent of their funding. the rest coming from the generosity of
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the. that's it from us and the news or in time to hand them back home back to fuzz up a great many things today and its young in the newsroom what's going on this month the leader will be digesting the news of that weekend nuclear deal with iran in geneva. first of its international violence against women a chance for this awesome kit today to take a snapshot of the situation around the globe. still given the situation is improving and we're just one example. a draft of afghanistan's new penal code and reintroduce stoning as a means of punishment for adultery tennessee where inroads have been made and see with our panel of helping change the way men perceive themselves and be part of the answer. a witness from kampala uganda. she will no longer she's executive director of the foundation for human rights initiative and vice president of the f i t h international federation of human rights thanks for
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being with us. here in the city here in stl jane friedman who works on the gender equality act says the un is education science and call troy position unesco and we'll be joined in a moment of bite and says he meant that of the french women's rights group was a gf in the knees of the falls and get to be weak and join the conversation on facebook and twitter hash that if two for debate. according to united nations up to seventy percent of women on the planet confronted by physical or sexual violence during their lifetime. mostly in intimate relationships implicating spouses and partners they see eighty percent of human trafficking victims are female mourn hundred and thirty million women have undergone female genital mutilation. and the united states to put a price tag on it. twenty billion dollars in bets just in the us alone. for her
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partner violence the statistics that served up by the united nations. um she will no longer in the mean begin review of when you look at how things have evolved in your country in terms of violence against women. since you to the left university and started working on this is a social worker. um would you say that to this situation is improving women are coming forth and reporting violence more resist along with it the very night. i think a seattle. it ends up on progress in certain areas i'm a peaceful soul and dance to add a lot of chatting peanuts. in the documents say you want when you work shoe with that as well with the organization cult come
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let's talk which to provide sort of support right to do to women and children. it's easy to do. it's if it's to do it's it's our because sometimes he gets points out we got back the emotion in old english and attending to them that we're in and those who want the man who has come to you. sometimes sit reading this still from that team i'm beginning to heat up sometimes separate yourself from us frustration for seeking justice. i'm also thinking that out. chc!vez would you say that up overall the courts in uganda are prosecuting more diligently cases of domestic violence bounce against women noll. some will just get seen. i'm on the team's opener by a bus to read books
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on his system at wendy's that sentence. because of hefty not touched it. because of the fbi and the isolates it. also because of what might seem. because the safety car is in a freezing child is against you on a new novel says he is not unique. we seem to have lost the pr new connection or if we will will will bet that that sorted out. in a moment on one issue of. it's been another issue just in the news we've been talking about. india so called arab howdy arms and short term weddings officials at a home for underprivileged girls in her life accused of marrying off. a seventeen year old swiss citizen of the united arab emirates back in june several weeks later came the divorce. the last time i saw him was an open age they
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presented all the cows and one by one and he choose any of the box i was told to hitting my husband the wedding with a base within a week. jane friedman the short term marriage initially know that in tunisia it's been in the news as well this is something it's not just of course you get. now i think it just means it's a little but then its stash of ten mancuso stay up in the thousand and eight marriage and doubts that the team had a bad day and a tease. and it's been a tutu in these economic conditions i will say that eco state to state dependence on that. on the husband that it's being and then intended henderson has been said on its an idiot who wrote them. and the pc should invest in this particular instance the heroine and an acronym. a shelter in india was then whisked away to the united arab emirates. globalization
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brings its its own set of problems. it does and problems too lazy to stick with that but i say semi suitable named man of the poo crespo it is the meme and i can be to take any accountable to take the win and in situations of prophecy in situations that as dependents on an as needed he is kind of taste and totems that tactic came on where women and children on the fence but that incident became a host of problems that fat. domestic weapons example that the teacher commitment to commence the weapons that can often find it sounds i stated in that town of the six nations dependent on them current nbc effectiveness of finance said but i the management of the heap around that much though i actually can increase the competency on to clients increase the vulnerability and see significant welcome to the truth to it when you
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look at these and the movement of people i know princess p talked there and in the statistics that are not. kenya female genital new mutilation and on. he was saying that the friends have been more aggressive than prosecuting it in the british for instance is this female genital mutilation francis again this is the global stage because it can do. it's now become an issue here and cry. if it is. and i knew that the decline in kazakh and with that and it's been a few months ago and it still carries around a new throw fifty thousand cases of. morning noon and girls here in france that are the tune of the tin and temptations and so soft breeze cs that we are in relieving and other allies were so intent on this nation christian teaching and forced marriage oldies i add me. each year in france we are also we have also cases of women victims of that list
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and i'm the new year. you look at that. today we've been sifting through all of the doubt of the team reports you get the sense that things are improving and not one cuz it's nice not to prolong depressing reading this. it is that there is a christian to sleep. it is like announced that that between two thousand you have been friends since two thousand twelve. there has to be a new trees of twenty two percent of women dying. and it uses a male partner of former male partner. so now we have in two thousand twelve one hundred and seventy eight women who die because of domestic male violence. so why did it on this. have a lot of different factors that probably the only note that when there is an economical price is it's always one of the consequence is that that violence is against women are
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increasing that dates to the pot and that we were still eating a well and where out there is a lot of mount zion and speak as we still in the evening around the neck tension in france where they are inequality tea and have to understand sexual violence is violence against women in general as. the stories and the consequences of males in the nation. it is directly linked is no way to a visit at crucial social factor that explains that the fact that women are still subordinates and two men in him in all the areas that of life. when we see the figures in france this is tremendous. at the race for instance that when women and speak about it they say that we say that one out of ten women set offs appeared in a lifetime of domestic and foreign and domestic violence have been well so at one out of five separate from that break our
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secularized harassment of any type of six to nine am and six the only reliable. are those statistics because we know how under reported incidents of this. so for instance when we say that still today in france that they are seventy five thousand women are raped and this is the bee's does not mean that they are older for it to that this is an estimation based on a clause to ban centers like an. it says is that one three one my mind i knew it i knew for a word for domestic financing and violence against women in general. so it's an association with austin police the first shows us the station and estimation and so was seventy five thousand. rates every year and the only talking about wanting it so. from eighteen years old so we see that is still tremendous and we have to act because it's just not
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normal that in a country like ours and there is still such a high level of science and we need to act and to tackle me and anthony nation the event on twitter we have are a response from that those that commit violence against women are kids from our families educated in our schools so honestly. a person who's in who's sending that feels increases you it's not something from the other part of our fun on the part of the world gets its not the other part of the world and also it's not commit it i am like sandman and none in this type of path that i mean sometimes it does its musty really what happened to that eighteen percent of the cases aren't from somebody from the men that he is known by him. so we always see that is light at the cemetery at particular case is that it's not that it's really a general i'd say since then and its midst of the time by a man that we think they're just the candy
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you can eat the candy you find that they can be your cousin your uncle at the really they can be anybody and then and this is also this explains why it's so hard to depict into to testify and says he's saying that economic hard times onto a big factor in all of this on is the trends that is mentioning the same the world over. this led to and said that the fed to a high debt loads at by it than that at this tasting. it's difficult to say how much the increasing because is he said statistics in barrie and i've been in the case of defiance consuming just go unrecorded. the last couple connotation to the stunned statistics which a baby on the seventh successive win in both the victims defiance and one in three women will be picked in surprise from that comment that has been that i miss it. they believe the statistics say the battery in it the death of defiance remain high and that's despite international
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conventions that a station that has been action that they believe that it's just not having an impact on me by and i think i'm. what more was said it's taken its guidance is a productive fundamental gender inequalities an agenda gnomes which teach men and women to behave in the second way and what says no mom what's normal behavior. we have to change that we had to get back to ye in aid station i stationed education. to change based on demand content in it but it is i'm not going to an audio put this to you shoot him along to. um there is up from the world bank korea korea was put out. um who wrote a column that was published in the two day saying oh we need to redefine notions of manhood and find all turns to mask and identities are not destructive to men and women alike essentially on that we need to raise boys. um is that something that's talked
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about in uganda is that something that's talked about in uganda how to. what the role models should be for boys that are growing in cement. yes that's that's that's one of those cds that i'd soon as the ideal student adam the beans that's from candidates. will those of us being home and for those like taking care to name efficient and quiet. it's too soon too to me and you peeps see acts two. on what it means to be my skating. it means that morning. i buy ins does not mean my skin. i'm not quite sure the acts. great sea shell and i'm not need us. so many theater. i'm having mediocre one. it's the city and spoons. i'm in moments
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crazy is it a hard message to get across when you're dealing with the country like you've gone to where you have a rule based population of moving into the city's people already feeling up rooted in the area asking to change the way they look at their house called effective. all units audience i mean that that that that that that the beads i'm i'm i'm a tea and dinner at a station. this is the least strong. people have been brought to you feel up to two two two b of the queen or not you take one troll or funny i'm alive. for example these packs or you will see and be afforded the usa as protection in meaningful protection. sometimes the stress that into you by and it's chilly out that a lot shooting one true
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the roots he reveals in its existence. these insights not only in a leading member of the beach and the hot seat at some points. when we went to the discussion and debate around on some of this i'm going to make the kitchen back in phoenix which promotes means rates that would also ensure that each from itunes. we have seen that even sometimes on the island. i've been what's happening or even the coach i'd be up for the faint that my students. because of the team kept thinking of all the continents which he said it's not me. alright so many members of parliament eighty percent of violence is committed against women committed by someone the victim knows it's coming from up. one of of this viewers there is watching members of parliament being sexist and use some. cora something that's been topical here in france but there is that. in this case. i suppose on the face of it on the cement tackle when a female member of parliament
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was making a speech and i created a big storm. you think france is changing the perspective things like this are not getting away with it anymore at all. it's too soon however as fast as he came as the weeks and what we say only that we would have been a national asset of the stand and for the first time. women and men are lame and react to it and direct to get there and that was really an impressive them and really beautiful to see that you know the city like stopped in to do that. and they were able to do that because none of the time of year is twenty seven percent of women which is ok really not like the teachers they used to be yet much less so because they are there is a higher number of women now taking on thin ice and react and how it's harder for men to that team with their domination of their foreign debts will eat it for now not just positive note insisting that i wanted i don't think jane friedman also to thank eschewing
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longer for joining us from kampala stay with us in the polls again today. part two of our discussion is going to turn our attention to what could be a seminal moment for the middle east and iraq. i'll welcome back welcome if you just joining us so before we go back to the polls to get to be a sample of the stories gloriously it will be falling for you at the top of the hour that in fresh clashes in the ukrainian capital kiev. demonstrators angry over the garments of spelling it review with the european union this as a jailed opposition to the a team of ten cool announces she's going on indefinite hunger strike. united nations announced as the date for the first ever sit down to the start of the civil war between serious government and opposition january twenty
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second of the day in geneva the french foreign ministry says the new sanctions on iran could be lifted as early as next month. part of that deal that was signed over the weekend. the second day running. thousands take to streets in bangkok following the resignation of islands prime minister. washington's called on all sides to refrain from violence stories are much more fluid we are right here on false and dad. it's only an interim deal. many hail it as a seminal moment the iranian foreign minister returning home to a hero's welcome this monday. signing. in geneva with nuclear negotiators already. iran announcing the release by washington it's as if eight billion dollars in frozen assets high hopes the normalization of ties mean an end to sanctions that cripple iran's economy. we're not there yet warns the us
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secretary of state. true it was going to run to agree on anything is a major deal. not everyone though is corrupt hezbollah is over. so the store instead. so is it a historic mistake or landmark deal with destiny calls and get to the rose bay park to st senior lecturer at lund university in sweden. happy and kept their hearts. also with us the former french ambassador to tehran on sunday. thank you for joining us again. and we welcome back from ten of the eve of the pastor former israeli ambassador to france. thanks for joining us. as we sat at the top heroes deterred by the as you sit atop the heroes return for the iranian delegation in tehran this monday. more with tom's or ups the pale as a
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hero to foreign ministers of the zen leaf was greeted by thousands the iranians that matter but it looked intent on catching flak for it as it represents. you couldn't concentrate at the end coming up in the case the eighteen team fresh from striking an historic deal in geneva. they enlist an angel. it's just like coming to philly to suit your skin look for the country and the people it's like they've gone to war and the meantime. because they want to prove to the world were not warmongers like saying that these ordinary iranians news of the breakthrough was not send me an immense joy. simple really. there is now hoped the lights made miserable by crippling western sanctions might snow and truth. most sanctions against iran with its unique on many boards or if it leads to the release of some iranian assets. i think evidence can skip lesson the deal was struck after marathon talks between iran and the p five plus one pow as iran agreed to suspend
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enriching uranium beyond levels required to power stations for the next six months. in return for partial lifting of sanctions that unified the alien year is that parents are brief wasted no time broadcasting life to the nation direct from the airports the deal would be implemented quickly. all of us in a few weeks maybe before the end of the year we may stop the fast pace. a little surprised to see this in too many steps that some ashes will have far exceeded the others. cisco truth always swamped by his admirers the bigger towns still awaits every than you can see it in all of a longer lasting and more comprehensive deal. once the six month a court has expired. so in each room. it is at the top it's just an interim deal. is this two seminal moment for the region is that it used to. if the technique is speaking in
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to run a small step in fact but the hit the keys speaking it's a huge step that along with the no modernization of the area iran's relations with all the world. often it all moving on to the region and the hornet than the food too it's an immense progress and when we have been licking flow so tentative and fall foremost in the north sydney match relieved to see the film agreement including when you are still ambassador and tear on the photo to the likud government such an agreement in fact in two thousand and five two before the sun play with miss boo we missed the boat we missed its target. no fault of the three biggest of them who missed it and then to have another eight chose to be able to do list or the pieces of the puzzle together because it is a riveting new in fact buckled in what should be the content of that dream and reading the agreement that no
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surprise for the special besides this agreement is the same as the one that you almost on back then and on and on over to preach that it ought to point them to the main adam to noah the freezing the name you're a human rights and tell us that the rorting back up on foam was like that. this took five of the uae and the courting the development of iraq. this was in the head of the negotiate it with you this would be a pop of the final twelve entering the food of all. the past there were hearing two signals out of israel on the one hand of course those words be heard at the top of a program from the prime minister's saying that it's a historic mistake. on the land of the stock market which has been up in israel of a belief that certain things could fit to be on the upside ultimately is this a watershed moment for the region. i don't want to be a puppet for dinner bought
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two and is on prime minister says the disease started the mistake. you have just to have an oak. the reception foreign minister of the relief doctor when he returned to tehran. he was when it comes as a hero. as somebody who brought victory to iran. and and and i believe that disney does that include e forty iran. isn't that a bad deal for iran's neighbor for the region. for your all. for the world because fall of the funnest i've now officially. iran has been a knowledge to enrich around you. it is true. only two are never enough for an opera fan. but iran has such talk is to get the centrifuge to get him out the mistakes they contain week's big ten and which to a degree of ninety per cent which is that
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threshold often out on the home. and this is the dangerous that they can and do concede that the majority interest rates while they are on contract with the worries in the streets of jerusalem and that they are called when all of it or nature of the iranian regime. which as it says it's one of its main aim is the destruction of the state of his writing. and so we do not drink and disagreements with joy on the contrary. where's the top of wordy and then we have said already that we are not going to be bombed by disagreement. and this didn't realize that for us all options remain on that day the habitual code alone if you decide to strike an ear on the way you did of iraq in nineteen eighty three brokers i don't want to
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speculate about the military operations. i just couldn't tell you that we will give a try of calls. if all the deeper about to confront and we are sending how it came off for the april monthly and. the in order to wash and gone. in all but two tok was an american administration on how to get to vote if it is full of cement a permanent agreement which were to roll back iran's top of the big kids and it would prevent further enrichment. all for your age you can use any new year's winning team achievement with the dissenting a team you're saying two to two things i didn't scare you as the saying is sending a team to watch me for them to bring in with a parsley on this you've heard of the pasta say five percent enrichment yes but nothings to prevent
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iran from in developing the bomb very fast money for so i think the notion that we will try to figure out within its a good eater about the buy it seemed other side being happy or healthy happy as if before the rains were unhappy and it's a good deal when in their petitions with the people to send it to town hall. secondly you have hard liners in tehran who think this was a bit about the queen. if the mass there wants to find people who would be satisfied you can find the menu on as well. to that point. iraq has reached has had in richmond since two thousand and three. with the you can allow it or not is not a question that that's in the usual question for the simple reason that to happen or for stripping the key to roll it back to zero. there is no negotiate the temperament to be had within it will be no enrichment. you cannot negotiate yourself to that so taking that you can have a diplomatic track that leads two zero enrichment in iran he is not possible then you will have to go for them its recent of which is not the solution to this but everyone was looking at any
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minute to scenario one tell you that you can at best to hold it back for two years and then the rains will read it and when the rebbe that it was definitely have to call up a new to look at the moment they could do everything that these really a master teams the peace deal allows. they conclude that the fourteen. so why would that be put to the danger off the tee tee in any case this view says that the rocket ship out quite the look of its top times a week and directing them to something that cannot be used to reach two but then i slept. so the deal actually gets is quite far and since ethan into greenfield. it's not the final green. it will be but the steps to be taken what we can find more safeguards to make sure that iran does not have secret weapons but the turn and turn zeal and of course not just the iranians that are crying victory coming out of those talks in geneva. visit the temple the moment
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the incursion. relations with iraq and our efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation in the wool you all. tsonga iran has agreed to keep concealed weapon. it's clear it's been a guiding star in the new kennedy steve young people with medical document on the vaulting into weapons no signal. the saudis by the way this monday reaching a twenty four hours silence with a written statement on those nuclear talks. if there is goodwill than this agreement could be an initial step towards reaching a comprehensive solution for iran's nuclear program. that lead to the removal of weapons of mass destruction especially nuclear weapons from the middle east and arab gulf reaction to that reaction possibly could on the part of the saudis but seriously why is that it's unwise to conquer. mitchell though. this though it is a couple and their realized that something is happening and don't wait to move
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the ball committee meeting that the form of the game to how much that is going to help. and the bin. this goes five k in the right direction because the right direction but we know for instance that back in september. present on the one to the united nations in new york. on the sidelines of it. there were talks with major oil companies. and i were dying to get into iran we know that um some are saying that time. this could spur a new arms race between the saudis in the ring ins with the remains are back in the game in terms of no longer isolated by the sanctions and no longer isolated by the wax. and on through the eyes don't see trying to do all along who want to to re live the infected ear i'm on trial with two of the most stupid thing has a rather weak defense system and we calm and practically no pins and the army is able to defend
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the frontiers of iraq. but the symphony and neighbor to project themselves to a new territory in fact iraq has not progressed in the county are all moved them to swim in the indian the dots the two hundred zero. and of the moment. i'm back to the defence capacity ended up in the upstate of god. fall fall off the patio look to what you can find here on the new companion. on the issue of oil how much of it how much of a factor has been the pressure of oil companies that to. when i get back into the re market will ensure they want it again but in terms of that that would motivate sell the reluctance of aurora. the sky regime then discarding the us. i don't think so because going market is much more movable much more flexible and it has more oil than most people knew that the menu so that doesn't really matter what i think what it points to the bill is that both israel
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and saudi arabia are beyond me have a problem with iran seemed to cope with the other problem is wrong here if it's a question of the strategic balance of the region says it wasn't the nuke a program that would be something else that didn't complain because they've now had thirty more years where iran has been in a corner pocket because of its own stumbling and bumbling. for those that use both israel and saudi arabia have seen before was allies of the united states. now if any kind of normalization takes place beyond will be back into the game and he will have to factor that in a different way and they would prefer not to. but under the shawl. it's israel and the wrong clothes time so why it's not you can have close ties to israel with both the us ended. this could be a win win for israel as well to feed the problem is of course that israel has a prime minister who spent the last twenty years could be the new name on every of the year without ever being right about that. so he's put in quite a lot of capital into the notion that iran is an
7:45 pm
extension danger of the pasta erm i think. that we are ignoring that or nature. all the iranian regime. i would lead only to quote what the supreme gotten it on the night he said only five days ago. that is where is the kind sir you did read the news. and if cancer has to be removed. so this is what two of talking about little about the dangerous regime the regime which is a threat to think it is not the pop about the threat not only do is read. the dinner for two of the solid deal written and recorded these improved and the rates and to embark on a u n to everybody around iran. and this is the reason why you have had such a negative reactions
7:46 pm
about tuesday the third biggest selling the tribunal's written statement offer fewer ties cautious paper and ink isn't it because they are afraid and worried about iran and who do not have to speak of the mine which is not the case what is around because we believe that the danger is such that it is important that the world takes the notion of what we are facing what the pope and should be phased in and out of there leaving them said it's a tool to add a sprinkle of wood relation with the regime which is an extremist regime and does not want any one aberration or indeed coexistence with israel. also included. though the name. many terrorists are not an acceptable this. it's a tool to admit it i'm more of. on the other hand you mom
7:47 pm
if you put the use of it no it isn't in iraq. i mean when you hear every two days is i going to bomb iran. it makes people and that is probably the same thing that they should note that bush will say is saying is is that both netanyahu and says is that the ayatollah how many have talked themselves into a corner of it. from a firm up yes i also find it interesting that during the nineteen eighties when iraq was as ideological as it usually states that it's because he does not react in much he talks to one thirty in an affected doesn't it but in the nineteen eighties that was of much coast conference between i go to the action that was actually the decade when israel sending iran arms in its war againstraq thinking that the people. so the notion that somehow what the ukrainian city is so important is to happen when it suits the israeli hardliners who in their
7:48 pm
depiction of iran as a super dangerous concrete that at all costs should be kept at arm's length. the posture the guardian newspaper among they've had to either benth back chnel discussions betwe the united states and the wrong dating back to the month of march in preparation for the deal was signed over the weekend month of march if you take a look back at the mosman on the image on the still the president. so in other words um. it means that the supreme leader was perhaps keen to two to strike a deal privately even though publicly he made the statements that you read that you referred to a moment ago. i am not sure that that does the information and or gotten. this color because it seems strange to me good or bad judgment the bible muhammad in a double role one dollars and all bent out of their better naturis that involve know about that. and
7:49 pm
what one does. iran is that the optimal body was the headache didn't know was that we don't change no one in washington but both were in european capitals because they don't want to believe this my deposit back into the dough for a full part in it. but they did that or make sure all the review is different. and i do with the goal is to have a mock the web no kill policy said about that as outline of the ms read and engage iran in its ruddock is not only in the tiny owl. relieved that this is not that within it if you read these writing preston during the israeli view the trouble or papa is from right to have going for an offender. everybody is extremely worrying about what this agreement is going to bring about. and extremely well read that the final agreement will not be a good
7:50 pm
agreement that this present agreement is not the quick agreement. geneva by the way preparing for another upcoming conference it was announced this monday will be on syria from an opposition meeting for the first te since the start of the civil war round the same table january twenty seconds to date. the un an arab league on for a month are pretty mean leaving open the door to fill with iran and saudi arabia participating. when cotto first of all. e fact that theye reached an agreement there all this is done the same table to that agreement. depend on first of all a deal on iran's nuclear program. frankly i don't think so but it's true that the there is a chance of a month. and if the signal will you re in agreement the agreement now we have a second signal. so well hopefully that means the villages chanting come up with many things can happen
7:51 pm
starting from this onto speaking of the interim agreement would like to say something. i reviewed the of the is red and sons of the israeli population the radiance of peaches in it he runs into a top nine three forty this the interim agreement. because a firm that built up by stephanie though there will be a final agreement. soul. frankly i think wead a chance of the code is disagreement is physically a top gun with a loose screw for the song china is also adept most of it realli his definitive guide to good because some people whom i snorted the study of the story of how iran is not threatening the moment and the other is the pretty shiny phone to and fro different to me that he's so low. did the next six months would be between all
7:52 pm
the way the rain is going to up my disagreement is very important and i am faithful in the fight of their way up my faith this can mean easing of sanctions perhaps within the next month said the french foreign minister however the united states different story was good car seat. you heard of the postures say that um they're going to be speaking with their friends and in washington about this beach had people on our ups and the viewers who've been waiting involved in speaking saying that to you as congress should not blink and on that score if the european union on the one that eases sanctions and the us. doesn't look mean. as the agreement states both the president of iran and the president of united states and the parliaments of both countries have their respective grow same sense of tacitly acknowledges the fact that the open sea. at the moment he reappears in the new england are insane but the us congress and us president not to seek us president's going to deviate sanctions would he have built
7:53 pm
or under executive order. but his real struggle which is both domestic and the city the rain is a static shoulders he's credible as a partner in being able to. on me. the sanctions the us congress to enact. at some point not doing to six months before the final agreement that is absolutely necessary i think he has a hard job and doing that. partly because many people in congress have a very unrealistic. an approach in view of what the eu is about and what they can achieve through negotiations. so they seem to think that the notion of negotiations is that you aren't surrenders everything and no one does that in the nets denomination nature of a negotiation. that's that's the kind of delusion that are entertaining at the moment in his job is going to be to educate them but that's not possible. mr mcgauran and they have to come up with the numbers of they have come up with the troops and the money to do that. the cost or how you did you're on to save face
7:54 pm
so that they can be a breakthrough and to an end to a stalemate between regional powers. it's lasted what since nineteen seventy nine unitshat the distinctions were highly effective. those were the holly king and the vikings sentence. are we drawn to iraq. to some kind of negotiations with che they seem to know that all the victoria from them. how do you allow them to say things to be. i don't know what i can bet that humans are much better to negotiate terms. then the bear with them collins and a benefactor who had power to prevent the disagreement. you can always prevent an agreement as the number in elmo's the story. it depends on how
7:55 pm
you doing. at this time and the citizens foreign minister the rings came back and that we know to appear on the peak and on the second single on another negotiation which quilt top that but that didn't fall the west and colorado are far the busiest in the folder world. fine apart from years past when cotto. how do you make sure that there is a virtuous circle mound. there is this all the lights in the region inflation essence of the sta we have the right to second you knew you mentioned the date of that makes this area conference on syria they get. confident trust conte wrote it to what most people are saying. on most indispensable none of this is the beef all in agreement down the byproducts of england agreement if any of it and everything on
7:56 pm
the marketing tool and is the state is very important that fold up the kitchen and implementation of the agreement and dishes while we can really be able to see this precious flower front of project of which is confident the two stroke we've given the keys to grill some that i'm confident on the far right on that note we'll leave it there. thank you and ask any kimono think we state our seats are the pas there for joining us from tel disease. thank you for joining us here. austin kept today. he is. d. in this
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it is. to be. the cheese in it. its profits. opps. that choosing the one thing that really like the cheapest to get rid of it. the trucks are now attempting to change the image of the country s per contest. all searches for the woman and two. the woman joined the ranks of the quds force of the country
7:59 pm
the incursion to participate what if this site. which is very important to me first because it occurred. it's overwhelming. all are in compliance and how it works when it came in. i would take him to dubai. also it is harder for my country. for me to pick it at this price because it shows a woman are capable of achieving success i would like to call american woman and especially young girls. to what the park too stunned to read reports of economics at the canter takes to get educated. to fight for rights to show the world that they can do any job i can get your photo taken the government asserted stricter. rachel did only to see in the house. the three
8:00 pm
door all the suffering they can get out the can get like that what if he knew knew you you know. thus in the machinery international freight deal when you aren't supposed to know about but thanks to wiki link the is finally getting its first glance that the ttp talks really could have put off for negotiation in jeopardy. an exquisite with which he makes a spokesperson for steve rothman said next. can the historic deal or a monumental mistake. a week and major world powers and iran hammered out a deal on the so called rogue


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