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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 27, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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you long woohoo little more the is the sea. lol that went well. we have a local guy running around in the office the hegemony under the buckles conservatives and
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such. if you feel cold but bright intelligent dog. get him to want to live here it's going to be up to us with a pleated top it with bites of octagon white hartlepool. what the nsa spying scandal. the five hundred and forty four un resolution against man's digital divide. we are very warm welcome to the stop button cctv new sign. edwin r by aj. protest is in thailand have taken to the streets of the capital bangkok for a fourth straight guy and i say don't i care about every ministry of the government part history to suit the style back then led a crowd of more than five thousand. i gather that the finance ministry which was shot and all the hype. o monday. they mix around and be the top of the special investigation which was then evacuated. real so i gather that the ministry of labour
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the protest is about to topple the government of prime minister the auction a lot. police have issued an arrest warrant for with this attempt but there appeared to be no attempt to detain him both parties said they didn't arrest him at the rallies as part of upgrades to avoid clashes with persistence. he resigned as an all positional micah to leave the demonstrations in parliament the opposition by democrat party has launched another confidence to buy it again seeing auction a lot. i use for the distraction of corruption. and according to an inn called the toughest these are a mess part is have forced at least five ministries to clutter is in the past two days and the protest is as we indicated there are setting their sights on more government buildings such as illness affecting daily life and back all we can speak to a correspondent to seize the two of three who joins
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this all the fun and i welcome the season. so what's the size of these said the seized offices of a few are able to offer rights and the ten people you guys to them for their various of these get them at has handled it without too much trouble the minute their government compound that being occupied by the covered bridge at it than now. the picture that they picked out the front of the keeping order out that the defendant that the case that each happen the minute they forbid what is the factory at three to get it up that day hee hee. what he knows when he picked up at all. some of the compoun that he had planned to eat and what the white house that is without the active compound in the night. we think it really difficult but
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the government so that they had it that kept that thought that he keep asking me if he be out of the women well the cricket that is being carried if you keep it a lot of the cattle up late the clean victory at the frankfort il for me the one i like the best thing of it after living here at the moment. now that the country that didn't stop the temple that we are to allow that to me none at all that they imply a potential opening of the effect of the country now. and that the permit. the decision with the part is putting the capital and its teesside a denounced reading two of the pasta the country where is the government's support thanks all. when i hit the outlet care of that difficult and out of it i had thought that be your bible of the picture now is it that it will creep back each week. i
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like that out in shingle actually the father. i may be enough to let mikey to remember to keep the topping i'm not that the creature like the picture. of all that is on at the new xp that the band became one of them i hear it. i keep a eye out the government that no one at the feet of that happening the beds that have kept it out if he wanted to complete from acne to heat up and then the cat. a week now. i think the fact that you help the flow. an extension to ensure that the footballer after thinking that's what the patient. internal security act that was the puppet government on monday i'm not the delightful i'm thinking three after being cut. i have poet that was on the more the forty eight he joined a rally at
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the issue to the people of the curriculum. we're led to many thanks to the effect this issue and it will keep the posts in the news and the best decision tombs free of cost on the back hall. and adding to that story the chinese foreign ministry has expressed its concern about the unrest in thailand and warned chinese tourists about possible safety risks finally i want. john is concerned about the current situation in town. as a friendly neighbor of talent china sincerely hopes relevant size in the country will take national interest as the priority to properly result differences the dialogue and consultation to avoid further unrest. stability is not only in line with a fundamental interest of the thai people it is also conducive to regiol stability and prosperity. not to europe and german council on the merkel's conservatives and the center left social democrats have clinched a deal to form a grand coalition government
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germany's two biggest political forces negotiated for the night and reached a breakthrough in about five am on wednesday. the agreement comes up with mom the colts and two months of the miracles election victory that would enable medical crew for the government find it. he tells the video are expected to be released at his home with this guy. and that's making a deadline set by medical but it could be another two weeks before cabinet posts are appointed we can get some clarity on this the issue where joined by our costs on the jackpot and in brussels so that i welcomed jack why one passes in fact i can so long for gemini to get to this point of forming a government because that is the general elections. what holden last september. try to win the big problem that gemma jones lang la merkel had was that the usual coalition partner the pro business pro market
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free democrat party. didn't all secure enough votes to get into the polymer so she had to go out looking for other coalition partners in the same that were just too many of ideological differences with the greens enough for a month of colts a deal has been struck with the center left social democrats. but there were plenty of sticking points that as well amongst the module citizenship for immigrants the retirement age of the big ones were really taxes and wages in the end the center left social democrats of golf a key demand of a minimum wage of eight euros fifty now. that is something that angle america with it being very much applies to so that is a big concession for any given day. but her party the christian democrats have the have their way when it comes to taxes because the of the subtler form of higher taxes on the rich. but it has been agreed there will be no new taxes so it is not a done deal yet this is an agreement in principle but there are still more processes to go through the walk. gemini seems to have is a coalition
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government now whitney the side of the political divide is doraemon making the other. we got to be hearing more about real's a press conference in belgrade but it does saying that jimmy known as the government very much in the political center. and then checked what about the feelings among germans themselves because they're given a point or the fact that the coalition government doesn't stay on while on a number of important issues. one of a feeling and sighing now that this agreement has been reached. loves riding in this age of growing political partisanship. elsewhere he does seem surprising that to this kind of party can successfully be formed in germany we were there throughout the elections and most people i spoke to said this is actually what they wanted they didn't hold one party or the l that come into office actually belong to this grand coalition the reason being is the boss majority of germans pull off the poll has shown support angle america's handling of
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the german economy the most robust in europe but also the eurozone crisis but will they don't like is the weight wages of really full and part of jimmy's economic success is the fact that in europe it has some of the lowest wages but they were able to that minimum wage that the that the social democrats were pushing full. so really all along that we headed out sells the whistle pull off the poles germans really wanted this coalition. but there is a problem of the social democrats is still going to put this to their membership base is going to be a bug probably in about two weeks of the roughly four hundred and seventy thousand signed up members of the potty. many of them don't like the idea of this deal that has been in the coalition before it ended back in two thousand and nine it didn't end well in the tube in absolute drubbing at the polls off to it that voters didn't like the fact that being in this coalition so you know that's the wa rita still has to go but you might know pasta but it's not a done deal yet but in the meantime jim and from flooding or america will carry on as caretaker of
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the gulf. well i checked that thank you very much for that that's not postpone it to boston on the outcome there that the agreement between the two sides in gemini handsome stability no doubt from the political situation or saying there will follow now to the middle east and the number of palestinian militants killed in an overnight gun battle with the israeli army in the west bank has climbed to four palestinian sources especially israeli force in coordination with the area intelligence clashed with a group of palestinian militants. several hours until shortly before the war three militants died in the clash. unlike the reform do was hold on to do. despite the lady on the fourth the performances were members of a radical stuff the minister for planning an attack on israel and the palestinian national authority and the deaths sparked outcry from palestinians. it's taken from
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the pma ministry of information he accuses the israeli army. aiming to provide an internal palestinian conflict. i'm forty and it's trending stories to home of one gb in seeing and hearing and the day from china. you know why subscribe to us that cctv news on the wheat chaff and you out with cctv news will have many more stories for you up to the shore break. it is. sells. says. cheering us
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miller tree across the floor and a rumba tell you all islands in the east china sea without informing china to find china's declaration that the area falls within its new in defense identification zone. the pentagon said to the us b fifty two bomb was the following normal procedures which do not
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include filing flight plans maintaining radio contact for registering their frequency. they are there tom took off from la mall mumbai and the flight was previously scheduled as part of a routine exercise in the area pentagon officials said the us use the area as international its place and american military aircraft were built right in the sun as before without submitting flight plans to china in advance. china announced its decision to establish the east china sea air defense identification zone on saturday. the chinese defence ministry made it clear that establishing the sun aims to set aside time for early warning of potential threats that helps defend the country's aspects china's ambassador to the united nations uga he said it is all china's legitimate right to defend its aspects. beats
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the national league east indies the lights off. every country school. defends its airspace and also to make top bets on its territory meet at the its sovereignty. ah safeguard it. this is a normal arrangements and i think the spokes person from the defence ministry off china has already made that very clear i think you can check with that statement i find all to know why it's the right of china and the key to the pizza rights full full full countries to make true love that site its sovereignty and is as space is safe. china's foreign ministry says the establishment of the air defense identification zone is not targeted at any country. the foreign ministry spokesman was responding to a report that japan will set up an air defense identification
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zone. in response. what a meal. to tell you i do not have any official information along to stress that china's practised establish its air defense identification zone is accepted international practice in that it is as it dries to self defense not targeted in any country. we hope the countries concerned to not overreact to be. i can tell. well the defense ministry says the army has tracked the us b fifty two ball was flying in the newly established design of the east china sea. ministry spokesman don young chung says the ami mama said the entire process and promptly identified be a cost dun stress that china is capable of exercising effective control over this in size and on tuesday depended on said the us conducted a training exercise that are being planned for a long time. as women to go via the zone was announced on
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saturday and the us site the top of the second officials expressed concern on for the announcement was my china has rejected australia's concerns about china's that if insulin and accounts office ready according the chinese ambassador to moscow an explanation saying that china's announcement was on the coppola and wouldn't contribute to regional stability. but some of china's from industry say that astride his remarks are completely wrong and china cannot accept them. and the ministry of national defence has issued a statement on establishing the siren. also issuing an announcement on the deck proper identification rules and a diagram of the zone itself. these new rules take that away a crop flying in the sun should report their flight plans to china's foreign ministry and the civil aviation administration. if a man crop fails to report its flight
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plan. china's armed forces will take emergency defensive measures in response the announcement states that china's ministry of national defence has fuller administers the bright side of the zone. the national defense ministry has included a precise demarcation all the air defense identification zone the defence ministry says that it is a necessary measure in china's exercising self defense wants the chinese government has followed common international practices in establishing the sun with our aims are protecting its tight sovereignty and territorial and it's by security as well as maintaining flying quarters. japan's upper house of parliament has appointed a bill to set up a national security council. opera was passed by the lower house earlier this month the proposed entity would spend economic functions of the prime minister's office enjoying up security they had
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got home it really that important dead in sins of a sport sport ikea to expand its role in regional security it is also viewed as a backdoor for the prime minister to ramp up your pants in the story. it's mostly a strictly bound to a self defense. roll on to the nation's post war constitution. media reports said the idea of creating a us style national security council was proposed as japan faces a complex surrounding security environment. iranian president house on the hand's says tear on will continue to enrich uranium. and this is just a phase up to the country accepted restrictions on its nuclear program in exchange for limited relief from economic sanctions in a landmark agreement with world powers the army said in an interview with the national broadcast of the tear on has the right to continue
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enrichment. see im all on your clear right will be operational with more strength and clarity. even the brightest in richmond which is a party for you the rights will continue the richmond is being continued today it will continue tomorrow. an hour in richmond will never stop to sell red line. the internets is fast becoming the new platform to promote judicial transparency and credibility a number of chinese courts are opening wave or accounts and live tweeting major trials to the to media reports. the cloisters that the stronger his supervising collar asking the age of the internet. time is fast growing online publication is facilitating a change in the tv show set to. this is to move to bush opened his time is supreme people's court made to the facial contours i know we are born and we tacked to the social
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media towards what it was the nike found a way for users to become fans invest in a week. on information from the supreme people's court in local court today trying to put patients in key documents are bit of online access. these measures are shown the competence of china's judicial authorities sunlight is said to be the best anti septic by opening up the courts are able to address corruption and injustice and ensure justice and fairness prevailed in every case welcome to the future. set the course of farming seniors morning thirteen provincial level course hundred and twenty days to any media corps opening official at the proper context the judicial race even going as far as prakash live high profile clients the team party chief was a nice smile was the first major one is of key developments make up a link to social media which
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unite and it was likely to proceed. the eighteen wheelers he saw some tv really time on line crop costs including the times of singapore on my seat and see well you are using the new media to provide timely and accurate information will help to dispel doubts. also restore the credibility of the judicial system. i put on them. chinese tennis of barney's direct action in sentosa platform for open as balcony only will cost ten dollars and make the first step towards transparency she's a baby today. a united nations wants committee has unanimously passed a resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age fifty five countries including france and russia could sponsor the resolution the third committee of the un general assembly deals with social humanitarian and cultural affairs
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the resolution says that the violence and based in deception by governments and companies might violate or abuse human rights. it calls for the un human rights commission to conduct an inquiry into the impact of mass digital snooping the resolution doesn't name any specific countries. but it was adopted by germany and brazil. these leaders was spied on by the us national security agency. it'll be put to vote by the one hundred and ninety three member general assembly in december with radium prime minister tony abbott has called for a security roundtable with indonesia in a bid to rebuild ties with its asian neighbor relations between the two countries were shaken by a route over alleged spying by camera. i'd like to see in the future is somewhat of a security round title. whale we out. more i've been with
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each other. will we build even strong relationships of trust why one must write it to be indonesia's trusted partner. it just is. are you warm. in the nation to the al trusted pot. the south korean pa ministry has denied that have helped the us and the stride yet tapped phones in asia along with singapore the controversy erupted on the story this week in the sydney morning herald the newspaper reported on in uni published a top secret documents leaked by former us intelligence and facts to bed with sudden about tapping on the same telecommunications links across asia. south korea's foreign ministry was one of my theology is not good with a jazz bar ministry summoned but the south korean and singaporean ambassadors for that. on tuesday. on
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the first day of the second china central and eastern european leaders summit chinese premier league coach john made a six point proposal to guide cooperation between kind and paolo with a joint agreement on expanding investment and boosting collaboration on infrastructure projects. john ely has more on what ambitions. the countries have in mind. on tuesday chinese premier league coach joe match with leaders of sixteen central and eastern europe countries. in a guideline for post by lee is a blueprint for future economic and trade cooperation. trade between china and the region has grown from three billion us dollars and two thousand to forty one billion in twenty ten but the countries are eyeing for bigger things to come. that said a clear goal to double trade falling within five years according to lease proposal that countries will also promote cooperation on transportation infrastructure. they came to open up interconnected land
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and sea channels between china and euro. the leaders also mapped out a plan to build a transport artery for china and europe logistics these efforts may all end jeff is home to a two way trade bali as part of china's bigger plan to look to the wax. in september this year chinese president to detain propose to build the silk road economic belt that means the asian giant its central asian neighbors the ambition has now reached farther west. china and ce countries are also to extend financing channels because jones that they need to set up financial institution branches in each other's markets. signing cards is flat and settlement agreements. don't they. cctv five days up to the boston qingdao which killed fifty five people and that buying the thing why is getting back on track. on tuesday night the temperature in qingdao a troll two minus five degrees
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celsius. fortunately the heating was back on and so was gas and water supply in these communities affected by friday's pipeline blast three of the four affected schools have resumed classes one of them was only three hundred meters away from the expulsion. luckily no students were hurt or killed counseling is provided for victims and their families as well as frightened students the sheer power. for those who are due for a badly infected technologically at first we had them to do paintings no way for them to read these emotions out on the seat cleanup efforts continue. no streaks of oil had been detected. near the coastal and walker say hundreds of tons of spilled oil remains. every day to move up to twenty times its estimated federal cleanup will take at least a month join a cctv. and you can stay more of the life of videos that we've been
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telling here are updates than the wali of that fact i now live revise subscribing to cctv news you to cattle. well that's it for this up but stay with us now briefs over the weather and then it's time to travel all the time how long we'll be taking it to nairobi for tonight. i wanted them on here the eye
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we are. six season. says
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you long you. the owner welcome to the world to islam and you know tommy in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. to us or replace them. china's new air defense identification zone without warning chinese authorities security forces are looking to the opposition leader for trespassing on government property


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