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tv   Journal  PBS  November 28, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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minded people. sponsors and underwriters local contact test sponsors to any team that works done or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. windmill new. i eye. welcome to the jaw joint line from dw here for less good at it let's write ups and invisible in the next ballot. will he join the tri club called warranty the ukrainian leader viktor yanukovich is in vilnius for an eu summit. german chancellor on to a medical says that door is still open japan and south korea despite china over its new air defense around watching up tensions in the air migrants to die coming to europe we'd look at how one
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man's search for a better life ended in tragedy the european union leaders are gathering in the lithuanian capital vilnius at this hour for a two day summit to discuss ties with eastern european countries. ukrainian president e r coalition is also to the vendor is expected to be donated by his sudden decision to scrap plans for closer integration with the european union. now arriving in vilnius the german cast on a limb ankles said she was willing to resume talks with ukraine and that the door was still open for kiev to sign the eu trade. but she also said she had no hope that the deal would be sealed. at this stop meanwhile ukraine pro european groups continue to protest against the government's decision
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ukraine's opposition leader vitali klitschko to tell dr that the eu summit the pulpit to yanukovich of staging the ukrainian president klitschko also a champion also been at the eu commissioner and coolangatta coverage to sign the proposed pact with the eu. we want to leave. we'd still be an affinity. tweets the european rules recipients right steps in swedish. all for granted and we want to do with it and that's why. due to a gallant than president can't the door to the new mcauliffe people in ukraine the protests is still ongoing demonstrations of hoping that some since the weekend. thousands of backing a closer relationship with your own opinion poll commissioned by tw tuesday's contest is written the majority. the survey says sixty percent of ukrainians
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support joining the eu next year. o'neill round of the puns. president elect of each and his government sent a fax on a historic trade deal with the eu last week of years of negotiations the reason pressure from moscow. but he's come to vilnius anyway. i'm a signal from the european leaders is korea. the opportunity to close its eyes remains allies to resilience were joined by records fall into a croissant hostel block her softer side. what's happening behind the scenes at the summit and could we see ukraine actually signed off on this eu partnership deal it's going to happen but i think it's friday i'm like me because imagine present yellow coat with having talks with eu leaders have withdrawn from apple and of those coming out of the school saying sorry folks i got it all wrong and i joined the wrong side i'm not joining your side. i mean you
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would all he would lose all credibility. and he would antagonize russia so i don't think it's going to happen at the school to now let's talk about russia it has staked a claim in kiev citing close cultural and jill a graphic ties now. what role does this claim in these diplomacy right now. well the eu is not denying that these countries are very close and they understand very well that the ukrainian economy is very dependant on russia that they need russia as an export market for energy supplies so they understand this argument about russian pressure very well but they also say nope this is the partnership is not directed against anyone is not directed seventy in all but eight against russia and in fact russia may benefit from it even if it's on top of it. so that's the sort of argument that the eu uses. still it's not just ukraine that has turned back or shifted back to russia. melrose arch of age
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on armenia as well have done so is the use eastward enlargement now effectively over. well at the moet it does seem as if this movement has run out of steam at the school. it's only a georgia and moldova that the two countries who are more misbehaving in the way the eu wants them to be added all the others have more honest often the prose is pianos has never really being part of it. but that may change. and i think it can change only if and when russia realizes that this is not about the partnership is not directed against it and that they may benefit from it i don't see it that the moments of the note on the president putin. lots of different ranges. if it happens then nothing. though the game board to change clients live from the summit in vilnius christoph piles of
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boxes off. thanks very much tensions are mounting in the east china sea to japan and south korea poland the new way of sustaining and crossed for the no fly zone that china has declared it a disputed island so the us defence secretary has reaffirmed that a japanese american treaty covers those islands in question. us carrier group is now in the area conducting naval exercises with japanese forces and china's sole aircraft carrier is now reported to be on its plate the area. china has sent off its only aircraft carrier to the south china sea the location of the territorial dispute that the philippines. officially it's the fastest first sea trial. declining sense of loss. ten teams in the region are already high heel for audience in the east china sea which are claimed by both china and japan. on such as abc news yesterday imposed an air defense own in the region around the audience. beijing
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is demanding that all the airplanes flying over the zone identified themselves to chinese authorities. the east china sea and defense identification zone is not a normal income clients. we hope that the role of the country's airlines come to actively cooperate. so there is mold and safety. i do. the tertiary overlaps with south korea's on japan's own narratives and stones who do you know patriotic china's use of force to try to change the status quo. we will continue up patrols and surveillance activities without interruption. it will put a time into family protect the nation's terror tree territorial borders and territorial aspects. the us has also refused to follow china's demands. the aircraft carrier george washington is in the region for ministry exercises with japan. we've seen other countries in the region japan and south korea have already destroyed
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china. could this issue become a flashpoint full regional instability the question to ninety as one high in the heavens but those chinese department in vaughan. well i think it already is a flesh toned of instability that i am i've been surprised by the swift and decisive and so japan korea australia and especially to you as wheat in the b fifty two ball moves into the disputed area to clearly demonstrate that they have no intention whatsoever to accept ton of reaching out to schools all islands but since china has declared to sew in chinese eyes. it involves almost to humiliation if it is not able to enforce it and that is the tunes of the song in chinese media. atkins a chinese internet you can almost hear the cry of full wall. she always does his online name going well here in germany more than twenty thousand workers from
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the european aerospace group the eighty s have taken to the streets to protest against restructuring plan the feet can cost thousands of jokes other a lot of protests they were held about thirty sites in the company's airbus factory in hamburg in the north to its euro fighter assembly plant down the sounds of the various mentioning. when ross and leading the way employees of the aps defence and security subsidiary city in march down to the entire tree the protest followed rumors that the jokes may be all mine. i also not something people in these parts of the biennale often confronts the ats last home and business entity timing to fuse custody and has two other subsidiaries it can often be a tsn but since the nt systems called off a plant manager. and this wants to make the company's military wing more efficient that could mean reducing the number of employees and even cleansing some tactics with full legal settlement
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offer two is a total outrage especially since we are profitable. the bridge at full capacity of over thinking it was of the city the ats seems to be doing while in twenty twelve the company reported total sales of more than fifty six billion viewers and strong profits. the engine for that success is approx the subsidiary that makes passenger jets. the ats is committed to surprise on the other hand the struggle what's your information we're getting is an all clear we know that something's gonna happen but we don't know what you know it the mist and as is said is that in the future will have to deliver a ten percent return on capital invested granted it isn't. accessing the bomb very high. the ats managers say they'll present more information in the first week of december. germany's unemployment rate is now an analyst say what has been termed as the german jokes miracle could be running out of steam the rate of
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unemployment has remained unchanged at six percent this month the actual number of job was to rise slightly economists were expecting and oldham revival the job here. however they stayed late the market will remain an important driver of growth but he now on the markets and the dax to new highs during tuesday trading despite there is an exciting unemployment is a gemini. it's caused a little old but still up in positive territory up by more than a set of apis and nine the adhesive and you're still the field by a similar amount the euro trading in positive to a tree as well against the euro is still a painful one untill a fifty six zero two with the dow the run state news agency says the nose quake near the nation's sole nuclear power plant has killed at least seven people and injured thirty five point seven magnitude quake hit the gulf coast near the city of a blur john and to the shelters around
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the surrounding province nuclear plant lies about sixty kilometers to the south that he has also been reports of damage throughout the year staying with a round the new wednesday to watchdog says it's going to take time to verify tehran is installing the new international agreement to make sure its nuclear program remains civilian up and uncle to breakthrough deal was done on the weekend with germany france britain the united states russia and china. it allows the international atomic energy agency to moore is a moron for ron's facilitates the agreement has been sharply condemned by israel and by saudi arabia but the german foreign minister says it could pave the way for peace in the region and a reduction in international tests it was a german foreign minister says the agreement in geneva is the first step towards ending the need to hear disputes with iran. he says germany advocates a diplomatic solution via phone and a five hundred. we want a solution by way of negotiations. we
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don't get involved in any minute intervention is an artist the lights policy. it is. iran has told the international atomic energy agency in vienna. but it will start opening its nuclear sites to inspectors in december. beginning with the ira heavy water production plant. i would be the first concrete step like tehran to comply with the team effect agreements many german lawmakers fear the consensus on the run is too fragile and that germany me to stand firm. in the country is really important to keep calm. let's not kid ourselves up ten c to ten all disagreements in the permit. set in iran the united states and germany say the geneva agreement could be unlawful for negotiating and steal other crises like the syrian civil war. all these out what's going on to our legal correspondence showed kushner she's been following the debate at the bone the stone forest. this agreement is being held out as we just heard there was a model t and other conflicts
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opinion of syria here specifically but you know that's aery strong go. it is but he repeated the court has sentenced on the twenty third of the farm in the state of the synonymous to talking about this ornament was the nature of the clean it out was sent up on the way how it came out it was sent out and see it full size past a stake in simple living is transparency. i think these measures to control the sense that this was very important. i'm a christian democrats felt that this was the direct result of having diplomacy but also other options on the table including princess and the sense that democrats unfortunately though this was a triumph of european diplomacy was one of these rare occasions where and the entire parliament agrees that this was the case and that even if this agreement leads to nothing in six months' time it felt very strongly at the very least this is engagement of process and the united states at all this did not take and cities
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i just thought this could well turn straight into the token salary of this area the show. thanks so much from our parliament which takes you we're going to a short break when we come back two months after the german elections. finally we have a coalition deal but will be back by the spd. aj. i do you decide you want to watch the images. the whole package the future. media center. dw tell me if i do the eye . ben
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it is. hall. welcome back to the wilkes european union ministers of meeting next week to agree on measures to help prevent the deaths of migrants making less often in dangerous turn to go the hundreds who died in a shipwreck off italy last month the belief the beagle was told from eritrea. it's one of africa's poorest nations. thousands there are trains leave for europe every year. undeterred by the pelts of those who don't make it leave their families behind struggling to come to terms with the loss. ryan was just as he seeks when he drowned
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on a tentative than just a few hundred meters from his call. the identity of the season. i mean to get a riot cases known for his youngest brother. the genie from any training in africa the team jimmy fund announced their teens. his broer has left empty stomach. i'm using a trying time and time again to talk him out to make the treacherous canteen to you that. ethan told him to wait for me. there are legal ways to get to germany and other places. and that he shouldn't takehe route the libya in an easy bake and clean sign up for friday well when he said the tragedy. i didn't think it made his way to hunting season. he identified his father's body. by the time you nineties wouldn't allow him to take you to enter a trance and ariel. instead employees into the teens when taking tcc and then eat any
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number of different centuries he added. canto i'm against brother was buried at the center to eat. she doesn't want him to study. he seemed to understand our tradition of culture. 's very very important to bring the money home. he is on you and your family my relatives roll each into my bro to come back yet. especially my mother. i don't find them mine will come. the next dry and nineteen pence each of the bed tonight. he left behind a wife and two children in eritrea. and now it's up to the italian authorities to decide if the body can be with half naked. and this new age can lindsay gets his house to provide a dna sample. then
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monday again not this was going to carry out a dna test they can say ok now you can take the body. that's what they told me in your bathwater. which is awesome and panties. when pete and ryan tonight. the lists four hundred countries. his promise as he went west until the next twenty days go by and take the tram. throw in other news kevin president no one from dell has imploded to sitting up and stood up and says islamic studies at universities hit his fijian a visit to an islamic theology center in and stuff. it's one of four in germany established to train their moms and teachers of religious studies. delta's institute provides space for the teaching of islam without political or fundamentalist pastors. well his vit comes amid controversy and the director of them in state institutions under pressure from conservative muslims accuse him of being too liberal director mohammed
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cookie day faces a tough question how to teach islamic studies in germany. his institute and state university has come under fire from muslim associations for it to different approach because he isn't interested in sending people on chopping off their hands. he's interested in having all day in society. countering shoulders order and justice there is a questions to humans. the sentiment of her pocket. it is very modern interpretation of the koran and that had german politicians would like to see the institutes to teach is on its toes. the government intends to shape young muslims religious education of the muslims and cheer me up in arms. religious associations want to have their say too can have the class is a toss up our already enjoyed great series protestant and catholic authorities there are insurance is an advisory can't say that the minister
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is to chase. but so far a dispute over who gets to sit on the cans that have made it impossible to form one. last year the government rejected the kind that put forth by religious associations to meet the funding. in this job outsourcing days will come and cushy date will get to teach his version of islam what other muslims in germany. my kids are announced so where's this going into more on that let's bring in our correspondent john baron john this program has often been a rough start why were these departments for islamic studies introduced in the first box well the former german president because jon voight said islam bongs to germany i think in a way this is a concrete expression of that the recognition that we have a very large muslim population here. and that it's only appropriate that the islam should be told moses when used sand or as oriental studies. but as the islamic theology at german universities. so that's the first point that they it's conducting these deposit conducting research
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in theology. secondly religion is the subject of schools in germany and to muslims have long resented the fact that catholics because of kirkuk take that subject religion in schools but there was that one of the lessons provided for most runs in circles. what is mandated that the poppins to help with the integration of muslims and islam into german society. well i think this is a very difficult question i think for the program to maintain integrity and respect among muslims in germany it's that must be seen to be not an instrument of integration. if it was simply an instrument of the government to try to take care of. perhaps extreme views among muslims then it would be likely to be resented by many. i think it is a real danger in that perception is simply the question another one is theirs is very serious problems right now was in the islamic youth community here in germany about which
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islam should be on standby know that strike and was seen at the moment in a controversy about to possess a court shot at swansea university when he's resent it by its outfits using the kits are too liberal for them. i don't think this is really a religious christmas morning mind you it is a social and political question we don't go to the marvels of society not just in germany in the islamic community but will lie in the islamic communities between conservative people who have a few of the society based on the clan family with a patriarch is the head of the family and religion bulls dispatched by providing a set of rules on the other hand you have a mobile society stressing the individuality of people. you'll know when they decided that of course is the loneliness of individuals but it also brings course freedoms with the force of the freedom to interpret religion. you understand it. so delay last word to the social political questions before it gets to
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the religious ones are gone they're gone. no accident that a well become stadium in brazil as a construction and on all state prosecutors investigating the incident in which a crane fell onto the roof of the stadium and costs to workers and essence of all is now believed the project will be finished by its year end deadline to stadium so all is due to host the opening game of next year's world cup that's coming up when she walks. for the one now and mercedes is in company with its team principal ross brawn. he's one of the most successful racing managers of all time credited with helping the show schumacher and jensen bought into their world titles. he often falls months of speculation. braun has not said what he'll do next. if he does not retire report suggests he could join rivals ferrari for the class don't you miss them being two domains international film festival. then you probably recognize this enduring this
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makes for paul to zoo last is the movie theater with a long history has been given a facelift and iron out all the sprinkles. there was a sense of deja vu at the rio for decades it was the cinema of the west. movie star diesel to pull the cut the ribbon to open the west could be instilled in us. in nineteen fifty seven. he was back to cooking written on the results from us this week european cia was too full denizens. although traveled to switzerland for the ceremony. in a suitcase full of memories of the old cut up the wall and identity it's beautiful now and it was sunny full by then. located in the hospital which meant that obama has been given a facelift. this is the cinema now. and this is what it looked like back then. west remains movie palace grows from the rubble of the second world war. back then
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the cinema started hosting the daily nona. that means international film festival cinema lovers from all over the world flocked to senate seats. the cinema so he is she is the hollywood stars like dustin hoffman the bronx is concerned the nobles of a gym. and so was directed to the wild. but by the late nineteen nineties the cinema seem to have lost its magic then on to a conservative on the scene. the sentiment is just told to bring the cinema of the west but to my the most open of the total costs are already prompted dish. i'll toss. the old nineteen fifty seven was beaches to overtake the cinemas technology are also let me put an end to its affairs in. the results cinema where it's not just the stars on the silver screen the time. and one his fifties design. this retro
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plan. and his comfy chairs a product or reclining. so why not sit back put your feet up and check out the new film in one of the cinema's old school victorians. maybe even one featuring fifty starlings the multiples of icy and evan at the scene at the same data the revival of the two most recent hollywood isn't the only place to find a happy ending. great for radio one and judaism is most popular religious festivals to kick off hundreds of people around in jerusalem to celebrate the start of the jewish festival of lights canada the days of celebrations the lighting of the menorah in the exchange of gifts and to commemorate the military victories of a hero. mccabe. leung. it is always time for thanks much for joining us here. you guessed it the air. this dude
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in. the but that. men are created all that bad. we already know the direction of about billion a month and see me not the pd. rich is the most powerful country woo hoo. a i i i in him don't get to watch in hd world you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in peaced
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