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will we. i eye. this is still coming to you from dw kinda like the chance to chat with us. brian thomas here's a look of the stories of the covering over the next thirty mbps. in ukraine capital thousands continue their protest against the country's decision not to sign a partnership deal with the european union. anti government demonstrations in thailand to escalate as opposition supporters for their way into the army's headquarters and serious traumatized children held a
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civil war is destroyed childhoods on both sides of the divine. opposition protests is taken to the streets of kiev to get straight to bed and i was the ukraine align itself with the eu will announce with russia. protests were sparked when the ukraine government backed out of a partnership deal with brussels. tensions have been mounting the opposition is now calling within the last few dollars for the government to resign police have been firing teargas to disperse the demonstration. ok for the very latest was doing all lies to us consolation go in kiev. she joins is online now what's the atmosphere will does remain peaceful yes i know i want it to the spirit
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that now that people people people on the look that good yet to be on the image taken in court but not enough people that that they're not big deal not leave the station until i took a knife. hong kong when they leave the top of the seventh day of the most patient people in the ukraine shown that there could be happier if you copy what to do with these live pictures right now from cnn's now where is opinion across the country on this is a country evenly split or are there more pro eu people in ukraine. after all i know i need three people died from holding the head and roll on roll with chico and the fact that president felipe the people around you can do everything open about to leave and then poor weather in love with the ukraine. you see opposition will they be keeping up the pressure until they get the eu partnership deals is a lot. yet
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the reader that there cannot be fought out a bit of a daycare that the people that the press him on each tray for the canadian people and they said that aren't what they do to you of a man to withdraw due to colic and that other than to leave that this weekend. all i want to think that everybody said that for the camp will be the final date with the imitation of epo. and to think your question. some perspective on these truths essence common solution go for us from. the yes. let me go before the spaces is the eu summit in chile that's where the ukrainian president repeated his rejection of that new trade deal. at the adidas brand accused russia of pressuring key is to drop the pact. but russia says it is brussels is the bowling and for his part ukrainian president said the eu can offer enough cash in the. he did manage to calm the waters in vilnius by
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saying this country's goal remained closer eu integration. pundits and may not have been the pride they hoped for but the eu did manage to get some new trading partners eu leaders wrapping up a summit in the few india. still all smiles for the cameras the meeting failed to achieve its main go. an agreement that would bring ukraine into the eu so ukrainian presenter tea and coffee shop refused to sign the deal despite a last ditch efforts by european leaders to persuade him overnight that's prompted him to buy the eu has blamed russia eu council present from uncle promptly used unusually harsh language. the union would continue insisting that any russian actions aimed at influencing eastern european pop account is sober and choices will be in breach of the helsinki principles of double s c the chemical which has he made to sign a new deal in the future. york is
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keen to burn any bridges the doggies open field assessment of the phone so that ukraine may have a gatorade discuss them with ukraine. the pressure on whatever country i was not whole thing. georgia and moldova have initial partnership deals with the eu that means in future more access to the european market for the exits of the public's it's a historic moment of both countries. in thailand to protest against the government on a skin eighteen on friday demonstrators broke into the compound of the on the headquarters of the capital bangkok demanding that the military to lose sight of the call to tell right after that the thai prime minister your channel on rule out the use of force against the protesters. she also said there would be no early elections following six days now to mr. it's a day even more determined to get my ministry do not seen a lot out of office after no
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confidence motion in the thai parliament failed to keep it all. our. killing the mine mr is useless. demonstrates is that i took skytrain one of the capital's main transport lines on friday. also the seat including county offices and several government ministries the test is installed on the high court system on that country's generals to take sides. in two thousand and six minutes of the screen former prime minister taxing seen a lot. he looks rather it is to say she's not acting to stop it. in essence makes a run to tie them in the country. he created a system that i'm supposed to meet common. this time around the army is attempting to stay neutral. another thing lacking in prime minister you not to know what state that is the timing. next as they became lost and eighty six already many are out in pink
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in color the team believes brings him luck and contents on the use by date the unthinkable. scientists what china has scrambled warplanes to the air defense only unilaterally declared in the east china say the japan the us and south korea for st in planes over the cause today is deliberately ignoring china's demand to that it be informed of all flights on the no fly zone covers a group of islands that are claimed by both china and japan are currently under japanese control china deployed its planes after the new air defence and was breached by several american and japanese and south korean military aircraft without warning. the chinese air force identified ten japanese planes and two from the us according to officials in beijing china's establishment of the air defence zone was not directed towards any specific country or target it's entirely for the purposes of exercise in
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china's right to self defense and will not cost regional tensions. japan is showing verbal restraints. prime minister cecil ave said his country wants to deal with the situation calmly and firmly. but using my door is always open for dialogue and i would like to work hard to deepen relations on all levels through dialogue. but it will have a big deal the local cement their minds the confrontation centers on these islands called tou in chinese and sing come through in japanese. their belief the rich in fish reserves and natural resources. tensions in the east china sea has been rising for days the islands are uninhabited and administered by japan. on friday a chinese aircraft carrier made its way into the south china sea. calls are growing louder for china to act even more boldly the coming of ratings agencies can sit and read it
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on to european states versus a good quick look at some of the other stories making the mix bulgaria's building a thirty kilometer fence along its border with turkey in an effort to stop illegal immigration country's defense minister says he expects the three meter high of cents which will run mainly through forests and hills to be complete by fearful officials say over forty people have been killed in explosion that's a non stick pan when something may be a state media reported the plums happens when a group of bread into the facility near the city of sabah and attempted to steal weapons. they are what exactly triggered the explosion. russian prosecutors are calling for a star a ballet dancer although the major sharing go to be jailed for nine years. he's accused of masterminding an acid attack on the artistic director of russia's prestigious bowl to a theater company in january. the crime
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shocked russia an exposed interactions within the legendary sea business news now and there are signs that spain is recovering from the eurozone crisis ratings agency standard and courses economic growth is picking out the app is wristbands outlook from negative to stable but says and he stripped of the netherlands of its top notch aaa credit rating craving a slowdown in red. the dutch economy has been losing steam lately unemployment is up. while house prices down. granted if the market reaction now output abundantly about sentosa this report from the frankfurt stock exchange standard and poor's certainly gave the people here in the frankfurt school or food for discussion and food for thought the netherlands losing their top non trading certainly not good news for the people here germany is the only really big country economically in the eurozone still with the aaa and their two minor
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countries as well so not good news in total. but the analysis the optimism that showing on spain that was good news so that counteract that the dutch news. the dax was able to register a new record high climbed over nine thousand four hundred points for the first time in its twenty five year history. certainly the high level. still the result of lots of support from the central banks around the world but also from the coalition agreement between the conservatives here in germany and the social democrats some critical points here but lots of praise from the investors as well. max and qantas harassment is a quick look at the numbers for you now beginning in front of the jimmy's dax and the trading day at nine thousand four hundred and five. i picked up the sand us stocks at fifteen eleven lots to think that this enterprise and three thousand to eighteen six. the down ticket doesn't industrials currently at the sixteen thousand to eighteen six
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slightly negative to achieve an add on currency markets the euro is trading for one year starter at fifty five the people. melissa mare positive news for the eurozone unemployment across a seventeen member states fell slightly in october as the first drop in the eurozone jobless rate in two half years. a number of people out of what remains new record highs hit in europe with twenty million registered last month and is still in the combined between the eurozone economies stains and increases unemployment rate is more than five times higher than that of a gemini trots down the country is debating a culture is to build it cracks down on prostitution. but spare workers by penalizing people who buy snacks rather than those who sell on the appeal which was proposed by the governance issues conti their mom's new to kotsay in the country's efforts to combat statistics to it the bottom maloney on
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the outskirts of paris is notorious for prostitution ruffles are already illegal as is pimping and soliciting to sell . apparently workers can be fined or face a jail sentence. now the government wants to eradicate the trade completely mod olivier presented the bill. at least it's the only viable to satisfy a desire just because you have money and takes till it's somebody else's economic situation. the new bill targets clients with its past people caught buying could be fined fifteen hundred euro zone are required to attend a course on conditions in which prostitution is carried out supporters of the bill gathered in front of parliament on friday calling for abolition. but there were many opponents to. many workers think it will make them more vulnerable to abuse this is the winner will be forced to kill and ground
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cumin points will be sad because women will be forced to work with the conditions that i haven't the heart the debate is divided opinion in france more than three hundred male celebrities intellectuals and other figures have signed a manifesto defending their right to buy essential services. some figures have asked the government to reconsider arguing the bill is sanctimonious. all on to germany now and the coalition here plans to charge for motorists to use the countries on a ball that decision has angered terms it's the netherlands once in the eu tuesday tenth planet and all staff threatening to take gemini to the european court of justice is a highway toll gets the go ahead and says that because church is discriminatory because it won't apply to german drivers jim and lisa none has been arrested on suspicion of killing and chopping on him and he makes online the suspect when officers to a number of locations around his property in east germany
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where he said he'd buried the remains. was it a fifty five year old admitted to stabbing victim just hours after meeting him in words going to a short break when we come back with plenty more news and sports years ago that way. for it. ch ch ch
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welcome back to the nation's historic attention to the plight of children caught up in the syrian cup. it is to make some three million people has led to me it is a pianist. most of them into neighboring countries among the refugees children are the most vulnerable with them and said you can't pick and the future the thing for steel brand to sell the currency. and so the thirteen year old helps his family survived and is on every refugee camp in jordan the un says that more than half of syrian refugee
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children work instead of going to school. this is our guns on child labor is a major problem. unfortunately because of the social situations. many families send it to melt onto the streets to perform menial work getting feeding of it in an email she mean huge cost a new report by the un refugee agency is based on interviews with two hundred seventy children. it's titled the future of syria refugee children in crisis their findings are alarming. many of the children have been orphaned. nearly a third are so traumatized that they don't meet their shelters more than once a week the children form gangs reacting with violence. all carry with them horrible experiences from the lower his cheeky mideast often the children of his damage in children who don't want to leave the house scheme that we've interviewed children princeton school started which meant that the u of t's
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with all kinds of facts that the children can show she then fell asleep on the dp kinda exciting. the report is a cry for help and an appeal to the world not to write off series for children as a lost generation. gemini has long been among the countries with dual citizenship has been legal in most cases. i met the government says it is a form of preferential treatments and to a distinct bounty it's too bad cannot get a second possible. but this is set to change the new governing coalition comes the power of one of the demands of social democrats is that young people in germany's large turkish population for example be allowed to keep both german and turkish passports is. it kinda artsy was born into attack his family in germany. she has citizenship in both countries and according to the new coalition deal between germany's biggest parties still get to keep it up
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postulates. until now the dental people with salmon on non eu citizenship act to give up one by the age of twenty three. but the new policy would do anything for older generations of debt and tax they wun be able to hold dual citizenship. sammy's to this community is disappointed. my opa since it's our opinion of the first and second generations especially should be honored for all their hard work by being allowed dual citizenship is in the midst of nineteen eighty one year short of the last time all in the attack the scanty is a phrase the new policy will provide families. he also sent with a sense of democrats and talk to feed as the month out there who promised to make dual citizenship possible for all tenants that the committee is that we didn't stay to see what god had to make that promise. we just among the rocks. when the potty she says no coalition agreement
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without dual citizenship. not to hold on to the announcements included it this weekend. now the stds classmates mendez get to decide whether to accept the coalition deal on the left leaders of the tattoos community recommend taking the no box this one here since mexican president and they can continue to assume power. he came into office with some big promises to try and usher in a new age of prosperity and a drop in violence in the country and today when you're on. has he been successful in achieving at least some of the scopes was the product. either than or in the keeping any of you. it makes it the present in every campaign in yet so i spent this past year in office dropping sold it within the elite of global leaders as head of one of the world's biggest economies ethan was too hot to sit down for attention away from the topping was the executioners toxins have faded from the headlines. not the end of this they will be
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a little. my government's agenda is to improve the prosperity of the mexican people. it will be on other changes when making a supported by the majority of people and everyone knows we need a good deal of trust and that's why people will continue to pull out my reforms with that it's over but the president has admitted that the government has lost control of policing in some areas. in most states it's easy to knock on in the west also forming beaten into groups to protect themselves from drug fuelled violence. they say they're able to rely on the cover ups police force. the mosque and to keep it in a stampede of him with simple people one nice enough energy. we no longer. people are turning up on disturbing the peace and sourcing a look and treating us like it's been tough at the woodland eat them with clubs. when he took office the president vowed to set up
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a special fullest to tackle the drug cartels. those kinds of get to be realize that restrictions on tenants have increased. or the most pitiful performance info on the planet is in the stall to the media. the reality hasn't changed. will crumble in a lot from this government wants to alter people's perception and like covering up the plants get without actually thinking politically there's no violence of the press is no longer write about it the reality is as brutal as it was good for her either. while the press may have been forced to admit its cover and set the crime and god said it went to town on one of the present successes the rest of notorious drug dealers began and had to make new in july. the president's approval ratings also grows as a result of his swift response to the hurricane said the topic on mexico's carribean and pacific coasts in october. but many mexicans are angry about the lack of effective policing the weakening economy and
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amounts to haunt events unfolded. they accuse the president of having no clear plan. street protests like this one have become a regular occurrence the change of pace down the clutch. you may compose or lesions on his opera classical music popular among young people sit them down into them listen to meet its goal which is of course you could also challenge them to put his music to wrap and then on top of that offer an attractive prize to the one who doesn't that sound implausible. ok let's have a listen to this church the new welcome to the three bushels of the two radiant this is where the turkish youngsters
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gemma draft ha. most of the meals were twenty years on the noble comes to mind was. bought it at least that's what hurts too much time to call home. this is a book for you she said the system might relate to this topic should be launched an online phone texts to want to read i listened and two the entry from kazmir was amazingly musical. i knitted and also worked on the tags still on the fish sticks i was almost definitive news in the. excellent all round package i do when it's going to take part in a one shot ha topps was to rewrite the ride with the increase as racket. his eye. since music
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is really for everyone it's me interesting to combine sound. it's good to be like to do the right eye. it ends just like an extreme pulpit and the good ones and write them down i think the same orchestra plaintiff's claim to stand for. that was wonderful. the internet richard wright of the company's most of all crying with a new take on his appeal for peace and low points of the people to be new to the wall. it's just a trickle to a sports now and benjamin was yet to table toppers will face two books in clumps this song today by muni will play in the ocean i
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combined it was against fc know that this pressure on greece to dortmund are currently in third position and they must win against mine says they want to stay in the race but it won't be easy. winds is playing very good season. isn't he a good feeling at my niece again after two wins in a row. and during that three two defeat at training last week i can make a line that hit the dance again. looks like he could be returning to form after a series of injuries through mandatory and he's getting along fantastically as a person and as an athlete as well. i still want that despite the injuries that has now scored seven goals this season. people are beginning to take notice and could be his ticket and take it out. he's also played for germany twice. but now he has decreed his mental against oregon state won their last two matches in mind to when the home side one to end that line . he doesn't mean i
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can't guarantee that we'll succeed. but it's clear that only an exceptionally good performance will be enough for us to take the points going to win. zeke. it can come. when speed nobody in the champions league midweek but they lost their last two bundesliga matches hands need three points to keep in touch with the media is. john says that will drop in and win it by accident on that day. this just too much riding on the match opened to you. one mistake in the days have already shown the door and how it's done by an enemy that is in full with one four one points. find out more sports about the bundesliga on a website that said deed of the adoptees class. that's all from us for now but there's more to come to stay with us. the air. its. but
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that. men are created all that bad. boy don't generate enough about him and he me not the pd. rich is the most powerful country. moon. ay ay ay ay in. i took history gets worse every day. cos breaking the old one. so much the eagles to play. stocks
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while. good news you will win will who will. i do. it is you. it's six won fourteen euros with grind up some of the chevron bp or not. total payments for charging chiefs as the right people to clear warning from


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