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tv   Journal  PBS  December 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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low. it is. chu you you one week. i knew. every state has delayed this is the journal i'm sarah harman coming up on the south. another night of violence in ukrainian capital kiev as thousands of demonstrators defied a ban on protests the thai capital bangkok braces for another night of violence and anti government protest their escalates. when this latest top three staff writer the pack with convincing wins this weekend . ukrainian
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capital kiev and dozens have been injured in clashes between police and anti government protesters earlier today. thousands turned out despite a ban on protests to demand early election. they want president victory on congress to step down after he rejected a trade pact with the european union in favor of improving ties with russia. sunday saw the biggest demonstration in kyiv in almost a decade. more than a hundred thousand people gathered for a peaceful rally and independence plan. in front of the president's office the protests escalated in the often did. a group of young people in moscow and didn't it. instead they turn tried to break through police lines. riot police responded
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that it gets and the students to drop them back the opposition denounced the violence saying it was an attempt by the government to prevent distinctive an agency this made him wait independence square just like mary kate and a ban on protests name. mainly in the john scott the violent discursive practices on saturday morning the government to be fair we want the authorities to be for the people insist on eating them. we want to make sure what happened saturday night when the skin that doesn't happen again. we need today to protect freedom democracy and of course we want to join you. so you all good bye present it again at the beach as you turn on a promise to sign an agreement with the european union. his transgression course is keen on to the opposition including the tiny picked up the ghost of a doll posse. we need a change of government
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because this government cannot afford doesn't want to listen to the people. as night fell and most of the practices of the ten time police intervened and forced to push back the crowd trying to storm the president's office. the rally independence square remains peaceful. some demonstrators have to pay for long stay in and set up tents like they did not in use again during the coming tribulation. for more we're joined on the line by correspondent looks on as one can go in kiara. how is this situation at the moment in camp yes that but they needed to get attention in march quiet no tv internet for a few other people. i'm talking about the book of canadian banking independent bank tuesday and part of the few people that enjoy
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the picture i picked up the hill station of the president today. or when you get thinking that people have been like normal people people into two sessions that people can provoke political ladder. all told the people of imitation for in the ukraine beat the heat cranked into practically took the region west of the sikh people so by the unexpected flattering that was friday night. some of the opposition appeared to be united but the chances that the demands of the fed failed. yes tomorrow will be walking again. on entering the store needed to call for impeachment for young coach and that the government the consumer or even oprah asked people to conquer the oven tomorrow and in kenya has been the case but there are even linked credit i demanded that good communication and to take solace in control occasionally you'll know the sun sank into me and thanks for that. yet they manage. klein says in the thai capital bangkok last at least four people dead and dozens wounded when police used teargas and water cannons prevent protesters
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from occupying key government sites. and protests against the government of prime minister yang books a lot show no signs of letting up the thai government expand copenhagen it's not even a sunday night to take him to friday and the authority saving the police came to preventing refinements the security forces and anti government protest is was still pressing as it seeks and went down to demonstrate it and did all day sunday to force their way into government buildings. he did the offseason pride released in the next two months sunday evening the premium at me they need at the protest movement to test test of time to no avail. see ted has called on civil seven to more whole thing down. all will be in order to continue the people's quran to eliminate the regime the people's democratic reform committee would like to announce that monday december second is a holiday for the government sector
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it's a publication that the government is noon on the ppt know they keep more to cannon county and gas and now they're threatening to take a tougher on crime. you tend to use violence and trying to overthrow the government and prevent the executives from exercising their power according to the thai constitution to ted's actions can be considered rebellion it all off. government demonstrate his events festivals and the now the things that many went on and off the team with him to friday and saturday. indeed if the panel drafting the new constitution is close to completing the task. his family motoring number of commissions on sunday including wanna retain the trial of civilians in military courts. the draft constitution still needs to be approved by referendum meanwhile supporters of ousted president muhammad
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morrissey have protested on harvard square. police move quickly to break out the demonstration was the biggest gathering of business at the site says the army seized power in july new york a suburban train has derailed killing at least four people and injuring more than sixty officials said all seven cars on the metro north train when off the tracks on a curved section of the line the commuter train derailed just meters from the hudson river in the bronx. twenty minutes before it was scheduled to pull into new york's grand central station eyewitness reports say the train was going and usually fast when it took occur then it jumped the tracks. the us is a bit disoriented but i've heard of the squeaky noise. which is somewhat common with his friends with the house but this was so loud that it woke me up. normally we don't even
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notice it somewhat crunchy and grinding metal. well i jumped out of bed and i looked out my window i saw one of the trades on its side and one of uncertainty period and does smoke coming out from between the two callers authorities are now looking into what caused the deadly accident. it's already been a difficult year for the metro north commuter line. service was suspended in july after ten freight cars derailed the ratios have cast their ballots in a referendum on whether to outlaw same marriage. the proposal would amend the country's constitution to define marriage as the union between man and woman. like all good though after a conservative group gathered more than seven hundred thousand signatures. clay says the overwhelmingly catholic and the church fully backs the referendum. no camp accusing their opponents and anti gay discrimination health experts are warning against complacency as
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the united nations marked world aids day. they say despite falling infection rates aids hiv remains a major global problem the alliance of more than four thousand people every day. according to the un around thirty five million people are infected with hiv virus worldwide. the problem is still a cute on the african continent especially in south africa and botswana. in asia thailand has the highest infection rate while in europe ukraine is the worst affected country but our next story takes us to rock out for those infected with hiv can face a very lonely battle against the disease. mariah was diagnosed with hiv the virus that causes aids fourteen years ago. she's receiving health care and psychological counseling and treatment facility in robots and it's run by no calls a paris based in geo. darius is the hardest part of living with aids is a social stigma
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so i know it when you look great job they will hire you to know there is another the year. knowing me. i don't tell anyone about it. you want to bring the money and it feels good to be afraid yes it's cold. peace is still taboo morocco. the year of the disease is high and many people avoid contact with hiv patients despite campaigns focused on educating people about the infection has a cousin of mine whenever i hear that takes us a call saying we were scared of the illness several listed in the slightly worrying. but despite that i think people are too scared of it the tooth comb and is in the hat to go to the illness is dangerous. just like cancer at the pan african organization against the two world calls is hoping to raise awareness of the dangers a repeat in people of morocco are infected with hiv in for more died from aids related complications. auto parts is this little discussion about the risks the problem is that
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we don't have any education on the media doesn't cover it everyone is keeping quiet about dates. we refuse to tok about this being subjected to endless. or i is hoping to help change that. working with so called cheese coated the network for women with the lists. she hopes it will help people share their experiences so they can learn and be open about living with hiv. tennis courts and is now and sunday is when this league action where hanover managed to pick up three badly needed points with a win over frankfurt. thus longest side were under pressure after winless streak dating back to september monday on gifts and some of us a score the goals and two ill wind to lift the gloom later added a bonus to mention lot of mountain air a one nil win over fiber rafael scored the game's only goal in the sixty third minute to tighten the foals grip on fourth place. on saturday by an extended their unbeaten
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run in the bundesliga club record thirty nine matches but the routine win over last placed from spike. i had the impreza darren robinson day from both their goals. he had it in the first and second minute. then the flying dutchman cut inside two defenders decor score his second in the thirtieth minute. fire is not the game comparably to maintain their lead at the top of the table. jordan meanwhile made hard work of their match with european clubs former side minds. in this year's needed two late penalties to settle things their way. after a sloppy performance. this stunning free kick from me at how many of them i now open the scoring in the seventieth minute. it was also the men's bathroom i still cry but nothing tops the amount that the three one lead in second spot kick deep in stoppage time. the most spectacular on saturdays was liam ounces was ruled out of deal between
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open mind and there are bringing their work in the last three in penalty kicks in and it was still no winner. often i were left kicking themselves that the final whistle. having led throughout the game he threw away a home when they open the story from the penalty spot twelve minutes and it's a johnson remixes goal kick started a roller coaster ninety minutes. six minutes later after a foul on organ polanski to leave bits of lights began to realize how often i were flying. after this hand albeit a whole themselves into the game with a spot kick of their own karen had converted to make it to one. papa and keep the cats tails then blundered badly. following alger oh and we had to level the scores just before half time. after the break in the form of five top and i'm back in front then i had limited for two for the hosts in spectacular style. but raymond built back this time to newspapers. all that remained was for
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substitutes. the live by faith it to equalize the final minute and complete the comeback. always even to the old seven would probably have to change the way we conceded using your ego filled with o'connor. raymond were somewhat happier with the points won against all expectation. let's check in with the other results so far this weekend. still to hit their stride victory constant guard labour prison breezed past nuremberg three nail heads and on start failed to score on friday will start in hamburg drew one all. that leaves the bundesliga table looking like this with three matches left applying for the winter break at the top no surprise there by air sitting pretty. labor has an improved on a shout the midweek selling in europe though to maintain pressure on them in areas. meanwhile the increasingly come in the final champions league berth. american actor paul walker star of the fast and furious movies has been killed in a high speed car crash. the forty year old was
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a passenger in a friend's for show when it crashed and burst into flames outside los angeles. both were pronounced dead at the scene. walker appeared in all but one of the sixth fast and furious action movies with them all around illegal street racing that's all from us here in berlin date and again at the top of the hour. do. do
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she couldn't reach. this can turn to grow into new communities school the fight for what is so potent it passes effortlessly another child from generation to generation. what thoughts really mind the chickens usually tune nixed that idea seem like that. hunger the day. this fight. and the for germany. this was the week of the lord known to between ten to one hundred american conservatives and social democrats. two months after elections negotiating teams in the final stretch to agree on terms for pollution no one talks began on monday ahead of a wednesday deadline it gets reasonable people are sitting together seven at hammering out what's good for government bodies or molds if we follow our heads in the coming days and what gets the job done that this team record set in london. it's
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going to be all nice. the new cast on and on. i'm optimistic we can say this building blocks and younger were going to have to tackle them that was cheap but it's nice to me. the last remaining sticking points for pension reform dual citizenship and the introduction of a national minimum wage. away from berlin political parties in the social state of hesse and embark on an experiment of a different college the conservative cdu and green party began coalition talks after september's reach election. if they succeed it would be the first alliance between the two parties outside of germany cities the anti government protests in time in the days counting on monday tens of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in the capsule on top and some occupied government buildings including the interior ministry. the mind the resignation of prime minister the roxy no walks what we've learned you can read about the significance
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that what's right. she really cares that hurdle in front of your whole soul and the love the conflict has been simmering for years the opposition the keys is indexed in a while to clean up hope that the russian psyche and home upon an attack seems to know what. he was ousted in two thousand and six. went into after collapsing can fix it. on the si dos pot holes of foul play. a life in the media if this government for two years now and the accusations against the serious and unjustified. somebody save me the prime minister survived a confidence vote in parliament and pulled out the identities of the government has invoked emergency collison tight security the protest continued throughout. . for instance the notes it is stepping up its military presence in central african republic a former colony. an additional one thousand soldiers are to join the four hundred and fifty already in the war torn country. what's
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a un resolution is passed mineral rich country has descended into chaos since rebels hosted the president earlier this year. it's hoped for but securing funds from engulfing the one who region hundreds of thousands more reflective mood. on this cold for the country has two great renewal in a comprehensive manifest in his seat on tuesday by the pontiff said the test is that our team up to help people instead of being obsessed with doctrine if you print the defeat to attack the citizens focus on consumerism. call me when they think that here is a constant attempt to marginalize voices that call into question the supremacy of the market. the theory that trickle down helps the pork is an illusion the only eagle day two of the day on the cbd that
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that's it the conference has emphasized that its yep it's that sound won't need is to help hold his lead by example sending extravagance focusing attention on sensitive to the likes of mike with us. and to reach the government unveiled its independence from on tuesday i made to pay for investment in next year's referendum his office an optional toppings that the country would have full control of the toxins on north sea oil revenues. but keep the pounds and retained the queen as head of state. scotland and england considered politically union in seventeen eighty seven holes cut he said. it's all about independence with a good diet eat during economic consequences and seven ties and bread early hours of wednesday to political leaders emerge from coalition talks to announce the reached a deal to govern the country for the next four years
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later after some sleep party leaders presented the final agreement. just look under the medical from the conservative cdu expressed satisfaction that compromise worked out with the spd. click on the tail and fled the scene the weekends that are very different ideas. sorry it took awhile. it is very interested in connecticut the same issue in different ways all that up. one does not understand me. so for me this class. that's what makes life interesting for me the negotiations went well and were matched by trusts we serve. one fun fox island to pick it up. you incorporates key campaign pledges of each party. the stds demand for a minimum wage in the euro is fifteen dollars will be introduced starting in twenty fifty the series he has won approval for a car pool for
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four to audubon users. the cd remained firm on their pledge not to raise taxes. social democrat leader cyclone gabrielle first the party's rank and file to back the agreement in a referendum next week. he has acted was acquitted grand coalition has written a coalition agreement for regular people to carry out their responsibilities every day. is there some water cannons to stabilize fairness and social balance in our country and this week's upset about austin is none of these yet. spd members accept the deal chancellor under the miracle could be re elected to a heectedndrm in midember i began. italy's senatebefore voted onednesday t expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi following his conviction for tax fraud the decision meansravis county loses his parliamentary immunity and could face arrest in connection with other legal roceedings against him. they include with an underage prostitute and abuse of
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office. the vote was preceded by heated debate between supporters and opponents doomadgee imagine that this is a historic dayor italy just for them to the rule of law has been strengthened because it's clear that everyone is eal under the law to enable him as a clown a cookie sheet to the knee so i know i'm an addict. but there was tony says he isn't giving up. was the seventy seven year old told supporters he would seek a seat in the next election. however under the terms of its conviction he's barred from holding office for the next sixty years the day. like his prime ministers like these two groups. he knows his resignation in a surprise move on wednesdayhe one he said he could no longer car o in the wake of the country's worst disaster since independence. fifty four people were killed last week with a supermarket group collapsed in the capital riga
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critics have suggested that the government's decision to abolish the construction oversight authority as part of budget cuts may have contributed to the accident so i know and to current and up the pressure this week in a territorial dispute seven group of islands in the east china sea. in response to basingstoke narration of an air defense and around the islands. the united states and japan have both been managing at croft through the area without informing china. boo to you regarding china's use of force to try to challenge the status quo. we'll continue our patrols and surveillance activities without interruption deal with it. when we were determined to fully protect our nation's territory and territorial waters and territory or airspace. he did the titans colts in ca provides a common value by china claimed by the pacific islands the uninhabited islands lying at home to
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the notion that needs to be rich in mineral resources and fishing stocks. the tech tree has been on the japanese administration that on a piece to be flexing its minutes the muscle within you at the fence and even scrambling five digits in response to violations. they tink has signaled it had attracted confrontation with tips on it. sea the deal on jewish festival of hanukkah kicked off on thursday hundreds turned out jerusalem the ceremonial liking of the menorah a giant menorah was also in berlin in front of the city's brandenburg gate. the holiday commemorates to read education of the temple in jerusalem during the revolt in one sixty five pc according toewish belief there was only one to two flights per day. miraculously it lasted for eight. in this
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the blue a crime as it was good tonight star gaze is this an on pace to have been upset by it. let's encounter with the sun on thursday in the us space agency nasa released these images on the ice on disappearing behind the sun. but just failed to relax on the other side's leading scientists to believe that the two km wide some of the race and that bet the pot. the comets was the need to be for the hoffman billion years o and was discovered by a russian tennis get lost in the sun is out hoping they'll be able to study the danbury to learn more about the makeup of thinking of us its. eu summit with former soviet countries and lithuania on friday falling short of its goal of signing a partnership agreement with ukraine. president victor gemma corbett said he was unhappy with the terms and rejected the pact. eu leaders accused moscow of trying to
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secure ukraine's foreign policy reform. the fact that we have a synthetic partnership aggression does not mean that benny on dealing with another country we can't accept any kind of shark park involvement in the bilateral relations ukraine said it wanted more due monday but russell said it was sticking to the conditions it was offering with no new negotiations the government's decision to reject the deal fueled week long protest in ukraine thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets in numbers of cities calling for closer eu ties. will the summit was a success for two smaller countries jordan until the insight into the new partnership act the use of the door was still open to pray. if the president changes his mind. it's the disease. one of danny's nice celebrated christmas markets open and i'm back on
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friday the kids. i hang the christmas angel to admit that the traditional greeting the stock up on the day season. no that's not that dates back to the seventeenth century. it still will sell everything from decorations and toys to feed on touring this is the city is expecting more than two million businesses to sewing the festivities. that was the weekend break. swedish detective. you know sometimes the too much the us. now on dvd. low low
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a a. sells. says the focus documentary series from place to go. captivating documentary said reports cover business and selling its alternative ancient
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historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm d they've seen an artist donald i will still be ukrainian capital of justice toward police lines and capture of mr to buildings hundreds of thousands of roman streets demanding the country's leadership resigned over the shelving of a trade deal with the eu. so the top headlines of the week despite general praise for historic deal on the roads become pregnant. the bombers attacked by forbes in washington he think the role has been let off the hook and these golden independence movement launches its manifesto t


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