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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  December 2, 2013 4:30am-4:51am PST

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into new apartments and you can simply carry on your life the way you were to play before. that's moving house in japan. polite and consider the service that takes care of i seventy. the two additional levies to be ions with apricots. there's no sign of any changing the political deadlock between the two whiting for the ticket bought teens go back channels out of pocket mean looking to get the bnp to participate in the jenin the interactions of a bust right corner by the bnp and it is not missed a nice touch
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that election on the night reliance was damaged at many places and scores of includes what torched by the protest as dope on the announcement of ottoman ge elections in the country. the protests began after the election commission announced that the lisbon be held on january fifth minute a part of the book might be postponed to ensure participation of the opposition parties seventy one on her donation great strength and height as me being me and i had a nice business education and health facilities across the country but it doesn't keep the book is entitled to overtime and fifty injected into the gates so its activities by supporters of bnp. gemma activist groups and intrusive who looks like the guy
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cheated on. considering it. i need to. the temple. but inside hot sexy got to know he showed and headed out i'm sure there'd be notch would like these. so distance to the conviction commission offices in boulder damaging financial documents important piece of it toward a peace talks. opposition activists also damaging the charts but the nice treatment systems in diamond idea and women seek weeks disrupted train services on set of hoops but toward the goal. good enough to let the buddha said the staff of the way i've been colossal of august the muffled in the moment we receive a book of noah quartz security has been stepped up in the capital to complete the second adam and itchy border guards of skin folds from evoke doc its fullest cars buses and trucks just opened on the main roads what about al qaeda activity
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that. tidy up the of the net buying of the glass. i love that likeable or double boiler. and another outlet for my taste and again the huntington beach and daddy didn't want to lose the strike called by the bnp and its the advantage of the peace and against the announcement tuesday that the country's parliament insisting that the strike by the opposition has been to the heart of honor the god i will try two percent said she was acting in a need. i would state the day. smith said the unit. as i was. us
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some people said that the strikes going to post the pool and spa on the constitution. please note that this isn't a lot of old all about this have told them no. there are other buses to run across the bow with this what i did the dishes for a minute i get to give the government to go. indeed the image of the county has a nice time in the midst of all kinds to what is the decision of the desperate trying to meet in june nineteen seventy one to the east wall. a total of two counts of the dentists use the gym on sunday. i'm so addicted to add body to participate in the top twenty convictions. it's not force democracy on the bench and
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adopting all other parts of the means to disrupt peace and friendship the end of the she'll be eighty and its allies. i'm not reading to contest the police and this is expected to fuel more violence and political instability in the country. i understand unabated for the tip of the eyelids about weddings is a cause of concern to the international community. the european parliament in dawson's decently boston distribution unto god in the town after the elections in the debates the european parliament all its existence on over the weekend has ended the life of its citizens due to continue and gendered strikes caught by the bnp and its allied to mark the sami the european parliament called on all groups and individuals to exercise tolerance and restraint especially in the lead up to the elections in the country well done to bash is in a critical situation because in spite of up to the demand is low. often she and the lack of development of the country actually the last few years have been very positive and fun with bench as a brooch
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several of the goals of the menu for instance. but yes it is the face and a tremendous price is the cause by resistance of the easiest for students too. hosted by contestants for the trials of charging those who organized the genocide in nineteen seventy one. in no mood really. trying to do to provoke mayhem the country this is a very serious situation. i think that the european parliament that's the very important resolution last week i think is a very balanced resolution and a lot of the goods the group to advise was spent there and i'm very happy for the day you can almost laugh and take to such a position all. iman came to the citizens of bonded it would be deprived of for pretty cheap and chinese and
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the country's social and economic stability and its impressive development progress would be undermined if the opposition boycotts and changing elections. while it's a fundamental fact that there will be a climate of peace and tranquility that people are allowed to freely express their approach. we'd all this move such precious and such. organized terror because that's what it is that we are witnessing now when bond with fish. that's what all were commissioned the canadian mission to bond with bench has been reporting was. the nation's ambassador to belgium is enough to hide said that in spite of that i must bow to live in. what sustained democracy to be some kind of fun. um at pretentious that's going on and speculations of weeks my tp some and eat it he said the tt sam and chris weitz who is best avoided because a country plagued by midday st is sorta get tested be
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democracy far sometimes. now it is pretty important to maintain and sustain democracy. she and the violinist came up as a result of the war crimes trials in the seven bnp and jamaat tevez was sentenced according to government estimates during the heart of litigation in nineteen seventy nine two million peak of the kids. thousands of images but these and hundreds of thousands of meaning that the act by which pakistani forces and to not support its use more than twenty years that the people had pd night to justice. soul. jesse's deb's to seize the night so it's important to her of being pillaged it to the bones and aching in l a b and titties beats the government is heading to is painful it into the ocean the canadian minister david campbell or bodies about going fundamentalism in bondi based. i didn't affect the business community. he believes that the point of the security forces have of god has done especially
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boating artist on make it more in practice to used on this day to organizations that in cottage style into the county's day on the bench with jamal is on a jetty on it and it's clear that love people. what a kick out of afghanistan and the worry and tori i have this is that everybody just so we're leaving in one we're going to ignore problems in places like pakistan and it makes it easier for fundamentalism to prevail and that when i think would be an utter tragedy for the people of bangladesh are core to stand for. in the al qaeda and she had this were to prevail in the bangladesh or india bangladesh. as minister i have enormous admiration for the people there there is ample a garment industry is doing source the twenty one billion dollars of many jobs is that create harmony in ten races that give a future to come any better lives to say is that create sorts. uh we don't want to see people take
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office in them the doctor that are too quick to say when the car and be . we don't want women working in the gentry lee eighty percent of the people working in the in the car would ensure women. i've seen them six six million people work in the industry. so with the show became the economy is extremely important the bnp does not combine has no plans to take part in the january elections but unless it's trying to sabotage the elections but painting on its last two strikes. this is you can see now what to think of the kids said that the bnp which can be but just as the pakistani forces had done in nineteen seventy one the decision not to protest. the icicle exposes it to the fact i did not demand that the us. no reductions would mean intimidation of posts article fifty seven of the constitution and that is as in something similar to what happened in two thousand and seven. in the country has
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to include two just been posted to an agency with a chinese dish. i had the coolest living and dying imposed upon the cia does it claim ten hundred seeds of destruction. this is independent of all of it to me to change it. sayed mohammad it to him said that the heating up the step isn't too different identities and different than it does of success and fabian. in my view. included in the grip of another. and last report. it is appointed. the deeper then cooled different part of me the deeper than going for portugal agility and content the deeper than forty third the above title. every day and the deeper than four different regions of success and failure. get a nice touch
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i'm not the actions of the net getting to know i'm on the government in which the lord and gateshead be defeated. they were no allegations of digging in the low spots so it does seem a bit awed that the bnp. it's also tend to invest in index and the beating. the us open on tv to the body the cynical engaging the game even if article it's the beauties in home a book by bnp does not want to participate in the elections is that the bnp soup the mold hundred as the umpteenth time today to see schenectady when she wasn't fitting to him that he did in two thousand and two thousand and twelve when she has seen the stock and added he was on this night. he has got its act right and jake to fight said the mistakes subsequently its popularity has increased the cost of the bnp. an opinion survey carried out by the dt to come on know in september twenty ten team. if the elections but has been the bnp would
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get fifty point two was sent off the wall looked at the other i mean he would get cut the six point five percent since its all your toys in it to the mix and without widening gap between the two parties' how brave of buying a bimbo that the two have changed and back to drastically than me she might still be on issue with messages and opinions are booked as insured by the us in democracy international at york ap found that the difference between the two bodies have now dough down from twenty seven percent to just three percent white twenty percent of respondents said that the bnp would be thirty five percent felt that the army would do so. given that and it's not hard to predict where the bottom of the cookie puss and undecided voters would go more than the next episode makes me thank you for watching identity. i know
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she got to take participation rates with me it's that time and for such success. wall street cottage we stayed in a market based policies. this week. so for what the system. and this trip and each will go was telstra with ninety percent with the intent of what i did for the next book i had. his board books with me. what is he did all of this. look it
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up instantly. eye. it literally at bay the bicycles as the sofa to leave the wood frame and then tumbled to cover up of bowls was very intriguing and that sweet souls thought that it too so the cover will be aboard the station. since listing in building its one hundred percent recycled the five senses. it's cheap combine those with material costs can be urban environmental projects. this can be to get kids to school in africa. then of course. we hope to do less. seasonal solutions to play it seasonal changes means that they should include the names and ages job to cut across its automotive students work on equipment from a local plant life career and employment training bases its income and agreed to a deepak
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a recipient of a deep respect and show educational stripping project olympics the project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially for low income families. the country's growing industries partnerships between companies and vocational schools are encouraged students can be placed into before becoming full time employees. the city on sunday that its identity. you can activate it and see not that the district of north eastern state of many plea bargain even the big media. hundreds of people from fox and eighty as a baby to queue outside the site for treatment. counts except head on any given day since i moved to the good sense of the hominid been making this a good piece on north avenue. doctors up on some thai fruits idc predicted that they don't
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give in. that was organized with another patient a good aussie couple in front insomnia by the dentist what sort of hinted that can then be put into keeping on basic rights. so enough said they'd easy since i can't seven iits. the medicine its descriptions of necessity information on what issues would come by to combat it on the twenty twelve proper support and committing to child survival from this review was launched. it examines global trends and child mortality noting rapid progress in reducing child death. data released by the un interagency group for child mortality estimation shows that globally the number of deaths for children under five fell from nearly twelve million in nineteen ninety two an estimated six point nine million in twenty eleven. it is in the world. also on the head and makes the network's top four
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the news. it is. eye. what's up. what's not. the main studies are. usa today without all of troops as of monday the phone to see it got a bunch and six litre see what the end of august on
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and find a list of books on presidential candidates announced. us national security adviser susan rice visit to kabul and has a meeting with the progress and taught at the side of the uncertainty over the future of us troops in the country. rice maker said it is in the us on preston's best in class to sign a buy back agreement with the united states offered to send the awful on and dance and asked the security at airports. the meeting between home and his audiences and writes came a day often the same deal of confidence going as low as you go what to approve a security pact with the united states but percent of homes within the u s troops will stay on the mall's foreign forces withdrawn next tip. but president ahmed as i took the puck into question by refusing to sit there though he would sign it. in total total price is because that
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is if you put the site was secured to do with the united states could mean for the washington david for all its troops next year. he wants the united states to put him in egypt and committed to the tune of tom holmes and it wants to its commitment to peace talks before deciding to buy that unsecured debt. the distorted aniston still no tv. the us will come the design of the jeep and people of afghanistan in the morning target stated. overwhelmingly in their desire for the psp to be agreed in green promptly and urge that the sky and the skin as possible before the end of the year for the mac people who have invested so much in this partnership with afghanistan. that was very good news i only hope very much. the president will decide that it is sad in his snow. best interest in the interest of his country to conclude angr


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