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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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shea. you evening will do little. all welcome. coming up what's next in the standoff in ukraine with the government survived a no confidence vote. pro eu demonstrated still want but had a secure channel called rich. for that last minute about states were bikes get excited with moscow instead of brussels. we'll see how it turned out it's this tuesday evening. and to approach
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the broader question designed to quickly get the last laugh for all it's still on when it comes to the future of ukraine. that's coming up austin and jackson today. pr begins during the newsroom and say hello again to clear profit. thank you also are these other headlines thousands of people continued to protest and she advised of the opposition failed to force out the government's with an air of confidence faith and condiments. the name checked in on call basis police from a batting cage that and now anti government protest is to enter the compound of government buildings. and paul shaw read on the balcony to check into it gets six years in jail. ordering the acid attack in which the artistic director was always going to. to ukraine where the prime minister says he's ready for donald for apologizing to the use of police force against protest
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is this a day of the saying their actions sparked by the president by tracking on a trade deal with the eu amounted to pick it up added the opposition sought to force the resignation of the government with a no confidence votes but failed to show bones silk reports. i signed the parliament building prisons of protesters demanding the government's resignation just a fraction of the hundreds of cousins encountered over the last weeks. inside parliament the opposition didn't have the support he needed hundred and eighty six entries posted in favor of the no confidence motion. well short of the two hundred and twenty six required for it to pounce. or that those opposition and peace islam to answer that for being too cool to mild go it speaks to me she would take maybe any justice. any she'll get it. the city to ukraine for three years. it's about the humiliation of the ukrainian people and make it into guarding the rights and freedom. cranium. uses a
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stolen country. he'd stolen bike to get caught in a deal with anti government sentiment has been further fuelled by a police crackdown on protests. yes we will be outraged ukrainians went to the streets to hold peaceful demonstrations. the young people have no political slogans. they had ukrainian national flags. the police dispersed them with our tummies. i had never happened in the history of independent ukraine. prime minister he could answer of apologized in parliament for the harsh for the saxon he also promised to reshuffle his cabinet the opposition if it's on to find. after the post leader's guide to continue their campaign and located the parliament building to prevent the government from working. any ais based on correspondence in kent town of the crowd i asked him what's next for ukraine. that is the question that people find it extremely difficult on so you can speak to
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the most respected bags that say in this country and they'll to be completely different things it's possible the opposition will try to locate condiments it's possible that that may seem and emboldened by its major clinical buttons but will decided not to try and commit to demonstrate its from this plaque that said he collected up to ferret out with other people saying that that would not be a note to bpi going against their interest to the government to do that because it would make the people of the more angry sad really that such speculation going in all directions. it's very hard to predict what will happen after several days of clashes police in bangkok have come to a wire and tape and barricades to which fed the confrontation that anti government protest is as calling for prime minister yang election a lot to step down in our streets and to the grounds of government house and other fortified compounds pace as he gets it and posted bond is bound to fight to the charity said and how small. protesters seeking hands including police
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hancock has changed. on tuesday after days of violent groups as policemen demonstrators bring down barricades the protected government offices. this new strategy tuesdays and the king's birthday celebrations. still opposition activists were to topple the cabinet. the state is controlled by former ousted prime minister. and since no one. i know it's not over. this is the start of the new politics. we need to refund all politics and other agencies such as the police it might be that we need to change all of them so the country will benefit from the revolution of the people while anti tax and protesters plan the next phase of the return to topple the elected government parents and sister the current prime minister called for dialogue. all i would like to avoid academics businessmen and groups from all walks of life including political protesters to work to get there and hold a forum to express their opinions to
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find an answer and reform the political situation into a democratic system or taking as its leader the guard louis demonstrators see the one in block shinawatra not hinting that the plan to resume their ancient ones that came to blows at his birthday candles in all screwy and powerful and cool the skin joan hughes may have been roomies from his pace as according to to make is in south korea the country's spy agency told them that johnstone kayak vice chairman of the north's top of that utility companies seen in for a few weeks ago michael is a saying that to be uncouth close aides have been executed for corruption not to abide in his voice us opposition to china's new and defend sign above disputed islands in the east china sea bass on a visit to japan the us vice president said as immediate crisis management mechanisms and effective tunnels a picture of
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communication between china and japan to reduce the risk of escalation. japan is the fast up on biden's weeklong trip to the stage nothing much softer and outside the top of the bushies artistic director had bought a center as part of me teaching career has been jailed for six years organizing in any case this revealed this the rivalries and in feinstein and the bold choice. the money through the obstacle ten years behind bars on a fat man was sentenced to four get to that gorgeous tiny reports to use today and someone of the world's most famous beaches. now the twenty ten goals in six years behind bars. the bok choy cancer was found guilty of masterminding an attack on the theater's artistic director along with two accomplices of the prosecutor asked for absolutely fair prison terms considering what has been done. we believe that the guilt of all three defendants has been proven the bok choy is artistic director sergei filling was
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attacked back in january. on his way home. the man threw acid in his face causing severe burns an extensive damage designs. take the typical pleaded not guilty but admitted he wanted to see hear feel and the dancer said he was angered because the director overlooked him and his girlfriend for the beating hearts. the man who carried out the attack recognized using acid was his idea and that meet each ankle had nothing to do with it. he was found guilty along with the driver. the monthlong trial revealed the feud between two rival clans inside the bone chilling feeling accused me of the tinkle of spreading rumors about alleged affairs with ballerinas. we each think the supporters however priests that answer for standing up for those who were too afraid to speak out against the director somehow street dancers even made a last minute plea for leniency in an open letter saying that round haven't offered any evidence confirming his guilt our french friends acts that say yes and fat diet of
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natural causes that was nine use a canon that's what the ap is reporting a few weeks after a report by swiss sciences the support it poisoning theory the palestinian leader's body was exchanged attacks last year amid continuing claims he was mad at her friend's ex pats have reportedly ruled out the possibility that he was poisoned his wife celia says she rejects those findings the palestinians expressed skepticism. ms rau says no surprises here francis to or thrice the deployment of armed guards ownership says parts of the anti piracy measures as already the case for shipping companies from persons spain and denmark but then honesty is friendship in companies that have to make do with protection by the french navy william gilbert brown has the story. four years ago the built in to pump a was captured by somali pirates and its crew held hostage for two months. many countries have struggled to fight
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piracy. since two thousand a friend says provided naval protection for its vessels and now for the first time ever its author a ship's to seek outside help. we will allow the use of private teams who can complement missions being accomplished by the national navy the prime minister added that the move led french vessels compete better on the market. denmark spain in the uk already allowed their ships to use on cards france's navy has been active off the coast of somalia since two thousand aids. along with their fleets it's helped greatly reduce piracy in the region. but it's far from being eradicated. france's decision will not only help better protect its vessels have security in the area of other acids that is oil rigs come under threat. so from the new center now is time to say that she's also on for the debate and many thanks to declare pride in the newsroom no let up in the other four
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men in ukraine's biggest protests since the current resolution of two thousand and four. earlier in the day the surviving a vote of no confidence. the prime minister apologized for police crackdown on protests demonstrators. again this tuesday the massing outside parliament to protest the ex soviet state's last minute call up the deal to close ties to the eu. last week it seemed like the demure put in the last laugh. using a mix of carrot and stick to get his russian speaking counterpart viktor yanukovich to drop into brussels the team on monday rewarded armenia for siding with moscow. the facts by st on natural gas. the scenes ag on this topic. denouncing rallies and kevin costner is quote what it's intended to be stabilized ukraine for electoral reasons. so where does it all the gannett co been to before jetting off to china to raise more and more and to quote a bad piece is
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better than the best of the orders will ponder his future as well as future of an age of forty six million it's easy to fall winds have shifted considerably in the past decade to win the falls and care debate is in another aren't revolution in the making images to talk about it from brussels in the mask we are of the european center for a modern ukraine. thank you for joining us. you'll hear in the studio. activists in with the fam in movement ina shevchenko thank you for being with us. he teaches that the french buckle science institutes gospel according to gore got say is of the former georgian minister for european integration and outspoken as well. a reporter julian nancy drew. studying in ukraine and to his comeback ever since. i think the biggest me up cos i get to date we've been waiting and on the conversation on facebook and twitter hash tag is at two for today. first though
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let's go take care of and. in a moment and to join a week ago in a moment to join thousand cats and gulliver crag were its technical issue there. hope its good will and second um. let's begin then um with a week you didn't even ask me are. this vote of no confidence. um it was expected to pass after all gentle cool beach. um has strong support in parliament is this going to. you think sue tensions. well i say it's nice to have to see that is good to see at the school that that's that's that got the name of the positive thing about this this mode. at the down and scan at her and that dancing in them but today acknowledged the army calls to the end of the year. so this is a ukrainian sense in you yet as the new bot said
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the fed to continue consultations degustation is boston as the european doing and that's the direction for best results. so often this means that it's better having gotten up to ten. so at least this time the latino market that ukraine had seen negotiations with both the eu and then the russians we thought it was a lot of viewers may think it was game over last week when a the government to have pulled out of that deal that was posted in sonnet that eu summit a good actually because i feel i can actually the statements of the garment of the president as she showed remarkable is not set up a topic unless i'm told that resonates and the reason for that i think that explains it still. in the shade as the conditions altered in some way to finding a solution and take them on the constitution economical in the case and that the agreement. we'll
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have upside of that simple monochromatic a sense of view too much attention so he can not deny the facts. and that nothing alike it's not that lets me have to find a solution so i really sensed a month ramadan. and it sounds so old and has beaten before i get to his studio. their debut made it again she added i'm going to law school tomorrow and also to gasol so that any adult has to be found susan is going to be complementary to its import and the good news you just gave us that there's still these delegations going both to brussels and to moscow for a good address the panel let's go to cannes and to join falls and gets gulliver crag. he's been following this story. ever since the november twenty first about face down on goal over the vote of no confidence has improved in any way reduce the numbers out there in the square where you want one
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has to have a good incentive it was. i thought it would make deposits the kids the dispute the radio. it would be. the company update the meat on top. the artist for me. the other. beyond
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that. i did it. it's been like this. tens of thousands with soaking about. still going well. word gets this it is. your chestnuts testers the speed seems to be standing up with different messages before i go back to gulliver let's take a listen to what some of them have to say. young people as will is thatepends on going dispute goes with this government with that. the ride. you're cute. politicians aren't criminals like here. met yet i think he's yet to know want to see two or about ten years ago which had originally said that it's less about the same and it is today. rovers mean it. for most proteins that last woman she's got it in for
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yanukovich someday though the deeper messages saying throw all the bums out basically. go over what. who are the protesters out there who are these people the students that live in a hat. thank you daddy the weekend i slowed down the wind. the gang that so. i think that the people you make the most angry with us at that. i did. he didn't it's about. with kids
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ukraine. the snow the concious. i will just die. these. to think of. so she said. there is the key to the people it from the west i do. i did it. it is. it
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said. tia. nothing new. it would give it the engine from the russians. did you write the kids to ride rides the blue. many thanks for that update from ninety eight from the six affected areas we could hear that the ministry are seen to be delivered to say that effectively he's more people from the west were protesting and in the year in the russian speaking east far fewer um you yourself are telling us before the program began that you were born in the russian speaking part of the country t cents. change between today and beyond resolution two thousand for in that regard. will i do not think that we all have to recognize these photos is a process but as a revolution. this is what you say kitty and i don't want anyone to stand in the second orange attention
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because this campaign to defend the station is completely different emotion the upcoming thoughtful person and it is not for political parties' their condo for they knew the ukrainian team that was somehow formed right. there was no point saying that the people. they have different commands and defense if an idea it's because you signed your agreements is to say no to him because each and two tuesday that the that is just right now. i mean it's you want to sign a new agreement is to say no to rush out and to fuel chief culprit in the hands of russia. when you cleaned the question that loves to read before. on the me me me me it's you call it a dictatorship but there are elections there's the next elections in june two thousand the bowl beat the is the what is going well right now and the street. i quilted this is the that is putting up its fuel for one minute. joining history of independence a few create twenty second of it to
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tuesday. we didn't have to on the list. and this disc will be enough. who will be this way because of that. it never happened before. yes we will address that yes we were forced to not to comply with squares but we will bring them to face my list of companies and we loved eating and going to hospitals. after all this and it has happened before. right now we're just looking in its remit to form with two russian under the premise his apology. you know what to expect from the person who is fast sing too. nice to be people tune into maine and beads and then to see that he's just completely taken up he cannot stop five thousand five hundred thousand people with policeman wanted to know what else do you expect from the firm to get to none did in the yukon to be of such a nice saturday morning and is this purchase was broken up
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it does seem to be the name and his spot these cute stories to tell him. and this is much much bigger than your own company. you know popular people out there and that was mainly a key achievement this is nathan and into western ukrainian event. this is still much the same but there are people coming crosswise into two friends in kiev on the phone telling me that is the month honors that said the extension is coming out of stock the people who did it the apolitical the people who'd normally don't care demonstrations and. and what you make a goal of a price point that you're hearing the national anthem sung in hearing more and more is this nationalist fervor there is a nationalist party in ukraine is that something that is also different from of two thousand for. umm two thousand poles lot of scenes and it's the national anthem what is different is the rise of this spa boat aunty which is a nationalist
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party which hanson is considered to be in the extreme right. it's some people are very worried about it. umm don't think this is something that this is not a new element that is obese he has to be one. the chicken dance. somalis sunni issue of national identity and nationalist. i want to forget that the ukrainian national identity as being more glory in being in the past the fact that today we hear the national anthem and the comp. holden's adults the korean nation is as an ordination as a nation that is on the dates the european center it doesn't mean that the state's national assn is so is aggressive. it just the assertion or re insertion or recall the region of the korean identity. you know what they did and what is what is national identity national identities that dd had to sit and sew one. a french philosopher said the century more than century ago. so we should not be. it
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radiates off of the world and the word nation in in the ukrainian case of course there's some minority which is opp more extremist and close to far right but the beast these people do not present the majority of the tools for learning at present and all people from the front door isn't that people from different social classes i hear you cannot make the revolution only with that one pro western apostles did. the heat's you have to have everybody united and is the case you were mentioning earlier allah and in between its pr made the point about how um another pressing issue now for as all these protests are going on this past may budget it's true that tax is also initiates coming to a head last year. ukraine issued more than fifteen billion dollars in treasury bonds with an interest rate just below eight percent through this tuesday. political uncertainty scaring investors of the greatest climbed above twenty percent that's a record. the cost of insuring
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ukrainian dad has leapfrogged both that of cyprus only default swaps protect the argentine and venezuelan notes more expensive and so i ask you this question. a year in s korea or china. a national identity which are not sovereignty effectively though. ukraine is in a position right now it seems warehouse to pick a suitor between. either brussels on one hand a mosque on the other. i think it's a bit simplistic. and it's not possible in ukraine is said we cannot say that i had to go kayaking on political situation in the graphic kayaking beat the european union russia but also a sense of identity the sun bathe in the two you get when you get that option. so it's simple it's something that cannot be ignored. i will call us and that's i think looks kind of a india i e the god as the president to try to convey to you look at me last up to us seats in it i
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let the presentations of lords eu does not accept it it says a forty mile dial up of course it's not acceptable and to have a new form of a thigh length of the i am not now official adult lives on an official level in any form of consultation sites and tested it out if you want to solve the situation. that soul fiat so the thickness of the year inside that some official competitions also coffee shop. i'm not. if it doesn't happen i think looked and looked me in heels see it so this is that i let it ring and a fish of the two knots and it's been awesome. you know that if i misunderstood the solution. any cop tested it out. he didn't. he has the cash is and isn't very important sea issue but are in the middle xi team who are trying to get cash boost from russia or the european union is kidding not the solution the solution was told would be tried for three or more than three years by buying the presents an approach to the dean court. on one side you have russians are proposing some money with
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notes almost no condition to soften up the forms of nuts bolts they did things are about to go on loyalty. it sets reps on the other side european union's cannot give money billions of dollars with all its having three forms without having condition is fulfilled in ukraine and are not on economic conditions but also conditions fell to one writes about the absence of the selective justice and peace is simply not possible so that the fact that the ukrainian government did not make these toys were to read the years. and now again be trying to do the same so called keating took to send delegations bolton. brussels canwest is it's it's a game that is to test the continuation of this policy and anything that brought us into this particular situation or unethical quick break we'll pick up on this pony get back this is the prospect of today. hse throughout
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the week. kentucky to update the blog sports news the action. the excitement with results showing that lead to a sports ground on monday to friday eight fifteen pm stall and ikea own placenta a. we were down to earth off the coast and oversee a seventh day looking for ways to feed the plant global appetite for fish has never been so i'd get more and more. the special ed coming up and see the oceans cannot do this so called reading out the fish that end up in her play. having been called to say they were for it turns out that the future of the enders. it's down to us. and yet i think a dog show. the hosts of the sun gets experience all
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the lights. just download the application. it's free and simple to install the deal photos and videos to an editorial. become our eyes on the ground. it will keep you up to date on internationally in real time once i got all the life more coverage than ever before. music sensible anywhere anytime. english french and arabic. i kept on yelling. you'll see it. i welcome at or just joining us before losing all spent yet to be disciples the stories of lewis and eight. we'll be following for you at the top of the hour. yasser arafat's widow. says she's distraught by a french inquiry that rules that said the former palestinian leader was not the victim of foul play when he died in a paris hospital in two thousand and four that contradicts previous findings by swiss
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investigators. in ukraine the government survives a vote of no confidence in parliament but demonstrators pro eu demonstrators out in greater numbers. so says our correspondent in bangkok attention he says police were moves barricades and allows anti government protesters to enter the compounds of government buildings. six years behind bars that's the sentence report should answer the bell dimitri the new trend called up he was convicted of ordering the acid attack in which the artistic director of multiple choice was almost blind. those stories are more at the top of the hour right here on costs and debt welcome back awoke with you just joining us this is the false intense debates were wondering if there's another aren't revolution on the way in ukraine. this set as the protests continue
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after the cover there's survived a no confidence vote these salts do with the about face by which to have pulled out of the last day at the last minute of a treaty that would make closer ties with the brussels. talk about it from up the eu headquarters in brussels the rain as we are of the european center for a modern ukraine in the studio the natchez shane co of the activist group fatten up with this as well. he is a thorny k koran say to his former minister for european integration who is at and now a teaching french political science institutes gospel and journalist julie and andy was there to cover the art revolution. back in two thousand and four. one of the questions that the people been asking his. what's the what's what should the president to win. mr can go when i'm. protesters say
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they want yanukovich to go what are they walk out to go how will one day you would expect me to answer has to go definitely a test series two is in right now. i can't relate. i'm personally as ukraine and has a lot of those protesters as well as the one of those polled growing like she was in the ocean. i even hate it when people are ignoring hundred thousand to one point the square and thinking these gaiman has passed him change him a seat in the air yes you read the youtube his wisdom is to survive a vote of no confidence. but airline canceled in two thousand and fifteen. it doesn't mean that people are eating right. his new bed in the semi satisfied with the current status by indefinitely. the nation when he doesn't resign would you do. well what the will to
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love god and right now the show has signed a look go because they haven't kicked in and visit again i want you want to. this practice as not to protest for you integration. this is one of the reasons to go outside i'm making fun of that in the hammy acting on all the action. and that was done during bill's yes orange of the ocean. o'connor to bold and bright know it's exposing and common knowledge in this scene we don't want them to fashion anymore. we don't want to make meaning anymore it was something we want new ukrainian team. for european integration but this is the game on the date on the tops of the solution to the non light was much bigger reasons and that means we are in brussels for your right not as a nato council meeting going on in the us secretary of state has just urge you to the ukrainian government to listen to the voices of its people. you think that to bed
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gannett co which should to step down as a result of all the people that are here in greater numbers. say some analysts of ben in two thousand for i think i will step down so i set it up it's not the solution that ukraine's assists in the crates is not to get out of the table all political forces santa. and coming back i actually got to the streets not for the government against the government for the poetry gets it. but this needs folding it in its aggression in acting as the sets. so if i lived association agreement and he's a free dial up. for this to happen. the focus of the outback to get back to the backstop bolting for the necessary rules president faust and that's that. i have to be implemented and that he gets that one step closer to the you suck and
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the president for science vietnam or even government assigns the bones you could deepen political crisis which is not the solution in which is not the people we live the mentally disabled these in europe at the opposite effect. so that's what they want. before flying off to china. ukraine's president warren began to poke a headpiece is better than the best of wars. the good results i think annie but kanye stationed on the political process to choose who will only have negative consequences and you can get it soon. smithson and using brownies with the aim of radicalized. it is poisonous to. and someone must always carry that responsibility and privilege snip its. in an editorial do so tuesday in the washroom to wash post war protesters. be careful what you wish for june and it said if mr
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jacqueline. yanukovich has forced from power by street marches or other extra constitutional means. ukraine will be vulnerable to the endless turmoil that is afflicted other nations that were moved elected leaders including thailand's in each well this is true this is put to good on them there's no constitutional or legal reason why yanukovich stepped on what you should hold new elections. he's got his inaction some stuff coming up in under two pounds and fifteen which would be the next occasion for people to choose. on the other hand um the car spun in brussels that was saying. it's time to bring together all the political force. this is rather difficult to do is we must remember that was the head of one of the main opposition party has impressed you get a mention on the head of the second officer should copy the time to keep cool. the eu the welterweight boxing champion he's under pressure because of the species had residents in germany and
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the government is trying to push through a goal to stop him being a presidential candidate because of that and having some respects. so it's very difficult for these political forces to get together. when the government to its being in government itself is pink so hard on the opposite. i did the name of the telly. the combined weight came up to. this morning in conversation the french foreign minister pressed on the matter by sister station radio france international. and often use regarding those protests saying no it's not a coup in the making fed is trying to claim even hand up to a point the grid is difficult there's no one tie dinners and there is no opposition to having an association with the europe union and also being close to russia. there is no contradiction therefore it is up to the population and the authorities to choose but i repeat that the direction taken is extremely shocking. for my part. i told this to klitschko one of the leaders of the opposition that was
7:39 pm
completely ready to receive them and parents. ticket to get a dose of love the ministry are your reaction to that statement but often use. while. that's sad that this is why i am reading i basically did the only solution to me it's to seek out the table. i think they can do this and also the man maybe also the obvious message to the position in this matter they received an unprecedented haven't ever been in the ukraine the european union wants to see stable uk and us and uk that need to be consensus on because the people i make either so that people should listen to them and realize that the pentagon. but that position. so the only solution is just mail it to get to the table and to discuss how to ask for european integration will optimize an advantage and fall finally decided this is such an agreement. again the government said it was postponed so. hey you've got
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to see that its advent of the suspect made it so it went this time actually and then assume that people mean when the satisfied that the presidential elections a comment and don't score against that but just vote against. green is clear you were there on the one hand the french for mr csu ukraine can be friends with everybody both the east and west on the other hand he was saying let's pull out the red carpet for vitali klitschko would you think of that. well i think that spice up the tents the presidents of candidates all. the atlanta to see from this attention that is going to do now. nevertheless he still can remember that's so far. as events in ukraine is in the end of the cheetos and he was in mexico an accent and that's it. this was certainly one of the new wrinkles in ukrainian politics he's the leader of a party actually called punch
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amid protests from anti noise about the crown's vitali klitschko to meet its soul and brain hundred and four kilos. he's making his presence felt in ukraine having helped defuse the standoff between anti government protest is on the police at the weekend forty zero worksafe increasingly flexing his muscle in the political arena as leader of the current team opposition parties' to dock he's called on president b c icahn it takes to resign this never see in his country. whicgoes to reigning heavyweight world champion. his record speaks for itself. forty five lanes including full team on all counts and just two losses now he's eyeing his next victims the people who trust in what the dome and the gold cross and what was then we see what we've got people going straight. to say. we
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are leaving. don't you go there for them only when you want to leave coffee it's a fight scene in the ring pictured are nicknamed try to find faced entered parliament in two thousand and twelve campaigning against corruption with fisticuffs between korean politicians not some common. he's been made to feel right to pardon as the protests gathered steam which has emerged as one the most popular opposition leaders in ukraine he's already announced his intention to run for president in twenty fifteen in the polls would have been beating the incumbent in a runoff. the tele klitschko has not been tainted by scandal he's. next prez is ukraine would you like that to be the case. stephen think is attempting to talks. i doubt he will be ten and ukrainian. the changes and am deaf in the box. the petition i think it is a pain in the world right now is in the position. as the president was coming to
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the people and supportg them. that's zombie the prlem ai is that for ten to twoeain gmentse havreallyeen people. what these people will connect it was the same interests and those interests didn't cnge basically during those twent two years. and i were feeling. honestly i'm hearing um that's ukraine intervention can turn. was that kind of scenario on a spindle for some x two square and in torquay. and so because of opposition. who is that the position for the moment but who cannot become some point in your garments. knox was that the new pens and because the bonnet as we were noticing anye to see here there is noto respond to the community she said. and
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so this is when b and back into the tendency to put it online. from the point is that the tickets call the snow with a book called him the attention why why why is that. you would like to do this at periods of him being part of their own. ukrainian on the moon. you would use a lot boxing champion. but there is a politician. repeat again. ceasing to be what he he he simply doesn't have experienced it. to be a political leader. i said a statement pieces. it is a petition to be with me to sing to outfit a country that is coming right now from the deep economic cultural social crisis ends to put it back. or to put it in the step up. your thoughts on this. i wanted to read the thing but why not i've listened to him is that it was several times in the last twenty years i have that
7:45 pm
the new york would toughen his is really improving and he's at the sunday mail off progresses as a politician hands of course i cannot say if he will be an ex president before great. i agree with you there's a problem in ukraine. it's because the since the rules of the story origin pollution lots of things the difference with the rows of lotion in georgia was a lot of things when not done in ukraine. and that's why people are disappointed in mainstream political forces and these things are very painful. i understand why today ukraine is so vulnerable with russia because it is the entry forms will not make them with a really creamy still very dependent on russia and even state mortal original mortal is not very different from rational though because these post soviet system was not dismantle and these is of course very difficult to distant dismantle and you wear your clothes and lots of awful things but when you're going to the rear even legal actions will happen to my
7:46 pm
government recently but this is something to read to him to be done. and this was not the ukraine and i understand it perfectly when you call for a new generation of politicians but definitely definitely they'd be the current government's off to create these ten knots. i was not surprised that they they refused to sign association written agreement because they were not able to sign two to take the same treatment. so inefficient go would you think then of the coventry given the west's to the imprisonment of another leading opposition leader yulia tymoshenko former prime minister. um she is in jail convicted of corruption by the current government. um we think of the coverage we get to that here. yes definitely i will not support the fact that students were sent these in jail. it is definitely here is the point. it was kind of a decision before the season the wish of recent presidents
7:47 pm
erm maybe i should stop to call him president amin of chemical means. it was his special wish. to kind of thing or two to move the person who wants to take his place and sit and see what she she could do. and let's not talking about its units in the center has agreed to check for ukraine aquila on him all the world to moose to try to remember whose units into sentences and not you. e dish and this is the petition. is existing in ukrainian the only people that may lead to four looked up and down now. she was i. and she was part of from two as part of the team off. which mom and said those people that we we we as ukrainians dun wish to come back. amidst the indian jail which is not a saint but she's not too
7:48 pm
good a person to the courts that a christian. kuchma was trespassing or imprisonment he was prime minister i own even if she didn't stand for very long. i think to come. i think compared to two tickets go to my pre mature georgian connie that he's he's improved greatly. surrounded by smart people. he's nice he's picked up along the way some very impressive people the performance at the ukrainian security service has been formed to promote. he's one of his main influences. it is learned is not boxing above is weak sauce of tomatoes with them when their fight to palm coast. he spent his days just a small remark i don't want to look like an eighties i was trying to make a point of contact on. what we have been learning about its own dissolution would not stand again as i sat with us in
7:49 pm
their off spring when new disappointment will call that is why we are talking about. that school is a good position right now of admitted that deny that he is going east and control that's to be a president this isn't the question write the word ignorant dogs is georgia's only one of two nations that signed on last friday. to a new treaty between the eu and the east in vilnius. on monday modern airport and visited armenia back in september of bands and deal with the eu in favor of russia led customs union here upon a reward and by the way with a sizeable pot in the price it pays for natural gas something ukrainians haven't gotten yet the russian president with some choice words for the protesters in kent and elsewhere. we did. great new events in ukraine are among the more i fall from the repetition. he may seem
7:50 pm
strange but in my opinion this has little to do with the relations between ukraine us on the european union. you say you. able to do with relations between ukraine and the european union we can surmise. electro plot. of course it's on the russian government's always tries to depict the situation on the winter. taking the qantas around again even in russia when pro democracy rallies take place as as opposed to external talks. and the use of putin and his garments. i really afraid of something they are really afraid of something is these kind of awe. massive massive granite cindy's a nice he's gone that can happen in the future going back to that. georgian armenian. georgia has seen the show. association agreements we can deepen called precipitate agreement together with moldova. this is something
7:51 pm
about its steel thirty two to celebrate because between the initiating the skill his recent times and signature will have almost one year and russia will try to increase its pressure on georgia and moldova. especially russia has a tremendous submit it to increase pressure on georgia with all our territories and said he lost points. aw who did the difference between ukraine and georgia is that in georgia was ready to face russian opera sure because for nine years since the rose revolution this country strike two on to orient its form a potent form of a foreign policy plus economy plus. internal policies towards towards european standards and these countries much less vulnerable. except the two countries and who the defense much less on rapture does this to mean achievement of this garment and european path seems much less. i'm much more
7:52 pm
irreversible in georgia and also in moldova and ukraine uranus they are just getting back with wooten said. when you hear him talk about. it's more a pogrom in a revolution what's your reaction. while i said that after all the pc from kiev that found that the man i stopped it from a school with the station continued to kiss him the station. that's crackdown this happened definitely lost the will the question is by food. and for what reason and he is in the trees in seoul. and it was some opposition forces that ended with the government's offices and its ilk to the truth that to be nice to get that sits at the estate and to speak about that. i think that russia should not have the last word to this. don't pollute your toes into insanity to me well you can take conspiracy theories. we spend the rest
7:53 pm
to my own opinion and improving what you want proof it seems to me that the spoon. these were police offices of the court. she's a very high he trained anti anti riot forces. and they knew what we're doing. just a very unlikely they would keep somebody was able to give them orders to know. c'mon does. and to the point of. as we were thinking this bread afternoon. the announcement came on nov twenty first witness to the last laugh here to be put in has got theast month. love me still as a heretic and dangling from the ukrainians most notably on lowering the price of natural gas which is sold for. of course it's important to me we don't know when the law stuff will be. um i think it's very difficult. he copped from unstable country on the south border. um it's it's you. i do the house to be as serious crackdown in ukraine all ukrainians have to get what they want. which
7:54 pm
is somewhat more relaxed regime and one of the moment secondly those who want more the theme of very very wary of closer ties with russia it's difficult to see how in the current stadium local beach community. i'm branching out is his. these times. see don't see that signing for instance a customs union with russia it's as dangerous as tsp coming off of negotiations with eta. it's a it's another tsunami could be another phone call. in the nest we argued greeted said to be no customs union with moscow because we had a guest last week from moscow who said you don't sign up to see him or not to lower the price on an actual tax. as i didn't expect that they'll have some revenue from traffic offences also is in the us market in uk. that ukraine has revealed
7:55 pm
that a mistake and afro beat this on sunday and convict me to some task of the actual gas consumption to that seventeen of something like this. sigh it's that fuel its cost market in me today i was in an enamel is and you can then be caveat that i set out in the uk net due to the pressures at work and at that. so i eye on this so soon and i don't mean it think it's awesome though. it is because it fits no definite list of european integration. all the men in this is something that the government of the president of the academy leave lots of special after the events knowing my son in that article ii in the stands when you all saw this. at that. this ink name being president say also that this is the chat. who stands and besides him. really it meant that there is not suitable for them to the customs union he then his love. scott share of the urbanization that all the accents and
7:56 pm
conditions that so i know that the ukraine. i can see us leave on a journey across the ceiling and based on xml they continue down the slide but delegation said that the changes because russia and ukraine on the gasol trade issues but i've got three listen to the customs union would be serious the question and answer the boxes to handle. where were were out of time to use kitchen which is very very briefly. at the end of the day and can't be friends with both moscow and the west unbeknown to the fence and to have and to torque to the authentic part of one of the is completely different things right. soul on its e boys will happen in two weeks it's all happening two years five years ukraine will be a rightful member of european union. i'm not there. at least for now maybe in the future as a predominant on the list was long. xd oh and the map just sat on
7:57 pm
the line gets really i'm new to this damage them. and this is probably making changes when the new one to wear a belly that we can make it into a subpoena shevchenko wanna thank don't think uranus pr for joining us from brussels to be in monday and thorny cake or dun say thank you for being the skin of ca spent a day. and. the awesome cd. chad is now mobile phone connected tv. it was a real english french or arabic access a whole host of interactive service you can watch the sun to light you can browse articles on a website for access to a complete catalog to watch the programs. take control of fuel tv experience. passed on to quote news connected twenty four seven. i do. all
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in. d. the home. do you. i
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knew. do you. we will or what
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