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tv   Euro News  PBS  December 4, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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a free day. of course breaking the top twenty. so much. the dorset to play stocks. good news you
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the most as one of its leaders has been assassinated outside a branch the lebanese shiite movement claimed israel is to blame the streets of thailand are calling for the first time in days. protests are on a whole other perspective the king's birthday a national holiday to the symmetry to it. behind one of france's most popular soft drink has died. the film was the driving force behind for a routine. what you felt that day fears that the first in the story for you this hour hezbollah says one of its commanders has been assassinated outside beirut the lebanese shiite militant group claimed israel is to blame something an official there was quick to deny hezbollah leader has somehow
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the lackeys was reportedly gunned down just after midnight outside his home correspondent to see fielder joins us now from beirut to see what we want to email about a shiite commander who was killed and half. soon he was a senior career and he's going to be christian teacher this time. these are statements that he knows when the sun was breaking in two thousand and six more. to manage the market tends to be secretive about six feet this me months to mind many useless managed operations was killed in two thousand and eight. it's now looking
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to agree that piece was a success. we returned to him from last nights but he was going to arrest me and stare at them securities co says in his car by and stay in style. its route. industry experts then it's like an emo pics. missy and i have been fighting on two fronts for some time now not just there in lebanon but also in syria is this another sign that ball is actually being dragged more and more into the syrian front. as well as his finger is that it's hard not to seating at the base and eastern conference series a secret but still the great cause. steve that the regime and its moons. the regime and secretaries of its area the last few weeks to be seen. garrett who has decreased with israel. that's the corresponding with a twenty minute hearing. php is an understanding that the rebels based in etsy finds that the rebels at eight pm. no pressure and
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pretty she receives high hopes on his lap. being too past two weeks ago there was any involvement in the area skills that by giving in to see which killed at the twenty three people that was that claims by eight am and it's great to win the c of course. listening to stereotypes more more complex thanks for the cbc county reporting from beirut. now a mass grave has been found outside the capital of mali twenty one bodies believed to be those of soldiers question ousted president ahmed into money to ray were found overnight in a cat's nearby marco identity cards found on the body seemed to confirm that they were the missing red rates soldiers. this discovery comes a week after the arrest and detention of the homage of highest honor though the man who led the coup against all day in march twenty twelve that plunge molly into chaos
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girls are hearing now that twelve civilians have been killed in fighting and central african republic children and pregnant woman are reportedly among the dead military sources they were killed close to the capital on the allegedly by a group of christianity vigilantes this comes as u n security council is set to vote on thursday on a french draft resolution to undertake military action in the african nation. the home has returned to the streets of thailand for the first time in days of protests on hold and the respect for the king's birthday a national holiday to be celebrated thursday the opposition says its fight to bring down the government is far from over ten candy has been bruce dixon place of plants and chilled juice. those plates instead of the school to canon in bangkok on wednesday. abbas clean up operation was underway. it's a city of opponents that began last week and came to an abrupt halt ahead of
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the teams could feel their state. it's like prime minister called for trips between police and protesters but this london based comic since the streets of bangkok one ministry team look she know what's called for fresh liable to reach the last installation of the country standoff at all. i would like to invite the academics businessmen and poops on max's life including political protesters to work to get there and hold a forum to express their opinions to find an answer and reform the political situation into a democratic system of picking this weekend the victim's point of the trees position yeah no insist they cannot abandon the struggle. they say peanuts government's control click here for the texan himself announced a one minute the protest leaders of the bill to ban suspected this would lead to improving the team is announced. i'm not going to the king's birthday. we will start fighting again until we achieve our goal which is a
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victory for the people and leaving thailand a bit taxing regime in top ten the camping and to st to the monks began to shift from a peaceful march on the council's national police headquarters on wednesday then mil calls for the king's birthday. before receiving their protests. one celebration to prove. i'm change on a separate study all the consultant for unesco thank you so much for coming in to speak to us at these protests i will tomorrow because of the king's birthday. how surprising is that. well the team to tradition the place is very important role in type and six. and up to he's very easy i e reader. monarch. and he's older and will for sure mean that the one the union or any cash and a jury knew now tomorrow the cozy with me each day. she is the eighty six beers. soo that's quite normal in tight. what after
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that letter friday to the city's had to study again very solemn something of the question mark he said well what he's going to happen my perception of the situation there a bit of quality of old one position on will come them. ok the cozy suffering and no real tendency to fall the situation now. and i can get to the knitting the protesters in. i was a kid remove the slight injury to him he used to move the open end to our strength in the it your position and i'm saying that's also because i don't think that the army. it was to intervene in the political process. for a whole host of priests still are. they want to stay on to
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happier to stay in the sand out of the game you are talking about the lack of credible option from the opposition one of the disruption of the people's council is that not something that could realistically happen. will basically the snow to the real option because it's contrary to everything that could be in. as the democrats they don't want to. that means that they don't want to accept. the result of the police. ok so now it's about this thief good time that the elections has alanna and has cerebral. code taxing government. either the stakes seem to believe that it seemed as prime minister. all with the proxy prize in the prime ministers and sil and actions to blog again. and indeed the same
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results. i think it's a mite secretary told a consultant for unesco. the ukrainian president viktor yanukovich is in china today that planned three day visit comes as protests aimed at bringing him down continue home and he adds. the opposition is standing firm despite the fact that the presence of government survived a no confidence vote in parliament jay barker has the details it's been in control. korean president lee to get a curve that sets off his training in china. as he embarks on a three day state visit of the good thing he can turn these welcoming her insights into summit agreements on line and investments spilling some of the economic elites. from his decision to spare and a treat to the eu. in his home country the decision to take to deal with you. chiseled to picking bits and on the streets and the refusal to give it again
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the government. on the effective than anyone else that they resumed victory without that point the last one we will find it a point until we achieve victory. thousands took to the streets of the capital once again on tuesday theory is that the ukrainian parliament project is an intent to friends resignation of the comics. you and you read that it will call it a night at the top. just by the end on the streets inside parliament the opposition didn't have the support to meet its. in a car that is sold to quilt the end of every new wrinkle to the consoles. he's also sending a delegation to know if it's wednesday. or does it say he cut that part ways with mates the anti united states for space access just put its first commercial satellite in orbit and on mount falcon nine rocket
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developed by space exploration technologies could be a potential game changer in a global industry worth close to two hundred billion a year. washington course on the look rather reports. thirty two the successful launch off the two previous attempts for the falcon mine roll its points. great . a new player answers the big money commercial satellites market this place keeps up its game. the current from problems like francaise. i am next class will have to watch their backs. it's a potential tv the large number of want to say that leads you up that offered here. and much more watch places to advertise this chance to meet the capsule lot of pieces that would go to other wants since then. the industry's leading companies knew this could be a game changer among them the new head of the honest facts. everyone knows that state's has a
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contract that that's that's that's total of ten secs off her sheep rights. that's their strategy is entering the market. we will face this acts as we have other competitors that we have an enormous advantage in the eyes of our clients. it's the trustworthiness and availability of our lawn this is the crossbar but the book and it's been six years is to fine tune its technology behind all this innovation center on the line demonstrates that he outlined electric car company tesla is emo months. this is a remarkably charismatic and very much and he's been very much as talk about what he sees for the future of space x from from day one. and he's talked about his long term vision for the company. it certainly keep green stuff old mindset to be mistreated conventional era streets fully on maths. this is just the beginning. his goal is cheap human spaceflight. why not. humans on private months
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i know one of france's most popular soft drinks has died the tone was the driving force behind or in jena. i wheeled the crowd takes a look back now at the algerian born entrepreneur made the fizzy drink in the kirby bottle of legends. orangey know was born in algeria in nineteen thirty six and has since been sold around the world. the man to think of that stone cold don't died monday in marcy at the age of eighty eight to use his skills in marketing to make the citrus soda created by his father a household item. no it wasn't until nineteen fifty one that the fortunes of the fruity drink changed more in jena had an oddly shaped bottle unusual flavor and eleventh holes that all created an ad campaign embracing the quirky ness. in nineteen eighty four artist john paul who directed in and that became enormously popular quarantine its headquarters in march they hope to spread
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internationally. its statistics least we have to force lights to showcase of styles and products. sunday slept since developed globally. what the answer over the years quarantine and became known for its creative advertising. sneaky and on. the original orange in it still produce military as a local brand sixty thousandnine the international company has been owned by a japanese group. but even my motivation to hop on your bike instead of getting in your car this might inspire you. last year in year out more bicycles were sold and automobiles to twenty million two wheelers in europe in twenty twelve from rome to copenhagen at the site. tyler is on the rise. more bikes were sold in cars in twenty six and the eu is twenty eight member countries. the only
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exceptions belgium luxembourg she died in paris you're watching thousand cats eat it i will concede he's also the inkjet prints and today i am doing it by the un said six three generals for pc keeping mr tambourine man says thanks for being with us here on the whole thing yet sadly i still principally at the outset the united nations introduction old savannah its terms as part of its peace keeping program. that's like the last time that this third of december tell us a little bit about his plans well and happy too. first i tried to avoid do with a broom because it has connotations to no fault of speak
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of for all you ladies and men do the colts will surprise you that no weapons that is getting on base machine. they are intended to. into the eu weren't so far. come on is home to rome. as to what is happening around you know whether they are armed groups on the crawl. also from the unitarian fun to do with it they are displaced persons moving as you know who should know. so in all it will be. i think making a huge difference. it now. i'm the nicest of the situation on the ground. and our capacity to react appropriately. just how many guys are going to happen when he'll be going well actually there will be eventually fight machines that are distinctly coconut to the other ones will come in to face way. they were the days to go well. to cover
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maybe he eats them off to the congo that is acidic evil provinces. doesn't that all about the technology that the strain was easy i take a scenic drive through the jungle canopy which is very useful. that is indeed expectation combining optical cameras thermal images and also a special school afraid are. that should give those of us complete the picture as possible before it is actually happening in those cases. well these guys at any point the place peacekeepers no you know. i think there will be able to do. the same job as though a can of sauce and cook two spokes will be in a quiet the way i think also in a cheaper way. but the idea of the day you know who we are the peacekeeping operation and knowledge all of these two actually. that deal with a piece on the ground and that's about it you'll still need. the men
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and women. given those pro troop of two reasons the information they gathered like easter is eventually be used in court to fill when it comes to prosecuting war criminals. i suppose it might. i don't know what degree of d to show the gifting on the pic shows that seventy four. mass incidents the cut will get the match but the moment the colts will have to see your help to shed its appropriate in some african states and not accusing you of spying for using trends across this country. this is not to spy you know the new lead these drones are used everywhere in the world including by private industry four scoops of purposes. no i think this is me. it is from aunt tina technical work with the fullback to situational awareness doesn't that molik now about the states it's all that the peacekeeping operation in
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iran in the aussie yen thirty three levels of downtown's he did it today was suppose x ray but it's interesting as to whether they were fighting a tone of rome tools of negotiating with the comedies the government with the help of the ugandan stay and come follow. i actually begin to reach to stop sms open an agreement. they have not been able yet to sign former number for legal and other reasons but i think the substance of the agreement. the scope so no i think you know we knew when we took over that austin kearns in the position. we discovered the helix talks from initial enough heavy weaponry. soul that has to be disposed off of course and all. the issue is to deal with the other armed groups with which they are at the school doesn't know but what has happened the last two months is already acting as a deterrent. everyday they are tens of. read those foam
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there's some groups who simply surrender. i think if they do that it is because not too sure about the future again stood among those go off to what has happened recently. just allow the peacekeeping operations in an alaskan country in money. how many might be overseas trends that could they be used to fund and that he could sing this in the present with the cats. i think it would have to be considered differently because i was in only a few weeks ago. and of course on the mound which is basic the detroit duo of any vegetation the way you are very few roads. this ovarian cysts will cost the team that to the shore to get gain all the tivo to know what to teach that she had aids and other groups that might be doing so intimately and the un to post the i was
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asked by a number of member states to begin by going some lessons from the heat cool experience. the icing before long the week of the appeal of a cosy of the postman confusing the same equipment some reports that sen has struggled to find contribute is that peacekeeping mission in on his country. no it is not true. what is true though is that tickle him that he's taking time because we want to deploy troops that are fully equipped with a trained and fully able to do the job and a number of countries that don't is actually lack equipment conduct training so this is what we're trying to remain tea but i think. over the month of december and january. we will be seeing knowledge number of new troops. in new equipment including a technical does getting to the ground. and that is painful to him
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because as you know of the french have announced that the old gospel cell phone would be that decreasing in size the divinity but he thought the pics here. they'll say seems since then there will be a peacekeeping mission the fence me in the central african republic car. some diplomats have described the situation that is encouraging when genocide how would you describe it. woe to those articles as illegal the condition and not to ignore you but to win use the eu which we have seen in recent days. for instance forty thousand christian civilians. appealed to rome to church to know. and it terrified because. on the show was threatening to kill them wholesale. on militia which by the way you seem to be the most time so it gets. they just couldn't
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they do so. the two coasts is very very frightening and it's something that we do not want to see happening the led united nations was sixteen zero run to you today what the system think can be done from the experience is that it can be applied now seem stale. well i think and act own house to do with this situation the dramatic situation in the cair has caught the attention of the world and its media and ducks. a major to go so far it did not. and nobody the new nobody wanted to care about that too though it's hard to explain maybe because the str has been associated for many years for many decades with the problems of governance we already had un operations in the country and abbas to become available that kaia. so i think we have gone over that stage now. and the problem is to get off so that means to do what needs to be done as quickly as
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possible but again it will take time. how will it take well i think that the african union au has over the moon with the cubs to sub region. some two thousand five hundred this old has only grown. mohl will be coming but of course the equipment has to be taken care of that training. and of cause that is the prospect that some stage of the whole operation being transferred to the nations that when all day. meeting on that knowledge like to last he found six area schools. we know that that now is the date is set to cool and keep it to the peace conference for syria. i would like to nag. if you are making plans for an eventual peace keeping force. we had be making dental history because one has to. imagine if people know for a political solution
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the political pro status the which will require some as stubborn as a sham efforts and to bring peace to bring peace back to the country. so yes we do have announced that they would say. this is so much. off to so many ifs will give us any details on the muslims continued to allow racing. it is to eighty times. the i think it would require state to be the day when he quit school stuff. no signs no i booked. it was also a strong indication of countries who can provide any rumors are false but it is a good diet i think is to eight times to discuss in detail though. last but not least love stuff like still about has he calls the peace keeping mission in haiti is in the spotlight since at
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the corner. scandal which indicates that the nine nations because the keys are in fact striking viet cong the outbreak in the first place now is that any news to you to stop the sums in fact standing kinds can see. i think good it is now the situation was tweeted be doing because we have to recognize that. an immense factor in that situation hasty her tutu. where is the problems of the war to what to say the patient. and it is what we are trying to address me know. at the same time as we are. pushing a great benefit to vaccinate older groups a and in war types of genoa to risk it so you can easily and eleven at the counter didn't know i think a good position has been a very camp ideal position in the middle of last month ago. thank you very much. it's the journey and scared cos like that
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consists of a month since he's been living with them the costs of buying cat in the dc ten. a moon. i will use. the us. you you what
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the speedy working visit to our region assault on the stove i visited the dairy factory and agricultural company rolled into the factory was built in two thousand and eleven as a part of the industrial program the total amount of investments was seven hundred and sixty two million ting be up to thirty tons of snow for days prosecutor now the president also visited it in a garden in summer school which recently underwent a major overhaul their current weight for age groups there' m


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