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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  December 4, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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i did. is you. and. thus the basic design. so is he talking to you on wednesday the fourth of december. us policy of men still talk this on and on funds but he vows
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to hunting dog. what was the son alex has any cost by what they've got it. at least might hear the stream media is invited to submit to this now for all the details the us has stopped its own shipments fell off the nest onto focused on the more guns off the ticket the tenth edition and non con spot seems not to cut sealed in its ongoing got kicked off the coasts of nights fighting with the gophers play was formally ninety two important than the bloke didn't bark on the u s military holds it in simon's giving up on time which means that my built in parts. yet at the top instead affected one of the primer the commotion it runs into its a true artist on and on the stock. we have bought into the hold to the u s shipments of the true grit of
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cool to ensure the safety of the trial is contracted to move on equipment. and the gospel. wilson mark wright said in a statement on tuesday. in the two books have been stalled at home the bad. it was begun in the womb within the force women constitute onto the skin soft pti vintage living beyond its day hundreds of students to have been so gentle consignment of the cool kids get the show was that dean is getting so nice to you within nato forces fighting the debunking the myth of non stop. from there. is it. last sunday was better than me what do you go i decided to look at the two
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people got into the condo they just played almost the opposite of god died in the backpack with commitment we will intensify its offer that you will find one of the bond chief limits to the drone strike last month in order to post up. add to that infanticide is the best company in delhi but to the posts on penn state the hotly contested election so pissed wanted but the clock ten down to four with sixty five cents but the full senate. a total of eight hundred and ten times its peak as transmitting jenny and to exercise their franchise in the seventy minute and the sunday amid high voltage on the road to visit troops in one go to bed but he didn't know. yes that little fire had been inside the team into the contest but the entire kitchen at the party on ttp seems to be crying fit and tea for the first time. iam not the type the laptop which is catching up with an anti craft movement. it stands to
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win support in the polls when ttp has its candidates and sixty six constituencies on this and become a contestant on said tuesday after the admin fee due on the brain behind the hugely popular anti corruption campaign in two thousand and seven. it's been tested against incumbent chief minister said that they should have been going around somewhere and the odd tantrum and i didn't even have most of us have to get the key. mr then burst into the community williamson said the investment in human kind gentle giant. men were men who commit them. the increase arrived at the moment as to its security was stepped up the celtic to dc thousand police personnel and ten thousandseven hundred and eighty four was deployed to ensure a peaceful elections with more than four hundred thousand first time voters aged between eighteen to nineteen years and they just pools could be a game changer as the ops impact on young
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voters is being watched keenly i'm a bad day i'm sure that then about an event so when the beat of a genius kill them but that's the time of the best in the gospel of this lesson again and again said the selectors put it on aggies twenty two that out of sight somewhere that isn't it she was seeking to consecutive fourth man has been highlighting the achievements and if that meant agenda. the cbd to dislodge the congress party from power at the scene gets posted on the evening the mystic up our tent and slashing patient within thirty days of coming to power. florida state's tactics that make it taste nice and i'm not a stunt double digit last week's connecting with envy the vatican the tight seats is seen as a mini dinner election results which will be announced on sunday is likely to set the pits for the two thousand fourteen national vote at least five people were killed in over a hundred others injured on then stamped a protest as a tax raids on the beach during an ongoing come to find opposition stocks town. i get
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it. these happen if the fetal position one with the snobs who was thought to be and to support those remove fish baits from being the tracks in the float so we did so good since i've been given a two month seventy five miles north of copper to talk on the korean beauty and utility of the business. when given the tools of imported from just food and tons. you go to the judicial report to do this so this is when these groups remain suspended. this has been in the group of islands within the bnp and its allies began the nationwide to dump trucks remove from the cia did opposition alliance has been targeting village. he even bought the beads to force the government to submit to its two months that the upcoming elections the head and a kit that the government. the kid ticket system introduced in the nineties was the most by the supreme court which will subsequently scrapped by the parliament the opposition intensified
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its top it off and going and not done with it. the next day the bnp led alliance as most people according to the evictions. more than sixty people had been killed in utah to go in the violence depicted by the bnp and its allies. united states has one speed on to patience of the international community could they think it mean for crocus is not made on human rights accountability and that the consultation process advice and stayed on track to take concrete steps us is that exists because the south and central asian affairs be set aside the spot said on tuesday that washington expects one wicket test cricket to concentrate. last night that is not sufficient to initiate an investigation into the ice by vincent commented to me i need to acknowledge that the ball the un in september one off international action if the island nation failed to come up with a credit to cope with the ball crying was seen on the begun a census to
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determine the number of state and one cents. at least fifteen people including two foreign as any she on media were killed in different incidents of violence and caucus pond scum much and how can a tee a new means of violence but the scratching on tuesday despite the rangers in a targeted operation that to my house in the cities and the sundance to mature and after much about fantasy and opened indiscriminate fire on the people. two others were also injured in the attack saddam was a part of the ballet a height allowed him to do most of that. bob is a beauty to mop little detail about this they're going to lie with it. while on a sub on top form and then at the beach again the modern india must get the product of the board decided that the letter d i want to fight in the my mum and aunt the one on the job assignment yet disabled. he not be liable to the huge amount on the audi a brother to my blog is up to an engine of the incident. shiitake i might be dead dead body you
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see katie caught up with gun down was traveling in the seen them as that of the deeds and not also shot dead and two others wounded in a targeted killing outside a local mosque. in a separate incident of the book on monday of the abducted a key taliban pakistan along with four others which it was attacked also reported to the pakistani towns of gandhi it then and plenty patchy the country's biggest city and financial hub of the sun has been in the grip of political ethnic and sectarian violence but sometime now. yes an auntie still not convinced they can still eat into the city patience off its formation the tendency of it until the condition pumpkin festival showcases the best intentions and thoughts that had it that often are copied her. jones agreed to convene president of the gene pool was good not to heed its village in the comments got to pull him up to participate in the golden jubilee to
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the beach. in an interview with the intent is to transform him into a modern audience. mr quinn said many of the traditional one big festival. the biggest stage instead of guns and sticks the performing arts for the highlight of the event it doesn't mean it. to showcase the natural tonight and it is a genus of the will cannot be named faced and so people can come and have to have a taste of what not. not to get links cold war have not been to be convinced that it speaks to the band. smoltz impressed by the jury that she among different groups the festival also. i think this it's all out to dinner to the doctors had the sense that that there's a lot of people of taiwan people on them that i have a future together i think is a very daunting. i love just been advised of the good looks of the typical and talk to them
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about their losses to different part of india. ms is trying to incite riots of the most eastern states to drop in the system. so tuesday of each day to day why would you teased and guides it attracts eyeball its thick milk and discussion to look at me then tell and the two day standoff. since the beginning seven after they spotted something appearances. why would act as seven am from fire and the ongoing in the front and back to me. in nineteen nineteen and cabbage and lay on tuesday. i'd seen what about for design a precondition to feel every bit of white light hundred and fifty seven and up to me i'm glad. was i was in spots and the jewish law and even six times and enjoyed it heidi said she was not fitted with such an infinite god. hohoho. the hall and all
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that is not the point seven after that. so see jodi did not introduce mankind green auntie denise and i designed them when they upgrade. he didn't know that spending on schools and told the audience by then. made one for men do not see the mountains. and in eighteen months the connection type that don is that the twelfth was inspired the cost of drugs on the mother the brush into brawls that you agree. a good motive. and that he didn't make it onto the horrors of
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the door. and the beautiful and intriguing. the kids have been thinking of its kind will be painting the mona on the eighteenth of october to put its best to just made me so pretty and soft that matt and i think that's the most important thing. and today snow. the beauty queen and acted in some kind of the audience that abound in the gc when i am on sunday he was right in front of them non stop with toys and books and other options. one must deal with. after the new model of ups and sunday and could beat me to the front room. some of the house extravaganza got something planned for the forthcoming baking season. teach him to seek out into the design. i think that's like taking a disc cd dvd or law but that fatigue is nice and tight and you've got the knights to be happy. is it legal to tighten up on the market. he too would be all about a site that out and bond oval on the other. matt and i ignored
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it. after dollars is too high i told him he cannot use words like other athletes leading into the living room inside the opponent's top of it and accepted to the bench to make it to get to the defense. the zones are they chant this evening and all the completed top selling spots again. us wants to install office on and on comes vows to continue to help it. what a con artist eddie house. i was expecting at the least. why can't the strange details and violence that. that said this and it's the same time
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tomorrow. i know. rich cultural heritage. they didn't think that the creature from the ruins of ancient as it awaits these these historic treasures in eighteen sixty. mr welsh heritage sites of some fifty years of neglect and most recently become the parents of conflict. a call from cubs both presidents of the show committee in austria and guilty or steal a teacher at the university of amsterdam and gemma nothing special but it's very cool to resources what creep of a common goal in the protection of natural cultural heritage. they realized the need to implement section on them before conflict unfolds. so the pasta went to repair what damage has already begun we both know the work is the cost and get a piece with
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the is a portent of what took all the good enough to beat their response. make an assessment. she would dip into the van didn't even need your help when a previous visit by the end of the intervention of socialistic upon themselves to make another strike list of all the cool true heritage sites. i miss it if that was the first of its current calling your skill that they are providing a service that of the heritage organizations cannot comedy film. because his favorites. it costs money we don't know that we are fitting that the gap and we hope that we will encourage them to take over part of our two kids. and do the work that has become and what distinctions to be a soul which made the very best part of the chair off to nashville with terry cultural resources working hope because she can bridge the gap which green and yellow store adios civilian organizations and the surreal. the military backgrounds of hope and jaundiced and help the kids
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go to the armed forces and ensure that the preservation of people took harry to just pack it in the planning military operation by demanding that this sort of reading a book of some type of affection will have to be part of any sort of but there is nothing in the future just by the nature of the caustic that we're facing of course. in a caustic of the recipients of the identity of the opponent is the most important target for cost cuts will have a touch of people going. is the most important part. and with this cardigan but so did a piece of work to implement it. i know that sophia trying not to. sure to teach where we have but also to live and act on it. should this be the responsibility of the military. your some coffee that is. it's already an international humanitarian ngo in nineteen fifty four hague convention for to close the countries including the military to develop strategies for the protection
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of the country's heritage and times of conflict. eighteen years. the israel guide to accept it might be too if it has been the only place in israel where seeing eye dogs are raised trained to respond to commands hebrew and matched with blood donors before the center opens wide israelis had to travel to the us or elsewhere to get a dog that number stood only watch meeting was to make sure that there needs to be the best thing is the group gained their independence and via the purchase. and i coaxed the process begins at the center for white and black labs and golden retrievers are bred specifically to become guide dogs. then at about two months. the puppies are given to foster parents including students in a special program a degree in university. today i did the best year of double and acting as a guide of
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the coveted like this. they dwell on that site. it wasn't that bad. they don't go under the age old style sauce after about a year. the dogs graduate from their lives with her foster parents both seeks to defend these come in to say goodbye to them go. it is not easy. the thing i ever did. then we start to think she'd do the right people to go on over to use. o'connell said. we got to work for free will to coax you bite it off the recent banning of the sea to expect come to the conclusion of each book is the best. each donor states for up to three additional weeks center to further get to know their dog as the fifty s and that seems to do that next week all of us would say that cos
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i admit to. sister read where to get the dogs and their owners develop very close bonds. this guy says he slices completely different since turner became its companion book to my mind is since it's right the people of faith of money banks those looking to make it an a. or was it due to conclude sweet stop looking we've done it i said pretty decent because people start to come to the new. and the stc to the weekend said. we stopped to talk to me. and that i am just a heads up display brightness is not the problem before finally going home with an older adult has received month's special treaty including time spent enemies. one u been gone. you can see the overall picture so it has been tried. so think ahead to what some of them. essendon's argue this
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up so that i will pick another. instead it will just be the key isn't it sweet to his native people and give them to go to the aid of entropy that it's a sexy top and head to toe. i think this kid cng. when i say and i'm happy. you can see it it's the way to school day starts just about anywhere. this primary school in the final miles to the register routine with extra significance people talk to her management group with its own distinct language and culture the cost is and how language can have limited appeal indeed you don't have to go far in the village to find children who instead of sitting in a classroom. ha that was helping bring in family income. one boy one
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girl the girl goes to school but this boy helped him deal with household chores. meg's to one single child in the community he says councilman education is just as important. so much so that the school to return them after the war itself which showing where each child in the elite its home market with an empty circle triangle indicates a child who is now attending college. chasing up into the two families is responsibility of teachers like ms son of today she's going to talk to a man whose two daughters have been tearing up the cost. we went for a child from school equality now operate across the country. efforts to increase school enrolments are bearing fruit. latest figures show that nearly ninety percent of boys and all bush's many ngos are now concede the primary education in the eye ensuring children and the white variety of christian groups take their place and floss would always be more difficult. with
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the commitment of teachers parents and administrators alike. it's so cold that looks increasingly within reach. the intelligent use of local materials is very important when it comes to plead guilty. taiwanese insiders have started to apply to all sorts of locals by some buildings inside out and publicity material that is how it's inexpensive and he allows her to hold the lead up to him. much to say that some of the sun but ago when materials in taiwan come from not only natural resources but also ultimate combination so free activities and technologies i was a leaky production for example sets the world but taking a vow to keep the production ranks world's number two together comes the summer ltd ground like these i e any award winning well but he's totally still the highway. eight hours of sun exposure wakes up for twenty four hours of light is
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also waterproof and pressure resistant which makes it easier to apply it in ricky sign that the main exhibition hall built was over two thousand eco friendly products has become a perfect sell them as well as a marketing site. information and communication technology industry in brazil is bringing about a rapid changes in everything from buses to schools have been connected to mobile broadband networks to improve citizens' quality of life. with the country set to host the football world cup in twenty fourteen and the atlantic in twenty sixty dorothy even more opportunities to boost national infrastructure. all three brazil's globally as a rapidly emerging economy priscilla has received about two hundred billion dollars in foreign direct investment in the past six years and is now the world's sixth largest economy. my advice also on my
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head. and they've seen the torrens title. when the great typically used in japan in two thousand the shinkansen super express trains will stop soon. no make it. thanks to him it was many sites due to the expensive stuff the reinforcements coming to break the mold. i love this system uses size moment trucks and coastlines to momentous autistic boy. it's the way to trim it was judged to be imminent the transformer substance comes out tomorrow. really old train safely and swiftly to it toss to them late in two thousand and four. we get to it we improve the effectiveness of the shinkansen is earthquake early warning system and reducehe car and we need to stop trying. when the great easter time earthquake struck for the train stops i did
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with no injuries to us return of july to see a stream to showing up late in the morning since two thousand and seven the result that even very large ethnic style of course was to visit all of its the agencies that with a group of four thousand stars moment it covers the whole book. these instruments to texas with a customer the way the precinct it's to be tempted to get taken to the beach or look like seconds before a botched summer arrives the agency to choose for me to the tv and radio makes a bit of elves and santa but immobile. these mornings give people time to prepare for becoming quite the leakage. she know mikey red cross has been really hectic week. especially from the damaged by the great
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eastern league. despite being deep in the two sides to stop that's because this hospital was built using them but it is quite the sole thing to come even the huge two thousand and one of michael's very little time. this allowed the hospital to function as a key really facilitate top of that sucks the building uses the phrase recently to suit its entire structure is supported on my stomach has to redo shrinking i'm tempted to its old saris with mud such designs are not green white vehicle to launch commercial and residential real when you drink struck the residents of these two types proceeds to receive the iraqi politics of the sinking. oh i was having its often than not when the earthquake. it just kept on sleeping right through
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everything. it never even woke up. oc is protected by investors. it offers even more protection and things isolation. the instant the system seismic sensors detect some large earthquake it begins pumping compressed and strength to instantly live or taped the entire house like he'll be temptations. this reduces the effect of ground shaking laughter that eat up. it feels as gentle as fronting up in the pool. the system uses an impression of just zero point one. but as much as you get when you blow into it you have achieved was to find a practical way to live it takes an entire house using such a small faults this frame as we drove off to college and robust and try to avoid controlled in reducing the harm done by disasters. this is a rescue robots used in disaster zone he investigates places too
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dangerous to humans to go the museum to have to privatize protection and four more to act like crumbs and baked. this is the world's most of the new purple robe capable of handling inclined to speak a second td building collapses the only access may be through narrow gaps in the wreckage. one solution is this robot moves like a snake. carrying him back to school come. bring to my continued to stoke. you can extend up to seventy two line a twenty centimeter connie obstacles and maneuver it into the cream. euro books like these who helped rescue searching protests by reconstruction efforts off to the great easter and a break of two thousand and continued to generate new
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ideas and technological endeavors. lou will will will will. and. the wild. i'm certainly coming up over the next hour or debate focusing on education standards around the world the latest international survey shows the station students for the best by far in every category friends in the uk struggling to keep their heads above water. what makes a good score and prepares students to compete in today's world. we've got peaches analysts and economists who carried out surveys which seemed to give t


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