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tv   Journal  PBS  December 5, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the team meeting government had commissioned to develop into a catch though education she caught on a dt and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclone. a welsh know christ. you and meaning long woohoo. i eye. the key to the city is in berlin this is the journal. it can be with us. the story. gale force winds battering northern europe in the first one to store. goalies to amber shares in ukraine. most western foreign ministers meeting in kiev expressed support for the opposition this is rich in year to europe remain at record lows ecb chief sunday threatened to punish banks that don't
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pass it on to clients the it'll be your main account or if your store again for swings and wants to lead to the north this week canadians pay the founding forecasters are calling on the first major winter storm in northern germany ferries and trains have been canceled schools closed and residents are being asked to stay indoor. scotland and britain killing at least two people and the thing behind the creator of damage and destruction. ominous clouds covered the city of glasgow as water levels rise to dangerous levels. when some of the two hundred and twenty km house whipped across scotland. the pitching trees and causing widespread disruption to transport and power supplies. just outside the capital edinburgh the driver was killed when
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his lorry at the tenth causing a collision with love that the eucharist and at least two people being injured by falling trees authorities are advising motorists to stay off the roads. they say people's nights in a greased. it impressed the old road rage and major traffic country has been closed to traffic authorities are taking every precaution. instead the treacherous weather could cause deadly accidents the old saying sentences in scotland have been canceled due to debris on the tracks more than eighteen thousand homes without power meteorologists say these are the good thing too stoned to keep your opinions. still sleepy conscience moved in tn it's already cause disruption in the netherlands when heavy gusts of wind post and then hole airport useful not just to ten fifteen knots. all planes are expected to be grounded in
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the coming hours. our anti china senior army will continue to. gusts of more than a hundred kilometers an hour had slipped under the north sea and the agency said this is the wrong continent. i'm going to move from fatigue and we're expecting it to last for five pine times pushing in from the north sea. and the moon and a lot will depend on how long the high winds last time keep that water pushing against the north sea coast and negotiable. isn't it defences were being reinforced after a last minute. but the storm is likely to keep northern europe in its grip through friday. i mean uncle eli is to hand man reaches into the stall and to our correspondent in the shadow krishna and they began to reel in the sand he said. how was i hope this is still measured up to the full cost of predictions of how bad is
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going to be. we're beginning to learn what this film is all about but doesn't it seem easy. we had the guts they sustained winds coming in here. and that's nice. in speaking to full classes to say it's already come and install the unexpectedly seen them with the intent of the hundred and forty seven km out and expected to peak at around a hundred and sixty some odd saying in one hundred and seventy km the house is very very strong storm. also the high tide expected raising these success and high tides coming in now as though the tides of time you can see the batman and the lot is ninety nine i've been not so much less a lot of time and the north sea and then later on tonight is another. hideaway is expected to comment and that will bring was the devils at least that one meets in fifteen higher than expected at
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the north. it seemed to not need is higher than the average person to conclude i am a yuan on the city of unwanted by the midst of jimmy was expected day. well cannon off the delay saying it's the sentiment off these kinds of storms are expected with another in it for the novel says am anybody's guess what will happen through the night if at the south and east on wednesdays and icy rain is from pitching in to snow suits and heavy snow and that the area and we also see matt campbell full on on on the baltic sea. the bodies of the strong winds as if the course investment since the construction works on at ten one of daddy's not just that when pots in construction also in pots has been halted. it's everybody's bracing themselves for what this night will bring. thank you very much for that and doing and get the intelligence to dry. well you know how other parts of your first and were on
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the line out to marcus donation the dutch town of forks. marcus the storm hit the air before it hit germany what was it like how much damage to the cops well i hope it was what it was really curious because if you have to wait but don't get that baby and i get that you're going to get going by bike is light and dark hole of the storm as they call it the storm here in the middle and spot on the other hand was a bit with both of them the anchorage airport and on the demo far away from somewhat. operating the way of life camp of thousands of commuters were affected especially in the face of the bank had to come to think of it in great part of northern ireland and that will cause some trouble orbital motorway. don't treat you to pray that god
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will report to make a devotee of casualties. even though apple just go up forever etched in general the dutch keep watching carefully what will happen in the next i went to a winter will remain open friday. but the make up for it. no off white tights or two as to need therefore to read it already though it's something it's not over yet said last month to snooze jim and more than sixty people have been killed and two forty eight attacks to the country's defence ministry the capital sanaa we'll say almost one hundred seventy were injured in the suicide bombing and subsequent attack by gum foreign minister confirm that the kit includes two germans. deadly attacks in the country with securities to be concerned. in recent years unison department of political instability. the al qaeda is believed to be going you'd think i like smoke was visible from the yemeni capital. suicide only get two tickets to the gate to the defence ministry. not to
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be committed to stand attempted to gain access to the compound. witnesses reported they were wearing the uniforms. some of them hospital inside the complex first it was done on it. then we realized there were people dressed in military uniforms throwing bombs inside the hospital. yet we heard the explosion. it's the boss broke windows in the houses nearby. everyone was terrified. the german foreign office has confirmed that an announcement storm on the chair. the group has claimed responsibility of al qaeda linked groups have made a number of previous attempts to assassinate demons defence minister. three db between kenyan sixteen times in the center of the korean comic ahead of the un security council vote the issue to sink into the forces there. witnesses reported heavy artillery fire thursday morning in several
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parts of the capital boundary as muslim rebels clashed with christian vigilante groups france has deployed two hundred fifty troops to the city to restore order don't try using him as man and his western counterparts and express support for the aspirations of ukrainian protest as it was in kiev during a meeting of the organization for security and cooperation. outside demonstrators remained camped out in tokyo. despite the cold weather. demanding change in government and the change in course the closer ties to hear their cry is ukraine as part of europe. pro eu demonstrators have been occupying the government district of the capital and hope that their protests would be heard nearby where osce foreign ministers were meeting. the news to come western officials attending the conference have expressed support for the protest movement. hints that the grounding german foreign minister due to best develop went one step further it and
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criticized russia's influence on ukraine. without directly mentioning moscow. it is not an assault on islam who was listening postures and the use of economic crisis in books as we seem to have the past year. they are unacceptable in our view is asked liza as the speech in knots. moscow promptly responded. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who was meeting his ukrainian counterpart denounced the european response calling it an overreaction and bordering on hysteria. i'm very surprised by the speeches with her this morning that seemed out of place just like pointing the finger. unacceptable for the osce to be doing this and it contrasts strongly with the principles of the organization the protesters outside all of the verbal exchange with interest. but without any great folks. the government in kiev is sticking to its progress in math and appeal to the opposition to change course. you who believe in it that this is no doubt a
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temporary problem. we say to those occupying buildings they're breaking the law this is not the european approach. and we're appealing to them to resolve the issues in dispute at the negotiating table the snowstorm. deputy prime minister said the arkansas has not ruled out fresh elections the protesters are unlikely to be persuaded by state wages. they vow to stay put until the government has resigned. during chunky in my car's hundred and nine michael was a change in the dynamic aptitude test and today. today it was at quite calm on my guns away on this grant independence to just behind me and as usual as to what's preventing delay so that gets them all people live streaming and that actual trend of people from kiev the middle class people who joined in the eye during the day maybe go about their daily business during the day at sea them mainly working class people he said people who dropped everything and
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every chance that outside the sec's even to come here and they tell me that actually find them at seventeen survival that they are without jobs without hats with a bit and that's why they have that come to kiev to think of my journey the us and other western nations helping the situation people are taking to the streets in kiev. it was sir sydney at the very sense of confidence said they received when they had sold this that supports but that the ukrainian government acts he didn't really appreciate that at all that was all to make him by prime minister aznar when he met sat at the general fund is invested outlet and that during the day he said if you want to talk about the european association agreement you have to talk to us that not see this nationalistic as criminals and to the eczema is that kiev thought the message now it remains to be seen if that will send ukraine even for that to rush the psalms are back to europe
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maybe nine cm and i mean confirmed to me much. this time in almost anything for two thousand and ten eighteen and i'm spending a minute on the city's venue to take action to support the eurozone. looking on and beat a plan. while money is a keeper or at least for the banks and nobody has decided to get things as they are. since the beginning of the financial crisis the european central bank has pumped more than one point in the us with the keeper and into the usa market. on to what it calls its loan term refinancing operations for bounty on him. but the banks to become a mommy. not much of these. i actually found its way through the economy soul. if we are to duel in alterations similar to the ot i roll. we want to make sure that this is being used for the economy. some regulations
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went into juice funds to banks but i can't actually see the problem lending it out. now the ecb is holding back on intervening. it's cute explanation for that was obscured. we have not identify. and mostly the various and numerous easter is sweet that one specific instrument in the discussion we had today the weekend that we had a brief discussion about native deposit rates by the close of grief. the economic recovery has slimmed down on the razor and ecb kept its key interest rate unchanged on testing. it also expecting me a very slight rise in inflation between now and twenty fifteen. a quick look at the movement of the markets today signing in frankfurt the dax was down by about six tenths of a percent to nineteen eighty four that killed some fifty down by a bit more one point two nine
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over new york the dow jones industrial average is still trading at down the river percent of the mullet and the euro is slightly up against the dollar one thirty six sixty three. we issue a breakdown but coming up on to the list written on it and began to kick start the mideast peace it said the latest on the german cup eye williams musical in nature. when told dramatics controversial. two hundred years two thousand thirteen he's the famous german composers twice and tender lautner two hundred w's multimedia projects. we had company this major cultural events throughout the year. w taught me english faulkner two hundred. i know. it is
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and all. john kerry in the middle east a good store still sleeping isn't the palestinians a boost. a news conference with the israeli premier benjamin netanyahu kerry repeated requests to support the jewish state security. he also met with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas the palestinians have threatened to break off face to face talks with israel the building of jewish style that is the settlements in the west bank are the biggest stumbling block in a conflict of the moment. i really don't
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want to feed the kids and not to keep on giving them that i'm too tired to use it until i was used as means to make occupation in the coming week station. palestinians are not opposed to building something like settlements of their own look now at the new plant community called for a walk on a hill north of in the west bank and new town is rising from the dust. to the naked eye it looks like just another jewish settlements on occupied palestinian land. this is a town being killed four palestinians called come on the heels kitchen welcome its first inhabitants in twenty fourteen. still hopes to share among street who conceived the project emotional the idea behind the project is to inject some momentum to the economy to the fullest in nature and that has been creating killed two palestinians for
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the match intensity of the palestinian economy along with the salt but not snow plus he's owned investment company is backing the multimillion euro development along with a contrary company. work began on the project fine years ago construction itself has been underway for three years and has provided young graduates might keep up with their first job. the developers wanted from auntie to the green kind cake seedy underground water tanks. good communication links and modern middle class housing i said above i sat looking at the clinic said that in mind the difficulties here it seems that we have managed to plan an entire town. do it well. it's on youtube in developing and testing and it began with the fussy now the construction process is not without its problems though. moreover monty is being built in palestinian
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controlled territory called carry any era ongoing disputes with israel about connecting the towns water supply. similarly access roads to have to be approved meanwhile on the hill opposite stance the jewish settlement on time at home to around one hundred families they have expressed concern about the palestinian politics. you know what they say it's the kind we've seen it on the twenty five thousand people take shape in front of us. over the past few years. when we feel overwhelmed by it. metro montes future residents won't be easily deterred the family from . recently on a two bedroom flat for much less than twenty pm mum island sound. it is. ac milan beat scarred and fifty thousand euro is. they will be going to be done while the is a smart new town plan from the ground. recently my
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two little peas in a boom in housing and schools to pleasant environment. in a dead yet. if she were to be medina bobby is in utah. and that means a new line. ross from children to fund the top these plants are moving next summer. they should eventually be joined by thousands more residents are no plans for another role on the end of the hill are already in the offing. each count in the nfc spying scandal in the quarter the washington post the agencies gathered in the finals begin to cause that will actually use as a b day the report cites unnamed nsa officials as saying the agency is taking hundreds of millions of cell phones worldwide. us officials say they used today to develop intelligence about foreign targets in mass relationships two possible candidates the report is based on documents obtained by former nsa contractors and would snow. in many parts of the world when people are a second language teachers
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english. english speakers. it was one school in britain and the time to encounter stake in sky and carolyn as a second language. warning to our viewers to support these are some dangers the cute kids. the eye. these kids have only been in a jam and for a few weeks ago the weather the impact. genius of school and seven london is quite unusual for britain. mining will try every school. at least twenty percent of the curriculum is taught in german. make. lisa johnson son of the school along with other parents because there was none in the area offering gem in essence best deals to secure state funding. coming in
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we've brought up by dealing with a tonal language the cookies to enjoy the intellectual extension comes from knowing i can. i think is the good things do i want to do much. this colonial this year. the jordy got more applicants than places. some of the parents take john lessons themselves so they can help to chill with their homework. in common and can be. i want. i made this in your nose. many instrumental and a second language. i want to give their children the opportunity that they never had. he was just happy when she was between him and to specifically for the region teams because they can't read cds intake for cisco's still in my opinion i cannot imagine thing leaving you wanting to press china to support a utensil ways that are unsavory out on. i am on
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the really great student at the moment education. from a low he can advise the school some foreign languages the school who is also reluctant to lend a forum in which she says that can only change if the children staunton in the cage. it's about. the two countries to be coming claims as to who owns. and soon it becomes more difficult to make more speaking of which i ask other countries things are changing in britain though as of next year. primary schools will be obliged to teach a foreign language albeit not necessarily as intensity is here. a number of schools are offering bantering and the language is french and spanish and i think that this will be the beginning of the growing them and cecil nine reached learning from the young age next ten years putting him to miss because it is to make sure they can continue learning the language when they move on to secondary school. so on the local
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options are limited. one may potentially get the kids in bilingual education system into a gym and into the skillet in the one hundred such goods in on the black political leaders to agree that they play an important role in promoting german language and culture state funding is unnerving guarantee. it's not okay though. remove and on and the theme that story from the mix with attempting to suck them. top flight teams to end action the next round of sixteen in the gym in town defending champions buying it were up against fellow bavarian side of the book begins to one. oh and of course. lyon wasted little time and getting down to business. itn robben scored the opening goal after just four minutes gratefully accepting a second bite at the cherry underdogs for
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amounts were trying to make up for my aunt superior quality by playing hard too hard sometimes. robin had to be stretchered off in sixteen minutes after goalkeeper martin hits cut them down with his dada. we kept on trying but their finishing was just too harmless. in the second half planned controlled the match but had to wait until the seventy eighth minute to put it beyond doubt. too much smoother scoring. even an ounce for christie's till i get around and spot on with their attack remained too close. what and when to kneel and book their place in the quarterfinals here's a roundup of the risks of wednesday's action. as we saw on and defeated out for. all top flight. i bought last two one two live acoustic. all four had their hands full with second division english top for failing to one and
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conflict also had to work for their victory against second division side housing. going for him. and the gunner and scheme can be engraved on it be careful if ten miles. she say she has no words come down in the day in canada on friday. she hasn't competed since being injured back in february. on completed a training run on the race slopes in lake louise canada coming in second place. she aims to compete at the sochi winter like picks which starts in just over two months time. due to human and the second reading those things just don't like it known as kinder to. an observation of the final evening the city will be turned on what might be the world's largest menorah it consisted of nine crane stretching thirty meters high throwing beams of light for
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the night sky the holiday commemorates the maccabi in results which ended the greek empire occupation of israel over two thousand years ago be back. yes an amazing honor to be handed to you to warn of husky a wonderful meal is unique and the up story and made just two weeks and counting northern europe including new with the gemini is doggie force made a strong rain. montgomery is in the northern sea. many tennis is the case and then koreans have been counted in northern germany. i may have been warned to stay indoors if they can continue more updates later but it can if what she said. thanks for watching the journal of the time. in the air
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the story each day. any team that works. the top story was that they treat the topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting year so it's good to hear. the event with me thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that steely checked in you and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks i wanna know. and as far as we
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said good evening is now six pm the time you're watching it. the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob new new new one will want one. is you. it's six won fourteen euros w accused of stealing millions of your oaks forward solicitor or e kelley from the dance charts with taking money from client accounts


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