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tv   RT News  PBS  December 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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members is one thing. taking part in rallies. that's interference in domestic affairs. russia's problem is that coles three politicians to stop meddling in ukraine's business of policing kept it from the protests is the deadline to be kept from government bill. tributes pour in enough of death of nelson mandela we look it is jenna's from ostracized rebel to a global symbol of compassion and equality house is built on why job
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what self esteem. hudson review blog adding machines that are getting increasing numbers of bread soaked. we discovered cookies to take the cash coming in is government regulation from it the molding to destroy this moment kevin i would use to not see life from moscow right now just up to me like the animals and when you want to run well. right up top story the protest is in kiev of the given five days to stop disrupting government departments. opposition activists to be blocking most key institution for much of this house week. it's a topic that would've been tough to avoid against the country's president of cnn coverage. he met his russian counterpart in salty and hit the stands of these it over with economic revival. laurel everything is in with a ghoulish. there was a short
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story to easing and. the two presidents have discussed at pro lites leave the economic aspects it really is no surprise economy is something that is vitally important to set this up over flights for it. at the ukrainian president on his way back from it i know where he is meant it with his egg chinese colleagues and death. our carried on quite productive economic talks in fact he became president said that he has as scientists and a number of deals as amounting to roughly eight billion dollars in investments. i know why like in a cottage was that trying to figure out to only or even prevented topics and issues here and here we packed that this grandmother late evening. not just for the opinion protesters but also with western politicians are one of them in particular its oriental and who has set the visit to the tent city that was set up here by the protesters position expressing the u s support for the at ukrainian opposition and for the protesters as well as internal and has also held talks with the kids caught
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the darling of the korean opposition among others that we have seen among the protesters on the square i were foreign ministers from sweden germany and the netherlands while atticus has hope that he had talks with europe will bring you all. i'm sure a new president essentially kinsey gets it the ultimate goal of the ukrainian protesting that is the current government and the president to step down in the interests of western politicians in what is essentially ukrainian domestic affairs has drawn some criticism. of utmost all that was echoed by russia's prime minister the beach with that injury a traditional pre new year culinary was with jim the senate. don't know. i can imagine how a gem and partners with a file. if russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held against general. i don't think they would consider it a friendly step towards meeting with opposition members is one thing you have taken part in rallies. that's interference in domestic affair but
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the listings on the still this is some foreign politicians positioning just doesn't tally with the democratic standard. in utah. more so this is something that should be acceptable. instead he just had to have a low country to make its own arrangements and one. we'll be sending themselves above. the actual situation on their own country or people. we're just looking at me and i stand by he knew it was nothing to offer center. slogans about democracy human rights soul it's really a jew who chased
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him for his intellectual what's more he looks to one of the twentieth century's most iconic elitist nelson mandela and delegate ninety five after a long meal. this setup because first black president of the man to lead the country that decades of apartheid to democracy. this finally is big mess to the hope we do have is that crowds gathered in the city degree from celebrate the legacy of money he was elected. the first take the role of december to fifteen skies expected to be buried in a private family cemeteries company in accordance with his wishes look they just raise my endeavors and his robot time the giants of justice to the most loving tribute cd to come from united kingdom when laura smith. the south african embassy in the topic buildings all around to face the facts the flying hoff mosques to mark the death of nelson mandela. halt the mini and south africans living in this country and some of them accompanied to the nbc today alex and kate should be its
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teeth and coughing up my data and cooked to beat the flooding in from elsewhere see the royal family prince when he and friend tom holt as coles had an extraordinary and inspiring man. the queen has taken the snow to be talking of the great wall she feels when she thinks of months out of saying he weds time to think that his country and that these legacy is the peaceful south africa that we see today. i'm too difficult to beat the flooding in from pool a of the twelve lead in this country by david cameron. he called month that towering they got to train people here and sets a great life has gone out. woo hoo. this is all the minor round. justin has had to make amends for a taco in ninety seven mile trip back to the fountain that the threat that the anc can never rule south africa anyone who's to say was living in cloud and pianist david cameron is also a brown that might make a trip to south africa as a rising star
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nick has had to meet friends at anzac day when no peeing again sanctions on the apartheid weakness in the second day i'm sometimes add a nice milk in a way that david cameron was custody in full but suddenly feel my face and he fails to wallace and it was the syndicate saving the us cannot be even more today to ten seconds we have a taste a few nights a month in month that it was on that evidence and he and his face is wet dream in the state's basic until it flakes of two thousand and eight. but knowing it's off to his presidency of south africa was already a bath now likely coldest it has been a canvas and would eat out i've done this night. in south africa. he's the man who pulled a couple too divided and that from the brink of civil war the man who up to twenty seven tough years behind bars will be from prison. in his heart was an ultra change well i think that his greatest legacies this country is reconciliation. in
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the last three decades the world's tiniest be punished the image of nelson mandela. and in each recognized of all the world of nikko cooke oh that is based on known to man whose struggle for racial be undertaking south africa's reading white noise he had a dark side. the wound has conveniently forgotten about nelson won ten of the need to know struggle pretty cool someone too. i embraced finances. isn't this a street political instrument at a particular juncture in history. this house is the secret headquarters of the african national congress it is hitting me with the sixty s my dad and his comedy school and beyond struggle. it is also said that mr bin where they stood on trial and sentenced to life in prison. south african journalist chris bishop believes the nineteen sixty four trial that soul mind and then he's come late sentenced to life. hope tat it will be in a favor. during the trial
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these gentlemen. you are on top of a neutron as they went from being the cute is that the people in that tall slowly it transforms they became the benjamin franklin's of africa as a beacon of freedom fighters that began the man of principle astounding up mainly for the rights of august. i slowly built on old opinion around parma violets to one of the greatest freedom fighters to have a noble spirit. the story of nelson and dna is remarkable a man who stood up for the whites of people it is the way. but also the familiar tale of governance has gone into town was around twenty one day and evoke the next. was he a rt hon is that south africa read more like full fitness which define nelson and emma's life as well as reactions to his legacy and death. got to go
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the gambling devices which can train or to cash in just seconds but in britain the blooming of the rules to tighten up on fixed olds but the machines known as the cocaine of the high street the crack cocaine of the lights to be these days a floundering. this is the first reports of these payday the book mike the high risk high stakes katie machines. the thing the thing the uk industry or for that idiot parents eta of staying out of the two short fix faults to serve. i'm an ox machine and the best in show. aaron to comply. relax until the sea lions dolphins and get back to two hundred quid for twenty seconds twenty seconds repeat cycle every twenty seconds. sure people aren't buying items for the moment you can freeze the dough will all lose three
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pounds house my children my wife my job. my self esteem hudson regional before i actually feel like a sponge is actually on top of the seventy thousand and five gathering eggs in minutes with the number of faulty machines the heights the best shots. i love to have to fold it seems the only city in the sloth of a and the difficulty is that it's a safe differences that make this as a symbol of the trade of conduct aimed at encouraging the safety of its possible to haiti via the lead singer evidence that among some reading twice the rate is. everyone seems to be quite sticky by the romans. it's like it's not great is that love petition. it enables the still to carrying all full. it is folks the machines a cat if you're not living with them it was
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still in the pre said the shell with the concept shell and a great time. in any at the shops of its kind since he's constantly making rights responsibilities and sends it on the contents of this source responsible the high incidence of doing things completely soaked with the irresponsible xiv make each of the maze. well now that it's taking the effects of the gambling addiction to the lowest point was that day plan my mom. oh my god i wonder whether the subject with me. caring and just said that we would go again yeah most just going in. roswell also wun cry. i was completely humiliated. what is great because i was the day. well i realize my recovery has become just as with the ticket that his experience and is helping of islam that makes the recovery
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this can be said to the effects of these machines if the industry seeks to maximize profits. campaigners warn that the most they can actually take the puppies the gentle with him comfort foods that a fat fat the garden. the show got struggles of rights regime in romania ticket this weekend though because i'm not coming up plus why there's a possible cut in the states so love the brightness is on the internet. they use it
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technology integration of all new developments from around russia. the future what hit me. your teens today are little research the eye. the who'd studied military operation in the central african republic
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and it could be considered in sectarian violence the un security council resolution or fries french troops to join an african peacekeeping mission. the latest clashes between rival militias in the capital by ugly if it killed over a hundred people muslim rebels who seized power in march if i can christians there who support the and the president and this despite fears of the conflict could expand into a full blown sectarian war. well sometimes branded the policeman of africa from says remained active on the continent ever since the color blue earrings you sell them up. that's a map of france is full of colonies over the past decade alone france has led interventions in the democratic republic of congo ivory coast chad that most recently my lateness aside from its involvement in libya to as fully covered coldplay fronts refused a request to intervene in the central african republic a rebellion at it this year bennett said he would not back a corrupt regime of it the recent bloodshed is prompted congress to pledge immediate action this time
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far the fifth column the summit is del britain's guardian newspaper thinks they said the french to take you on a highly dangerous and devon nonetheless. she seems to come. resistance to foreign students from the slim fast and has planted eight. for neither can you know the dimensions are offering partners can match the music and to get out the sentinel thousand troops on the fourteenth army troops in total the french contingent when his deployment is complete. for a country which is much bigger and wrapped an arm and chances are you'll esteem is more more and more mature home on two sources who stepped in. it will intensify in mali for instance on the international service from stuttgart to tune in to
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hear from the french are still there are some numbers on the jr testament since the current domestic animal from sudan and chad and so on austin will be intact suspicion is that the french who buckle you don't just use you. taking the country. it was a giant chevron his team searching for shale gas in romanian village has been the center than confronting practice for over two months now. watch as expected this weekend. this is one of the day this week as police clashed with demonstrators the newspaper said the fourteen campaign is with great but the specific account next to the field the drilling. the gas is extracted. welcome to come to feel it into the ground or the fear is that the chemicals it contends that accumulates and soda for tabling in the end of the african open them environmental safety campaign of george father told me that big business those governments are closer than ever. the shale. season three is this this battle between big business and the interests of the people on a consistent cochrane. in the uk and undermine their way to sing major figures from the and dentistry moving insight into government directly. david cameron is
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the kind that came to power on the promise of being the greenest of an ever more sinister side to the opposite end of my nearest second cents an hour at least at the media says it's not you're born to families in power style starts with mccain as these major players like chevron. i'm always the reason is the story preschool and conviction of the earth and the peaceful presence comfort in that member months to romania. and the oldie and consists of a late reshuffle has admitted to some operation. i'm not the press was allowed to go in that that there were reports incredible brutality towards the problem the bottom line here is that the general know the sky and said maybe although the above now not even a little concerned about the bottom of the book of physical culture of a good job to do they want cheap fuel. this is one of the law is paying rates thereby sparing in a minute that it is too shall pass and that's maybe it was meant to them it's going to be too few of the people in neighboring plots of land to pay the ones that suffer the consequences that the huge increase rates of as constables those who
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were spared few problems thousands of families in the forced move out to the areas i'm wondering is that we're now hearing more about the specific stories of the mailman says that in order to get any kind of compensation from the stock in companies. the house to settle out of school has the competence to fight the legal battles that everyone can afford much more months till line in the saddle so without the dome home from tiffany delay the carribean cruise is a decade of spending spree but dozens of russian diplomats in america has been on an ethic of the funds doesn't trouble being blamed for the folded the medicaid system the thought of those lavish lifestyles we get more of a delegation to mind the date of the bride's mom with two schools have seen classrooms about the deceased in china and how artificial way. now that they could maybe be used to dilute the country's ongoing suffocating them into. right from the sea i couldn't
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picture. the reporters later the animal. on top. snow started falling a week of videos of my twelve syrian and lebanese non local stations monday by vatican is the miserable group in the control costs while his era when the women said they were all in good health and will be released in two days than on the smses from alma street journal position itself for dome of the christine town the rebels holding them hostage to leave them on to the damascus fifth of bourbon from prison in exchange the custom on our tv series been increasingly targeted by opposition extremists the time. in pakistan's capital hundreds of protested against american drone strikes the rally was staged by the teddy k in south
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boston led by the full lycra kids time and time demonstrators johns and anti us slogans in the bottom of the good and cool tote attacks in the country the strikes deep field platoon caucus down with american officials say the crucial in the fight against terrorism. extreme wind storm still bought for europe the uk is boulder from the last twenty four ounces of thousands of people who've moved to safety is the worst type of statistics is that the british comes across the continent to the doctor's office notes that killed at least eight people. many homes of the mess that it succeeds sweden norway and didn't get me out of the floodwaters rose to six weeks is the highest level in decades. the soup abalone or ne thing filled with both pro and anti nationalist demonstrators friday. cos boss alone in lieu of flag waving protests by the four against the region's independence comes to by
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the fifth of things to come and incidentally despite the government agreed to imitate the ones that keep the area that controls the poll suggests that most people that are against it i'm not from the european partnership would depend this explains why. at fifty seven of us analyze and one governance. i only get twenty percent to one simple goal so what is needed. he sat on the sun's out with the radio to the sick who have valid one. and now we just wanted to dance. i do about it and it is so small a system for the season to be rationed. x though my creations like any other name that's what it's that i'm that is what it's about democracy. as a sauce from the retail workers in the us takes him a show on national would strike on thursday calling for
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increased the minimum wage the bomb was placed to push for higher salaries to history but i was back in feathery critics say since then that will be done with it caught my eye was that the foetus to heal. but the hearing the ark city when you're out with just two hundred employees has exploded into arguably the biggest wave of protests in the history of america's past food industry. thousands of pot as it believes that more than one hundred cities to wrap this country couple walked off the job thursday demanding an increase in minimum wage and the right to see you when you not it's not this movement ii is being spearheaded by an organization called fast food quality and died eat fast food workers that have joined the strike. for me to restaurants like wendy's mcdonald's burger king and kfc held off fast food remains a two hundred billion dollar industry. me and waits for this service workers like the books in the cashiers from the group by nationwide is just eight dollars and ninety one cents an hour here
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in new york city it's even worse with the minimum wage being seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour now because of the low wages and many of the employees on if not most complete the fast food restaurants are living in poverty. thompson autobot base and i am. i am in a cell or slams trying to get out of there and i can't live because that'll take beta much. astronomy. ghanaian us on the absence of what these people. we that will be announced. yes a full right to take you to him. but the sane people would ask american way. the bleed off all this and this in a country that full cooperation before the working man. i mean way too much money. like the one i will give them money. and then like when i get them to take them home
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to make matters worse this problem is the growing love these shots i counted the bulk of new jobs added during the so called west recovery in existing retail and fast food are among the fastest growing sectors in the us economy now what these protesters are demanding is that minimum week's be reduced to fifteen dollars and how one so far only one cd. in washington state has met those demands this crowd around to either duly sent to fight for a sane and decent living wage an opportunity to step one foot into the worlds of the so called american tree reporting from the arc during the fortnight and artsy. welcome but she was more like easter and clothe your team and the evening this time next. mm i would the be. these two spends
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sixteen elements. makes six to age twelve. schooling is compulsory as is the following three years of junior highs. schools are free. the parents can choose the right to send their children to private schools instead. missing are doing things he was detained for two oceans to kindle store elementary school classes contain between thirteen and fourteen. and each class is based in utah the new morning assemblies are held within this something that always leads to pain the season forty five minutes. first and second in the school day consists of four or two more the great too often in demand
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each elementary school class has its own them and teach it teaches the course of six japanese language math science and stuff the little kid. fourth grade. the range of studies becomes more comprehensive and include subjects such as computing sixth graders. home economics subjects like sony it is. when getting english language classes the hungry and teachers of help when the chips to inspections some subjects like music pupils leave the room into a special touch the music is tuned to a cooling you can tune into playing instruments and to sing. the he would
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choke people's needs and do craft projects. a lot of games ten seconds. but any content on youtube or what the body of a platoon of us sports meet lots of space a practice to do some sports. i know. sports the medium and small special equipment. done in the gym. periods. it's time for lunch. indeed most schools pupils will be newer and faster. st jude's kenya korea builds the gym and on the corman groups. joining a
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sports car has the solution is to make new friends. since each club will have members from when fourth to sixth grade. to greek cookery across. children really enjoyed the fact of existence are allowed to choose what most interests. some people choose to help with the directive and running the school. some point during the lunch period. others take care of contaminants being raised on the school grounds beating them and beating the end. i asked the fcc japanese elementary school education is designed to be called recruits. developing tools for these personalities as well as their mark. you
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know. and one. and when. i am thus leading to be. here's the top stories this the duration and reconciliation. it should only be going to let go major storms went into her blackouts


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