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know. and one. and when. i am thus leading to be. here's the top stories this the duration and reconciliation. it should only be going to let go major storms went into her blackouts in chapel. to all
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but neglect to visit next day after. book to share with our beloved leader and finding father. it's monday now. south africa's first black president a nobel peace prize laureate. the man known as my diva diet thursday night at the age of ninety five in his home in johannesburg surrounded by them. candy's the morning of the deep and in south africa and illnesses are pouring in for a man who despite suffering under apartheid. to look nice in time to forgive the concert. in frontf
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t students and injured hundreds. nicelythe lead up to date. the robot who need it but i think the biggest thing is that it has the disadvantage over the top it was. national symbol of reconciliation and justice it was great isn't that special. i think these goods is to make this. to south africa. add to the well. he's the emphasis which he has always put. on the neor costs and age. all the talk was of human rights. in the case of sou africa and that applies also to other parts of theorld. e ne to promote the product. he was a matter of going extinct the last president of south africa in the era of racial tnk key role in securing one thing that's really sweet it was the beginning of the youthful one ton awesome the team and received the nobel peace prize in
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nineteen ninety three he intended to cancel africa's first black president. recall the total minutes of segregation and use his popularity to cool for cats the world. nineteen for minority rights. splintered into his efforts to combat hiv aids. farther. he's an author. is the best things to do is read. he's really dead jesus will provide it with those later to form inspiration. he has fought the opening set. that's a much deeper i am. south africa in the middle east during his own to spend two to. a tribute to his friend to george's cathedral in cape town. you are one. begin. he
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is. he's been working the black or white rich pope or the people of south africa are united in store for the taunts of the nation stopper. now we must continue his legacy. joining us now from jamaica and south africa is reported on monday to guidelines to make an important ponting and mundane as night and slipped against apartheid. how deep in the county of mocking his passing the six wives and experienced the agony of the whole day salute to the custody of the street with his old one. and what he expects mourning and crying a lot of tears. hetays a lot of dancing singing and to explain yet and it's still ongoing. it's like a st
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county takes the test now that she and the noise yet the motorbike repeating. off to celebrate emails monday less than that snow in the area. i come off south africa. what's different way to more because people say of course gets it done. he is he the father of the basement and has gone down so i said we'll morning. we are celebrating his life. this is our way to celebrate. to the county to the limitsd to things down too much into race relations. he sighed. it is the unifying moment here so quick to its team of people from all walks of life that came to like the adults all social classes would say
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it needs to be great so this is more weeks but that is questionable but is definitely not something that is the fourth round at the moment he had today northside last night toelp we could cost the way i could see the site. in the second morning. stats the expertise to school to which he said it expected to receive a ticket to democracy and even though he was imprisoned for twenty seconds as it goes. it's sung by the racist apartheid government. he greets you find a way it's the second to reconcile what. this is playing now. some hats off to scouts that they said that it completes its life. grace takes the hint and seven state. i doubt very much and
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no one expects it to date and sixty six. use images or content again much for joining us. world united in mourning this giant among leaders flags are flying at half mast in many countries in the world stands united star. this has been coming in from the newest installation and a beacon of hope with a lady they'll look people are insane. the un security council called states to observe a moment of silence many of those here have personal memories of montana he gets in mind that i was a triumph for justice and the talent or fisherman is spanish. daniel rode along route one which he introduced by mississippi's stuff. when she ran eighteen twenty two and freedom to touch our lives. in keeping course none of these. the german chancellor and the man called recall meeting him on camera and two thousand and seven this reminded of i and death until it was a wonderful time
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he was quiet. he had a warm heart and good sense of humor and i still remember my visit to him. it is one of the most significant memories of my political career. it gets but stay in a long line up would be too sleepy to stay. and then there was this tribute from us president barack obama. we've lost one of the most influential courageous whimper from a good human beings that many of us will share time with on this earth. south africa is now entering a period of mourning for nelson mandela the people here also want to celebrate his life. i can see mr you buy a decent routine some content is due next monday. really. he was three times the retail as you can tune in to read it and would come from and was key. i was in front of his house and
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again he came back to simply tell he's in he's hitting years in prison. it didn't really see her because it constitutes an ac. and then off to bed and then he became president in ninety four c2 list i was in and out of the day in ca who discusses his press conferences in tv it's him. he did towards him okie this just might get his presents he came into their new teammates as he was the m e i mean he was of royal campbell and dad and that you need this review i'll delete on main theories to tea with studded team and candidates always accomplishment when standing at how wonderfully it and asked me about gifts and mini holiday on. and an amazing man and his spirit to them last week. but aside from his personal timing is also the father of one conference call. the rainbow nation body it is going to become of his vision for south africa. anyways his vision has or maybe as they remain nation being freelance
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it back in there with that in south africa now with my nephews of mine uses and at the schools. isn't this thing anymore p u p i can get indian hindu why people make in a user you could say that he can play with business and racial connotations in the mall and tan. i think in some ways and socializing costs to the racial badly and that must be knit on it instead of having common goal and the other province in the country that the racial one thing is that of the eu piece of punishment that is i think his vision has come to i knew what the young people can come monday to what americans did his ideas have a fever today. this is the main stand today came to facebook and scene from i didn't get rooney says fourteen bored all day he became president say thank you to know someone been awful create team the country
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we know can get a new and ten i think it's more an event with that generation he is a set of the credit the move to an end to it. dale kerry did that and to the toll for him my son suffered two broken english for shooting a course that the sunday times. shiny things on a contending team on the continent with these is often accused of failing to provide good governance to their keeper. african leaders who have gathered in paris to discuss security also paid tribute to montana. the man they call their brother. more than thirty african leaders were in paris for the two day summit. french fries and coleslaw known personally greeted them on the steps of the elysee palace. before getting down to business delegates paid tribute to nelson dinner. what is. so that's the case of the state funding. i think i lost. in
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another. i think i lost a battle and fight it's on monday dotted throughout. his only son nelson mandela is no longer with us. but his message will remain online chat show. his words will continue to inspire new generations to look good. he will forever be the role model for all men and women fighting for their rights. we do. silly you want to. from cessnock einstein's to africa since colonial times. this year french troops have fought to molly and the central african republic. but come on says in future he wants africa to the contours and secure seat when the ec change to bring about. some believe the saying from a to form a colony nelson didn't spend
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his life fighting for freedom and peace in africa. his nineteen ninety three nobel peace prize acceptance speech was played up so much and has gone on. other news across parts of northern europe people are beginning to assess the damage left behind by a fierce storm overnight in the summer. the story is that the creed of destruction but the situation seems to be easing. storm warnings are still in effect the tip is that casino was the high winds gradually weakening but not before some fabric to the second highest recorded title stage antics in his hand. finally a major storm in the nineteen seventies pushed through the sky. the city's famous fish market was awarded the central al is up to six meters higher than normal in some places as ocean swells pushed inland. shipping traffic was also disrupted the chairman is not just contain a seaport. it's on
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the two terminals stopped working. you can't operate a container terminal with its giant bridges in the face of wind speeds this time the storm hit northern jenny packing wind speeds of two hundred and fifty kilometers an hour. despite its apparent eat supper on the hunt list and makes them be it. just a few weeks ago a store called christian because authorities of god sent him a chill in the course promptly prepared this time around. this is the kind of storm impact is never predictable. so we were all anxious. when our sleeves it might've been much worse did he get up again. some tourists had already been sent to the baltic sea show the kites that is taking advantage of some serious miles. delays in shipping cost money but the shipping companies at the port operate to have already taken those
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costs into account. the most important thing is to prevent flood damage to the port itself. if that happens shipping operations could be delayed by weeks instead of days. when deleting silver and gold for next year's soccer what scott is out the whole of the lake until we come back. do. they carry on centuries old trades to fuse two months
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the traditional hand across nearly done. we'll meet up dying priests. it's our series everyday next week aunt joanie today. i mean is this going to be stepping foot in france my life. as usual she thought was to come into ot has been made in visit. after quite a bit of song and dance balls withdrawn from bulls to the field which team can be placed in each of the eight fourteen groups. johnny got it after opening with portugal gonna be in the usa an inch and spain also landed and challenging group that included their twenty ten final opponents do it the opening game of its host brazil against coalition
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let's go to the console. if you want to so how did it its havoc with men on an amoeba or the groups not to mix cents off and then we had some moments coming up to hearing a group a as we said brazil face coalition and mexico in cameroon rounding out the crew the is headed by defending champions spain his family here in the netherlands as well as today and australia. perhaps one of the weaker groups we have columbia greased cookie block and japan. d is made up of bloglines costa rica england and italy the features he controversially seen in switzerland ending up with ecuador france and honduras in group f south american power is argentina became the lse will face the tournaments only to the top aussie herzegovina as well as iran andigeria the reform group g is a doozy germany will contend with christiane aldo and portugal as well as to experience teams in the usa and donna
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finally in group h nelson will square off against algeria russia and south korea. now the masses to nestle into groups and where the county stands to work out what this means that stool to ask which correspond to join the un the stereotype is chill. based on the gmat of the year ended the coach jim knew to be happy with him till he's got. well i think you'll be ready to be happy i mean i'm switching my gemini you expected to be and to be anyone on a tank. this is about where they'll be playing as much as who will be playing at home and see jimmy being seeded team in the cream linking to be concentrated in the northeast in for the next night received the ante natal and we did with the most likely pace of the bill say the sages of the crumbling guinea downside is that to me discard the country. typical symptoms rather than the temperate. when sri conditions in the south of the country city will have to contend with which forbade me
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to any cheese and heat i mean it's it's a tough group the seventy jimmy will have to be out of oxygen if they want to get the complete competition. alright hosts brazil to start off against croatia. this can be huge pressure on them of course that this is a group they can enter. today i think they demonstrated the loss. by wayne confederation cup going against expect i mean that they can revel in the principal draw. the tunes tracks down like it hadn't i seen a team game and will attending the meetings that were meant to mean just sitting and standing to protest the house and went to waste money on on on the infrastructure to the tournament but anyway for is to be one a papaya by brazil winning the opening game and advice this effect is against brazil that to the crowds in the streets and what a waste of money. well at the numbers posted something in the not in that respect very important defending champions spain
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would you make of that too dana took advantage of the netherlands in evans the importers of replay of the last world cup world cup final. i met and began sending a push as a skinny australia. i'm too thin. in europe. i think that they will have their work cut out to the european teams one will come in south america that has to overcome that somehow if they wanted one too when the full schooner i'd say we will be at a tapas and four. why can't you may want to just appreciating booklets that such acts. if you want more coverage of the jaw i know a lot to handle much more surrounding the world cup head on over to our website to give you doubt the east watch sports the suspense is a look at the two teams competing in the last cup and is there no exactly what the groups on but the big event next year is only seen its share of controversy as tight as mentioned with complaints about corruption in the country and construction lines. being in the day that warming doomsayers now organizes and does it have
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been these kinda cool but the standouts and whip up the excitement. lee is back but this time the brazilian footballing legend is playing on screen a film about his stellar career is aiming to give brazil into the spirit of the world cup. it tells the story of how things are healing but still became one of the world's top teams. did you meet your hero. when he is just an everyday person and it's much easier to identify and relate with that journey. if you can identify and relate that the starting point. six months before the first match of the tournament kicks off brazil is already in the grips of world cup fever many international stars turned out to the killing of the official legal. shadow was cast over preparations for the world cup last week when two construction workers building a stadium in sao paolo night after being struck by a falling crane
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for safety conditions and at least intended for self image abroad. some people are all pretty critical of the world cup saying it's a waste of money. they're against the repercussions are only spend one whole day the consumption of the rubble brazil is standing sunscreen can read here are some world cup. most of the burden is being carried by taxpayers back in june there were widespread protests while the country hosted the confederation cup construction costs have soared and six of the twelve stadiums are behind schedule i'm just ordinary people who are anointed destruction world cup preparations in shortly seasons without reducing the number of matches teams have to play it will be printed or castration a nice teaching students despite some of the darker duties in the run up to the event. one man is still being listened to. i doubt
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that it has ceased this opportunity. we need to take in money you need to boost tourism to retrieve our car i want to say that all brazilians love my country nobody. and they will be played by kevin de palma filmmakers are hoping excitement will help replace cynicism by the time the film is released in may. we've shown some conundrum is that going when it really for customs and informing parents that i can the defense ministry and some not. it has to compete for the kids among them to determine that day. al qaeda has claimed responsibility. complex because it is to us officials responsible for drumsticks the us has defended its two strikes against al qaeda but has promised to introduce stricter rules and oversight german politicians have agreed to take you five thousand more refugees from the warden series. this time the program that is going to
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be the same time. the facade of writing in september. my costume pieces that will improve the living. she led the contribution so far he can get to pass the kindness more than ten thousand syrians have made their allegiance and nieces to cause them to let them. also in germany the country's central bank has forecast even brighter days ahead for europe's biggest economy despite losing steam in the third quarter the bushes and has raised its projection german economy to grow as much as half a percent this year. in twenty fourteen it sees one point seven percent growth and that could rise to two percent in twenty fifty what is on president pointed to the country's low unemployment rates increased hiring and study. find out all the years went down on the markets returned to our reporter because i was. it stopped an optimistic outlook for the german economy from the united states is well positive data came in which shows that the recovery of
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the economy there is stronger than anticipated. contrary to the tenancy all week the market did not take this as an opportunity to be concerned about the potential he only on phasing out of the monetary stimulus by the center backs. nope the dax is up again and with it. the hopeful of the year end rally is back again which is the hope that stock prices hero will be rising with the end of the year. i am trying to say let's take a quick look at the market numbers for you now setting frankfurt germany's dax was up by nearly a full percentage. ninety one seventy to finish the year was docked fifty also up by similar amounts. when i'm seventy nine in new york where the dow jones is still trading up by more than one percent to sixteen and ten and the euro is heading up against the dollar. one thirty six ninety three
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the chinese government has banned its banks from trading in their callings the citizens of today not to use it to come and see following the announcement the value of the big coin tumbled from around twelve hundred dollars to about nine ten to twenty now. the french central bank warned about the risks of the currency which is unregulated the cross international borders. years back from mid to late season is heating up thousands of workers across fourteen soon on the united states went on strike on testing. employees in around one hundred cities including new york angeles detroit and boston. they say they need better salaries in order to get by. i i i was in the songs to the industry have announced. they set out with the latest the economy
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from seven dollars and twenty five cents or not to count only fifteen dollars now more than double the current rate. knowing that he cares about them in ways you can interfere with that you were getting forty hours a week is like this. a second shot to make plans for the rest of the fences on him. many demonstrations have to depend on government assistance. and they're working. but employers who want higher wages would lead to many job losses. what to say he might be intimidated. i will continue demanding higher pay top story to be a simple ring in finance from indiana who wants to lay in johannesburg on wednesday nights and on the line strongly. giving much to me keep on watching tv. the air
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i was. ch. st kitts was
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the day. because breaking news called what. so much eagles to play. stocks while. good news you. you need. context. all spend my
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money. first two. two explosions at it you will will will will will will. is you. it is six one. what she knew was with grind up some of the chevron bp allow folks to carry the esb penchant of these unions threatened or less like a living the sixteenth of december it is jusmp


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