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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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michael's sister for the success of a few things that continues to ruin people going strong with cooper in the summer and its old tricks you knew. such. i was as you'll miss a dear friend queen elizabeth the second is deeply saddened. russian president dimitri somehow thousand and ten as one of the greatest quotations in oftentimes is just a few tomato the scoring in this friday after causing the south africa's former president indication of the divas injury and been able to peel me well in south africa itself. look who's coming to tennis with its else from on that let's cross our top correspondent in japan is that i havent had a fancy to be with us was the atmosphere like it was
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the day now since that announcement and nelson mandela's house. he was taking to the streets in south africa to pay tribute to nelson and get out. indeed the state they were still trying to come to terms with the death of disco boogie death not they say they've accepted teased and not the umpiring to carry him now we know that he will be getting on the fifteenth of this and that in his hometown of london. what would happen on the latin from the heavens to the thirteenth. he's one one nineteen states in pretoria. and on the tenth of peace and that it will be a national day of mourning and this sunday the eighth of december. it will be a national day of prayer and reflection isn't a consumer has called on south africans to use this day to reflect on the night of nelson and data what he has made two south africans and one he has made to the wolves. soak the announcement was made last night this morning
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people were still coming to tennis not be getting to be any the father of the nation the cities and spontaneous gathering taking place across the traffic as they seem to matter is that outside london is full again. she's off to the announcement was made last night people brings to mind dennis howlett it hadn't yet in japan is good to go and pay tribute to some of the people even to small children to go and take the handmade cards and sam were handwritten cards including abu ali's and instead paid to the tune awesome and data. but snow and happenings in japan instead. for instance this evening. a st evening off track and song on the grand debate. now that the rate he's very significant because you've made the call the february nineteen ninety when the sun and got up walked out of that because the staff present as if the mag defence case that she winks as if the man was to
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the balcony on the land conveyed on the steps of the city pool and that he's way he made his first speech as if the matter on this beach that i can be demanded that the stock to twenty six people. i stand here and not as a prophet of the people as a servant of the few people and that just goes to show what a humble kristen nelson died and the wise was interesting to see how terrible we need is a city devotees people from all walks of life across the world will pay to the tune awesome and data they like and he with everything that was good and great and jt was such a humble person. it is mounted police unit and a hand spanking scene very much but that wasn't an awesome and has dedicated his life to find twenty supremacy and pasty. the became synonymous with protection and segregation in the country well why didn't he the apartheid rule aimed at maintaining my ninety one dollars bill by afrikaans on existing british colony new
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rules. explains. paradise was officially born in nineteen forty eight years with the election victory of the african international patchy. the divided south african society into four races white black college and asian. segregation is applied in all walks of life. places such as beaches cinemas and hotels were largely reserved for whites. max went on to lead to bowls or own property and plays areas. many black people were reset them contain reservations known to spend just as the government granted independence to four of them. it can use this independence is stripping many black south africans of their citizenship. however south africa's until stream and commercial needs require workforce which resulted in many families being separated meanwhile workers finding to that end chips. once insisted in terrible conditions. it was at a terrible system of
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family life. he seemed to get there and what happened to the back. what is in the mind to all taken and living in hostels on the site the mind well the comedies where hundreds of miles away back into routine girl was eating it. the government used a vast security apparatus to uphold the high price. blacks were forced to use passes in order to go about their everyday business. resistance was ruthlessly suppressed the government into his soul reforms in the nineteen eighties. but it was not until the election as president of nelson mandela in nineteen ninety four. it's pernicious cricket south african society was gone forever. went into the rest of the world today some extreme together for tea africa need is his agent and prices for jake. we took this on security and economic issues. especially reason and that is causing some shopping proceedings. five of the presidential easing how it's defined as hans monsters participants observed minute's silence in may divas memory meant it was in fact matron of honor of the summit
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the thing is guests during the evening session present slowdown is to say about the campaign against apartheid. it's only been on the bead up. this week nelson mandela is not with us anymore. he's made two trips on. he continues to inspire new generations. it's not that awesome talk to who left you. nelson mandela will always be the bigger the men and women fighting for the rights we unite around silly you want to. come on this which i now while french politics at a time of penitence i met some friends luckily thank you for being with us. constant to take charge of its kind security situation in respect of the relationship between france and africa. but the president hopes to see in the very near future he called all the african leaders to come to paris discussed above. peace and security that was the focus of the post or section that
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just ended is also going to be discussions about the development of protecting the environment tomorrow but kiely of the pirates before the french is to call upon the opera in to take security into their own hands and this in the very concrete way should be the creation of an african rapid reaction force that has been in discussion for years and the french are really hoping to see it become operational in two thousand and fifteen and all the african leaders have said yes this isn't a bad year but we've heard that story before and the ques is always a question of financing and the means and of training the french have promised that they would train up to twenty thousand african troops every year so they're hoping to get the treatments will show that africa can take matters into its own and to also show that france was intervening in africa and molly recently and just as we speak in the central african republic. it is not for new cool numerous reasons but
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then in the knesset essentially sorry to the inside the africans to really take matters into their own and by following the example of the french troops or their two tries to fight instability but then we'll head back home. this puzzle as it sets us on the money it spends. well of it that the french consider it a good lesson. that's what they did in mali was worth it and that they really were able to retell the its troops from obama cool and hoping that they will settle eyes the reason that the region and they're hoping that they will do this in the central african republic however we've seen this in libya sometimes. what's you. it's the happenings heavily as often as an intervention is instability and ironically the libby on what is happening especially the salt of the country is certainly going to be one of the less talked about focus is off that this meeting that there's a lot of concern in the region. that's what
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happened and molly is creating havoc back in libya palin forcing that things seem very much. that's when the sun three times in a packed house and care for special edition of the defeat of soft power in anything so for the knotty a sharpie in the newsroom. and stay on topic. welcome to the cost and get to be in the news came in many of africa's leaders were already on routes here to parents or are already in the french capital at the opening of the that says summer to that song africa first thoughts were of course announcement though mandela had been retired from politics for a decade and that his tales unique certainly don't expect any of the current crop of leaders to fill the former south africans shoes. what could be doing differently what his
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will his lasting legacy be the summit gathers to competing narratives for africa a vibrant resource rich continent with an up and coming economy. but with vast ways that are increasingly no go area it's the summit in france. former colonial power it was welcomed by the locals we returned to intervene in mali at the start of the year and is now putting boots on the ground in the central african republic. his parents forever to be typecast as the sean bell the speech. but africans have reason to this challenge. joining us for this special edition of the false been tested to date is the spokesperson for the french foreign ministry to soften any welcome to the show. welcome as well smith editor in chief of the africa reports. and joining us for a month during naptime duke university. and he's one of the commons preeminent intellectuals hashem and indy teaches that china's birds. university of
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the rich waters of rounds your love one of her major works of the author of the tt to his own neck is being translated into english in the coming year. critical plot critical of black reason the cost intensive eight week that when the conversation on facebook and twitter are constant effort to court today the death of nelson mandela pat smith was something that you ve been braced for a long time. news of the mandela watch when he stepped into a coma. over the summer. um yeah that's happened today. again it again it's a win when the morning began because behind all this media circus and was a circus. nothing much to report on anymore. i thought maybe the emotion will be there but in fact it has been an emotional that i think it's been much bigger than people think and if you think about every comparable around the world that governments have been rushing out to all tributes to
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mandela. from the politicians to musicians to the art is to the right is to civil servants around the world really there is no other figo on the planet. since the advent of mobile communications who can match that of the week we've seen the likes of mind that i think in a way maybe we went to like him again in the sense of unity. we have a universal appeal. the flight but just as the fight against oppression. he encapsulated it in a way that few could do because of school. he gave twenty seven years of his life in jail for this and that he was prepared to give his entire life for this he did it. i'm having done that uncommon and coming out the other end. he had a mole flower tea that none of this good match said in a slumping to be free to blog about the bomb them in the new post the black us president. but the fact that mandela gave up so much to get what he gallops and to achieve what he achieved. i don't think
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it's easy to be called in our lifetime and that's why we've had this incredible outpouring around the world stops me from the moment it has been an incredible outpouring of paul's think it's marc perlman is covering africa summit that is taking place. marc. you've covered many summit before. you really get a sense that this one is different in that regard. they instantly became a difference. overnight then kaylee. maybe but so has been hanging over this the summit which was supposed to discuss very concrete the issues like you know peace and security peace. you know in development and peace and climate change. however now it'll change though because suddenly you had to have the head of the year ahead of the south african delegation make a speech in which the mysticism of the head of the african union peace
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commission. and so clearly this was the surprise since some delegates were telling him the core doors that a new way. the death of mandela pushed aside many of the debates that were supposed to take place here honestly no one was complaining about that and everyone what was sad but simply the french did not expect this to happen the defense doesn't pay tribute to mandela of the flats were at house mouse and we use the giant pictures of mandela inside the abc palace which sadly never happened before for a foreign leader. and so there was a lot of emotion but vivian that this since this was really something that was not expected and by the french authorities that so carefully prepare for this major major summits. thanks for that marc perlman their reporting from the summit. she and a day a week and there. oh we do not have mentioned and a renault hoped to restore that the connection with the man
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in a moment. the softer any what's also been interesting is that some of the discussion in the bin we've been speaking to the two delegations to be there is this friday so that some of the discussion has been. about what mandela means it has been the historical. it's like going out. what happened in the past you suddenly realize that with the passing nelson mandela that. it's also time for reflection on how the world has changed since the era of apartheid and since that era because we are it's that the us. he would do was a great monday was a great fight the leaflet for credo. the ppt couple tight the two was also the state's mom. and we choose. at the pump off the reconciliation mostly french. in his mystical beans
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peas and seek to retain the it's exactly at the end of the summit this week from now when it's this mental peace and security in africa andrew greig will be of course we won't be overshadowing those issues we will be talking about some of the other bread and butter issues was here first. some of the tributes to mandela ahead of the summit in paris by some of those leaders the pic of me and a couple africa has lost a giant today is from episode one it's not just africa that it's offering an immense loss for one and two. it's the whole world this summer because i think an awesome monday that it can be considered as one of the greatest political thinkers of the twentieth century inventions. the pink on the politicians. i could see from the nelson mandela's life was plenty of medicine in houston the campground to the generosity and education this amendment to
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the summits must succeed the summit's most involves peace and security on the contents of this and i think that's the best tribute we can pay to describe mt nelson mandela to call them someday. when you see a bonus cd of togo has come out of burkina faso saying that. and those given him lessons. what would put lessons he thinking i wonder how i'd redo one and we know you looking at people all along been operating a system which is a self perpetuating. died the ceilings of the over the misty or actually represented to nest in the room in our own lifetime i wonder that kind of democracy that nine dentist is full the intrusion into tears and since i left. i don't think that's pretty reflective in either of those two need is political careers but i think if it goes beyond that it's not just listen to politicians is the lesson two two two citizens across the whole continent and beyond africa
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the principals them all authority and as you say that the principles of sceptics. i am and the south african idea of them go into that snap together unite says we owe mall and we need each other to make the human being call them and that's very much in mind that always resisted this customization of the struggle that was just one individual running the struggle fall from it he said you know it's cold the all the people behind me and you always pay in a copious tribute to people i know walt is assumed. who well you know he regarded them as his tenure genuine mentors from fisher is on at the same thing. i think it's a different sort of lesson is that it's done. there's a philosophical power and more men than it did that he's going right across the continent is not just in the often says of the few politicians in the way africa perceives itself and often will you know he's a towering historical figure the like of
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which no consonants not even india with them auckland and he can really compete with and i think that tells gives us a lesson about what africa's people will be eighteen in the current age and we look for instance he comes into office after this period it was oppressive regime. he manages to reach across the aisle and come up with the system. it is a truth and reconciliation commission. and and soft is able to to redefine itself chris is out of egypt for instance was unable to do the same thing when they toppled the long term stronger. it is amazing that so many countries around around africa and beat around the world including egypt he said today is the activist and say why don't we have a truth and reconciliation commission. it's all africa can do this why do we have to go through these massacres
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and killings. trustee on the mau mau barons than under the grief is honest regime and now wonder that the return of them in a tray mig and south africa's become this reference point leo would emphasize the point i think it's very much. the south african system which mandela represents and he is to force the personality he rolled it into being. but his own political demise asian african national congress made a point of using him as the face of those values of reconciliation of negotiation and political progress and i guess that's his is an open plan and use it because those tributes from heads of state resonating will be on the african continent. i am one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from nelson mandela's life. but his words in his writings the day he was released from prison. he gave me a sense of what human beings can do when they are guided by the pope's by their fears. unlike so many around the globe. i
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cannot fully imagine my life without the example the nelson mandela south. so long. as i live i will do what i can learn from him. go to the united states eschewed been days that the north carolina toot university apologies for the technical issues that we had earlier sheena and i know they usually um you you knew you were based in johannesburg is written about mandela today where you are right now. um has the music resonated as much as you saw that night is it. making beyond any kind of imagination. muscat the morning i went to drop my view the weakest quarter cup of tea in the day she he have any news or a two way it in all a little dent in the classroom and couldn't
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get to the pygmy what to get to dessert and tea. so the whole montana the company will be spent two weeks. open the mind killer. in all our night stands. until then you'll remember we see. i met in london a few times in the arctic so that the work i was doing with others the school teachers tend to on the murray and gestures if you are commanded. we have been hearing about to comb the whole forty five people in my head. the taller man. standing up trying extremely high. we've been eating less meat to them and can't open it. enter it's your team the title but in a bikini. and even the inhumane
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even older human being the man remember. and the chore that maybe weren't exactly the team the use of inner peace and has been a lot of talk today about how mandela was able to make a peaceful transition in this country. earlier the present gone john muhammad told me the first time he found some face to face with mandela not that i'm a homer was the communications minister commented is coming out of an elevator in cape town tony frozen all. he also hoped gonna support for the unseen a reminder that there was a time not too long ago and the struggle against apartheid. wasn't always an on time. isn't it. far from the initial step of indian affairs country south of the sometimes we come in and
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out money. it's called if you don't write this. so we have had a close. you know that feeling of tension. it's a testament to and including that which has as its impact on his passing and rough spots. news of was the duty to cement onto it. we must focus on the next stage of all fat and determined that faces our homes and into a decent and dignified on people after the sharp though massacres of nineteen sixty two nd day and date of the anc decided on armed struggle and there were all those years that followed where mandela was imprisoned and it was a lot of violence the movers were called and the frontline states. how did that happen that transformation and calm so that there was. he's a peaceful transition. we'll post our apartheid south africa. i have been nice will the hokkaido in addition to the whitley
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the push to get it the old people are a team in the political activity in south africa that was to be the key was on the whole crew monday and i went into hiding. and at the euro happen all the options you can try at the armstrong. we know what happened after that call. the try of the group in ireland and the leaders of the season the apartment and into the ocean the young man who was working patient who was angry was when the two week as the model used this week on the porch looking at he underwent an hour or so the duration. even when the warden the presumption to commission appointed by the week. archbishop who
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wrote about yesterday. due to the pan and the beach. our nation in africa. god will not go on fumes. just to live with them. before we go and we are in the back door to two. look at some of the other issues of course that around this two on the table this important summit is taking place in paris with the sale of the james craig. of the maestro for me you want segregated from the outset of the show we were saying how at the end of the day. we knew at some point or another mandela would pass away even when it happened. the emotion even though we knew was going to happen surprises that's right sam. i mean you knew you could spend all evening looking at the way he's been the tribeca been pouring in online chats with a couple of very strong moments because basically the mom is already becoming like on going in it. through social media which is quite there. it's a tool that reduces everything to some but to serve and images so you you have your choice of
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images and sound bites off it's not right but just a couple that marked me one is on the royal shakespeare company. at page two you know that he copied to the seas are well and is now in robben island and he marked the call of duty season let me see if i can enlarge it. which essentially says. howard's die many times before their deaths the valiant never taste of death but once all the wonders of ideas that are yet so far it seems to be more me most strange that men should fear seemed that to the masses preamble comb when a book called no fear of death. well whoever acts of courage. i'm dead essentially he marked his name if you can see there next to the quilt. so essentially that you know he had in oakland ca regional flood additional loss of dignity humility as well golf is just to finish with this. the morning started one of their m o b trees all adults among them the playroom on using people that he was very good didn't like the ox. then the gall of that sort of portrayal of me
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always rejected this. even though the real university schools streets squares been called up from the last months and years of his life it was good and evil secret security constable with. i always insisted on his humanity his policies that i'm a sinner. it was going on at the center was for the betterment of better myself. like anyone else arianna thanks james and over the world is much more a little bit later on on false been kept from you on this stay with us much more to come over anytime at that summit that's taking place in paris. you want to post it yet. i am the us. watch
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what's on my tree on a balk i like it anywhere in the wild on almost any cell phone. whatever he'll provide the key to the welsh. i have tonight i'm going three hundred is. i kept on yum up the phone. just visit the website. the prompt him to come obama said that to the ground. nt open them up and you'll receive a free sms to a new confidence going up than you come what fun that night i get the date is one
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of these countries. one of my time. you just joining us before using the false and yet today to sample the stories will be falling for at the top of the hour right here on a false friend jack's first of december the fifties that of the disease. for the funeral of a nelson man del of the founders of rainbow nation passing away at his home on thursday a minute of silence here in paris. um where is the way a summit with the some forty african leaders began in all of them and go off. and so the other big story today the draw for the world cup. so when most of the ones who picked in germany portugal gone and the united states in the same group of friends having an easier time of this to be with switzerland on doors and
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ecuador. as for the english not so easy to italy uruguay costa rica. one of those stories and much more fit the property are right here on costs and debt. welcome back are welcome if you just joining us this is a special friday edition when you click on friday. but it's because there is a peace summit going on in paris. a summit of african nations. we listened to talk about it. that's all from the ne. actually the stuff i need to be the and believe it says summit of the eighties it it's for the elysee palace for peace and security in the old days the scope of france africa summit but that's not politically correct them those the summit is a book freak out. the summit will be some of the cpt in africa just sweet to peaks the security. that development. and the fight against climate change. this
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week the peaks of their report on paprika. all of them still to me security it's not a medieval monks you don't have given up twenty to twenty three t e a top secret if you don't have to present this to the france under the heading in the cases of africa summit also with us is ice sheet in the nba. and he teaches at johannesburg university and its partners rounds and he is currently up about to publish actually um in english though um. one of your of standout books can take that as omega what's the title going to be named. ollie. it was critical of the christian doesn't make too much to me. at two am sure. what kind of thing. i let you know when the wind at all. it's always some of the title and patrick smith is with this the editor in chief of the africa report his new issue hits the stands. next week and
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could double if you know beyond a film the action and that was on the cover. that's awesome. i know we we got it in any way we knew mind was going to be impornt if you go to a website you'll also find it. it's sixteen page is all about mandela and his legacy. and i do recommend because some great writing that i met rob bell one of his fellow prisoners the robben island senate a token too often it's the most interesting things to reach their targets in the after report which hits the stands would take next week it's been so good. we owe them a comment from one of viewers on twitter here. from sew so she says the piece has its benefits. here she also taught it to the eighties is some of the topping father like figure all french presidents have on african leaders i think that the young french president would object to that. um the after intervening in mali at the start of the year the french now deploying to the central african republic it was the topic of our
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discussion on thursday but said the french president reiterating the promise he made on the campaign trail back in two thousand twelve paris it is not acting in a paternalistic fashion that china's steer clear of anything that smacks of neo colonialism. can't help but exclaim hey. i've said many times everywhere i go in africa. i say new year and a sausage. africa must handle its destiny and guarantee its own security. i stress if you must guarantee its own security. yet the demand substitute. africa must to guarantee its own security patrick smith. dublin the sentiment is spot on the question about that and i'm sure all my dom that many zoom up from the african union will be reinforcing that when a fellow african leaders this weekend the fact of the masks that is however when it comes to
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these a cross border operations moving thousands of troops into a combat zone defeating very immobile in imola. insurgent groups is you've gotten all the money on more than ninety area across the saddle. you need huge resorts is to do that i've been on many european countries that can do it maybe a couple of countries in africa and south africa nigeria in egypt without them a litre capacity to begin to do it. these operations incredibly complex. and of the big push is to get the african union to just to sign up and to take on that responsibility but it requires real results says it is money and trends all logistics minutes the expertise to make it work and that's not to be done in a matter of months so yes there's a lot of talk about an african reaction force but the minute the reality is not yet they're on the ground. i see in today's france the only game in town
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when it comes to places like molly it isn't often republican this point it's good to see it. it is the kind of specialty being caught is not the only one the us he was seventeen syllables the top of the continent way to escape her shoes as he claps. in it we don't know much about it take the deduction to try it the african community. right now. it means to ensure that they own security team. in conclusion we would have to refer to the end and somebody has to go back. and be treated or social issue. he
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is the host country to note that given all of it thx at getting it contends a while and they depend. why don't we just keep them in so kind of church. more and more than one hundred trustees to. and and that is then eased one c to one of the maurice there was one the french intervenes back in january just friends she just pulled out of afghanistan. this wasn't the time go to molly. no this is puzzled look on them in the wheel was crying. two of them african force. and intervene in the enmity with the bill to raise issue of costs of the mighty and authorities. it's only because interest groups decided to cheat the twist of the map called the politics of them but the ones that would of taken by my cool and would have been sifted them
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for the tourism but that's only four bucks but the non stick is no in the car. this improves the camera to make the still calm the gift we can say for smoking pot the rule that eats its troops to pull them and one of the main aspects of the semi no interest is to find the ways for the fb can t be able to react when they need to restore security in one of the countries of africa human rights watch in a statement this friday said to be deployed in the french interventionist and proper poker would like to see other countries but state most notably they'd like to see a stop to present on the part of united states to do so whoa that via the link it's states has helped us. dalton is hoping that the death become a force in the money since car they are going to
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provide some findings that may provide some logistical support. and because they are on a mentor and close wins did they pick up some things too that the executive order choose to send troops to be exactly. above is helping build so consumed by speaker team effort. just getting back to molly on the president ahead of the summit with some words that seemed like anger directed towards facts the plane of the cascades and noumea. elected and sworn in president. i'm angry about what's going on the north the country for is he pleaded preventing molly and forces from deploying. in the far north that already and then only rebellion returned to the northern city of kids on the slipstream of troops that come to liberate its for friends of friends like me and dejected to witness the tapering of the enthusiastic somali population that was felt towards france at the start
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here today. mines are wondering about if we knew about the french right on. he makes this statement is true that enthusiasm we witnessed it first comes the money went to molly back in april. um the french. it's always a um a hornet's nest though when you when you go into a country with molly. what should the french done things anything different than on a new regional intervention so i think the french prime minister. i was very clear that people take the shortest possible time. but the intervention and go in get the jack is out of northern mali and then he been fairly short order. but as often is the case for these types of intervention is the kind of creeping effect that takes it takes on i'm in this difficult issue that the president cut it as referring to which is essentially a kind of bug all but sovereignty really because that's what happened and the french troops pushed out the jackets then took over when it is a joint
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control within the law. of course the government about mocha once controlled by a goofball all the cds and all the money. but between those that if that happens when you get the new sets of pics coming up between him and on and the legitimate authorities said very difficult to sonata to work through and i posted the french troops now find themselves into ministry tanzania political times in the middle of this conflict and the frost can just pull back and say right. well you know go in there too to kites is man. because the results could be pretty disastrous friends had planned to drop down to less than a thousand troops before the end of the year that's not the case for now. since this was the main reasons why. the we are saying because we want the political process to the fruit that you need to wear a suit with elections
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that with only one token nice and weep. almost all violence and the very good. higher rates of the photos. you know that the elections to parliament was from the walls through a few days but can see from the song peaked in december. we want to be there until i pieced. the this is one of these addiction. so it would be in. an important step. the elections are taking part in the port to return of many the dusty improvements in the north they have been for decades it's not something that was created to two months ago but you will know to achieve lasting peace in a mighty without preconceptions be the greatest nation in the fall and develop the northern part of the country. and the reconciliation. it's not something that the prince of imposing its something that was open i see what good to
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go into that those pieces of coconut tussle with the un weaknesses and theories of time in a time to vote for the discussion between the north and the post of the country. and it's up to that my hymnal free teas to implement a peace agreement signed in what to do to alter them are in authority so far only to rejoin their heels a little bit it seems the estate's they stomp on the one he spoke to us a present case that shifted some of those misgivings that he talked about in print towards the mostly african un peacekeepers the plane go back to the top. speaking of awesome desktop rome. molly is a sovereign states it will always be money is a country supported by the international community as a member of the nicest nations. a country with lights and tt's the wheel a shame. thus we will fulfill we should not retreat to his country into the palm it's not the case i cheated and a what's your reaction this
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thing to molly's president we seem to have lost the connection there. with durham north carolina beach ca to try to restore that one of the other reactions that were in garden today and asked him dad he's president. he generally bemoan the inability africans take the mantle from the front. levy says connie and the central african republic the former french colonies. i think prawns has a mobile roll off the kitchen to not let these come down we must take shel that this is not necessary in the future and africans themselves can carry on this responsibility. i'm guessing something else. right so there is that. the again that that's the call that you are you making earlier the africans should have their own peacekeeping force
7:45 pm
we are a counter argument so from of the presence of god chong the home. saying that well you have to make good choices when you're trying to balance your books. karen is an island. trafficking doesn't know what does it stop it. what happens in one of the ethics of gloves. yes you go about giving a helping hand from a country like france. no money and you happen to be since this communal tall as the security forces going in that same thing. i think that one finds is intended to incite the knows little thing we know how to win one container before we intervene so i
7:46 pm
have no problems. lomu who went further saying um you know we've been through this hard structural adjustment you know we can afford to be spending our money on defense what you hear that from the governments of the key that is on the governments that were in power in the ninety is sad that under low pressure in a while back and i meant to cut back on money and defence and police and so on. i miss the truth in that. i am in. the this case with satan and god has been cousin tough times out of the cotton is much stronger. i think what the missing piece in all this is that the underlying causes of these crises with the other in all the money on its own free up essentially political. it's how the government. governance is run now but i'll be good goods in this debate it. and unless you get a reform all all all all those government structures and miss the people of northern money feel included in the political system not only is this a reconciliation but also eyes of an economic reconciliation rolled back into the mainstream economy did so with aunt referee to
7:47 pm
mean. we were going through this same sort of chaos in salt creek thirty four years ago. the political reforms of not being made the government's gums are still not accountable to the people i think all the minute intervention quite frankly whether it comes from the united nations from prawns from america off the beam from the african union. it doesn't really matter it's not going to change the facts on the ground unless this political change in countries such as mali and song for free intervention isn't the sole basis to keep up step in the interim just that deal with the crisis that you're facing immediately something to change the medium and longer time it is medium and longer term and it really is. the issue of having the french to intervene also points to something ostriches. we know that the gdp in africa is he's growing. we know that their south africa's not the only success story on the continent to mention gone the moment ago. i'm in yet
7:48 pm
why is it seem like more more of the interior of the country are no go areas how come. all that potential isn't being fulfilled in places like mineral rich central african republic well it isn't and i think is the shaw differentiation so you go places like south africa and gone. i'm still on its way is up and saw the nigeria. let's be honest ap ethiopia tanzania and where things have changed hugely for the best in the last twenty years since mandela. in a juicy tidbit that south african revolution africa's changed enormously and i think the security problems having will drop in the nineties i've decreased sent me this is more economic growth in the fuel can fix that was what we left when i think are the conflicts and all that much not standing when it's what's going on in eastern congo that deprivation is against women and children now all what was
7:49 pm
seen to this weekend saw a freak or even the insurgencies in all the money on all nigeria that the day basis and maybe they need him in the tree they need a minute intervention to deal with them. but what i think is really concerning a is the best ongoing with the political intervention. i think you know that africa is building up its ministry chickenpox is a question about that. i'm here for example look at what happened in eastern congo. you had a good time and full sweep tanzania and south african soldiers who said look what they're doing this the un is not handling it. what can i go in with a serious force to conduct a critical to chinook helicopters in the end of the series expeditionary force to come with accounts of those and twenty three rebels and they did working with the congolese forces the defeat at them. i'm not saying it's the end of the matter but it's quite a significant victo by forces mainly run by africans and sand in the sand and mud in the salt creek look of
7:50 pm
the films that means most of the soldiers that are african soldiers may be that getting the logistics in the un often fraught but you know a lot of the heavy lifting is now being done by african soldiers of the heavy lifting with the logistics those who sin against sars and the things of that phrase in an intensified in on the ground that all the logistics are old farm that the distance and international with the european view and one of the suffering the week getting word from the red cross that so far the fighting took place that was witnessed their stay in the streets of the capital's in front of the two hundred and eighty one bodies recovered so far. it's a provisional pole. tom. when you see that when you see that some of the militia men responsible for this. come from neighboring countries like sudan chat is there something that can be done to pressure neighboring states to help out a bit more to stop the lawlessness and center. certainly this is something that needs to be
7:51 pm
done the boy to come but to the what if the council is doing and i think we've seen the road to progress into from the african union in terms of the open icing themselves and be more to me many more determination to act against the red dot scope of the crime scene there for twenty minutes the dough so we link to. the oprah show on the african countries regarding human rights recounting democracy. nothing could be stuck with things weird seeing him in the adhesive that in the african union headquarters. we need to cut them the bit to organize and causing more means to achieve detecting a piece of sea creature programs in africa is one of the a g tube of the summit in the interest now. note to come back to the movie. they did that with
7:52 pm
the photos that keating's him in the past two days. and what we're seeing is more more crushing at between christians and muslims. at the stanley cup a year ago acting against christians in ot but a couple of groups trying to kill muslims and something warm to avoid the cluttered and fifty french troops were deployed in bumpy. in the postman just what was the two tried to stop them. actually to speak to or grumpy. more coming and hope with more secure eat eat would be easier for the african force to implement its mandate to cut its mandate come. on the issue of. of what happens next in who takes control of what we have a message on facebook from lincoln says africa the big powers are desperately in need of our resources because of that we're the ones response to be holding all the summits and
7:53 pm
get these big powers tough conditions when it comes to our resources. patrick you've covered summit sedona and added saga in places like that. in that respect what makes a summit in paris different. well the environment. i guess the law by actual call date on here. i mean the business is a mainstream summit agenda but i'm some of some of the damages are no eu headquarters to a new doctor is a bakery but i i i think it passes a can of convivial place this pianist. i love the business people coming here. the push of the summers i understand all this week's events in paris is commercial in that it is a big interest in what promises to be too economically in africa and so on so for all the talk of china. yes taking every over that when you see that when it comes to push comes to shopping booths on the grounds. it's the french him that well at that and when you see here the summit as you say congenial place
7:54 pm
to work and it was neat and i think the finance minister and punishments to make it to clear the air we go into acting with and thirty billion dollar profit to thirty billion dollars of bmg of trade with africa. time is up there with two hundred billion dollars in it. he was to catch up. we wanted to push rods in that direction and doubling it within three four years. the same same goes with america. i think you know let's be honest be the europeans states and united states have been caught napping a bit. china has gone into the african markets. i missed doing very very well. and now they're trying to serve three jobs i think that's what that's one of the themes are also just that the facts the facts of life you know is the use of the car and mobile development moles in africa doing too well to begin to be sustainable. it's one thing to have to come through tweets we've seen in the last two years is the month of africa's commodities is going opposite correspondent makes the point but is that is that going to turn into a real manufacturing and industrial base in africa that will make
7:55 pm
that growth sustainable for over a billion people in all though was that many people in africa is over and china had less than twenty years of expansion. indeed in other words that make the transition. i would think that it's my own thing that's funny. i also wanna thank you for joining us from durham north carolina. she demanded i'm going to leave you again that more coverage to come here uncle stan katz of that summit and of course the reactions to the death of nelson mandela came to us less than twenty four hours ago. only. a wound on his new bow. as any. it is. as you
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the owner. is it. the act and. the want to swim cap on social capital. twenty four seven one. going to offer you the gift of sight in french english and i think. don't i
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who do. i will. d. the home
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do you. i will. sells
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