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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 7, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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they're not. the day the rule for myself the all time. when you next tuesday. more information on the program website. you try to get st kitts was a weekday. cos breaking news called what. so much. he adores to play stocks. while. good news
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such. national mourning underway in south africa people remembering and celebrating the life of nelson mandela. this as the country prepares to host world leaders friend and ally oh and the owner of the icon seeking shelter from violence residents of central african republic capital height of the airport the sectarian violence among the leaves hundreds of people dead. this as african leaders continue peace and security talks here in paris french president francois on proposing the creation of a special african rapid reaction force. the headline scare off all thank you for joining us. first preparations are underway in south africa this saturday most world leaders will pay their respects to nelson mandela. us president barack obama and other heads of state will attend a memorial service that to be held on
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tuesday in johannesburg. well mandela's body will then lie in state to pretoria for three days before he receives a state burial of december fifteen hits in his home in his boyhood home of can you the country has begun ten days of national mourning for the anti apartheid icon since mandela's death on thursday evening. people gathering outside his home in johannesburg. chile supply has more. there's a good night with m nelson mandela hundreds of south africans danced and sung for their hero until the early hours of time the same. sixteen eighty nine. and outside the chief minister home with a former president died flowers and messages are piling up. many visited the site crying smiling writing and reading messages even cycling. others
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gathered in salerno in front of the house where mandela who lived before his arrest in nineteen sixty two. an empty town with south african leader made his first speech as a free man. in nineteen ninety the ninety s meaning to the tata nano life since i was going to impact the destination nineteen eighteen. and it's actually the back. so that's the case last event at that. as a consumer has a good man down as johannesburg most seeing an official week of mourning which start on sunday the thirty two years meanwhile the tv its announcement dollar has continued around the world the prospect of telling brown suspended. he paid tribute to nelson and ten and has taken many forms. here in independence square in kiev for just a shout in anger for the past two weeks choose to observe a minute's leibovitz
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in it. the great nelson mandela his diet. even if it sounds strange. get to know someone's ella has a direct connection with awful ikea in the square and all that he had this extraordinary sane the things that he always holds all our doings hundreds of thousands of people who've only the memory of an antenna twenty candles and sing the basement joke that she needs to meet in person will have a story to tell you that you know. here is very special one cents betcha never forget. he's even said that with the spines of scripture the game's launch of the dancing with their seven occasions. i think
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the happiest funniest members we see him privately. my last conference a twist of the human rights. cook until the war in iraq. he was so angry and he tried to recall stupid bush jr he will take my calls. the school and in no saying this young president to take my call. as testimonies keep pouring in from around the world will cement industry continues to resonate the fault of the world has known african leaders are here in paris for a peace and security summit the focus so far has been secured in the blasts the whole region. none of french president francois laws proposal to create a special african rapid reaction force. adam clifford has the details the french president told african leaders they should do more to do this for their own security but said france would offer our hands the drones promised the training of twenty pies and african soldiers for years. and francis help with creating a special african rapid reaction force for the summit comes at the after the un security council gave
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the green light to a friend stopped its resolution the kids friends in african trips the temporary right to use force to protect civilians in the island's torn central african republic little did i know least african forces friends but emphasize their need for supports check your state yet the best results. we all nodded their own inadequacies these shortcomings. your weaknesses. yup the mississippi to set up and it's been neat to compare african forces to respond to any threat. well at all but given us the french president also partly dependent the international criminal court's after it's been strongly criticized by some african lead as he came to pick up to me. one of the tv on top of the most serious crimes committed in africa and they have been committed i'm thinking of finance against women. organized crime the mass killings in the water pump. we did is
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eugene. yes the guilty should be challenged. there is an international criminal courts the tickets will be just on the ice axe when national justice system's going to have the capacity to do so another hot topic was trained as an offset from spoken twenty billion euro seen crowds traffic and elements in turn helps in the fourth street between france and africa out within five years. now on the ground in central african republic the red cross says at least a three hundred people have been killed and two days of clashes in the capital residents of bundy and seeking refuge from the increasingly sectarian violence in the city's airport. it's as france the play's one thousand troops to its former colony under un mandate to restore order one from one s became a head at the prospect that alex campbell who is in the capital. he can cross and now for the latest alex what's the situation where you want monday to saturday
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well we're still getting reports that only groups that have been dead and a caring outing sections of pink targeting civilian populations and uncaring know is carrying carrying machetes as some residents to have been saying that they stole the snowmen had stolen a neighbor's house for instance the account that they would be the most names for instance and or affiliates of the former rebel coalition or affiliated to the vet and tebow tracking units that are going speak ordinated attacks against that the cab to school at forty eight hours giving you the streets of mt or mt. the air as you said that the red cross and the grange years beat the all bishops in residence. went out to the to recover the police that were going in the ground in the civil neighborhoods he tasted the fabric of the death of a three hundred people on staying in room they had they'd play norths to the rapid told me that they fear they might come head to
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head with that. one of the set on crude time to answer that is really important to head to the swell of interest in the running of the fruits of plausible to supplies. and because older child to accuse is becoming hard for them to to to feed a bit of comedy alex of course the capital isn't the only things hit by violence the north also being affected what the cost of attacking them. well the coach and fifty soldiers from there the airborne divisions and to avoid day yesterday and they are they have a windfall for it to the team the good being deployed as we speak. in mosul a city where they left this morning. upon arriving at their group that they've been carried to try and separate storage groups that did the rebel groups of the former rebel coalition of the city can reach it. that being in charge of enforcing a little bit which in fact cashing in on me with that with these anti back to self
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defense in the discharge the agenda the term to describe a multitude of rebel groups of om for it is in norton that you don't necessarily share a common strategy. local residents and civilians that have taken refuge in him at least one base to be a full mark within the african force able to look at the beeb is minnesota's and saw how christians muslims said that the most conservative christians if i counted around. church in with some go up and in the french army's job will be to protect civilians in a blue i'm gay the home to read to try and tell it that is the civilian population has seen here in banking. they have to cooperate with the fullness and the rebels who again of intelligent forcing a little bit here. it's an always easy and they are they're engaged in a pickup truck that statement right to force its way into the air that the perimeter of the m4 with
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the french soldiers this station. our italics thank you very much for that update alex come over and central african republic's capital bond he thinking. i was sick but now it's another world news in brief i see hurricane force winds and tidal flooding continued to wreak havoc across northern europe least ten people have lost their lives and storms the latest to know the victim an elderly woman in north central sweden was found dead in the snow outside her home. the harsh weather has left hundreds of thousands to suffer power blackouts and is causing transportation chaos across the region. the organization has agreed to a historic a global deal aimed at boosting contacts that could add nearly one trillion to the global economy by simplifying customs procedures of the deal falls far short of the dts ambitious goal of tearing down the global trade barriers. the accord does mark the first global agreement struck by the body since its founding in nineteen ninety five. an american citizen detained in north korea for over a month
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is now on its way home the five year old veteran that mehlman has been held on charges of hostile acts which pyongyang said he committed six decades ago during the korean war. the less well from north korea's decision to release the former soldier was now on appeal the sentences go. people are in detention in mexico at this saturday's all in the theft of a truck carrying highly radioactive material the seizure of the vehicle to grid notices to the us and the lands and nuclear watchdog amid fears the material could have been used to make it dirty bomb the notices of reports the hospital is on high alert six men suspected of stealing a truck containing radioactive material i be treated if the vomiting and dizziness. their symptoms indicate they were in contact with the story material. to read it that the material was found in a field close to this town seventy km north of mexico. and for the newly confirmed there is no reason
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to population in the middle of ensuring that day the rate of rage activity was normal. are you the market in the town there is government saying we have cordoned off. on the experience that we need to make sure no one carries that. in the potty. mexican authorities have called the beacon therapy material extremely dangerous. a security perimeter with a five hundred meter radius has been set up around the town off to the rest of last monday the top was transporting medical material from hospital into wanaka. it was destined to meet you actively storage facility in the state of mexico. in the nineteen eighties the senate that took place the stone and radioactive equipment this method of construction equipment in the cedar to well up causing serious health problems among the population. and finally here in france after him yet or the festival of lights is underway but not in paris the city of lights rather be
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on the festival that started on friday will be lighting up the city until monday. this timeline of the eighth of may the safety of me and he's got this weekend. a giant screen has been erected in the team is no doubting that the messages videos pictures and cleats. whether with the festival is a crowd of the human spirit is true that the outcome. siddle to give glory to the one that speaks to a . if you would think emotionally. to date cv has become to work the bill of rights. many countries want to come and see what happens when you are in order to repeat it. it's kind of cheating when we were produced at the savoy in many capitals. look what he saw noble to get done. the box next to the festival will light up downtown dubai for nine days. the festival is expected to join the fleet
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speaking in french and foreign tourists. wish it would be assessed. i think it creates a magical moment the physical life is something that applies things that they use streets. it's magic in it the researchers have until monday to discover the roughly seventy sites created by the french and international artists. let's hurry and things here to stay to the prospect of more headlines coming up shortly i was. this week going down to earth new ways to feed the plants after decades of overfishing the oceans are tapped out. things continue like this it won't be any fish but no fish. and no fisherman. hours and some re ring fits on a global scale
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i'm not about to go the collateral damage pollution and disease. but one form is bucking the trend taking its cue from nature is that the thief is bursting out with a wide range in color are you frickin it seemed to cure everything. this report sandro off the coast and the ocs of the east bay the trouble it's like the fish has never been so high the oceans can not see this all. and this morning once again had refreshments and nicholas are coming up empty the us. cho brothers has been out fishing since going into the moment they
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don't have much to show for it. it would be a little worried today we pulled off three or five minutes into the much mentioned the boat yet to see if there's more fish and this one. they realize that this continues to get a b a bad day. i live with. every fisherman has bad days but nicholas says they're becoming more and more frequent here. he has been casting his nets since he was fourteen. for decades these books were good to him providing c dobson sea bream in abundance. when fishing ground in the mediterranean until now. they're not fit all but dead air fuel efficient to see the need to spend more time on the boat to catch same amount of fit it'll be out of the light maybe the industrial fishing has decimated wild fish stocks. half the species in the mediterranean over fished
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meaning he cannot reproduce as fast as they should. and it's a global phenomenon the key of a dying of the next thirty years. if things continue like this. i think there will be any left no fish and no fisherman kyle will know that they've yet to come on tobacco. i think fish on the way to the front yard. the above this is what intensive fish bones look like. and sometimes hundreds of thousands of fishermen in cages. you see tons of fish meat in record time. already how the fish we eat a weird and phones. demand continues to grow coca supplies with the oceans and often putting more stress on the environment and to watch is altering natural habitats and sometimes spreading diseases. during that oversee
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a one four has decided to take a different approach and let nature take its quirks the deal was a biologist a bit of a palm. he mes short human involvement is kept to minimum. so if we are able to create an ecological a wet stain the colic unaware of cny too. we will have outbid to teach the new sch le the essay in your fish farm the fish live in a natural environment. yes honey and not from bottom in all of you to leave the design of the show and a farm. create he is my imac read the bio what company. but we are recreating the same equality guy with aliens. and on the wickham finding while india's to audio that was to be written for compo the farm sits on a protected national park ten thousand hectares three hundred km of canals. over forty pounds fed by the nearby river. this is probably a dead baby gets
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that far. the music the euro and one of the biggest fish caught in the wall. until obama doesn't believe in intensive farming and limits the number of fish and the walks. the owner. oh yes twenty oh four because of one to know more ask you something like these the water. this is nothing he says that this ep of the thinking why. the state wanted to say was no defeats in the growth of june th we mean. feeling taken advantage of from the motor pool. i think he is happy feet. so to speak. except that no one yet how deceiving the natural environments means there is no need to feed the fish the remotes in this poll and leave off the food chain of micro algae plankton in sri there are no diseases. and no need to pollute the water with anti biotics. this is
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the daily artists. this is too late because of a hat with his goal of mobile but they don't know role of a pathetic yes we are events that will be two to try to sort the clothes they stayed with the peeps. if the wheat with yes rbis me about it about. if you haven't met one one hundred and fifty for one defeat at the local bar. every year but to look from the harvests fifteen hundred tonnes of fish only half the amount produced in many intensive farms. but it's quality that is a higher price. i called in to our scientific data. the body a bit ago prof i do our part to conduct body reaching out to students of the roses on the up and running outside traded by the psc of. vita me sweating before tumbling the storm turns a tidy profit
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and it's actually good for the environment. the five star hotel the fish and birds two hundred and fifty species including an impressive for the flamingo is nature's way of keeping the what to do. insects there is only one drawback the victim of thomas methods they work in marsh land such as these that they cannot be reproduced on a global scale this is that. no remedy for one above is a sad night for dinner and will form a form of the war for the scandal failing it's the art of picking them up talking about did that the use of the sky and the were true destined for the youth told the ft two in the war. meet the growing demand fish farms will have to produce much more than a victim of home. the two who has invested heavily in the holding tanks. and plans to mass produce an asian species. cold cereal. yet there they are now to have a big demand reform in the market and obama and
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the state. i mean jenna and in the foreign countries even the new world for this achievement baby i still tried to with the paint. busy busy. in this. there is no pollution. state of the art technology means that two american field trips to dc or two before returning it to the oceans. i'm keen on the bottom an apartment that's under control the combined price for the fireman's because they don't need the optimal temperature for the fees help him out altogether for the sleeves had to go to sleep. the company just sold its first batch of fifty thousand fish and is gearing up to produce half a million pre year. every phase of this issue's developments can be monitored and controlled. not the sign posts about hopping with add all the time of production. he wants me out the study. new unopened this tale from the front. most
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don't know what. so the autobots of wilkinson's the signposts of things. last time i made mine production the fall industrial production that still turquoise major input from the oceans. cereal is a carnivorous species. and nice food pellets contain up to thirty percent y o fish intensive aquaculture completes the oceans. and for the moment. no one has found a solution. the future of the cultural life perhaps in these dreams you see this lab and other labs across europe are working hard to try and crack the code which could change the face of the industry making it more profitable. a more sustainable along the way research is here spend their days dissecting out including the sound of a tulip time they hope it could work as an alternative source of
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protein fish. all of the very nutritious. off on employment there the boys didn't come he uses the very viable future for the team. i must look into what could develop it for free or almost perfect diet for his feeds you carlos believes the us light years away from hitting the jackpot in creating the fish food. the twenty first century. one that does not include one of six the delightful moment a real prices for the stable with the football forgot to add diversity to the barman to the brim. the fact that he would stand for the tropics to make. brave new world may want to come out to be stuck stoops. for now however forms fish the respects the environment remains an exclusive product a product we still haven't tasted so we
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stopped off at oneness in bill's top restaurants for a quick bite. as a way this is a mother from pay pal month and it's one of us he said the tree to look the most remote rifles the tastiest fish in the mediterranean while. it's new. i can taste it. it's smoking but it is slightly sold me a lot of texture as firm and passionate with this kind of a ditch. for more time to do is give you a taste of the simi and i were there. i don't dabble in it is no comparable with more motivated to him. it's a
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source of inspiration for industrial research raising hopes that aquaculture will one day be able to feed the planet without damaging the environment. i know i know. she said nineteen eighty the second largest city in soviet armenia is way to the wildlife twenty four years later. that only now do a spot of independence the city rebuilt helping us become an optional feature the whole population is somewhat of a city's wednesday. to the middle it's been a complete this on that. i wound. oh oh. gee
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when we will. breaking news on non city residents of the tiny remaining dates clashed with police in a desperate attempt to stop american and john share from exploring the coyote dance the king's presence that is going on says his country's financial what a funny touching and anime russia off to get in the cold shoulder in china. and the world mourns month out of the death of the anti apartheid like cones of space and


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