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tv   Journal  PBS  December 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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i asked the fcc. japanese elementary school education is designed to be called recruits. developing tools for these personalities as well as their mark. i knew millwall are considered only on cw. i'm suffering at all the good news as given in and he's on the head on thousands of ukrainians protests in kiev to mind and closer ties with european union. indians are south africans from them but no one fell out with a national day it was a castle and find your next match. struggling to breathe. in. the stuart
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three thousand for all ranch kiev independence class what ukrainians are massing two points to anger at president become gonna call that the court government to step down. it is expected to be the largest rally since mass protest on the three weeks ago. demonstrators are angry on the carpet and down them and mom packed with the eu in favor of the trade deal with moscow. opposition forces without calling ukrainians have responded with a show of strength. waiting ukrainian in and around two hundred thousand of them had descended on the part that yet. they're determined to force out the government and usher in a new ukraine. a day i wanted to see the country
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and everyone gets what the stains with him and just watch what's happening with my aunt faye and how the story. everything with this important to me. and i spent the first night here and i think it's the safest place to place the ukraine excitement. demonstrator stuck it out for another night despite the freezing weather for refusing to accept the government's decision ten days ago to turn away from you and toward russia. the goal of opposition leader and world champion park circuit on the klitschko. he told dw ukraine needed to turn off or annuity the songs on cd on for twenty years. ukraine has been living in hope of becoming a modern and democratic country he was here we have begun a new event we talk about it. it's one to knock something and another to happen. for more tobe repeated his call for presents the two demo called h to honor the opposition's
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demands that the president shows no sign of getting in that aspect of dw correspondence mouth like an odd and who is anti us independence class. i doubt so but the mood was like a demonstration. i see people i'd keep on coming and coming people i've been talking to they haven't in quite a good mood it's hard to say how many people that get the season is talking about one million people i think that is that makes you want me in the middle east turkey about five thousand people which is sadly not the case and strengthen them and then about three hundred two thousand hillary went up to that. it seems like that's not to look at the crowd there was no answer and sides that the people need this vaccine is safe to get the same confidence to cultivate a deep breath said because of the fact that they had actually had to teach nothing if you look at the conference that so far how likely is at the end of the time to actually change
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anything with it. i know the really big question everyone is asking themselves here they have lots of food and tea from then on to sing the last day for our second high ranking european politicians. the cast and oppressive economic office the president and his government and aqaba just me on friday from eight to russia to meet with them letting it be seen that man said. nothing but siesta on the streets degustation so fought between the two sides than seemed possible because the sides that too many team that starts today stands and people are also worried that there will be an escalation i saw many protests as with how much we need pack so that they strap said to them by the versace. so it's not just a fact that said this act cheerful stuff i made a bad thing. i cannot and reporting from fierce independence class. thanks very much for
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them. the news now dammit residential and golf will not attend the winter then became too salty. according to reports in the news magazine guest beaded belt office reportedly informed the russian government last week. black beans has doubts decision is tantamount to boycott in protest at moscow's foundation of minority rights and harassment of political dependence. south africans have the place was the toy national day of prayer and reflection on the announcement and sunday marks the beginning of the week gone by the country's fast black president that will culminate in on the skin on next sunday then stick to my was still intact by monastic life sweeney and other members opened them up. memorial mass is still in jail. tuesday morning at the cruising in south africa's national hero church services are normally cheerful and exuberant here and still echoing through on the country. the tone is serious and somber on this
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day. a few kilometers away people gathered in front of monday lunch former home to pay their respects. so huggy kissy and it would allow us to the island. the sale will lie he was fifteen. he sighed but what i asked when is this today we have two sons african president jacob gillard called on the country to join together in mourning he attended a memorial match with members of the monday love family in johannesburg sinusitis. the us. as usual
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it also formation. this day of mourning is only the beginning. the memorial celebrations are expected to last for a whole week. sch was fun and i cannot detect it seems to happen is that the dnc to notice about the day of prayer announcement. it looked forward to it and go for band will be going into today but it was dancing singing playing in front of it to the area. overall i would be keen to give ordinary people and treat the matter at all like holding on to that of the nation if it is kind of admiration for the man who gave his life for a common core and head for the freedom that was a key for third at
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one end of the fabric of the for profit. everywhere i've been hit with something make a rethink of the topic at this spot. evidently didn't come out of touch with the credit incrementally to the peak of the orient the commission concluded yesterday states and kept it clean. i'm keeping that could be treated at the kitchen and competent security. i'll complete or even credit the market. people for what the team that has opted for the beach today and that's what all the people and treat always been. this entails triumph of the things done throughout the week right it can be procured under american military hospital in the capital to the tory lead the team in gaza said that when good friday july state that the key in building the opiate of the patients when the demonstration from them or treat. i still think she's going to see things more real that this is the world. here in heaven
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the pins and george bush. i have found that taking. and that of the defiantly getting ready to ring in the phillies were looking good with making the case. private funeral with the perry rejected at the time to put the cocoa step one. a more national news now sell scalia extended its admissions down on sunday following a similar move by china last month. stealthily as defence ministry said the move would not infringe on neighboring country's sovereignty. although the zone dun think u as much rock which is claimed by both seoul and beijing. it's the latest twist and territorial disputes between south korea china and japan center on a group of uninhabited islands in the south china sea at first glance it looks like an offshore oil rig but the steel platform is south
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korea's eo to ocean research station. it's built on a submerged island one hundred forty nine km off the korean coast. china calls eo eileen celia. last month taking unilaterally declared an air defense identification zone that covers the site. now south korea has extended its air defence oh two included as well. japan's air defense own also covers the sole control brought the research station is at the center of a simmering territorial dispute we don't believe this will significantly impact our relationships with china and with that and i'm so hip and as we try to work for peace and cooperation in west asia into. so did john chinese unilateral declaration angered seoul and tokyo. both governments have refused to recognize the move. korean and japanese aircraft or ignoring these things demands to identify themselves when flying to chinese to clear defense own. the united states has sent one of its aircraft carriers the uss
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george washington into the region. the us state department is calling on all sides to pursue action in a responsible fashion. there is more at stake than control over your toe island the dispute will also establish a new regional balance of power international peacekeeping forces in the central african republic on high and that following recent classes in the capital bungling. perez says it will increase its deployment of one thousand six hundred to adjust to the store knowing what in the country. almost four hundred people have died in sectarian clashes between muslims and christians since that day. like a spoiled now and in the latest was the kenyans table top is fine you may put on and not the strongest player like stressing that a brain and seven nil in their own stadium. the victory means by and have now won fourteen games without losing well written. that was ten defeat
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ever going to stick it up the second game in goal for the pain and turned into a nice man in the twenty first minute the slippery slope into the squared the ball and decided to clean it ended two days. so i am really into its once they do in front. it's a hoot to get him down and simply make it to deal with it that they did to himself before time. the match as a contest. lyon were in the mood for more than double to the great many humans who keeps a deed to the timely tomas miller did his bit to make it five mil. one in six from the irrepressible to dublin was a jam the key opportunity opens up and down a bit of a compelling to see him. in the last many many it gets a gaudy know me and to swell to wrap up a stunning seven to win. edmonds capitulation was touched. it
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seems to get a cousin of mine is conceding seven goals at home obviously hurts there are no excuses for it. buyers are simply the different classes to pull this off a dwelling house to relax. it was a force to assist students in the world. it hurts to lose so happily the next week will measure ourselves against a team that more american axle to begin with that announcement. that will be scant consolation the fireball. it tightens up that grip on second place in the table with a one zero away win of the top but will have seen the swans hit by injuries the past few weeks and i was more bad news for coach at cal on saturday they broke loose and could celebrate deserve the way win in the final whistle. dog owners have been more than one real chance from the of adults in the opening stages later crews responded brilliantly. eighteen minutes and still needs some help stem the dortmund the state it won bill to the visitors with the south koreans seventh goal of the season
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he almost added another on the half hour mark but will invite my fellow safe smart way. injuries to both stand bender and beliefs on the left don't want to look into flats. there was laid from that though neither putin's aniston it's already been sold but he's picked up the second cookie in his marching orders too. my boys missed one last chance but this was comfortable for labour with the dog once meanwhile are on the slide meanwhile mentioned was a mission to make their presence in the top four cells with a two one win over fellow tend to speak helpful side to side get this taken me through a deficit of one penalty. and things around before the break when an airplane equalised with a grey and the like. when the then came from mike schools that will also sport from the penalty spot like
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the captain predicted that this was sent off for a second to none. the weekend results so far look like this got one for two against time about how spoke back to when it come but finds that last attempt a call sometime on sunday at the coast was well like take on britain. stay with us sunday champion. are you. the years. sure sweetie
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it. the team he was sixteen this keeps the second set nineteen ski team in each district to its gdp who graciously decided to start we didn't eat by the sea. i don't like effects. it tells its own pc the year. as the week starting ukraine was in the midst of its worst political crisis since the orange revolution almost a decade ago. demonstrators laid siege to government buildings. this issue the debate on the klitschko called for the resignation of president viktor you know cool pics. the latter's refusal to sign a pro europe act to restrict the people of the spirit. despite new politicians and governments the situation keeps worsening the corruption and lawlessness. here we must
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change the system from the ground up multiple. you don't want your protocol the opposition failed to oust the government through confidence motion on tuesday prime minister and the not so tall offered dialogue to the opposition petition increasingly strident demands of the protesters despair western leaders expressed solidarity with the procedure of movement. german foreign minister did a best of the lead visited the protest camp on wednesday the european union's new front here surveillance system euro store went into operation on monday. it's drawn from the warsaw headquarters of the european border control agency from tax the eu says the new system will help save the lives of refugees and catch criminals. the hopeful twentieth the east side of the main component of course it is to provide the network to monitor and organized crime and illegal immigration and migration of up to date
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all was that of course also to save the lives of people in distress at sea. he will self seed teams from the soybean seed of sealed them up and gone to bed. but critics say the system is more about turning away migrants than helping them it started operation on the eu southern and eastern borders. also on monday un human rights chief cannot be the day. she is growing evidence that lead in syrian government officials have committed crimes against humanity. she called on the international criminal court to open a probe into the country's civil war delay said responsibility for atrocities committed in the syrian conflict extended to the top echelons of government including president bush are outside germany's brewers started lobbying for the country's beer purity law to be recognized by unesco. they're hoping to have their craft added to the cultural
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heritage list ahead of the five hundred year anniversary of the law. in fifteen sixteen the bavarian rule a decree that you could only be made with water malt hops and east and nothing else. there was a relative's home on the streets of the thai capital bangkok on tuesday after days of angry protests. protesters and police to kansas the government took steps to call a dangerous escalation of violence. police were ordered to stand back as demonstrators calling for the resignation of the government were allowed to enter government compounds and tear down barricades outside the police headquarters. in july the academic and business communities and all people including the protesters to unite and reform our country under eighteen the team protest leaders seemed to come to bond insists the prime minister must
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resign at the end of the week the demonstrators were still out on the streets. germany's extreme right npt is faced with an interior ministers of germany's sixteen states launched a case that the constitutional court to halt the party. the petition alleges of recognizable affinity between the npt and hitler's nazis. intelligence agencies. the npp is racist anti semitic and anti democratic. a previous attempt to ban the party fielded decade ago. african and asian nations on tuesday agreed on urgent measures to tackle the illegal ivory trade. at talks in botswana states end of two measures including maximum sentences for poaching and re classification of ivory trafficking as a serious crime. conservation groups warned this week africa could lose twenty percent of its elephant population within a
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decade. qwest lice president joe biden held talks in beijing on wednesday in a bid to lower regional friction it followed a stopover in japan or what biden said the us would not recognize the expansion of china's military airspace to include violence also claimed by japan. the islands called the same cuckoo in japan and d are you in china sea in an area of the east china sea rich in oil and gas. chinese press and she didn't let her find the words with biden talks described as tense afterwards she limited himself to stressing that beijing sees itself as an equal partner with washington the world as a whole is not trampled as the two strongest economic powers and as permanent members of the un security council. we bear an extraordinary responsibility to ensure world peace and stability. biden urged caution to avoid the risk of an escalation of the dispute over the eyelids regional tensions remain. also on
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wednesday a senior commander of the lebanese shiite hezbollah militia were shot dead by gunmen outside his home in southern beirut kason all locke's death comes amid increasing tension in eleven on with sectarian violence spilling over from the civil war in syria. on wednesday the lower chamber of the french parliament approved the legislation which shifts the penalties for prostitution and workers to their clients. the french senate still has to agree to pull the women's rights campaigners say the bill represents a historic advanced paint percent is currently legal in france with soliciting and camping are prohibited. dentist the death of south africa's anti apartheid leader nelson mandela provoked an outpouring of grief across the nation. thousands gathered outside his johannesburg home after he passed away on thursday at the age of ninety five with
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his family around him president jacob sumo announce the news isn't all that. he's no excuse. one nation. has lost his greatness. talk to my diva as mandela was affectionately known here became a national symbol of reconciliation and justice the day as the young activist he called for nonviolent resistance against the apartheid regime. but after police killed sixty nine black protesters montana began organizing an armed opposition. in nineteen sixty four he was sentenced to life in prison on charges of sabotage. he finally walked three in nineteen ninety at the age of seventy one the apartheid system was scrapped. and in may nineteen ninety four montana became south africa's first black
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president will recall uh the uh he tore down the walls of segregation and was admired across the globe for its courage and determination we've lost one of most influential. courageous and profoundly good human beings that many of us will share time with on this earth. miss montana. nelson monticello combined fighting spirit with a deeper and supple. it's a love of freedom with respect for the law and the search for peaceful compromise with an insistence on historical truth may be about how the mouthpiece to listen about it as the midst of africans monday and i was living proof of that country's finest and their darkest hours. no they must continue his legacy without the us. hurricane force winds battered northern europe on thursday when speeds of over one hundred eighty five
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kilometers an hour where were measured on the german north sea islands. tidal surge is also threatened coastal defense it's the river held in hamburg rose to its highest levels in decades more than six meters above normal. the fire brigade close the flood defence barriers protecting riverside areas. it's not about keeping everything watertight but we have to keep the river out travelers across northern germany had their patients but to the test really care services suffered severe disruption. but despite the power of the storm there was less damage than predicted. in germany at least be be be. militants attacked the defence ministry in the yemeni capital sun on thursday killing more than fifty people. two germans were among the seven foreign development workers found dead. germany has since pulled its development staff out of the country. al qaeda claimed responsibility for
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the attack. sectarian violence flared in the central african republic on thursday leaving hundreds of people dead. christian militias and muslim rebels clashed in the capital on me the united nations security council quickly agreed to double the size of the french force in the country. paris and hundreds of troops to buy me in it and to restore order the death of nelson mandela and the violence in central african republic overshadowed the french african summit in paris. forty heads of state and government were in the french capital to discuss new ways of securing peace and security across the continent. is it tough luck expanded during my visit to the region. i've said again and again. for the new age is dawning. it's an age in which africa will take its stake in its own hands. and provide its own security by
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itself. the demand. sestak and two. friends retains close ties to africa due to its colonial past. recently it intervened in ca are and in mali. but paris wants missions like those to be a thing of the past. our soccer fans around the globe the draw for next year's world cup in brazil was friday's biggest event germany will face portugal done and the usa that manage its former coaching colleagues who are commited and his conclusions one against each other. he stands in cologne seemed confident the nineties again be the only one which will probably be a bit more difficult is portugal. but they would deal with already i would rather it had england and portugal because they're easier to play. i hope to read. world cup holders spain can look forward to a clash against the netherlands in their group. it's a repeat of the twenty ten final. holland
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got zero only one point last european championships in bad form. they don't even get out of the group. the city. fans will have to wait until the twenty next june to see her those protections paramount. and that concludes our look at the week's news moon. ch she has two huge
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thank you. this year the day hang on. even though it's a win on sunday. shiites who make it. these. i was so dead after ten from korea's our iraq. specialist utilize the political economic social and cultural issues of korean society. korea us relations is the most important relations. we leave any country sunday at twelve pm it seems to me. contact center. he said. all spend my
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money. first two. two explosions at its that time you knew you who will want to it. i know. the news picks off a chair. in this week's episode. twenty six eleven attacks nor does this mean that all the five years of conduct. is the love of her


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