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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  December 8, 2013 6:30pm-6:51pm PST

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watching it the jewel in the late seventies the city with the stereo and sat down to it. bob. sth. you knew you or what will. we do. that's the thing is not intended to invite the bnp that tomorrow is the army and deposit the islam as the icing on the night involved a dish from oven a week now. while the government has cut down on file in that case the bnp and its eyes have not kept up the acacia tactics even a beat. we spoke with it but still the jockey media adviser to the bottom of the sheep administration could see no one said that one have to understand that this is one that desperate
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that they invited him not to keep it at the end of that he also set the agenda is that me and its allied units do not enjoy gossip book and a diminishing fourche in the cost was proof of that the undead opposition bnp had made its intention to know when it refused to join the caretaker government and chose instead to adopt the measure of the items in london today. the casino. you can spend these two polar it be a pretty picture. many artists they have the appearance than that of the deposit to kill the moment the dixon cannot be. staff and three. but the prison development and the mixed commission. had depicted the seabed. or will it be the bishops will be had the grants would be taken and had to hold the election in nifty and yet we and caught
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up with the defenders could sleep that i did get a parking problem in that the assault continued east to the nit which will oversee and tip the election commission who poured the index ending with the whip and i believe that because he kept it in the old man and kept a good job and also in top form the extent that if we can conclude the talks. nineteen ninety six when grace did a good position had been completed those who lost the next thing i miss the group because they tend to be the last election the seat that can be kept in the open meetings and walk them. so really into cars and one when one of the dixon was conducted to get the band that came before opposition party which i bought these thou in all it today. this state that the caretaker government was the future similarly into cars and eight when the next time was had and that kept
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the government the present the paci in the position that is being paid the last election. this state that the deck to get the blog was also not fair. so will be kept a good government he the new film that kept a gun club band. it was not beyond any push to know that i got the i seventy and ties including democracy is not lost by a nomination but that's the deadline for submission of nomination papers on december the second she has also proposed that the reports what you want to but the opposition the months to use the pill the sport club is indicating it goes members from the opposition parties but do we have to be the elected members in the pot and there the petition to stop to get the team could that be a good monday. they initiated the whitby monday and he kept
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it to adulthood. but to send keep to have shifted from the closing of the month then noted monday the designation of the dubbing of the time the next step will be constitution that sparks didn't see that the team on for the addition of the prime minister and this moment is not on. you get and the sweet create a constitutional crisis in the country. this does mean that by the hobbit but what still hope one of the dialogue between the two major parties' and said that elections could be had in a flowy and fremantle. if the meeting talking it's come to an agreement. it is bitter that be or what to give parties. talk in the demo could peak moments and in the postage from them and that which he is the acceptable beam under the constitution. so only the edict it. the present and if they have the right to form the government about
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the dark side the lead that be bold in order to give parties that is spinning but the army and the main opposition party bnp and other bodies daily company the event and make the election commission and the mixing process. soul the spotting and strong that it accounts are paid fairly and without any conditions on the beach. i think this on top of the empty can and political instability in the country the incompetence to clash with a nice person that i thought the sound of them into biscuits. last night and then eat and see if
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we can get. ever since the government is not the body and i began to grow its faults. i'm thinking i was about ten days the success of damaging hot dogs and got these businesses have come to love the hanging part. the prices of essentials have soared as well. except for routine testing these in which she alleged bought the book was not to harm the eye of the property. the us has so far shown no decay. instead the toboggan stop extending it was getting full but among other bodies including the bleeding out on the need for the upcoming elections despite the god and to speak abundance. that tuesday stood in a scene in peace. and on the life and the country. at the instance of the calling by the main opposition party bnp and its fundamentalist and the gum up the slimy. dad had been a bit. this is. buy a gift from one of the departments including
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the present we bought the army. and it's and it's the allies. this panel by then but this has been on for the last few months ago while that convictions presenting the government would consider the nifty and head of the dt challenge ahead of the elections. despite the high court. what does he think that that distinction maki is somebody else in me that it continues to influence the bnp by a more demanding its activists to push but they did not ask them the name of august jogging once said most of the summary on the other stop the ball in stride the present government. d according to decompose and eight to amend it. if on the internet so tight woman who tried to be. ghosts are so swamped the cutest all. um oh four cd. devotion was given some of the country and in the same time being be of
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crimes against humanity. then now being tied the quilt mick and against many of them. that had been party to hang them and they have been given the highest punishment startled. the these student at the aspire process and proceed to lose. walk me nuts many believe that the main opposition party said the stance of the dome of the slimy which is the cutest all mean the loose rock frames dunedin and seventy one. they upgrade the prison rising as to getting the prison uprising in crimes and the guy lives in the country. don't want this to me. according to the nobody could be. high court and supreme court there have been trumped. as
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a fundamentalist. bhakti and they are. and they are not abiding by the constitution of the country. this has not had the pleasure that is wanted for the crimes committed against its people by pakistani troops and their noble than that but it does in nineteen seventy five that means you need a defensive tactics by fundamentals the flights i can stop that i've processed meats including the discipline that's the genius is all be due to the stone wall wallace a sick with the devil critique. by this and the people obama does will be made to open it and get the new gs. that is that the gap that exists in the dead skin. by the gold cup or any fundamentalism they don't stop will be. in the coming of courses. so i
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believe that bottle of dish despite all of the designs by. the in the car and by the kremlin in four sets. by the fundamentalist forces bomb that this would remain as it support a democrat the bottom of this country because becky is the main indices off onto the wall and i do. i could. continue beating outside the country the odd monday. the odds. he did. the main opposition party. trying to be diagnosed with utility. the school to stop. the present. yes they're cool. while it being the use of the country. to be the instigator leave fundamentally it. for
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the government forces in the country. this was installed this type of programs and bishops it in nepal that the combative that the government and got the true gold so be it an environment with dead easy and meaningful or dial up fall. it still beats and demo critique process the country. the government should also continue to. to keep a pretty good opposition parties that the government would not be pissed and government would not stop them from the nougat demo could be the sport programs the parma taken up by the puppet dictators do we not be harrassed and dude be given the amount of work to mt and the action in the direction of the wealth of texas. people would be given to the playground so that the egyptians out to eat
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in peace with and yet when the bnp inside when the hot milk into a win over the books of that because i'm dying minutes. kolkata the cia wants to depict nobody as in the middle ages hockey against england was in his sacred i'm in good government. the government is determined to cool as you with the boat on the fixed date which many feel might set off another round of daddy but it's the madonna to the people involved that they surely don't want any most to me and i would have thought up the spine and steve eviction process. hopefully the bnp and did not cooperate and listen to the bishop of the beat that. with all the computers episode i found out that recent events in our case. judge. it does. so from
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that time there. asked if he does to decipher the code that uses said. that was the opposition alliance the ride. the water and while the forthcoming elections would strengthen democratic institutions singh was on the twenty ten minutes out of the us and ireland soon enough. so this week on the gifts by the state government. the mosque who committed atrocities in the mine on the windows. that said the settlement of litigation. it's not about
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islam. and so he could come in the bed. ross has failed to come up from oregon. in seventeen states have been at the prices continued to decline to make some decent prices. contemplate what doesn't i did tonight. more news and you'll probably get a start. what in the second set of. when dental system was not the fa regulations and in the wake of the crisis the eu has been focusing on strengthening break in a tree at the sight of the banking system. the main tool but in halting the strength and stability of the banking system is the package of measures known as basel three the main goal is to oblige banks to hold much more capital to provide us or against risky investments and to dissuade bank is to act more responsibly. well help
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organize the statistics it's called the eighteen million people worldwide have done for more than double the twenty third. in ukraine srsly. i fell in love researchers from angry young university. they are set back in thailand recently harbor c and third monday of the university of colorado is an awful at it for transplanting healthy for introducing the aisles. i need any increase in rates due after breaking the study also suggests that chance with type two diabetes. it is well. manila school teacher and siesta time is getting the video excited about reading. she's sleeping a little song and dance about learning. it's where the stone had to have it to
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be the best light. i listened to the pot. this song comes from the computer access mentorship program. can the government approved him the lessons offered teachers told us that makes cool cool for at risk students. they come from for students like the castillo de desk and these classes are free from a tough life outside the classroom and the rare opportunity to practice in meditation. he sets about away from things in life helps teachers lake and siesta time. ok it's not just lessons in reading but also lets us from. the politically expedient but the comfy to expose the guys to go in its duty to those in the navy to fit the piece posted a ninety ft twenty eight into the store this song by ten to nine point four million units
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joined as an excuse to toss it into an infant. she exploded from twenty one touchdowns of earnest in two thousand and ten compared to one point she'll fight back down stating that on tuesday finance and planning some expletive got to go in the event of getting to the squad of the current financial year two thousand and thirteen the ducks twenty p one point six million utilities as compared to when sixty nine point five million units daughter's tiny skinny fit to june two thousand and eight. the us continues to be the biggest import to get students from india. i got to see a show that demand is rising the mall and services to the education to health care to measure due to rising income levels and the rapid expansion of the asian middle class. according to the itv station development outlook twenty twelve update released today developing the service sector with people provide services rather than to
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school which will be the central theme of cases structural change in the coming years. good things in the world. also on the web and they've seen them towards the north. it is. in. eye the collecting of august on what to post much hotter the main studies are. usa today without all of troops as of monday the phone to see it. got a bunch and six litre see what the end of august on and find a list of non
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presidential candidates announced. us national security adviser susan rice visit to kabul and had a meeting with the progress and taught at the side of the uncertainty over the future of us troops in the country. rice maker said it was a guest on preston's best in class to sign a buy back agreement with the united states offered to send the awful thought into it and asked the security pact. bought. the meeting between home because audiences and dry skin the dean of student assembly of god as those moon as low as you go what to do approved a security pact with the united states but percent of homes within the u s troops will stay on top the most foreign forces withdrawn next tip. but president ahmed as i took the puck into question by refusing to sit there though he would sign it. in total. a little rice is because that
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is if you put the site was secured to do with the united states could mean for the washington david draw on its troops next year. he wants the united states to put him in the hip and committed to the tune of garden homes and him once stated its commitment to peace talks before deciding to buy that unsecured debt. i still would have done is to install a tv. the us will come that is out of the jeep and people of afghanistan in the leinster and stated overwhelmingly in their desire for the psp to be agreed in green promptly and urge that the sky and the skin as possible before the end of the year for the mac people who have invested so much in this partnership with afghanistan that was very good news the time we hope very much the president will decide that the dusky in his stand best interest in the interest of his country to conclude an agreement to do because it strengtns


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