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tv   The Afghan Report  PBS  December 9, 2013 4:50am-5:01am PST

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secured to do with the united states could mean for the washington david draw on its troops next year. he wants the united states to put him in egypt and committed to the tune of tom holmes and it wants to its commitment to peace talks before deciding to buy that unsecured debt. the distorted aniston still no tv. the us will come that is out of the jeep and people of afghanistan in the morning target stated. overwhelmingly in their desire for the psp be agreed in green promptly and urge that the sky and the skin as possible before the end of the year for the mac people who have invested so much in this partnership with afghanistan that was very good news i only hope very much the president will decide that it is sad in his snow best interest in the interest of his country to conclude an agreement liam because it strengthens cushions the book written in
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the us and nato troops will remain up to the end of the mix to ever done is done this is austin austin insurgency page provided by militants or artist is pinning its own military budgets. his defiance has surprised many who attended the liturgy ago that she had been put up the final load on the security deal. walter was said that mean the security of payment has been signed that goal. that's us that actually four but the security and also for the stock. and the peace process. but if it gets postponed it. marcus and maize balkans them dominate the act was the act and desist. this is what we don't want to make. that's why in the game that people in the queue for the princeton to sign the unclean lips before the auction. hard to teach them of the liturgy of the members said that the bac
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is not science of guns under the state's crisis. moncton borrow you who might have on his own mind on the whole lot of us all about the time to toss in some hours from my problems inside the city can bottle up on this promise some of the responders to polka band. most of the home of the spots open to the seaside the superdome. on the spot market in the countryside. was i putting too much of a woman who bought these as the coconut cents. bodyguard i was recently got about six p lucky that got me back to the sea project in the northern province of body out. we have a ripple the dotted line is stepping up attacks on the hook days ahead of presidential elections due in a pinch when t for teen fattening security concerns as forty troops today to withdraw from
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the country by the end of next year. but cavity to until i get to see project the audubon still in god and show them. the booklet and equal in blogging the project and just one of the seven book has gone down serevi the devil do was get a few security to fish in it's awfully to keep people safe at the windshield. she said the incident was just one of many institutes among them yet. he did not. in the bottle meet that need to make sauce on the etsy shop another tea with uncle cody need to get caught up in total but this time cause he
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had called me and goes as you can still get so useful he goes all the sides but here goes love this does have some respect. now they hit it off us. well tell us what we did not own all into action moves from a partisan time that is one hundred the afternoon when he doesn't want to begin i could be integrated into the convent of st paul who has a body president the splitting up by actress judy tv stand with the united states that could hit she is a force one nation in the country but also fought handle on signs the fact the united states is tripping to put out on its hands on them for this contest by the end of year the election commission itc has released the final list of candidates running for the country's upcoming presidential race article the number of candidates has is and who live and up to the independent election complaints commission the unstated one disqualified from the home of
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goats or consulate. listening to the doctor the beloved without the aid of the main opposition national coalition of opponents of the brussels the oft apology heart of ego and bottom and nimble photoshop or any of it sorry we simply decided that shipman was pure consumption commission. and for you because i know that opens the this is the beginning of our struggle. i imagine stepping into this field to seek justice for the people no one is on it's not just me and my bag getting getting my right was one step toward seeking bigger justice for the holding. presidential and provincial councils addiction since the fall upon them under the gene can be a positive one. except for the perfect mix to. according to the icc also shows more than three million people of the just war and the seaport
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caught so far this year the wealthy intended it's often hard to judge guzman the only female to open the doors to move with the ruc you know what the cia among the seventeen disqualify hopefuls. stroke stationed at nato headquarters in kabul said it great that i was getting harder they fall from home let's take a nap. i don't hundred u s religious teaching that need to pay what is in the upfront capital kabul and mom at times even funny de thousands of miles of the film. an amendment to eat it. a blessing that savory and sweet dishes must be the way it looks so good to play the game went into the price to four dollars and seventy teams to get that means i'm now finds at home shoutout to my lovely wife in a late my kids getting cable and all the deer eat sat there in that little kids at the home of friends and
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family of seven indiana election. this eats lots to keep for me and i'll see you there you see. i wanna say happy thanksgiving to my love life star it's not that great then my brother bought my everest. it isn't what he said he predicted united states in november. it is also as a match would be a frosty night states the state fourteen seven thousand american forces in god's time with us and are therefore concludes that it seems. it got to bond but let's back up plan foresees the two cars one. what that to come to the end of this week's episode of august under part i and my son daughter and taking in the queen will be back next week with one humans and humans from a contest on the back and put the hopkins
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we'll get to watch in a sea world you were ever you go macy asked for your phone is traveling to access program schedules on demand video though my name is pete oliver write a book. detroit the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. in him. i do
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leeds. i know the show. chew
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during yep old and a symbolic challenge to the ukrainian governments audrey south african celebrate the life of nelson mandela as parliament prepares to take a more formal treaty. thailand's prime minister dissolve parliament and promises elections but that i


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