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tv   RT News  PBS  December 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the eastern ukrainian capital of peace we just went to the barricades of living for testers off the streets to allow traffic for the link to get a must get among the opposition. the crackdown was on the way. gilchrist iraq members greenpeace activists and thousands of others in trouble with the mole could soon be set free. the sea of an amnesty hadn't bought wasn't going to fix it. also for the saudi
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nsa. it's a new approach to playing games at work the station's needed double life among some of the fantasy creatures in the online dating world the most can which tells them that night. this is up speed connection. but police to dismantle some of the barricades in the center the ukrainian capital with al traffic through tensions being hunted for the whole day with reports of an imminent crackdown frequently sentencing. all people skills is that. not surprisingly conflict in the reports emerging from the streets of kiev this evening. however since the opposition of grievance announce that much of the media on sunday the hopping reports that the on ukrainian special forces on the drive to meet
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again in a can of sweet ride on an independent sweat player of the protests as well as you can see behind me thought i was again cause it happened one thing is for sure is that there was appointed police presence on the streets of kiev this evening and a housing led to an increase in tensions now one source close to out do one of the opposition parties has told me this evening that the opposition party. i questioned eyes claiming they park their forces raided by police on the computer hard drives taken. however the authorities deny that that is the cake so yet again conflicting information but said the one thing that is sunset is at the police presence on the streets of kiev this painting is greater than has been over the course of the week and i've taken a walk around the minister to parts of the capsule to gauge get spit on the streets or tensions of pain on the increase old guy ever since the riot police surrounded independence square which is about some two hundred yards to my left hand side you can see the right place for the broken eight to my right
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hand side. where's to my left hand side of the protest is a set of neat in a friendly on the kuta beach. support is taking place not far from it which of these protests is that explain and justify the current police presence what about one hundred and fifty arts down the street to come to another standoff between the police on the projects is now the police have surrounded one of the protest discounts meaning it's impossible for them to get in on how it seems that both sides are keeping top notch decide once and took a nice this situation it all but tensions with the police to my left the protest to my right hip in a very high. the one thing like ninety says we are continue our walk around the governmental of quartz is of tea and is actually felt peaceful. everything is a life does carry on as normal for some folks just let it go the standoff between the police and protesters hit the shop is open as normal
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well as we conclude the award for the ministry two pots of tea every variety a late rally that is in support of president yet the convicts on what is really odd stop me from the coast of the evening is not civil. the situation has been we've been able to walk for prop eight established by the police by pro government supporters by anti government supporters. we've been able to cross freely for the moment the thought we'd play janice has something to do with it cost is quite unstable situation. i think the hype is on all sides the situation extends into the evening. which could be worn open but for the news and against ukraine's integration with the eu and international affairs analyst and ndp close the failed economic deal was off his antics but it's pretty bad arguments right here in the studio with me. when you attack reporting in kiev what did you make of the way
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the authorities terrible situation now though i've been covering ukraine and its politics of protest for almost a decade now since the so called orange revolution and about in my life have expected that i'll be reading pepper and tear gas and in the heart of cute and this is that this was the case no one expected such brutal violence from both sides from both the police and the protests this week as he sees all protested the confetti organizing footy they were protesting the late forty s and the job especially the trickle world to see the whole building they look like a very well prepared hard because the way to restore the building this looks like. like hollywood and we knew what they were doing exactly that. i've been i spent several nights for my gown on the independence with talking to the people. it was a huge part of prague with or just spreading these these bands ukrainian flag and saying we european here those people i talked with them that what they were saying is we want to live in that country will always respect to where lawyers observed what was the proper and find some economists are pouring cold water on the aspirations of those people they want integration they say that he craves
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association with the willing nothing short of what agricultural collapse them but for this auction of ukraine's current with that industry. and what's more important ukraine will have no plans to export its products present. you are back in the heart of europe jewelry to believe that could be the case. i am painting and isa based on. i love animals and to a european citizen says while the kenyan citizens needs to be said nato's european union and use old ones where the board of the elite takes precedence over those of democratically elected official was the opinion is about institutionalized corruption based in brussels excessive regulation were several that about eight membership of care costs is an eu member. cause i've been working for your country if the benefits will again it has. it's the salmon successful eas that in the european union's salt. i
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believe that for a low blow to his outfit mommy cut in the uk is singing the social sphere so in that. i mean climb on to. of cos to solve the problem with relief that the new financing amenities that the buggy implication control the intensity of the european union when again he is now the last decades according to make sense. i say. in the eight years to supply coal obese than those in europe with vegetables only twenty years. they all cry but that's exactly what the politicians was saying to the protest isn kiev central square to the last few days politicians from joss. ukraine but elsewhere to how politicians. i read. a money thing in my town square and from poland. he particularly from home with both wheels of the german foreign minister mr bell and the dutch foreign minister to michaels was also on my down on to how these people trooped the color isn't warranted to support these
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protests. i find quite extraordinary we were ready to put this on twitter today like i can only compare it to you. that said the lab all turned up in glasgow. call them wanted to hear the voices of freedom. in scotland and then aligned itself with a group of supporters who were tried by glasgow celtic glasgow rangers. calls following the developments in the ukrainian capital on an online or not with subtlety don't call me if i'm the most dramatic photos and videos from the ongoing protests that in ukraine. thousands of people could see that was holding on to a new amnesty proposal but the manipulation of about twenty years since rush were adopted its constitution and is intended to bring the stake and its people closer together. with the exception of the reports
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the fantasized about presidents as well as the bill is still waking trial will be following the passage of this a lot that we close the sdl on wed the twenty five two thousand others may see the charges against them dropped me an email records are wiped clean now this cat missy has been now proposed to by the russian president i can afford to get all still mart said the anniversary of the adoption of russia spots on its constitution in nineteen ninety three when you sunday and it's the first appear in it of course prompted a lot of speculation on who exactly it than that that's out of this upcoming amnesty whether it could be applied to the members of the punk group was he right we're currently serving beer a two year prison sentence on charges of hooliganism for it to the ferry greenpeace out to this map justice indeed been released on bail and are awaiting trial in st petersburg or will it change and the fate of a number of anti kremlin accidents have
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been a target for weapons sightseeing riots and unrest however it is quite doubtful whether me how old he will fall into this category as the amnesty does not impact of those convicted off. there is serious crimes that piano once the russia's elite system and has been convicted of stealing millions from the states and of course this falls into the category of a serious crime. imagine what your house the tree crumble in front of your eyes and open your to do anything about it. some texans living sites feel right now. we are we reported that are the ones that are making life for utah communities in north texas and the locals from pole for the politicians oblivious to their predicament. to become the first america's national security agencies apparently been leading an active life in a fantasy world the sending of high level agents into the courts of all skills and tools and online games such as world of
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warcraft of the playboy too small. my patience and tear around to scare the payments that swell of low cost and second life in the city seeking alternative online unit us this way users can create appetite the convenience or als o trolls fayette pages to steal and an accent that was that this type of online game can be used to disguise seventy xp vista on the cost of terrorists now lacks the old criminal groups which is why they have been spying on people playing these games which basically involved then this evening sunsets the identities and jumping and getting stock and we made it back a lot of play as a online playing these games the ground force to aid me in according to the estimate by an xbox live. in fact it seems to think once the operation the c i a the fbi and paints again i've seen reports that he creates a special team can fix anything in order to sell
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or the spice and spying wonder how that went right to be paying one month and that washington that one day in a while before i can slice and dice a coupon queen and the government says that non then that's fine and has led to any successful counter terrorism operations which has led to suggestions online the ticket booth and i was fully by foliage and forty cc scooter in the annex a to succeed. i watched a second the nsa had said that the current comment on the ccc said that the car with family tonight. it raises questions once again that the online privacy and aim as it doesn't accommodate a timeline that today is the day that face that microsoft due to another large tech companies have percent. yes it's the us government's osteen and see you back to muncie keychains that surveillance operation cinematic nice pants. he just doesn't get when you find out the tca skiing the nsa has been found to be playing
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world of warcraft. the book and enjoy hicks is added to all the xbox magazine the spring to mind a few things a libyan essays interest in online games is unusual. revelations fail to surprise anyone. all that much. there are huge number of players night and people are expendable to climb in the sky. aside form the most anti social. courageous people as the rich history people getting rich. i've been sitting on a little cropped kind of thing. i tell you i must first be diplomats is how you touch the top ten terrorists in the midst of it still doesn't reduce the not so good of our lady could it be to do anything anything that you kids decided they would learn from it with mr speech card bills. i did have somewhat lost in relationship to people in my skin missing think it's all just a cup of cold invited people to just bought buying things at work i think pulling the unit this kind of deal permanent site that publishes the past
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two finals. i think. it's been pretty calm was a surprise to anybody but the fact that the nsa is a little bit string denial and social networks not something the user will still love this house were disappointed when it doesn't simply mean a person anybody off. while the united states fights tooth and nail to be's of the nsa secrets it's not quite as children when others seek to do the same report about washington is that the swiss banks with filings and even jail time if they don't give up a consummate boss. this is in bahrain would have to spend the next few years in jail the country's government steps up its drive against pro reform activists the number of those arrested it is closer to the three thousand mark. colette to come up for children the eye
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i move the news. in the eye the two language. news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here all of the report and we'll talk the leap into the intriguing story. are you today the arabic for no more visit our big old auntie don't call
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the new. with the earthquakes that hit texas and to mom for the most part thanks to the practice of tracking studies say experts the state is at the forefront of the shale gas revelation and oil firms in generating billions in taxes. saute carrots can find out what intel committee crack and crumble the support of politicians for the drilling remains on the shaken the collins has taken so hard it's actually pulled the tree and if you look around here. rebecca williams is showing me the cracks in her home after a series of earthquakes shook the area. she has lived here for almost a decade and have never experienced an earthquake until tracking began in her neighborhood i'm never know when announced wednesday he adds i don't sleep that night the kids they keep me awake at night it seems like a lot of other happen during the wee hours of the morning here in the middle and i did texas railroad commission the local agency that regulates fuel and gas
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industries trying to call the residence the years. he claims there is no direct link between the recent tremors and striking injection wells in the area the locals are not convinced it's a lot like living the extra time on the tears as i write because we're being told when the track was going to start or what the emergency prep teachers are in place it's something that's happening. so you're just constantly sitting in waiting and wondering if today the day is today the day technologies with the us geological survey face tracking regularly triggers small earthquakes waste from the franking welts. his truck to disposal while it's in a case of youngstown ohio injecting of the waves started to cause earthquakes after only two weeks and when nate stop injecting waste in a while the earthquakes that. but despite that knowledge is more and it's freaking will keep popping up just a few steps away from private homes
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and even community water wells. nobody knows about any of it until it's too late sorry happen. though the government has not concluded studies on how freaking can affect the environment when operations are in full swing here in texas there are thousands of them impossible to mix and it seems no study team getting the industry's way. director asking the question whether something could happen the whole shale production united states. i think it is highly unlikely it is extremely beneficial to the national economy fricking is largely responsible for the booming us energy production. whitney like rebecca here they could be left to pay the price for her every week there's another tremor and another cracking her house. she says she can't even sell it and leave the area. we live now from the year we would of thought that all this was going to go out later in lebanon all of a wasteland but it never made here. he and sam in our stock. while a
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dingy companies of rubbing their hands in the anticipation of gigantic profits from people who live just steps away from gas wells are increasingly fearful of all the water that the drink about the land that their homes are staying now and they don't trust the government assessment of the damage from cracking because they say the oil and gas industry will make sure that no conclusive study comes out it even if it does come out that he doesn't become a basis for effective regulations in texas and then they shut down rt. but this was the focus from the us to another country hoping to win big on friday and that is the uk peaking at the specs and full fat free to sign off field showed says the authorities to liberty make access to safe energy resources tougher. looking at the awesome statement from the town's last thursday when he was cuts in subsidies for renewable energy and also cooks and the masses fo energy efficiency in people's
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homes. as putting a towel. it is the transcript of clues some of it that. if the number of people in the hands and place it is the one thing before thursday so i'll know what i'm missing the one having an energy crisis in the evening when we need to desperately get new means of energy production and bought them at the other high in fat and take away the subsidies in the so called people to reduce energy bills and reduce energy usage and also scientifically incitement that. us defence secretary met with pakistani leaders in islam about. despite warm handshakes for the camera tensions and anger remains of the americas deadly train strikes in the country that's me away. very shortly here in austin. bahrain has had another group of activists including one is behind bars begin the total number of those arrested in december alone. twenty eight. to sustain recent months the government's crackdown has become insufferable already people struggle for form goes back almost three years as if every two thousand and eleven when for
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demonstrations were killed as police crushed around a less than a month later the authorities imposed martial mole which allowed troops to suppress anything about that time the number that is the rest is due to the thousands that has increased threefold by now but legal and physical pressure on the activists has failed to kill the protest movement and the mauna kea reacted by a further tightening the screws this year topping the punishments for those speaking out because there are polls this is still unlikely to silence the opposition it's the in principle to evolution meeting the years gone by since the company. inspired by things he has yet to close up again soon. i suppose you need to market perform. but the uprising was crushed in a match two weeks to wrap up in a minute to get a fuller than it but it's been one of
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the canadian human rights violations in my tent he said the range sniping from this month opened a police officer and mr conceded that reaching to the keen to put removes heat units plus a bottle or the human rights but at the end they decided to use it will cost it has been forced to seek refuge in you that because of different games team and his family. i kind of having the activists he criticizes washington and its an ice for being quick to condemn crackdowns in some countries one ignoring others then the human rights in the rain and dead today it was the impetus that. then in the type that situation of this or that so we added the kids to the ups the dentist and because we've been all week and the last week that the nobleman on the kind of form and twenty t ignore the crackdown you a secret if two things took a goalis speech was more concerned about making messes the author the boathouse. so that's my life i want to talk
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about the cross and fifty and up. they give them crossing about the problems in the right note. even the most and deborah. some women. so far according to an esteemed national more than a hundred people have been killed at least three thousand imprisoned in between each coat is many more have been tortured in a crackdown that remains of fallen leaves from the will to kingston. we see an auntie hari ni politician come you on the zucker was arrested this organ says the government's determined to deal with the. anway the problem but that is betty. they say that under the sun that we have to go to the ap that is just the ticket in to handle peel economy and we need do is hope that he has to be shared with them the body the people in the pool and inclusive but the concert and that this has been named the hearts of the people of whom the man
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was never meant to have that and he can heal and then head to the international community stand that i knew and faucet was put to use and coats that is what the you so i was just south of the punishment of death threats and fears to the opposition and the activists not to join the movement that going for like you in advance of rights of the people to be required to have been achieved if left to conclude be consistent and have been up front that this bed with a blue one. swiss banks a funny note we see thomas to give up a nest in trees old tradition of secrecy. hundreds of the alpine lay down so waiting until the last minute to decide whether to go along with the us ultimatum at midnight tonight to give up text gorgeous. what a sight of that whole face fines and even criminal prosecution from washington and ego and fulfilled is managing partner of the foreign finance group essays as many seattle is extremely unfair. the world works and in these mysterious ways the us does have an
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awful tops the table to throw its weight around and feels justified do so. the tv a lot of other people feel it's the reason there is injustice in this so this post justice system. that's a little smaller banks will be asked the victims and i think a lot of them. some of them from visible when reading in the papers and how. martin also the students complex they don't feel it hits the brakes there and they've broken in the swiss rolls around. there are multiple unfold with us. the us to consider the term pagan has ended in a keystone to try on out. entrants differences between washington and islamabad. american dream story to a central sticking point. nicholas of thousands of indians in the country since two thousand and three and triggered a wave of protests that broke me to supply trucks to afghanistan two weeks to get rid of gentleness with the babies in is on the bad ones. the fact
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that it invited us to head victory at tupac gone in for a gift that shows how much the us wants to build a relationship with pockets on the east tensions which have been cutting open the skull that i haven't really set the nationwide protests have been occuring theme park it on america in fifth at the skunk stripe are thin trading him to have it. this white box on the coke ads saying it to the right to national security. on that day and sovereignty as well we should be a family from foxtel and couples to watch and ten kinds of conquest and told them about this story out on the tactical strikes have had on the nights they have the least we can fight by chief and head to toe while biking walking ten and don'ts bikes have still continued many politicians on and it's a time when i and ii candidates would think what will be the outcome of today sam school. with that is actually any point to
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interpret a goofy face hands and feet will be results because so far nothing half time now. small global headlines is no will the producers across iraq killed twenty one people the deadliest happen when nicole bomb went off in a town northeast of baghdad leaving the man and woman twenty or so injured iraqi security forces are struggling to contain a wave of honor for his push for a number of casualties is due to its highest level since two thousand and eight. that french troops to stop taking control of checkpoints in the capital of the central african republic as they confiscate weapons from opposing on the group's try to stifle ongoing unrest shooting broke out near the airport when a number of forces refused to surrender their arms and the can is reportedly thinking taking part in the french operation sixteen hundred or so has to be deployed in the nation wracked by sectarian violence what makes them all make this round of the week's top sports news unless you're in
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the uk uab going underground with action but can't seem to stave off a nap not we'll all be back together again contained within me. i feel like letting me an american talk about that. how women are powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i
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can't help but call out sick the contest and one main rocket victories. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so you know i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much and please
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empower women to empower them to incheon. eye. journal links the live feed of you and laugh and cry. the simple design to join its coming out next. riot police in ukraine move and start dismantling barricades set up by protesters in the capital. in china. small protests despite the prime minister's call for fresh elections. and self africa prepares for a huge national memorial service to remember their


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