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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 9, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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will the ruling will. glad to be with us on this edition of nice line it's cheesy to send their tent and casting coup by ashley and tokyo protesters in thailand are refusing to step aside. i made it seem that she no one has tried to calm them. i dissolving parliament and announcing and jannah like sian again insisting that she step down on one hundred thousand people an audience sitting in front of the prime
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minister's office in phoenix open. now there is influencing the government wanted to stop taxation or marker assisted as prime minister until he was open crown in two thousand and six he was convicted of compulsion and has been living in . definitely a set called a general election for february seconds. but the protests to say they're not going anyway and can be in the election will change anything the next party would win. we will not compromise he responds on strong support to you larry and its sensitivity he has no hope of bringing the action. instead he is prepared said a council of the current elected officials to power. under the disguise of the east china sea has taken another twist. chinese leaders have expressed regret over south korea's plan to expand its air defense identification
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sound ballot for the overlaps one that authorities in beijing established last one last month about that alchemy is a major downer did not include a submerged while both countries claim but china's dad's officials in seoul called on their counterparts in beijing to meet all their sound but the request was rejected in the south can means announced a planned expansion plan. a spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry is calling for communication. they are the expansion of south korea's air defense identification zone is a regrettable moment. china's foreign and defence ministries have already can update our stance to south korea gospel and urged it to deal with this matter in a careful and reasonable way japanese is a south korea's news and is basically different from china as a second chinese and would violate freedom of flight over the open sea
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authorities in beijing say they may use force if foreign planes disobeyed instructions in the area. officials in tokyo have their city counterparts in beijing two week trial to sell. this time now for the latest in a business news negotiators working on a trade deal for the asia pacific that facing up to reality. she met joins us with the latest on the tax the state partnership than mine so you know the people around the table. they have many factors to consider here at katherine they're in for a high standard treat repeal the acc him and reach an agreement doesn't come easy because the people negotiating the deal at this for months to reach an agreement by the year and that representatives of the cab countries because the painting in the gbp admit they may miss the target their meeting in singapore for their last day of talks this year. negotiations still have to work through some issues. sen disagree over how to protect patents and copyrights and helped ensure fair competition between and private companies. japanese and us delegates are meeting
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to discuss agricultural tariffs and regulating the entree. in a one day. it may be difficult to bridge the gaps between japan and the us in time to keep the talks by the end of cheesecake. the negotiator straw announced their progress during the day. and singapore prime minister the shandong is urging japan to abolish tariffs on all products being discussed in the ppp talks. we've made the comments an exclusive interview with nhk. from the part of two or more from their countries the approach taken in the ttp is that all candidates lines of code. and eventually you would be a serial kind of stole it from us. and that no explosions as helping to maintain tariffs on five key farm products including rice and wheat in the japanese trade officials to compromise in order to reach a final agreement and it's not only japan that he is asking for
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flexibility. we have to be practical and to make other adjustments in order to conclude though. do we insist on a preferred outcome. i think that may be very difficult. he is stressing that every country involved in ttp tax should be willing to get into the backline the negotiators have another thorny issue on the table feed on countries including the us on the private firms to gain full access to works and partner nations that some emerging economies are worried about the threat to their domestic markets. your old stuff tonight show car imports from malaysia a. officers have announced a rally in london who said opening bid comes as markets to the us would endanger national interests. the pool all the tools and a lot
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different from the us and other countries. originally shown in particular project what you want. this stems from fear starts to feel that undercuts the nation's long iranian policy. it grounds preferential treatment to malays who make up nearly seventy per cent of the population. my lazy that the policy to now await the gap between chinese living in the cities and the malays and farming communities fearing that the air with his parents they could feel ill social unrest the government gives malays better opportunities and employment education and many of the fields. today more on top of the countries listed firms are believed to be the moment affiliate. and most are wrong by malays wombat officially is
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the construction industry talks are some out as an organization of about thirty five thousand builders of ethnic and molly are aging such firms and when national works project exclusively if they got home and so desires. they're also given preference and sub contracting. the bpo centers are discussing whether to on the old flooring and sixty cent of domestic firms to bits. under the same conditions for works projects of us up and scale if this becomes the rule my lazy eye that sees more foreign bidders when a large contracts. chinese malays and companies could also gain a larger share of some contracts a stay at the expense of molly run firms. michael and sarah. my
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men with guns and you get the pe. someone resign. we of vetting of anyone. film of the month is one of the most vocal to bpl plants the former prime ministers still enjoys huge political influence in the country. we need to distribute wills hopefully my day these need the teams that compete in the pp. and there is such a case. oh really you would not be free. cool fact it a policy in our country for old coot. i am. for my lazy to bpa could pave the way for more exports. not that he's a compromise appears out of reach. some propose the trader will touch on
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sensitive if need be to us to my hips to help finance the loan hundred and four and as industrial average ended marginally higher on monday for elected house talks to your armoury and giggling at goodyear an email and thirty cents the stock exchange. i mean what can you tell us at the open this tuesday morning. the good ones do you go yes i live in a hesitation the lease on the us market so we may see that trend continue here let's have a look at the opening numbers for december tenth at both indexes that in the negative marginally not a massive move but we'll see how that develops. the key factor of course playing in the us markets is whether the federal reserve at its meeting next week tuesday wednesday will give the signal finally i bet is to begin its art apron of it on buying program a program which really has been supporting us talks and global sentiments are in financial markets option now the cure japan of course the markets have risen to records of this year with an ink actually having outperformed a lot of its
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major global peers as well and that's really too to optimism that the prime minister seems odd that such economic policies which places strong emphasis on the pulpit monetary easing. i will continue in hopes for recovery in the us market is also boosting market sentiment here as well not exporters here will likely compete to continue to see us support as well as the receiver color of gaining a talk show specifically i coming very close to its eighth year of high elf hundred and three when seventy three. we saw back in may. and after that it's a little bit so if you're over last week but let's look at the high levels of right now it's tuesday morning hundred and three when twenty four to twenty six the big focus for the dollar yen or really this week will the us retail sales data on thursday. but overall the dollar has steadily gained. since the last week the euro yen hundred and forty one point eighty eight to ninety four a has actually risen to six week high
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against the dollar and remains firm against the yen as well after upbeat assessment of the region's economy by european central bank president mario tracking the ball so to keep an eye on asian indexes that you go after recent data in china showed us that it posted its biggest trade surplus in almost five years also investors are keeping an eye on the upcoming deals yet central economic work conference next week about where china is expected to set a growth target for two thousand and fourteen but a negative start so far. back to you. thank heavens for me and that is all for now and the swiss alinghi with a market for keeps. the pic. it
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is. nice try mr sheen so amazing couple weeks away from marking his first year in office. i knew an hp poll suggests this popularity is the lowest sixteen since he returned to the top job the list of to more than one thousand people by phone fifty percent said they support of this cabinet and top of the ten percentage points from last month thirty five percent said they count at all ask for feedback on the new secrecy them on his liberal democratic party and its coalition partner approved last friday. what is the government and more power to decide what people can and can't now fifty percent of respondents said they disapprove of the long thirty two percent said they approve of its fifty nine percent said the discussion over the tale by diane and this was sufficient on a route that wasn't sufficient eight percent said lawmakers had a thorough discussion seventy four percent of respondents
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said they obliterate the law may infringe on the public's right to know. they spoke on monday and address the criticism of the new law he she they don't meet each other. i sincerely recognize the citizens severe criticism as a better man. i should have taken more time to explain the building the problem lies in the fact that we've lacked rules to decide what constitutes a secret and how and how to keep secrets classified. they will test them. mr bale is focused on getting this secrecy in law approved as soon as possible. nhk was my uncle and that tells us why through. the prime minister saw the bill as inseparable from the national security council and government leaders have argued that the needed an organization that would enable them to make decisions on security and diplomacy quickly
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the model of the council on that one in the us. he and his scene will question the intelligence among ministries and agencies to take a central role in crisis that has been. members held the first meeting last week the council calling can analyze any classified information japan receipts from the us and other countries. to do this i'll be needing to show to pounce allies that the government can't be trusted to protect such information. they wanted to curse those girls who were to die since the disaster opposition members demanded more time for discussion the ruling party sixteen assists in fifteen games. i went ahead with it. many lawmakers say the line is that it be too much power to decide what the and you can't know. they argued that the definition of a state secret has become to the king tupou on it many voters had grown tired of the cycle of
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unstable politics the scene for years. that keen mind and when they handed out the control of the upper house of bricks in july the moon coalition now has control of both houses. you can coast through policies without warning on campuses this post as voters may not support this season. and isn't as abby could those support if he takes someone approaches in the future researchers from nasa and the u s universities say they found evidence that mars seems to have a roommate and i see this means the red planet could have sixteen flights. the researchers published their findings in the online edition of the us academic journal science nasa's curiosity rover landed on month in august last year scientists have been using it to come i can study the planet's geology they found signs that really insisted for tens of thousands of years and it
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believed the water had a neutral ph with and those humanity. besides it sounds as elements conducive to my knee for abundance in the area including carbon hydrogen oxygen and phosphorus. japan has agreed to use its technology to help costa rica cut its greenhouse gas emissions. the two countries since i'm in the season ended today she had and then de castro concluded the deal and telltale under the agreement in japan is to count emissions cuts in the latin american country has its own exchange which insisted that says that the country aims to reduce its carbon output from fossil fuels to zero. to be completed the pebble mill told him he calls and twenty one. because he's good for economy and is good for the time this year japan sign similar bilateral pacts with eight asian and african nations including indonesia
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and ten. officials in tokyo i tried to double the number of partner nations for the crediting mechanism over the next thirty years japanese whalers in the antarctic in ocean will have to contend with the anti whaling group sea shepherd and now australia's environment ministry is sending a ship to monitor their activity. a syrian officials said the vessel would sit in the japanese ship that set sail this month will also keep a check and see champagne which was found to instruct the wheelers. a syrian officials filed a complaint in two thousand and ten with the international court of justice in the hay the nikkei japan's research whaling is effectively commercial hunting. they say it violates an international convention. my japanese officials see the whaling is for scientific research and it conforms to the convention traditional japanese crazy in our place till it is now
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on the united nations cultural heritage list. its popularity has been growing worldwide over the last few years. this is the second of three flights of what makes one ship is special. and this applied brakes on its context in home cooking. three generations of the code gucci family lived together until the prefecture. today's menu includes the jokes you. we do with red bull is complete liberty call it. for the recipes for these dishes will cost down through the generations. the groups of household repaired seven dishes. they include seasonal items like this one with beans and seaweed as untouchables also is as fresh produce is limited in winter family members gathered for some players often as they
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can. the kids grew up with grandma's cooking. go and eat up whatever they get them you'll know it our meals are a well balanced variety of dishes and the food taste even better when he did together. few families are preparing traditional washer and students. call your mother tracks trends in japanese home cooking. she says the changes in food cultural significance with the influence of western style meals. i dare you assign to this now and their combined with the main gates sometimes all parts of the new gel into a sit and stare at a single helping. b bought the residence of a town in or been killed so trying to steer people back to tradition the washer there are like seeing the health benefits that they say lead to longevity. about sixty people in the town of go go through the one hundred
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years old. that's two elk oft times the national average of centenary of its efforts municipal officials runners still think only of the cia to like somehow residents live so long and healthy the links. about forty people over the age of one hundred responded. the survey found that many follow a traditional diet that includes fresh fish and wild pitch the book the respondents said they also eat seasonal dishes with seaweed something beeping doing since childhood a typical meal consists of rice a bowl of measles suit and holding a free site dishes this combination is what's known as wash and go home cooking. the officials decided to publish the survey results in a recipe book featuring dishes and tossed by the seniors. they don't expect it to sell about four
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thousand copies. but by and snapped them up. and now they are printing will. that sounds ins and hotels started serving dishes from the cookbook this month. and to promoting the techniques as the key to one's own life chefs are offering not just the comfort foods. the items to the traditionally such special occasions and family gatherings. all in all elderly people in your community have been eating a variety of local kroger is like vegetables and see the contents. twenty years this made us realize we had a healthy diet and could channel including a long night. what chocolate cooking techniques continue to be cost down. even though japan now has few of multi generational households the secret is in maintaining a diet that includes lots of locally sourced seasonal ingredients. and suppliers
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we've a new distillery as enchanting care care has introducing authentic japanese food to a younger generation he wasn't where they have options other than ready to eat products. it's an average height of the weather a storm is affecting islands east of india. mine sure she tells us about that and more and broke my back. the morning catherine wheel with these kind of story assistance is really making an erratic movement over the bay of uncommon this look like it once to decide where to go it was cooling on the way towards the north. looks like in the view towards the south west very sharply. but it is a stationary and the man as of now it's the severe side onyx time so it has decreased its insensitivity. but as we progress through the wheel and a half the week looks like it will be even decreasing further and i into a tropical depression by thursday local time in men of low pressure system before it looks like it may even have some land masses. but even if it's going to be a tropical
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know it could bring lots of rainfall to the eye of tamilnadu that every nations where the real previous a storm systems have to hit the area so that i was still very low saturated we don't want any kind of a stormy conditions at all. not that cheney and amar nicobar islands east of the india than it looks like it's going to a baby that micah making it very indecisive commitments but will continue to monitor this system the eastern continent in the south the air stagnation in the clinician care across eastern china doesn't look like it's going to be a relief in sight in the near future with high pressure system christine overheads mix the peanut can be seen in epc conditions here but a lot of races happening here in japan. a couple of the systems are affecting the pull of the country with thunderstorms. gale force who brings him a report of the hunted fifteen km per hour were of queens in octopus in the prefecture anaconda ten newton meters of rainfall that has almond
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pass up a twenty four hours in the course of twenty four hours and fifty millimeters of rain falling here in the prefecture of the spelling an hour and this is and is now making its way trekking towards the east to the conservation and will be affecting central and northern japan across the it throughout the day today. but dad could get news is is that talent under the sea new rainfall moderate ne to se in token enterprise the nation for two weeks. they mimic like they may be having that welcoming rain here with some entries were forecast to be much more like onto my bed and then we check the image like winter series only guy a decrease in heavy rain could raise the risk of avalanche of for about eighty centimeters of snow call all that already has taken them a tick minus ten degrees in whom the term bone chilling there. but this knowing forecast here across america and since things have really been sharing as well. and don got to put on fifty cars and
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trucks on and passed it in the philadelphia texas to oklahoma we had lots of stuff on various pop acts like a northern half of this continent will be experiencing them on the list and blowing snow conditions especially in suspension in north dakota we have warnings place. freezing rain and also make traveling very dangerous thousands of flights had been canceled across the east are many. this system will be pulling up to the east on tuesday but into monday night which starts on the heels of this winter's time to continue to pile up lots of snow falls a few months travel and these are some of the tapes. i keep a winter palette kit which includes blank and santa on non perishable food of broken shell was also good to be in the car. another thing to mention is the really cold temperatures the scientists jacket whether these are where you are warm and skirts possible when you take a hack minus twenty minus twenty two these temperatures can give you frost bite so we advise you to wear more layers if you must be out in a ballot
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but in this sense the sun the other hand licking at eighteen degrees during the date and that is we still have our present warnings in place across as some of this house that last note in europe or licking at the system moving in and it can be bringing lots of atkinson took conditions of the king and at kiev that my niece and seventy four year high today but lots of snow in our task of beating up bricks and an art contest i am noon. and. i do. the ruins
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this is just in the new site gail. i don't like let me an american talk about it. how are women and powerful
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