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new new. he said the ukrainian cup celebration by going to government protests says. i hate cent of the impulse of the cctv spent a lot today. that's it. while she ever becomes actually called for weston to clients that says high level representatives of the eta bbq i was all that funny scenes but by the opposition is and the president also part two thirty and was
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the right along with thousands of other people may see charges dropped against them as a massive amnesty project is currently being prepared in russia. cables companies again is dealing with israel. eritrea say that last sentence makes business it was a portrait of him the glass is increasing its fish processing of new trains on and acacia pacific. while critics of the chapel the rule says it's not gonna let it be called for new shows will benefit them the this is not seem to treat it like a mouse. bob government offices in
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ukraine has begun functioning again this morning daddy isn't being located want protests isn't a compass okie and countries of shapes and lines police dismantled by hurricane and push the cause by its independence class on tees up old school is bad for us by how high the polls only in the number of diplomatic meetings scheduled for today is the right. though. well as the us eighteen on independence square continues behind me despite the sub zero temperatures. it seems that diplomatic efforts to find a political solution to the crises oh one the treaty on the way the president takes the iconic beaches held a meeting on tuesday with three former ukrainian president's know the details of which i get to putting a mileage but we are hearing it's possible that at the roundtable discussions with a school presidents and leaders of the opposition however the opposition is saying that they i get to the invitees to any possible
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talks. what are also reports that one of the ex presidents has been quoted saying that ukraine could sign the association agreement with the eu in the spring. if their father negotiations between brussels and katie at another school commons while high profile diplomats from white america and europe aren't here to try and find a solution to the crisis american assistant secretary of state victorian union has held meetings with opposition leaders on the set to meet with representatives of the government thought that these foreign policy chief catherine ashton is also didn't get to try and find a political solution to the crisis. lol this comes as the race i continue to remain protected page that was strikingly government buildings. it is administered to the hawks off key at the turn to contain the movement's leading to convince wet behind the protests is continuing to the boys was told that they are receiving from work however not all the information that makes its way onto the streets of
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kiev. turns out to be true around the world in an instant. the gate open support to the protest is the jury freezing conditions on ps independence square to represent the unity and solidarity. only he was in line. he was even beat sweden on the official twitter page of opposition party fatherland as real news with a common that the whole world is supporting the ukrainian protesters. contrary to the high excited to show in the united states and brazil mix up the most famous monuments and the colors of the ukrainian flag as a show of support to kiev opposition movement. people camping on the maid and don't take this information which coulter's are spread to instigate people into more action to prevent protesters from running out of steam and control more support for certain political power. this is just one piece of false information designed to help fuel the protests were given an injection of support in recent days. media reports
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the ukrainian president's pick to yanukovich had agreed to join russia's customs union. houghton the result that many homemade done. even though the story was immediately denied by most kind and he asked those who remember the simple chord progression in two thousand and four will remember we would cope in the above options. that's not special forces. he would take if we can track down. they want nothing happened said cuisine that kind of propaganda war cycle that will take place using these rooms all with crackdown domestic duties according to their story was quite quickly on the internet and many are taken as fact one minute it's claimed russia is going to cross the border and helps them how the protests. the next special forces are shipped in for more of ukraine and turned to running their way into central kiev for helping the agitation mumbled their way into the minds of the protest its own right now you can see how it ends the situation is we are in the soul of my man's land outside the presidential
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palace to my right hand side you can see a line of riot police who formed the brocade not allowing any protest is in the to keep her around to my left hand side you can see the protest is set up to and ok not allowing anyone and to carry out their official business and we left which this role the tense standoff is clear that when the situation is expenses that any misinformation with the deliberate or not the potential for huge consequences. bowls cups of tea. kiev ukraine the business end of the month down promising to defuse the situation kiev but the velvet olds from the bridge groupthink time mindy is they'll simply be an impression on ukraine's me to. nascar announced in coming over their physical and representative of the european union will not be helping the situation it will be adding to the to the conflict which is taking place to be stirring things up sis actually want to provoke to move because she'll go ringing as the neutral observer going into a situation where women
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create more trouble and that i think if we don't often based on the european union should tackle the issue back to the lies that the democratically elected government of ukraine which is the hope of a cpu towards ukraine has actually been one of pressure. previously it's been saying real irony imports of goods and you claimed up to baby square to switch hands and be helpful for the ukrainian economy so they should be playing said really. nope not going to pressure ukraine economically open it's a crazy stuff going to. honest and open kiev is bringing to the entrance to this office and the ukraine society. demonstrations in crimea took to the street stood among the government and the opposition's process in the capital. nascar our destiny police him on edge extent as well as a subject to opinion when it comes to eu integration. this is a cultural clash. more than economic or political one this is a clash between
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people who believe in the perception of the west such as europe forty united states and the people who are trying to make a future based on actual laws that help people feed their families um i think there are serious historical and cultural rifts in the territory of present day ukraine and on one side of the people for trying to join this global its transnational union of governments where you will be know that nationalism but there will be the supernatural is bureaucracy regulating everything for the greater good of it all and then there are people who want their natural states to run whichever way they decide to like the one that was to remain theirs. and of course we're bringing you will act as opinion and analysis in a menacing ukraine as well as the above dates from the capital from that day developments are also available on our website
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celebrating twenty years of the russian constitution and the goblins good cause and tens of thousands of people and some weeping at least in the old son who had lined london cases may be dropped in picking the charges again some greenpeace access before the scandal has more now on his line into the pot and it will all have to wait. this may be quite the lord's honesty because up to twenty five thousand people could see charges dropped against the west was new was about these plans came out. theres still lots of speculation around and may benefit from it if he could be members of the so called arctic thirty the group of greenpeace activists of what the rest is in the russian arctic also pose to rise and set out some off the opposition activists of protesters were arrested during a large anti government protests rallies which ended in clashes
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between justice and the police now if that situation what we do know is that this draft is unplanned staying cool. souls who were found guilty of serious crimes. so this they only do that. how about this he will be freed from jail but said the strap is still set to be approved by the palm and while the president is planning to discuss this and he does with human rights groups alito seasonal force will be keeping you updated and to still hashing out the fine print but let's concede that in mind for under the belt for now. note the vine and offenders jailed for up to find dance can see that crimes content some of the country's most vulnerable could also start to eat. as the bill intends to one of the criminal records. this mph in ghana and is home but doctrines and pregnant women and the bill makes a special case was charged with taking os must isolde of learning amazing bring thomas of
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the page options that. when huts built on empty promises to four pounds. mason has not been issued to citizens to his rulings will wash away but that does not set a day giving up on bad dreams of that anytime disappoint the government's repeated pledges to end the old man on his. this was one k's and tell us all makes and to give up the market is the largest single one of the second phase of wanting secrecy well the rest. before coming i wish the company's reputation as a whole host of legal and economic risks these are the main threats outlined by the uk government to nephi was thinking of doing any business with that on this and is rated second in the west palm os his test scene makes. what's behind every action. explicit expression of its position
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over israeli settlements on occupied turkeys which are considered illegal under international law the uk government's a prudent investment arm had issued a warning to british businesses over the risks of involvement in economic and financial activities in the settlement said one of those at risk and the potential damage to the company's reputation. now i spoke with the uk said trade and investment havent they told me of these oddball when we have guidelines that they did also confirmed that the uk government does not recognize the occupied territories including the settlements as part of these well and insisted that business and respect for human rights. kendall had it had on two thousand the british government issued another policy guideline the two retailers and supermarkets to allow them to lead and label the settlement produce so that consumers can make an informed choice on their purchases so this isn't the first time that such a warning has been issued here in europe earlier this year in july the eu had also said that it would stop granting
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the fund said two bodies that include academic or research institutions and also at the weekend along with links to the israeli settlement also said that any future contracts between the eu and israel must explicitly exclude the settlements the movie action to back morning. i've had a lot of criticism from israel and official calling it an earthquake. this has been the guy who i agree what he called external ticket as the swans reaction to this uso by uk awarding is concerned it has been more subdued the israeli embassy here in london had told a guard did you take it that was probably concerned whether it did welcome the contribution of the guideline that the british government is also opposed to any outright boycott. told finance his from twelve countries surrounding the pacific during the rnc temple strong being too nice a glass and down the line to go on a free trade in a good deal. to find
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a simple recipe on the vinyl content which many of the economic partnership groups and every adult enough to promote america's interests in the region these un should make artist she bought by cutting the costs of four in supply chains and get to read of cross border ties but the signs and says he's now the treats he would reportedly allow corporations to challenge a wide range of national norms. see the pounds into allston america's premier trade deals allowed us an ancient times acts on the milk to seek changes in canada's oil trading regulations. insanity is full of the finest it's coming to st in countries which can apparently only afford cheap copies of branded drugs. corporate conglomerates in on the use of and peyton tendinitis and leaving the pool with our texas divine to treatment than a chicken has a decent spot the trans pacific partnership received if and when agreed upon would establish a free trade zone stretching from vietnam. i
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teach too late. encompassing the country meaning people producing about forty percent of global gdp. negotiations are happening behind closed doors in secrecy. victory will be designed to move also called barriers to trade including regulations such as those protecting of a culture of safety and b get privacy. i'm joined by the way wallet. citizen's global trade watch so much for coming. my pleasure. why the secrecy is i understand that there are six hundred corporate advisors having access to peace negotiations but for some reason not the why. well unfortunately we've actually heard directly from the us trade representative you'll notice that the last time the us exit that sissy morning disagreements they couldn't sign. now if it's the agreement that so bad that they can sign with the cx and which ones are going to live with that. they shouldn't sign. as i understand that review will establish a secret accord where corporations can bring
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their cases against the government's claim they don't get their wake. what does this leave the what is the danger for the the slots that we rely on would be attacked in foreign tribunals in secret in and out the nanny has basic rights that democracy nearly would ensure that you can pass your lies this is a direct threat for instance i'd announced at the north american free trade with its three countries and logically unfortunately the last has been the one whose companies are suing of the warehouse thanks to weaken make small sign that the ttp its plan to extend copyright protection in dilshan chip count is sticking to find as they may face court cases that any pirated content to add that he is on then what's the scoop for and with restrictions to into pieces and demerits of ten who works for the foundation which aims to defend him some freedom explains just why it is again the potential trade deal. his
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remains to be secret because really it on if it was as shown in the sunlight and people were able to know what was then and then it'll be the one passed. what's alarming is that i and several cats in washington dc have been talking about the copyright provisions of the scene from a leak from february to cause eleven am in warning about on its provisions and how blue impact people's freedom of speech and privacy rights online and in the us continues to be pushing for those provisions. despite the fact that we've been you know and talking to negotiators and hike in china communicate with the government about are concerned the big bubble of copyright is that technology has changed and they analyze companies are just refusing to sort of adapted to. on the existing reality of an open internet how we all just one interact and share and contribute to the continent of them. our histories tyson on pakistan on models built as a meeting between allies and into a long two rounds
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as the u s defense at that remains a need to keep the nation is a list of supply reached open off. to noon. lolz. science technology innovations all new developments around russia. the future the new war. stories. you can do since changing the world likes. also pictured
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the rest . it seems natural it was nice and to squeeze angst has yielded results with the highest alpine no way giving up on some trains of total confidentiality washington is pressing for teens and even jail time for any bond that doesn't check information on american citizens but is thought that some of them that while men arrested in to land. it is a business present a case that killed me and spoke with mike legal research write about that was no ramifications of metal. oh my is concerned and i got a mess on sixteen and spray much on them until to the swiss economy said harry takes us with ten seconds what in the banking industry is present in people back to msia as helping people of the needs of contents as they see as currency the text and
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other assets and that's why this mystery itself will wind down four cents and company as of late that year the good of peaceful coexistence between people and at times as opposed to now it is when the times that you stay on. much like the nations that use how could you talk to the confidentiality and that's what i call a timeout to hear that alt and took this about the privacy swelling and they have highly skilled nineties as much as the swiss franc be sentenced on the safe haven for a thousand reasons to time constraints will still be at ease the budget safe but what gives in washington them dry them to go off its citizens by his whistle and if it is pretty far outside the total yet we are not an impasse and crossing back to the with politicians and law schools have less than a little tension as an os week apt to come to this decision has to do with us know mike is having on my skin cream and drinks with all my kids and then daddy and then press arising that i can that's what it was good it has as
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cummings trained or advanced city its men's design is complete and five he has the construction technique and not as complex as not to squash into this gem maybe he can and to keep adding some pull ups the biggest bank in africa has already been fine to know the face and needy at times it may be intolerant islam by america. yes in conjunction with this crystal part is that. not that far outweigh the key seems to be the psychology behind the reigning us federal prison population has infested the sentiment decade it is milling seven but in the hole in the national budget. eddie's house. what's up. the is trying to call for the job and all of the sikh shuttle on its sign on the north pole state has a trace to play in the resource rich area for its hot. i run and it took a when you get
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beyond their anger is what the radiation can kill you in just twenty minutes the applicant as the final size of the epa's distaste in twenty eleven mini sullivan hype over scanning time as the government of the sky with a shower is this is just took time to zone season exceeded chester polls. such claims look more like empty promises. this woman can only fit me and my cameraman into their new home. she apologizes but there's simply no room for the whole crew in sight. she's one of three settlers from the push in the area forced to leave their homes and the twenty eleven nuclear disaster the team that's when the tsunami hit. when told to park on unnecessary things in runaway bay said it would be only took two or three days now leaving in fifteen to the house pretending to our old houses and cream which we know won't ever come true when being fed with promises of a bigger house but that's as far as it gets promises
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this is just one of the quickie erected residential areas were for pushing the exiles have relocated to. there are hundreds of makeshift camps scattered across the region accommodating more than three hundred thousand people although the four hundred free settlers living in this particular area or use to have a large houses before the petition accident. now they're forced to live in this pic is square meet the dwellings they were told that this would be just a short term measure bases in the case the old saying there's nothing more permanent and temporary stuart's very well the majority of these people are pensioners suffering from different ailments there until it's just a surprisingly many of the younger neighbors this man used to run a profitable venture. now he barely makes ends meet. kudos to the airline had the one hundred thousand coterie a business producing honey now was destroyed and just run my life. probable that i'm all for the lie that financial compensation or any chill out slow in taking tickets cool
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the government says is working on improving conditions for re settlers with the completion of the rum training billions of dollars out of the state budget. it would take years maybe even decades to do that even local officials are being kept in the dark. and that the sun. the government says is built into your houses will finish it in no sooner than two years and not all of these people be able to leave and those that as little as we officials on the ground are told by the central government shimon means half the island in japanese but that's the last word. these people would ascribe to their lines which are unlikely to ever return to normal. especially with the government of making the area around the deep insight might never again be suitable to live in. lexi rush ascii art scene reporting from japan. not the sole global headlines a sign and a south african driving rain and rwandan forces of tens of thousands of people had gathered to
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celebrate the life of peace like announcement at the lasalle hundred heads of state or in the state and injured hundreds died. but tomorrow's sermon he was taking place. much of a incumbency scene with maps and take that will become in areas where they live security was trying to be friends with fifteen thousand officials and watch the proceedings the new. also broken out between rye is nice and protests is not angry at the quality of life in the sky and sees his tear in the us consulate detailed financial times has won the so called peach folk movement which point the gains taxes unemployment on the viewer is he has been hard to find the economic crisis. what a bunch of cunts and the leasing cars and against unemployment focused the difference i could treat of hegel has visited a summer morning. the easiest to keep made to support her is open to neighboring afghanistan
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always the funnest am on sunday to think not. i recounted the opening wide two weeks ago in the northwest of the country in protest at mcintosh strikes have killed several hundred sydney as a defense honest i've been in and says that he's a fun month aims to target terrorists has been one big thing. don't think anybody in the united states including the p members of congress who i wanna face up to the fact that the drowning warren's maybe really unsuccessful one of the proms at the john strike so they do kill al qaeda people but they also kill innocen pakistanis that this is the problem and you may be creating more terrorists than your creative in your killing or tactically successful in killing some militants. but this strategically a disaster because the korean war. i animosity and therefore generate more islamic terrorism. an adelaide for the united states but i think for other other parties involved as well they knew
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room. just a gadget for leaders account in addition to a letter to show that anti eu protests and bulgaria greece are hungry to urge people to leave the eu would join the population customs union. obviously the bay to meet with the artfire scream that this is part of it had to use a democracy that steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda. they know what that might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talked about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament florida aggression in yet the eu vice president got six foot to see a and former polish pm purest love kaczynski the european union preston was just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protesters to start april eu
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revolution but they're all their journalists write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to join the eu the obvious hypocrisy of this takes all the way up the mosque. just typing i am. he makes the world programming for globally minded people sponsors and underwriters local contact test sponsors to any team that works done or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven judges long tradition baking with cuts and it's based on the beach. the first
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one just illustrations for books they read several of the books. people stir in coloring them and then just for a reason to practicality instead of in green the move to putting color on was the same kinds of arts that they used to put their minds. once we expect to on this one condition. what will make you more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your of his inspirations kirsty was what does he like your chicken who lived in it and it was absolutely. separated off from the west. costly. no was all works. studies in dispute with western style theater in japan can
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incorporate that into the mix the other. lou we will or will . the news on him the uk government has issued a warning to reduce business is over the beasts of the involvement the new three d supplements in the west bank including potential candidates to compete at the station. you've got kids obese but the uk trade investment and government body that works with businesses need to touch the markets says the broccoli risks related to economic and i might start to beat these supplements and we do not encourage office support


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