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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  December 10, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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you will. i bought don't they. tuesday the tenth of december. us wrong spot to sum up a box and get the ball
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to continue nose. crime squad but has not given but with age. the evidence piles up after all. althought all the details. thus the ruling congress party had a meeting to take stock of the situation arising from a humiliating zero four loss in the provincial assembly elections. just a few months that the national vote the pop ups babbles a lot it up and become a divestment of a contest this before despite teachings concerning the most no time in putting all its senior team and it's been a brainstorming session in new delhi on monday. on the agenda. stop thinking as to what went wrong in the assembly elections. i'm like the congress party don't employ four states. these postings to get to spend
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seventy two members to the bill house of parliament and its history and continues into the twenty fourteen gendered and actions come as its centerpiece a cute shots we have cool understand to know that many reasons bodies. the fees. we have to know. and to re read. did i we took our good looking men in the pharmacies to the people. i most surely have to look at the way i would walk team. it is a mixture of not so equipped also many creeps in. in x in the running candidates in the county has to grapple with the fact that it's a huge antique cupboard sentiment intention india despite the time to sign and congress christ is in doubt with campaigning don't hide in a speech in the potty feast complete scallops. ms
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thomas said the government was no match for the tightening interventionist be tb which projected a decisive and strong lead up getting demoted as a candidate or candidates to a complete protein. this does not mean drama as the prime minister candidate nor depending on income and time inestimable intend to campaign for the team that shot was gracious in defeat and vowed that the congress which runs from eight cents. in this body has no baking. but transform itself. the promos but he has the ability to stand up and expectations of the people of this country and the congress party. he's going to do that. some analysts point out to be devoted to the fullest each is not necessarily how did this to pdf with the entry to fourteen. maybe no provisions came into play in the assembly elections which might not score two in next year's general election only to wake up on my hunt and twenty five you don't want to get its act together. that is
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it that up an antique from this be if indeed it is beyond would be the bjp the body as being in the opposition put toward downs and is anxious to get done to pile up but it will not be an easy task. does that make it that seventy election victories in a gender the election. i'm more so if the contest but he comes up with a strong game plan for twenty fourteen. us law caucus on the protests jokingly to supply lines many of them were the back of security assistance the belly comes at a time but by then go to the front gate of the suspension men's football best baucus on the message was delivered by which to us defense it did she talk even in islamabad on monday. she is sick afterward. prime minister abbas said he and ali chief janitor yesterday that it needed to go to find political support for aid programs. since two thousand to optus has received more than sixteen billion humans
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don't is of security assistance and investments according to the us mission the company to send him drunk on spock is unique in south. bt i have no movement not this night talks. last time and a coupla province told the news sun. since then and the twenty fourth and your feet and help keep photos that don't attack with it yet. we then assume the chief of the box bottom on last month. in august i was still water crossings up to ocean shipping got tons of fruit tree hunting. invest in full assessment often than not on the stock in two thousand fourteen it the gospel about the mission of his epic novel i've bought a . civil society leaders and scholars of the polling prospect action against the spartans with the fuel invited on rest. the somewhat disappointing this and that its masters but the bnp continued to steve's by and
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that is cost the country on tuesday. it's been an item at least on the antics didn't mean the east on the texas to being taxed to the sinless and backs of the city the policemen including an office of a critically injured. the seventy two hour shutdown which began on saturday has now been extended to friday. the civil society express consent of the current political situation at the seminar include the country's fifth largest city said this because access to action against the radicals. once it all. one of the room. i
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mean. in. the it is. he speaks and the kitchen on tuesday seeking to ban the bcp in the name of religion. on. day i miss that. skinny. it's not enough that's it. softball game on the state. this photo. do
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the us. the country's supreme court and in august st and an education and gemma and i did from contesting any elections. the court said the party started by making the second inmate at the country's constitution stop drop and give it a rule that to me that the detention of thirty five people in secret locations us in a boat builder comes up to the family is bound to protect a campaign to locate the missing people. cnn the bench headed by chief justice in that moment on duty he said the statement by the keen on the missing buses and business issuesight prove beyond doubt that the army was involved in the attention of the speakers the judges also ordered an inquiry against the less responsive and for the immediate attention and give it a prime minister in the varsity. my teeth and it doth not the best incredible longer the province could use the missing lessons within seven days. rights activists
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and that it is again fighting for young as thirteen hundred dismissing us an opportunity that the security forces most of monday the nielsen poll which ties with the crying light of those like that it wanted to be seen again. some prestigious of being conducted by security forces say activist i have not picked a good thing that i can say that with it. ready to get the mentality and get the idea of legal and yet you do not know. let's get right in and yet again that i eat my hat off anyone does not look anything. tommy's mom did not protest outside the supreme court to cavite city slum above noted that given by a son of a auto show us that bused home. lotto but true lot of cool stuff. they
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are lighted i like to buy some new stuff but then they bought into the villages and son spotted by what sites are back. the province to buy separately this insurgency since the two thousand and ten. in the peace human rights watch said of steel the working group on enforced all invited to a decent bed and says investigate the additional office in boston. in two thousand trade it caught on the government to meet the country's armed forces mota continent the most out of their crucial witness in the barn with a small crimes trial was attacked by unknown persons over the weekend died in hospital on tuesday but all they had testified against jim obvious comedy that did not understand safety of the prime stride and hadn't had any phone slightly guilty over twenty charges including boss giving great and hooting and forcing minority hindus to convert to islam in the country's nineteen seventy one liberation war i'm thinking that it would be thirteen were tried and sentenced him to death for jaundice among eight the mexican independence war
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corruption crusader on the satay house taken the plunge once again this time with an even stronger resolve in his bid to seek the creation of the anti corruption about them in the same basic civil activists have started another investment cost the intensive chinese proceed against kentucky. it's social activities and sunny start date and now they can defeat us on tuesday. i just knitted in london cd in the indian state of maharashtra. he's demanding his top of the jungle but they did lots of effort you will ask the citizens ombudsman to be accepted by the federal government. this anti corruption legislation prompted by a group of civic society activists seeking appointment of it is banned in canada to cool pieces off the top team. what's he going into a didactic teaching and then said he would continue his hunger strike until the baby is introduced in
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the ongoing been to section off by him in from bottom in about nine pm. and the vermont guardian has to come so come on the sword of honor due to a our drummer to them i've done name. you can find fresh from the one above and evening. so i met on the top of that taught them to know one dyingng in a devastating fire trucks on bottom of a pain the lady cougar. they audio file. this is stunted by his sunny green tea and it is full steam counted as an atheist and the nation against corruption in india. it's not doing it on sixteen nation. it's still a line in the proceedings in an open eyes to hit things with the spoon in. but despite its township of its support and patient with it use to hang in the back has been some team into an
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incoming when it seeks for the duty. my buddy and i have supported in the stone built by the bill with some of the issues as was discussed in parliament. now whatever was in the final stages the bottom of each guard stopped was due to political manipulation. within the shooting clinician. and it is therefore to god to begin we would at this scenic and it was just. meanwhile the country's main opposition party the party agenda auntie has also extended its support to announce movement yes this was the cultivation or stripes at the top of the four predict a correction maneuvers of the mars mission with the cutout on wednesday monday on intense months of the commission is on course after the exchange not on purpose or albeit i did this month is so cheap and efficient a huge lineups of the month in southern canada
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when you do not remember from an rbi. it may get hard more one dollars minimum bet that good. while baking them martin doesn't take a moment my mood. but we did it again ch ch ch ch it's just nice must be stopped but its nineteen to staunton up in buffy. the real close station which is steep hill to reach the takedown attempts at denver the study each minute composition itself its beaches and such fun making them much in austria the paper this evening before with him to tell stories books again the song's about the son of a box that bit about it continues. i responded as i get them but that is
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the kids asked what about football. thoughts on the device additional things to say i died tomorrow night i know. thn etsy morning mike. just one touch. be having many secret makes more sense that two th. yes he is in charge of the section. it is not down. the money. each year for which this year perception of a free standing monitoring computer counting and after the kiddos. that's
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a good knee. was it. he was due to the rest assured that the del week it's good to know she's new to our jobs are with us. each of the ski jump. my cousin h the prestigious twelve. just hiding spots. the joke even if it's just that and the one thousand sneak onto his tummy on top. at least that the project will continue and that it could increase our financial stability. we want to go upstairs and ventures into buying them. what a headache due to the destruction of the new nation. the six geese a
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female patient. we welcome this program. sunny in the ammunition section the book is responsible for the body. when action is carried out. patience or they don't the horrifying events that don't live in the mean the furore over to the east to check the characteristics of tnt and only so so well with kidney disease process we also split the impact on our environment none of it dangerous situation. it was stressed but then very careful to take all steps. oh god what should the county the above another to give it a common situation the animation starts shooting almost two weeks raleigh or two she's just let this one it's possible to employ a new
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dangers. this weakens. states to the nature of the projects six based order to what i'm saying. three hundred and sixty six thousand small arms and light weapons could be destroyed. number seventy six thousand tonnes of the nation including the many an anti personnel landmines. i'm saying. many people smiling in this country. so you kill me lol. if you give me the day. it was a part of my life that you are like children. and i hope that life will continue to be calm and peace. when you see are exploding ammunition which are in store. i want peace and to be caught in a few questions. haha was a chain
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of us live out in the shoe shop. she began. this program is very important to our seats were chosen for our grandchildren because it's very hard to leave without it ninety three. the dollar project in me and aims to strengthen the local response to hiv and includes access to hiv prevention and treatment services among at risk populations including migrant workers. a news conference tomorrow. will they each day the adb vice president stephen crowe said curling cross border movement of people in coolidge has increased health risks including hiv and malaria in me in. the spread of hiv is linked to gender inequality poverty. stigma discrimination and is reinforced by mr. in the project will support the scaling up of local response to improve access to hiv prevention services for
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the affected populations such as michael workers and will strengthen monitoring systems to check in hiv across borders. the markets back to the hydrogen country in asia at an estimated eleven sixteen thousand people live with hiv. all for roughly a third . two major ecomic corridor was thinking the merritt island and the people's republic of china will be the focus of the project. hiv remains a serious health risk across much ofhe etern pacif inwo thoand andleven fiv million people in the region were living with hiv and it's in the end the project is supported by a one million dollars technical assistance grant from the cooperation from the fighting hiv aids in asia and pacific pundits by the governmenof sweden brainstorming ideas to students of ryan's preschool
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to community college device the project that became known as the roos were a money saving tax cuts in coaching of the students to savehem money to restore honesty of methods but they said it is less about to reveal the date of accession to the opening of the science lesson was on school nights eleven fifty a statement. they have dedicated their time and commitment towards the project and require minimal input from their teachers and students that she will take these projects to themselves and it seems that i did this i mean the only things like i said we gave them each an epa found the suspect reading this and the same intensity actual content i mean they actually did everything themselves. the drop in sessions to a successful behind. botany department thursday sessions that took a flop and friday i took it like finance advice and things that you've changed many people's perceptions of personal finance kind of opened their eyes to many ways to save them money simple ideas which have helped them to think about
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the future. it helps to make this a big old age of the guys will like. we need to wait for like a setup like infest face to face us how to conceive of it just helps if you don't like it. asked about the delivery of the show today and the sinner the rest free money saving expensive achieve great things athe college and already thinking about how they will continue to accept that help us because that day but i did businesses in the book so that appropriate and one. and does the system and creative. i think he can go a long way. bbc's to the south today to watch this space. the past ten years and in need of some considerable economic growth. pockets of vulnerability and deprivation for me. the country's new suit and got two more properties and teaching for short. as the fourth highest under five mortality ratio and one of the worst poverty
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rates in the country the province also has two for sanitation coverage is up to higher incidence of diarrhoea disease pneumonia and diarrhoea or the teen killers of children under age five. disproportionately affecti cldren in the port's most disadvantaged areas. increasing knowledge of simple preventive measures and good hygie is essential community based approach to sanitation. hand washing to water treatment and environmental improvements can sav lives. teaching the session starts the dentist. and when he's done health investors take directions home. it's clear that the community based approach is having an impact i didn't have the habit of washing my hands after taking my dog. it's just letting the importance of hygiene every time it isn't my job i never forget to wash my hands. against many odds that local government and communities. ntt has come togher to tackle t underlying causes of court child health in
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the province. maintaining this multi layered approach but theey to preventing disease in saving many childn sign. knew. it takes the industry is one of the need to set it up into the quantity which is going at the top fifty. the comment thingy she gets to go to expect fox can provide financial aid and yet has the potential to impede its textile and apparel shoes and the wood to it. it's never the fault when i can stand to eat the sand and beach. even in us god is at the end of the extra impeachment the set that you actually do for us in getting the toxic speaking. i don't want you to use default less than top notch two dollars domestic bd and fined sixty percent of country's export on
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the twice that of employment or what but the five million people in the mosque after that it could lead to six the world. also on the wet and i made the network's dot org. this morning to nixon in the mountains in the news she used to critique. some of japan's most ancient landscape he was being especially with the state the town has more than one hundred trucks. the scenery has old myths associated with it. this was a bit was said to be a meeting place but
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gone. woo hoo hoo hoo. he missed one thousand three hundred year olds on the tree snake reach forew students it good. i don't want. his mysterious chimes attack on him and his extensive review steele's of these tunes received the go and see how ago. the deep narrow valley contains two tents primeval forest i do mean machine beeps with whom i call coming from. tens of thousands of years ago i am. runs for
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eight hundred meters along the ridge. leading into the ever changing scene whatever she know with certainty meet a memory no turkey for us. this mistake it's green diesel on the ancient silk road. i am i bro went up to full speed to put straight in the narrow chasm between towering well placed. i do. has courted the cool wood stamper tucker cheapo shrine. do. the one
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thousand eight hundred years ago. it is the hinge point in time. i knew you. cheat champ cheeks lead to treatments it seems to get. legend says that if two people will hand in and around the streets the home between them will cost. earth. scholes is sound asleep sometimes echoes round the shrine. the seeds can be an ancient tradition of music and i'm sixteen and into catchy home for over eight hundred years. was represented on saddam says to retell the ancient legends. i
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have. fifty three hybrid options presented to the catchy though. the most important is the tale of two sons daughters. the tasty dinner to the cost in the lead to doctors the other dogs and cotton sheets hanging down starts only to arouse the curiosity and you don't like to the sun back into. and to prune some time with me told me to leave. in this inspiring scenery. where everyone can stream instinct image. you feel the lingering presence of the beach the eye
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ch. we will will will welcome to watch. the dow coming up what we'll be the lasting legacy of nelson mandela will be asking false and yet today. with a paddle that is filled with special guests that included fresh from a nineteen eighty five truth and reconciliation commission as well. mandela's former prison guard. and oh and definitely bringing together world leade


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