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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 11, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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salt works. studies in disputes with western style theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix the other sea. body of milk he was sworn in as of the nearly two decades ago it's the joint south africans being fit. white policeman but he adds that the sway of protests would
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continue to call forth without you. anyhow the big island. now that it would announce his plans for modernizing losses military in thailand set for the citizens. evidence here that would be like. let's see what's that you're on the opposite had to put the people to call. welcome to use updated on cctv news on the torch in beijing thank you for joining us. we stored in south africa where the coffin of nelson mandela has arrived at the tory is union building to allow all members of the to pay their last respects. mandela's body will lie in state for three days where he was inaugurated as president in nineteen ninety four. after the forest all race elections that ended decades of white minority apartheid rule in south africa. mandela's body will then be taken to pretoria is eastern cape on saturday for south africa's ruling nash african national congress
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will bid farewell to him and then finally on sunday the fuel service and internment ceremony will take place at mandela's final resting place his home village of corn in the eastern cape. world leaders and tens of thousands of south africans gathered in the rain and a husband to honor the late president on tuesday. chinese buyers for one shall us president barack obama british prime minister david cameron and resilient present bill morrow stuff as well as un secretary general banking. where are all more than ninety meters and senior officials who came to pay tribute. curly was poked our correspondent guy. henderson in pretoria. he told us about the journey of mandela's coffin through the streets to from the wa manage the hospital on the outskirts of pretoria. at the last verse his coffin of visible to the crown says he made along the streets of victoria straight in the south african flag. a pulsing many of
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the important markers in south african history. i'm in full for the last twelve to colossal if you find is of course very much nelson mandela's history as well. it costs the main prison here in pretoria where in nineteen fifty six nelson mandela was arrested along with a hundred and fifty six other people when he was to stand trial for treason in one of the big political and less political trials in south africa the challenge. he'll start pop side. the lesson is gone cos jets land a high court where nelson mandela in nineteen sixty three stood in the dark of the rebellion trial and told the court the judge the world that he was if needs be depended on to his beliefs. ukrainian riot police for him to independence square in the capital kiev on wednesday they confronted opposition leaders and protesters demonstrating against the government's decision to reveal trade ties with russia this followed an overnight clashes with police remove
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barricades intense from the protesters camped on the square. on one of the main streets leading into the square a large group of protesters wearing construction hats held back a separate unit of riot police the protest demanding the dismissal of the government started in late november. speaking on television tuesday the fifth story of a cold which showed no indication of giving in to protest its demands. he defended his policy shift back to russia saying the ukraine had no choice but to restore post trade relations with moscow european union foreign policy chief catherine ashton has held separate talks with ukraine government as well as the opposition leaders in kiev. the talks are aimed at helping to defuse the political crisis in the country that has seen three weeks of protests ashton of course met with president victory on the cove which with the prolonged three hour discussion on how all the situation could be yours all. she later met with united opposition leaders to
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get their perspective on the issue. cat. ashton also visited independence square in central kiev where demonstrators had gathered to demand the toppling of chemical which is gov when ella joined on the phone bottle all the media punching go he's director of international center for policy studies. ms intend to go it looks like the clear cut on the mobile strategy for ukraine whether to go east or west is there a middle brow and one of the government's options right now i don't do it well government has to be the possibility to the ulu but it was the hero. on the petition no body uses to do with four or five years to get money home to russia but do we need to get to hear it live up to me. it is we did
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in judo. can you misled to go. yes yes i can hear you well. ok now that despite the opposition's calls to move up in the den to move closer to the european union the president insisted the government needs to be given a straight out of russia. how important it is russia strategically for the ukraine part of it to the ground. that would be very good at but he will be dashing building we do or what the day. as usual. you can add to the port from russia and the culture of puppet and that i'm the one you thought of going back to what you all for you what they are equal before
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the start to choke a bit much for potentially more that i can talk to me but russia is the hot heat this year's event to go ahead and do the technical difficulty with that phone call that with gluttony of pinching cool with the international center for policy studies and thank you sir. russia's military is aiming for a substantial upgrade its weaponry next year by thirty percent. that word comes from president vladimir putin who was called home the armed forces to stay alert for threats and challenges. who was speaking at an expanded meeting of the defence ministry board he insisted. he listed more than forty intercontinental ballistic missiles two hundred and warplanes and helicopters and more than two hundred fifty armored vehicles. in addition to six military satellites would be lost as well as two new strategic submarines would be put into operation the president says on confrontations in some middle eastern countries as well as
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the withdrawl of international forces from afghanistan in twenty fourteen could create what he called the sizeable area of instability in the adjoining central asian countries. this would pose a direct threat to russia. we also mentioned us plans to build a missile defense network. moscow has opposed the deployment of the us with european missile defense facilities near its border. it's called for a legally binding guarantees from washington and nato that the missile shield will not target wash. us secretary of state john kerry has clashed with members of the us congress over the historic new killer deal with them while. his appearance came as lawmakers increasingly threatened to undermine and the six month interim deal which gives you're on seven billion dollars in sanctions relief. the last players to refrain from any new sanctions in exchange for concessions from here on on enriching uranium anwar who
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has a store. he says congressional testimony since last month. geneva agreements kerry defended the policy as how the holes get them to roll back santo evidence of iraq's nuclear program for the first time. he pleads with democrats in the republican side mike scott so the chances of a peaceful resolution to a crisis. but it is very clear this is a very delicate diplomatic over. we have a chance to address peacefully one of the most pressing national tour to concerns that the world faces today with gigantic. implications of the potential of conflict we're a crossroads. one of those really huge points in history. humans will remain as to how small and any new youtube commercial restrictions with you the deal. meanwhile carried sets new sanctions also be viewed as the sa real fast
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play. america's negotiate and pasta this reason prawns gemini china and russia. it could lead our international partners to think that were not an honest broker. we did a diplomat said that sanctions were not intended and of themselves. but a tool to pressure the radiance into a diplomatic solution. boston and this congress generally believe that mccain told him biking and treat sanctions on the wrong reasons. he is responsible for bringing small offerings present ha so funny to allah and his representatives to the negotiating table the channel cctv. iran ambassador to the audi it doesn't get it says progress is being achieved an expert level talks between tehran and six will palace over the implementation of that landmark nuclear deal the talks which began on monday at the vienna headquarters of the un nuclear watchdog continued
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for third day today. the goal is to work out details of implementing the november twenty four interim accord iran will curb its new fuel program in return for some easing of sanctions. he draws foreign minister has warned us against imposing new sanctions saying that would be a serious breach of the geneva agreement. yet in the time to sit on a show of the americans know if that's any new sanctions would be a chance to what's been great to meet in a book titled action. it's good to be a serious breach. i know that jeff songs that you ask the auntie and they would be responsible for that. to thailand now what timescale has been set the candidates hoping to stand in february's election. thailand's election commission says people who want to stand as a party leaders in the mossman just to the candidacy between december twenty third and the twenty seven who is aiming to become constituency in these can then register between december twenty eight
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and january first. really though it will be held beginning january twenty six for those unable to cast a vote on the aborted second the polling day. thailand has forty eight million eligible voters the whole election is expected to cost the country around one point two billion us dollars to stage thailand's week i party said teacher ready to fight in the election. we do not send lot and its top candidate the opposition democrat party has yet to confirm whether it will take part. on sunday. opposition mp who resigned en masse from parliament prompting the prime minister to call for new latch and earlier we spoke to our correspondent kelly chen in bangkok he told us that protesters are not satisfied with the prime minister has offered and demonstrations are expected to continue until the people's council has established. i don't think there is in the sun hitting the ball back down to
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the point of the excesses wanted to to step down completely from rose caretaker prime minister and silly and actions. she said as much as they can adjust in the tv just wish she was quite tearful when the twins told that the site of the tests with the mounting that the whole family. that leaves time and immediately was the deadline last night the synthesis attend the protest the visit. given such but this trip than ten thirty pm he didn't specify exactly what was going to have me she didn't think the real concern here is that we would instead no complaints. there's a possibility that things can only really exhausted for testers. it is the top extension of that coffee republic david would be the managing to this state side of the domenici is remotely interested in doing so. they were until summer two thousand and six connecting the soul the damage that's been done and this time that very much to the auschwitz of the summit sidelines. in some cases they've acted as head of peacekeeping road to negotiate with the best i
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don't think they want to give them hope nonetheless. with the rest are two is coming from the excesses and still receive the government. it's going to be very hard to see any kind of resolution. this crisis in the next couple of months. chinese foreign ministry spokesman says china holds the tie general election is successful. so it'll end up as a friendly neighbor of pardons and a host parties and have an appropriate penalty for store cattle can cause the patient and the framework of the constitution sole source for resettlement of the critic and all the sos post. in the central african republic whimper than a phone call lawns address the country's troops and bondi airport just hours after two french soldiers were killed in the central african republic. the head of the street along paid tribute at the coffins of the two soldiers. he told troops that france is not fighting out of personal interest and only intends to bring relief law and order to the country. a
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long cold the current situation in the central african republic extremely urgent. last week almost four hundred people were killed in clashes in the capital by me the rise in violence prompted friends to sit in one thousand extra fridge troops to the country the french president's move into buying me after attending the memorial service for nelson mandela in south africa. and france's leading an eu in dhaka military operation in the conflict torn country whoa loans visit to the central african republic came as violence continues they are cctv skate park and has more the insurance plans in the capital on cheesesteak thousand and three christian mob attacked shops belonging to his friend's homes with missing teeth and nights they creep down the chill pill was taking anything they could carry. the muslims who did everything they still hold the position from the crease and now it's revenge
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the man. green and blue thing. taking out the bands change the school's of atrocities names on them as panasonic of that old grey france now has some sixteen hundred tweets on the mount and patrolling the permits and trying to decide the mutants from the senate commitments to say that the government to make to any of the stand. natalie did tons in two and presents michelle just eds appeal to the peace and unity. that makes them think that the weight that sectarian finance funny. on the ousted president from office easy move the agency was easy upon the genocide. he gave out machetes and crush the cops. he managed the country pale sickly to myself this crisis that is happening in the ca on the two months three months eight months. all the things he did not exploding now everyone must be responsible
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for what is happening. you come up with this disposable thing only on me. it is the responsibility of all african people. that seems like this make peace and unit ecu and a long way off. these christians destroying a mosque. ripping up the cover on and calling for just a d as in the tx to contact parkinson cctv on the central african headache the twenty thirteen nobel prizes have been handed out at ceremonies in oslo and stockholm. golden is a tuneful the prohibition of kumble weapons won the nobel peace prize which work in monitoring and destroying chemical weapons in syria other prizes were handed out literature economics chemistry and physics. ah well jim has the details the new the eighteen eighties the extraordinary contributions to the world the nobel peace prize two
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thousand thirteen different goals. this year's peace prize was homemade organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons for its work in syria the uh uh uh. receiving the word head of the window seat and spoke of the forest of chemical weapons in the trenches the world where one to the poison gas attacks in syria this year. you cannot see them. the knesset member. and they offer no mourning for the unsuspecting but the effects are devastating. bad name. but i need. or suffocate and eighty cents. that is rating isn't and never paints. the old ecw was fourteen force in nineteen eighty seven international commission held one chemical weapons. this year he was tasked with overseeing the destruction of serious chemical weapons stockpiles. the agreement to destroy the weapons full of poison gas attack in august
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that killed hundreds of people in damascus other after the ceremony there was a traditional twitch like to read. under the wing. all i think it's it's a really good reads that he did that its position as i'm. will we go to recognize it if it's on thet climate that with god today and the will of it's sad to see due to the rest of the lotus it away too. so i say tends to use them about it. i think it's a good day church was sweaty to canadian read alice munro she was too frail to travel to the swedish capital. her daughter excepted the wart on her behalf. peter nixon frost
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longley failed to receive the physics prize for the theories of the higgs particle job explain how subatomic particles get their mess. space scientists more decor was michael led to an aerial port tool kit chemistry award for developing powerful computer models. american schemes grossman in rejecting a german american thomas sold off with the medicine prize for their breakthroughs in explaining how the transport systems in our cells work the cctv. at least eight people and been killed in argentina and wheel of looting during a police strike. the violence coincide with celebrations of three decades of democracy bringing into question the timing of the strikes. stalwart units has this report from blindness. she's they shouldn't be that day
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celebration in argentina. get the fiftieth anniversary of the return to democracy salute sing and dance around the country. stokes was smudged unrated the police were absent on the highway just from the barracks the violence began last week when police pulled the bill went on strike the ccm god that there was general chaos that today it's been more than one hundred injured. but for the police. it was a victory. local government agreed to double in weight. a wave of similar them on sped across the country to include lease in nineteen of argentina's province is intact though there were reports of two deaths including a police officer in the bottom side is province the country's largest force of fifty seven thousand offices avoided a strike entry level wages with double to just over thirteen hundred dollars a month. on monday the justice minister julio and i was keen to stress that it's against the little for the yeast to go on strike. eighteen days a
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week of the company that bills would join the police force november clearly confirmed the very start that they can now take strike action because it is an essential service the government says that these teachings roll their eyes and disturbances that come to characterize the hot summer months of december last year it was the mickey john thompson went on strike this is demonstrably so complicated by the backdrop of police chiefs being arrested in recent months for alleged links to drug trafficking was in cordoba and sense of faith. this this is the day since argentina left behind them into dictatorship and democracy was restored the three decades on the question remains unanswered. how to organize the security forces responsible for safety. so with that cctv. what a sight while yourself zia is among five winners of the united nations human rights prize the pakistani taliban shot the sixteen year old made it for her outspoken believe that girls have a right to
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education. manuel is just one of the victims according to the non governmental organization save the children they are thirty six hundred documented attacks on education and students around the world last year. the targets in these attacks are often girls cctv is minute. in its reports. with a single shot the taliban made the world here its message. girls have no right to an education. but the entire bundle all eu sets i have the opposite impact more than one hundred thousand girls now attend school in milan this moment swat valley in pakistan that's up more than five thousand from last year an all time high. many suppress something he reappears with greater strength especially for the girls who were suppressed telling half the freedom to get an education. there's something more to these pictures than just education. at the alma
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school and mom for pakistan there are no tests or cares instead the girls sit on the floor half the maximum number into each room. but still at least they're learning. according to unesco thirty five million girls are out of school around the world. and there is thirty three million fewer girls than boys in primary school . a celebrity and former talk show host oprah winfrey recognizes the struggle for girls to learn from around the world just last year she watched as the first class from her all girl school in south africa graduated. it's a school the late nelson mandela health care bill. i really am. this summer i saw in the one i guess i'm
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sticking to it. she is. much has been able to crawl. tap the potential of taking ella to support and resources. how was it. i like. between nineteen ninety in two thousand and nine the number of girls out of school around the globe dropped more than forty percent. still people like malawi won't be satisfied until every girl has access to quality education. the network's cctv and that's our report for now i intend to vote in beijing thank you for watching the international weather forecast the new i
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know. in the eye. it was. i
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studied and tried to hack his courses so. the british school system and absolutely in some western guidance family. this not really in any case i'm terrified. this shift. it is. who are a lot when it came to his tummy nine era. i danced to an american where a lot of my influence as you can see where you can see why it's here. we'll post again. i get a positive statement was sent to him. in the middle east at least ten cars through them i really feel that the women are the most resilient and strongest winds wednesday it was tough to pick up the pieces. i think they're beautiful. there the searing and embarrassed her. i like
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to try and retrieve back to the flak that beauty and strength as a starter. tried to kill. they have a party based in syria. i hope you and then we can have this basket for it it's a steely home. a good way to bring people together as opposed to having it in their own corner thoughts and opinions of the other. i feel that if i wanted to use. when i was successful. an intense and heavy vehicle for discussion lately. to the where i was so great that i can bill to die alone. hopefully through stereotypes. and for us and also back in miracles and says well so i try very east to west. aren't i. so that's
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really what i try. by tonight you knew when will the wing will. the us. welcome to the world islam and you know tony and tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am the prime minister of japan is praising the government's first national security strategy and new defense guidelines saying don't become historic documents nelson mandela inspired millions at home and around


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