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tv   European Journal  PBS  December 13, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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well welcome to get up in general coming to you from dw steve pearce and brussels it's taken happy with this is what's coming up in this addiction the financing don't know what you need it possible to go shopping gemini the discovery of paintings wants to confiscate it. i cannot see. the brother is getting around. bringing different countries to get back and the cutting board as is the main idea behind
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the european union. but in some cases the exact opposite happens when the country don't see it. at least in the eyes of that country's commitments take race efforts on all things great and filling the eu that some of the business futher away from a state of bosnia has a coconut than ever. the eu speaks to handle bars and now runs right through the ladies in the region. i create this bureaucratic hurdles to both bosnian croats living there since july of residence and marco marley street and walking on the legal grounds an innocent stuff like this takes them over the external eu border from bosnian intake relation. like crossing the border that breaking the law. but they happen until it's like everyone on the side of the street ms spence houses and bosnian territory. for the good form as soon as i step out onto the streets the aisle to be checked by the border patrol and in the same again when i go back to us. because
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the border runs right along here in front of my house the streets in the house is on the other side of the equation. the potent isn't right yet. or will the watch now. i'm crossing the border duty. just to check for the neighbors. hey guys. we did take an ego trip i would see you on the street we live in. so this time they're absurdist and is situated in the southern coalition town is connected the border always grand prix here because the two countries use to operate on the basis of free movement of goods and people it was never a problem. until the elation joint eu and strict external border controls were implemented. border crossing point is at the start of the one and half kilometer long street ne this the only access for residents the village mayor on to
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comment that she wrote all responsible authorities two years ago. bluetooth two with the new wheeler has been to the problems throwing his entry into the eu would create for us and asks them to find a solution. but we have an answer. more still one sq relation to become a bloc member of the border point was downgraded to a provincial one to which goods could not be transported consequently the supermarket was forced to close in early august. and the owner of the sports shop next door is in the middle of the clearance sale. he's still in a state of shock this is misty until the first of july and we also wanted crossing would remain an international one. woods could still cost the good thing in a row to myself. so i've no idea what i'm going to do now. or that he's not alone in a hardware store a couple of hundred meters further down the road can only sell a stock that was
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delivered before july the butcher has so far managed to dodge the delivery down. to oppose the bill as it will be the nigerian leader on the back way over the bosnian fields passed by house and the shop which is on the boston side street where were they doing in that way means i don't take a single step inside correlation european union yes to be careful not to leave the parking lot as history behind it belongs to croatia. in his method is not the perfect solution either the gas station owner has come up with the best but most expensive solution. he spent thirty thousand euros to buy the plot of land behind his palms on the bosnian side. open to any of the gospel. i made myself an access way his tank and that is no longer allowed to cross the border and not travels the country roads from bosnia along my street
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to the gas station. what are you. it means we don't come into contact with the testimony you a photo which runs along the official road at the other side of the gas station. but it isn't just the residence tomorrow at st who are affected by these kafka esque border regulations. farmers and produce readers with fields in the hinterlands are among the worst one of them is on to your comment openly as a big family to feed the summer he had to destroy his entire kincumber harvest. and it's highly likely that his thirty thousand heads of lettuce will go the same way. both of s considered croatia. although my greenhouses are in bosnia and because croatia's eu countries boast and vegetables can be sold. yet as the croatian company and
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on loan to take the tools and abbas the leslie ready in january and i'm desperate i feel so betrayed and humiliated i was only hope is that the bosnian and croatian authorities come up with a bilateral regulation. that puts a swift end to the absurdity the nice way of dealing with its national specialist pasta always attracts attention worldwide and that's also true for the current case of an op ed discovered in a flight to munich. it's an amazing collection of paintings that were confiscated by the nazis during the second world war in theory danny is next to compensate the rightful owners of such new to god and yet in many cases onto soul collective that have been waiting in vain to pick a nominee and to think that the debate about how to deal with the consequences of not seeing justice is one of the ub invigorate a nice attempt has been fighting for
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an inheritance for more than two decades. it comprises valuable works of the next bite of play and beat montreal. this led to numerous meetings with the site's ignored. i do rule i needed ten teens grandmother was contacted safety and sixty. in nineteen twenty seven when nazis and was beginning to sink in gemini chief of the husband of the soviet union. she left a connection to a museum and then. on that but the nazis dubbed it degenerates and seized it. he's a champion once great grandmothers and aunts that. first and foremost this is about justice. but it's also about not letting someone simply say oh well the pictures are gone. because my grandmother had to fight your entire life and did fine and would still be fighting hard for her pictures. i just want to see
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justice restored and see everything returned to its rightful place in the eye some of the pictures could be in the collection by comedians caused it. for decades he stashed some one thousand four hundred works of art in his munich apartment. nobody knew about the treasure which experts estimate could be worth as much as thirty million euros yes inherited the pictures from his father who was a appointed by the day. the prosecutors seized the collection but can't find a secret to most of the year the international community has responded with outrage to the trepidation about the forty suspected loot or not. and right jason says inheritance lawyer gail stand this is the you that you get to the over the decades more has been done to cover up in the eye and blatantly lie all has been done to settle
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the issue of livestock. and i'm talking about o levels of involvement. archie loose museums and private collections as well. and some don't. still represents the hands of marxism on numerous pieces by the jewish arises that was long considered lost. and the finger that department but it's unlikely that the as all get their way back from private collectors and connotations. because this decision yesterday to limitations in germany on stand up. therefore it is what that means is that theoretically the current donor can save the original owners of no longer have any plan to work. get it. state museums there is a moral duty to do the right thing. gemini sign the declaration under which books about standing by the nazis should be returned to their tenants. seeing that as the town's many as ten
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historian and monica to go ahead. she is looking for four thousand pieces of art in museums worldwide. but in gemini many doors remained closed to. she was strangely an interesting lead my research experience in european countries is very different. in switzerland for example i've not yet met with any restrictions in series comes to us and granted access to all the documents i wanna say. this year. same goes for the netherlands where there are no research limitations. i peeked out that the post was actually cool. i need to campaign in hanoi. the gunners signs would change us. an encounter to collect his current state and private to reach agreements with us the champion. many have been fighting for decades for their families works of art
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and all. i think many have already given up. i'm sure there are also others who don't even know there are works of art that once belonged to their families in the air con. even if this seems to be some progress in the realm of saddam's to get a case underscores the fact that there is a long way to go. but with so many things there's a major discrepancy between the law and moral in two dimensions. in my view the german parliament has to tackle this problem. and try to come up with the ruling that saul's it properly this colin. he owned up to can i every week pictures from the gun to find a published on the day's events. many potential innocent already made contact with god this is not volunteering to give out these treasures. pujols as it
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does mean is i'm very much of the federal republic of germany the state of bavaria lawyers for spots. it reaches a sensible understanding with mr brodie they can keep it in plain stubborn. an old man goes further damage and if we fail to find a reasonable solution consequently many of them is music. i made this campaign has received information to suggest one of the family's paintings could be in the next election. i can't continue fighting for its return i feel as if to say. a a ay ay ay ay. meeks was easy to see that millions of europeans as they click here or others instead of the road national currencies. until recently it was fun to play with that the euro would survive the current crises some countries but piling up huge mountains of debt
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the policy makers in europe decided not to lead this country skier down the rest of the currencies and that they introduce rescue mechanisms for being states ireland is now the fence country to make what it calls a clean exit from those programs tree is on and fall increases the compo and apply to and from its cause this to avoid bankruptcy. now politicians in the here and there are confident that the celtic tiger is rising the artists themselves torn between having also loves the face and wanting to believe in a new beginning the north of dublin bay brian dickie and is building buildings for anyone the lessons they were the green shoots of starters the court is on the little girl. elsewhere in the city matthew best and was packing for austria. so it sucks that
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it was unfortunate that we did indeed of course. our lenders and alignment of mixed feelings. the grass is greener elsewhere some say others are counting on a better future. property developer brian ray keene is constructing apartments and his business is booming again somewhat ironic considering the building sector is emblematic of ireland's financial collapse the bank's recklessly bland huge sums to developers and when the bubble burst. the key in sperm almost went under nineteen men variety of slaves was at the train to the sphere read so true is that that over the years had to let them go because we know what that decision when things down. no the tides turned the key employees one hundred fifty people on this site alone and he said more work is underway we have turned a corner. the very optimistic. on the way one views of the developments we passed the ghost estates abandoned monuments to ireland's economic meltdown
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his mickey and part of a new property bubble in the making what else is. thus correcting life as easy remedy available as was the good times. skipper been much more cautious bunch more realistic. brian's talented teams economically viable. he sold twenty houses here within a fortnight. welcome to it. in the show as she greets to potential buyers kelly and her sister emma the asking price is three under twenty thousand euros both of the sisters of jobs and are able to say this is america's i love so much of ireland. the time. we have family there. it's a pain to park in rents in annual. but it beats a felony and buy a house and then confess that for the future. the prospects for others are less rosy forty million people live in the republic. unemployment is running at thirteen percent
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matthew benson can't afford to buy his own home. twenty five year old is still living with his parents and although he's qualified as a physical education teacher can't find any work. he's decided to emigrate to australia. i work for a minute and go on to their disney gets up to me how to smile a book. i spent some of the spectrum approach to work in the shop. it's matthews scored in peace are ruining his flight is booked for his mother maria. it means saying goodbye to another child. our oldest daughter is already in australia. the second set that has left the state is so not very happy. bus. and i can't stop them. he hath life cnn center. not happy now my children's generation come only if there was a cheapo people. statistics show that somebody leaves ireland every six minutes. a
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group representing the younger generation is gathered to protest outside parliament. the state has reduced social welfare payments to one hundred euros a week or under twenty six year olds. we're seen as an easy target along with other groups and societies that yes i was in his introduction to social web and young people only have one here today. it is entirely acceptable and is absolutely needed to embrace while citizens are being hit by cuts in tax hikes the corporate tax rate has been left untouched been relatively low twelve point five percent. it's attracted multinationals like facebook or google. analysts fiona he says investors like the combination of austerity and tax incentives. here is the hardest ten year bonds nice to be improving. that is to concede that shows that the market's view aren't as good but none to help him she says ireland no longer needs the eurozone rescue fun
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but if they break it sounded so that the economy is growing again and we have talked to you a pickup and social welfare spending will gradually decrease it to be an unknown parts of present your stuff into sunshine. but at the church run soup kitchens. the queues are getting longer. while the homeless has been coming for years. brother kevin's he's ever more people hit by poverty. this kitchen spoons five hundred meals a day the numbers are being paid out of a credible to get bigger. but i might like to spend a cent for the hippie to say that i have is that it can happen to be stalked brian keane believes the sold sign points to recovery. he successfully sold out one development and is working on another. he says the way out of the crisis is one step at a time for its firm and four it was a dessert there. this will affect us say that a leftist which would end
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the myth of december. i think it's it's it's it's it's good for them. a few weeks too late. he needs a newspaper column and numbered on his pension it is also saying goodbye to her homeland the teacher feels that ireland has let them most. a tightness in the end of the price of an innocent act disappointed i fear that sudden stops and you know that might undermine its base at the time it takes five to ninety times now. not so. you should be in australia. the students who missed the gifts. and of course his family before christmas. full bodied
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business. the cendol and treated by a ball and sister and i had snow. and he said i mean in greens and the old irish ballad about immigration goes. new generation of irish tunes dreams will become a pro thank you. what lorelei is being said on the skip of surveillance who is subjected to deny entry date nights when a team of clicks and secret seven says have access to a mobile phone dates that all italian and is there always striving to ethan great to control. not just of criminals and eight and the many contractors are giving that they tear away at full intensity to save money current science companies are offering special deals to that is not the me that's enough big brother. he finds them on the passenger seat. a casino. that's italian for the mets. it's an expression italians often use when talking about the traffic italy drivers have reputations for ignoring the rules of the road and doing whatever they want
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the capital. italy has more vehicles and more car accidents causing more injuries and fatalities than even a car crazy country like germany the no wonder insurance premiums are sky high. but as she heads to work americans to lexi is laughing all the way today she's paying three hundred fifty euro was less for car insurance than she did last year. so much he pays by the kilometer or my latest tally by a little black box that uses gps found under the dashboard it transmits data to her insurer. the box guarantees that i'll find my car again shouldn't be stolen the problem. each day our cost a lot to dry it's from the town of moe to our condo to a train station some four kilometers away. there she leaves her car and takes the train to rome. her insurer reward her for driving lights. her first two thousand km of coverage are free. after that she pays twenty five cents per
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kilometer. i think it's fair time at a restaurant you only pay for what you order with water and electricity you pay for what he views. why shouldn't it be that way with the car. it seems like a wise choice. and to drink the economic crisis has hit really hard and italians are looking for ways to save money. garages are doing booming business installing the black boxes which are only slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes. they sell a mechanized is quite easy to install. anyhoo it measures two cables in one from holland won the odometer the bolded onto alone during part of chess in it. this would be ideal. insurance companies are offers better deals for comprehensive coverage and very few plans with unlimited mileage. any profits from the black box in other ways too. it helps reconstruct the events leading to an accident and
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provides precise data which can be used to find insurance fraud. things that needed to prove that the man in an accident on pine street irresponsibility can be determined. more precisely on the other hand we can prevent costs can be exaggerated in damage to a wolf. we can use the data to determine the force of impact he and a sense the real damage. all you can see the bt still. insurance companies also enticed drivers with electronic aids and outlets drivers see their mileage on their smartphones it offers assistance in case of accidents and shows the history of the vehicles movements. the menu also know where your husband drove her yesterday the mighty with it the sand over the color was not the driver. redundancy the data is stored in the black box and added data processing center for up to ten years. so what happens if the info falls into the wrong
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hands. the nsa espionage scandal has shown that such data is much sought after this data retention angers privacy officials who are demanding clear limits. solo is this sunday on sixty seconds would bestow the thirty seconds to fall and thirty seconds often accidently made them today to be transmitted to the insurance for the optimists were stoning he says and most of the budget and mileage data not constant info about the car's location in a room asleep on privacy as the real issue not just policy. it'll serve others use to cut him on his employee's current uncertainties or husbands wives fathers children. what a bother if he hears it. but it still has no regulations in place to deal with this problem. drivers must assume the responsibility themselves
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it meant that he still wanted to use some serious thought. a simple yes or no to very serious matter is a concern about privacy. it might be over. see lydia got a clean conscience why not so ago. member of a black box installed a business and have much to my private life has been trying to wiggle its way. in fact it is of what tv blood test to lexi has decided not to worry about what happens to her again. i did today. we all have gps and wireless on our cell phones and use satellite navigation systems in our cars. now of being spied on through this to me. that's one way of looking at things there is still one big brother watching them from the passenger seat. even if he promises to save them the likes of money. what
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brings us to the interface edition of european channels from all of us here in brussels thanks very much for watching until next time she does in and by now. moon. see us judges long tradition of
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baking with cuts and it's based on their homepage the first one just illustrations for books. they serve her love of books people stir in coloring them and then just for a reason to practicality. instead of in green. the move to putting color on was the same kinds of arts that they used to put their minds. once we expect to live this long tradition what will make you more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your chickens is one of his inspirations book. kirsty was what does he like your chicken who lived in it and it was absolutely. separated off from the west. costly. no
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salt works. studies in disputes with western style theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix the other. it is. sells
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steve. i mean. however it will look like when i'm back it's like. holds up enough that the titans scored since somebody who isn't. we didn't watch any seaworld you were ever you go. it makes me ask for your phone is traveling to access program schedules on demand video. my name is pete over night stay. each
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enjoy the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network you knew and new. polyphonic a little korean leader kim dong gun execute it but seeking to wait to try to stay. ukraine's deputy prime minister told your unused integrate into the eu is the aim of this country the next prime and it's the marianna overhauling speaks out against the legality o


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