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tv   Journal  PBS  December 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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born you will. ay ay ay the quilting to the journal of the futurity that he would here's what. it's a done deal. germany's social democrats get to go ahead conservative. the coffin carrying the remains of south africa's nelson and his bride his ancestral title. it was about to race as a victory in the super gt sing
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the coalition agreement provided a basis for javanese the government has finally been approved. members of the social democratic party voted three to one in favor of the agreement clearing the way for so called grand coalition with the knuckles conservatives. this puts an end to months of political uncertainty. the new government is expected to be sworn in next week the elation and relief among those to whom democratic rank and follow the proteas leadership. the result of the referendum shows overwhelming support for a grand coalition. more than three quarters voted in favor the six thousand six hundred flights are you going against all the tricks of the time fifteen. instead we find a point nine seconds and when
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the result is a victory for proceeded to quote the bn he's the one he decided to asked members to vote on the coalition in a referendum maybe said this was of a scheme to sell the spd that this was skeptical about joining forces with their new cd you have the vote the will of going against it. that tokyo's gamble has paid off this alliance is the place was a celebration of june upon to democracy said it was a celebration of democracy itself with the title of this table mountain to get down adhesive gems. democrats in the table sit down in history and chemistry mock is that you thoughts on it the referendum was north india fest in the history of the posse. it was also david just a cold chill it hundreds of volunteers here in the day and spent the night helping more than three hundred those increased its st eve from around the country the biggest
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challenge is yet to come the spd has said yes to joining the new government next week we had to get down to the business of running the country. dili is chief political correspondent link rain is here to bring this up to date small window when the spd announced it would put the coalition agreement with full membership but it wasn't even clear weather was going to pass. now it's been approved by a much larger margin than many people were expecting cody you explain the surge in support etc it was a very resounding yes and that one had the feeling that people in the room i was there when the result was announced were actually somewhat surprising something very definitely relieved the fact is many members of the grounds with c s p d it's skeptical about whether they wanted to go into coalition with the cdu again it's you know the two parties get together before and the spd came up and that we teach the weakest election result effort so this time around there was skepticism
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but annie and clearly the vast majority of the grassroots members who were voting. felt they needed to step up to the plate and take governmental responsibility and i think austin was very much a question of the leadership's a very clever very thorough tactics in winning support they went from town to town village to village met with grassroots members and clearly paid off for them personally as well. leaders take my goggles coming and it's looking much stronger than before. to the agreement is only approved and things are falling into place for germany's dax government be the coalition is is there of the cabinet is beginning to take shape. what can you tell us about the composition of cap more than those posts to be able to we were actually supposed to hear the cabinet posts until tomorrow. in fact they've been slowly leaking out. headlines are sick of gabrielle to be that the spd whom i just meant it he will become the super minister responsible both for energy policy and for the environment that is sorry for that the economy
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that is a very very important position because germany is in our county's major transformation of the energy system trying to get away from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable. it's a real challenge. he's going to be in charge of the top job if he succeeds that will be a very very big game for him then we will probably see finance minister of us can try to remain in his post very important there for the stability of the eurozone and another headline are so fun to lie in one of the most competent women in the ctu she's going to become defence minister that stops the first very interesting. now this coalition is really not a marriage of love that a marriage of convenience others expected to be a bit of the friction possibly in the cabinet. what do you think could be the main points of friction. anything that costs money which is basically most things we've got the spd on one hand wanting to expand the pension system wanting to give benefits to new groups in society. the cdu signed off on that in the coalition agreement but the fact is
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when it comes to the nuts and bolts of law making the two parties could run up against each other. then we have both going to atlanta as finance minister as i said most likely to stay in the post he's always been for cutting debt rather than expanding the economy so that too could be an issue as a beach between him and seek my gabrielle and basically we see the spd now looking a lot more confident. thanks to this result that will not make it any easier as a junior coalition partner. so i think that it could be a bumpy ride to the future plenty for us to talk about in the weeks ahead. thank very much willing. while in ukraine supporters of president victory on the coverage had been holding a counter rally in kiev just a short distance from where pro eu governments opponents are also protesting. speaking in the city's european square ukraine's prime minister in the call up as the roughest around sixty thousand supporters of the country's governing party of regions opposition protesters have been camped out in your bike
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independence square for three weeks. angered by yanukovich its refusal to sign a partnership deal with the european union. well china has landed a pro but on the moon carrying the country's first ever lunar rover. it's the world's first such landings since nineteen seventy six and represents a major breakthrough for beijing's space program. solar powered rover named jade rabbit milk and a geological surveys. he then makes china the third country to land a rover on the brink. oh and the us former stupid the body of nelson mandela has arrived at his ancestral home in south africa's eastern cape the hearse carrying his casket traveled in a convoy of vehicles to mandela's home village. who knew after being flown with fighter jets escort from an airport near pretoria. locals gave the court to issue a rapturous reception. and ella will be buried to morrow and his family homestead the funeral is set to be
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attended by family members national leaders and foreign guests. earlier the anc gave until a final send off ceremony think he is. and on the grounds. nelson mandela's remains received full meal that the owners as they approach their final resting place. along the streets around monday leslie's village locals came to get a final clearance of them and they call the father of the nation hang it. murray the girl. and they think that in the early of a memorial cinnamon he was known but it was nice outside pretoria montana's family for instance means is that the ruling african national congress pay their respects south africa's currenthe shia range of montana's achievements. so many things
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instead of oh. my people because he has done so many things. resume so so many you can think off the sketch. monday logan finally laid to rest on sunday. it'll be a combination of state funeral with millet reached home and traditional ceremony including the school offering of an office inside each patients from the kenya modem is planned. with news on the action in the bundesliga in a moment but first let's take a look at other stories making the headlines it is present barack obama and first lady michelle obama the lit candles and held a moment of silence to mark the first anniversary of america's worst ever school shooting. twenty six people including twenty children were killed when a gunman
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opened fire at sandy hook school in newtown connecticut in december of last year should i. south east asian leaders meeting in tokyo have called for freedom of the air and sea. the statement follows china's announcement of an extended air defence earned in the east china sea this week a chinese and us warship narrowly avoided the coalition in the region at least six people being killed after fire broke out in a high rise residential building in law. officials said the gas cylinder exploded on the twelfth floor of the twenty six story building causing panic among respects. sports now and in bundesliga soccer by a meanie continue their winning ways saturday beating number three goals to one. goals from aerial month to pitch and muddy of that up with plan to kneel up to four pm michelle and sold i pulled one back late on for amber. shannon
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sharpe series settled the match that with his strike deep in stoppage time dawkins recent travails continued with a two all draw and hope in time to boost raced into a two nil lead before pierre and marie of whom a young and lucas pitch check rescued a point for gore. and here the other results so far in round sixteen. it was scoreless between mines and bob of pen ever came from three goals down to draw three three with norma old corby lovely bones five for one or postponed in stuttgart are no play play now is purely three one two coasts most fall. on sunday squad will travel to show up to and later crews to take on frankfurt. friday evening meanwhile have to be plane in three to appear in burwood braden were desperate for a win on friday after catastrophic seven nil hammering by via munich last weekend but once again defensive failings played their part in a heavy defeat
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for robin cook's so on the day was a hard fought affair and in the end it was the home side that did the celebrating. britain got off to the better start however neil pearson opened the scoring after fifteen minutes with a long range effort the idea has struck back immediately. three of the most converted from the penalty spot nine minutes later the us was on target again. it was that the money is typical of the season the three men were due to the flakes which is due to determine what you're going to tear down the break in the sides were level at the end. shortly after drake there was more confusion and green tea since it is the need to consider extending its reach into the last two games for the equaliser. to close on a free kick but here to goalkeeper to him his coffee
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and only among clubbers milicic short of victory for the home side. the clue to the bundesliga table in after this weekend's action so far that all my new knickers seven points clear overnight but could see that gap clothes avoided prison maintain their impressive form on sunday. the woman's form remains a worry though with orders to mention baba breathing down their necks at the bottom owns five dead and buried but there is plenty still to play for the teams above them. frankfurt and five will be hoping they can really struggling without a break. winter sports now on the alpine skiing world cup touchdown in switzerland st moritz this weekend the women's super g was donated by tito by a doctor from neighboring least in china. cecily the agreement think it contributed to the concert but it's real only a minute to go. it
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begins with a bouquet will be a deity to please the radiant sunshine and mixed in between and right up to two photos that can go without spending at sea food outlets but with more than one hundred kilometers an hour. it was indeed going to stick in the video craig will tell you what to say to his streak of the unit. yep it's that each sixteen to seventeen and had four cruciate ligament tears still i can't see him worry free. went to relax again that has not been easy manny gets it right so they cannot like that it's not that nice side effect. some of the same faith that it was a day to get the most seasoned will help with that in a mosaic read them daily and yet when it helps the body of the greek couldn't even eat a plate. he stayed true to protect the rest of pretty in second place to think that the top ten finish in the day
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jamaican sprinter you single this place among the usual opponents in a race in the argentinian capital blindness areas. the six time olympic medalist was up against children from low income district and state poll was there to promote education and physical fitness. citigroup his presence would motivate children to become involved in sports and help them to achieve their goals in life stay with it. i been you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw on the internet. media center dw tell you the eye . ben
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it is. hall. is use the only german army trainers are coaching a practice session in house to house combat. to sum it up nope all over again. at. soldiers says he likes the sound of the explosion he's an engineer and proud to be working with
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the germans mom. yet dependent on the chin. when all is that the defendant was going on with their low yellow. likud sixty km from ali's capital by marco germany's to his peers training molly's army as it prepares to go up against lankan rebels in the north of the country. all this and thus to a tree is in command of the german contingent georgia with us he says the climate here in western africa is hard to deal with the temperatures can hit sixty degrees and in the rainy season it's monday soldiers can only train for a few hours before they needed break since the weather affects the motley in the same way plus there's snakes spiders and malaria to contend with in the woods. bubblegum but to hear that. don't run them
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poems are flooding the field of about its contents the typically korea was part of an eu mission armies from twenty two european countries are represented. germany sent one hundred personnel the real mission started three weeks. the mali and will be deployed to the north the legal experience desert combat. he'll be a talent for everyone here. isn't it nice to beour commander says europeans are used to buy tech weaponry and equipment he adds. somalian army has everything it needs for the nation. the material is much more basic than what the europeans work with it poses a challenge for the trainers miles total amanda just like it it's like the government would implement it if this were
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real life combat situation there would likely be casualties. in this case the miley and mandy are simply interrupts the exercise. his recruits to lack basic reflex is crucial to their survival. not that he says. everyone's afraid of what you have to face your fear and conquer. he was for the honor and libertine of the country. but they say supporters when he volunteered to go to the north was to help save the nation. they did it be enough. the fields. cheney and influence general gta docker was in charge of troops in the north. when heavily armed cleric rebels launched an offensive executing entire year euro cents he watched helplessly as his soldiers deserted one after another. buddhism while he says in that predated military hardware behind on
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the battlefield. so they first had to rebuild their armament stocks before they could concentrate on other things to second. all one has to offer the caucasus will as part of the un military mission germany's mr is helping to transport equipment and personnel to the north. the ball dress is in charge of the german emissions here. he told me overland transport is too dangerous and all civilian flights had been grounded the moscow city airport is a true clash of cultures the loading process is a lot more hectic than it would be in germany. the mali and have no idea how heavy this talent is. so the german soldiers help out. four hundred and forty kilograms on the right one hundred and forty on the left. almost a tonne
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the only picture promoting secured by sixteen determine how many passengers can ride along in the transport plane tomorrow they had achieved all and then further north to the algerian border region. i asked teachers to disappear this little garden spot and commanded the priest says it's not as serious as afghanistan. throughout the north in their operating area there are incidents and some are sealed the charity begins at five pm. final preparations then the plane was cleared for takeoff your load master also acts as stuart reminding passengers of safety procedures. i feel queasy. i'm the only woman on board. some of the men are
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wearing bulletproof vests it's my first like to play like this dough doesn't stick like me much. shortly after starting pg force pushes me on to my neighbor we fly along the niger river ask really cool moon and after two hours we reached doll. mommy here. but the load master has his own insurance. he says there will be a problem with a heavy loads because there's no forklift. there probably are none around. if by some chance there is one in the bowl onto the french army and the french aren't part of the new emissions and to uplift of the mist smile. it is offloading challenge is a
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middle gun locker wayne five hundred kilograms the mcmaster says everything is supposed to be registered but the information isn't always count on to him. forty five minutes later the frustration is growing the gun locker is still in place. eventually the pilot is fed up. he goes off to talk to the head of the french mission. within minutes everything is straightened out. i'm amazed at how jealously the french and un soldiers defend their turf. with petty squabbles like this over trivial matters. we plan on towards the algerian border region. a rough landing on the purebred way he intentionally the propellers damaged after taking heat from iraq. i'm ordered to stay in the plane into the air field to secure words. the un has deployed soldiers from chance here it's difficult to tell the theories into national contingents apart
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the nervousness is palpable the area came under attack last week. one thousand km further south than it is much different as we take a walking tour. the german soldiers is a tnt and googly eyed village near the training camp. on monday german soldiers have prepared well for this season then when you know of it out of the translators coming along and they have brought a half sack of rice for the village elders. all the children receive gummy bears. visitors are welcomed for that. with the promise of a hat. soldiers also
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present the villagers it with this kid to love the next training sessions it's important that the locals with their livestock before the explosions began again. a small part to the tortoise in it. the german commander says the destinations are deafening. he has to warn the people sitting upright and were surprised. but that is on the other hand he must make it clear that the blogosphere soldiers are performing an important task to my blog but sliced and as you know the va. the training will help them molly and army secure regions in the north the sight of white people causes quite a sensation in the village. everyone is curious and wants to talk to the soldiers. i am. as the clintons don't bother him and he hears a bang he knows it's a training exercise for molly soldiers and that makes me happy. the woman says she's glad that humans are here because they're helping the training camp the germans are engaged in
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an exercise. i feel we're getting it. it seems like the soldiers take forever to come to be that they're injured comrades. that's also part of the training personal safety comes first. exercise is finished. the soldiers had the weeks in the camp the crackling with energy and self confidence author john to the capital bomber crew. it's my fourth trip here. but this time everything is different the international military presence has changed things crude prices are up. milk is a lecture in africa
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the continued tells me it's even more expensive now. a downtown the un has taken over one of the best hotels transforming it into mission headquarters. they have their own safety standards and rules. it's a world unto itself the evening. i need the means to say. he offers consulting services for foreigners in mali and organizes seminars. like everyone to make you that he's grateful for the international need. he also sees the downside as mark was the piece as it's nearly impossible to rent a car in the marco because the u n troops and other military trainers. p price is far beyond what the locals can afford. there are other knock on effects too. housing prices are up because thousands of additional people need launching. well
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anywhere for the un troops go lots of babies are born afterwards the fbi. yet the media the sun. too uppity about who would be. unesco's initial cost of visible helpful. despite these problems among leaders are optimistic. they swear that within two years everything will be back to normal. sigh i wanna know. as far as we said good evening is now six pm the time you're watching it to you. the city. with the stereo. bob. sth. i have
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session. steve. documentary series from which ago captivating documentary said reports cover business and science alternative teaching
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historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm you knew you would willingly my yes. and i think that if india of tissue with its dynamic economy. if you like the midst of some of them g


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