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tv   RT News  PBS  December 14, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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the network. new and new you and. after getting that causes simultaneous a pro and anti cup. ukrainian capital after tens of thousands of drivers from across the nation to show their support. santiago. this is where all the protesting to extend to all of the eu with donuts for the european union flag are now available profiting from protests would look at how some are taking advantage of the divisions in ukraine make a pretty penny. ireland
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shakes free of the lender is becoming the first state in the block to exit its bailout program but the country's government warns the financial independence may not mean the end of posterity loss. it's terrible for a lot of work to which i can make this a talk called up a comfortable four as you can see it hard for so he can walk around. it's an area in order to cook to entertain guests. but these efforts are being overlooked by spanish authorities who insisted that cave dwellers must believe in their homes rt reports from the city of granada where citizens are defending their right to stay put. live from moscow this is our attempt on thomas clyde with the retort
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of storks. now you're seeing one of the rallies in ukrainian capital pro eu demonstrators are on your lap they've been camped out in kiev for several weeks now the pro government crowd has joined in as well. tens of thousands of people have come from all over ukraine to show their support for president the honor code which accused paul scott is inky. you can see the cars trucks in the sea between the two opposing rallies right behind me is independence when receiving the hearts of the opposition movement for the last number of weeks now i can see the barricades between build one for justice and reinforced in the last couple of days with the condoms to the left hand side of the seas europeans class and this is the scene of a rally in support of the president we can get a sense of exactly how close the outcry to the anti government supporters although lightweight separate think are the two camps adjusted to my right hand side note we take the fruits of the main thoughts of europeans wet weather made for gov riley is taking place
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to go to trial so pressed on toward free this top line of the race. my mentor home to maine. it was benign polyps of europeans class and as you can say that for governor ali is in full swing. we are in the fall of the trial of government rally despite the presence of the strike up and support says. the last hundred yards away from the departments of whack things are actually quite calm the mind intentions are quite hyper things all the school mon fri present in other countries around to discussing with members of the opposition here great salad and amnesty for prisoners for justice to arrested throughout the course of these demonstrations but he refused the king of arms of his resignation kinds of early election and lemons were still left with this condo much is paul scott force than the president chemical which has suspended the deputy security and defence secretary and also the mayor of kiev. they are
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among the four officials being investigated for allegedly ordering the violent police response to the rallies on november thirtieth but while some are fighting ideological battles on the streets others are cashing in on the protest he's alexia chefs get wet ukrainian capital has been in the protest mode for more than two weeks now it looks completely different than a month ago. people are living here with cooking food. and just maybe life has changed when the protest kicked off talking about the wood underneath the square of the protest you can leach into all of the eu donuts with the european union flag are now avail very much. and it taste delicious local fridge magnet manufactures were quick to pounce on the id all the protests and now you can purchase of a peculiar no more billion from sending on opponents to prison. still local icing international
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brands. it's no wonder the essential kit is the place of many restaurants and bars in their lives have been affected in one way or another we decided to pay visit to one of the oldest pubs in the city center to find out. so we asked the clubs manage on how the protest affects the life of his restaurant. brushing those bottles would tell them the euro relied on the protests affected your palm. the number of visitors has increased only slightly since these protests kicked off. now we've got a special offer menu which includes items such as steamed cake and will be open twenty four seven for as long as the euro mind on protests continue but the polling key issue to be equally happy with the way the protests are going some of the local taxi drivers have complained to me that the barricade makes the life of true traffic nightmare a toll to one of them right now just what you think of the barricades in the center of the city. i'm sick and tired of his government would be in a taxi driver is my job to those barricades in
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downtown kiev actually make it much harder for me to do my job and feed my family. we step away from them i don them warm or change we see him on the local someone and having a new race bike particular aspects of this unrest. someone was born and raised in the house you feel both these protests have brought this on a boat and type of unit love it too because i think is run his course but ezekiel resident on the actual blame on him and pleaded to be destroyed it seems these demonstrations have been privatized by a bunch of vandals. i just want it all was the only thing different about the places where the revolution bite is known to exist and up to what has been at seven am on a weekly thank you for not letting off steam and nightclubs and bars of them. what goes on despite some part of the city is still on the revolutionary lot now. with the rest of the rte reported from kiev ukraine. well first it was
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the eu politicians the end of the assistant us secretary of state. mingling with the ukrainian protesters now american senator john mccain is doing the same. meanwhile u s lawmakers are considering sanctions against ukraine. if the police get rough on the pro eu rallies again the professor bruno to wear ski from the national institute of the eastern studies in france says that the un rest and to have that doesn't reflect what most ukrainians thing the majority of ukrainian people is engulfed in many states is not that many face the shame if you're in it's own opinions and tuesday are really quite insulting to your son to me but the ukrainian society to which these men work needs to
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dismantle the state and regional cool documentary to continue chc!vez is on his side the role of so called grown up in anticipation. i'm not going to keep in the country to look at the close of the union. so it's just a question of all firms can often and yet creation into waste because then all objective the united states and western country to defeat the middle east especially in syria and in the senate to know what the sentence they want to challenge the balance of power the international balance of power and ukraine isn't it. they ground floor and took them home. for this is what's happening in kiev right now these are live pictures and you can see that the barricades and calves have been set up by the pro eu demonstrators for weeks but the crowds appeared to have dwindled somewhat and you can keep up to date with all of the events in ukraine by visiting our t dot com. in syria now al qaeda linked rebels have reportedly abducted one hundred and
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twenty kurds from a village close to the turkish border news was released on friday by the uk based observatory for human rights it said that all the captives were taken to an un known location. as i did do one a kurdish human rights activist explains the reasons of why kurds are being targeted by islamist rebels. the midget t o p candidates comedians on from conventional theaters. norths in the pool and fifty one off piece of the areas of joe this is as awesome people there is also the support that is secularism is he a portage it to be just sitting in a band of both of the armed groups or the position of the opposition on doors of the regime. that means that isn't his style because this tendency which is connected with astonishing game on tv is a multi pitch deep to the economist the gym and additional seating for this
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to ireland it has become the first eu state to exit its bailout program the nation which was hit harder by the two thousand a crisis has climbed out of recession and its economic environment has improved significantly. but as the test are silly reports from dublin. there are plenty of challenges ahead before the country experiences a full recovery. i will lend itself to quote one of the quote on sunday and late on monday as a quote on the piano country standing on equal footing. a confident claim by prime minister kenney and the country's official exit from its bailout program. for eighty five billion euros in costs nine ish few years of austerity. this sounds to minimum wage which has since been replaced by high youth unemployment and another wave of irish immigration to america. stir in the big screen for query was a good
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one. i wish people would be the nicest to speak in complete good to see the opportunity for this weekend or economic sovereignty. make a rule systems and reduce the future for the bailout program doesn't start economic and financial freedom that no one has under any illusion that that adds it would also mean an end to our chips or complete minis from posterity now while the idea of possibly having more control over their destiny as the nation is psychologically up the stick but people really want is freedom from the initial draft that so many here are so heavily burdened with was to face and long term smooth on the non structural growth was due to face him into his office parody on in other words when you look at the oak overall economical method of achieving its presence in this bailout. it's not really that significant. yet at the same time pretty certain that it should go to the nature of the soul to the diamond mosul to the nation while i love a day
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locally. and through. in dublin city centerights and sounds of the festive season the present. it is the feeling it's going to be known within the great things and then some. but i can be happy where using for a minute yes we have any impact or nation to vote just for this year our nature. nope when it reared him or her ears pierced take them up and changed its call for help and also study a team the violence of finance minister has called the bailout exit a milestone however he also admitted that the government may have to continue with cuts to help drive the countries that debt down. political analyst derek young and think says that financial independence from the eu blunders is still far away for many other crisis stricken states within the block. what we actually looks like to see is more transparency and ow it isn't we lined the situation with
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basically the white cupcakes like the acts like a governor and since it's the holidays tells them what to do the measures they can outweigh the top that not all that is very effective. neil so cool just editing and then also the reduction of the economy. at the moment the troika is free to do what it wants and that is not mine to create a democracy the issue of acp is how much time do we have. when all the economy itself reads the city spain portugal cypress grove and now i don't know how gullible take in the disputed the one that tony is like a diamond will be batting coach. it'd only be ten years it could be very dull but i'm afraid that many citizens in those countries will not accept days. taking all the things to do so. it's going to be a steak nations oven for ten years to come on sing this will have very serious political consequences. on the eve of the anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school massacre. tragedy strikes once again in the united
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states. as a student loans a classmate while hunting down a teacher at his school before turning the gun on himself coming up with a fork what makes america a hotbed for gun violence plus. it's good to me and said did you see a white person around south africa mourns the death of nelson mandela racial tensions are still strong in some places across the country we visited one such area. after the break the eye the aa. like plenty of evidence. with them includes can enjoy this time in the end. many years ago means these people are suffering the consequences
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and new. much more points in law is on the disc. behind this. there is all we call the bank on which there is a deposit open to new left by six ut test which caused suspicion of breaking new clients. despite previous cleaning efforts. there remains the holes of golf a little less than two kilos up to tony and stock in the rock and coral reef about ten meters down. he attached a never ending legacy. all melty the new. the room the news. welcome back you are watching rt now hitting rock bottom. modern day kay
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jewelers and spain are facing eviction from their picturesque a supplement despite years of pressure from the government and orders to leave the families are digging in and are determined to stay. they say there's more behind the injection than meets the eye. is this the cast off i was welcomed into one of the unconventional homes. it was used to dig out the kids inside and out came a little over the centuries. this home has been a blogger nights it's been a pain staking labor with one's hands the tunnel was dug out and installed with modern comforts like light for instance. i wasn't that lives here has taken a lot of work to really try to make this into a home up a comfortable for us you can see a heart for so he can walk around a kitchen area in order to cook to entertain guests and most importantly he says he's feeling of reinforcements now this is critical because the city council says it's dangerous for the residents who live here where as they
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say they put a lot of work a lot of labor in order to make sure these caves are safe for their residency for a minute if any use to be soggy socks and to do the view. i'm putting to death for nothing he takes the time to do it somebody has been nice and it can mean it's been good. yes it was totally looks like from the outside but certainly not the kind of lifestyle but no running water for instance that has to be carried in by hand from the fountain in the nearby church. the school built up these caves are very proud of her work. many simply have no other place to call home miguel have hosted people in need for centuries from gypsies and religious be prosecuted minority of fans and others called it a go the eighteen sixties because of my day with economic price is getting worse in recent years more and more than years have converted this into a community they can
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call home. the city wants to bake them citing health and safety reasons. the people here say that the celtic money will believe the government of acting like a corporation for cora. to build up this area into something. peace and in july and i have been learning to speak at tuesday's since the sixties. i'm not so white either city council youth working like a corporation he flicked out. classified leg of lamb so silly excuse to note that both people are not always going to leave and to the reef area. heidi. macy's and you know. reach people are not willing to scoot to get them down. thus it also isn't likely to abandon its plans to evict the residents but for the people living in the caves of san miguel giving up it's simply not an option. according to the spain are key in this
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happen. autism and could be seen as a reason for deportation from australia an immigrant family faces the possibility of being sent out of the country over their son's mental disorder even though the pants are ready to pay the extra cost for special school in the head of the dot com for full story but they're breaking the gingerbread village and beyond. on display in new york city on the end of motion section of our website we got footage of the world's largest double committed the act and with that. now police are investigating what drove eighteen year old karl pearson to open fire in his school in colorado critically injuring one girl. armed with a shotgun to high school senior entered the building looking for a teacher. after firing a series of shots. she then turned the weapon on the bench for the weapon on
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himself. the tragedy came just a day before the anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school massacre in connecticut which killed twenty young children and six adults. jill stein is that the former us presidential candidate for the green party. she told rt what she believes is fueling the nationwide rise in gun violence. we have about one hundred times the rate of gun homicides and violent gun crimes. relative to many countries of western europe and we should not be consists of normalizing violence. it's clear that the relationship between on gun violence and economic violence and poverty. and on racial disparities and economic disparities all that and more meaty common and just society. the more we are risks for continuing on gun violence and potentially growing and violence. a protest mood is once again sweeping across europe as
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people angry with their government's policies have taken to the streets in a number of the city in madrid crowds that turned in congress outraged by an earlier draft of the legislation which allows authorities to hit those protesting outside government buildings with heavy fines spaniards are not the only europeans angry with their government's policies in italy nationwide anti austerity project had descended into violence the demonstrators in great with tax hikes and biting cuts to a handful of sectors have clashed with police on the streets of the tour in rome and venice. spearheaded by farmers and truck drivers the movement was later killing five students in small business owners. curly r t spoke to european asset manager eric kraus who says that the discontent is driven by the ill management of the country the protesters are dirty global. there they
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have not clearly articulating go. why it is a mixture of let it dry everything from small that owners and farmers they were the unemployed students. so it's hard for this blog. very tired currently the governor and the problems with your meals this does mean a five percent for honeymoon. we have more left wing. it remains relevant for this to death that's the one on the politicians to go home of course new election. so i was so into four pieces bulgaria has also witnessed some unrest. four people have
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been arrested at an anti government march demanding the parliament to step down protesters carried torches as they marched towards government buildings marking six months since the start of the campaign that mr has reportedly fired teargas at police and three torches at them. protests in sofia started in june after a member of the turkish minority party was appointed as head of the national security service. take a look at some other international news making headlines around the world this hour. they suspected a grenade attack on a bus has left at least four people dead in kenya's capital nairobi. more than thirty people have been reported injured. it is the latest in a string of assaults that have killed thirteen people since the beginning of the week kenya has experienced an increase in violence over the last several years with much of it blamed on the somalian a rebel groups more than five thousand people have been evacuated from flood damaged homes in northern gaza or at least one person was killed and over one hundred people suffered injuries due to the severe weather in some areas the water level was reported
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to have reached two meters high taking some homes accessible only by robots the flooding was triggered by several basic american right. iran claims it is holding a british spy and has put him on trial. officials say they captured my six agent has admitted into being in contact with other uk operatives inside iran the british foreign office has refused to comment on the allegations. this comes despite efforts to revive diplomatic relations between the two countries after the uk shut down its embassy in tehran in two thousand and eleven. members of south africa's government are paying their last respects to nelson mandela before sunday's funeral. but as in the country wants his death appears to be revealing some sore spots in the still divided state polls they are reports from johannesburg suburb where life is far from what mandela envisioned for his country. the state
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committee on site because it gives you no white person around i think we are the people i see this call yuki is taking us who claim to the streets of his childhood. this was a wealthy when people could turn the timer to partake. he'll crawl is now has a different case. a word of the pml with daddy in the game. of the idea when we'll want to work with anything that would make me ponder were to be at tackle the world. i want some traffic and still miss him most got too cold for two kw and two tops. motorists can use one of the few who still cordial from home. if it hadn't even gotten from an opening date is gone. because i think with that hadn't gotten. seen below. then disintegrated. died out in this outfit isn't dead dead dead dead. twenty two missiles to be in
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difficulties some prosecutor means he took on the soles of racial tension. someone did for these two have good deal of clarity play ed in making the news media dvd system so to the mix. c'mon have remained as well but he couldn't pee on the streets to prop up to ninety nine some pics of africans he commits hostile angry. when it appeared that encourage or something. of course the little white too. you know those that do that then why it's needed most. and in widescreen and the two of them with today being monday and we had to do in a minute to tie in south africa seems very far from the canteen again i hope to put the heat instead of becoming a melting pot of different cultures and ideas. some bands like kill bra on to date basis with white sauce too afraid to go and play the black population amanda's very well. they once went well come. the cost
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the prison. and the future it's precarious the site by site. as the nation mourns its most famous son. one does what comes next. we see auntie kristin. foreigners in thirty minutes time stay with our team. off. rule. just a gadget for leaders account to your location or the triple j showed up the anti eu protests and bulgaria greece are hungry to urge people to leave the eu would join the population customs union obviously the mainstream media would be artfire scream that this is part of the abuse of democracy and steal the country's away from sort of imperialist agenda they know what that might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talked about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like
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speaker of the lithuanian parliament florida aggression in yet. an eu vice president got sick with a sea of itch and former polish pm purest love kaczynski the european union preston was just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protesters to star april eu revolution. but then all of their journalists write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to join the eu the obvious hypocrisy of this takes all the way up the mosque. just typing. i rmb. statistics
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you know. you know the too much the us. now on dvd. low
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wall. you knew you. the us. i am i. on the sand is white gracie needs as the ones on the meter. it offered century finally


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