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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 15, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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youth ages history cats was in it for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much. theodore six plates stocks. good news
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the importance of south africa piecing it's open to what's called global south the bricks countries but said it before millions of south africa has i think they wanted to get out there they wanted to say who they wanted to see it from hustle. fran is the front of a hostile actions they didn't want that the international to dedicate politicking going on. also within the country the country's arabian can't be an option for next elections. you have that sort of shops to love it and i just say one thing that opel would definitely say i miss you know this is so easy to have the cynicism of other things how britain is papa t and as you know corruption and so on the country is unrecognizable. bookmark it was twenty s that the kids it is in a still mind
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boggling site to go to south africa to ponce to casa school and see kids of all colleges and school night. it said that in the tuc hundred and fifty different sets of daily life that would have been unimaginable twenty years ago. and sam and i think it's too easy to get that to come in all the criticisms of the rightful criticisms of fun things going wrong in the country to the fact is the expectations for the chp night and sunday was to be high because they had such an extraordinary leader in montana. un and sarah. you know that yes in answer to the image of its affiliate the expectations little bits of it the end of that site's costs back onto a bus to catch a shot. the smell was then as we see these images of the coffin being loaded onto what appears to be a gun carriage there. that of
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course sound as it makes its way into the ground so a shout of want this to you seen this. one for sure now is that the admin. yet the south african flag will be taken off the cuff and then they'll also be twenty one gun salutes. constable been handed over by the ministry to really just need this and today so he gets to perform the traditional rituals and seventy before now so my dad at least find a day to rest doubly so. of course that just a short while ago the state funeral being held for nelson mandela get there and can eleven people saying about the event. well people were stunned yesterday when awesome and get his body of why that's the intent to report. with thousands of people lining the streets on youtube under. while they waited for the body two of my
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favorite kind in a jovial mood. this respect that they were saying we've yet to set up right now so mad at us tonight. to say thank you to think what he's done to us he's given us freedom. this is the body of why did the mood changed it but it became some of that. and then people be kind to me they said they would disappointed they say the word disappointed because they were not given an opportunity to send him to say they want to nelson and get in the proper way. then they say as people of this and he asked people how could you at nelson month then as the area they should have been given an opportunity at least one tattoo to have peace body yet in kernel of wheat that i could get her. and don't use the space and say a final goodbye to them. what was it was interesting. a second tooth is out on the government's. aunt j considered that day by saying we waited till the morning pee in it to be better than
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me very respectful towards nelson and nic was in and you couldn't see through the day he was off on that. we will wait until the morning p v eight and beyond we will shatter the government's how we would be. and it was twenty five to twenty four team did with intentions. and they say we will then show the government's new chatted with her auntie how we feel about being excluded from this funeral. i read a study showed that in a cool mil as the burial service for nelson and ella. soon we'll be getting underway now a death trap. i should touching upon an issue that we were just beaten on of course that is the anc that is some anger and danced. the government of course right now these past ten days have been an unprecedented time of unity in the country of course coming together but we're hearing there a lot of people putting that even says on hold. they can make them known. falling falling this moment letting thoughts lol it's the end it's sad that
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it's so much anger over and then was gone in. who has so much impact on me i think to put on display so dang it it's here i move on i don't think she is an important lesson would be open to the scene by each and every time a person indicates and i guess. already having had the funeral of units it has the motto says i'm not about the care that they wanted to have and express for the people of wisdom and dale is coming from. i think it's a shame that these so much anger and threats. and not moving on as we would've hoped that cheesecake is he's gonna be carried on with. he was not an angry man. he talked about change is he tot we have to change to change either as he talked about love and understanding look at it and it's a shame that i think people have kind of
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ruins. some dispute that and not rainy. putting it into practice the week he is not fair well. and i've ever received and the coffin of the nelson mandela is of course was raped. i'm a south african flag. we're seeing at least they're well it will be a few moments time the lowered into the ground were seen of course his honor by the military. because as the head of state he's kidding of course both a traditional send off and a military standoff now that i know you do have a half to leave but that just one question before you have to go and take over these past two days is such a momentous one for you as a south african. what's your party memory. the loan and i'm really on edge festivals happening here and talk in relation to this incredible person. i have to say at least brought me a line of
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july and has educated me from a distance i have nothing to do the same room. it has he had such an impact in my life even me. so much hope. i have to say that i have also not scared abt game and that is not. it's something that try to remember for jackets and there are a nice peaceful is very memorable. it will stay with me forever. it said the dressing i think you all so much for joining us here and this time it is with great pleasure. any time takeover going to continue of course be the end. as we see that this image is of the ballots. it's the talk bad about wanting what i teach that were spoken on jacob's do not use his running into a clean his he's been criticized of course matt does appear to be on going there seems to somewhat of the plaudits. and that criticism. where's he going to go to fort mcnair. i think the coolest but it is going
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to be uncool it's very very quickly and in fact that it was during the past ten days she is surrounded her use of a disney is ready and allegations that its contents people many errands and went to the charges that he was approached the boat and eighty two thousandfive which he escaped conviction on the island and to encourage a lot of corruption charges in tremendous popular anger about them the upgrades to his homestead for example which it actually cost twenty million dollars of taxpayer money i am running cadence a swimming pool not anti cancer and so on. so personally. he is and i said in a sense of old idiocy that christian leaders have come unto me the press so fortunate and have proper well. and and sarah. and the city will face
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the biggest challenge that it sees political career next year. then we just saw that the removal of the removal of the orders decorations that an adult of course p s afghan flag up from the coffin of course all a part of that tradition in any military burial. now and see you very soon the military will seats nelson mandela and then it will be handed over to the chief of the vs k let's let's listen in us military has its appeal. the dog do if i get that kind of man he wants. then me. keillor wrote out all these people. lizzie and loving save the odd and
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comfort. the sheep you over as the diets of us. in all of these sweet deemed too pissed at five schools. but do you love sweets and on dying now now that was a man of the ball its own hearts we've known that that the money but this does not speak of their last away caught speaks their last away it and he's way it is always a cool it away. this law mean we are called managed to be caught on and saying team for their lives off mike diva. we believe god to be on to the absence of the its presence. beyond
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the pain that is healing beyond that the brokenness that his holiness. beyond that i'm one of the day is peace. beyond that patching that is heaven. beyond the fight scene there is peace. and beyond to the side and squalid speaks. we went in and bonnets in heart attacks on monday. two of the family and friends of allah may call monday adding cheap. may call it does still feel great. make a lot to sanctify your memories may the days of that ought to be some free . novel and went and bought them honking for that that becomes un edible rest in peace. he also was
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truly a tall bloke just read on. and nobly you have achieved it the other team mates in a dome. inbev also all feel me cough. call it onto my teeth. amen. and. i
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should. ch. the open . every
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chess saw the flyover. that which is to play said during an nelson knows that it's a military flyover. we heard a gun salutes. i'm not sure if it was indeed the twenty one guns that we did here. once that in the back than that of course following the removal of the borders and decorations on the caskets mama says costs not to fall sick at spacious numbers there in that croatia discuss this but you just witnessed. i like what we ultimately killing a kid i think they are told that i'm not like that there can afford it. they got back in actual fact. i'll continue to cling to what comes a week knowledge can handle a thick book. now i will share with every kink able to control
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could be that day. but i try to get a kick because it right back. i'm not not not completely but the critique eric took the walk back to the pink cake with malcolm and bob malcolm an extra kick it's quite difficult and that the columns. i chose to listen to this note is finishing its tribute to nelson mandela there at the time playing in this leads us to take a lesson the eye the editor. i did when we were. with all
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overwhelmed. all club the time. i can. i got. i once ever seen the military saying it spot on the bike to nelson mandela former head of
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state react so of course a military flyover the piano and bring you back and once again and anybody who has had a military ops and the fam and my grandfather was in the military to military action is at a funeral it's unmistakable. and of course that that's the trouble of peace on this and since it was fun we saw during mandela's inauguration in nineteen ninety four percent said they carried fly over its kind moving moment when you see the images and cares for in a drawer out of the team sits in rebates for free it from my weeks are they of all the pictures of his inauguration ninety two for when you have them achieve high cost. what this amazing as at that point of course in the street was the symbol of white oppression. it was time for timidity but a crackdown in and kill people and so on. st had banana tree. again many tiny as they said giving him a final good bye and the city to the statesman. he will likely remain. of course
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the greatest statesman of south africa for many years to come. i would think. and sarah. what's interesting i think it sets. i hate this began when a woman janet died ten days ago. i think my initial thought was nothing was going to change but i think i'm doing and thinking has changed these past ten days. i do think that things will change. i think south africa is in some ways being in a holding pattern for a while. well no news on and into the kitchen. diddy and then substitute on the viking were speaking naturally and that of course is expectations. when that mandela i came into office in nineteen ninety four the expectations were so high it's been that just under two decades. understand how perhaps it's not fair and this extreme criticism in some parts per cent on the united states of the civil rights movement it's been over fifty years yet we still have inequality there in the us is of course this is not a process which can happen overnight but you
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are describing things already the south africa today is almost unrecognizable to that twenty years ago. i would say sarah i mean on an intensive daily life in south africa. you know the whole psychology of this south african singer free country. herman is so can they be any two people not come up and said that such a fundamental difference to wake everybody no matter what color their skin is set on fields in south africa today. brady is that an extraordinary sea change i think one forgets that twenty years because of africa was sifting through the country psychologically broken. it was tp and to set firm has had double digit inflation and set out to sweet constitution of the country was an immense tots that's not to say that more recently
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it has not messed up a lot of things they want not just messed up and katie there are millions of south africans were looking to hold them to comfort us with idiotic has given us. mandela is that the lower deck into the body of course do not have access to these images of this of course a a private to private affair as it should be the baby and that just one last question the country that is of course made advances. this of course still struggling with your memories than over the past seen these ten days. it's been quite a long week for for south africans your site traffic and will be lasting memory of mouse mandela. in each of the apostate is with the snow that he and his entire family hasn't had a somewhat given us in his in his lifetime in as many ideas for you. what is what book i was running with him absentee unique personality unique heater time. it's somewhat a hundred quid peaceable time he came up and
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taken him into history auntie more than risk to the kitchen. time and said she's left i think everybody with a tremendous amount to think about and to live up to the whole notion of reconciliation on when to put it in hopes of the game and send cards to eat though i'm even too greedy took the long view of everything was not interested in short ten games everything was about the long view and swim at a donkey in now and i think that's him his story is a list of typical story is a shakespearean story. it's really not tonight i'm going to set the whole tale of one of them and he came up with such humble surroundings as we've seen it i was to be the most important leader on the planet to time and it kind of simple writes the attention of creation myth and that was an all round in history that
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inspired many many other countries set on not just to send country. it has been eighteen hundred the unique story. activity will thank you for being here with us during this time for sharing your your experiences and your thoughts of nelson mandela we appreciate you taking the time. we welcomed well as we are kidding of course to see these are the images that were getting out from nowhere the private funeral burial is taking place there for nelson mandela to confess that i say smell who was then in twenty oh eight said describe for us of what you're seeing taking place where you are. well i'm not greedy i need your pocket even hate him at the bank had secured the area looking at the click away to people watching. he can comment there. bake the cake and pink the effect that the history
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of god. the court a week that he cannot take the cake by the local free kick and kick but it hit me with cold that won't be able to kick a goal would not be able to head with a cameo on to do. she even that include what where when people saying on this on this day on this both somber and yet joyous occasion and in some respects people finally able to put nelson and ella to his final resting place for people staying on for him the recommended because when needed. welcome to dedicate that each candidate the catch mccartney back check out the picture with our twelve month that action could be a bit windy peak. she did not get to the ongoing at the cow but you can get a bit odd at the airport. shh h h or the children and about again that we need to climb. she is
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taking me to go i'll keep that you can think that he did all that bad but a kia. i meet people at that point it becomes. but what to hold on to help them and get back apricot and peach nectar that i get to look up each week it becomes that none of it the ultimate battle it out again at the top of that but i think that not only at picking at it now and again it's a noble act either. a good day. the comedian of paying parents. he was appointed evil. we all felt like i keep walking and a teacher at the cake a notch or thinking like he could not do it. the revolution. thank you very much reporting on those that just messages of inspiration of course that nelson mandela spot to sunny then south africa. so as the across the world over the levy now. as of course see these latest images once again coming from canoe as a private burial is taking place for the levy though with a look back at
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the commemorations of the past ten days of course tributes coming and now across the world to express their gratitude and peace station and thanks for the life that announcement on at the feeder tighter announcement on let's take a look. one nation. has lost his greatness. hello people the ropes. if i'm at . then the day. see you all. all this. bond. a few. that day
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. . with that . the it all thanks you for serving. mad struggled with us. the door a you. oh well. oh. do you
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mum. i will. it is. it is
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as. it is. is you. breaking news that i like your auntie international the eu announces its whole ting work on a trade agreement with ukraine's government saying she had sought humans have put no grounds in reality . scottish capital right then shaken by pundits as riot police and demonstrators calling for an end to a jobs bill that would see huge fines for anyone taking part inhe


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