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tv   Journal  PBS  December 15, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the atrocities against women by at our life and present are women human power of thinking. aye aye. cease the future. what's this. it is. much. south africa holds the state funeral will be the heartache. hundreds of thousands of people are back on the streets in ukraine's capital. it allowed is
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finally set a chance but on the knuckles mid cap set to be sworn in as tuesday in berlin the chancellor announced her pics to leave the ministry's assigned to her cdu party. current labour minister was unlawful and airline is set to take over the defence ministry panel maker of the first female minister in german history to oversee the military. her predecessor thomas to msia is now slated to become interior minister and as expected both archrival will remain germany's finance the beach well six of fourteen cabinet has to be on the territory will be occupied by social democrats. two of the spd ministers to grind out the lid on pot this time i served in the cabinet under tents the medical during the last grand coalition which ended in two thousand the line. all the other a speedy appointments this marks their debut in
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the apple cup. after the spd rank and file and towards the coalition deal. party leaders announced the names of the six ministers in the new cabinet. party leaders did not dump leo will have a new economics and energy super ministry and oversee the shift towards renewable energy. this is important we get to try it and he has seen a snake. it's not easy i might not be an easy method to the job. but this time i awoke once again be foreign minister as he was in that he is conservative as to the coalition come to town confined to two thousand nine std general secretary and the anomalies takes the leader and social affairs portfolio. deputy chair mom and stacy gets family affair i go months will be in charge of justice and consumer protection. all party treasurer bob other hand thinks that comes in finance and construction minister. what excellence but the tv deal is one thing to
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implement its arms deal with al pacino challenges is quite another. what are the sole cause of the government would be shifted over to women and men presented today and then on to win an excellent position to tackle the tops to all spit sites that full buckets in the win and three many familiar faces and new comers drawn from across the country. a shrewd choice by spd leader so after a poor showing in september's elections the party spirit appeared to have been buying plants returned to government so some fresh faces in the cabinet and new responsibilities for some of the old daughter. political correspondent simon young is here to help us put this into perspective summer let's start with a smile on the line. she's been appointed germany's first female defence minister was anyone expecting. but again has come as a surprise to me because this is traditionally a male dominated area. she will be a defence minister with saving children to look often it's pretty unusual but
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it was clear that goes the phone to lie and that of bk tan was looking for a big challenge she's held ministerial office and ankle a medical before. as the lady minutes to an end to families minister before that the defence portfolio can be tricky previous defence ministers have slipped up particularly of the proposed route human problems when things of the euro will drown in scandal when money was spent in that the program was close to them. the people who phoned airline bag gets through without too many problems that ireland would be seen as successful in this tp kill such as chemical spill at the helm but the changes in her cabinet what does this tell us about on the knuckle grip on power i think i'm gonna make cookies very much enjoyed the christian democrats we chose to call the school big job stiff and its interior both can show the images finance minister and close the talents to me that it's self and that set the map had
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to be given to the social democrats to get them on gold in this grand coalition. i'm that busy that balance reflects the election result with the conservatives having done extremely well but the mud every other step ahead of the spd will be miracles did pt. he'll also be taking full with this project of transforming germany's energy sector these units are very important y'all. but it's clear that going for which angle america's christian democrats remain very much to be that tiring driving force behind this cup aloft want two weeks ahead some unknown thank you very much. well nelson mandela has been built in manila has been laid to rest his burial took place sunday at his ancestral home in south africa calling a state funeral in canoe in eastern cape province mandela spent twenty seven years as a prisoner of the partake regime after his release he became south africa's first black president. supervising an
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ongoing process of reconciliation. finally i will announce monday that south africa's anti opposing the death was buried in a private ceremony on land and the need to scrap i. house and guests attended the state funeral service. friends called rates and international dignitaries came together to remember the day to let you help south africa to get one. it is that dog is the politics to a simpler. thank you. thank you for being everything we want it. and he didn't. he may need up to eighteen pages of the imperialists. they may resort to do. he did almost
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crying. that won the ball low and fast. during his lifetime and now in your death united the people most of us to go. and then that will open the funeral brings ten days in saturday's two demands. european union has announced it's suspending work on a trade agreement with ukraine. the eu says it's increasingly clear that kiev has no intention of signing the pact. ukrainian president viktor yanukovich his decision to reject the offer and pursue closer ties with russia instead continues to divide the country. a pro and anti government supporters held mass rallies in the capital on sunday. do i. tens of thousands of ukrainians once again he did the opposition's call to rally in support of the eu auntie its main square turnout was high even after weeks of protests. to
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demonstrate his latest target is president of the ditches planned trip to russia on tuesday to sign trade deals the opposition is the kremlin is trying to re establish its own sphere of influence. you are a few modern ukrainians like us must do everything we can now for the sake of our future so that moscow does not walk all over us. we demand that the president not sign any agreement with moscow. that would conflict with our nation's interests. there was a. the fire way to much smaller crowd showed up in support of the cousins posse which is backed by many in ukraine's russian speaking east. the eu has accused russia of engaging in a bidding war the ukraine which needs a cash injection to coverage the states. one opposition leader said that it can occur if it sells out to moscow in many minds is well displayed. syrian
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activists say air raids by government forces on the city of aleppo to have killed at least twenty two people most of them children. but syrian state television blamed the deaths on what he called terrorists. aleppo is serious largest city. b its commercial capital. it sounded like it was some districts controlled by pro government forces and others on various rebel groups opinion polls in chile shove presidential candidate michelle bachelet heading toward victory in sunday's runoff election. the center left leader who formerly served as president from two thousand six two thousand ten is hoping for a big win to bolster her reform and a runoff is chile's first presidential showdown between two win. the two candidates in the roanoke voted early opinion polls suggest the socialist nation upon to make will win by a landslide the list of supporters the home because they expect to win anyway. that would be
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dangerous for her the supporters a person to write trilogy for the moment i knew the beach with those who choose to stand a chance she's an economist and former labor minister the bank's business friendly policies. she's pretty sight touch and its link to sites use as experiments the midfield and other countries. it's basically about a middle class. we believe the middle class is the backbone of our country we have to help them guide them to please. motel and was promptly canceled by a group of people in greenbelt land expropriation the two mintues pediatrician wants to know that is true which import raise corporate taxes to fund education reform. replies the pinochet era constitution it's not yet seen it on the sixers. i'm convinced that today will be important to me. on that day when
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the people that are men and women of our country are located at the packed yet gillett has been president was before she served from two thousand six to two thousand ten. sports news now and we begin with sunday's bundesliga action whip it which pits two teams chasing european dreams against who simply hoping to avoid relegation. frankfurt the turn the form book on its head with a sensational one nil win away at labour prison while the rest grabbed the game's only goal to secure frank rich when we first league win since september. in the early kick off a lackluster shot that were still good enough to be toddler to nail an own goal and a controversial penalty converted by jefferson tough on secured the win. five of itself. they'll just go work in their last four days on saturday by munich assured they will call the table when the bundesliga breaks for christmas next week and they bounced back from defeat in the champions league during the week to brush aside from
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her. why are you the truth to the unofficial title of wind to champion. without getting out of this year. against time but it was more than enough. up to forty two minutes i look like i said to larry and ninety cents and gold of the season. it held out a new pitch to appeal to the breakdown addicted to drugs and other benefits for second strike was enough to keep going. yet each of the sort that injected slight tilt like looking back it feels good. in eighteen six minutes. substitute shirt and cheeky reply to this blog was to go fishing that can be seen every team for one minute stoppage time. this is
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the sweet like that. we have one dollar. if the two sides of the season. things are looking very good on them than the typical dollars. my aunt just adults in the role that in the tv off to the game. that they had to add to the club will stop to that already keeping trade from cabinets it replayed received dortmund who were tipped as title contenders at the start of the season managed only a two all draw against often time on saturday. first off in time for the two nil lead in the first half thanks to early goals from its bench dog and cat than a month after the break open clawed their way back into the game after the break of ingredients east omaha from a mistake. followed by an equaliser from his christian it means to open the one having won their last five bundesliga contexts. and here the rest of this weekend's bundesliga results will spawn racked up another win against the dark minds and got the finished scoreless have ever came from three goals down to design or bagged their first win of the season
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of rugby below labels five for one and on friday have to want a five goal thriller against it. at least mostly a table looking like this with just one round left until the winter break. apatow later kristen slip up means mayan remain a handsome seven points clear at the top or steam engine baba meanwhile are bringing down the weapons next in the lower half of the relegation scrap books have never qualified are still draw on him but better than a minute we'll be looking anxiously over their shoulders after frankfurt when on sunday. irish actor peter o'toole has gone to the age of eighty one. his agent said the film star died saturday in a london hospital following a long illness after beginning his acting career omits the stage the tool became best known for his performance. lawrence of arabia. his title role in the nineteen sixty two classic earned him his first oscar nomination and it wasn't the last eight more with paula for his roles in
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films including beckett lion in winter. and this time the two announced his retirement from acting last year after a career that spanned six. souls are known to stay with this here on the bed. i did. ew. from there the man. i just ordered
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the week the political standoff in time and stupider after weeks of mass protests the prime minister announced he was called snap elections the utep don't like to notify everyone. after listening to opinions are all fine but i have decided to request a royal decree dissolving parliament this year twenty sixteen offices elections were immediately scheduled for february. but the opposition said that wasn't enough they called for
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you to look to step down immediately. not what i wanted it in a wok or a family here anymore. they should get out of the country out with her. the protesters accused in buka for mel and her brother talk seemed to control the government from he left the country in two thousand each to avoid a corruption conviction he says was politically motivated the government leader invited all sides to attend talks to discuss weeds out of the crisis that too was rejected. dd was eating lunch and watch has mentioned the reform forum hosted by the government. it is not new it all. dean got to set up many reformed forums and even if it succeeds the opposition wants an unelected people's council to replace the government and map out a new future. also on monday friends began disarming rebel groups in central african republic fighting between muslim and
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christian militias in the capital donkey has killed at least six hundred people in recent weeks. to be the brave soldiers were also killed during a patrol on monday. as a default swap market leader visited the country and pay tribute to the fallen troops the remarks. muslim rebels over to the president more than one hundred sixty thousand people had sent by air holds the leader of the week the african union decided to keep up its course and country. moon the world's biggest fear will to nelson mandela this the memorial ceremony in the johannesburg football stadium was a mammoth event worthy of south africa's first black president and anti apartheid. it was a mixture of joyful remembrance and creeks. it is the best
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they are. a year. mourners the war the roots of many current and former heads of state and governments the event brought people together who normally do not see to it. one speaker after another priest mandela has agreed to reconcile that even fiance's death. us president barack obama compared mind of its achievements with the lights work of indian states under mahatma gandhi us president abraham lincoln and american civil rights leader martin luther king what is possible. it is the history books. while. and many were amazed to see what was possible. during the ceremony. barack obama in an historic handshake with cuba's president raul castro
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their two countries have been arch foes for tickets in south africans whose own lives were shipped by mandela that day had special meaning many johannesburg residents stayed up all night all hope is in the stadium. even the bad weather can do spirit it is. you can do to a baby play with the government has done this. and as much as they think the team what did he do with irony and typed on an assist in the mall. and that the ancestors take him up and protect him when he's getting now. rokocoko block in the bin. a celebration of one of the greek men in world history and unforgettable moments for self the us the nobel prizes like their own point of all slow and
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stone cold this week the different content of the heat before committing to put that on the issue of chemical weapons could keep the peace prize for his organization. once done with honored for its key role in organizing the discussion of serious chemical arsenal since it's unfortunate in nineteen ninety seven t o p c w had seventeen eighty two percent of the world declared chemical weapons stockpile the founder of the french come at the center of political scandal and the faulty breast implants was convicted of fraud on tuesday. don't hold the mouse was sentenced to forty years in prison and fined seventy five thousand euros. hiking the sub standard nature of his company's products. for ten years the french bumpy ip used industrial rates in the can to make breast and cons that has an abnormally high a rupture rate the bulls on tuesday euro point became
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the first country in the world to legalize the production sale and consumption of marijuana. it is an entity to the measure for twelve hours before finally putting it to a vote outside hundreds of supporters held a party to celebrate the news the government hopes the legislation would think the market away from the drug cartels. critics say it will lead to more drug use two thirds of the general opposed the move the nation's you can get a secure way to the international law the demonstrators continued to protest all week in ukraine demanding president viktor yanukovich resign. on wednesday right. he's drafted in to break up the protests were forced to retreat to steer down by tens of thousands of protesters made their way to kids independence square yes that would be that bad so we ukrainians out we went back down on the box. yanukovich
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much resigned the costs will never forget what happened is that the electability diplomatic efforts to resolve the standoff intensify. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton visited the protesters and said president and co coach had told her that he intended to sign the association agreement with the eu. it was his refusal to sign the court that triggered protests. but opposition leaders remain skeptical. gannett co which sat down with them later in the week. he offered an amnesty for detained protesters but said he would not step down. the protesters say they will leave independence winter and cool the team's office the us wednesday also saw a suicide bombing and the afghan capital kabul. the attacker drove up on the vehicle into a german army convoy near the airport authority said no one else was hurt in the incident. the taliban claimed responsibility for
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the attack. and it became just as germany's defense minister was visiting troops in northern afghanistan. he tore the last remaining german milary base in the country. he was there to discuss continuing the international military operation after next year's official with tall. he called the attack in kabul worrying that said it did not change anything. so where does that mean that we will always have to expect this kind of thing the security situation remains unstable. how about this but that's no reason to deter us from a call to promote the cause of too much meanwhile back in germany judges dismissed a compensation cla reling o awo thousand nine airstrike in northern afghanistan. to fuel tanker seized by the taliban were blown up in the attack. at least ninety one people were killed many of them civilians the strike was ordered by the german army penalty on line. the fear that the tankers could be used in a suicide attack. relatives
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of victims sought damages from germany. the court ruled there had been no breach of conduct. you are ludicrous mommy's president of the valuable for kok chi town was and gunmen on wednesday for talks with child smile on command. he appealed for more assistance in rebuilding his country following the islamist insurgency that it wanted rebels and radical islamists to have been north of the country in twenty twelve with and push back by its french and african troops metcalfe said gemini but continue to support french troops stationed in mommy you german soldiers have also been helping to train money and soldiers who are now once again facing increased resistance from islamist rebelsone of the un team charged with investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria. his final report to secretary general on chemo in on thursday the report cites what it says is credible
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evidence that chemical weapons were used in at least find places in syria. bond called the use of chemical weapons an offence against the universal values of humankind. un inspectors went to syria in september to investigate the alleged attacks. north korean leader kim jong hoon had his uncle and mentor jack and some take executed at the end of the week. state media said jan was a traitor to the nation and involved in corruption gambling and inappropriate behavior with women. two of his aides had already been executed. in pyongyang the reaction i got the o. well um i'm in love. he's in the evolution of this group of traders who can destroy now single party unity execution is too lenient going into the rubbish bin of history or lasagna
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digital cinema. john was considered the second most powerful figure in the secretive regime and always sick inside. just days before the execution pictures emerged of him being arrested by police officers during a party meeting. observers believe kim is seeking to consolidate his power to a reign of terror. the shock announcement triggered concern in neighboring south korea i in the house we have seen that efforts to crack down on in tenement securities then the two ex demo provocations. we are paying close attention to such a possibility this time as well. it is. south korea said it would appear from all possibilities. it's keeping a close eye on the north to see if can jump on one border military operations to further cement his position at the end of the week germany's national soccer coach shocking that this is the squad's training base for next year's world cup in
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brazil. kumble body on its own luxury resort currently being built by a german company and since the atlantic coast the seaside paradise will have sixty five rooms swimming pool and the trading pits. now i just need to be complete in time training is to begin in march twenty fourteen. that concludes our review of the week's news rule. thx. it is the story
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each day. any team that works the top story was a great topic as tall but to make the premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you have are lacking here so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting aspect that i can say that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks tombstone. since. austin and
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i'm only home first. two explosions at its that time you knew you will will will will leak. the blood makes the picture. this makes episode. i thought that i was thinking


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