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the truth also the headline how to fold that guy. the it
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got really creative. we've got a penalty to walk the red and white. it was. but the post. the debate tonight when the world. one day that you had to make of it the employee took many trips to austin to respect the concerns of other countries in the region for ministry spokeswoman on two new babies comments in reply to question about the japanese have the approval of the series a few defense measures. this test will further expand its been a team like an increasing regional concerns about his wife beating politics and if the team after this. pc about it and let me stay. the chalets to sow with the asian countries including china and international community have to concern about japan's recent actions which will keep us on high alert. china
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urges japan to see loosely linked like this week expect a reasonable concerns of other countries in the region and conform to current historical trends while speaking to the path of peace for devoutly. kobe japan would take action to maintain peace rather than simple talking about it. we also hold to them play constructive role in safeguarding peace and stability in the region japan's new defence package into the national security back into defence proved i'm going blind. as with the fight to defend build up the strategy put together on the orders of prime minister jean sarkozy says japan will seek a more proactive security role. it was seventy basically position they can to pass the national security council. the media now don't understand prove as will strengthen surveillance as the chinese guy he lightens and bolster the capabilities of the self defense forces the cabinet agreed to two hundred and fourteen billion us dollars to be spent in
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the fight is leading up to twenty nineteen that will be a fine percent increase the programming to its acquisition is today in its current tenant units on its goings on of the time. japan will shift its troop deployment from the north to make findings in the south west eagles they will deploy and early warning system submarines and an anti missile defense system. oh one to study what's behind these documents be moved onto to tell they received at the pete dye said add the wine institute of international studies who simply thank you very much for eagle in flight on this option. what does depend twenty chief to these new defense strategy says it's all critical to the light shines but in addition to that. the flight to sydney victory spending budget pc that is significant so what does all of course. i meant it would depend upon the deeply felt and that that that country. no way to pay
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an arm or my fifth minute with funding through brightly and if it publicly. a trend that has paid attention to the five regional countries including china. when that from the current month we can be directed to my twine to the market and three including the beating of a mere three feet with a cup of oatmeal and increase the budget. well i don't think that although the five that the death of thin build with mock both but the point is that why you need to increase to five per cent. i suppose that china is the theory was hard to like it has tinkered with and i think that we know that the current context that the trend and japan have to keep you company and that your yemen and the relationship between the two sides can be quickly and mind. and that in the current fifty three to continue to like the china effect part of the threat to
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soothe it be without it i think that the key. oh that is why his wife for them so remarkable that time i wanted to show it is told about the strategies involved to the theme to the packets of new hardware into the entrance and croft and amphibious vehicles. all of these are now under the existing pacifist constitution which is still in play. i prayed that it was it a half goals to spark the remote after the fed will lower the fact that the path that it could be cute and according to the beat to this country does not have liked to launch a war. it does not have been like to use the right to use the fork to result in a national ticket. the compact between countries. i'm not a lot to maintain a minute think so if one has told the plan for that. we can do now that the self defense forces in the country. if he would never trade with the support
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of the government provided wider regional conflict including china. i paid more attention to defeat one of the country. we have our own cars. things are much too simply joining us here for that. and it's goodnight to our next story presents to the two kilns jiang wei government officials and killing causes soldiers at an indoor gymnasium is the aim of the second and advanced to the death toll for many they can kill the bill can dine on december seventeen twenty and that he was believed to be unfit for some time on to something a stroke in two thousand and eight. o monday thousands of people braved sub zero temperatures to pay their respects. the time this desk a monster hill to the statues that can kill bill and his father kim il sung. it is customary that today thousand statues and portray the pashtun leaders to mark major anniversaries lacey country commemorates the lady to its neighbors south korea is on high and that the country's defence ministry says more
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publications on killing and anemic ski at all possible he was due to the justice minister to eat when jen thinks there is a high possibility of dprk prof occasions between the end of january next year and the beginning of march. our military will inspect our system in order to punish the north in case of any presentation will simultaneously prepare for local provocation an overall threat. instead though the second anniversary of kin to meals that thousands of leaflets threatening mitre attacks against itself that being found in the south don't go find the wisdom of the game needed before strengthening oldest national security. the knowles has criticized itself was provocative statements on the execution of the senior indeed ethanol says goodall tolerates such moves and will take necessary counter measures. fan . session
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steve. the uh oh. the iq of
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a key and protest his own continuing to rally the independence square despite the freezing weather that day the money that has to be chemical which steps down from office amid a free trade pact with the european union goes ahead. the week long protest was created by government decision in december to give up a man called all the deal with the eu and stacey closer ties with russia. tension escalated altered by police for the keeper about the student rally at the end of it and then leaving dozens of people thinking. top level initial meeting gets underway in moscow on tuesday with the russian and ukrainian president's thinking of putting in the canon of each meeting there in the russian capital. the gathering comes amid widespread protests that broke in ukraine and reposition like he had to pull out of the european pact ukrainian society was
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divided into which economic and geopolitical integration like the country should dispute his embrace the eu will seek to heights with its biggest neighbor russia is going up and dive bomb that open to the in moscow the stencils russia and ukraine and meeting for the second time houston astros just wave heat you plainly november. switching to unseat the government over the castle association deal with the euro. the sides are set to discuss and sign some fourteen agreement on various projects including in the energy transfers farming in these fields as well as investment and only cost is population may help eliminate assisting discontent is in bilateral trade. the much debated membership of ukraine with a bunch of the customs union is unlikely to be announced. getting into. i don't think that we'll hear that ukraine has filed an application. we made the decision to join it. he would be premature and that further escalated detentions ukraine been found to have a
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one hundred and thirty four b of the new little external debt is struggling to keep its economy going. in russia or ukraine second biggest export market. but utility debate. on the eve of the talks that fun as economic advisor and j d lol so the indicated moscow could provide a credit line to kiev the ukrainian opposition from the dt call to sign any deals with russia that connie planes in taste. with a bit the present decided to get most of the conflict with the interests of the nation fashion experts say that moscow could help people overcome its current economic difficulties. it has to lose all the internal political crisis ukraine owes much of a two billion euros dollars financial gas supply past old son. but moscow has noted the fact that payment until spring of next year. russian gas export monopoly gazprom and ukranian not to gossip expected to agree on the price of the future natural gas supplies on tuesday. it's typical to say whether russia would lower the gas price given that
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ukraine is now ready. due to internal political reasons to make a decision about joining the customs union the financial issues credits and postponement of their payments will be discussed the spell of the long and is the cooperation between our industry production companies involved in the peace in the ruck and production of nuclear energy. of all the talk with a convoluted case with the kiev and moscow can find in the three possible compromise on furthermore it also led the ukraine not exist to ensure both the eu and the shovel with good intentions. icq and sony says balancing the clintons dunno what's that in the touch of cctv last day. the central african republic team to beat in the show's usual tia is confusing and the steam from the dishes and fold increase in with abundance. this in exchange for their complete disarmament. the majority christine countries being paralyzed by cycles of killing fortune you see things his meaning was concerned that the rebels
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seize power in march the rebel president and interim the day since lost control of the form of places his abuses that led to the americans increased human issues and at the antique baba kot. of course when the cape argus and is in the republic's capital of whom he. st in central africa and a cupcake. deployed to the troubled nation to try and end the bloodshed. little change. the possible genocide and meantime this has been great prices on the main theme is intended to create change the school's of atrocities across the country discounting that the rebels has done little to quell sectarian tensions. many accusing the french taken friday. if you thought maybe the kids was disarmament of the way that the sun and be honest we don't like it. if you are talking about disarming you need to stop everyone but there's some new ones i want the other continues to take violent
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action. really we don't accept that and a keen to each other p b com. auntie back a christian nation. to apply the product from apple they may want to get home illumination pain in me up in the front and back up around the primitive weapons can spend an hour and a machete. they say they will put that on into potential cdf has gone the anti palin said he launched an attack on a donkey tv today. ponting and michael and finance the left school to find hundred people attacked. many anti back to often be in gunmen loyal to the county has and its puppet tt. they are mainly the piece still think of the police dept and interim president. we don't want to talk to him with the hit for eight months. we want to talk to them who would of done that by now. we
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don't want gone wild. our goal is to him to leave town to go with business needs and to digitize and he's now with these ministries who like ghana weapons. he doesn't will it useful to take him want to stop the blood shed its former colony. he can to ban anti terror seem like a long way off. peacock and turn the tv homes and tend to become a cupcake. a series of full involvement from the searing think given that on sunday and monday's two hundred and thirty five people. the ball in the fall of residential neighborhoods has again shown the will and didn't have to the coffin will be sold to any time soon no wonder then that he might patients is making his story he felt aid to help people poured out in the middle the dough from the wind is seen to by some four million units with the cheese. now living in tents in desperately seeking ways to feed themselves. of course one and jessica stam peak of the story from washington these images are the aftermath a serious human rights observers of a bloody
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barrel bomb attack in aleppo sunday . the and the attacks allegedly continued monday the united nations now estimates the number of syrian war refugees will double in twenty fourteen to four point one million people these specific weapons are not intended to strike a particular target but rather are intended to cause mass casualties. which is what they did including the killing of women and children. peel and issued a record deal monday for six and a half billion dollars to help syria as refugees in twenty fourteen even if they're worth. the change to the finance scheme city and tomorrow. we would still have a major humanitarian crisis on our hands over the weekend that he led a white top from iraq. landing in northeastern syria to help the refugees now living in tents prepare to face one of the harsheste wd
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program plant eleven more air lives to feed more than thirty thousand people over the next month be my one month before the geneva to conference is set to seek a political transition in syria and bloodshed. a fracture in the alliance trying to set it up. russia's ambassador to the united nations saying washington ignored mosque as appeals for proof of the assad government involvement in the august twenty first chemical weapons attack in syria. the lack of a neutral force but secured a strange sense as the learned from the media reports based on edward snow goose materials. united states have chlorophyll powerful intelligence assets in cia the u s official tells cctv that the intelligence pointed to a science club ability and quote any suggestion that there was an effort to suppress intelligence about a nonexistent alternative explanation is simply false meantime the u n's top leader is pleading for an end to all violence before the january meeting in west
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had. this is the toughest in the keys. a full week the team the battle. on the cia in to geneva. every twenty second is the date for the conference in geneva there is the possibility that a us ambassador will meet with the islamic front in turkey this week. during his visit which could lead to the us restarting not lethal aid to syria that the state department isn't confirming anything yet. jessica stalin cctv washington. russia says its navy's ready to support ships transporting serious chemical spill onto the construction site the stoke on his qb is going to see on the us vessel and an international appeal denmark and norway. i need to ship the chemicals from the ports to give her time here on the detonator black schools. but just wanted to stick in the process has come to be ready to provide eight on the land and sea. no touch
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in united states as the nsa is controversial preventing gathering firm called me today to without a warrant is likely unconstitutional. he's about to go see it by conservative activist an amen for that the judge says the prayer than finding the fourth amendment. what the us constitution. pepper had been seeking legal search and seizure. initially he wanted to go into and this spying program that allows it to continue quality of vomit in the station appeals the rain comes as the government weighs in on what it's all great deal to end this note in the woods so the fed is now living in camp reassigned and in russia james bowman reports from washington. the us government make a deal for which no didn't come back to the us and refrain from releasing any additional documents in exchange for amnesty for the information he is already week in an interview with cbs sixty minutes with a leg and head of the nsa stoughton taskforce says it's possible my personal view is yes this work of a conversation about
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i would need assurances that the remainder of the data can be secured to my bar for those assurances would be very high in more than just an assertion is our feeling is far from unanimous that the nsa general keith alexander the spy agency's director told sixty minutes he opposes the deal. we don't want is the next person do the same thing for a stop to hong kong into moscow with another set of data knowing they can strike the same deal according to the nsa seventy one point seven million classified documents and has so far only released a few thousand pages. the us could potentially prevent the release of more embarrassing and damaging information that the deal was cut when i first noted the deal could be an opportunity to take this information activism and even larger states. for seven of course offers a chance to come back to defend himself to have a platform. i intend his voice heard and in what would be the loudest most interesting trial. probably this entry. according to the white house any deal
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involving patrick's day to go to the us justice department declined to comment. several other lawsuits against nsa programs are making their way to us courts. and if edward city continues to leak classified documents. it could lay the groundwork for many more lawsuits in the future to installing cctv washington. well the white house dispatched a no no position on a twisted and nine this tea as the clinton white house spokesman jay carney at a press briefing on monday. there's been no change in our position has been charged and accused of leaking classified information he faces felony charges here he ought to be returned a nice it again would he will face. full due process and protection. under our system of justice that time. we hope you will avail themselves of and we are obviously pressing the russians and others on that issue. one is whether centers penfold a rainstorm and that fourteen thousand four days of heavy rain that
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comes in and the conditions will begin to weaken as it moves towards the east but heavy rain is still expected in south east one film and conflict yet. there is a day in the east team on clay and tuesday are expected to cease these imams has gone through the sprinklers to have the stent is like uber the next couple of days the cold fronts his previous then many southern cities. we haven't seen this point the weather in the last two years. the weather bureau has warned. add the cocoa produces in south west united about expected from us. what a special enables of taste on vehicles that failed to meet the latest emission standards of these cars with outdated engines and don't get it enabled vehicles in the push to see not one of the new diplomas also isn't hard at trying to get the skinny you just off the roads too generous subsidies and to institute and presents the snow. while luke is not
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hard to spot one of these so called yellow label the mix it's estimated one million of these heavenly blue to me those are still running on roads in all styles of april with us. when cost and small is threatening the mind. most of these vehicles were produced decades ago. in essence that is one that you swallow me whole. in a yellow label co produces two hundred times more carbon monoxide than the common green label vehicle does and is seen as sicily cold total twenty eight kos today. this september to stay home to lease it applies to cut air pollution. eliminating more humid and the tunes and twenty seventeen was one of the men. get a jumpstart with this past fall the deadline for two years like cheese thousand and fifteen. we're going to out all gasoline cars street just
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before two thousand and eight soviet grocery yesterday for two thousand and seven. we're a time when grandpa becomes reality. would make it hard to believe that dr gomez pec1a vehicles on the grounds the problem can be solved in one take. they insist that the owners must be considered luckily the governments of stalin voice lessons always been just that the ministry of the boulders. most issues he's had these are the restrictions that biggio label the coast from entering the downtown me every i was fined one thousand and four entering a restricted area government cars are among the first group of the tools to go to thai police is grabbing two hundred of these yellow label callers the provincial government is providing a minimum stakes calvin beyond subsidy for private car owners to ditch their heavily polluting
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vehicles and also wants to help to reduce air pollution this top cities more than his cars worth. so far role does. this goes over three hundred thousand the legal beagles. it's estimated that it will lead to reduction of over a hundred towns in heavy air pollutants. the home is due to the are with us. his dying day and then in the contest coming and anger than that caused us being approved to take the time has come for therein is that in the one dish doesn't use it pays the way for new grand edition that he's put together to take time to be in all great and swan information that day at seven pm pt and which is down the hall from the necklace and said to score the best results in twenty years in age on an election on september twenty stake of up to a forced into dainty condition called to their bibles social democrats the deal goes any finalized in the last week the faith in them when the stock which seems a formality because the party host an overwhelming majority of
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seats is p there was also from that point and sixty two filmmakers in the blog is done packing necklace charms of a just a hundred and fifty voted against the knowing of staying the new government faces a stiff challenge is not just the financial crisis in the european zone but was a necklace because the switch from uk to a new pool and a cheesesteak to be sworn in with the grand tradition at seven pm beijing time ninety minutes from now. it's just being over months of the scenes type in high end wrecked havoc across large parts of the central philippines and the six thousand people are being confirmed as an almost four million at the four thousand dead and dozens of countries and national agencies and thinks that's a relief supplies to help the victims some of the philippines' biggest stars of film stage and screen the given a special fundraiser concert in manila the nineteenth national community voiced support of correspondence teamed up with that
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the reason i am the most i can indicate the philippines was such a brutal holds the world has never seen it's like people. the tension that frightening darkness came to light and group. the global community responded with an even greater force. kindness the deal. overwhelming the beer. stand up show went to lose hope in the devastated country. they choose some of the most famous voices to sing their appreciation. especially to the rescue. weight of starting the philippines thinking the world for the support. it is devastating. voice disney princess panache. they assume that chimed and as the organs
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selling more than five million albums worldwide. it is also a warm and epa and stimulants. the highest accolades in british and american theater the teaching role in the musical miss saigon another longtime member of the aquino entertainment royalty. boston is aaron sprinkle of dashes of human and made me cry pieces. this is actually the weather the makings for much of that company. it was a relief for many filipinos to see some of the biggest stars shining so brightly on a clear mind and manila. this comes this wasn't a need to find time to raise money. it was also a showcase of that special filipino talent. using music and humor. powerful tools to build a strong community spirit that needed to sustain the country on its own journey to recovery. do you want. cctv manila. it's so slow we in this program at the top of the next outing into it again for cctv
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athlete of the factors that can be sometimes. and in that school is sworn in as chemical. with that. we then went into town for one thing is you. sch says. inhale yours. you will one more win
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will. the us. welcome to your old one and you know tony and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. japan's leaders approved the country's first comprehensive national security strategy for him the best of it. analysts on north korea are trying to figure out who might be feeding the poor peopl


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