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tv   RT News  PBS  December 17, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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you long ruling will britain opt for energy over environmental concerns for the plants potentially open up christine british countryside shale gas. i think. despite widespread opposition. you won't get it here. if you like it. if tracking link to earthquakes were bad enough we meet the texans living in the south l a for sale well with drinking water started to burn. they don't want the world and all that really isn't that why in the fifth
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of the can. also the syrian army moves into clear that damascus suburb of hot drop from extremists who according to locals lost over the edge of the thicker be heading adults and children and wiping out entire planet. but ukraine's opposition fears that the european bloc was the president comes to drop several owen and a battered down steel at the e u turns down the three. i am. then during maths tell u what u r t international with me and it's now in our top story a new energy bill may be coming to the british countryside although so far it had a far from warm welcome. a government report has laid the groundwork to open up
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potentially all of non metropolitan uk for oil exploration including shell gas tracking by the chart is set for two joins us from london strap. it's all very technical would you take from this report whether it was tight so the race to train ready to go on show layering gas exploration. atlas is done is let out the princess is that operates his kids on a guy at the games won't see a tv on filing ethics duration it's really something out the government's as still on that piece for the future when it comes she is a scene i it was described as an important next that in unlocking the potential to sell gas at any pace and she makes and that all reports covering ii england scotland wales and northern i can say is that she relates that the uk and that is laid out as effective governance the defeat to all this now the department taking climate change at consulting
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on fourteen lakes and sits at the consultation usually takes about twelve weeks eight is expected that the next day will i hear an announcement on a new night and since then actually wanted to this effect to date this report. reading laying out that the government always think that if pull it out with shell gas production at and eighty s they said make this a policy that the uk. at times the energy security in the future. i haven't had the warmest of welcomes in the uk among other places does the still have a say in all of this with that comes to that still takes me can we see across the uk at widespread opposition. see this and that he said the government that i'd like to highlight the benefits that will come from this and it'll show up at the security in the uk talking about job creation and animals than cooking new things though the scene cuts like already using this
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technique we have seen and activities from activists and opposition for instance yesterday i cannot attest that i knew it was slightly sloping back to this name down at the wing of the queen's head light in all positions. sensing the government on getting to have an easy time i think you've been saying and then visit the medical community to attend sunday k she's about a war situation at that as quakes in areas west access and training has been carried out as a lot of convincing has still to be done this and that the bulky report to be seen copies to date girls and a secret cd felt quite hard to get a full understanding of the biggest effect is meeting a ferry trip either the government against wants to push ahead with this technique for across the uk. sarah ferguson live from london to the seychelles. the founder of fact free sussex in southern england tells us that the gas extraction process simply cannot be made safe. it is inherently on
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making eight of a person's sake. frankie is an oxymoron it is simply not possible it's such a cute idea is to say that we can legislate for the vagaries of some training done and take what i have learned and the people i now know testing in pennsylvania australia has made me very scared. as a mother of someone that of a child that someone hit it on mosman acting well in a country that already has sixty percent plus potentially licensed to this intense idol nightmare this technology can not be making eight it's been making all kinds of view you can stick excuses about whats not to give it a cracking it seeks to give it our operation. it's a stinking more to it and it said that is why he pretended to take a seismic activity at nearby and the fall. so what's down the road for britain if the revolution takes hold. well look no further than texas the sound of drilling capital of the world their property prices are taking your wealth rank smell stretch for miles and even earthquakes have been linked
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to cracking and that's not all is finished you can explain. the local government in texas coasts the extent that the water from his well why didn't he can sit on my ear. it's safe to drink and confusing his home. you didn't hear. you make it. but speed has the assessment of other experts who say he's well is a ticking bomb in his backyard. loaded with methane and other contaminants why the starkly different assessments. he claimed that if tracking operation year by contaminated he's well and that taxes energy authorities are shielding the gas company they don't want the world to know that it really isn't that big one in official documents. it could be that the franking allow gas from lola formations into the aquifer and subsequently to steal the excuse well the gas company denies the claim that this gets to the range resources
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corporation but the further counter suit and want in costs in the fact that we can see groundwater. it's incredibly difficult truth my sauce i as an engineer who worked with the federal environmental protection agency is not surprised that the state oil and gas regulator sided with the gas corporation. the agency that derives its income. as for fine wool. from boiling pass protection. it's usually put in charge. awful to make human being. the protection of groundwater from online as well. and there's any inherent conflict of interesest it's hard to fight for his holy father police the youth has been shifting fresh water from the city and trucks at a cost of five hundred dollars a month. but the family now faces another blow from
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the fac incorporation of four point two mm you mean dollar lawsuit for defamation. he flips his greenhouse. and it's a beautiful property has become these nightmare several of his neighbors apparently have the same problem that they are reluctant to speak out after they saw how the gas company went after the salute you they shouldn't expect much help from washington either what you sell us our sins environmental protection agency has not let them nearly enough resources into studying the effects that frankie has on groundwater but that didn't stop the epa for coming up with a report in favor of the practice the ladies were advice to bend the gas constant need to keep it from accumulating under their property as their neighboring gas well continues to crack. we're pretty much standing around the top one hundred years from now when somebody dies becomes in some companion to
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the border it and they're able to trace it. that is cracking. the office who can invest their philosophy. but now it seems that the authorities at all levels are so fired up on the king's potential profits that households likes to meet his family are left to fight alone to get a healthy environment in their homes dennis check out a r t parker county texas the latest on the locals then add to the struggling against big energy interests in art the dot com an online report on campaigners in the last morning of catastrophe the coast guard offers you great urgency at the top six way. the syrian army has reported that liberated key districts in the city of basra which has its scenes witnessed atrocities describes as the most barbaric since the war started almost three years ago. local residents have told rt that adults and children were tortured and be headed by italian of islamic
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rebels tried to seize control of the area. some estimates put the number of civilians killed and around two hundred a crew from our tees at the channel is there. i went on was a great tool for hunter. no loser front in the army of islam gave the signal for the fighters to attack the cayman hundreds making use of bad weather and the element of surprise over government forces. after fierce fighting with the syrian army and rebel factions achieve their objective with the city soon pulling into the hands of those with the residents of the city have dubbed the decaf containers. other friend of mine told me that when she was insane in order to save his life and avoid the militants the building's historic to let him go. he also said his children how to make emotional heart from the savage acts they've seen on the road between their house and the places where the fighters gathered people's heads were chopped off and the body from all over the road. good luck
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everywhere the field this was only twenty years old still afloat in the world children. i filled them with my own eye. he killed fourteen people with a machete. i don't know if these people were out why i don't know why it was slaughtered. well they grabbed him by there had been sold to them like sheep i drove an industrial town is inhabited by thousands of workers in the family is all we're all trapped in a quieter surrounded the town details of what happened there are still uncertain we've only had weeks of the massacres that have been described as the most gruesome since the start of the serious crisis. seniors told us that the work is not to be crippled all executed in clearing during the first hours of the attack. whole families from esprit. we don't have an exact estimate the number because we're unable to get into the town and the numbers high the bomb
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and it did to the syrian army commanders in the region decided to proceed to the town and protect civilians by isolating them from areas where fighting is ongoing. lucy necessary by the military whose operation is not expected to be an easy one. the detail in the book i e a r t. the cold weather the solid and i felt was reportedly carried out by the al qaeda linked on this restaurant is also suspected that some members of the newly formed islamic front group were involved in radical organization that apparently now forging ties with the us. the meeting could even take place this week. foreign affairs analysts are split over whether the us to actually negotiate with the group it's very important to both sides not recognize that there should be a political statement and that means talking to people with guns as long as they have some agenda that weather could be common ground that are just too hot the fundamentalists who want to look at what he is not to. the sony phone agrees with their interpretation of islam in
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all this today. it's impossible but that god is not the majority view i think the majority view among us amused if syria is that there should be negotiated settlement they don't. many of them like some kind infiltration has happened in the last few too. you don't negotiate with terrorists like i should say that in this particular case the people who are in dialogue with the terrorists they have loved all the hands because they have they have facilitated the trading of these massive raised in saudi arabia top they have provided funding they have not provided a significant level of funding to the so called moderate opposition forces all opposition moderate opposition gains in fact is the day. most of the ministry and majestic own financial interests being shuttled to the east. i'm kind of thing
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organizations and that's what we have to address. they should be no peace as long as the west village at times civil service. snowden strikes again with a newly now in always been caught conducting covert surveillance with the end targeting rush hour. just weeks after sweden was found to be added as well live in houses come back. coming up the eye. the other eye. you know. people knew me as a lead of you. or to live a
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full sea. you know assembly of god neither family nor will turn. i'm still looking for my cold. the one place i'm literally have no place to live. no sir. this is that shooting on the brand new ball with the most money you are able to bake. the only concern is. with all. two possible to the situation miami peninsula fancy cars and hot chicks. the other option. great poetry is just the three is deeply. bj's yes . rt international live from moscow. pro eu protesters in ukraine are holding their breath well as a cmical which is in russia for talks art is a garbage can on joins us with more on the ongoing
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negotiations. despite everything that's been happening in ukraine over the past couple of weeks so i mean he is still widely perceived to be trying to sit on chairs at the same time either leaning more towards the eu for more towards what the protesters are still there and of course the walking this meeting offered two presidents having taken place in moscow and the earlier said that there are up for their actions are a lot we going to depend on its outcome. now we do know that the two leaders are expected to discuss loans and gas prices but the question is will the scots the customs union which ukraine opposition is strongly against watson ukrainian economy is not in that shape brussels on unite financially compensating in the heat of the forms that it demands from here. while there is speculation that moscow may be looking at i giving ukraine multibillion dollar loans and slashing gas prices something which is clearly not being greeted with applause in the west are t's
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csfb to go closer look at the european union's latest threat the eye from the threat of sanctions if the blue he goes to most who left the woods is one two minutes. then it might be interesting with that the bank accounts and ruled with the most open in law for some credence to the question of the canadian government's credibility government of ukraine has clearly discredited itself in terms of economic health and the eu. the reaction to this the events of last month ukraine has indeed made a rich folk tale. they've effectively play ping pong with ukraine's expectations some have expressed uncertainty about the future dialogue with. the we lacking a decision by ukraine's leader in the situation but ukraine's president says the author is not good for his country. we need to take a break and think it over this signaled that it was still cold. political
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statements on twitter and not the best way to resolve the matter. the best signal we could make is to tell you claim that our door is still open for. gold is more like the taste on this week opening european leaders before the vilnius summit in november were present in a pub which had refused to sign the new association deal. to top off signing the most ambitious agreement the european your new dress after all put to a non member state. he still owned the pebble beach will always respect. ukraine's suffering this is what it already been carried one chemical the current and proposed compensation for signing the deal wasn't old enough to collect my o all flash you'll only piece of cord tied to my pack out of the christian catacombs capital costs and costs. and of course it's a connected to it that they are friends or when i read that the interests of those school wants to get some benefits from the o'brien joining that deep and comprehensive free
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trade area with a european union. the more they steal the main sticking point ukraine needs billions the eu offers millions and both sides refused to budge and their demands. and it's this continuing standoff both too politically and on the street safety of chemical that is going to malls filled with a fifteen billion dollars loan from russia or if you were to be the likely result of this trip despite harsh rhetoric coming from your chemical which has been insisting that ukraine will not step down from the new association path. how about the protesting crowd behind the barricades already made it clear that every step of ukraine's president and moscow will be closely watched. the next us ascii art scene reporting from kiev in ukraine. i have enough to sort out back on several american politicians haven't commented yet so they're keen interest in ukraine fake international affairs commentator because the sphinx the ultimate goal is to lure the country into nato it's important to
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realize is that the west has crafted a program for integrating ukraine into the warehouse which means not only the european union european union as the economic component of the arrangement the north atlantic treaty organization is the real you know. a goal of western policy the soviet ukraine so the intent is to use the lore of economic benefits trade benefits. your pieces start to soften the training and retraining of populist ultimately word's origin in the north atlantic treaty organization. nell has long wanted ukraine in its ranks because they get a call that sells membership plans in twenty ten at fault that the alliance extension to the east towards the russian border. not the moment as this map shows the only blind spots between nato and russia ukraine and other groups more expert opinion and analysis on the situation in ukraine are always available on the website r t dot com we
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can also find all of the facts and numbers regarding what brussels and moscow can offer ukraine in case of closer partnerships the sleek from adwords snowed and was exposed norway's role in america's global spying operations the nordic country has been sharing intelligence with the us on russia's political elite. both oil and gas companies and ordinary civilians. taylor as director of the center for international and strategic analysis joins us now live politicians and energy companies this. clearly have nothing to do with the fight against terrorism the ruling though it does little to the small roads a room full of cold war. i don't think the effect of moving is collecting widespread intelligence operations against russia will cause a
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big surprise in russia itself this is probably a car and went to the coast and opens to the erection of snow. this is a multi faceted. local regimes levels of interest to go far beyond the war on terrorism. the fight against oakland. what's the americas collaboration with norway resulted in quotes several success stories they didn't specify but what do you think those success stories could be. dimples and move food is a mobile phone creek at that point the vote. with that in russia there is the call of voters will they estimate that my proposal seems intelligence about the new mower. which collects the signals intelligence about high school especially new material. rational
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activity. schools also are against the soviet union during the cold war. details of these acid is also the pico busting moves that are relevant or standing for more political and sectors which could be of interest but to no avail so moments these days the revelations coupon you wanted states has stepped out. what if i'm wrong is somewhat of an un phased by this artist buying his spine all countries do it earlier this month another scandinavian countries sweden was caught spying on russia for the nsa. how far does it go is this just the tip of the iceberg. when you cross the line. by livni been the coast of the relationship between merkel who are more variety of russia i think it does manage to do you should take into our car. global fx to explore it seems to call or. going to want more women
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than men were all games can go to some snow to keep russia is more or less useful enemy in order to justify continued military expenditures and our people and institutions that were established and well during the cold war. so in reality many people in the lead him over his due course that there is justifiable rushing to get into the trap the school junior lord teach him how much use of military and intelligence to us. but i will paste all the clothes on and is this the option to be expected. this is not very much although it will work over the secrets of the beach closings intelligence capacity has been used against russia. he is also quite clear that the russia
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or so. you have a significant interest in moving to the parents get a house that is all over the moon so i posted some of the industrial and post it when people are aspects of dollars of where they are much taller. will we allow this to you in this respect is due in march alone to distrust the light and neutral in tone to his operations go home against detroit. how then are as director of center for international today analysis thanks so much for your time another blow for the nsa on its home territory a federal judge in america has made it clear he thinks it's secret gathering of personal data was in fact unconstitutional the government can now either repeal or delete all the data gathered on five plaintiffs who filed the case this kid who owns the security online messaging service and moves his own company to avoid the prying eyes of u s intelligence of the things there is absolutely no reason for such blanket surveillance. it's not a strong argument compared to the right of people to have privacy in
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their papers from unwarranted searches. so what was basically happening the argument the government's making is that the meditative that they're collecting which is all the information about the phone calls who called who at one time how long the call was all but information. they think that's fair game that they should be able to grab as much as possible. most people do up to look at this you know from a situation like a normal person would say it's just like wiretapping the reality is that they don't need to do a drag on everybody if they really care about terrorists i mean most people would say yes if there's a suspicion or reason for people to well up to the survey lb like this. goto a judge illawarra will cooperate. everybody i know in this business would cooperate with a legal warrant it on search but when you go on a fishing expedition to catch every fish in the ocean and enthralled ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of them back in the water. that set up that's not good
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edward snowden has now said follower to help look into allegations of us spying is offered his services to prevail but says it will come out of it i find out what he wants or what. up next the homeless man finds its feet by using his fists stay with us. i knew. ay ay ay ay ay. is you. i am. what obama is happy smiley self the photo with that the nation british prime ministers at them until a funeral and international incident. before we realize obama for doing something stupid a funeral when to clear one thing up the washington post says that this action occurred at
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the memorial service after the funeral is over. and trust me after about three hours of serious collectors of a conference or some sort of super long wedding. most of us will just be hanging our heads against the wall of boredom and i've probably check my email but seven times the bomb was placed. no i said most of us but the present isn't supposed to be like. all of us. it's one thing when you're fourteen and too stupid to realize that some people rose at the week after grandpa's funeral is a bad idea was another thing entirely when one of the most photographed and powerful people on the planet takes this healthy at the memorial service of someone claims to respect although i might sound annoyed to sophie's pretty much irrelevant. this is just a big error of etiquette are plenty of real concrete things of real consequences to mean that an obama over but our religious wacko rebels and cereal or signing into law the nba. i wish with all my heart that we only had to be angry with obama over some minor etiquette errors but sadly for just a drop in the obama bucket. that's just
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my opinion. i rmb. it is. session. steve you evening
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will do little little little the news on him do you win says column has been restored at the israeli lebanese border in the wake of the fatal shooting on the smarts to sergeant stu and i didn't play with the lebanese soldier lebanese prime minister says the gunman acted alone in what was an isolated incident israel is still in mourning for thirty one year old when he was surprised by his wife and young towards the israeli lebanese border has been largely calm since two thousand and six in the wake of


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