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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 18, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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h st kitts was in a free day cos breaking news top twenty so much. either or situation stocks. while. good news. in
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the people killed in class is following up reporting to attend in south sudan the country's former vice president denies accusations he tried to take over the government. international migrants day. new footage from the high end of last season showed a disturbing image is of refugees being hosed down and conditions the un calls unacceptable president of ukraine signs of fifteen billion dollars the chef tens of thousands of opposition protesters turned out to get antsy and they are fewer yes the president has turned his back to health. let's reduce hours here on fast and tough first up the former vice president of south sudan said
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he did not try to take over the government's opposition leader who is now on the runs as the president knew the claim as a way to get rid of his political rivals is up to five hundred people have died since fighting broke out three days ago between rival factions in the army there were thousands more have been forced in their homes to lean into season records in the it is looking for safe place to be on tuesday afternoon sixteen thousand people had taken refuge in un compounds in juba. that number was rising fast and the city remains on end the government has arrested ten major political figures and is looking to reach the chart the country's former vice president sacked in july. they had accuse him of leading the field crew ten of these fluids interested. it soon. which was to ride in it. gould
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both of dubai. i know what to do with the blues in the country this week. it was we attended. on monday president of the kim post a curfew which remains in effect the class to speed its orders from his majority being tried again still so much ice cream with time the monk and being a stylist you can come and ask to speak. so tonight i need to constantly having taken out of the styles the us has evacuated all non essential stuff from it and the sea and the un has called for calm and restraint. reports of sporadic gunfire were heard tuesday. it's part of the curfew. it's been twelve days now since france of its military presence in central african republic. arson on some tea has more on other european nations who may soon also be helping in the peacekeeping mission on the cricut. call for help is aaron says and some european countries have agreed to support the french african nation. even the operation to
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restore origin in central african republic by discounting the rebels took up a well documented. i think i can confirm that as a result of the steps taken by france will soon have troops on the ground provided by our european colleagues. and this is the point i want to emphasize. one of the first time. this is fitting that plenty of pockets adaptability. the french foreign minister did not specify which nations but pakistan traipsed to the complicated country. its independence from britain jenny spain and belgium have provided various forms of assistance. france's state funded collegues thousand six hundred trips to home economy to prevent lastly biden speaking too soon in issues i missed and seneca rebels. his on the tree presents for the french. now speaking of the soldiers were killed in a fun finds diplomats have said to the ground troops to be deep police. maybe use to read the french forces he
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secured the airport in the capital canteen. european heads of state meet in brussels on thursday to specifically address defence integration. the conference has already pledged to close to two hundred thousand people from their homes and many refugees all over the world with a running from thailand's are other horrible conditions often cross over borders in search of an afterlife. they're like he's being highlighted that this wednesday with the international migrants day. this year's thought to be the deadliest on record with more than seven thousand people killed this year alone trying to reach a safe haven those who do make it to safety are often faced with horrible treatments. his latest video from italy nachos disturbing footage of me kicking my current employment and down in cold weather on the island the italian government has promised an investigation into the center and the mayor of the ideas expressed her shop. it's these tournaments
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after the company has determined that it comes across as the concentration and please come and get clean in this way of welcoming people is a disgrace as far as amputees is concerned he said. and yet in a city must be ashamed of itself this must change. i might get a better couple. this is not what we expected two months after the pope st the spark so many tears commitments and promises him a new domain now for the ukrainian president of party should deal to sign with the russia is a much needed lifeline for thousands of opposition protesters that partnership is just handing the reins of the ukraine over to russian president. and virginia seeger has more now on the deal that seems to put an end to any kind of ukranian partnership with the eu. with this victor yanukovich. it's an economic lifeline pressure will buy a fifteen billion dollars worth of ukrainian artist. the deal which also includes a big discount the price ukraine pays for gas could see in the country from possible to
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fall. but for the opposition who are eighty one yanukovich to resign. the country up for sale the building to associate use agreed to a bailout from russia and ukraine in august the industry's heavy industries aviation and an economic factors as collateral against it though only. and cooling on yanukovich. my personal rifle to come into the ring. some flights real st will appear on the political speech the leader of the ukrainian opposition to terry crisco confirmed she would run for president in two thousand fifteen to the ukraine closer to the eu the demonstrators to two to the streets again on tuesday nights and this new deal as a first step to its ukraine's membership never assume a customs union to appease the situation putting denied having discussed the issue with
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the incumbents. i would like to calm everyone down. she today we had not discussed the ship ukraine joining the customs union at all four weeks of protests seemingly haven't been enough to sway ukraine's president now that he's thrown his lot in with russia. it's up to the opposition to make the next new. that stance on the merkel has addressed the german parliament for the first time since being sworn in for a third term she then hands it to paris for talks present spot on their meeting primarily to discuss the eu banking union comes ahead of the european council meeting on thursday for more on the steps leading to anti environmental affairs editor douglas herbert duck and the macbook has just begun her third title once again she's in a grand coalition my canner first time when the social democrats. we always had an easy relationship with france's socialist president francois honda might say these influence of the social democrats make her change her tune and here's the question may have differed will onto a
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miracle three b from non polemical one or two. he writes returns. it's the fact that first turned two thousand and two thousand i now find tara with the social democrats question you're asking is it a social democrats back in the coalition once again governing alongside the current christina democratic coalition. will they change merkel will be sorted and the chair in a more service social oriented position more towards the french type of policies cousin till now when you think of merkel. i and a laundry needed to get injured in the franco german relationship. it's been more germany austerity austerity austerity very rigid great disciplinarian france much more in favor of the sort of pro growth policies a lot of spending thinks it's a much more wishy washy and soft other. angela merkel met him at roulette table. not that she's not in a change of political stripes all of a sudden just because she has some social democrats the coalition. yes yes and heavyweights there are foreign minister frank walter steinmeier obviously eyes can
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be a very prominent place in or your seat by kapiti island as the economy me environment portfolio. another prominent social democrat guessed it there. yes they will be nudging her pushing her but i lament the hearse herself the senate. she says yes growth is importing yes im gonna continue to oversee on dvd the management of the euro crisis and europe's recovery trying to get itself back on track which has slowly been trying to do. but she said productivity cost absolutely no i am not good just to have growth if it means simply spending spending spending say yes she's coming at me with the launch. yes it did have a lot to talk about the democrats a treat for now probably on things like the summit coming up. in a brussels on december twentieth. things like banking union things like a staunch or european defense can set something the stars and have a common defence policy stated that the teachings. she's probably not be the change of political colors overnight daddy does seem that she is in charge still true to her stride he said that in europe domestically. my kids sometimes be too strong for
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her and ninety have to change today. it's a matter of changing attuned to remember the social democrats overwhelmingly did vote in favor of this coalition they put it to a referendum of the party says she's governing with the willing consent of of of all the members of this coalition the question is it's go ign to you if you want it's gonna be a heavy emphasis on pensions pension reform. ah perhaps even of allowing people to work mr number of years forty five years paying into the system to retire at sixty three the courageous sixty seven that can be a big issue going and obviously germany leading the way right now on this decision to weave itself with nucar energy by the year two thousand twenty two those of the ambitions that would require a lot of reforms as well. most controversially in a renewable energy law. i would write now exempt certain peak industries from having to pay up a lot of money so that's gotta be a very big deal and the aging population germany has one of the oldest the median age of germany's forty five when the oldest populations among the other countries the developed world
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on to anything that sort of addresses that new demographic shift. that's going to be out of the bead aspect of it all giddy after the new year when she gets past this european summit you can be really honing in on the home front up a lot of domestic staff but he was jamming yes he's going at the social democrats they're pushing all these issues plus let's not forget that minimum wage to a major plank of his new coalition at the tea rose fifty cents an hour got a lot of resistance from the business lobby which says that that would restrict or punish of you the flexibility labor market says she does have some challenges economic and political head but as far as you're concerned she her words are. she wants to build a tighter political union step by step she can start to try to do that when she meets with the smile on my right eye. thanks for that i can still fit into her purse many turkey has dismissed by police chiefs who oversaw the rest of the sons of three turkish cabinet ministers the sweeping probe into alleged corruption in the firing of the police
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chief says the latest in a long running power struggle between the turkish prime minister read it i care to read and a powerful businessman and religious figure now living in the us mean for time to live in a one on this. jasper mortimer in anchorage aspect bring this story down fats if you will what's what's really going on she picked her up to the study has been a long term problem. people of these rights and to bring it to the next five years ago. it's the moments that it's not a team that was collecting money outside to use mosques in germany. i was not allowed to be sending the money to good causes and seventy of sending the money to the auntie of prime minister is that i wrote a while the newspaper and television group the days pass it up as the sea. to this scandal it's within an almost five
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the tax base. and it was widely recognized the bass line was two minutes the police who initiate it the detentions all the sounds of cabinet ministers and about forty five people yesterday was a courageous move of intimate and it wouldn't have done it they sold it. it's all up but smile the whole story here. it is also part owns the rivalry between prime minister of the month ends controls the ruling party in parliament is good and has eyes to the east the judiciary and media last month the government decided it was going to close the school. it's the extra education colleges people would say that their children to make up for the deficiencies of state education. this infuriated
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that the texts. all of these colleges but also infuriated all about parents who depend on these colleges to get their children into universities. so yesterday's arrests will see and to be as good as sweet in that history attacking the government for its closure of schools and today's dismissals are seen as the two and striking back elections are coming up and march but in fact might this have on the ads. she knew how much it is difficult to predict the states will vote for. they are off the top of the job done. he might still win the two biggest cities in turkey istanbul in our corrupt. i have to say however that section of the steps are designed to fight this war within the ruling hierarchy no opposition policy is capable of defeating the ones our
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auntie in parliament. so if the puppy in law who is moving to the secularists for it. test but thank you so much of the more reporting there from ankara. now he has promised to bring home a feed and diplomat who was arrested and strip searched in new york last week they say the printer on at any cost declaration comes amid rising anger against the us of the way the woman was treated. he is issuing a string of diplomatic reprisals against the us including ordering the return of identity cards in the airport passes the us consular officials that speed up travel in india. and i appreciate the steps listed extended visits to them the united states needs to come up with the mindset that the tested but not above it exploded. that's adored mites the united states along with or just eats and sleeps but smooth. most of it demands that the country has dignity
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and in order to be hard to get rid of this man. more stitching it. tom. there's united states. and to be given unconditionally. what sort of a sim. i'll leave you now and christmas countdown at whitby is in it is up ten wins on for a weekend in south korea to what people think that i forgot to add that stay with us. welcome to attend it is one of the hardened false rules of politics generally. it is to politicians denied disarray then you can be sure that bush is looking at is precisely that wouldn't be talking about the one that seems to have a marriage between cars falling onto his prime minister john ah kit with the subject of today's face up to the pleasure of welcoming a regular guest at the end of things to see
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aaron's correspondent told dutch television rights deal for thank you for being with us with meals as well jonathan is needed right there at the nt government is even an attendee being with us the festival. as hamas that there is no doubt that there is the rift at the top of the french government this theory is that there is a rift that has appeared in the mouse. it's a full five weeks. in two incidents of the show. things are going back to you between the two powerhouse with a french executive. one was extra for the north's by the prime minister. and up the room not even really trying to do with the president and the president had to take steps back from the announcement of its payments to those which isn't a bad sign and in french to do with executives and more recently up next to me all the other house with
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the prime minister announced that it received two reports on on immigration and integration with very very tough teams in. the which were printed not discussed with the president is either boasts names of most issues made a big mess and french mother and i love when you mention of course has received a bye at things again. the french president to win in their marriage was in french guyana on a visit and i can be furious to discover what had been done the french prime minister meanwhile was in algiers in his heat but he had to say in response to questions from the french press about the distance between himself and packed. the president alone. i don't know about but i don't judge it for a second spade what i'm doing is hard to welcome like to be another to come and go to
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the gorgeous in this article will have the right to reply to every comment that of the common than just want their imposition. i'm not going to get involved. um i'm not going to question my own personal future. if i happen to you yes you will be doing my job i make my move up to the trees watching the french prime minister and in either its own long held that. and be reminded that if the difficulties of having to deal with this sort of at least his focus in the french media pakistan and stephen and his son the story of the course of last month since he had to do that it's a kick out of the beatles and the changes the fiscal regime that every penny landed in the french president rather add to a creepy guy at the french prime minister. of course as soon as is with this kind of fees and the french predictable classes go crazy and all they want to talk to a senate source of transportation because of rifts between the prime minister's office and the presence absence office and prawns are very traditional. just remember to commute home. wichita kansas but i mean there's always a problem with me to even type
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this he was the president to weave it into a lot of rumors about fossil fuel. i'm so it's a very difficult situation because contrary to most countries french president is a very strong political role. basically he's in charge whereas in other countries it's usually the prime minister was in shock so intense it was a tension between the two and a spot on the solstice it before it was an exit that he wanted to have more. well that's present regime more power to the premise that it actually is a reworking and the real issue here is that neither of us went on and off the market will the minister are greedy. lovable actually isn't there an hour since almost twenty months now and and everybody's asking what would it be these guys doing as at the store and then complains that the difficulty is not the disagreement between the two big brothers weaknesses. yes that's a word or two. the struggle over the tax reform is a bad sign because if you remember
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the full story on one of the states wanted to be had in it is apparent when he was campaigning for presidency was to say i have a tax reform with the money ahead of where the work of the mine worker owned its own on this issue a receipt. when we change it so. and suddenly you have in its defense which was one of the issues he was he was expected or so. you see that there is that they are taking over his tomb. i like to cook a couple of guys who are drowning and one is easiest to use his strength to get on top of the other went to mr himself and took pics of the birth of their school. yet the prime minister who is really good and the ratings also that the prime minister's trying to will still sit in here the printed edition. many of
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the previously unknown unknown. this is my issue it's the over use older soul to its potential. it's it's it's a fruitful as is the quest and stefan is a given that too and then some of you all can survive even into the next local elections happen next year. well probably you will survive until the next european elections which are made. i'm confused and that just isn't enough that there may be evil what is going to have them could already see that that some of them. the minister is within his own team. i'm already preparing themselves to things now live in a snow plough and sow the tools to be a french politics that ethan their own government is not the real team. if you look at kerry for instance we've just got a new government this week. sixty minutes is only where as in profit by thirty eight thirty six said the money from a nominee the injury is free to different political parties they will not fail. of course they have political differences that they will not criticize each other. and here and promises that this dump of them and their love
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of people and looking at it all since that's all the loans can be taken to a couple of months but still and that's exactly the thing we don't need one frustrating needs this is a government that works together. even a bipartisan kind of working together that's free and think of all he's been promised. and nobody seems to take the situation seriously because it isn't as then i got up there when things that need to be done. originally but if any government. of course. here is the awesomest it was a fluke but the debate by spoonfuls over me. you knew that every dude you don't need people arguing over the place. but i think the basic thing. i agree with what stephen said and i will go to the steps you have the socialists on the nozzle powers in front of you so choose. it is the next it's her new bundle of different tendencies of rivalry is it a
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try. along with being at the faculty for many years has taken the idea to try to balance those opinions and to keep people together. it's simply not enough when you are a dozen executives politicians and cool the country's oldest rivalries come back from years of of of facts. instead the paci it is just possible to recreate the same thing when you are in government you have to do with too many minutes to two independents he's in power in india just to get her a force to restore government and energy to face the problems of two cities is suffering as a testament to supplement aapt we've just seen the appointment then at the new ad german government has a few ministers. i colored this one seems to come together and may be can he say wasted beginning and it seems to have the promise with a hidden talents to different talents in many different ministries something more fundamentally wrong with the french system is that beyond the problem of false going on in his
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presence that the only problem is that the state's response to which we today is our fundamental problem crisis that the heart of the french political system and so i think there is yet because these problems not only minutes to the socialist party that the ump did the right wing party that the same problem when you can agree it's a big mess this well. people simply complex given this country and. this is very ironic that the french politicians and also friends with electricity and germany's our model we should be more like germany but forgets that when you want to be more like germany to become a german as the mets for the whole problem of society that we're eating meat. this is some kind of turmoil where there's more space for compromise. it takes me more time it's just less interesting because people are not fighting the streets like this a case here. nice to get some wet and and it's interesting that the french political process that's what we want the same
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time it didn't just kill it and it's complete the country protected from the tour de suisse group appeared to write this though. there's a lack of pragmatism. life in this country. people will speak french i love it its name in germany have been a correspondent for years in germany. political life can be extremely done. when you recall. to those who those teachers that are not exactly and and and exciting things are getting done. if you have to burn its citizens. he could not or affirm that comes up is enough and it seems to be a generalist in this country voters know through the years more than that i always hear about the christ is necessary to conform to the defendants that. if things go the warrants and we are and nobody takes responsibility
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as a friend from bad to worse it seems to be the theme will be our own presidency the soap bar and surprise me than it was discussed in the span of the classical amongst the next real test we needed and you will be the elections all of next year. since the storm is guaranteed to haunt the place yep early although in the local elections has always been difficult to decide this is different. six playing a role. they will be coniston way. i think the more important actions of the european action because we will see well probably huge victory for the culprits are teasing have all the countries in europe or the half and sew in process of home last night and if that happens that that's free though that's a real wakeup call. i've been on the political parties' to the established that the complex will respond but when you go to the polls there's a real possibility the marina and the heat of the most mad that you will become the biggest part two fronts. if that happens. no other purpose ten years to
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mature. it is but a quick ice cream many times in its own ago critics in europe in directions you had the fortune of taking the group and the end it really was worried that the star and there's a more fundamental movement. people from the ump your posts and keep going over the phone screen on it and for the poor those elections and that's a new phenomenon that is really worrying for you in a sign of things to come this next polls at thinking very much indeed. mike gets home opener and stiffen the free standing behind us. on today's sad face up to exist and have them believe that again soon for another look at what's happening in french politics of dancing. i know. moon mm long. i know. the road. and
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that. the asians in the arts and cleaned every six point five billion dollars for me and tear and support to residents of syria. bbc reports the total budget for the un humanitarian aid around the world next year to reach thirteen billion. it is assumed that two point three billion of this amount will be spent on the needs of syrian citizens and another four point two billion will be used to support soon refugees fleeing to neighboring countries amounted to you and ask for the international community to h


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