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ay ay. why did you hear what god with us. eric kelly as the summing up the next half hour. russian parliament the duma passed a sweeping amnesty bill for thousands of prisoners including small thursday aged and disabled merkel outlines the government's policy on europe. what led me into the euro cents. that price is the statement of political correspondent. the surprise in the world of tennis boris
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becker is going to be head coach for novak djokovic terribly world number two the russia's best known prisoners including the two gl corps iraq members and some sturdy greenpeace activists could be freed after the country's parliament passed a wide ranging amnesty to allow pregnant women mothers veterans and the elderly and those with disabilities are also set to be released from prison in all thousands of people will be freed to mark the twentieth anniversary of russia's post soviet constitution. are we talking for more on this a russian journalist first is this report it didn't take long for the duma to rubber stamp the kremlin backed amnesty law. thousands may now walk out of jail including prominent coaching critics but the two christian right
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activists not doctrine compote performance in a moscow church. just two months before russia is due to host the winter olympics amnesty is the most wide ranging years. and it could lead to the release of high profile western teaching me the kremlin might like to see the back. in the amnesty law extends not only to convict open to those under investigation as well. this is important to this period of hours. that's significant for thirty environmental activists from greenpeace who still face charges of hooliganism. after they tried to board an oil platform in russia's arctic north in protest at drilling. but rights activists say the mall will only free a small fraction of those behind bars in russia. the oil tycoon the cat because he will continue serving anven yeaen for embezzlemt. rights activists sisontied detentionhosehe amnesty
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doe anywhere far enough. we're joined now from oneness in the studio by certain julye's a russian journalist welcome to show first off this amnesty for proof of prisoners some are claiming that it's simply a publity stunt by the kremlin ahead of the sochi olympics is that too cynical. oh yes it is the narrow very much publicity in the school because they keep you if it was a riot case that they would give green summer months because this sentence i almost all are and what about their day greenpeace activists that you cannot prove that because cricket is because it was in international scene in the open seastill they kept e the release them in courts by the claimant by proving they are innocent. all make a good face and say well we'll se tm because we haven't missed it and that is about actually watch the snow peas it's a big debate propaganda of the times. so you say it's a big propaganda advertising but what would be the result of attending can we actually see a father and east west
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relations. adelaide city feely you look close to the school. you'll see that lots of people who are tapped into jail the data that can not sew the straps as the vandals proven guilty now but the in jail during the presentation because they have taken part on anti government riots. it is based in the late teoh they will be six three because they have a regret is excluded from this amnesty but who will be set free. dozens of police manned police officer who have arrested people talk to them and even kill them they will all be set free because in the snow. canal itself was pushing riot police all that western society and politics considerably more conservative than the wax which this mean for future relations. having a crush show will continue to give the scones are with each direction. you can see some late to appointments for example the new chips also a russian news agency russia today. he's a tv host who is extremely consummate ease and
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you we'll all be of the of balls all the whole russian foreign propaganda so it will be continue to be very cause of the state. a survey to lie a russian journalist and some mushrooms sticky here and your mate and slack angela merkel is calling for more european integration as a way out of the economic stagnation in countries like greece portugal and spain she made the comments as he laid out her new government's policy for europe during a speech on this topic. macro starting her third term the council has already urged binding reforms to preserve the year it was johnson and america's first speech of a new term in office and is dedicated to your. metcalfe said she wants to strengthen convergence of european policies. exciting areas such as the banking union initiative measures to tackle youth unemployment. miracles that you are moving in the right direction again the obese is docile and
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the european debt crisis is not yet overcome. there's no doubt about that and i can't stand that often enough that we are seeing initial results and are convinced that the crisis can be overcome long term. in its autumn forecast the european commission spoke for the first line of clear signs that the economy is gradually startin to recover and he gets up i know who is in the opposition bloc in parliament looks tiny compared to the ruins of government will make it germany's two biggest parties have come together in a grand coalition. his voice latching onto the mat collected christian democrats i did what he did eat they don't want policy the hands of bankers and only catch that kid killed and two forces are great people to pay tens of thousands to gambling houses at the rate is not christian but intense that it is inhumane and pictures. when a snake the social democrats are no costs of government and promised to put their stamp
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on germany's european policy which they said would no longer focus exclusively on to the discipline in the eurozone. golf isn't like i did leave many european leaders and even some conservatives have been openly or secretly waiting for this policy shift which is now possible with the social government what is the height of his ex boss in hand that johnson who has final say on germany's european policy during a speech to defend it you resent crisis to date indicating continuity is more likely. so what's ahead for germany and for the eu are joined now by our political correspondent peter craven small and that peter europe was very much at the center of all ankles her speech in parliament but what to tell us about her approach to the eu right now. but interesting because there's been so much speculation about where this new medical government is going to go on europe whether they were going to do is as good a decent new complexes struggling eurozone economies
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i can manage just two days ago more or less the luxembourg foreign minister came and said his name is joel passable became as amended a question because as he appealed to germany every soul a little bit less to the wiccan to show a little bit more understanding for the content that other european countries are facing did the math respond to that today will be seen in a sense i suppose she did because what's a cold fall was a tightening of the fiscal rules. according to which european and euro his cup and she wants those rules to enable pointing to be made straight and jesus said that the eu treaties can be rewritten to make a more specific she put it by which he actually meant straight to the inmate is forcing european countries to meet the physical locations peter along these lines and counselors in france right now. does that about her concerns that terrorists is not sufficiently committed to cutting costs. tony says yes but the media had there been problems in the franco german town them for quite some time to go back to nicolas sarkozy's tilting the french
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president in angola medical really didn't get to live like choke and cheese the people that said the relationship would improve when that francois loans came into office said in the middle of last year he didn't the idea and i think it is the reason for that was that if ross while all these somebody who is tempted to try and spend friends is why and to its current woes suspended york the euro zone no plan to bits in its current was wet by what is the same time and the medical unit. mantra is really due to discipline of mold but the two disciplines in the meeting of minds that something has changed on that says we can see that the social democrats in a while to find medical scholars who looks the same kind of people is that francois rules and did and as a social democrat government is different about this time i was in paris with angela met today and he says he aims to protect a cake stop the franco german motor out of europe will have to see with three sixteen. he is so in time for right now thanks very much and now the new coalition government in
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germany has many things on its agenda one of them is planned to continue the changeover to renewable energy. germany is a world leader of course the use of green energy had already had plans to reform the surcharge levied to pay for the sustainable energy mix for future them a promise that some do not have to foot that bill next year german industry will benefit from a rebate was five billion yen now the european union has waded into the controversy it says the exemption may be unfair. news from brussels to energy hungry jam and industry two thousand firms are exempted from paying the hefty cent on some island they use the european commission says that may distort competition. we are investigating. they also call for renewed support. the main fall was off i went to see a show with the salt in a note that in my case. these are
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the tone for energy intensive companies of that so touched that serves to find the real books. it's not any podcast lincoln sounds like aluminium smelters and steel works to benefit from the exemption breweries and abbott was also pay a knockdown price of power the european commission isn't against a gemini screen and ichigo invincible. it says some parts are justified on his first cold damage on germany's new energy minister sick not gabriele said brussels was overstepping the mark. so when the commission is meddling in an area where there is no eu harmonization. using competition rules to interfere in national energy policy that put a tick almunia spread may be bad news for gemini and a straight up button accents things have to change the new commission was planning to reform the energy or the next to him anyway eurozone finance ministers say they made progress towards creating a banking union that funding agency that would police banks
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tackle topics may appear to have agreed on one killer of that banking union which is how to wind down failing banks. there has also been a consensus on how to shield the ordinary deposits each year. europe's banks will have to guarantee private savings of up to one hundred thousand heroes. it's a small but significant step towards an eu thinking union europe's finance ministers are now closer than ever to win deal and what's arguably the biggest european project since the euro. i'm thinking union. we have a supervisory body. we have the deposit guarantee. and we have the framework for winding up banks that fail. so we've created an essential enhancement to the currency union with a banking union it will mean greater stability and provide better protection for citizens. you know. we are. goal is to strengthen international confidence in the euro and
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europe's financial institutions and to keep tax tears from footing the bill is getting stale. the idea is that banks will be responsible for their own rescue fund a fifty five billion euro pocket money to finance closures. it'll take ten years to get up and running. for now. if the current dsm bailout plan is needed. germany is adamant that there will only amount to no direct pm using taxpayers' money. julie was in the tsunami and the routine use in this land and the state and national components of the contractual agreements. you know no one has even raised the issue of changing the esa entry team loses his stead. issues remain. if a final deal in stock. thinking it could be reality and sat still for a year. as our correspondent dorothy hall has all of the reaction to that news from the frankfurt stock exchange the banking union in the eurozone is the seeming
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state that the feedings but makes the german stock market and sell notice to feel more incubation and heidi across paris trade is quality and vicious and very important politics. the overall mood was very good the optimism of jimmy manages to open markets higher the most important ernie indicated the focus is crunched against the rose again and it manages am very optimistic for that future business so all she cared the nikkei gained a strong rebound off the german economy. and this is like a pre christmas presents. a trader said. i must confess i kept the market numbers for you now work in a state in frankfurt where the backs rally by about one per cent closing at nine thousand one hundred and eighty one and was a little over one percent of the year of socks in the closing of twenty nine seventy five investors. they are positioning themselves ahead of the us federal reserve's decision on whether to continue its monetary stimulus program that decision is today. mom over
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new york however investors are in a bit more cautious it's just about under one percent higher than sixteen thousand eleven and the euro is currently trending higher against the dollar. i leave you with one minute break level whole lot more news coming up stay with us. don't go away. ew. everyone knows things. every time we checked
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the news again in the wake forest. the crazy one million people suffer hunger. one in the past. that's why it's not that crazy. right now sticking out of the window and yell i'm not as . i am just now. now i'm not going to let one billion people go hungry. ll. it's now one of britain's most notorious criminals and ronnie biggs has died at the age of eighty four. the biggest gained international notoriety as part of the gang that carried out with him to be known as the great train robbery a half century county is from prison and spent nearly four decades on the run and south america. he died in a london nursing home ronnie biggs love the spotlight. his last appearance came earlier this year at the funeral of mr reynolds the leader of the great train robbery gang
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so. in august nineteen sixty three and again fro the royal mail three people and the driver with a metal bar and done away with two point six million pounds in cash. most of which was never recovered. biggs was caught but escaped from prison and is seeking to recapture for thirty six years living mostly in brazil. i don't regret the fact that i was emboldened by her free in the of a talk by please leave the idea that love was in full. why because is give me a little place in history to a study of month my mom myself. it became something of a celebrity. he let itself be photographed with tourists gave interviews to reporters and have a child with a brazilian woman. that was enough to prevent his extradition to the uk the kids went through his port in the clean and she got older he suffered a series of strokes. in two thousand one he returned to britain fallen
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tara leigh for medical treatment and was sent back to prison for another teen years. he was released in two thousand and nine. enjoy the beautiful i might kill the ants. it is launching a radical change to its immigration all. they include limitations on welfare payments for job seekers balls and a three month waiting period before climbing on the move comes amid growing fears in britain that new eu employment rights will spark a wave of welfare migration. restrictions on bulgarians and romanians expire at the end of this year. double scoops love full rights to work in the uk and across the european union starting january perch. i know a musical recital in central london. all the players standing in what can the british capital. all of them from romania. soon more of their countrymen could join me in to see a huge influx of romanians and
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bulgarians in january musicians and see a problem something amazing that now we had alex to cut it. if need be and what treaty and i think it's going to stick to reach distant country because we are meeting wonderful people that have little studio and i think we just need to be accepting and the first time the eu expanded eastward around ten years ago britain expected fourteen thousand migrants almost a million came. many components. if you push your gracious as to my success so considering this calendar i made a mystique that happened but when old people still aren't happy with it to me made a dent in the polls themselves the polls they let carson just wanna improve their lives like anyone else been in the company to see happen. no person wants to cap the number of eu migrants allowed to enter the make a confident of putting low fat diet would mean abandoning the eu principle of freedom of movement. the premise of david cameron is determined people concerned that scale migration in the uk which
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applicants. it's one thing for people to come and take up a double. but actually the freedom to claim benefits battle for freedom. we should recognize the rights to take this action. bubblegum pop cameron's populist stance on immigration seen as a vote winner. earlier this year the government will down to two hundred times tending illegal immigrants to the full face expulsion the project was deemed a failure on the government admitted it wasn't a good idea. the kids and integration say it doesn't damage resume. and we know to be migrants more like it's been wet concrete and have less likely to take up to the states to contribute more in taxes than they take on some topic spending. in the strikes of cool musicians from them. the tube to whistler present holland morrissey is set to stand trial for conspiracy charge that could result in the death of a visit uncle morrissey and thirty five others who are accused of plotting with militant groups like hezbollah and hamas td
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stabilizing agent after his ouster. morrissey is already under investigation for allegations that the palestinian militant group hamas help to train and then other members of the muslim brotherhood from prison in twenty eleven fighting between rival political groups in south sudan is reported to be spreading the us has as many as five hundred people have been killed after an alleged coup this week and now sells sudan's president says he's willing to talk to his arch rival the former deputy uses of leading the queue meanwhile thousands of people taking refuge as un compound. leaning in the thousands of people displaced by the fighting in south sudan. they're seeking refuge in pieces one by the united nations which has a peacekeeping force in the country. the new arrivals to love the horrors he witnessed. the current on our
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bikes all over. soul. i'm a customer would end. not even been known to dwindle. had it not just about up and the dubbing it with them when the snow all day long gone. international concerns are growing. the us has ordered non essential embassy staff to leave on a visit to the philippines john kerry made a plea for calm and political differences need to be resolved by peaceful and democratic means and those have been hard fought for the government should respect the rule of law. then the people of south sudan should be able to realize their full potential in peace on monday presidents of the year said there'd been a coup attempt from within the military but that did it can successfully put down since then though fighting has continued and has even spread beyond the capital juba the government is when the uprising on the country's former vice president we ate too much. who was sacked from his position in july. ochoa has denied leading a
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rebellion. his whereabouts are unknown. noah the government says it's now ready to talk to him in what could be the first sign of a softened stamps. like germany on the high profile neo terror trials continuing in munich the far right that she has to. the selection of murdered at least ten people between two thousand and two thousand and six the court has been hearing testimony from six friedman who loves his son. all that allegedly helped mastermind the killings he shot himself in twenty eleven to invade iraq. freedman said he had tried to stop his son from getting involved in germany is far right scene the corresponding sheila to fall in style for munich we ask her for more details of siegfried mimosas. the kid one knows is one of the most eloquent and seventy the most on voting but missed the best we've seen in these proceedings save top with
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crushed by the presiding dives in to either question that he didn't meet the technique one to five at the peak season and he didn't even know it so now the presiding judge and discontinued with the proceedings in the interest the back seat dancing some more facts get into the cool how it could be that's an ovum one knows who was bred to be fair but it's compacted many of his friends i could get into this right wing seen that his father in court said that the state today and was felt quite strongly that seat done pretty much everything possible to prevent this from happening but then situation and last night and that's a sign put up a photograph of rudolf hess go blonde in a to get on that remain completely on science by his family so a lot of contradictions that and we all sit still and that's that he felt very strongly for the victims but then counting his son and the other and as much as one of them so tot of contradictions consequences can study the os howell and
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fall from sudden reality from second facts this non indians the world of sports now and eu has launched an investigation into whether spanish football clubs have received inappropriate state aid. several clubs including real madrid and barcelona the scene tax privileges but eu competition commissioner joaquin almunia has been facing accusations that he may have a conflict of interest because he's a supporter of one of the club's understand the investigation is focusing on the crammed into crime of spanish football. at issue are possible tax privileges granted by the government to real madrid boss owner and aptitude of miles the european commission is also looking into it and stops them guarantees and construction funding involving the clouds. spain's economics minister has rejected the allegations saying he believes the investigation will find the rules were broken. it is to miss this job inquiries
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and we absolutely trust and professionalism of the competition board and we also trust commissioner joaquin morning. o'neill wants the eu competition commissioner joaquin almunia maybe cos of the problem almunia is nasa to build our time. he denies his credit could be prejudiced by a conflict of interest the club is under investigation for state support they receive to construct a new stadium this season. it's the european commission has fined the state needs to be in violation of eu rules spanish local clubs could be ordered to pay back the money what is counted on this comeback fourteen years after his retirement from professional tennis board specter. he is going to be head coach for serbia's novak djokovic and current world number two novak djokovic is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. he has dominated the sport in recent
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years and spent over one hundred weeks ranked world number one. djokovic has won six grand slam titles so far the same numbers boris becker won back in its prime in a statement on this website. the supreme champion says. i am really looking forward to working with foreigners. he's a true legend is tennis knowledge is invaluable and his experience will help me win many more tournament's. beggars return is surprising. he led the german davis cup team from nineteen ninety seven to nineteen ninety nine. but since then he has avoided the professional tennis circuit the headlines about his private life have kept him in the spotlight. and he also took up competitive poker play. let's all sit outside so much for joining us in . i have. what's more
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it's a good story each day amy g networks. to top story wednesday. intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting and that i can take that stealing is
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just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks i'm new and one. i am. about half a us air force fighter squadron at first when i lived in that air force aerial demonstration team. oh and i know it's a space to park the kids. err on the ground. we could accomplish our mission that you have the skills to tackle this. embracing our differences and working together. also as americans for your support. remember our strength twice i've ever seen. or worse a lessening of
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us wanted it. mentoring us that time. naturally he said it received a call about my use. you knew you when will we will. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some time to blog all taken three former top bike officials charged in connection with another at seven point two billion euro stroll. the former ceo of art like the prom instead of casey device for finance


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