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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 18, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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dot com club charged america to her website also rt dot com slash usa. you can follow me on twitter that sent stocks will be right back there at eight pm. the walk i don't. the study with us on this edition of new signings interstate december nineteen and casting comanche in tokyo. policymakers at the us federal reserve by scaling back their efforts to prop up the economy. baby trying to get more money flowing to this this and so they've been pumping and eighty five billion dollars a month. they decided to start
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unwinding their stimulants officials at the central bank will start tapering their program makes not a desire to reduce monthly purchases of bonds and mortgage backed securities to seventy five billion dollars ecb economy is expanding at a moderate pace. anything can top my kids a shilling for this signs ofmprovement they say if things continue to get better though still back even more. a promise to keep an eye on the job situation they see their team key interest rates near zero even after the unemployment rate falls below six point five percent. especially if inflation remains low. fed chairman ben drank he said a news conference that the policymakers will make a flexible decisions according to future economic conditions if the economy slows for some reason or we are disappointed in the outcomes we could. we could skip the meeting or two. um audio decide if things really pick up that of course we could go a bit faster but my expectation is for um
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similar moderate steps going for it. throughout most of twenty fourteen. isn't that sad launch their programme of quantitative easing five years ago. they were trying to stand on that from the base bankruptcy in us history. there were still confident that has this look back. the collapse of the lehman brothers in two thousand a drop financial markets. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke e took swift and bold measures to prevent a full blown depression the band began buying mortgage backed securities. interest rate to near zero. i started to buy large amounts of long term government bonds. he shoots economy took a long time to heal. in september two thousand fall for four years
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african kenyan brothers claps the jobless rate was still up around eight percent officials felt they had no choice but to add another tranche of course the bbc. a few weeks turning points we're still spending and housing began to recover cornell is such a set that santa would keep rates more charity seem like here and has known the sleeper markets kept improving. it seemed to me they are broadly consistent with this forecast the committee currently anticipates that would be appropriate to moderate them up the pace of purchases later this year. then doused and content investors to shift their money out of emerging economies and back to the us. this created on tele tea. if financial markets. policy makers and now looking for a smooth way to wind down the monetary
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stimulus. andy investors pulled back into us assets overnight tonight wishing death on the business as has the details for us. bayside council will not only did us share prices surged a surge to record highs on wednesday actually stocks fell initially after the fed's decision to scale back its monetary stimulus program but investors subsequently paid up share prices and speak to the start of keeping as a positive surprise and the dow jones jumped almost three hundred points to end the day at sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty seven among japanese market was pretty lean week elaine good morning our toons haaretz during the trading session here in japan. i sigh and say we are having a bit of a problem getting on getting the right audio with elaine e
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lincoln ne. okay great. i mean give us the reaction that you are seeing on the tokyo markets. wait i get that one thing that i think it appropriate that the wildlife park at the book think that that meant carrying it around that. at the opening level what we give them great learning tool one point seven four at fifteen thousand internal case and point and then after that to put that in holland when he got the copy that i hear by one point two four and then go the fact that morning before the tracking of the overly keen on the wall street fell by three identical beyond the fact that the us economy the draft report on the head of the week. i love being a
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country like turning off economic strength and not moving on to picking your battles efficient priesthood on the highest level in more than five years. he said. at one hundred and four point one he can feel connected to one hundred and ten ample amount of time on wednesday by the us at the reduction of the fact the bible the flying off to college and he felt the need to increase it. you're here now you know it. and the appetite past weekend after the show performance when you're at it like it here he is not at one hundred and forty two point two eight. i can't think of all time high of the book and more than five years filming of life we can get me into it and he needs to find share of caffeine at fourteen fifty. i will continue to follow. i might get in. the weekend to see how dearly i will affect
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the future. i thank you he thinks a lot for an update that was good the meat on the phone for us. well people have been wondering for months when the fed would start to scale back nhk world economic correspondent vehicles at the time has been following the story from the beginning week and thanks for joining us. so i've been up for this surprised us before by not tapering this time. also coming in as a bit of a surprise why now i like is the bottom line is that the baby can kind of reason to bring another month or two i entered ninety seven in congress are saving six months ago that seeks to achieve a top up on buying program but that self speaking down to about ten percent. the last month the unemployment rate declined to that level americans are spending more and the housing market is holding steady. so overall the fundamentals seem to be into being. we should also note that us lawmakers were able to strike a deal this month. so the people at
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the center back no longer need to vary about the negative impacts of the government sat down and so we could board members to knit hat. so now that they have decided to move ahead what are the risks of policymakers to school to be concerned about the lower than the expected increase in break and we are concerned about. but that the labor markets will continue to lead to some point out that the topless paid its declining tests because they are fewer people looking for employment. we want and how does the seasonal plans financial markets. peace lutheran school out of the missing economies has been an implied in me that the fed but pietersen. that created a lot of fall are salty. a pass going into his hands have been the engine at the global economy for the past few years he'll have to see how complete the act and as the reporting of sending young people depending on key after she steps out about cats can get because possibly be for her
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this easy money policy has lasted for five years. if she takes it from that i will be the cry of some delicate handling. in the right makeup thanks always for your insight make a step back from the business team that now as the leader reported tokyo markets are be acting higher i will leave you with the reaction on other asian markets open this hour. it is high profile japanese politician has been caught up in a scandal and to give them
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an anti union said may have to resign. he led the city's successful bid to host the twenty twenty olympic games. is this sense as a vice governor before a beeline to do that on john a year ago in november of last year he received about five hundred thousand dollars from a medical group. tilt shift that operates hospitals across japan concert and that prosecutors may get a grip over a separate allegation he has said that and the money he said it was not a contribution and he did not intend to use it for the election campaign he said it was a person alone in case he ran out of money. members of the ticket metropolitan assembly say nsa keeps changing his story. so they say they don't believe him city officials fear the scandal could have had their work including preparations for the olympics now he knows it was well known to people in japan before becoming governor that people knew him for his work outside of politics and hq was jackie each not bad points. email state but his
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heart isn't all that is writing about social and political issues. he made a name for himself withuch folks as he got the most chilled old boy to part with some anthrax. becky did get to pass one that i aviation and cost structure. it doesn't have an email state became the governor of tokyo on the auspices of the incumbents in penalty shoot out. he was recognized for his goal of the manned up and ask for help on privatizing dependent upon high atop the corporation under the isa tabled in time and instead she used to joke with me. when he said hi resigned as governor he held up by the cia. he'll make you feel fit and his successor singles in usa's an excellent deputy governor and a promising candidate the ioc announced his candidacy and a gubernatorial race shortly
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before the official election campaign stunt. he will again actually modeled for new books to hide his number ever he seemed to eighteenth. he knows it took office as the new governor of tokyo so that i will use new line is that it makes the key reforms to the metropolitan government. this first project was the city's bid to host the twenty ten pm on nbc in london. yes a campaign around the world. new york london and honesty is key to our bed to the house i missed when a general meeting of national pride. the enemy you also piece. you know say stevie tools they need
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to get sick and successful the morning. in nineteen six people on the beans. all of the japan team is one the twenty twenty to kill olympics will write a new chapter in our country's long history. nothing has hit the seat of administration and maintained the momentum we keep like his old bulk billing and attempted to end a successful when it beat it cip stuff in it he wrote the cake and i. north korean official with close ties to recently executed senior official accounts on attack may have fled the country one member of the national defense commission appears to have bean and sent from recent high level memorial of facts. money is the heart of
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the economic panel in china says the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles for the ruling workers' party in march the united states included him on a list of people an organization subject to economic sanctions the ceremony was held on tuesday for the late former leader in john cale and a state funeral was held the previous day for a senior official of the national defense commission to allow the members only takes presence was not reported at hyderabad. diplomatic sources told nhk that it m have encouraged or fled the country out of concern for his close ties with chan and said this a maze and paddling under way to purge some high officials who are close to ten and it made trying to defect to south korea. a new land in the land has seen investigating human rights in north korea. he says he's concerned about an increase in the number of executions. special raffle or to admire is the key demos man says authorities executed
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chance on spec without appropriate legal procedures he says they ignored international standards for human rights. he says is i guess people at the stupidity even for minor offences such as selling illegal videos there is then says the families and friends of political prisoners are in danger too. he says they could be killed or detained he urged leaders in pyongyang to stop the executions immediately the un and human rights council launched a special commission in march to investigate the situation that north korean authorities have not allowed investigators into the country. china now has a red eye that us criticism concerning and near miss between a naval vessels earlier this month in the south china sea. u s pacific fleet officials said last week that the aegis equipped cruiser uss in kal penn's narrowly avoided a collision with a chinese naval vessel. the incident occurred on december as an international waters. us officials said the chinese as
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i maneuvered to close to the just face it and it failed to act in line with the international norms which resulted in the new meds china's defense ministry issued a statement on wednesday saying its vessel had encountered in st according to the protocol is said that the defense department's but kept informed of the situation and carried out effective communications. she added that both sides and willing to maintain close cooperation and make efforts to ensure regional peace and stability us media reported that china's liaoning aircraft carrier had been conducting training exercises and the aegis cruiser had been gathering intelligence detroit said that although the chinese side ordered the us is kal penn's to stop because it kept moving because it was in international waters and the chinese and so blocked its corners. chinese media reported that the us prison and today restricted waters intended for the carrier to size and fail to respond to china's mornings. united nations officials fear
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hundreds of people have been killed as a factional fighting among soldiers in south sudan's army continues battles erupted on sunday between rival lives of soldiers in the capital juba doesn't sound like here said a group close to former vice president biden a clue. un officials say they believe about four hundred people have been killed and eight hundred injured. here's that the situation it was cooling down. gun battles were reported on tuesday near the former vice president's residence tanks and armored vehicles were deployed. un officials said on tuesday that thirteen thousand civilians had taken shelter at the base is out there peacekeeping forces and i the malay gazing can an hour trying to crack down on cyber bullying. the last two years at least for teachers to harass to take their own lives. the deaths have
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prompted authorities to try and a range of measures to stop these attacks. un scotty among the key points. repair person to occur overnight in april at the age of seventeen she said she had been tormented by hyperbole is there. according to read his other land. she had been sexually assaulted by four teenage boys two years earlier. l each team's going to police at a small house party anyways photographed the boys taking the picture to their classmates. rumors spread that could tear or cancellations with anybody within a few dates. almost everyone in the school had seen the photo. harassment never let up. acquaintance these as well as strangers were standing hurtful messages to her cellphone and social media accounts. she
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contacted the local police but after an initial investigation. the cool clique there were no grounds on beach to charge anyone. it didn't really even ricky it's best friend rode the hurtful message on the social networking sites. mackay or switch to another school. but the teacher wants them to her new school week. the st eric even more online harassment seachange school pre war times. this hyper boring followed her she was at week's end when they are so broken and suicidal. umm was i think a lot of it was betrayal. her friends not standing up for her and defending her. from really hurt alot. here is sore side shocked the nation. for a long time. her story was in
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the headlines. meetings began pressing the government to tackle sky for boarding. i think we've got to start stop using just the term bowling to describe some of these things and bowling to me. has the connotation of kind of kids misbehaving. what we are dealing with in some of the circumstances is simply criminal activity. canada's government introduced new insulation in november applebee's anyone to teach a ain't making cheese with that content. anyway tears home province of nova scotia he's also taking steps to fight cyber bullied. it argues that as they show you a gold stripe are scanned in the justice department and it's made up of my investigators. each an expert in dealing with bullying. was former police officers and a probation officer. when it
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became toward different report a case. he investigates. since it was closed in september. the team had seen thinking about fifty points they can get a court order to track down nine mr rosters and websites the investigators would be otherwise contain your ip address from the network provider. one of the first step is to send a message warning attacker to stop bullying. failure to comply could it be too weak to confiscation of cell phones and computer it. or even a fine of five thousand dollars we had many challenges in the past were hoping to change that to make him to show that cyber bullying is socially unacceptable that very socially harmful. on its education is also necessary many canadians colts have study program that is scary to hyperbole. at first around
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the world are monitoring the results that beat approaching. arianna but gt any tear welled halifax if they are the guys. it's an fha can someone there it's cold and tokyo and some residents as seeing snow outside their windows me down shoes and family has a smart and wild weather. it's me did you receive any icy precipitation mistake. last year in areas of central japan hobbits and no this is picture from the suburb of tokyo. yesterday the summer so that i can have the first snowfall of the season yesterday and several centimeters found the mountains were also decorated with snow and that haunts the time of the one and eighteen is about twenty centimeters of snow has fallen. now an additional eight centimeters frankly fourteen locations and i think a more heavy rain is likely for the cf to pounce on and to morrow and uses that has formed over the sea of japan starting to clean
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and stable conditions for this location up to the heavy snowfall and cost of about one hundred pink lawmakers aren't leads up to seven meters which are some conditions into tomorrow across the korean and this time due to strong northwesterly wind the snow is sticking up over the western side of the country. our expecting heavy snowfall i in place his mind soul and the time and we have a heavy snow warning in place. ten pictures of remaining seven zero insult throughout the year attending and thursday took an eight week we speak of rainy weather single digits once again inch in height and still on the chilly side and conklin only thing he could swear that i find the crisco and seasonal. r i a crusty and mary pass that the bill was signed off the content or receiving heavy snowfall one this over the canadian our times. an additional forty centimeters of snow plus cost of about one hundred and ten km from my clique into their stain morning at the cyclic never so by thursday afternoon things to be
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clearing up. another concern is this one over at the northwest it spring is in heavy snowfall for british columbia and then all the aunties. it's expected in the end to this and turn on peace tonight and then spread into the great lakes region and to the north eastern us the next fourteen hours precipitation should be mainly snow. activists now looking trying. i feel winds and temperatures in much wanted an actress in oklahoma city eighteen degrees when the high twenty points. he spent and to the north east at ten pictures are going going up. finally seven decreasing your and nine in washington d c but i'll trust exchange is on the way. very chilly conditions and the center central parts of the us and canada. oklahoma city down to one eight eight forty on sunday although the average is ten decrease this time of year when york city washington dc dramatically wanting up on sunday twenty three foot high clearance capital sum of fifteen degrees high here and
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see snow. it finally across the europe of bristol and is starting to think the british isles. this is as helpful as a hurricane when gossip about one hundred km from my clique outside activities of gary townsend as we have the highest political clinically safe with northern areas island that conditions for winning on the stormy sky the worst of it will be continuing into thursday morning but yet again the next system will be moving into the quickest i asked why i am in thunder star scott stevens in i'll likely for most of the western continent elsewhere the king khan one decree for indiana and to ny or so. well going to the double digits in christ across the hearing commenced as well as eccentric. i am noon. and. the eye. do you
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could tell cherish it for three of the coldest day of the season on wednesday. so what could a simple one tourist attraction by offering customers a tried and tested method of keeping themselves farm. recounts are high on the list of things to do for tourists visiting downtown at sunset. but this time of year. passengers have to deal with the freezing cold and during their ride one operator sky to say this with the traditional form of keeping midtown like a hot water bottle called the new temple. it can carry bundles wrapped in compton and handed them out to customers. you don't put it in the moment i don't really use the portable tv lounge suites unique experience to receive a business we have identical for the best and will miss her face was the colorful
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quilt above thoughts. reggae on this day is expected to top close to the freezing point. i'm not going to visit his enemy's line and having comanche and kill him. and i'm adjusting the eye. and
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goo the increase of zero craig walton him to call it the mobile robot will want he's good at it you need it i want. mile five. so much with the illegal arms probably the most dangerous monster story of this present time


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