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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 19, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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of history cats was in a three day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much. eagles to play. stocks. while. good
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news. the spy. scale back on its map it's a white house takes panel recommends curves like betting on the phone companies hold us down records and giving only the president the right to a case by foreign leaders human rights groups expressed a one thousand people were killed in just two days of violence in central african republic national's pointing the finger at the country's mostly muslim ex rebels in around a page of rev and don't forget the christian militia attacks. meet the sherlock holmes of alcohol and speed data california fraudster peddling fake old wine he made in his kitchen. what if the sink at
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the get rich on us first the white house appointed panel has just issued a massive report filled with curbs on the controversial national security agency. now if president barack obama follows even half of the recommendations it would mean an essay which significantly change the way it does business. some of those recommendations include enhancing the collection of u s phone records to phone companies the loan and making sure the president signs off personally on spying on foreign leaders. it was fresh with explains and it's a sleepy towns could be significant be constrained the white house is through the town was forty six recommendations among them and then the collection of maps phone records. no wholesale government storage if it takes to set up and takes it to be held by telecoms providers or a third party. the white house review group expressed deep skepticism about the value and effectiveness of the met
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today to paint them our cute isn't he made a modest contribution to the nation's security. it's a substantive blamed the report and it merits serious review and assessment. when we finished the internal review the overall internal review in january. the president will deliver remarks to outline the outcomes of our work. the us president is owed is signaled he wanted cream and once it gets in addition to possible for civility and to add an essay instead of a top ten the proposals come two days after the cold touch ruled that the nsa is not surveillance program was unconstitutional and fullness already. and as nsa whistleblower and with snowden office to help brazil the deep end into nsa activities. he said he could do so in exchange the political messiah newton's leaks that provoked outrage about us massive payments will quiet. and that
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debate and how much buying should be carried out. now historic step for the european union. it's just come to our landmark banking deal that marks one of the biggest transfers of national sovereignty since the introduction of the euro oliver fairy has more on the new banking union that's aimed at preventing a repeat of the crippling crises that have already hit the eurozone the european banking union deal aims to prevent member states get sunburned but that banks. but it came about only after protracted negotiations brussels will have a range of new powers to curtail the effects of banking failures. the deal will add to the existing supervision by the ecb a new agency to wind up failing banks deposit on the one hundred present your nose will be guaranteed the new agency known as the single resolution mechanism locals toxic parents before things get its terms. we are introducing a resolution weekends. europe's financial sector. it sort of
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xp years. no longer afford to be the parents will also be expected to contribute to a special fund for buying soldiers to be phased in over ten years. but that's unlikely to be an elf and additional financing may come from the eurozone bailout funds. the european stability mechanism. that's the sticking point among certain eu members particularly germany nonetheless the german finance minister said the deal was the right way forward. but this is an important step it was very controversial for a long time because the interest in it then he quietly. those findings with building is the my contribution to the stabilizing financial markets it is your will the locals in the european parliament. where's the school to with the house before the current parliament's term incentives in may. it is all gone banking in india came just hours before the eu summit kicks off in brussels european leaders are set to discuss joint defense for
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the first time there in five years. britain and germany are aiming to downgrade plans for deeper eu military cooperation. but france for its part wants to add a new line of eu funding for unilateral interventions like its current operation in the central african republic meanwhile a new report from amnesty international's is close to one thousand people were killed in the central african republic capital of bondi two weeks ago humanitarian group is pointing the finger at the country's mostly muslim ex rebels and their rampage to avenge other deadly attacks from christian groups things are calmer in bali now that the french army and humanitarian groups are facing the new tragedy. it's not some five thousand children have been orphaned since the conflict began mae brown has more on these displaced children just a few of whom are being taken to nearby orphanage is with the help of use the plane was
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to attend to. give peace a flat massacre is twenty thousand people even discomfort displaced persons in twenty oh two when scientists. the youngest of them and it's pretty traumatized. sign in. sounds until i need to be told to robert and alphas and caring support. if you get the kids i don't know after i mean demand. woohoo movement of the i may need to sneak into an orphanage. the variety team places. it was difficult for brother to them. see the ten year old boy he will say he the makeshift camp. no
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they don't really have a new toy that you saw signs that say to you what should i stay here lies the seed packet lunch and supper. unicef is helping the steward to regain a taste for life. but for the time being it's heartbreaking men in fatigues don't go the orphanage is a new future moments is away. i know i can share with others you'll get states. you can play and watch you'll be fine here. as thousands of other orphans remain stuck in refugee camps. man needs cleaning one of the lucky ones. i have added latest from south sudan rebels loyal to the fugitive former vice president have reportedly seized at the key town of war the world's newest country is being torn apart by fighting between soldiers loyal to the country's president and former deputy five hundred people have been killed so far in five days since the classes began
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classes that seem to be split in south sudan along ethnic lines. meanwhile uganda is saying that the un has as its president on how to mediate in the conflict in the need for expensive. russian president let it ruin has given his annual mad the news conference. been having a good year diplomatically at least in that sense seem to come across in his demeanor and is added to the journalists' questions. he used at the conference to confirm the increasingly concert of course he's starting his third term as president. top of the agenda there was the ukrainian palace of them are but that entire national president of the spirit that what is at present didn't have to say about the situation with due credit for cds that contain a bomb as he said it's that annual sort of a news conference on thirteen hundred journalists one twenty minute routine and getting as good as he's getting up on all of these questions. ukraine very very absolutely no apologies no remorse no request regrets for that fifteen billion dollars. their bailout bill
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out basically saying no one eats at this categorically no one is trying to force ukraine to do anything against its will to go anywhere it doesn't one against its will. we saw in this was his way to a brotherly nation in a desperate situation. we have long standing economic historical ties than industrial tie saddam. this makes absolutely perfect sense to suggesting if they do go the way of europe ukraine would end up conservative actual position basically being set up a big farm four of the european economy and reduce to farmers status with europe would be much more on an equal footing and just really so very very much defending that t o and singh is zero linkage none me at nine. nothing read it with the eu talks in ukraine and russia as they allowed their separate issues at another table of course as greenpeace and present that we had some strong words about that the eu now we know the russian province just passes amnesty bill are the ones on standby do with dirty crew. greenpeace said today where detained in jail
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back in september when they staged a protest in russia's arctic. under this amnesty bill they now are expected to get visas and be able to leave the country now. putin has been today he was extremely once continues with categorical in his defense of what he sees as russia's right to develop the arctic rush is part of the arctic that is he sees greenpeace as trying to interfere outsiders coming in in interfering with what he says is russia's clear right to do it once on its own territory and he insinuated he didn't mention any nation by name but didn't say it explicitly but insinuated that greenpeace was working under instructions from outside governments from western governments basically trying to undermine russia's efforts to develop those resources left to get arctic very rich in resources. did he may be about to let those that creepy sound of activists go back home but he's not stepping back from what he says is righteous absolute right to develop that region
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was there but it was a forest by itself the kgb he also had words to say about the current spike on that at the moment at wits end and the nsa we know that's noting is still up having a is the on tap for a political asylum in russia seeking to brazil. his words there with the keys purse not met with snow. he says i have personally met with the guy i've been too busy what he did say is that he finds noting to be a very interesting houses boarded interesting person a person who actually has not just made him think about it a lot of issues differently but it's changed a lot of world leaders world views. i haven't scared really a staunch anti national and international id take it seven that the it security at the start of the buyers and that he admired the fact perhaps that estimate has been making life very difficult for a lot of leaders in the west. i will just end by saying that says russia does not control snowden not using him for its own intelligence purposes this has been in situ insinuation the west is well very much study by that line asked by one western reporter one point about its general turned against
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the west is anti western hostility he said you know we don't seek to criticize the west at all what we try to do i am trying to protect the czech protect excuse take our own rations has since our old russian people against what he called chua site values that seeks the discrete am i dragging down of values from the west he quoted by an old christian existentialist philosopher named mika like it d i have to basically say out what we're trying to do is prevent things from the outside from dragging us down to an immediate statement that he's trying to maintain what he sees as russia's your values from outside interference the president said letter to the victory of forward thinking so much for that to her. the senator care of him to me or for the career of one the counterfeit wine merchant has finally come to an end the twenty oh one has just been convicted of manufacturing fake vintage wine in his kicks. he's now facing up to forty years in jail system azeri eight
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reports the santa cruz the french one. no compass his crusade to sniff out the fraudster who was speaking his vintage wines began about five years ago and it's here in manhattan's federal district court this week and there's been a option as an auction in new york on the twentieth of april two thousand and eight there were eighty four bottles for my domain also and experts discovered extent only one israeli. but the jury found the man behind as counterfeit bottles into nation's citizenry deacon yelling guilty of fraud. this week. experts say auction houses were also increasing these guys are not willing to come forward they don't wanna lose all their money they don't wanna lose face and quite honestly they don't let the games and they wanna keep the party going and it's it's all based on lies. we met up with mr russo outside the courtroom to get the inside scoop. realli mean millions of dollars selling vintage wines that he'd written his own kitchen laboratory. but the real secret was in the packaging
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your photoshop. labels refilled or bottles. the wine inside doesn't actually matter that much the figures are relying on. mr noted that the tv via modem which cost ten thousand on our bed and into the wind because they know that within each one and get it. think snape gone sour for revealing but there are plenty of other people peddling fake wind up here you can find. mrs on the net where even on the vines. in china. on. the thousands of hectares. they may meet with a misdemeanor to a very wet in the league. shuttle launch you're thinking mr also says histories is over. swapping snowy manhattan trees gardens and vineyards. now with a trip into the star as the european space agency has
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just launched its star surveillance satellite. i have friends down on the satellite will create the most precise three d map of about a billion stars in our galaxy and its immediate neighbourhood. scientists hope they will also find thousands of planets outside our solar system. leave you with these pictures and cannot compare and see what you felt that way. welcome to this edition all the false night that means you are enjoying today by the head of the un mission to investigate he says chemical weapons in this area. that said okay sells stern and take a sick late for the welsh health organization is a lesson and told him not to mention built to melanie sill by banks to thanks very much for being with the gentleman that tell it we already knew that
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chemical weapons had the news in this area will say it was new in the final report that you just released been in the new is that your support on other allegations. so out of the sixteen obligations to see these six atm receipt from interstate companies. we now report on seven. we report on six more than the other cool to dissidents two of the seven with four storm. there he would make it too. while mostly activity has picked this week we could not pursue investigation the mall mostly at civic was strong evidence for mc today there was no chemical weapons use. otherwise we had more confirmation of what consumes just a new thing with the port beam your call and say that siren it was nice being at least ten cases that tell us about how he found prefer that. when there is a different rooms in the two cases are referred to korea. i'm in my case we have
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in my mind to some posts posts are written in. we haven't played also soapy to be intoxicated and we have the blood samples from patients to look at the mc supposed to start. know any of the case we don't have the environment or something porto have got something to look is patient and he looks good well that and he makes the knowledge scale attack that you investigate it was the one being a quote that can eat at a set piece what he found when you went that we'll reach their first location six days after the un and some windows are patient they will select the yes to most americans and we're extremely into the steel city and he can coax it. did you achieve between them. healthcare workers. part of the same mission station was that was it an even older daughter skate. the award is the boss we are married off before on
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road off to a lobster yuck what sort of munitions were used in the attack while we don't know if the illumination she was on the monday ok too but we'll take your profits to be the termination of the record of the now this. we sold the senate from the turks were used. and that is the sole said federal case that would be in possession of all that the syrian minister. yes but also in possession of others. there's no pics no kiddos and i was a set of rebels could also help by donating to the olympics to be a bit old. the people he interviewed here what's that sits at by the attack what did they tend to defend think was responsible for the attack. well that we're part of deal position in areas where under siege swing bmi and there wouldn't be any doubt who was the book
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the year for peace he said that your monday was not to find out two was responsible that do you cuss and they have a hunch as to who is behind at a decent time for now though and hope to be hopelessly on a few singles picking a team. you know if if if i was called to go to court with pilot program have proof enough to go. named on one side or the other bed they be that the evidence isn't there to be sure to say i had till monday to his being to find out do with responsibility think you could've done that in the case of whats up with the methods available to us at this time. nor are we to time that you add you to remember that the reality of fireworks for four days only and to see the conditions we are such that we could really spend on time only to total five of us. we included running this staging good second up and it made me feel
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important in the bottom and top coat. so the condition where the can use it to a much more information. now in some old soviet tanks it pays the sacked soldiers tied to it being talkative being affected. he tell us about basic text. we are it was called to the attention of six or younger. that is syrian soldiers were exposed to. beyond the city and all four tds and made three allegations that extent. we call from that city also is into a mostly cases of sudden interest in the abrupt. i haven't been to be one of the examples cited the blossoms were taken by the sitting government themselves. in the other pics are from. we also took some to confirm that the pa system was a stronger value when we all took off and pick up some books. these are findings seem so. now they'll all say the reports that what indie
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effect as from the syrian government under the sun from russian sources at getting some of these attacks on the news and munitions he's like it being what you would call the online unit shipments. tell us about at that is. we have reports that we can confirm the new equipment and this is a site that could exceed his condition outside with her we've been informed in second hand. the arm the improvised explosive devices is what you refer to yes im one of the sites we were shown pictures of him in and saw improvised explosive devices best bet is to be in sight. they have been removed from the site when we went to the site the site was cleared by by it. this opus dei was piano for twenty minute officers. so when that this or these devices at the site to see them in a shelter somewhere else. then we couldn't push will connect them with this but the sport it was explosive devices yes and when such devices be more like the use by
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the government will buy them apples. d thank you chris nicholas is with me. yes i maybe be the chemical weapons as we know them this area remains to be chemical weapons delivery of a lot of big doses of chemistry and i'm well please not talk about maine it's more what is said to the small scale attacks that lead me to believe that perhaps the government was still behind the eight legged interest in both of these parties could improvise say it's very difficult to say the first time the history of warfare. most sites with all of you who don't stomp on your part today is next on their arsenal. the licensed to return. the size of the country she says that would indicate that perhaps the rebels also using chemical weapons the mayor the conflict is not just the prelude to her ewing written with us. to cite possible to get a man was also using chemical weapons
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what we say we cannot become to oc on either side. josiah and reports that a catapult the bbc in one instance at nine am for having done research on the context of the rebels have been using pastels quite still and quite effectively to scott indicate that perhaps the rebels have been behind the attacks. we don't work that we don't work like we'll compile some ninja world looks on the web of them in macon georgia the media to you you you must be a face to self. bet you didn't manage to get it to con us so that the syrian government and ltte investigate back at it you'll regret not having been able to guide them to feel about it. of course we are to me for proof when investigation should be should have been but there were other matches on you made it into the wee any mental such as looking like a . bill was in. least of date and more the number until she could use a footprint all the emergency
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management. accept it in your speedo. the telstra jungle to the many many doctrine health care workers became the interview so you can never tenants. all but something happen all the going help would be good but the nature of deep into the contest on our new handset completes its you'll find finding mission what would you like to see this evidence is used for how would you like to see this some talk of a contribution at this time and i'm peeved or regretful that we didn't do that. mr commented it's very difficult for me to do you need more time you need to miss the straps and whatever the door so that man can this be changed. betta much from what exists today the mechanized us with her principal paul for a week into what turned out to do what we what we should do it and if you show you that into being a forensic investigation for the international court or
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whatever. did they would be all supposed to get change for the sceptics. the compass will be next door to toss into the country to facilitating an investigation or never. so i think that's been in the contest between a photo of the investigation with dom should be done the way to its fact finding someone else has to take these facts and bring them food. which one do that the rcc or someone else. that professes else can you said that you'd think that you'll find finding mission may be all that convinced the shot outside to hyundai based chemical weapons house side this time the connection. i mean the incident happened we were there to investigate do enough to investigate it found that was suspect the country. sampras all that pushed us us us and them assessed to see due to the gym i mentioned i think this planet coincidence of it that tim palmer that gets the most significant outcome
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of our activity to show a list of threats to the east of folsom united states to push ten hundred chemical weapons problem in this investigation especially if you're not saying he's responsible. i do say so it's a great note the only reason i see that is responsible brought to justice she think that this mission will help the princess. this is a crime under achiever with a dog and he was earlier in the first doctor met in the first assistant. first he told us was a dual stocking melodies are tipped to walk in the corner. so should we forget what happened and why we do it beside you very much joining us beyond the call so that i had been watching because i get into
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the distance the eye. i was
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you wouldn't want you will the user to sixteen billion dollar aid in reduced prices for russian gas for ukraine's new protests in kiev opposition leaders demanded to reveal all the conditions of the deal. the word heavyweight boxing champion vitale klitschko taiwan's president victor unocal which to get in the rain. he accused him of making ukrainian assets collateral for rationing we didn't know what exactly was signed for the more accng


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