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tv   European Journal  PBS  December 20, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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generation of young disabled philip evans a headache. she then i can be so proud. you knew you wanted. i will welcome the european gentle coming to you from d to the state is to brussels it's very good to be with us let's take a look at some of the stories we have the investigation new planet to see how the rest is dismantling soviet submarines controversial control white salmon and austria fighting of that old. and traditions and technology the jewish community in belton the members of the boston underground organization as to drop their weapons to use
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the code. but they still make that piece with the spanish state will then contest entry at the expo was founded as the resistance movement against francisco franco's dictatorship. even after spain returned to democracy in the mid seventies terrorists continue that violent fight against the spanish state. what the goal of establishing their own suffering box. it then you still want independence from spain who want a tv piece for the box as new crop a dial up can and that's partly because the spanish states continues to take a tough stance towards forming to terrorists including two singles to keep them in prison. he was lucky one run home run call gonzales did not expect to save for such views for another eight years. ten months ago the anti militant was released early for good behavior. after serving twenty one years of his sentence. many of his former fighters should also be in line for early parole. spain
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is using a legal trick to try to prevent it. i knew the spanish state has disregarded the bill in order to keep the pressure on it just another oppressive smash a few weeks they used to taunt that the extent of prison terms than to confirm that the issue has while the like sentences thirty years regardless of the severity of the actual crime. this is a who supported to serve more than three thousand years and the state wanted to do dr good behavior from that number not from the legal thirty years the key appeal that the european court of human rights and one the day for this highlights the problems the study and prepare and democracy donations to that is a political fight does know it yet. the result compares to gonzales was sent down for
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committing several murders in the name of basque separatists. his last time was the shooting of two young men in the dewan one of the brothers died the other got away. he says he no longer sees killing the answer. he believes in the ceasefire agreed by ants and spain two years ago. even though at the remains committed to basque independence. so this goes on notice that is decisive the armed struggle in this country is safer. so we are now trying to find a political solution to the conflict as a nation which recognizes the rights of this country the country it was to testify. many relatives of the victims that sounds like mockery. twenty eight years ago today said
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the as god as father was killed in a attack. she's done that the government may have to release more than fifty members of the dead ones and wish as lawmakers had made the legislative changes that could have prevented the current situation. it was a nice honest politicians should it change the dog on time ago and it wouldn't make sense to do during the year ten s it was most active but it didn't happen. woke up and i said i think if the stitching on my eye every time a to set free her thoughts turned to wear father. carlos diaz was chief of police and the basque country and lieutenant colonel and spanish military that's what made him a target for attack. so i knew she had received ten a year but he didn't want to meet god's country. he came from though i like on the bus and he wanted to be here to defend democracy and the constitution states that
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spain. he was killed here in the suburb of the tortilla the basque capital. on the seventh of march nineteen eighty five. he did what he did everyday stopped at a gas station for breakfast on his way to work. wiley was inside the bomb was attached to his car when he started the mission. explode. a collectively the terrorists have killed more than eight hundred people. more than three hundred cases remain unsolved. carlos diaz is assassin has never been caught. looking. i will have fun and to make of science and very disappointed in my country. unley which like most is to teach me. i don't see that stained the country to which my father gave his life. like the supports are representing. and as a gross injustice for my father in that so many of the victims
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i think that it kind of thinking. silas was caught and spent half of his life in jail. he favors the peace process but he rejects the spanish government's call for an official apology he says he was a soldier she seemed more in tune kick woman you can suddenly you become an activist. you know you're going to call them each year the pull up your letter a few responsibility from them in and she joined the struggle. if you can do to the committee and it will become the boss keith rules he is known as the nation denominator and couldn't. to them. strasbourg verdict is a victory for the tub. it's a slap in the states for the relatives of victims. and it's not the end of the ongoing debate. old law
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has been as it's almost a quarter of the century now these days young europeans and russians find it hard to imagine that that parents use to be scanned to the potential new kit wall between the east to west. but they would have to pack to seeking shelter in bonkers regularly bought the legacy of new talent on both sides is still visible in many places in europe. soto said it's no less than two weeks is still effective for ajax if contamination of the arctic ocean and its fishing grounds. the civic union is the task assessed as many as two hundred marines overall. when the lion cut and fell they became taking reject the bomb the international community supplied funds to have them happily dismantle that an impression in sydney's south in what continues. a statue of the red army infantryman pieces westward. at the feet of this world war two memorial lies russia's most
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northerly city with the only ice free port in the arctic for years disused naval ships were later appear in my mask. now the city is almost free of the writing prompts we're on our way to a restricted military area on the coat open in summer. this is where the remnants of russia's northern fleet and ended up. yep that's me done has been coming here for a decade he worked on de commissioning to nuclear power plant in germany and now is taking care of russia's radioactive waste the club is a no way will use the concentration of radioactive materials that high speed on the coat of paint to it. we believe that article one hundred ppm powered submarines that have been decommissioned. normal some of the submarine has to newquay reactors on boat. so you get an idea of how much new to waste that is up and
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then some. twenty ten and his team first arrived here in two thousand for they were confronted with an apocalyptic scene. rusting submarines with nuclear reactors welded shut inside called for there to keep them afloat. close by to snap the shipyard where the reactors are cut out of the submarines. the operation to dispose of the radioactive waste is financed by billions of euro notes from the west at the time to get to meet and was confronted by a herculean task where to put all this radioactive material the were also exposed to meet and then his team to the invisible danger. most of it. we always have a personal taste and heat a non practical kids to record how much radiation the phoenix tasty defended the move to the dignitaries the meat is then sent to germany where
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they are idolized him regular in schools. each of the past now is then given the readings that they take is also a recorded. nine years later. six hundred million euro is from germany have been spent on removing and storing the waste the project has also been a test of german engineering know how the anti submarine holes are contaminated with radiation. they will spend seventy years in this high security graveyard before they can finally be disposed of. of the many shipwrecks that once populated the date only one remains as lady and bud son john who once served on a submarine. today he manages the project. it is better to get the right foot during a visit from a delegation of germany's economics ministry he promptly explains how long one thousand tonne submarine is called on land. no one could be there are still thirty submarines floating in the water. uncut some john reassures his visitors that they are safe even if every
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country will take longer than expected. was this rate is still since construction birds and fish return to the day. i think the fact that nature has returned is the best proof that the situation here is improving. the road of modern humans. visitors are inspecting the homeland submarines will soon have their reactors removed german construction companies manufacturers and suppliers spent ten years coordinating with each other to deal with rashes customs authority. the workers can remember the time when the day was full of radioactive waste the widowed in the hospital is not enough time to despise another thing about time has now come when everything has to be done he can logically when on doing this for us for doing it for later generations ago that the kid the work they're doing is just beginning. there are three more nuclear subs at the bottom of the arctic sea
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cruise salvage has been delayed indefinitely due to a shortage of funds. this footage shows the k twenty seven submarine the hoodoo on drizzle of copies to work as an engineer on the nuclear powered icebreaker today he's employed by a norwegian environmental organization in my man. you don't call says the work being done inside of day is exemplary. he's more concerned about the situation in other bands and in particular which the supply ship than that. its fuel rod bundles have become porous be no more than people of good food. we believe there will be serious problems on the nuclear fuel is removed from the outset. not even the experts can say how the salvage operation is going to be done. when you are truthful. cough is doubtful the project inside that they will continue to run so well. german participation is due to end next year. i need them the uk
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but it's always going to be a question of money. moscow will be funding the operation this is not something that makes moscow a profit. that's why they will cut funding. he is. it appears that col morris and rusting legacy will be a cause of concern for years to come. the new tanning governments can finally get down to black and one of its biggest projects for the new futsal is to introduce the controversial tolls for cars on the two heats. danny wants any foreigners to pay is not yet come back to surprise to get together with the is anti discrimination laws. until that issue sold to driving on ten encounter bonds still be if tom and nancy live on the border with austria australia introduced its toll sixteen days ago in one pocket based xp and hit the town of west bank where the ways that from control so for now dr is on being
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ten and to avoid the toll may be now drive through the surrounding for the tickets. in snow and a nice fruit on this makes the daily drive to work in cook county austria from his home in key posts them to germany. he travels five km along country roads. since december he's been meeting home earlier. and although it usually takes ten to twelve minutes to drive coupe style but if there are traffic jam most of it might take me half an hour to get the word isaac newton broken. so let's reform. problem is this highway. he used to be popular with commuters. but now they have to pay a toll they prefer to take them or move out into deeper in austria. if islam is the last exit before the austrian border. anyone who doesn't leave the highway here meets the road tax decal the european court of
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justice should pass a law or regulations to be living with a first date in every country should be exempt from it all so many people trying to surf and navigate the tax traffic on a side road is getting heavy and can ski season upon them. china expects four thousand vehicles or more each day germans do all three and one to roads choked with drivers trying to keep it cool the new thing that has just opened a shop and coastline and is worried about business and i'd be a nice hot enough to encourage customers to come to us rather than go to supermarkets. now they can say they wouldn't come because they come get him with the rates a busy but an awful lot of that has different in content available. awesome tunes lessons are starting to feel is their town is a highway truck stop this is when there's already an amount of traffic in the town on
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weekends. is it just makes things much worse. it's that everything had been fined for years and all of a sudden they introduce the cold for that tiny section of road it's not like me. chris pine city hall on screen politicians are opposed to the government's decision the residents of the tier old town were spared the agony is too much traffic for sixteen years when the man your mans to secure an exception. in that suddenly they introduce these controls. they're talking about the venice of the toll for that argument doesn't make sense because to talk about the equality of the goal is to suggest that everyone is affected by it in the same way. but coach don is affected in a unique way this post was going on. he has plenty of support from key for spending time thomas has already taken the keys to the austrian transport minister dora is that it's
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no one above was hauled in august we went to construe advancement and spirits she said it's the bowl and she had no intention of changing the goal that with the cia because of his concerts but kinda. it's fun to take his complaint to the european court of justice. he has his argument ready. the other one is the highways so traffic bypasses the town that passes through it you about the dispute over these two km of freeway remains a contentious issue because anyone who misses the last exit on the inside of the border has to be the on screen party's one hundred and twenty reps. the city of zion but here in belgium is home to one of the largest jewish communities in gear some fifteen thousand live in many of them lack within the local diamond trade the area around the time and posting this to see santa in particular is lined with tish restaurants and orthodox school. spec loops and way of
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life seem like in the back in time. trying to keep the traditions all i need is not easy. one reason why many teens to marry somebody from the city's community. but not just anybody. they use state of the art technologies to reduce the risk of defects in their offspring. school food pantry to keep taxes. just a few more. and up to three months. this copy of the torah will be finished these events will have a once in a lifetime celebration. and i am whatever one to teach his children. no words for it himself. people used to be able to transmit the part
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that the midst of grief. we become. each school to multiply. the new torah scroll is needed for a new premier. it is the ultra orthodox community is growing rapidly. when one thinks there's a jewish joke. what is locked. the french explorer. the italians in art and to the a divine commandment of you the day you'll see price still insist of going blonde moments i am. before he and his wife got married and had six children. we had to clear a medical miracle that god was testing for genetic defects. devices and the whole community of the remote and when it comes to medical technology. this was the possibility of potential back to something serious going to come out of this relationship then you take the test. many couples
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have. you know given and that number and. try it out to find that the compatible or not and then nothing. you know they just updating. um but it just says that the cost and that's something that is so simple. the test is simple. at the age of fifteen or sixteen and the coconut is taken and examines essential takes a bank in new york schools the results and assigns a code number to teach us to present the point is to avoid genetically transmitted diseases because frequently among orthodox . i think it'd be the fact being the eastern european jewry awful father's death and leaving britain in the words that we always wore in breeding torrents the most to beat each other and families with each others so of we the phone the season thus s the two. to a genetic screening. how would that be the mavericks to stick on belgian guy doesn't know what's good for
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today who don't do marry within the staff who finished with the orthodox community is the kind of label to teach me stuff that i ran to my neighbor actually says accosted us is my mom's good friend. she happens to be a matchmaker also but out of her has been reduced to travel to belgium. i don't know how often but he knew the weiss family from belgium and then she called my mom one day and she said oh i had a great bag for your daughter the young peoples to the ticket numbers with contents. when the physician state that they carry. call me and you'll se were committed to marry and have children. every parent says what is every parent's money to spray the house. this is something we could prevent so we're not asking for on duty or or or intelligence the sale of the smoky blue eyes. the wind trying to win
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the mm health hazard. and and tragedies. if you live. rabbi conceived to the system more than thirty years ago. he wanted to prevent suffering he lost four of his and children to the tay sachs disease which is always great to us and at the age. since everyone in the community began having that attested to the disease has practically disappeared. jewish children in and took us that the fates the filter isn't room takes blood from his patience for this genetic tests. it takes a knee a couple of minutes that can change the whole course of life. but most locals we must prevent suffering. we have to ensure help. every orthodox jew was obligated to keep his body healthy. the bodies merely on loan. it is in one's property and so it must be taken care of them. most of them. it
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would view this teacher nicole said tests but some polls and his two cheese especially frequent patients my sis keeps us from them during society there's something we call a founder mutation and found mutations are genetic mutations that arose in some more father or for mother and that can be inherited. the more small and close to communicate is the greater is the chance that the defect will continue to appear in later generations. also both adults and at least in terms of medical science the ultra modern the anyway these communities can grow. thus it up with a tombstone into the science and religion don't have to contradict each other they can supplement each other and this is a perfect example of that. this is of very scientifically german examination of the population but ultimately it grows out of a religious
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framework ups. but gees live that religion in the traditional way they express the joy ripening on the streets. torah scroll is cruel to the new printer in under a canopy. each member of the congregation gets it and to carry it. but at the youth. you see children community is reading. it is bhutto. the perceptions destination is going to raise heat moon's practice in the center of the dream every week. young men meet in to intensify their faith the influences and distractions of the book moves the cats outside. a jewish man should marry a jewish movement to bring healthy jewish children into the womb. it doesn't rain that's coming to it. romance itself as the always based on
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logic and has to be a us based its own strong foundation and you know that you don't have to worry about diseases and it is like eight sacks than others hoping it's a contradiction to romance the people here tend to be in the charts meeting with two strangers they didn't want to trust thanks to the test to see him is compatible. the master of love. the batter. he just passed to the beach. it is. i was brings us to get into specifics in europe in general thanks very much for one think its him in again next week if he can and will have a special christmas edition. until then the asean and bye for now. i am. the us
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air force fighter squadron at first when i went to see air force aerial demonstration team. oh and i know that
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the state's huge part of the kids. aaron brown. we could accomplish our mission that you have the skills to tackle this. embracing our differences and working together. also as americans for your support. remember our strength. twice i've ever seen. or worse the book sir having a stupid thing to you in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six to tie. an exception to the reason i was going on fourteen if i make myself and i was fourteen i would reckon this of course that person today. it's the same spot on reduce like a normal work on reinstated. well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys could be the same though will the prosecution. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes and you will not be the same tomorrow us
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don't. so i run out of me trying to work into credibility in the conduct a life changing. no holy giving in to ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance. crowe will last a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all the kids do that. he said. well winter is called the vista home. it's not use the d c and d in quite another direction and in easton. the same vintage this mole is the key instead the sea. nature
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makes him the way around nosy. looking on the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. kink to stay moved by love. it's a man whose longing for something his lonely and long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i did. however all was fine with it. it's like. most of the tendencies
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towards this somebody who isn't. the audience. you knew you were when will you. will you. let's not see people asked us when possible ceiling collapses during a show i do as the parents loved them fiesta. with budgets last eu leaders agreed to work more closely on making defense spending the roof of a. portugal's constitutional court frustrates the government and says its


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