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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 20, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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lena called south korea began excavating the remains of hundreds of chinese soldiers killed during the korean war. we had them all words are to be a start that its walkman is in
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the act was trying to set up an exhibition game the lights off for the me that the us. it shows you have to wait and see when he scolds the eye. but if that's the effect. it's awful. five minutes. all the welcome to cc to the new twilight from a gene on until we stopped in south korea the country's defence ministry has begun excavating the remains of chinese soldiers killed during the korean will be excavated remains on to be returned to china as part of the month mark agreement between the two countries the act nationwide is expected to take several months as he remains need to be properly washed dried and placed in the coffin. these include the ceos and his badges and no tree uniforms
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or two got the four hundred and twenty five sets of remains of chinese soldiers will be re times. south korea would take charge of all the preparations from that distance amends to placing the remains in coffins the chinese government will transport them back to the homes the us may show is being concocted in a cemetery that was established in the pull of the city open to the nineteen ninety six to set up as the final resting place with dprk on chinese soldiers. the senior south korean village author shows us the two sides agreed to repack trade remains based on the agreed upon judge you on humanitarian grounds. an agreement was reached between so the ageing of the dismount off to south korean president up when he made the offer as a humanitarian gesture during a visit to china in june still on the toe and contains the former nba star dennis brought amanda has had its tryouts fully dprk team
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to face it doesn't and the eighth entrance and an exhibition game to mark the last day of kim jong un the dprk scorpion to grow them on the ride didn't kill me on the infestation put the finishing touches on plans to bring twelve bucks nba players to kimi on forty eight generate the eighth game but some of the twelve americans have not been convinced to come to kenya on diet of security concerns ruckman has penned title what king on instructing the ppi pace possible players and said it is planning another gain in june. mosman that it generates game is on track despite the base and the execution of king jo mom's uncle both men stressed that he hopes to gain would be friendly with that political on nationalistic overtones. to live here. bnp leader before going to unite
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don't you know mega city. it is pretty cool. cool i understand what's going on with it. the political stuff i'm going to change i was going to kiss her. for this country and see what countries fought a war for too much. although my boss give those kind of sports which is an attempt to use her body well. mix in the grip of playing basketball again to release the gas tax. setting cinematic past and now that it is getting to the powers in a bottle for the country's presidential election the hoping that whoever is chosen to become community that will be able to be the magical thing falling pm political crisis. about twenty thousand voting stations are open across the country. more than seven point nine million voters practice that would choose between candidates don't loose rope in some supported by former presidents and to hire a right to enter a moment p i mean that the former finance minister backed by the sitting president of the country's transitional government
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parliament because they're also taking place on friday which could lead to one pound heading to presidency and the other controlling the legislature. perhaps forcing them into a power sharing deal. you and an arab league special envoy to cereal off the porky me is scheduled to meet us and russia and other officials on friday to pave the way forward plan to geneva to call to generate aimed at resolving to see win prizes the mango to friday's supreme eating is to seek a compromise between us and rush up the blog if the long delayed geneva to peace talks aimed at the chimes of success. the second round of geneva peace talks was initially scheduled for july of this yet. however it was postponed several times the main challenger has been guessing that different groups involved in this there when civil war and respected international supporters to reach common ground. brush on the us on the two main sponsors of the peace
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conference but they force as support opposing sides of the civil conflict that in a sieve or a searing government of president bush al assad and rebel movements. while the us and rochelle wilson to find it on bass and syria chemical weapons issued to two countries would eventually able to negotiate a peaceful disarmament compromise. for more on ge on the meeting on friday leh still talk respondents knew she was falling to geneva to talks very pleasant hello to seeing what does this am prepping me saying i hope to achieve. well this is the sister prepared she needs me in the about six months time to prepare for the second international conference on syria known as the geneva to know this geneva to is basically a peace negotiations between the different so boring size in syria said that they can come up with a peaceful political transition to and the current bloodshed. how was that because of
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the comexity of this conference as he saves the us simple timing of this conference ahead of this conference has taken almost a fight months to decide. we now know that this peace conference will take place in the twenty second of january here in switzerland and we know the raw format to howl with the tube and today we still do not know exactly who will be anticipating especially among the opposition dedication that is exciting clean quiet as you mentioned the un the us and russia on one of the parties' of meeting today to nail down the steep hills we know that bringing the fence will talk to a decree the russian foreign ministers sat and had focused on all santa just an off hand down the secretary of state for political affairs for the united states when the showman and then they will be meeting representatives of the five permanent members of the human security council as well as neighboring countries
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of syria including eleven on jordan iraq and turkey and there will also be teaching with the eu and have a clique of representatives. so we hope that by the end of today's meeting that will become of coming up with a list of anticipation especially among the opposition forces and also upon a month of the snow countries for instance will iran eventually people in the tall and with the saudi arabian will be able to sit next to me upon in these discussions and then think about my changing india will get back to anfield minutes the run and six allied powers have resumed at that level talks in geneva had to wipe out how to put into practice a landmark deal which obliges tea around to cut its nuclear program in bhutan for some sanctions for any discussions on that the toes of last month's break through the cold winter rob to divide see iran diplomats last week of the decision by the united states supply list and nineteen morgan rating companies and individuals
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but diplomats say much progress has been achieved in the four day meeting in vienna. the board said expressed hope that wrapping up the practical discussions and meetings in geneva on fasting on friday. the kidney and the seven countries would be ready to agree on a date on the dates when the cold goes into effect. they would decide when and how exactly essentials can be lifted on what iran must do to meet its obligations on cutting its most the sensitive nuclear work. meanwhile us senators have just introduced a bill to slap sanctions on iran by cutting off its was so see if the country it breaks the towns of tea and tear and piano. now for more on the polk said that iran's nuclear program lets hope the gun to a report in the machine in geneva. hello again in shame we know that this kind of talks has never been easy so will kind of challenges when looking at this time yes they're talking about said d c note the plan
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as to how to implement be a very good very difficult lee reached an agreement that they managed at the end of a new band but that is how it long weekend and take a common creed and verifiable measures to scale back its nuclear activities said that economic sanctions imposed on iran by the west and by the international community can be popping missed it. now they're facing two challenges festival they don't have much time out we note that this is the author of a huggies aei into an agreement in which lost about six months so they have to come up as soon as possible a plan as to how to get step by step and day in sync and into compliment and implementing be set. these mesh is what iran has to do step by step and what the international community has to do step by step so that they can either carry out what they have what they talked about in november secondly pressure is on as you sit the us congress is
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always threatening to impose new sanctions on iran if nothing and is well and to weave in the domestic related every now and the ukrainian delegation is also facing pressure from its hardline opposition cent said they have to sit down and nail down the technical details as fast as possible when their backs and next week will be going into the christmas holiday time said and in that at the beginning of january they'll be the fashionable fun oaks new year out we ahve token a bad day to about twentieth of january with the implementation can spot which means the us seven countries do not have much time to wrap up the technical discussions will have to see you how they can progress in the next state to act in tandem ride the colt is taking indeed thank you very much approve a report today wishing in geneva. turning to ibrox now two thousand and thirteen will and as the deadliest yet in the country and often the case with a steep
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escalation in all means and she takes this week also marks to a guest to us troops with juve completely from iraq. it was a country bush a war from the start. an invasion based on faulty intelligence followed by a bloody in seconds the details of sectarian war. and fred jobs cuts to its stability ask the us who doubts. leaky lucas reports from washington these are the defining images from two thousand thirteen in iraq the wreckage of a bombed out part. rivers of blood. oceans of grief. the group iraq body count puts the civilian death toll for two thousand thirteen and nine thousand by mid december the highest level since two thousand eight and still far below the numbers from the previous two years at the height of the sunni versus shia sectarian warfare. james jeffrey was us ambassador to iraq in two thousand tend to two thousand twelve. what we're seeing is a rise in violence almost completely caused by the growth of al
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qaeda spurred by two new developments that all of the number one is the most important situation in syria two raging across the border the iraqi factions al qaeda has allied itself with its radical sunni counterpart in syria expanding its reach the second development is the increasing dissatisfaction of iraq's sunni minority. they have long complained that the shia led government as marginalize them and targeted them for arrest. the flashpoint came in april when iraqi security forces conducted a deadly raid on the cd protest camp in how we judge a town north of baghdad al qaeda responded with a relentless campaign of bombings across the country targeting both shiites and other sunnis believe to be cooperating with the government. it was two years ago this week when us troops withdrew from iraq after nearly nine years of war at that time of qaeda's influence had been greatly
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diminished. they did not have the freedom of maneuver. they were very much even though there were dangerous. they were a shell of their former selves. us army major general jeffrey buchanan was the chief military spokesman as the americans left in two thousand eleven. even then he says there are concerns about the iraqi security forces' ability to defend the country they had some significant gaps that we all recognize they recognize that the us failed to reach a deal with iraq to allow american troops to remain in the country the us embassy was left with the task of providing counter terrorism support to iraq and it struggled to muster the necessary manpower and resources from washington finding the money funding the illegal parties finding the legal justification to keep those people and country getting mclaren from iraqi government how we label were able to do some of that but far less than we thought we would because that's what happens when you don't military forces and country in the lesson areas. don't forget that in afghanistan but no omar if the us institute for peace is among
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those who questioned the need for extending the american presence in iraq. i always questioned how much are we prevent a bloodbath and how much are we prevented the conciliation is the reality is with us troops with international community so involved in iraq. it was an artificial balance of power. despite the spike in violence this year in iraq is not seen returning to the daily revenge killings carried out by the sectarian death squads in two thousand six and seven. yes there are rising violence levels of violence. um but i also think that is too early right now to judge. and whether or not it was all worth it. i really think we need five or ten years. surely only a small contingent of the few hundred american troops remain in iraq working under the umbrella of the us embassy and their main task is assisting with its ailing us military equipment to iraq melanie wilkes cctv
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washington. less than three years of his creation to wed snail is the country's south see don is beginning to fracture along ethnic lines in finance that has killed hundreds of people including three u n peacekeepers the un deputy secretary general has made a strong appeal for decides the ball to start at the final as soon as possible. a strong reaction to use the attack the strong commitment to do with the council to close the detention of civilians in the composting and the camps and of course the strong ap four. as a kid i took it to the government of saddam most intuitive clicked on it and his skull. but this is urgent to go to that time no other sport. who can influence is her situation should take sides there is possibility so that answers to our parents themselves. eliana has also confirmed that young people from south to don second largest ethnic group force
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their way into the un mission base and jungle a state the ceilings of indians who had taken refuge that. un deputy spokesman told reporters the un fears that many have been some fatalities but come come from you and how many at this stage rapidly escalating i think widens has embraced the fears of instability and was news the country tonight to see evacuation flights have taken american and british citizens aid workers and the un pass an hour away to escape divided is a sad situation and kept the juba appears to have calmed to some extent but a keynote it's unconfirmed reports of several students killed by security pass now i do value the city on wednesday. god if not thousands of souls refuge in you and bases seeking protection. turning to ukraine now launched numbers of freud's police have surrounded the key as independence class and surrounding area. the reports
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that opposition leaders on the two ukrainian president takes to get a cold . on thursday ukraine's cotton and pasta in the old guarantee on us the full press the demonstrators of arrested during a goal in a crackdown by the end of last month for more on the club's colts up respond and stephanie for a binky after that stephanie as we just decide to this report in fads opposition leaders on meeting president dixie until they each have any news on that's what are they talking about bochy they were our meeting or i we are still trying to confirm that i would be about to take her to a new referendum that would implement the kids pick a route that would allow for sure is that people were arrested during the bleak it didn't take years to the beach. but it can make a corporation or for what we have to change from the leaders of the opposition
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there really are in no intention of looking right now with the president there is the president. what having the right will be special for it. i'm a secure area couple weekly surrounding the square what we learned is that barricade and peeking out that the special forces security prepare. that prompted it to be here at about a block from here. he was laying the region. at a monument marking the end of the year two thousand and thirteen at the sky. in the area where i am now and where the president just what the kiwi did it go. he still followed. i learned to deal with protesters competing for a few hours it. in the ppp charity with a kick scoring rate hike indication of what could happen if security forces despite it to crack down here. stephanie's some of the opposition leads is outside the domestic b o is a victory for them so what's the agenda for the coming days. while trying to
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rekindle the agenda for thick cream taste it. it means that you into its part the opposition leaders are concerned that she will be a leak or protest on the square and running twenty four hours that day all day long the key singing it. i'm shaking and people get their hair or wear anything for the coming days will be more and more people can be taken to the weekend to people come in from surrounding areas from outlying areas the opposition leaders but that is by the sort of break for the people who were imprisoned during the writing on it by the break that they're getting from the government be released without charge. they're staying. don't feel that way keep checking. it's okay to treat our people but we are still going to stand firm on the wear. thank you very much and she responds and stephanie framed in kenya
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onto other news the twenty fourth session of the time a u s joint commission on colleges and trade has brought to god the chinese vice premier one young and us secretary of coma is a penny a priest to both of whom are co hosting the meetings and talks on the last high level of exchange between the two countries this yet but it's also the fastest since china underwent a knee dish of transition on the air in march. chinese vice premier wanting a review of the achievements of the pasta thirty years of the joint commission was established in nineteen eighty three china us trade relations of the team great achievements in the past two years to two years ago the trade value china and us was only four billion us dollars. this year the group has exceeded five hundred billion years ago bilateral investment was only one hundred million us dollars. today we see it standing above one hundred billion. the j c c t has
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contributed greatly to these achievements. our photo one shia has been falling the session by replies lee she has optimized pressing issues concerning both sides take a listen. i have expressed a high head to the outcome of the need to eat some ice axe the us relaxing restrictions on the collapsible also many chinese companies are calling for the u s companies make you laugh at their guarantee you the full playing field for chinese companies in the us markets. the sides have expressed a common interest on cooperation in interactive comedy nights he sees an old cell the us side to the dedication will discuss access to a chinese mother see incense is not as many us companies have shiny stuff and made into effect in extreme barry is in the afternoon when the whole session comes on. i knew what size will hold press conferences separately. when
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the philosophy of the details of this meeting. european union leaders gathering for the second day of the eu summits with a focus coming to the situation in ukraine to make this would discuss the country's recent decision not to sign the stabilization and association agreement with the eu. what europe might have gone to prevent it gore said debate the message they want to send to the ukrainians is still protesting against the president makes a chemical . there on thursday european leaders clashed in the pen defense cooperation on improve the capacity of member states to conduct peace keeping missions leaders who said get the final sign off to the european union's proposed a resolution authority and accompanying funds which will have the power to restructure and wind down troubled times as china's aerospace industry says rapid gangs many of the country is looking to partner up with china in hopes of replicating its size. those who would gain demise would be countries that don't have
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the technology as china's aerospace industry can provide them with a one stop service for the supply projects with the colts the space program continues to showcase many high profile missions including its manned space flights lunar exploration. this commercial stuff like this this is quietly expanding its global presence. he's so commercial organization that sells unknown to scholars of stop lights. determine with no industry corporation has increased business. having completed thirty nine commercial launches for international clients. and for sure if i stop lights into awb's. the company is betting that its reputation and britney. this only programs of western countries which were finding one stop service to continue its training and technical support. this will lower the costs for customers in the ward choir aerospace technology in a short time all the top brazilian chinese products out to lunch
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the climate monitoring satellite photo of each piece it was a nice this year the director of the bolivian state agencies that he's still very optimistic about the bilateral cooperation of the stuff like projects. we know that the probe of its use. what class. we are very confident. both the is so powerfully that working with you. we're going to be like what he'd be a story to be closed as they scored the very first time. he says hubby liked it everybody is his happy with. to start started contracting to southern and ten. china has helped to believe yet developed defrosted telecommunications that likes to cut cutlery. the strings in genius to manage a system so what is expected to run
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from december to be fast. in other countries not to the roll call me and also short interest in cooperating with china on this flight projects. getting the nearest this industry is huge project that requires customize sets lights of sydney in unions and professional services with a one stop service for the flight projects. china's aerospace industry seems to win more modest years. his crucial stage in years to come. cctv. she tells of life must end. that's it for this news update on cctv knew some pending in beijing on the eye i know. the us. i mean is it
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a notch from russia moscow. i park in all but that's it for the most prominent independent and well known russian newspaper in the west on. weeks. we just get famous by it. the stark responded that what i can see me in the acting was good and bad ah so to say but shields my organization uses paper. it implies force commander and the one in my country to know what that school's first manuscript read the op a lot
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of people asking. the open casket at the question of my soul so many young people and what do you use paper and also the money of course when did they use in the cold to go up hot spots in their actions. aah. indeed they say that the wii. it doesn't matter. we live in your chest as he doesn't update the ol' still just seemed to know but is it that because they felt that its right place to wear it. tool but a place to let up. she did it offers a journalist and a bit curious in a baby's soul. given my country and get in and out to be curious. add two to be curious to ask when she set up. to try to understand what's going on. don't be a god and allow anybody to manipulate your mind's eye
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we are open country you all and people during its new nation still has two chances and that i don't let anybody tool. so if your destiny for you you and me meme. sales in nine languages. click on the second time in japan so special. i don't. welcome to nhk world is live and you know tummy until kill cures a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. the japanese government has the new plan to help people affected by the achievement of the accident rebuild their lives. i am fighting between rival military forces is spreading its outset and japan's peacekeepers


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