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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 20, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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commence in texas the look on her excursion to turkey. busy bustling markets the exquisite tables. local teams share the recipes we can find inspiration concrete piers japanese dishes. his tweets. it's a feast of mary expressions on greek is tokyo because you pray to st kitts was a weekday. because breaking news called what. so much. eagles to play. stocks while. gordon use you. free
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to go when the technique elf other costs. he is released from prison camp. according to officials there for this just a short while after letterman which assigns a surprise party. south sudan on the edge three peacekeepers are killed by the mob attack on a un compound country hit by increasing violence as thousands flee for their safety. violets on the african continent will be discussed as european leaders gather again in brussels. so long looking to drum up troop support for france is mentioned in the central african republic. thus the headline stuff all spent at thank you for joining us first to rush or prison officials say kremlin critic of the calcutta christie has been freed from jail. this race comes after presents a
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button or treat on sunday supply is part of the former oil tycoon. the fifty year old had been in jail for over a decade on charges of fraud and embezzlement. in his sentence was seen as a symbol of the erosion of human rights under presidents digital foster cats. shaun walker is in moscow. he has won the details behind the release. yesterday when did it with bacon right everybody including the cops get it all is said to them about it in a way that he signed the top eight at the request for papa back in and treated hit you with that he would not be that because it does imply the exceptional killed when hearing this morning from sources that what excuse did that written by russian officials on call but it mob of its private sale. and secondly that the new tape was being taken to a mistake by very strong nations signed
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the kids to play up to her papa that he didn't he do that. shaun walker reporting from moscow. an avalanche of plaster and dust over seventy five people were injured on thursday when the roof collapsed during a sold out london theater performance forty five minutes into the shell of the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. witnesses say they heard a cracking sounds just before this healing partially caved and bought some seven hundred people were in the audience of the apollo theater at the time for the latest across the defrost and cats that benedict had the opal is standing by for us. in london now demanding that i'm any closer to knowing the exact cause of the accident. while know that we know that no wait it's not officially but investigate is up on trying to establish the call was all of this series an incident that happened last night fourteen minutes into the performance he was eight fifteen local time here in london when costs of this ornate ceiling of this. one hundred and twelve year olds kids had collapsed onto some of the audience and of course
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the rock head neck injuries as the dead tree fell on to spectators and it is told that we have is said that there was seventy six people who injured center. seven of them seriously on to the seventy six fifty eight and start taking two for the london hospitals and various means i know some sun comes up and beyond that to several london buses would come and it actually tooth fairy. some of the lexington the walking wounded the fuel to some of the hospitals there are some reports that suggest that one and began to drip through cracks and in the ceiling before it actually came down to see it as i said was i too was that of almost full to capacity to a seven hundred and twenty people say it's a miracle that the town is indeed wants to know that benedict he is a series of seven hundred people in this pack. it is grotesque and then a lot worse. it could have um i think the number of factors had led to mention that there was a very big storm in a
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month so that's what investigators are looking if there was a war to eat or something that precipitation what happens but it's the caribbean fall lasted in that sense but that within three or four minutes so that helped. um that all slew of that weapon agency lights because what happens all the lights went out with a wet night as he likes that helped. an up close that people were helping each other. um but what is happening right now but this is the scores to show the actual steep section and some tea and trepidation about getting to the fiesta of about forty theaters on the stand throughout the whole youth. central london are being checked will be checked today in the days to come. i neva the coming weeks to try and ensure that this cd doesn't happen and that made the kinks of the attack. actually it gets far more than they bargained for. and so he doesn't get injured. and then benedict did you very much for that update. have you there in
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london. now at the brink of civil war us president from obama wants that south sudan is any danger is turning point. silence is on the rise in the country hundreds of people have reportedly died in fighting that sped from the capital juba since last weekend. the presence of a kitty kisses his ex deputy me crash of a failed coup. well for his part the former vice president says kia has failed to unify the people and must leave power but that. kidding when they can get it. and there the weekend that we do that the kind that could be a kid. the next guy. will it a
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try. nick. we did admit that it bought. you can. but that good either the two. the key that recall the country that's us. and speaking now on thursday three indian peacekeepers were killed and an attack on a un base in the country an estimated thirty four thousand people have taken a refuge from the violence. united nations compound of prospect heights at letting go isn't about me as though it sometimes hitting the country. wishing you delay getting out of control. you are. i got up
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in one weekend out of it look at the top. achieving you think you haven't spoken to. try it. he loved it and do not need any our motto for eighth of june i didn't care. so a topical issue that may be at. you can do that local government. get it the king that he went in to get it. when it comes to boil but what about the key that leads to the needle. what the topic and there. the band to the end of each day. i met up picking. more than likely
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lead to getting out of the cold war. not tonight fortunately. that night the bleeding badly. the good doc. having indoor putting that from a juvenile in the ugandan troops have been deployed to the conscience of sudan that in an effort to shore up security in the country. there is increasing violence and let's move on in the european summit continues in brussels that this friday and fresh on the heels of the banking sector reforms. peters will now focus on defense issues and international affairs of the violence and central african republic is on the table as well as french president francois one says he expects a full end to announce that it will provide military backing for his troops in the country. france hoping that the mission of the scene as the joint european operation. it's the first time eu leaders have discussed offensive to some eight in five years the french president said
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from his nose the intervention the central african republic set the need for common funding to help single member states financed costly operations. these two tasks european leaders on friday to take on the operation as a new one. i request likely to be met with resistance. the second eu states to provide air transport coal in its the only other willing to stand trips an offer of fifty air force personnel sent to buying heat for three months she said do. this is the suspicion is confirmed then from tomorrow the operation of the central africa republic would be considered a european one. it is the european operation there was the financial aid to you from europe. okay i'm just saying an eu matters it for the central african operation will be up to work for germantown slacking around mark on the eu should focus on making my sissy countries with the means to help themselves. as jeremy stanley aiming for an alley uk prime minister's defence corporation should only go so
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far. he is right for the european union. later that it is on the staff forces and the rest of it that would be to get a new location for an eu countries have comcast primary tree standing in the face of a scary team the nato secretary general warned eu leaders to step up their defense cooperation. we can either smith's relationship with max leaders agreed to go to developing european drone in the next decade to plummet and singh government satellite communications discussions continue on friday. well as the sun that report by catherine at clifford the violence and some top republicans to be discussed in brussels today fresh violence reported in the country witnesses same christian militia attacked muslim neighborhoods in the capital of bondi overnight. meanwhile attacking peacekeeper has died from injuries inflicted in a patrol on a thursday will foster cat has been closely following events the country. here's the support of march and on the ground it's a crisis
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meeting in this muslim district of bondi. these men no one reads. they accuse the french soldiers of disarming about all the fullness of the ripples from its muslim and paying less attention to the christian anti baloch a militia. is it going on these pages on the senate to amend those guys for execution but christians have an instant on the potty but i don't like him to disarm the anti at two min we want to know about. from this tiny thing in this christian thereon and bumpy. these are the answer coming up. they wear protective eye minutes. some of them all very young. they say that some of them began on tuesday. obviously the soldiers didn't take all my weapons fear of what turf the roof of the day before yesterday the event on red's almost a bomb and would love to sew. we walked last few weeks to put it this up to now they have to do some of those in the all the campfire
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for a monday deadline. in that house isn't in the fields but signs are pointing their weapons. some of the french soldiers arrive where we filmed the anti tom account go and check over there. the associated stigma i'm supposed to stay here until you get the little ones are all the necessities and then on second thought cultivate your lungs not to kill people. it was probably just my own security the fringed and find the old guns to relieve the mennonites in this isolated area it failed as long they could drop to the face for prizes attacks associate unit in sydney this is what this mission is difficult to not you have to follow the rules. also use some common sense when you're suffering that we have to be in their own weapons and exotic and stop an attack before we tend to get rid of
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it. don't deem it important because it's hard to resist this area students to read the posts along the main role we disarm everyone christians muslims who scored in the back seneca county ballot counted and ordinary citizens and human continue. it is indeed no one but i don't understand. in the central african republic for the summer and price this is only just beginning. after years of political turmoil including a coup d'etat in madagascar was hoping for a fresh start. animation has begun of voting for a new president in its second round run off today. there are fears that political battling isn't a fully over the two current nominees are parts the candidates former president to mark the trouble of mine on and the man who ousted him on trust mom a little earlier we spoke to the head of the eu election observer mission in madagascar. she told us how the bow was gone. if i can devote the music is a violent illegal camp and the lack of
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sleep on my oh and one hundred and twenty c a share or sleeping i intend to plant begins to change in accounting. and and we have the information we have his ears back and he is telling us to soak up the open and tying the game much in the other day and it turned my tv i was a keen to harness the sun even ninety seven percent of state and one count of importing stays in bed with glee when coupled with the accent and everything and it's everything seems to be and i am going to survive. i don't however have a bit of outer space and chit chat now the first curator about in space made small talk with the japanese astronaut this onboard the international space station. suitable for farming as first mission on the station of course the robot capital said it had no problem with a zero gravity. police took them to process questions and slept words from his vocabulary is to build an answer instead of
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giving a pre programmed responses to specific questions well that's all they have time for dc to boston to. i knew. are all welcome. i'm all this false and this time around we're bringing you the show from india and its capsule deadbeat this country has a vibrant media industry and competition between the two for rivals can often be favourites on anything today with the founder although one of india's biggest media business is the right depth and is seen as a pioneer with an indian television and his company next work a team has partnered with the floor and the papas like if i called cnn cnn and cnbc is to build india specific entertainment and news channels so the phone also has interesting that he called us in films and magazines to
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just mention a few of the tobacco thank you very much indeed for speaking to see it sooner but i think you know you've been called the roof of the so called india. i'm going to look for some people to call them and for some people perhaps know it's what you make your liking this is out. this is more because the i one of those two media companies which has gone before and forth in entertainment and a new site hits come from that and it's not because of this tidy or the aged forty and stomps that abbas and expect that it is that one has been described as such i think is because i was a mug up has been such a fantastic empire in the entertainment of the business to companies about that. see you taking it and doesn't affect the way it's it's just i think a quadrant of business books you call you media group off the ground. add the salt of the nineteen nineties will make you think that this is the time to move this is the time that the testing a
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few weeks you should be one of the last guy in the early nineties india was second ahead of a school's media markets. we had just won national broadcaster. nothing gets so all that to seattle to these eight hundred nine hundred tv channels have gotten busy in the last twenty twenty one units. so here the nineties i used to that abound within that broad cost of the units are tough as a hobby. when you eat then suddenly sacked likened him to india. you can see that this would be an expose and no government control. i fiddle to see the king as a country which would certainly have its own content the effort to not come to the dust on the subject unto them a history in a casino fluffy print new is that media entertainment of being but you know compete in the private sector as its logo consent to the daycare that india would have a frightening the mixtape brought cost industry possible so that opportunity outlook was an addition onto her no i didn't have any family kept sucking back by financial investor is no
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fluid so we picked up the place trying to step in the early nineties. we invested in the business news broadcast facility. i'm in business news broadcasts that the general view that to be to build new slip to entertainment deck to the cobblers had two pieces of properties in internet properties so it or not. as i was mentioning in my introduction. this fits right for instance that if your business channel cnbc in the next twelve to eighteen it has three contests is in the english language business segments. how is the industry doing seeing the whole of this rivalry and competition that's quite a good script and exporter the market in that sense that we have but he'll be in a completely open industry sold their old ideas when they bought houses in industry which is just awesome. i detect a bit in the last couple of big hits on a new one. i was trying to be a day for drinking in almost eighty to deal with the syndicates. so i could sustain the market with as you said sporting effect but
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business is done about that told me i would dismiss the channels out there that seeks in the general knows that's a good bit of something like the whole night movies general news channels. like forty five to fifty unity and regional itv news channel and in the midst of that article seven of them will is a roomful of these defend title. the bus stop when the collegiate level and bustle of the last decade or so she doesn't happen i think consolidation is now in it but we see that idiot in the states. i think it's not inevitable in the new spaces but putting a single thing yet you really have to think of no. i haven't been that kind of number of countries that show has a number of languages the total pack in game the senses is somewhat akin to that that nobody speaks we have tumbled languages we act in some of the states i have not just confusing. what does he speak of media business the question of ownership often comes up you start to do with reliance said the dossier which is a big game indian conglomerate said and that have been some
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concerns that the ties between business and media are basically these two posts that those concerns to our north to i stick to just eat to your group of schools that boarding say about the stations in those ocean beach. it's been a bit mediocre would all media is in business but the important thing is not home and new businesses are fine it's important thing is do they enjoy the korean independence next notice. it is only name gets the keys on a little one when pastor capital of gospel andediu busesses but in the news business of entertainment i guess is not a problem. so the show is it according to an exciting opportunity is our son's action with reliance industries is abt a penance for the skills of the financing transaction i'd be up already and so they have financed money investment companies. and i have gotten in the midst of the capital in the business didn't want to take the portuguese taking the business get on the border because of the business. they have absolutely no will not
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influence the sea and the running of the businesses to finance the one that doesn't cost us less of a code of conduct that i've got on with the lights in the streets. as a general who led us through financial capital. we folded the media business important thing is can you be in a decoder independence. ibd. i don't believe that we will give us some will be paid heed to the blue tide news of businesses at the national that day that he had predicted. i'm not just us even our competitors will be financed by industry capital have managed to retain identity toward independence of the next six to the boss when it opened a debate about the wonder in his coffin. where do you think it is in the states that have been consensus call all of a slowdown in growth for tests and india. you know we had go really opened up by one million yea ago. i will still be opening up that mea he was beating the trade and investment sectors we didn't have a broad opening up the economy back nights in china. we have a full as opening up off the cotton
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industry sectors. hotspots and yet continue to them in and informs them that night nobody on in the eighty four jill of all the big beta fish results that will happen when the sweet spot at that but to cancel the whole thing nominee and did the prices of consulting. in the water to dip into that. it can open a medical blog into a cd of overpriced india to defend england job because he was two years of managing that two of eighty. i've massive state induced stimulus program. when it went wrong as an economy and the other thing though price of that now is in two thousand and ten. by which time we had managed to successfully steal all. the deal with crises the government of india did not shoot itself. and as easy as you know that at dublin's gotta have a tendency not to believe. seoul the government balance sheet expanded the school for the status of private initiative diminished
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interest rates therefore when the baby high structural innovation became a problem what investment rates than aussie beans they expect the government decision making apparatus out completely talk long. there will be asking a big ego investment rating the economy today. the icing up a notch to stay balanced and he has seen it in additional space for private enterprise and all that is linked to a stillborn and pretty tight fit. so that's not the usual the parliament to redo the parallel himself the two to china and unreasonable called superpower you cannot with this book to read about three years back also. even today the argument the tunnels had that was speeding ahead. but that india is a tussle that will eventually overtake here that the chinese have do do do do ou still believe that. eyes i see the indian economic work crisis and othere your dease all that that prices of the dti to think and think someone will send them a fixable problemsindi will
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come backnto the balls off but at the things that i work in putting away the fundamental with the genetic innocents. what is the muppets on top of gold is based on a democratic stable and there was much more broad based as much about acceptance. it's been done through consensus. still at work to contend for the suspect. demography is an extremely young country and then went to dinner yum. mi ups. i can use ts the next puppy as the lead back to china china and the next thing here as we become live interview with the country. i want to do this. it's sitting in a week for its investment trade reform. i have a ton of an epidemic of his hotel when you get to that effect he had bought because of them over the last is the promise. yes the fog of war. culminating in the national debt. much more accepted by the western
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walin and of he democracies as a teammate like china which is becoming a victim of identity whose schools are competing six and the cost of one. so when piecing things together. i am confident that if he can take some will be up the problems that plague that a company that india can come back one of the eight or nine percent both free. china would drop to about six or seven. you'll fight fight it off me. that's when it gets top schools having said that china bght it right. i was just about the time from the windy think india can come back to those the percentage you will think is the new widgets to refer to mind and seven along with it. why do the video makes prediction of two of them fourteen years and in an election because it's being fought on the kinds of governments and courts. but indians have experienced. i passed the course of nine percent gospel forty x fifty two thousand flight in two thousand and nine. india has seen what it takes to grow like that they had been constructed nelly who gives up eating the paint off bustling economy so that the entire nation is being
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fought on this site out of the hydro one month ago that the knicks dublin until one eight seats. we have to unscrew the studies and statistics week after the fall of its balance sheet yesterday for movie on the lap of the stock investment and savings in the economy. and if it gets a kick in the box hill forty s to get back to the apron i'm a single tree. and if you are drinking before little with that. i see of peter tough one was the fifteen countries he has been here from covert agent and sent out to get peter to which i know when this is headed for the fight was exposed. and that's when the cap stocks closing it cost me eighty eight production don't think he has i think is driven to write i last ate steak and a lot of challenges when thank you for taking the time to speak to sever our tibet have a piano sound are often at twelve eighteen a major player in the indian media landscape and without regard to iraq pop that this edition of the program thanks for
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working folks. talking children need you to be in use. debates between representatives of the best was performing. you have the states. exclusive interviews with light to pass talking to you and costly job enforcement got cough cough. i know. i only lose them win. i do. i am. in
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the all in. i think. i eye
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is this. it's just it's manufacturing factory opens up industrial park the production is new for the entire serious pace the factory is a joint project of the leading turkish defense industry may be factored in the context of continuing national company the model special purpose devices will be produced at the factory including night vision devices electronic circuit boards used to for machines and many other products. the specialist promise to start producing red lenses and years


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