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the cult cortical ski atlantic and gemini off to being released from prison in russia itself the presentation side of parking on what he called humanitarian principles. also it. this is. idea that the people don't deserve access to knowledge. because people cannot deal with auntie streets to wiki lead to such a thinker producer of the movie which shows just how far they can be the whistle blows to get the truth in print. and sears
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in battle because tiger officials briefed on the twenty level. among the independent seat at next month's international peace talks in switzerland. our goal. he disappeared mosque in which to sports midnight this is the top teams in action. so after a decade of incarceration the color cortical skype is free russia's ministry of high profile prisoner left jail and travel to gemini all boarded a private jet to the speaker of the reports now from done. is that the first comments from a cubby kyle because he himself he placed a short phone call to the new skate that the new times and which he said after ten years. the feeling of freedom it is amazing now
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it's believed that the phone call was placed not too far away from where i am here in central pavilion at the upper class hotel the council on the telephone from brunt of that case in central burma know the reason we believe that tease that is because for my german foreign minister at times be a trick they can show was seen leaving the hotel to go to the statement german television embassy and just as insane as being instrumental in bringing the couple because he gets a malayan and he gets to a total of two poetry and try it to him arriving in fact hadn't seen at splitcoast to the airport and helped to make cheap they have to receive a visa for one year to allow him to stay inside to change and so the fact that we still use the kitchen leaving the hotel on in the same convoy of cars but now lea us to believe that that was the holocaust he remains in sight not central pavilion hotel now in the interview that this began to give to a german television station he said that the couple because he was very grateful to them as
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the above and it could mean full grunting and his papa the latter echoed statements that aren't being released by one of this the holocaust the spokespeople uae and open left center and when she found it and present it unfold from grunting and the state's cotton on humanitarian grounds now in terms of response from the good german government under the medical folks person makes a statement saying the german chancellor welcome to make ella because he hits included and praised the hand stitching kinship with awoke to be the best trade diplomats this had put it in order to secure that she also spoke about the work of the german governments and russian governments had done behind the scenes in cooperation and to allow become what it called steve to come here and spent his first night of freedom in ten years in berlin in this open letter said from that list of articles he he he outlines his immediate funds in its immediate funds are quite simply family and friends he wants to spend time with is his loved ones and his mother
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is very very sick she has been receiving treatment even though in full and the fruits that sometime the funds but his mother and father expected to make the cheney in from moscow where they currently are all most of today. and wilson believes that his son from his first married she was in new york has also been in the making of day here as well as other family members and friends know in this lesson he said that was what was most important to him right now willis and was hugging it to avoid shaking hands with friends and spending the new year's holidays together with the new year's holidays incredibly important in the russian calendar when looking at it day this friday begun without the snow in with a couple because he would be which ep released on friday. old attend out to be a meal with them rollercoaster ride of of stories about when he would end up in wool one when he actually was and my colleagues to go to skid off the caps what went on in russia before he arrived here in jimmy. presumably because he spent his last days of imprisonment is situated around a thousand kilometers
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north or west of moscow in the town of to get it. we used to be bought off the gulag assist them during the soviet times was quite a confusing day here where we are some people were talking about. i can try to driving often because others were talking about this helicopter which took them off to germany whole thing that came a a complete surprise to everyone and including of course his lawyers and his family members. i accepted what has happened yet. two months has been since yesterday i'm still feeling lost and confused but i guess and steel company that has stuck and he handed me a new poll this month i will write next. again the next and the boss denny as the god he is living in this reality when my dad is in prison. i can only see him once in three months to realize and accept that and i will be going to see him after a day to talk to him directly. when i was wearing a summer
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listening and it's an email and just today i'm still scratching. also significant is that the old the events that have been dealt folding they happen to less than twenty four hours then new president broke the new was that make up a post he has been before and he did it on the next day and really just a few hours after that nico local heat. when freed from jail the sun the sink listen to the cortical skis relations with the brush tool and don't over the last the news while backing fabric nineteen ninety seven he became chairman and ceo of the private corporation your costs which produced a fifth of russia's oil. because he became the country's richest man about six to haul a few years later he was arrested on fraud charges around the same time into the profit on station off state assets but he was eventually found guilty in may two thousand and five and sentenced to nine years in prison. he appealed and have one you taken off that sentence then in december two thousand and six it was the second case against the form of like he was charged with embezzling three hundred and fifty million pounds of oil. those proceedings also ended with a
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guilty verdict and a fourteen year sentence for the cork celtic time already said the inexpensive old alexander curse believes is no surprise he's now decided to leave russia. mostly i get the other he would not want to stay in iraq show that my aunt a personal view i think you will want to get somewhere in the west. it may be the gemini is an easy place to him to go to auburn but umpire. i wonder whether he won't stay there permanently. he might want to get a great and he mumbled to get to the united states. i doubt that he won't state the emotion itself. he's being imprisoned for ten years he keep his business and destroy his political career. yet the intent to make one has the story with emotion. he's a discredited man much speculation in the western media has suggested hosted a tea surrounding the winter and picks in such a coke the reason for his release but all to russian affairs analyst mark and accordion
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speculative disagrees. i've included a direct link between all the talking and talking to his village to the devils. you are nice because the bar. the body cast and he was one of the richest man is not an average russian peasant michael did not like the very rich. recent polls a menu and are brought together for the view is that russia needs foreign direct investment. he needs a climate in which the farmers would invest in russia. this may be legal to to improving the fbi because gomez took off to jail the average business with the west that could happen to be a lot of my friends nothing found. the main site come back and say right possibly the environment is stefano look i see falling developments now that i'm the concorde kosky has been freed. and these are the latest pictures from outside his family home in the moscow region we've been getting reports that members of his family planned to join
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him in the name when he arrived on a private jets and here. and the phone cameras are all sick and outside the hotel where he's reportedly stay visa like peaches that from but in the money was all before magellan for minister hans dietrich ginger will come of that building. so these are my pictures right now. and on our teeth now so stay with us for a latex by the biggest attend to go so goes to expose the wrongdoings of governments is often quite difficult for them to find major outlets would be to publicize the truth the geese that were recently being backed by wiki links highlights the struggle bodies are sick adults but to the film's director. it's been described as over two weeks of movement the fall and the journey of a group of which makes associates across central asia. searching for media outlets to help publish secret diplomatic cables would make a guess that were used in a head. something which were sure would like to
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call that a gnostic text and that our acid test was that was one of the us state department's a decade. we knew these cables to desert him and publications and see how they react to that most of the publications of difficulties in responding to run publishing secrets that have to do with it. with united states. the entire hour. the small strong helps direct the movie although a feature film it wasn't the regional plan. initial goal was the connection distribute this material that brennan manning. chameleon as links to a two weeks. and then in that sense attempt to get material out to them to the and people who realize that in their earlier. there is an interesting things happening in the way that the media collection in reacting to it. the trouble for central asian republics of kazakhstan to us occupied afghanistan. all in an effort to partner with local news outlets to adapt an unpublished work and cables
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so it's good to go through different directions and it all worth it. the second was that it agreed to a degree in reading at home and headed to the dentist that just missed it but i cannot get into the temple. that's it now another thing to do so. in case after case editors were initially shown interest and cough don't go there. we got up about it the garden. it was surprising. own. not as much . based only on the idea that in these countries are bastions of free press or not but i was surprised about to head the longest even in their limitations. i was surprised that many of the year of the editors and journalists diplomats in the ed in the central asian republic they went to
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the chili. as explained in this are the things we caught up. in case we can actually see where we're here are all having a fun stuff on something else does actually physically can to serve in the team and unimportant. you know. in this particular test the material is america hard to tell what extent its integration into europe particularly from united states urged to hear from me in the local machine censorship of sorts that johan is believes exists within the western world as well. the idea that that this censorship or something that existed in there. in third world countries and speak and that often in the enlightened west brevity i think as has been very challenging but with the main point which shrimp which were trying to make. isn't that little is there somebody which is more sensitive than somebody else. the main point is that. there is a certain degree of censorship and where and what would you say is the biggest obstacle to freedom of speech and freedom
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of information the stands the biggest obstacle to true freedom of speech is the obstacle which is in and then in our minds. it is the da. the idea that the people don't deserve access to knowledge. because people cannot deal with. and that idea in my opinion davey is there. justin had to stick it to use them. it's incredibly insulting the film about the boundaries of press freedom. johann a sense he discovered a world is moving away from old boundaries. one of the most amazing things which has happened with them with these releases. in particular need to speak about the nsa documents use them. is that the censorship that we had just a few years ago as become irrelevant. a new two more sleepy online right now on the website of
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the telco. will be won or lost international screen in just a couple of minutes report on the lake despite revelations that the cia had but snedden claiming that made the whole countries well hoping the nsa and previous lethal bottom of the stories of the right the are. the use it. he is a secret laboratory to her it was able to build its most sophisticated world. when sean fortunately it doesn't do the job done anything
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since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this is why you should care watch only on rt don't tell the two language. more news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cool to room up to the report and we'll talk we are keen to be intriguing story. are you today. loyalty card for no more visit our big old auntie don't call the new the series go towards an independent seat at next month's international peace conference in geneva they say their interests are in no position to but the steering government and the rebels because of pushing full autonomy in northern syria and that being plugged in to protect their homes from radical islamist rebels. with that because of the largest ethnic group in the country the middle east and mostly spread out across the region
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a cold cut this down. they make up acumen or seeing no groups in turkey syria iraq and iran. with the total population estimate is around fifty million zone sez course the reports they have their sights firmly set on goal only to the independents discriminate in the price and if i needed. but here's the proof that the statements can use the technology fortunes have turned quickly into hopeful history is on the sign. call four thousand years hence the opinion that melded into a defect or cunning. and maybe they need independence is not far away the raccoon out practically as an alumni that awful stayed in bed that. a stone you do that to me i was in courts a full independent kurdish state in the north of here. across the board and taking as much as eighty percent of the population is
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the case. the flight for independence is on the net phone and was signed. o lord among the wood joe are always cold francoeur fighters they have more weapons. they'll never give them up easily the second semi and with it cuz face the toughest fight they're called tap in the middle of the bloody civil war. they could be something of a kind. they typically do. the people killed. freeze it in sophisticated than each of the supine and forty five km from here to see what it does is make him tough to find his dedicated only to protect the land and the people are good to know every note they want to resell attractions that were well prepared because we make new bunkers so we have more to tease them before. if they attack as we ready to defend themselves if they don't want to tag anybody up. what such a strong fighting spirit and even stronger design for sovereignty. the kurdish influence in this part of the world is growing undaunted he ate my puny amount of time and continue
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state appears on the map of the middle east portis their auntie. the searing governs been too busy with the civil war leaving the kurds to fend for themselves on one end of this tortoise the casper has capitalized on the power struggle. to the fullest because in the serie a was emboldened by the fact that the train came about from the regional powers that be busy with the internal strife with the stability of the elements. oh well be sending out the shiite district and syria all find each other and problems we can. and that and because of love. from the opportunity to grow they don't care i can grab to whether he had with her trio. so are these people to like them or take the snow very happy because it was to take the seeds. it felt the kurds in syria pulled it
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out so that all over me. i think he feels that this will translate into. or the kurdish population into doom of the same rights go to manila. welcome all will be used in brief lull will not be the center egyptian police in color and gaze at the series of protests could take dance session started with crowds of supporters of deposed president who will stick to the streets of the friday prayers the gatherings took place in defiance of the controversial former st tonight. on integrating towards across egypt leading to numerous arrests. but the sick people being killed in a double bombing in iraq the two explosions struck the link still more to them that i will from the capital baghdad while the victims of being buried another bomb went off killing three more. justice today a group of suicide bombers targeted shia pilgrims in another region taking as many as thirty six lines bloodshed in iraq the cia has reached levels not seen since two thousand and eight. what went on to
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the field called it a special project. looking back at home mum to produce it in his arm broken. the man of the town and that evidence there is some room for the pains of being held down the mall with two other members a nice family have been in the ripple for us ms olsen show in which the proponents of the terminal when the assailants one of them reportedly wearing a police uniform opened fire. but if the begining is unclear said conte most of what the papers that checks have been conducted on fifa's across london's west end up receiving collapse of the historic apollo theater on thursday and eighty eight people were hurt when a section of the central pulse the ceiling fell to seven hundred and twenty fifth egos what commission report suggests cracks in the rain and allowed water to drip tray and you visit you can cut destruction assessment told the whole building european countries the surface parking lot is in the united states point program one in the woods they help america most of
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the world. that's according to a fresh batch of weeks provided by edward snowden denmark the netherlands spain and germany are among the country's main one the report contradicted earlier revelations which is just a gemini was the subject students will want an active part of the program. justin ran back a former advisor to the us justice department says the nsa scandal has caused a rift among america's allies. the state has spread its reach into so many other countries including our ally twenty seconds which is completely unnecessary constraints diplomacy disrupts economic relationships with other countries. also the purpose of light gathering and storing things that aren't in this and people all over the world were suspected of doing absolutely nothing. i think lucy piece for preparation it's not just among the five ice country some of whom have been colluding with helping the nsa kept the staff at the policing of our preparations were all high
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and here partly because again and this is a tentacle soup and far reaching. well what's life right now what's a christmas was held to a wish list the sunset well the world's first robot astral missing out on what kind of busy the last four goals in the international space station to find out about that online right now will say that. taking a one legged of assistance to successfully treat hiv. i don't mind moan about the groundbreaking method which is german inventors claim is more than ninety percent effective the european union's a long term credit rating has been dealt a blow to the extent of the pools is downgraded from triple a to the bali talks this despite the news recent signs of recovery the news and exalted above all he is getting in the right direction. nazis to sosa to reports many are still looking abroad for better options. despite painful a city in the years and
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counting. the irish capital dublin is going to be costly the decision can be said for all of the parts of the country. i don't want sympathy i shook it up the four footed history and now stands empty. this hour is only one hour away from dublin but miles apart in terms of the economy even if he gets to surface and look around you'll see a lot of these boarded up houses their shopfront or for sale signs the shadow of what this town used to be. for whom he beat her to write. history here while the unheralded are less acceptable to achieve national pm up a success many find little to celebrate with others have long moved on in search of greener pastures. people with skills people with job the moment in the country. we thought that would put behind the house did that lead effectively called integration of the country
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and now it is that growing sectors of the support and which are importing young workers from outside the line and form currently just with high skills and so forth complete the desert and all that this attitude toward these little bit of attention within the population as well the european commission statistics office figures show thirty five thousand more people left are learned that i tried it last year making art and go from having had the highest net immigration levels and your up to the highest net migration in just six years i do. good night. the law they are pretty good deal or no hair. grants to come back and forth of a surprise if it just for the holidays. like feel. we just arrived from perth. he left two years ago after completing a science degree he went on to become a geeky okafor in australia there was a nanny and
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suddenly i hear besides. my immediate family really the pentagon. london korea canada. i woke up so well. so on and reheat. a straw back the idea is to get into flat it will take more than eight the law takes it to keep them home. does our city our t r knight. wolf when around thirty minutes from now here are multi national before that larry kane is politicking. after the break room. what obama is happy smiley self. the photo with that the nation british prime ministers at them until a funeral and international incident. before we realize obama for doing something stupid a funeral wheat to clear one thing up the washington post says that this action occurred at the memorial service after
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the funeral was over. and trust me after about three hours of serious collectors in a conference or some sort of super long wedding. most of us will just be hanging our heads against the wall of boredom and i've probably check my email but seven times obama splits know i said most of us but the president's post unlike most of us because he represents all of us. it's one thing when you're fourteen and too stupid to realize that some people rose at the week after grandpa's funeral. isn't that idea was another thing entirely when one of the most photographed and powerful people on the planet takes this healthy at the memorial service of someone he claims to respect although it might sound annoyed the sophie is pretty much irrelevant. this is just a big error of etiquette are plenty of real concrete things of real consequences to be mad at obama over what our religious wacko rebels and cereal for signing into law the nba. i wish with all my heart that we only had to be angry with obama over some minor etiquette errors but sadly for just a drop in the obama bucket. that's just my opinion. i rmb. little. it
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does. little. it is. low. it
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is. cz u u will. open. i eye life teaches you hear when this is a journal. my kids and it's coming out on this for those interested russia's former oil magnate mikhail gorbachev the leaves drop shot and arrives in burleigh. us president obama wants assassin down is headed for a civil war amid reports that two soldiers have been killed. and brazil stops producing the w's ico


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