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is. cz u u will. open. i eye life teaches you hear when this is a journal. my kids and it's coming out on this for those interested russia's former oil magnate mikhail gorbachev the leaves drop shot and arrives in burleigh. us president obama wants assassin down is headed for a civil war amid reports that two soldiers have been killed. and brazil stops producing the w's iconic and
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legendary campervan. russia's most well known critic of the kremlin the calcutta calls he has arrived here in germany. after he was given a surprise or pardoned by president biden include a formal oil tycoon was escorted to a waiting at croft in a hush hush alteration was down behind the scenes with the general government. i'm broken into by former foreign minister constant expansion. articles he wants challenge the power and influence of vladimir putin and it is unclear whether he still harbors any political ambitions mccloskey was welcomed by former german foreign minister and steep twisty and who worked behind the scenes to secure his release russia's most famous political prisoner landed at the beach on the field airport in the afternoon
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hours before the former oil tycoon was released from prison camp to be russia's border with finland. he apparently immediately boarded a private flight to germany. but even a day after russian president vladimir putin unexpectedly announced quarter cost was pardoned and released many questions remain. the russian said in a statement that he'd asked courtney for a party citing family reasons. he also said that signing in admission of guilt was out of the question he stole from greece to expect two thousand and three the billionaire oligarchs was arrested and sentenced to long prison term for fraud and tax evasion. all the supporters at the time said the claims against him were baseless and that he was imprisoned only because he was becoming a political threat to coaching. many western governments seem to
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agree. wouldn't it be at germany's foreign minister welcomed quarter calls case with these. that is what does it not so today we would like to use to signal to continue discussions about the future of the rule of law and human rights in russia. financially it was done by that. people on the streets of moscow also were generally positive about the development the iranian president's mission is humane side. i think everything going on in our government and all of his decisions of the anti me. the room. it should be done with it. he should have done at the moment i'm back. but now that it's happened. yes i am glad. trotsky had been due for release in august of next year. but there was also speculation that the sentence could be steered. joining us now in the studio to talk more about this is our political correspondent simon young boy was i mean why is critical of the cumberland nyc getting such high level
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support from former german foreign minister. was always come here to bellini its he's still not quite because we haven't heard from mr khodorkovsky that himself according to russian school siege. the reason that he gave to russian officials she's in gemini was that his mother and who has been a few weekends that has been receiving treatment. here in berlin and he wanted to come the sb with her. the amazing berries that it turns out that said it was a car because his mother has no meaning domain for about a week or so i do. and she's still in moscow she said she may come here to be expected to come here very scene. of course to meet with some of it is slightly unclear that the students to gain his role very interesting of course hence the cheek and she was the foreign minister and a helmut kohl of the time the german reunification. a lot to do with the russians was time to set the cut for opening up towards russian concerns and he's being working on to hope that mr
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koda costs keep trying get in free for a couple of uses in the boys to the tv legal team there. so new at this hasn't come entirely opposite to believe that sending this to gain share. she pushed against his role i think is very interesting index. we know anything about his plans apparently he's in berlin at the avalon hotel for reception right now but which he donated. that's right will we believe these in the oven until the city with the journalists will wait seeing that to get a glimpse of him that if state and the end effect these tree by the way it would be in the store to return around monopolies and then he's come from the russians the penal can lead to a fine stone tree hotel in the western capital in the space of one day that's an exploding hegemony that in itself as to what he's been a dino will we hear that he will be meeting israel it seems that in the rain on saturday. he has a son who lives in new york and presumably he's coming here what will he do well. of course genocide think that he will speak to the press in saying something about his
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experiences in prison of the lowest in years that we've also had a ring that he may be heading to switzerland so the thoughts of questions still to examine briefly the consignment was in response to the spartan from the german government is the knowledge on olive branch from latin. the response has been very positive of course chose clinical president accountable but welcomed eat the fat but this time of the foreign ministers unit and said this is a cellist a toll to the russians againbouts is indeed he looks like that in a way of president putin to see to clear the decks unit on human rights concerns by releasing that of course the placebo its approach to stews and other is a true gem in the last of the day said it looks like a head of the salty wind really picked president putin's going to be something. what the reaction of the anti putin campaign is he will be will have to wait said clearing the decks is a silent thanks. reactions to the pardon have been mixed at
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home and abroad inside russia many secret costly as one of the shady oligarchs that rose to power during the chaotic yeltsin years is the old soviet union collapsed. well what is clear is that he uses connections in the communist apparatus to forge a foothold in the oil sector which expanded to the western financing. here's a look back at the rise fall and one of russia's most ambivalent oligarchs. by the mid nineteen nineties mechanic audit kosky has built an empire. it's not much of russia's oil production from the russian state which was setting off key assets. using his own bank. when it comes to gain control of the yukos oil company for the bargain price of three hundred million dollars. the deals to control the sea water kosky kept times times with the crime and even sent as a deputy minister under president boris yeltsin. on the corner kosky successful leadership fuel costs and a name as one of russia's most
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transparent and well run company is backed by international investors. it became one of the country's largest oil producers. but that soon changed when the demand putin became president in two thousand and three quarter kosky found themselves at the center of an investigation into yukos is tax cuts. he was arrested on charges of tax fraud and in two thousand and five he was sentenced to nine years in prison. he later yukos filed for bankruptcy. yukos has broken up the government sold off its core assets including oil fields and refineries to the state and company ross naps the company was headed by contains oma deputy prime minister because the team well the european union has promised russia a bruising summit meeting next month centering on their geopolitical confrontation over the legions of ukraine well as they wrapped up their latest summit in brussels eu leaders we knew too that calls on ukraine to sign a cooperation deal. unable and moscow for applying undue
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pressure on the country. no smiles on the faces of the leaders they could go back to you pointing down with our current crisis taylor upbeat on ukraine saying that russia the country's european future. jim and tons of medical echoed that makes each saying the eu whose position was unchanged the tuesday off to the door is opened and is no date for two tries. we want this association tasty. lay the groundwork and our ukraine must decide the other eu had stressed that the venue was the question of values in all financial a guy with no this isn't about who's the highest bidder. it's about a common position. we are in carpet salesman trying to outbid each other and it isn't the way it's the thought that this baby. another big issue at the summit was pushing me use common security and defence policy foliage france had its peacekeeping
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deployment in the central african republic could become a test case. president francois law and failed to persuade of the latest to share the costs of the operation. it was all i did it for you. and in the interests of europe because it's the best symbol one can think of to support a country that is one of the forest in the world to prevent a massacre and to allow reconciliation. people have attended a course yesterday. the latest decided to pass on the issue of joint eu funding for such military operations to a meeting of foreign ministers in january european countries are still reluctant when it comes to joint defense operations the common security and defence policy is that for a project for the long tan heat set and consequently here at the summit in brussels mid to high into the swim age but rather small steps to the constant bought european leaders to recognize that the car and to cease making crisis is to slide in
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the pool collaboration is needed. also in the field of defence policy. if europe is to be taken seriously as a global plan. the king commission has criticized the decision by ratings agency standard and poor's to strip the eu off its triple a credit rating agency said it was downgrading it to buy one notch from aaa to a double a plus because of tensions over the eu budget is going to say that this move does not affect the ratings of individual members. most eu members have lower ratings than brussels just three euro zone members still have the top aaa rating from standard pores. discussions are germany finland and love to raise asia bank has agreed to pay one point four billion euro as a result the litigation which follow this for a way to foray into mortgage backed securities in the us though it is one of seventeen the fun of solicitations that was suited by the federal housing finance agency in the us. it
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allegedly failed to supply enough information and residential mortgage backed securities which was sold student is honey mae and freddie mac between two thousand five and two thousand said. i am back to use the gym is because landon today in which shareholders took in their stride each dorothy most sense as this report. the frankfurt stock exchange. aiden can a keen eye for christmas. this is going to be a year old billionaire flying back to assemble and to put it back that being very relieved because said dutch bank minutes at least three sold one import gt case to case and making up the stairs to pay the bill. banks has begun to this performance the ducks also strong coming close to its latest all time high at that very successful week thanks to date the economy the job at the end of the week trade is at peace with it and surprisingly strong german prince human rights. i was doing councilors and content so i
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can now access the numbers are huge and he acts and its association with a slight gains of nine thousand four hundred. here's a pic d also up three thousand forty nine the number yet. and that he ought to dutch and us troops at the moment and going strong sixteen thousand two hundred and eighty five. in currency markets the gear is trading one has gone up sixty six seventy three. on the us economy continues to gain traction. i think is still the pace of grants is the strongest in twenty years the commerce department says that the world's largest economy grew a robust annual rate of four point one percent in the third quarter of two thousand thirteen business investment and consumer spending also stronger than expected. walt is such a thing as tax fraud related to the orchard welcoming days ago to try to report that german and european investigators looking into next week's pile and gas trading companies to
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stop this sweater been guilty of so called kai was so cruel our trading newspaper based in cross border fraudulent behavior is hard for investigators and cheese and twenty people. it's a tax evasion scheme that may have cost the german state many billions of euros. she say electricity trade is apparently used cross border transactions only two vehicles in the european cars to avoid paying that you can text called carousel trading it's a complex shield and basically works like these jim and companies import electricity from other eu countries. the importers have to pay ninety percent value added tax when selling on top the pie is that the tax cheats allegedly shuffled the electricity through fake companies until the trail became lost and allowing them to avoid paying the eighteenth. the palate ended up being sold abroad can use the stylus to claim the refund on texting at the page. they use to school
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billions of your rice was siphoned off the market in emissions trading the european power market that really changing units annually is ten times the size of that for emission certificates. i believe coles had since been closed and the most constant on electricity trading. but it seems too much damage has already been counted. after a short break away for it. in
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it. is it. i changed it catch some saddam's foreign minister says his government is negotiating with meekness and groups in a bid to calm the violence of their own money on opinion and told reuters news agency that president assad but she didn't want his people to return to war. it still says least five hundred people most of them soldiers have been killed since sunday ellie clashes between the two new era and think it has cost thousands of people to seek refuge in the united nations compound. foreign governments have told its citizens to leave the country
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latest reports indicate that the violence began as a fight among the presidential guards from different ethnic communities. well one of those who manage to get out on one of the evacuation flights from south sudan joins us now in the studio on pacer is a journalist and trainer at the dw academy the academy prepares young journalists in south sudan and other african countries in the balkan region regularly since two thousand seven hundred favor much to drink and joining us this could be back in berlin. you mentioned before we went on there that you're shooting in the neighborhood at the hotel you are out and tube up the soldiers were in the hotel is the capital secure. during daytime to lowe's for the tpc of the most because most of the flies were going on during the night. but the progress he is of the new teams in the already stopped it and who really make sure that this gorgeous with all of the all of us to captain the future. to experience its
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ruins uses to adjustments in koala hotel unprotected to it i'll toss friendship a full with this stuff isn't fooled need to up to christmas come over to continue its biscuits although control of the mold is on the street dancing to an angel of the people are really really big problems can result the attack yesterday on a un compound is a real escalation. you know is there an absence of dialogue right now and in what could be holding the country together this is after all the oil rich country doesn't go looking for a lot of convincing to tony and i don't cook so this problem. as of the united nations points which she says seriously. um with a lot of convincing that this is all a struggle between president of the key in his home a ticket to reach moscow and the results of a kia said that this conflict is not based on the autistic the crown casino the fights going on on angel dark involving could think of people who are loyal to a sub acute in the new rule people who annoy you to read my
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style so that these bottle full of owning as much as the rest of the key and alston said he wants to talk with him and it would be a very good start for solving the problem with the elections in twenty sixteen was a health worker who sees oval the united nations the americans who own pets in the balkans stuck in a must see that softens a very very cool country even though they only reached. but beneath the local see and understand don't smoke around the state and if this continues that way that the internationalist both federal small mall sales staff. and what does lift and on the armed soldiers than once a raft of all i mean this is a great teacher she should carry on to certain journalists and trainer at the dw academy he's been in south sudan since two thousand seven regularly undertake is very much. to the doc is tapped and yemen history of the nazis systematically them more than six million across europe sixty years ago today that i
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could auschwitz trial began now the defendants were made to lower level officials charge for the rolls at the auschwitz concentration camp. many of the senior leaders had already been sentenced to death frankfurt december twentieth nineteen sixty three. the start of one of germany's most important trials of war criminals twenty two people were in the dock for crimes committed at auschwitz. look at the camp commanders chief of staff was among them. see one of those i know you are saying that back then when you add to it and you did not know that the trial was being used to take people to the gas chambers and costuming tonight mum though no one asked any questions don't you get to know about it. no the perpetrators denied any knowledge of forests that were all too plain to see as former prisoner uses could testify i have to tell you that by my second day there i knew what was going on and i wasn't the only girl. these duties. an lu to ou gear
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these are clearly remembers the shocking scenes at the trial. today we see is a good time. two years ago she was one of three prosecutors in frankfurt. education also i have the written statements from witnesses on an additional twenty one thousand seven hundred page indictment was wrong he can get the material was not new for us. well that's not what was new to me was hearing it from the mouths of the witnesses. it's taking over and over with that made the difference. he still came and went to chic. then again attorney gary hart presented to prove the guilt of each individual defendant. that wasn't easy. special investigators help them the central commission for the investigation of crimes was set up in nineteen fifty eight. it was tasked with hunting down nazis. it wasn't an easy jaunt. many chairman salty investigators as traitors. luton do you names
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on the commission is still around. and it has just begun a new investigation. it's preparing a case against dozens of alleged ousted guards. the essence of what we came across a list of former warden santos bid to dampen down the tightness in the end we came up with a way to find out who was still on the evening. in the end the forty nine games portal when the police the conviction of john daly on your two years ago said an important precedent the former guard at the soapy port extermination camp was found guilty of being accessory to the murders of nearly thirty thousand people. now others like him the feast trial jake did in nineteen sixty three. never uttered a word of remorse. now sixteen years after the first launched its war criminals were put on trial in a german courtroom other perpetrators must still feel the same fate
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although the w's legendary can come back and while it's pretty much disappeared from the rescue in europe too long ago but brazil has been running up the famous call me since the nineteen fifties that is until today. jesus made cha ma jesus is calling me. that's the nickname many brazilians get their vw comedy it's because with no air bags or other modern safety systems of prayer is about the only protection for passengers. the model has hardly changed since production started in brazil fifty sixty years ago. well it's not nice tight to marvel is used for almost everything in brazil versatile and with a low price tag that connie micro bus is the workhorse of many small firms. nissan has now also earns his living with the vw van. he uses his comedy for his children's
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party hire service. and he's become a passionate fan of the vehicle and its merchandise. my mom more than working with the commies and i was eighteen. the gandhi has been in my entire life my father on the door and i was more or less raise decided on the watching my father work. oh my it's more than just a means of transportation. as an outdoor market in sao paolo. like the vendor next or money on some toast of the house has been bringing his wares to the market for years and is connie. oh and did a lot of the nineteen seventy four and has been with me until now you give me the little that i have now i don't agree with stopping production of the commie i'm totally against it. so for the main sponsor. the first monday in brazil was built in nineteen fifty seven. since then one point six million have rolled off the factory line. but
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production and sound december twenty s at the start of the new year airbags and anti lock brakes become mandatory in brazil. and for bw those modifications are too expensive sports now when germany's bundesliga soccer clubs begin their winter break after this weekend there is a long list of injured stars from any toxic things that i'd paid to athletes back into action quickly is a challenge for the medical staff. it is trading session of bundesliga side show to every tackle makes the band swings. this squad has been copied by injury this season the teen's cannon says that's one reason his site hasn't lived up to expectations. it's an ugly for the spoon so we released at the winter break is coming and we can take a breather maybe we can deal with some injuries so i wrote it can get back in action. mcdonald on which people to work on
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chop the head last strike at the sea on one cannot defend and tennis elbow and midfielder mark noble that to me the command injuries. it's a similar story at local rivals tool and you can teach you to you. so more intense players have to run more and faster. it's a passing game via munich are playing the way parcel only use two leaders can follow all content and then have to move about more tackles a far more intense in all that leads to knee ligaments during a lot sooner than they used to colby is led to the medical center a child can stadium besides professionals. he tried to hunt and ninety of the patients many of them and that is with knee injuries such as mild and the soft teeth. a total crucially link to a local league match. two months he's been putting in up to six ounces physiotherapy day. saw this mushy begun spoiled everything is common in the fall. we have learned to walk again from scratch. you think you have to keep doing these lines properly. rachel
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defeat of text properly. i never thought about it too so i just ran around without sinking in an old laps. it stopped until recently muscle regeneration was considered key to physiotherapy nowadays called wanted list of capabilities so that he began to seriously injured athletes beaten off to the demands of one focal well the years says honestly don't want him to fight injury risks in the fist place in the mud i wasn't the only youth suggest treating. but it should be kept is oriented training in which to identify which players have which coordinated deficits such as balance problems. then you work in small groups and target the problem. when you get the next four players into it again. you can if you want to condemn. the local players have won more games than they eat and the ligaments can have a dozen drinks. that's all for now stay tuned the year. why
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didn't they. i'm quite sure let's hope it's all problems at all. unless something that is designed to prevent me from now. with. the he was
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the story each day. any team that works. the top story was a great topic as tall but inmates the premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting and that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the network's tagore and he makes the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. moon
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when you know. it is six one fourteen euros with brian got some time to blog all taken larissa in the new ulster supreme court challenge to all assisted suicide has died i didn't like


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