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tv   RT News  PBS  December 20, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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the disaster according to its beat given protected status to india on business when it will be implications on beyond business. my heart with new and new the game it's friday. i've been watching the scene i'm in your egg a bit when you're watching our tea. it begins today with the press conference where the president the snow flurry of questions about the nsa after receiving your grief if the recommendations from the white house appointed committee to reform the nsa surveillance practices president obama plans to make a definitive statement in january about which suggestions he will undertake at the press conference president obama maintained that while edwards sentence
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disclosures have prompted an important conversation the math it of how the information was leaked has been damaging to the lesson. this is an important conversation that we needed to i've also said before that. the way in which these disclosures happen. and then. i have been damaged the united states. and damaging to our intelligence capabilities. and i think that there was a way for us to have discover station without that day. damaging or not the conversation about who the nsa is looking into continuous. the new me from adwords town in just this morning. rtc and sachs report on the latest. just when the faith of the week couldn't get any worse the new edward snowden week drops this one jointly reported in the garden of the new york times and their spiegel reveals that the nsa
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and its british spying partner gc hq are using their global drive to spy on economic diplomatic and humanitarian targets in more than sixty nations specifically the secret documents surveillance by american and british spies on charity and development programs run out of the united nations including unicef on the doctors of the world the french humanitarian group that provides doctors to conflict zones and on the trade union the economic community of west african states. the documents also include lockheed l moody a as a target of joint surveillance. as the vice president of the european commission. almunia focuses on the antitrust issues and has taken on several american companies including goal in my purse off. companies that were pushing for an essay reforms at the white house this week perhaps most embarrassing about the latest noted revelation. there's evidence that gc hq and
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the nsa were spying on more allies including government networks in germany and spy on the former prime minister of israel and who told her another israeli officials with this new targets of nsa agents to his spine revealed that adds more evidence the claims that the nsa and inspired partners have overstepped their national security mission and are engaging in mass nearly limitless surveillance around the world. the nsa has been on a lead violating the trust of its own citizens by conducting mass guiding its surveillance on innocent people. i'm doing that tbs of populations of allied nations to do is holding onto all of the edwards started documents turtle its clean green wall testified in front of an eu committee this week. they argue that these disclosures prove that the nsa and partners are spying to gain economic and diplomatic advantages as well the hia the us in the gta. he looked
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at her out your diet. when the organization of american states or economic conference is where economic record of the day it was there a worse by energy companies to report that norway sweden. what all this is about has nothing to do with carrots and apples theory that the pre tax. it is about diplomatic manipulation and economic advantage and is actually the accumulation of how the events that have responded to this latest report by denying that the digi and economic espionage on behalf of us companies. the agency did say however that intelligence about economic systems and activities around the world are critical for policymakers to make informed decisions regarding national security but then what exactly are the national security threats emerging from allies humanitarian groups and economic organizations that justify mass surveillance well that's a question the spies. warne answer. in
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washington this is sam sucks art it and verizon communications is just announced it will publish semi annual reports on the number of government requests it receives for customer data. brian is the biggest wireless provider in the us and has been under fire for its cooperation with government surveillance programs. up until now i have decided to keep any data requests from the government by that. however a sense it will start disclosing that information early next year the announcement comes just days after the nation's biggest technology firms including verizon what president obama that national security agency spying was detrimental to the reputation and standing in the economy verizon communications has said that it's facing angry shareholders as of land had been filed lawsuits demanding the company disclosed the extent of its participation in an essay intelligence activities while there's a limit to how much companies to disclose under current law. rising will be
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the first to file a transparency before. google facebook and down who reported receiving over ten thousand data requests from the us government and the first half of this year apple was carried forty five hundred times and footer was asked about nine hundred times for user account information at all say the only complied with some of those requests. so verizon will be following in its tac cup competitors footsteps as it moves towards transparency and yes there is mounting on the cna to release a very significant document from the post nine eleven era it's a secret senate report that reveals in great detail how the intelligence agency employed portrait tactics in its handling and peace he needs. the six thousand teens interrogation report is the product of three years' work. three years of work and forty million dollars in costs. however since it was completed the year ago there's been strong disagreement between intelligence officials and lawmakers over how much
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information the should be allowed to read some officials at the cit a claim the document is deeply flawed and inaccurate. all members of the senate intelligence committee say it's the best account of how this night he carried out its role in the years following nine eleven. here's how some local lawmakers address the issue at a hearing earlier this week. the courses techniques used by the cia aid during a time frame were caught not consistent with our values as much as anyone i want to see the committee study of the cac enhanced interrogation program finished and released. but that cannot happen while the c i a slow walk the documents that we've requested. we don't have many options available to us to force the agency's cooperation. but i will not rule out eating in order to get the agency to finely cooperate with our requests the new york times editorial board is also pressing for the obama administration from the airport with minimal red accents. the editorial
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published today says that the illegal detention and torture did not happen on president obama wants but his quote expansive claims of secrecy has succeeded in blocking victims law students and helping to keep details of rendition and torture seek re uniting the country of reckoning necessary for the historical record establishing accountability and avoiding similar human rights violations in the future. now while efforts to bring this report to like continue here in the us. it seems british lawmakers have found more success yesterday a document called the gibson report was published that takes an in depth look at the role of british won for some agencies and intelligence agencies and post nine eleven operations the one hundred and fifteen page report specifically looks at the involvement of the m i five and then my sixth in the abduction of terror suspects who were taken in secret prisons where they were mistreated. it also takes a look at how these agencies interacted with
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the ci day. earlier i was joined by rt correspondent sarah for it from london to talk more about these revelations. i first asked her how hard it was to get to get some report off the ground. with being a seperate says this inquiry was no instead he is the day at the time that the prime minister saying this is a set of response see the applications to be seated at the fish i ate in sinful and applications that the ip simple fact having to sit at his treatment of detainees that an eight speed and will keep for a sense from the very beginning that we seem to accumulate these abandoned cooperation with the inquiry announced it. it was scraps and we then saw an apple into the hands of the parliamentary committee at night cause a lot about seven months human rights peace he really wanted to see this at the end judge dredd inquiry rather than how that government involvement safety before that we actually still
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hope they finally up to that time tracking and command reports and say i've seen them like the skinny came around about a white one file in this report outlines how officers of the m i five n and nine six and turned a blind eye for years that to an all right abuse of detainees can you talk about the kinds of torture activities these agencies were ignoring. latest season of two thousand and seven comfy full at this inquiry and that is no easy beading and we still had that been said that despite being aware of it he says detainees. i did make some infants and some pools and physical assaults sleep deprivation and the use of hands now. it was a thing that this is because agents were trying out this mistreatment the way to quincy was that they had directed it seems little things to be one cause of the fourth it's as good offices to advice that faced with apparent breaches of geneva convention standards
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at that that is the real obligation to intervene said that such a cool thing i love the consent of the day things that direction coming from the uk was a bit when he's at the next two pieces are taking place at fifth sentence that lacking key clients start and what's your sense as to why the uk had decided i'd sit by and large stay out of the us is way essentially giving them free reign to detain anyone for as long as they wanted. with asic on the things that matter or flee the report that these at places that wouldn't have obtained had dealt with it than previously thought of being re use the patriot day. at this means that the brits and tightens up and says he'd have raised concerns about the mistreatment of detainees at by the united states and the total for the good things the fed offending the us i think that at bethany and i can say that in the report that that was the sense that it's an easy she shouldn't be raised at because they can have the potential oakland effect to the site called special relationship between
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the uk on the us. understand that sir peter jensen's investigation lasted twenty seven harry as i see believes it needs further inquiry can stop the bout what questions were left unanswered by this report. fascinating with the iceman great man he identified four key areas in awe at twenty seven icc is that he thought needed to be examined that those interrogation and treatments at the additional guidance and training and policy and communications especially the guidance and training at the beach and the sights of these operations that is greedy and major area that phrase repeatedly throughout the rebels defeated at the way that these complaints raised by intelligence offices so he came with dealt with the delay since the day with an os that see it again and we sold one cabinet minister saying that that was skinny one of the issues that needed to be handed in today
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it seems confirm the report about the time i am trying to focus this was perhaps given that the appropriate guidance of a sheet of hype that they weighed in at the teat and essentially i'm no actual that's the whole nicely with human rights he said because the gangs that once its annual than that and fascinate i was confident of inquiry is that there is a lot of unanswered questions as though you have to see if those good answer to that leads me to my next question which is what's the next step now that you know things are going to be a follow up report are there any actions expected as a result of what's already been released this is both safe but it seems that the thing we call the publication of this ancient inquiry that the sentence that possibly they want is that they are lying in the sciences than today. when it comes to the secret since involvement in bad rendition and torture allegations as a thank you and light sweet little thing c i let that guy like me they had to be involved in this case this is the fact they actually abandoned at
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the inquiry an involvement that resolve the government's involvement since a i think it's a real sense of anger among states cleats that i am this is being shut out in the form that it hasn't that was all insisting that there is moral questions refit announce that this isn't a dying in the sand as to peak a sheath that meets the test prop eight and they wanted to be a full judicial inquiry to what actually happened is is being handed a fixed the intelligence and security committee and of course again he will be our guide to the fact that the next that's i'm getting pulled from here once again think of a government interference. i'll have to see what has happened next i do appreciate you coming on and breaking it down for as rt correspondent sarah for. and bipartisan legislation was introduced this week and that means estoppel ongoing negotiations between the us on iran the village is called a nuclear weapon free iran act of twenty thirteen now has the support of twenty six
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senators both democrats and republicans. the bill would authorize new economic sanctions on iran if it does not hold that it's part of an interim agreement to limit its nuclear program the manager if approved played intel harsh restrictions on iran's petroleum industry also imposing financial restrictions the introduction of this bill comes just months after diplomats from iran and six world powers signed an accord in geneva it's rarely puts a halt on certain parts of the bronze nuclear program in return for some relief from its current economic sanctions and the obama administration has said that new sanctions would completely undermine those efforts. here's what president obama said today at a press briefing. what's that to members of congress democrats and republicans as there is no need for new sanctions legislation. not yet. all that discusses bill and its implications i was joined earlier by retired colonel lawrence wilkerson at
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the sas and why this bill would be introduced at a time when the us and iran are so close to achieving a comprehensive peace agreement i think there are people who don't want that peace agreement to be achieved. we know the obvious characters like bibi netanyahu and they pack here in this country advocating for an acting on it. um there are other people lol i found senator mark warner who might just an attitude of that were inexplicably in terms of why they're signing on with centers like robert menendez and lindsey graham and john mccain another. um i think many of these people want more. they do not see diplomacy is a way to keep iran. absolutely from having a nuclear weapon and they believe war is away. of course i've got news for them war is gonna make over on get a nuclear weapon not keep them from getting one last drag the united states and the another trillion dollar enterprise in southwest asia they don't seem to believe that they may think that
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the cropping a few bombs and then blowing the grants that words as they say is sufficient to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon and diplomacy is. what you think that prime minister benjamin netanyahu let's take a listen to what he has set in the past about the historic deal. it is taking the cosmetic steps. which it could reverse easily within a few weeks. and in return thanks to the two years to put employers are going to be going wrong. about the dual this entry. and the international community's top of that deal. this agreement is made the world a much more dangerous place this is a very bad i love the bows add to pressure from israel and how that sort of playing into this whole thing netanyahu has been saying this now for about twenty
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years by my calculation. um we started saying you're really adamantly they had three thousand centrifuges and all of his efforts hardline efforts. you might say. i have resulted in their having now some nineteen or so thousands that these simple it as a war then they will work in the future. i understand from this tonight netanyahu's position and that the gore lieberman and others like him in the israeli government and out of the government. they are maintained their political power based on the fear they're all based on keeping israelis were cup of batter on. based on keeping that issue in front of the israeli people that other maintain their political clout and understand what this is all about it's not about nuclear weapons not really it's about who's gonna be the power in the gulf. he got three contending parties here. you got the saudis and the gcc gulf cooperation council. you've got israel
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with the united states behind it and of course to god the united states alive with saudi arabia for all practical purposes too. and then you've got a wrong really the only stable state in the region other than israel. and this is a contentious up our game in the persian gulf. israel does not want a rapprochement between tehran and washington because that means is ruled by our implications would mean less and so it's really all about power again in the goal. it has nothing to do the steps of superficially with nuclear weapons and has them and who doesn't love that mike is also up our game here in washington and i know the white house has said that they would veto this bill is actually where to get past as silk for some other people are really trying to push this bill for a light at centers menendez and humor. i make this engaging in political theater here. well they are to assert extent does to some others did for the budget battle that we had which was probably the most
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unbelievable thing to show the rest of the world bout the united states i've ever seen in my almost seventy years on the summer. in the congress seems as if it has lost its bearings of late it doesn't seem to be a live view of foreign policy issues or domestic issues at all and this is just another case in point and we have senators like shimmer. and of menendez who are more or less taking a position against their own president. it makes it even more ridiculous especially when it is as i said such a war mongering position and let's be very clear. it is a war mgering position. granted that's like he said it does seem like it would take at that achievement away from president obama and that he now it's all there a lot of democrats that are behind this bill which is interesting. i've got one key republican sponsor of the legislation senator mark kirk has said this in the down he said quote the american people rightfully distrust iran is
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true intentions and they deserve an insurance policy to defend against iranian deception during negotiations i mean do you think it's really the case american people that the american people are very wary of iran's intentions or is this to something he sort of came up on this with on a sound what we have to remember that this is a man who said that he came to washington and this is almost a direct quote. to protect israel. now if i had voted for senator or representative who said that i would quickly on vote for because i noticed in my senator or representative to washington to protect israel that's not supposed to be their primary purpose. so just a fact she quoted kirk is enough to disbelieve him but let's look at this issue from the perspective that i think people like him are looking at it. they're saying that the long term interest of israel is served by a military action against iran because that's essentially
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what they're advocating if you don't want diplomacy you're advocating military action could you can't just sit there and do nothing let's just say what that does for israel military action against iran is going to start a contradiction in that region of the world that will last for least a decade maybe two. that was retired army colonel lawrence wilkerson. with the winner of one takes in sochi less than fifty days away in the world times are on russia the country's present the latter been surprised observers when he announced the pardon of former oil tycoon mikhail kosky. so if claire kosky and one that says free dummy parties' anything now week brings us up to speed. he may well be one of the most well known prisoners in the war. but the idea of a pardon for former russian tycoon the failed because she was unexpected to say the least a four hour queue and am not one question about hockey and
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end dates. you don't know what the cost. he recently wrote a petition hosking need to call the chamber in the spindle detainees in prisons. this is a serious punishment. he cites humanitarian reasons saying his mother is sick too. and really take into account all the circumstances. it's possible that i can respect that decision. and in the near future i will sign a decree to pardon him the former ceo and founder of the oil company hugo's built a fortune that made him russia's richest man after the collapse of the soviet union. snapping up state assets at a bargain price often dubious circumstances cos he fall from grace began in october two thousand and three when he was arrested on charges of fraud and tax evasion. he and his business partner told david that were found guilty in two thousand and five it and handed a two year sentence it's four years later pressed charges were brought against him and in twenty ten both were convicted of money laundering and embezzling two hundred
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and eighteen million tonnes of oil worth twenty seven billion us dollars. in a style political schemes here by sentenced to fourteen years and reason. this party and an inner freedom to something of a surprise for all sides include apparently has no ears. debates are raging over whether this is a pr scott smart move but most intriguingly about what's next for me to al qaeda off key. he's in l a r t monster despite a vigorous intensive whistleblowers to expose government wrongdoing. it's often quite difficult for them to find me at our wits to publicize the information they're trying to bring to light. media stand as a new movie out back by with the week's highlights that struggle are teased me see past the knot has the story it's been described as a link to the second movement the ball and the journey of a
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group that investigates associates across central asia. searching for media outlets to come published secret diplomatic cables with making it gets used in a head something which we sure would like to call that a gnostic text and that our acid test was that was one of the us state department's a decade. we knew these cables to desert him and publications and see how they react to that most of the publications have difficulties in responding to run publishing secrets that have to do with it. with united states. the empire or the small strong helps direct the movie. my feature film wasn't the regional plan initial goal was to distribute this material but brennan manning allegedly has links to a few weeks. and then invents an attempt to get material onto to the and people who realize that they were there. there is an interesting things happening in the way that the media collection in reacting to it
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all three central asian republics from kazakhstan us occupied afghanistan. all in an effort to partner with local news outlets to adapt and publish relevant cables so it's good to go through different version of the year olds do you. the second was that he agreed to a degree in reading at the moment and do the business that justin is that i can not get to the bottom. look at it now in case after case editors were initially shown in trust and cough don't go there. we got up about it the garden. it was surprising. own. not as much based on their own da da
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that in these countries are bastions of free press or not i was surprised about that beyond this the end. in their limitations. i was surprised that many of the year of the editors and journalists diplomats in the air in the central asian republic. actually explained the different things would come from. in case we can actually see where the funeral having your palms ca found something else does actually physically can to serve in the team in the report. the contest the material is america hard to tell what extent its integration into europe particularly from united states urged to fear from their local machine the censorship of sorts that johan is believes exists within the western world as well. the idea of it. that's the censorship or something that existed in there. in third world countries and speak and that often in the enlightened west bad idea i think as has been very challenging but with the main point which in which we're trying to make. isn't that
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seattle is there somebody which is more sensitive than somebody else. main point is that. there's been a certain degree of censorship and what i know what would you say is the biggest obstacle to freedom of speech and freedom of information the stands the biggest of the cool too to read them no harm the speech is the obstacle which is in and then in our minds. it is the da. the idea that the people don't deserve access to knowledge. because people cannot deal with an idea in my opinion. today it is. it was just intended to stick it to use them. it's incredibly insulting the film about the boundaries of press freedom. johann a sense he discovered a world is moving away from old boundaries. one of the most amazing things which has happened with them and with these releases. in particular need to speak about the nsa documents used
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to. is that the censorship that we had just a few years ago has become irrelevant that was a report from our team who seek out the knot don't forget to tune in tonight at six thirty pm for media stand. you don't wanna miss it. and that does it for now from around the stories we covered the tuc and dot coms that rt america. check out our website our t dot com site usa. follow me on twitter and you beat that inhale shea. you knew little
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or too little the clothesline and to their dying to tell. japan's couple of weeks the apparent that the king with another problem solving know that ft eight in monitoring the baby leaped to the team found more tactician and ninety one turned to the mix. the amount getting into the ocean now safe to take the contamination from deepak. but the seventy two quarter from twenty five meat is underground can't react to fall. they see each state and contained six point seven the cause of ccm one thirty


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