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tv   Journal  PBS  December 22, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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and one. when will we will or will. aye aye aye. while we are watching the journal i find it doubly leave iraq in berlin has to be with us the vines are sol. two days ago he was a russian jail today we tell her to call it a press conference here in berlin. some stood on stage but while world powers appeal to the nation not to fall into civil war. and buying unocal an incredible year by winning the club will come in
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morocco. i know. i just spewed it's after being released from russian to all of the oil tycoon the l a cost. it is the news conference here in berlin later this afternoon speaking at checkpoint charlie a symbolic place which is to be a crossing point between east and west during the cold war. he expressed gratitude to those who supported him during his decade long incarceration heath and german towns uncle a miracle in particular where kosky also pledged to help political prisoners in russia the throughput of course can go to bed. ruth museum at checkpoint charlie early in the morning he looked fit and refreshed for a man who just emerged from a decade in prison. there were hundreds of journalists on him for the event. of course he said that he was taken aback by the huge media interest. most
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people can be deployed dealt the onetime threat to russian president vladimir who will do next. but he was unable to be specific. she deployed close to the future which might just don't know yet. as a prisoner told you to really really cold which you don't know what is possible and what is not possible to cook when asked about his feelings no towards what he was cautious. which in my final western politicians will remember is that i will not be the last political prisoner in russia. she eats they will have to decide how to deal with him in them when it was performed. he says he will fight for the freedom of open war on just three behind bars in russia. from a place in berlin that would symbolize the border between east and west. he also said he had no plans to enter the political
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arena. well as crossover not to detail means political correspondent shiny i was at a checkpoint charlie and attended the press conference simon. how did he strike you well michelle could've caused field remarkably composed into a tizzy made his first appearance in from the wells media posted ten harrowing news day in rush's prisons and today he said it's too early to speak about say he's plans immediately wants to spend time with his family know of course his mother is said has been receiving medical treatment here in belize. he hinted that he was beginning to back back to russia anytime soon although in most cases these very welcome tuesday that he said that he feared that he might need might not be free to leave again. that immediately as soon as a little bit concerned as human as you might expect it to somebody in his position. at this time the other interesting detail he states that he only found out that the very last min it's about
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the high a level of german involvement in he's released about the fact that he was coming that he had to dilate he didn't know that the states until the very day of its release on friday and seven he was very non committal when he came to questions about his political future the role to play in russia. couldn't we see him becoming one of the main opposition leaders in russia what is is very interesting the cocoa because he said that he doesn't plan to take an active role in russian politics. he sits and that he doesn't plan for instance also to seek restitution of these assets from the oil company yukos that was seized at the time of his arrest he didn't call for a boycott of the salty olympics he says that's a sporting festival the festival and people should be free to use up to see that in all the words putting battle together. he doesn't intend to challenge that in the approaching directly but at the same time he did say he hopes that in
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approaching doesn't remain russia's president for life and he said that he's going to work on get off of others who are held in russian jails and he said that he wants to be engaged in the russian social activities as he puts it i could be a hint that he does have a plan or he could become a focus for russia's opposition movement and particularly for the new used to perform russian society and made it more in the direction of human rights and democracy though these are the things that i think he would like people to associate in wheat in future i did of these political correspondent simon and simon thank you so very much one of the most influential man in russia before he went to prison ahead of the yukos oil company was also the country's richest man his fortunes changed when he took on the russian president vladimir putting ice funding the opposition with a back now it is dry and all khodorkovsky before his troubles began. at that time
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he was the head of the oil giant new cozy update the business meeting the richest men in russia and what will you stand in the world with an estimated worth of eleven billion euros the anger the russian government would complain about corruption in ross left the state owned oil company but president bloody difficult to turn the tables on khodorkovsky. he asked about the extraordinary wealth he acquired in siberian oil fields. and whether you eat the proper taxes on it. one hopes he was afraid to fourteen funding opposition parties in advance of the duma elections. in october of two thousand and three he was arrested. in two thousand five hundred hopes kyi was sentenced to nine years in prison for fraud the government froze shares in its ucla's oil company leading to its collapse. that allowed the state to regain control of russia's oil business. while still in
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prison. khodorkovsky was charged with stealing the company's oil instilling in a brawl. he was found guilty of embezzlement and money laundering. observers said the charges were trumped up and he was being killed for political purposes put a post these lawyers to his case to the european court of human rights in strasburg they asked for him to be recognized as a political prisoner. that request was turned down. he remained in the eye. despite being behind bars. he wrote books and used his wealth to set a successful pr machine. we managed to create a niche for itself as a crusader against the putin regime. diplomats including host the supporters have long called for his release. former german foreign minister and speak to the kitchen. he's the man who arranged the former oligarchs trip to berlin now with me and see liza she encountered
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a long time moscow correspondent who covered the demise of the yukos and hard on the trial was seen to good use and very picture heavy on the pentagon thanks so much for joining us in the studio. increasingly it during the press conference of the cocky he mentioned himself as a political on prisoner know in the west is widely seen as that but in but she's a much more controversial figure lately i sink down at the time of his arrest there was a lot of anger in russia began so called oligarchs very powerful businessmen who basically clean the streets behind the scenes. i think there's been an evolution in russia and the um basically people have that sort of the raiders may be more direct that the government than it is there any kind of oligarchs and he has been evolution both of them personally. um he now sees him so much more a symbol for the opposition and from the oppression opposition now sees him as someone who is standard bearer for them. you most about him and his
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appearance in and his delivery at the compass. what will one thing that really struck me was he drove home again how important international pressure was and i think with all this international pressure of the she probably would not come free this quickly. ahmad also what struck me is he's um doesn't plan to go back very soon he made it clear that his legal situation would not be certain and he would not be a security leaving the country once again. so i think for the moment he he wants to stay outside the country and use his own law firms from outside the country to criticize the government and and and making me smile the kind of activity and he mentioned also an american town spammer cough is a boon for german diplomacy has the latest was a fantastic success for germany diplomacy. germany has been criticized. time again for its very close relations with which russia and nicholas was
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put to government. so i think in the german government can prove it that in fact he's very close relations else meant going back channels of that had been a very tangible results. she of course is on everybody's mind is a couple weeks away. on. the who is this for putting this is a great pr. because then you see smiling faces everywhere we see on russia's main political prisoner coming free. so this makes him look good. um if he was going to release higher costs to any kind this was the perfect moment. it's not going to be discussed anymore during the olympics although when the spotlight will be on solely on rush. thank you so very much for coming to see her taking time to analyze his friends would greatly appreciate it thank you right now a look at some other stories making the news tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of kiev. once again to protest
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against ukrainian president viktor yanukovich demonstrators gathered on independence square which has been occupied by the anti government movement since late november. the turnout was much lower than in previous weeks but opposition leaders say the protests will continue calling for president the honor code which to resign and former prime minister yulia tymoshenko to be released protesters have also gathered in the thai capital bangkok for another rally aimed at pressuring prime minister you look she wants to design areas of bangkok think it came to a standstill as demonstrators massed sites to help the capital the opposition say they don't boycott a snap election called for february. they want the prime minister said stand down immediately. world leaders are stepping up efforts to pull shots and on back from the brink of civil war. envoys from the united states are flying into the capital juba today to try to persuade leaders to end
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the conflict peacefully. tens of thousands of people are seeking refuge in refugee at us bases. violence erupted last weekend after a former vice president allegedly tried to stage a coup. since then hundreds from rival ethnic groups have been killed. you are sick you and secretary general beyond the moon says he is extremely worried about the crisis speech in the philippines earlier today. he appealed to all sides to come to the negotiation table. loaded with you. she has eaten into his arms. i can the military its stock units. it caters to students. at least eight people have been killed in a suicide bombing in libya another ten or one day the attackers detonated a
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truck filled with explosives at a military checkpoint close to the city of god in the east the country. all of the victims were soldiers it's the latest in a series of attacks and i'm gonna see as essential government struggles to assert its authority. there are more signs of a diplomatic breakthrough in the decades long tail between the united states and cuba. two weeks after the country's leaders shook hands for the first time. cuba's president that will cost or says he wants talks with the us and a civilized relationship with his neighbor to the north the cost also set the superpower how to accept cuba's political system. cuba and the united states have been ideal or ideological enemies for more than five decades. you can to sports news now soccer iron munich and become club world champions with a commanding display in morocco they beat russia casa blanca to nail in the final to claim the show's
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title. stanley year the good news to the day since winfield intercontinental cup for the first time. ryan found the most successful in their history. here we can get a win in the trophy means a lot to us. it is special to come here and win this competition and a fantastic experience. time to kill the game quickly grabbed in the vicinity is the seventh minutes to defend that dante midfielder tiago of the time that we can make it two nil up to twenty minutes with us and we apply and had looked set for the gang. isn't that the shoot. we would today lots of time and would have liked was caught a couple more. they kept up the fight in the second house in the fact that we won these old accounts when news is that the state of the top twelve company's clients it's true fee of twenty thirty. how many more will follow next year is anyone's guess. in our mind are our top stories former russian oil tycoon mediocre the cost
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because of his first media conference is being pardoned and released from prison a cost effective number of people including the german government for helping secure his release he said he had not known he was going to berlin and he was when he was told he was being freed. he also said he had no immediate plans to return to russia thank you so much for watching. they did. it is made to police its natural
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beauty. and some unexpected surprises along the line on tw to be. all you need to know other people. stories and legends leaders of the right way. dw jaunty he brought. the year i started the week the onset of cold winter with the west and conditions the syrian refugees. temperatures dropped below zero along the border between lebanon and syria. when a new refugee camps are located some two million syrians the fleeing the civil wars time. back in syria more and more people are being killed by the violent everyday life here in the left was an estimated one hundred and fifty thousand people have been killed since march two thousand and eleven. the un
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predicts that number will grow. the cost of delivering aid to the refugees is immense. the new york un secretary general ban ki moon again called for an end to the fight scenes i don't get to see better or for a chance to enter the fighters and provide. she may have better access. i call the state at all editions of it being frozen to see the sights to have them prepare a full cost of the engagement. sixty million syrians nearly three courses of the population are now affected by the violence children are among those hardest hit. refugees from the middle east and from africa will also at the center of the deal between ten p in the eu the wasted agreement allows eu governments to send back immigrants to cross into the eu illegally from turkey the two sides also signed an accord to open talks on
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dropping the visa requirement that its byzantine the eu she has such tool is the tale but it was related to the second service the country's president to let slip the first term as president from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten series constitution does not allow back to back presidential term. lately i've found. i am proud to be no president elect today. i am from the country he feels the need to be more proud of the country we will build. he will. during her campaign but still its promised him a job of holding the education system and hikes in the corporate tax rate to pay for this. she also wants to legalize abortion. a controversial issue in chile is predominantly catholic society. the story to popularity. you can be no
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reason not to address the deep divide between rich and poland today. nearly three months up to having held elections canada's new government was fine this morning on tuesday. the ten towns on the net but now it's the culmination of gemini is too conservative says to parties and the social democrats. a repeat of germany's governing lineup in two thousand and five to two thousand and nine. when it begins its kind in front of his six hundred and twenty one can spell it for sixty two voted yes to see. do you sense the boat out on. mr president. thank you all on so fourteen coalition parliamentarians to vote for the group that looks relatively small number of beautiful notch majority it's been the fitness to sentence came from the banks of the junior partner the social democrats. as a side effects of pregnancy and said not a love relationship that will be dedicated in
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tucson attached to it nichols key partner in the social democrats is a new vice chancellor tea mug of ale. he is the spd party leader and minister for economy and energy the governing coalition accounts take the consent of parliament and has raised concerns about the small size of field position. i guess i like challenges to a small but strong tough read if i can read or write anything you can take your case to the constitutional court justices it's called. taken three months to form germany's new government wasted no time hoping that this cabinet meeting. also on tuesday russia agreed to lead ukraine to eleven billion euros and extended the scale coal natural gas deliveries the president of the two countries signed the deal in moscow. he keeps you crying desperately needed funds to fill a budget shortfall but also ties the country closer to russia. in kyiv pro european demonstrate his side on the streets protesting the deal. they the russians
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increased influence opposition leader vitali klitschko called for fresh elections to be held. there also would like to torture he said he's not scared of snap elections. if he isn't scared that he has to prove it. i has been widened the protesters team he did say they will keep up the pressure until elections are held. us president barrack obama made it into his executives including representatives of futility of new twist and apple the meeting itself was held behind closed doors and observers believe concerns about the nsa is planned this time activities were on the agenda the nsa is gold collection of e mails and telephone calls was also criticized by a us federal judge who questioned its constitutionality. one of britain's most notorious criminals of brawny be
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started on wednesday at the age of eight people biggs was part of the gang that carried out what came to be known as the great train robbery fifty years ago. they got away with two point six million pounds in cash. most of which was never recovered he was cold but escaped from prison and inflated recapture for thirty six he is leaving mostly in brazil when he became something of a celebrity. a story. i regret the fact that i was emboldened by her free and the leopard frog but please believe me i didn't love was in full. why go because is give me a little bit of place in history to a study of month by the mob myself having gone through these fortune and suffering ill health the strict sense of recent voluntarily in two thousand and one. he says he's in prison before being released in two thousand and nine steal a celebrity. in
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south sudan hundreds of people were killed as violence spread of the content on the weekend on thursday on told the united nations compound was convenient to take a drink each. tell you how deeply concerned the sake of the gemini and colleagues are about the current situation so saddam. our base and a cool blue domed eight state was attacked. we have reports that the lights the most many observers say the conflict is calling it the old lines. the presidents of the kid says and to attempt by a former vice president is to blame the punitive but we can the us and european states are taking no risks. it began evacuating him to see stomp aid workers and citizens european leaders launched a useful in all eu summit in brussels by unveiling plans
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for the third and final pillar of the european banking union. the plants will cease the rescue of flail banks with no forcing taxpayers to foot the bill at the summit leaders police and returned to win the bob hope for the issue the saints french president francois tonal the race the idea of a comb and emergency fund for military operations such as france's current mission in the central african republic for one of the bjp friends took the initiative with united nations or did you know it's right that europe should support this. i have received lots of backing from european governments almost all of them. it would just open the door with no funding is to follow the political support to a general says that we keep busy. others opposed to handing over too much pallets of brussels british prime minister david cameron said he wouldn't accept a separate eu miller tree falls. two men accused of measuring of the keys
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hotel in london streets earlier this year but found guilty. muslim extremists michael i did the job and michael i did go on a very good. often she said this many repeat this may in london by driving it to him and been trying to decapitation. the team in a g to be sentenced in january on thursday evening the reef of the london gets a collapsed during any capacity performance injuring dozens multiple fire engines pulled up at the apollo theater and shot three of a new cd is popular with stand district on witnesses reported hearing a loud creaking people masonry fell down in the auditorium was filled with a cloud of dust. rescue workers were able to free everybody from the rubble. a rocket carrying the guy a space telescope successfully blasted off from the european space agency's basin group of french guiana. this is
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designed to detect and they use terms and roll with this three dimensional map of our galaxy the milky way. they believe that dr gunter this will change several fields of astronomy forever. and the three d shot of our galaxy should be finished in about two decades. on friday russia's most well known kremlin critic reshuffle the cold steel or roy keane gemini up to he was given a surprise pardoned by president but he did putin he was missing the lead by phone with jim and foreign minister hans dietrich in snow. who would reportedly been working for puerto cortes keys released behind the scenes to use to keep his resentment. to see the result is that a man who was imprisoned for ten years is no free day. this fact gives me great satisfaction and
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wanted to teach me. elizabeth you on friday morning i caught a cold steel in the prison camp near the finnish border and flew to the lien. the late eighties sheet. these statements. on the band that wealth on eos the president of russia to grow on me a pop in on family reasons and uncle and that he made a positive decision. what are called skype also said that his request for a pot it was an open admission of guilt he had been due for release next year but the iliad this month russian press the keys has raised the possibility of a third trial. that's along with the ill health of his mother for two of motivated his pardon requests the oligarchs fall from grace dates back to two thousand and three he was sentenced to a long prison terms for a wood and tax evasion. his supporters said the claims were baseless and that he was targeted because he was becoming a political threat to pitch in. many western governments seem to agree. germany's foreign
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minister welcomed his release does he does acknowledge that we should use this positive signal as an opportunity to continue talks on the future of the rule of law and the protection of human rights in russia. i mention it was done by that but now although full all the gunk will be able to spend christmas with his family for the first time in ten years and that concludes our reviews of the week's news. thing is i wanna know and as far as i said good evening is now six pm the time you're watching it the city. with the stereo in one. sth. he was gone
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the story each day. any team that works. the top story was that they treat the topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back any glitch. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting year so it's good to hear. i was seventeen with me thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that steely checked in you and it makes the networks to work on in each the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. moon. i
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would one want. i am the cooking mic stopped they show in this week's episode. what is and is occupied. we tried to cover up


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