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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  December 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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would one want. i am the cooking mic stopped they show in this week's episode. what is and is occupied. we tried to cover up the code dictates of isi
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it also means that i get in the hall. bidding for his upcoming adventures in the country. although the team recently tool bombs exploded in the house and bought the stake of up to sign up by coach mean. mr sometimes explosion which was seen as a handy woke up the piece on the spy agency the isi. but he intends to create an awkward stay up all day today. people say i was the cost of these explosions and its many bites and then into its own. this is probably due to the beach in on tuesday. this is the house with huge explosions took place we all brought peace between aged nine in which a quiet side of the bill die
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one city to be on duty police claims that the dead this was a duke was to be a different story. i am don't say it but rather to combat it. the death of a sudden and nutmeg and conversely that it cannot achieve an optional but it isn't that a man on man. some men at the bottom of the company can bomb the mokbel that dc boston or new year the son of a comfortable buffer stop. so what does it but that the body cannot carry on but gutted a house to buy them on a modified technique which is the mayhem of them will not be out but at the un said that she can over what can or not but i admit to this
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odyssey enacted technical onward to the top body up and get him to death of a entity of art from the double bond funds the hospital and about cos it was another bundle of joy. what do we often go. i get sick of me tells you to get them. according to the piece blues. terrorists will meet on the stumps. do cats question that is group in creating bonds. what's with the ais ninety on the people doing there. a state that the isi tall young man took his costume the night and he was given its bills. the same time history continues to sit on the last would i. you did a spot on the naughty gets me who knows me and you suddenly it's gone the new coach tony it doesn't open on a piano
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the young man who died in the box was this rock unbeknownst to buy. he was missing from the last eight years. many questions have been raised over the city its claims that the explosion took place inside. it is to be believed then all within blocks of god's visible outside. diesel to see that the isi on the team to insert them into tins. the cushion is that why then is that he's not kept in the deal. this incident. this box of conspiracy. the ed on the neatly to be it'll end up with the odd when you get the stomach only get some little kids in the guts to
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give in and out to bought it about that in a soft dough it got me. that election and nobody out. it will be adapted to the top excited about getting it imagine sharing deal for canada day using his latest album one of the bottle she gave it to me is that of the blame on on you. i give up on his cell at the empty without this to be a better body does not know on here. on the catwalk. it did but that didn't sit down with police on me. but that will go back to the use of polished as positives on the metal own idea. some stunts spoons on the one hand it seems to be searching for militants and on the other hand the militants are to be brandishing weapons on the streets of most of the toboggan. one is stopping them. neither the isi in all
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the misc see all the odds of this the police. it's shea all continues to play dirty tricks to create agressive baucus tanaka by pitch meet its own region is embroiled in fact it in stock. recently a sunny medical student going to die. the incident. i stayed up the good intentions it's that time. gunman to the pool into the dough off of august on the sunni sect in a room and police were deployed to prevent more violence. off to the anti shiite faction called the protests. i saved it in stride as when was the new august on the shia muslims make up above twenty percent of the one hundred and
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eighteen million population the llama some songs are among the punjabi don't often listen not want to mop with songs like leaving a mosque said moment of the film to see about police station the audit of the table above but the political will to having a look that good. by then. yes she was sold by members of the plentiful denies east sea by sabah which had repeatedly said it wanted weeks that shiites from august on. listen up but not till monday done. modano the company said in the street. the killing of grandma was part of a big goal. and that the situation is not getting up that rule in other markets recently did that our team logos should be ready to protest
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countrywide. on one hundred and sixty protesters had gathered in the capital to stop by. he said. india by marcus put tools in case of violence the body the dada today. neil did. my day. mix soup police were deployed to shiite mosques there and in pockets on its finances are rusty. the port city of eighteen million people is regularly played by sectarian violence. last month a clash between the shiite procession in the city center to the left. it's a nice day and all that drinking and violence spread to other cities. more than eight hundred shiites that when she targeted attacks in august on since the beginning of two thousand but according to human rights watch. so nice
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that it into a sip of sabah was back in two thousand won under us pressure. one of the troops also it's just good to me. james was carried out hundreds of killings the book the yankee her mother guilt but you get up and he won a gift not the good of up to study she's a bit too loose and supporters of pockets on the sunni sect didn't prove to the streets of the hole to condemn the killing they need to assist in google's head of the city. gunmen killed the proving to the date of the troop and police were deployed to prevent mold by its off to the mtc on facts and called for protests the stick wielding protesters months in the streets of the hall and started anti shiite still gives us peace and drive via looked on. more than one hundred pts to be the best is going to hide its seminars in
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the depth of snow on top it's a. quick break but don't stick your week is coming up off to the break execution in nineteen seventy one all crime is that they each other but that would not add to that. let it affect on high for five dog gets enough gonna stop. your teen years beaks off a shot moving on now. h hundred islamists can go despite these nor do from the united nations. the execution came off the country's supreme caught up to that extent it's a gift of the garden without what awful sentence in september aer being convicted of crimes against humanity that date back to nineteen seventy one hit in
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the country's call for independence. the execution was delayed by the supreme court a last minute. what i was the insistence that a contender for the time are based on the potty. but it is seo was banned from taking part in elections. oh decisions in this case the other as they continue to mock the egos of these out to widen put this in the street this execution will prove risky for the incumbent she can see knocked upthe speed imitto the vtims including the distance the new bosses. it is due to the nineteen sevey one the new features and austin thanks to duncan tools to succeed. i'm gutted i didn't
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get to be to the victims positw bestest news on tv and the agent i did cip. i need to do with keeping an eye to the dinky doo and the city this did not stay still and focused to get it. east of eden park on the sixth before the board to ensure teams the giants and should be packed. it is somewhat when they stick up some at a dinner out of the doubt that this was the fastest run double to the top of the board of the gospel of all this at all said they never got back that i will go ask about the mob boss see i'm not above this is a live dvd that will do some of the tunnel below the state than it is enough of that will double that of all that this old folks home of ahmed said the local beloved. what the did the back of the arm of the one that i've both of them all back to us and all is said to them but that wasn't awake for the techies at the top of the oc or none of this was raw but the novelty of the dot sec dot of the much needed salt spread the outset of this ballclub it. well it beats are all in one of the day at
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the cut that up to build on what i wanted it wasn't until the edges of the mothers that tony will be at the outset of the top of that other up all of the focus on the bubbly blonde that was a triple date with you. one piece bikini bottoms are just done at the end of that is too new to the nineteen twenties in this country then known as east scotland independence the indians hit in december nineteen seventy one totaling nine months for tickets to this spot. nice to see casinos don't often get dinner tuesday to seek nativity set of double teams units in two thousand and two just eat eat. it uses due to unsuitable. eighteen off the dual out on executive and that too i suffer from at ten pm. i mean by this token time. and then that the sick and missed a shin. cheap cheques of her intense round of major and his body will be
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taking that and less on duty at insight i'd go inside and dodgy and the body will be taken to all forty four of his ancestor hollows. islam is stil the ccd of two thousand when it used to clone times we did during the nineteen seventy one full independence on caucus night was executed. the decision to conduit to see if they get into too much. it's not me the opposition a decent tube lights. good times in the sense of what you guys he did not even light strokes. many cities in sydneythis is the execution giving a speech at the contest it and shes attacked it. copies of
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the afgha gotim. now to get my stack that the guy who bought one. the assumed identity out and that is the sort of story. the sixty two she has listed entities that floated even by stating that if the daunting to think on any new dvd it's stinky to be new is still used on the street. the notice to the untested in this nation of one sixty million people since last month's announcement of contradictions. one can find mix well. a good idea. w got
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it. nice to see casino and asia loading up on the beach i didn't mean to go ahead it looks mature position. did they bonded each nastiest the dpp to be compounded as he see's it did not participate on this i been given government is install it and see just dips down senior leaders from the almunia the time being the opposition played speak to the tt on friday. dumped dogs to be deployed. cease this seems to be no end to widens its five door on the spot. recently the panic button was pissed yet once again the dominicans at that high profile targets when it bought and the wisconsin it's raising apprehensions about the situation got me take off to the two thousand
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fourteen put out. militants often catching on the anti us sentiment sparked off by drone attacks. anna. exposing all year the company announced it would in the northeast of the stuff of non catholics is probably costing you an awesome night when you bit the dust to peace is often used but not today. internet security assistance force. how then to the alliance has yet to meet demand. by the indian industry in a statement emphasized that no one was that in the dust. the other hand the abundant and spiking the government and not commit forces in the einstein of the window responsibility for the attack. jonah two teams to speak for that the divine
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outfit in talks with the media liked it when some unknown location. d and dispose of it before the attack. sitting at the audubon suicide although an evening with diving explosives laden god knew him stand up against a gauntlet of german troops kidding i'm kidding didn't so it is a team to be detected by police as a simple candle i want toward the river. the bus or to put a marker so that when the commission saw them and overseas so that is the use of a sudden wealth of other thecanomerom a positive economic data recorded ift was theenth of a park with a new one i'm over most of us and the coveted he withdraws obama will push some mad that the cat the cat with them we are going to run away she says this is the target for the weather that. augusta ga bluetooth is just a tft of god is done it's nice to dedicate a post security. all
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in the country's spy agency to put to the list of twenty two militants like soybeans said the dentist attacks in dublin over the past two weeks. an accidental detonation of explosives stored in a gun to sit deep inside the us embassy in dublin spot of the tonic to getting consensus on the dock but knew it needed to pull this off just a tease. it does happen without them taking pm on the u s embassies and on was that they get tossed a diplomatic meeting of the of god dr in the gt up to its. but cited some odd. a spokesman for the guy starts not deducted it up security team eighty two ladies sitting on a link to this point had accidentally ignited explosives stored in the agency's main component in dublin. both daughters thought though. the kids decided that it gets you caught the plate with what i
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like it was hard it was about but this nutty with a lid on bus to work. over the past week the eighth with them or not about to talk to who he wanted some to think that all this talk about what they get a dose of that giveth. what they were joined in the tub but divest some of them was demoted. it starts to deviant and that too was of militancy dublin is it to scientists started to get me meant that the united states which really show the distance of forty two. even up to two dollars and fourteen. many believe that the goddess done this to boston on etsy the dissident who was in india he says he sought indiscipline insecurity of the war torn country. leave it. discussed with them the goldman sachs india with the owner will try to stop and get back to one month sink. white training issues. all stats and wants to increase. also was
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included in those discussions were had by not true corporation the two countries on the skewers he intends to stick to the india that it was attached and eight. see the i'm getting a gun is done with the two attacks predicted organizations are dying to be good on each of these sentiments i give i really didn't seem to get in of the army is still not fully fit and teams to perfect its country situation continues to be in three. got to the end of the traditional music softly show will be back next week with one knew was mia was on a not so fond of the continent. we might
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not be putting into effect in the beautifully in my inbox call. this is out of auction signing off on behalf of the dive production team of these weeks off a about. i am not ready. in the eye of the resorts. i'm honest the anti with me. what's next. it's a tea dance. went to school. the kids. seven you can find out. i also had
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smashed. speaking to the music the company. i was also among the engineers were all attest to the bosque. two the minister of foreign affairs the line misconstrued as mentioned on presidents have extended this coming the next campaign is getting his recent official visit to cyprus. the two ministers discussed but after the nation's nations became the european union and to dhaka and other teaching them that this president has said she got that is probably among the few countries in the world that understands the cyprus issue whether because of its own internal problem. thing is but then said both countries and the kids think that rating on different issues to an extent and causes understand here that they say talks focused on when to take growing economic condition is seeking to contact secretary and
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the focus on trade in bed that i was back then the price. the camino. ch. we agreed to be used in japan in two thousand. the shinkansen super express trains will stop soon. no make it. thanks to him it was when the sun peeked through the streets it's the reinforcements have enough weight that you want i love this system uses size
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moment of light trucks and coastlines to momentous autistic boy. it's the way to trim it was judged to be human. the trams pullman substance scuffed front of them are really old train safely and swiftly to it when asked of them late in two thousand and four. we get to that we improve the effectiveness of the shinkansen is earthquake early warning system and reduce the car and we need to stop trying. when the great easter time earthquake struck for the train stops for a fee with no injuries to pass return of july to see his conditioning a place to be walking since two thousand and seven. the result that even very large ethnic style course was to visit all costs the agencies that work for the four thousand stars moment it covers the whole book. these instruments to texas with a customer the way
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the precinct our scripts it's to be tempted to get taken to the beachr look like. seconds before a large number of runs the agency to choose for me to the tv and radio. makes a bit of elves and santa but immobile. these mornings give people time to prepare becoming quite the kind of leakage. she know mikey red cross has been really hectic week especially on the damaged by the great eastern league despite being deep in the two sides to stop. that's because this hospital was built using them but it is quite absorbing to come even the huge two thousand and one of michael's very little time this allowed the hospital to function as a key relief to seventy offices us the building uses the phrase recently to suit its entire structure is supported on
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priceline is to read you shaking. i'm tempted to its old stories with love such designs are not green white vehicle to launch commercial and residential real or when you return. the residents of this detached house in school received the iraqi politics of the sinking. oh i was having its often than not when you wake up. it just kept on sleeping right through everything. it never even woke up. oc is protected by the fifth sixth and offers even more protection and things isolation. the instant the system seismic sensors detect some large earthquake it begins pumping compressed and strength to instantly live or taped the entire house like your expectations this reduces the effect of ground shaking laughter that eat up. it feels as gentle as
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fronting up in the pool the system uses an impression of just zero point one. but as much as you get when you blow into it to you richie did was to find a practical way to live it takes an entire house. using such a small faults. this frame as we drove off to college and drove off to play a vital role in reducing the harm done by disasters this is a rescue robots used in disaster zone. it investigates claims is too dangerous to humans to go the museum to test if an object detection and four more to act like drums or bass. this is the world's most of the new purple robe capable of handling inclined to speak a second tv building collapses the only access may be through narrow gaps in the wreckage. one
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solution is this robot moves like a snake. carrying an excuse to come. bring to my continued to stoke. you can extend up to seventy two line a twenty centimeter connie obstacles. and believe that twenty de creme. euro books like these who helped rescue searching protests by reconstruction efforts off to the great easter and a break of two thousand and continued to generate new ideas and technological endeavors thus you can watch me. seaworld you were ever you go to sleep in it she asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. hello my name is pete over by a ball. i
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enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. new and new you. welcome to but it is to be one hundred s and going to be that interested you like to produce and effective to defend abbas to attack the film is about the struggle for freedom of each piece done before the creation of the debates he just thought oh i'm in no doubt that i stand and it did that and see the folly of its beak would begin to get a shot off the bed


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