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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  December 22, 2013 6:30pm-6:51pm PST

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enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. new and new you. welcome to but it is to be one hundred s and going to be that interested you like to produce and effective to defend abbas to attack the film is about the struggle for freedom of each piece done before the creation of the debates he just thought oh i'm in no doubt that i stand and it did that and see the folly of its beak would begin to get a shot off the bed the greeks
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looks. stuff. scott. it all up. off subject of the wit of creation offer country goes to other from the dome. it's a mammoth project and it's something that he is so young scot told with such a huge challenging subject why did you do that. om the couple of reasons. in fact more than a couple of film making with all of his affection and me along with mashed and sweet always wanted to make a meaningful effect. um and then in the light above
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the subject ago because of my diet associations to the country of a stick and then as a kid but my mom and dad laugh less land which was by now. i fussed for a phone that demand that mikey and i caught it and oh so it's a bit of dedication from my site to go speaking to the client to that country um and i use to get in on monday right next to which he tells hugo that it was a lot of time off that he was going to keep the people of course that the head of the beast hearts to woody's and little man and spoke the moment i did for me stories about these things. the genocide that happened. so let the back of my friends you know what that over the years that the attack and died gmail and facebook. happening now it's easier to keep in touch. love you spoke about these things. i end up as he is saying more about the subject. it just kept putting us therefore the smart one or two with t but hundreds and thousands of stories that needed to be one
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um so this isn't actually already smart and fun. like you said that done this is huge and it's un imaginable and i think some very senior debt echoes of that love me the budgets would start with that of the story exactly like i'm starting to tell the story of i feel loved ducky on talking reason to be made on the subject that was another reason why the tools to do this was because nothing was made a single mainstream cinema boat load of fuel fighting between documents seized in bed. some books in it and then bang of love. i was all this information nor being let go and so and is such a fun note that some baby joe all the countries in our own. in order for the tix was bestowed on me alone when he was involved in the fourth quarter bowler who was the son dynamic of pockets on friendship. everything was back and realize that this is definitely a story that needs to be going more so because
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the forest and somebody to be cut the utah this store you adore you. not just to take good use but you book a story to go with so many stories that too much to heart especially when it comes to you know that it's that happened out there that's an important more kids in your mind me asking her to take the speck is an important motif. heart so much heartache you know what you wanted to put in the third of the store he wanted of me in my life through with making the basic westfield offs of the movie. and don't use committee did to john. and of you know the middle of the stories that the fed pretty strongly about but at the end of the movie i could eat them. unfortunately because of the dollar will be discussed at dawn for them so he picked out some of the key wrote the stories that defy you to such moments in history was completed two of those nine months. i inked the stories that define postman emotions for people and the terps common bond
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they share the pic. some say that it is the noise of the boat when it predicted that a good shot of that he didn't know none i mean i don't think which it was a bendigo. infected foot or two to figure that back when i'm with a button and go on a yelp would go well which is still windy. i guess t key august audio i've had the illinois law judy you know what happened is that all would be such a fun and north of people below the wing would function was supposed to. now what happened was that fido so scott bell is based on the north of the sort who defined it as tightness of the few scattered on somebody assays were beatle and his guard damien duff did anyone of them scored wanted to. and his naked pics of me and are educated and replaced him and how it all as hopeless and will conspire as a young bill will open for you and he's the last coming and going okay at about ten like it was about to speak he does not
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mean that he is just a bit bigger spending on non said it appeared on the status of the key that little ditty about this is the key back into the unknown ok but okay i mean it's all in all the people the coming of the bulls' top singles scene in that pool from the exit of i wouldn't like to call my gf on any of that because so she i don't post in the northern and i'm enormously and slow when it comes to the final shake up they are going up distribution the end of. you know you are younger they don't you'll come on into the body set up a notch and yet you have this expedient that don't make fun. she beat dimaggio citizens said. what did you feel at detecting this be put on a subject which is like to believe but dion is it. that subject sinful but it is it's a major focus of defendants even more though people attending the new standing in front of the menu for today
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could it be cool book that set the table and couldn't scan of the pickup so all bundled up while. but what's more important is that you all didn't he go to dallas for more than i did but as human beings can do and it just may comfort of a tribunal you can view us as he can talk to them heart the heart tonight we're going to the middle of so this is how i had envisioned it up now due to what you feed into another discussion. it's about death about a conflict zones and about to go to buy tickets to be giving you discuss these. all the time she's not doing this sort because even video nebraska doing but um yeah all that useful cannot be discussed nor the modal these things i'm going to be posted effect. you know and be less than the fat that of. that the speaker should be patched up didn't know how you hang them will take them. that's up to you. but with the end of the day was a dead end to all you should understand that saw nigel and if you think you are in different parts of the way they can get
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good of how he gets voted out of the tiny heart the watches notional you to all movie was based on the bonnet the shoes the bingo in its own human beings himself but who fought for freedom and paid the highest taxed. well the movie focuses on low heat i know it doesn't have flown more than in the gandhi is the engine. love you mention just a mention. oh but then you see the film i would like to deny that a dimension but it's it's not like me i would do its climax in with the indian army combat attacks and finish with anything that sorta stuff is knowing you didn't get to the point of the water on the way that you take a visit to the finished everything but the point is of up that they didn't need and want everyone to that aspect of the story. ub wanted to share this on this woman's story you will get to one side of the story of these big one is of the field guide does that mean they can try to depict a dvd that the locus of data showing me up off
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the atrocities on them and holding the color from the can hold a fork. well was dry but since i didn't mean to be in good shape though it seems like home. she is a victim of one of the ummah states that happen in the negation that kind of ohio did you know you better look ahead to wednesday's you know those of eating too much and i must say this but suspected flow in the film is awful moments alone with the movie is actually you know it's it's a different kind of a screen. it's our one story then. oh and as the most of my sentiments new zealand's to them. and i was on ovals and it's kind of feel like you said that kindness is so shoot was to go on one side of this salsa is in the villages. then there was something happening with the students something happening with intellectuals and something happening with that now i must go of. in the entire movie is your
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basic sore eyes. what was happening to them seoul the coast he ought to be more than that of itv them that no one liked it. ok i know i mean i know when you plan to use this to desist this is the coach is needed in auckland based in december its ban on and these can be oversold and the senate debate on the aviation off their country. it's the tv on us six sixteen digit their butts on a mock goes on to them but on a fourteen in to trim up does so you know it it's upbeat and upgraded from december to botch way you know that he is in its history its replacement is in its history of your book and these instead. maybe they desperately wanted to use it in on december sixteen and on this. i love him for the mc today and as a gift to the people of all this was a
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lovely baby just isn't as strong as of right now but i wish he'd be good for them oh but the movie is sort of editing some medicine but i really love because that just a few of those went to the biblical book of acts that have little or no i was dead last week and oh yea i wasn't in a good situation it sets off for utah but i hope that i can say oh my god he's going to get into trouble with that said yes and he got up and why did you choose this baggy green logically i understand why he would have. you would think about at all but two of us if you could explain why its own. we all. c o o lord of the bonus is that my definition all my reasoning for putting this titan is a textbook issue. dietician something that a blessed with state of the school teacher and that he should have a bigger sense of it but the point is that everybody doesn't open it from that perspective. and also ideal for keeping the box to say
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was that boston is known to be in the books. no i mean it's our society that has twisted and tortured this word and started using it as an abuse to keep er i mean what's the taste for this pattinson or mighty that if he doesn't always fall that is just no one know what the tag. so i installed the new pope would believe that offered being aware of it is not accepted by society i mean you should buy it with plastic tent was because the entire idea of pakistan army's to leave behind a bus to attend yesterday. those concepts like the kiddo criticism due to low g of inciting or the will focus on the back to that the sector that stick in and go with that mindset was that given that it's only been in that they are going to be that ended the quarter. basically i love it so bad that isn't all your big body of a born again so did you know some vivid support up to stop at
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the end of the day if they own pockets to effect was that god sent over to vegas and that a lot of what to eat into the open society and that mothers was still looking for excerpts. so it's not even to say that you know the boss though it is a medieval feast on them to put in use for it and asked that went to top the sensitivity of those children will bomb off goes on all those unions when it was a bit rich. i've been fighting for this name to the above that the senses with a lot of people over the last two months. if you love those kids make to me and say that this name is working on solutions. march is the name of them will be putting some on this planet even if that means no duties and adding maybe the shock factor is mississippi in this situation because out in many of these but it confirms that the vocal don't want to watch it because it is just he opens with saving many and i discussed it. equipped with
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this kind of window hanging to it that way you opening a wound on. mississippi to open up with some bangs. what is the key because that would be dispensed of scott and golf and is probably a step to whats that word to say that this is quitting the blog in the school de gaulle quit making courses in oakville it's understood he attended overkill. lol what i feel the tingling he's pretty good one and me struggling with this. but what to know what happened to that the band and back and seventy one. nobody paid attention to them today nobody's paying attention to them now all of these people lead against punishing of people i caught that one of them. good people people who had supported the four sundays in committing what they did in seventy one. well all for getting love that i would like to justice and that you know that these organizations these rights to whom you do when tides of
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the things that would these be going back and seventy one or that they existed. all in or they had a watchful eye on but didn't stop it. in addition to stop it now. what they did she see the bottom of this on the other nevada caucus on this topic should be my ability to embed it that's the trouble to avoid yet as a court of law. bottom line this tendency of the proceedings in getting ideas and then the penultimate one of the electoral on which attracts them to be aired in peacetime thinks the bse it the victory let it set in and makes thinking that it's probably not going to be shown out of it. i'm still in the country including phone calls i made up. i did i know for the fact that if the door hook if baucus on the score books. and those that are a lot of midget who educated than their focus on these this light that i don't think that in india. what we're really going to human blood the former takes us to see a little and going fast so this picture. a quantity of those
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hindu community of august on the most in mind what i'll do a little faster than it did but they wanted on an expedient and think for themselves and that a lot of people in caucus on will mean that what happened was on back in seventy. so why not show it to them. why not give them. but for factual piece of history the city in utah say whatever happened happened in saudi for that one thank you very much for sticking with us and we share the eighty s had to talk to people get to what's to say thank you so . eye. the to
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god. post what i said not many studies are of confidence in god's eye visit and get to see the attendance of bullets before they go without. but it looked at us and receive a security concerns. and of august on iran strike cooperation pact red cent on the guys i was intending to seek a death in the life of creighton military and civil support all of the color of the best and forces from this country we have reports. sunny and i didn't need anyone to sandwich was one of four day official visit. he was deceived by india to minty goodness that i'm insane. at other political inefficient and the apple. the president was invited but many of these devices and was succeeded in a wooden chair was made in due time and instead of german one sink and forty minutes to essendon proceed
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in the capital. i'm pressed for more niche the hotbed of god is khan has asked for one fifty back to times the times called it says. as coalition forces that entered the door vehicle that troops and equipment. then as i passed on signing a deal that the matter comes back with a dollar ninety six and up to fifteen pounds and forty volts to stay up to the vigilant that comes by december twenty fourteen the minute you hit forty ministry said. and there were discussions that has been comic presiding over the biometric security anything on his seat at the us is losing his sight to sign. if you would like to know. let the bac was discussed. the concept of active units. it was discussed. because indiana the next time the augustinian seven and then obama's side see the bac. as in prague
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and five the stability and security of pop dots. experts in any of the affected sites visit to india is crocheted as by max the security of the men that can calmly and washington state then. please visit this concern. it has to be seen in the context of the written statement before the prisoner making companies are going up on this time next year or two done to his bidding talking because the vatican security agreement has to be discussed i need some serious differences have cropped up between karzai and washington dc. but the vbac is critical to the same time. it's a sensitive issue of this that he shows which often feels different to the house because that is acquiring the cost of the pop up from the united states. and in my view given the sensitivity of the issue was of the house no discussion should take ms
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perhaps that washington can take to the knicks going to his phone. because of the newly bought mutate into a calm and cool conditions is a drop in the movie has enough support for the security cooperation of the united states. that's matt says it's a long term loan you a good man so perhaps thinks he can be discussed are the finest of the two so that it looks he gave a talk on the spot has been in the united states. i didn't know who our audience and religious extremism and terrorism is taken to a most haunted live yes people i teach on to what you are just too good an inch in any new potential clients time as this leads to a two person at the art could not be about three hundred of constant intimidation academies at my house and can't be seen budget this year. ok the dead things for the new two bedroom hands and optus towns increasing insecurity tea with it. yes keeping footprint in a funny stunt it is tiny and probably but that huge anyone entry to the more


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